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fashionlive15  asked:

Hi how are you?? , I wanted to request a sirius imagine where is best friends with the reader and start dating but he hurts her and she after feeling awful start haging with lucios and his gang , and then sirius goes crazy for jealousy and because his worry about her and them changing her

@fashionlive15 I am very well thank you very much! <3

I love your request and sorry it took me pretty long to answer! Please leave feedback because it helps me improve my work :)


  Fay <3


Pairing: young!sirius black x reader

Requested: obv

Warnings: mild swearing

Word count: 1892

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Internet Friends

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x reader

Words: 1,648 (Oh my god)

Warnings: swearing, McDonalds(I’ve actually only ever eaten there like twice when I was 6 how bad is it I genuinely don’t know)

Request: Could you do a modern AU where the reader is friends with the hamilsquad but through the Internet and she visits New York and runs into them, not knowing it’s them until like one of them calls her and she answers but there not like with her with her when it happens their behind her and they are all like hey it’s you! You can choose which ever guy she falls in love with, you can do really anything just something around that plot line please! And thank you if you get around to it !

A/N: Has anyone read Shit Chat from @small-ham-man because I read it a while back and suddenly I’m thinking of it again it was really funny I loved it(also I live in Washington so that’s why I put that in there)

Ham da man: Bye Y/N!

Turtle boy: Later, Y/N!

La Baguette: Goodbye, mon ami

Clothing: Bye!

Y/N: I’ll text you guys tomorrow!

Y/N Left the group chat.

You turned off your phone, waiting for the plane to start boarding. Once the woman at the gate started allowing people on, you jumped up to grab your carry on. You walked onto the plane, thankful that you had a window seat.

It took off, and you watched the plane ascend into the sky. Buildings were shrinking in size as you stared down at the world. You always loved looking out the windows of planes. Suddenly, you remembered that you had a 5 hour flight. Fucking hell. You cursed quietly, almost wanting to pay for in flight wifi to text your new friends. You may not have met them in person, but you trusted them whole heartedly. Which, in all fairness, was not the best idea…

You saw the ground approaching slowly, and all you could think about was getting off the plane and stretching your legs. You had been sitting for 5 hours and 10 minutes with one small break to stand up for a few minutes.

You exited the plane, happily taking in the sights of the city. You lived in a small area in Washington, so you rarely saw the city. You grabbed your suitcase from the baggage claim and walked to a nearby car rental company.

While waiting, you decided to text your friends.

Y/N has joined the group chat.

Ham da man: I mean I guess so

Ham da man: Y/N YOU’RE HERE!

Turtle Boy: YOOO

Clothing: Wait you said you’d be back tomorrow??

Y/N: I missed you guys! I just got off a plane, what’s up with you

Ham da man: We’re all waiting for Laf to finish ordering pizza

Y/N: Nice, I’m gonna rent a car real quick I’ll text you when I get to my hotel.

Clothing: Later nerd

Y/N: I feel attacked

Y/N left the group chat.

Ham da man: Shit I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye…

You gratefully took the keys from the worker, walking outside to the parking lot. Not a bad looking car. I’m also glad I know how to drive this one. You sighed, climbing in.

You threw your suitcase onto the floor, falling onto the bed. Your eyes were heavy, and before you knew it, you were drifting off.

Ham da man: Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N

Ham da man: Where are youuuuuuu answer me

You woke up to the sound of constant ringing from your phone. You looked over, noticing the hundreds of texts from Alex you read through. 90% of them were just him repeating your name; the other 10% was him asking where you were. Dork. You laughed, answering the texts.

You laughed, answering the texts.

Y/N: I’m here what

Ham da man: You never texted us when you got to your hotel!!!

Y/N: Yeah. It’s called sleep, try it sometime

Ham da man: You don’t need to attack me this way

Y/N: Seriously though do you ever sleep? Isn’t it like midnight where you live?

Ham da man: Excuse you its 10 am rn

You checked your clock. 10 am. Hey, I’m in the same time zone as them now!

Y/N: You still need to sleep.

Ham da man: Yeah yeah, mom

Y/N: ouch

Y/N: I’m gonna get food, I’ll text you later bye

Ham da man: Bye!!!

You laughed at his enthusiasm, and grabbed a jacket from your suitcase. You didn’t bother changing, since you were still tired as hell.

You stood in the line of McDonalds, before a group of 4 boys around your age came in.

“Awww, you’ve got a crush on her!” One of them yelled, teasing a smaller man, who was extremely red. You couldn’t help but notice how extremely familiar his voice was, but you couldn’t remember where you’d heard it from.

“Shut up! She’s just really nice, ok?” He responded, pouting. You suppressed a laugh as you eavesdropped on their conversations.

“You’ve never even seen what she looks like, dude, how do you have a crush on her?” Another one of them spoke up

“I don’t know, ok! Leave me alone!” The small man yelled, crossing his arms.

You stopped listening to the conversation, as you reached the front of the line.

“Hi, I’ll have a [order], to go please.” You ordered, before sitting at one of the tables.

You grabbed the bag, leaving the boys to keep teasing the man.

Ring, ring, ring-


“Mon ami, bonjour.”

“Hey, Laf. What’s up?” You set the phone down on speaker, when you got in the car.

“We missed you.” You could hear Hercules laughing in the background.

“Where are you guys?” You wondered absentmindedly.

“Hey Y/N!” You could hear Lafayette yelling, and knew Alex stole his phone. “We’re in McDonalds right now, waiting for our food. Whatcha doin?” You paused for a moment, slowly pulling over.

“Uh, I just left a McDonalds, actually. Funny huh.” You laughed nervously, looking back at the fast food place.

“What are the odds? Anyway-”

“What state are you in?” You interrupted, hope rising in your voice.

“Uh, New York. Where we live… Y/N what are you-”

“Oh my god don’t move.” You found yourself sprinting to McDonalds. Of all places you thought you’d run to in such desperation, McDonalds is not one you’d expect. You ran inside, spotting the four men again. This time, one of them was holding a phone, with a confused expression. Holy shit. You slowly approached them. They gave you a confused look, but the one holding the phone looked as if he was figuring out a puzzle.

“Wait, oh my god.” He handed the phone to a taller man, wearing a ponytail. “Y/N?!” You nodded, smiling.

“Hey, Alex.” You muttered, pulling him into a hug.

“Wait that’s Y/N?” One of them, who you realized was Hercules, yelled. Suddenly, three pairs of arms were around you.

“I can’t believe you’re here!” John yelled, laughing. You saw a few odd stares and decided maybe the middle of McDonalds wasn’t the best place to have a reunion.

“Let’s go back to my place.” Alex said, as if reading your mind.

Our place!” The three others yelled in unison. You giggled, noticing Alex’s embarrassment.

“Let’s go.” You agreed, following them into a car.

“So, why are you in New York?” Lafayette wondered, as the car sped off towards the apartment.

“I wanted a vacation. I’ll be here for a month, though so don’t worry.” You explained, oblivious to the side glances you had received from Alex.

“We’re here!” Hercules yelled, carefully parking the car.

“Wow, these apartments look damn nice!” You commented. They looked much better than your hotel room.

“Feel free to stay here as long as you stay in New York!” Alex offered, leading you into an elevator.

“Oh please, Alex. You just want to have her as close as possible.” John teased, nudging the reddening Hamilton lightly.

“N-No, what are you talking about John!” Alex squeaked out, now looking like a tomato.

“Yeah sure. But really Y/N you should totally stay with us!”

“Wow, thanks! I’d love to; my hotel room is honestly not the best thing I’ve seen in New York.” You laughed, remembering the chipped wallpaper and leaky faucets.

“Oh yeah? What is?” Lafayette teased.

“You guys are.” You scoffed, stepping out of the elevator. They brought you to their apartment, which was nicer than anything you would’ve imagined. “Damn.”

“Nice right? My room is… Here!” Alex pointed out, indicating a large room filled with paper. “It’s- uh- not cleaned.”

“I see.” You laughed.

“Awww, you’ve got a crush on her!”


“You’ve never even seen what she looks like, dude, how do you have a crush on her?”

You suddenly remembered the conversation they were teasing Alex about. A crush. On someone he hadn’t seen before.

“Hey, you ok?” John’s voice pulled you out of your thoughts, a light blush on your cheeks.

“Uh, yeah. I was just thinking about the conversation you guys had before I knew it was you…” You looked over at Alex, who was quickly becoming red again.

“You heard that?” He stuttered.

“Yeah… Uh were you talking about me by any chance?” You struggled to sound nonchalant about it, and your voice ended up hopeful.

“Well, I mean-” Hercules caught on to the excitement in your voice, and quickly cut him off.

“Yes! For sure, yes he totally had a crush on you!”

“H-Hercules what the hell!” Alex’s blush darkened. You burst out laughing, pulling Alex into a hug.

“I kinda have a crush on you too.” You whispered, ignoring the whooping from the rest of the group. Slowly, Alex returned the hug.

“I’m so glad you decided to visit New York.”

three weeks.

fandom: girl meets world
pairing: riley matthews x lucas friar 
word count: 2,466
summary: the three weeks that riley is grounded are probably the worst three weeks of lucas’ life. // or lucas deals with a severe lack of riley in his life. 
notes: so this fic is a response to the latest gmw episode girl meets her monster!!! i decided to write a lil thing about lucas being all sad when riley is grounded so he can’t spend time with her and it ended up being a lot longer than expected, but hey i’m not gonna complain!! it’s far from the best thing i’ve ever written, but i hope you all enjoy it never the less! let me know what you think! 

All and all, the three weeks that Riley is grounded end up being some of the worst weeks of Lucas’ life. Alright, so he’s being a little dramatic, the entire year he was expelled from school and the months and months of living in love triangle limbo definitely were rougher and more exhausting, but that didn’t mean that the three weeks without Riley weren’t tough.

After weeks of living in bliss, spending afternoons and weekends at the Matthews’ house or sitting in Topanga’s with Riley, to suddenly have all their interactions limited to school, Lucas is pretty lost on what to do with himself. Them spending countless hours together outside of school wasn’t a new phenomenon that started when they started officially dating, Riley had always been one of Lucas’ go to people to spend time with, and while he loved spending time with Farkle and Zay, he needed a little bit of variety.

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Princes react to a woman ‘touching’ MC (Request)

Lol, this was an…interesting one XD

Haha, love the creativity! Hope you enjoy it anon!



Prompt: Can I request a BMP or BMP2 (whatever works best for you😁) where the princes react to another woman at the ball inappropriately touching MC right in front of him? And her being upset but not wanting to cause issues?


Prologue: The two of you were attending another grand ball at the Nobel Michel. Gorgeous women in exquisite ballgowns and handsome men in charming suits dotted the ballroom, engaged in various conversation. You and your prince were happily chatting in a corner. He was leaning against a pillar, smiling down at you as you stared up, giggling and laughing along at all his jokes. Out of nowhere, a beautifully dressed woman appeared, she wore a unique gown herself and came up to stand just behind you as she smiled at the prince. “Your Highness! What a pleasure it is to see you here!” Politely, you stepped to the side, allowing them to engage in conversation…but…something wasn’t quite right…gradually, you felt someone’s hand reach up to cup your bum. Jumping slightly in shock, you looked toward the woman in surprise as she smiled at you meaningfully. It was a discreet glance before she turned back to your boyfriend…but it was there. As their conversation wore on, you began to feel her squeeze lightly at first but increasing more and more in pressure. Quite frankly, you were feeling beyond uncomfortable. Silently struggling, you could feel yourself begin to squirm from her touch…until your prince finally noticed and looked over your shoulder to check…

Wilfred: His eyes glazed over in anger and almost immediately, he bowed shortly and spoke. “Well, miss, it has been a pleasure engaging in such a conversation but if you could kindly remove your hands from my ________, that would be marvelous.” The woman removed her hand almost immediately, shocked from his icy tone. Seeing her do so, he flashed her a cold smile, took hold of your trembling hand and began to lead you away. “It was nice meeting you miss.” And with that, the two of you were gone. Leading you out of the great hall, he stopped you and looked deep into your eyes, regret clouding the deep blue of his orbs. “Oh, _________…I’m so sorry, it must’ve been horrible right?” He pulled you into his chest, clutching you tightly. “Please forgive me, I should’ve noticed sooner…it’s my fault for not being on my guard. You’re so beautiful…of course people would approach you…”

Keith: Without thinking, he grabbed her wrist and pulled it away from you, anger showing clearly in his expression. You saw her visibly shrink away as he stared down at her. “Get your hands off my woman!” “Y-Your Highness…!” “Shut up! You don’t have nearly enough decency within you to talk to either me, or her!” And with that, he stormed out of the room dragging you behind him. The second he pulled you into a private room, he pinned you against the wall. “P-Prince Keith?!” He grinned down at you mischievously, “That cheeky little…heh, looks like I’ll have to make sure you forget all about her…” and thus began his long ministrations of making sure you ‘forgot’.

Roberto: He took action immediately. Saying absolutely nothing, he took your hand and guided you away from the woman. “Wha-Your Highness?!” Hearing her protest, he turned and gave her a menacing smile. “Oh, pardon me miss. I have no time to waste with people who dare pull such a thing on my girlfriend.” Tilting his head in a sickly sweet manner, he stared at her with cold eyes. “So don’t do it EVER again ok?” Leaving her speechless, he took you away and guided you outside of the ballroom. The minute you were alone, he collapsed his head onto your shoulder, leaning on you in fatigue. “Oh ________…I’m so sorry…I can’t believe I let her go that far without noticing…” Raising his head, he looked up at you sheepishly. Blushing, he said, “but don’t worry, I’ll protect you from now on ok? I’ll make sure that no one except me touches you~”

Joshua: His expression was unreadable but you could tell that the second he realized, he went from mildly interested to ‘would never wish to speak to you again in my entire life because you bore me’. Without saying a word, he held his hand up to silence the woman, reached to envelope your hand in his firm grip and walked off, not even glancing back to hear her protests. After the two of you had exited the ballroom, you became worried. “P-Prince Joshua…do you think it was ok? Leaving like that?” Hearing your words, he stopped short and turned to look you in the eye. “Would you have preferred it if I let her continue such a disgusting act?” You flinched at his intense words. “Well, n-no…but…wouldn’t it harm your reputation?” Your concern brought a soft smile to his lips as he gazed fondly at you. “Don’t worry about that. She was not worth my time. If anyone had the nerve to do such a thing, then they are definitely far to small to deserve my attention. Kissing your forehead softly, he smiled, “So don’t worry about that…ok?”

Glenn: Realizing the situation, he was shocked first and foremost. He hadn’t realized that such situations could occur. However, keeping up the good mood, he motioned for the woman to lean in and after he did so, he whispered something in her ear. You watched as the colour gradually drained from the woman’s face as she quickly curtsied and hurried away, a look of terror shadowing her expression. Curious, you turned to Glenn and asked what he had said to her. Hearing your query, he simply chuckled and said. “Oh, nothing much. I just reminded her how, as a Prince, I have enough power to make sure she never appears in the Nobel Michel, or the 6 nations, ever again, no questions asked. Then, I simply hinted that it would be a good idea for her to get her filthy hands off my girlfriend’s ass.” His explanation left you speechless. You knew that Glenn was never the subtle kind but you certainly didn’t expect this…

Edward: Seeing your silent cry for help, he smiled a gentlemanly smile and wrapped his arm around your waist, subtely pulling you to his side so that you were facing the devious woman. Though shocked at first, the woman’s eyebrow twitched slightly as if to say ‘well played’, she then proceeded to bob a curtsy and was gone just as quickly as she had arrived. However, even after her exit, Edward’s grasp around you stayed tight and firm, as if he would never let you go. “Um..Prince Edward?” you asked, a bit worried of how he was spacing out. “Oh! Yes my flower?” “Are you okay?” He sighed lightly and smiled down at you. “Yes my dear, I am fine…I was just thinking about how I must protect you even more than before. You are like a rose stripped of your thorns, a vulnerable beauty. I have to be careful or else someone else will pluck you away from me~”


Lol, not sure if that was what you were expecting but I hope you liked it nonnie!

Stay Beautiful~


He is Home

Prompt: Stucky fluffiness! Steve comes home to find Bucky actually sleeping when Bucky has been having problems sleeping since he has been back.

“He says it makes him feel like a child… The man is 99 years old Clint, I just don’t think that puzzles and coloring books are going to magically fix him.” Steve had the phone wedged between his shoulder and his ear as he ascended the stairs to his apartment, both hands carrying large brown bags of food.

“You’re right… I’m sorry, I’m just, yes, frustrated. He looks miserable, he is so quiet.. he just.. isn’t Bucky anymore… I’m trying to be patient, I really am. I waited 70 years to see him, I’ll wait 70 more if it means I at least have him.” Reaching the door to his apartment, he placed the bags of goodies down on the floor in front of the door to dig his keys out of his pocket.

“Thanks Clint. I’ll let you know soon how everything goes. I’m back at home now… Yeah, you too.” Steve sighs as he ends the call and slides his phone back into the pocket of his jeans. He ran a hand through his blond hair rubbed his hands over his face. He didn’t know what to expect on the other side of the door.  But he trusts Bucky, he believes in Bucky.

Steve knew that he needed to stop acting like he was doomed to clean up over a destructive pet and remember that no matter how lost sometimes he was, on the other side of that door was his best friend in the whole world, the man who meant everything to him. It was Bucky.

As Steve was thinking about all of this, he realized that it was there was no sound coming from inside the room, which sometimes seemed worse than hearing a crash of something breaking, or the frustrated curses of Bucky. Chills ran down Steve’s spine. He always has a habit of thinking the worse when it came to Bucky. He left, he was taken, his mind slipped again, all sorts of thoughts ran through the man’s head.

Steve unlocked his door, picked up his bags, and with a deep breath, creaked open the door to see what kind of scene he’d find.

Instead, he found nothing. Which immediately sent Steve into a panic. Everything seemed to be exactly the same as he’d left it some hours ago when he was called to a SHEILD meeting.

Steve’s ears burned and his fingertips turned to ice as he took in his environment around him.

There was a sound. A faintest little sound, that suddenly lifted every ounce of weight off of Steve’s chest and caused a smile to erupt on his face.

He quickly put the bags of groceries down and followed the rhythmic breathing. Just around the corner was a sight for sore eyes. At least, for Steve it was. Lying in front of a light fire burning in the fireplace was Bucky. His Bucky. All curled up in front of the fire. Sleeping oh, so peacefully; which was a miracle in its self.

Ever since Steve brought Bucky home, it seemed as if he never slept. Bucky would lie to Steve most of the time if he asked if he got any sleep last night. Buck would usually say yes, but the bed is just too soft. Steve could always tell when his best friend wasn’t sleeping.

On more than one occasion, Steve has raced into Bucky’s room, nearly breaking the door down, hearing the terrified yells coming from his best friend from a nightmare.

Steve thought that comforting someone like Bucky in a time of distress would be a challenge, given the circumstances and the amount of affection Bucky has actually received in the last 70 years. Steve came to realize though, that after everything, his Bucky is still in there. Bucky still responds to Steve the way he used to.

“Bucky?! Hey Buck… Bucky it’s me man..” Steve would call as he ran into the dark room.

“S-steve?” Bucky croaked, panting and shaking. Steve quickly made his way to Bucky’s bed.

“Hey buddy. It’s me. I’m right here Bucky.” As soon as Bucky’s damp face hit Steve’s bare chest he began to sob. Bucky frantically grabbed at Steve, anything to hold to. He was so scared that he was going to fall again, that he would loose Steve again. Steve had only ever seen Bucky cry twice in his whole life before this.

The first time was when Bucky was ten and his dog had died. Steve had excitedly skipped over to his best friend’s house. He was so excited to show Bucky a cool rock he had found the night before. He let himself in, as he always did, and made his way to his best friend’s room. Steve swung the door open.

“Hey Buck! You’ll never guess what I found!” Steve proclaimed as he burst in the room. That was when he noticed his best friend sitting on his floor, hands buried in his hands, heavy sobs escaping from behind his hands. “Buck.. What’s wr-“

“Get out! Get out of here Steve!” Bucky yelled at the small boy. Steve was so scared and confused. What had he done to the older boy to make him so upset?

“What? Bucky what’s-” Before Steve could even finish his sentence, Bucky had pushed the blond boy out of his room and slammed the door in his face. Steve sunk down the door and sat on the floor. He could hear Bucky on the other side of the door, sitting just as Steve was with his back against the door. It broke Steve’s heart to hear Bucky like that.

Steve had soon learned from Mrs. Barnes what had happened and she reassured Steve that it was not his fault. 

Bucky always wanted to make a good impression on Steve. He never wanted to come across as weak. Steve could never even imagine thinking something like that of his best friend. Steve always had thought of Bucky as his protector, his best friend who he knew would always be there until the end of the line. Steve and Bucky never spoke of that day ever again.

The second time was when Steve’s mother had died. Steve and Bucky were much older now. They knew that they were expected to be strong men who did not cry. Bucky was Steve’s silent hero that day. He stood by Steve all day, never leaving his side. He was Steve’s rock. Bucky, although visibly sad, never shed a tear, which helped Steve hang on to every ounce of strength he had. Steve, no matter how strong he tried to be, let out a few tears at the funeral. And when that happened, Bucky wrapped his large arm around the smaller boy’s shoulders and rubbed his arm soothingly, letting him know that it was okay.

It was not until that night that Steve really let it out. Bucky had walked Steve home and had only planned to stay long enough to see if there was anything Steve needed, although he really did not want to leave him, but figured Steve would need his space. He wanted to make sure that he did anything he could do for his best friend.

Steve sat down on the couch in the living area, and looked around for a moment. The house was so empty. Only the noise was the wood floor creaking under Bucky’s shoes. Steve finally just broke down. Tears came pouring out of the blond boy’s eyes and sobs escaped his lips. Bucky was quickly at his side, arms wrapped around him. Steve buried his face in the larger man’s chest.

“Shh Stevie, it’s okay buddy. Everything is going to be okay. Let it all out.” Bucky cooed, softly rubbing his hand over his best friend’s small, boney back.

“I miss her so much Buck. So damn much.” Steve managed to choke out between sobs. Hearing his best friend, this boy who he had come to love so much, so hurt, he couldn’t hold it in any longer. Bucky held Steve tighter to his chest. He never wanted to let him go.

“I know Stevie. I miss her too. But it’s going to be ok. I am here. I will take care of you. I promise.” Tears beginning to run down his face. He quickly sniffled and tried wiping the tears from his face, but it was no use. As soon as he’d wipe a tear away, many followed. Bucky kissed the top of the boy’s head as Steve continued to cry.

“P-please don’t leave me. Not tonight. I don’t know how to be alone.” Steve whispered. He looked up at his older friend, and for the second time since he’d known him, saw tears rolling out of Bucky’s eyes.

“Of course Stevie. I will be here as long as you need me.” Bucky whispered with a small, reassuring smile. With his thin, frail hand, Steve reached up and gently wiped the tears off his friend’s cheek.

In that moment, a new wave of affection had washed over Bucky. The kind of affection he had only felt a few times before with a couple of different girls from his school. The one’s who told him that he was handsome, that he would be a great soldier one day. That they loved him. Bucky knew that he had to shake this feeling off. Steve was just his best friend. That was all. His best friend that he loved so damn much. He was the boy that he would make sure nothing would ever happen to as long as he was alive.

That night, Bucky got what he considered the best night of sleep he ever had. When he woke that morning he found his arms still wrapped around Steve, who was asleep on his chest. They had both past out on the couch but sometime throughout the night, they had found a comfortable sleeping position, which included Steve’s light body lying on top of him. His best friend’s head in the perfect spot to hear the rhythmic beating of his best friend’s heart. Steve felt like the beating of Bucky’s heart had sung him to sleep, and out of the nightmare he had been experiencing since his mother’s passing.

As Steve stood in front of the dark haired man, he took it all in. How peaceful Bucky looked, actually resting. He was lying on his stomach, hands tucked under his face. Steve crouched down to get a better look at this wonderful sight. He was wearing one of Steve’s hoodies, which even with Bucky’s large build, was still adorably baggy on him. Steve chuckled at the small pool of drool escaping from the sleeping man’s mouth and had to restrain himself from wiping it away, which would inevitably startle him and ruin this beautiful moment of peace.

Steve then noticed the partially put together puzzle in front of Bucky. Bucky was still in the midst of his recovery therapy, and Clint had this wonderful idea of having Bucky put together puzzles while Steve is gone because it “works for his kids”.

Steve knew that Bucky was not a child, but decided to give it a shot anyways. Steve was willing to try almost anything that could help Bucky without people having to pry into his brain. He knew it exhausted Bucky when people were constantly trying to pick his brain and make him relive those terrible years.

Steve examined the puzzle. It was not finished, but Steve could tell that it was a black and white 500-piece puzzle of Time Square. It was vintage, so it reminded them of their home in Boston. It was so beautiful back then, but not as flashy as it is today.

Bucky and Steve had picked out that puzzle from the store just last week after Clint pitched the idea. Bucky wasn’t too thrilled about it at first, stating that he felt like he was being treated like a kid and not a grown man. Steve felt bad about it, but tried to get Bucky to understand that everyone is just trying to help. No one liked the idea of him being scared and alone when they were off doing work for SHEILD.

“I am not scared!” Bucky proclaimed, a little too loudly, pulling himself away from Steve.

“Bucky.. it’s okay to be scared. You’ve been through a lot. No one is going to judge you for that.”

“Don’t you dare Steve. I am not a child. I am not stupid, and I am sure as hell not scared! I do not need a bunch of babysitters Steve. I can take care of myself.” Bucky tried to walk away but Steve quickly snatched him back up, and pulled their bodies close.

“Hey! Now you listen to me right now. I am not going to let you storm out of here like this. I have waited 70 years to have you back in my life. And I will be DAMNED if I am going to let your stubborn ass just walk away because you do not want to admit that the god damn badass James Buchanan Barnes gets scared sometimes. I came out of that ice too Bucky. I woke up in an entirely different century in an entirely different place and you know what? I was scared as hell. But with the help of the same people who are trying to help you, I got through it and here we are now. So were are going to buy a god damn puzzle and we are going to take it home and you will put this puzzle together because I love you and I just want you to be happy.” The last part came out as a frustrated whisper. Their bodies were so close now they could feel each other’s breath on their skin. Bucky bit his lip and released it slowly.

“I love you too you fuckin’ punk.” With that, Bucky kissed his best friend on his soft, pink lips.

Steve smiled into the kiss and kissed back, their hands intertwining. This was not the first kiss they had shared, thank god. Steve had waited far too long in the first place in his opinion. Bucky knew for a long time that he had romantic feelings for Steve, but was always too afraid to act on them. When they grew up, something as scandalous as that could get you killed. But Bucky had come to understand that things were different now, maybe not perfect, but defiantly better than it was.

Steve smiled at the memory of the kiss, thankful that he no longer had to hide his feelings for his best friend. As Steve went to walk towards the kitchen to put the groceries away, his shoe scuffed the floor. He immediately cursed himself because he knew the noise would wake his lovely sleeping beauty.

Bucky’s eyes flew open and he quickly attempted to scramble to his feet before he realized that is was only Steve, not an intruder.

“Well good morning Sleeping Beauty. Taking naps in the middle of the day? What are you 99 or something?” Steve joked, his hands crossed over his chest.

Bucky blushed at the nick-name and yawned while trying to muster up an excuse to why he was asleep in the middle of the day.

“Well I- uh.. see I was just doing that puzzle and-” Steve interrupted him with a peck on the lips.

“I was just kidding Buck. It’s nice to actually see you sleeping. I know you don’t do much of that these days.” Bucky rubbed the back of his neck, not even trying to deny it.

“So, uh, how was your meeting? You went shopping I see.” Bucky changed the subject walked towards the bags to help Steve put them away. Bucky quickly began unloading the bags, avoiding eye contact with Steve.

Steve placed his hand over his boyfriend’s, causing Bucky to at him.

“Buck.. I know you’re not sleeping at night. You look exhausted. But just then, when I saw you sleeping. That was the most beautiful and peaceful thing I have ever seen.” Steve cupped a hand on the side of Bucky’s face and stroked his soft cheek with his thumb.

“I-I’m fine Steve. Really I am.” Bucky looked down.

“You’re lying Buck. Tell me, what can I do to make this any better for you? I’ll do anything Bucky. Tell me what you need.” Steve pulled the man’s chin up to look at him. Bucky’s eyes look sad and tired. It broke Steve’s heart that the man he loved was so tired.

Bucky looked down again, not knowing really what to say.

“I’ve been thinking.. and I uh.. I just.. I don’t know.” Bucky broke away from Steve’s gaze and grip. He turned around so that he was not facing Steve.

“Come on Bucky.” Steve put his hands on his boy friend’s back. He gently massaged the man’s shoulders before sliding his hands down his back to the hem of the large hoodie he was wearing. Steve slipped his hands under the cloth and felt Bucky’s smooth skin. Steve reached around the front and wrapped his arms around Bucky.

The warmth of Steve’s skin on his made him both smile and shiver. Bucky shook his head.

“It’s just.. remember when Sarah died and I stayed at your place? And.. and we fell asleep on the couch together right? Well.. I slept so good that night.. I know that sounds stupid because it was really sad, but honestly that was the last time in 70 years I remember sleeping that well.” Bucky had his eyes squeezed shut, not knowing what to expect from Steve.

“So.. you want us to sleep together? Like in the same bed?” Steve clarified. Bucky quickly soun around to face Steve.

“We don’t have to! I just mean, I like having you there, I mean, I really really love having you at night Stevie. If you’re not ready for that, I mean, that’s okay too I just-” Steve pressed his lips against Bucky’s. It was a long and magical kiss. Not the type that knocked the wind out of you, but more like the type that felt like you were filling back up. Like the kiss was actually putting life back into Bucky.

“I love it when you call me Stevie.”

Bucky smiled sheepishly and blushed. He looked down at their feet to try to hide his embarrassment.

Steve put a finger under Bucky’s chin and gently forced him to look into his crystal blue eyes.

“I would love it if we slept together every night. I just wished you had told me sooner.” Bucky smiled wide, the widest Steve had ever really seen him smile since he was back.

“As a matter of fact, I am pretty worn out myself. What do you say you join me for a little power nap before we join the gang for dinner tonight?” Steve pulled Bucky close and peppered his face with kisses.

“Power nap? Who is the old man now?” Bucky joked. Steve just laughed and took Bucky by the hand. As they walked to Steve’s room, Steve began tossing off some of his clothes. Bucky tried not to gawk at him.

“What are you trying to pull Rogers? I though you said a nap?” Bucky crossed him arms and pretended to pout.

“Well I didn’t want to get my clothes all wrinkled or anything!” Bucky rolled his eyes. Steve kicked off his boots as Bucky sat down on the bed.

Suddenly, Steve surprised Bucky by jumping on top of him. Bucky fell backwards on the bed with a thud. They both laughed. 

“So how do you prefer this thing? Me on top or you?” Steve winked at the dark haired man. Bucky looked away, trying his damn hardest not to blush again.

“Well kind of like this..” Bucky and Steve maneuvered positions until they were lying just as they were that night, although Steve is now much bigger than he used to be. But Bucky did not mind at all.

“I like this.” Steve breathed out after a yawn.

“Me too.” Bucky replied, stroking the blond man’s hair.


“Hmm?” Bucky replied, already falling out of consciousness.

“I’m so glad you’re home.”

“Me too, Stevie. Me too.” Bucky held Steve tighter to his chest before drifting back off to sleep.

sugar daddy pool pt.2 (M)

bts member: jungkook x reader you

genre: angst / smut

M = mature contents read on your own risk

well, i was trying to take a break but after the bomb ‘’young forever “ jungkook was so damn hot and mature i didn’t deny my self from writing an imagination about jungkook who turned to his 30 ^^

summary: being jungkook’s sugar baby who was 30 years  old for a while doesn’t go to be easy for both of you it was a night that changed your damn life but does it do the same for him ……..


part 1

part 2 :  

jungkook was standing in the airport his little sweet daughter is supposed to be here an hour ago but the plane wasn’t here yet he felt nervous and happy at the same time he didn’t see “Jeon Junghee” since 3 months it was in his last trip to USA 

seeing people coming out take him back from his thoughts he approaches the side searching for Annie and his sweetheart  but the woman coming now wasn’t his ex-wife she was for sure his daughter that little angel holding a pink bag and holding the new woman hand she was her but why the fuck Annie wasn’t here 

“junghee ya “ jungkook yelled dropping to his knees to receive a big sweet hug from the running coming little girl  “baby girl miss you he cuddled her with love and care “i promise i will be a good father sweetie and i will never let you go anyway “ 

“Appa why i’m here! my mommy i miss her she wasn’t in the plane i was scared appa, i want ice cream you said if i come to korea you buy me ice cream “ jungkook eyes were full of tears he kissed both her hands “sure baby sure i will get for you any thing you want don’t be scared appa is here ok “

“excuse me sir i’m Christine junghee’s nanny “

“ oh yeah hello, welcome to korea Miss i’m sorry i was really missing my daughter”

“hhhh no problem i see that sir “

“where is her mother jungkook asked begging for a strong reason to let the girl come here alone with a stranger he was holding his anger back this woman can’t leave him in peace near or far she is always a river of problem to him”

“ Mrs Annie gave me this letter she told me to give it to you when i arrive here 

jungkook take the shit of paper nervously and start reading

 { i’m sorry i know you will get mad because i didn’t accompanied her i’m too busy to come korea i was in my word i sent her to you you can take care of her i’m sure i know i wasn’t that good mother for your daughter but both of us know that a little girl needs her mom firstly !her nanny is a good girl she raised her from her first year so she knows every thing maybe better than me take care of her jungkook and good luck i forgot to tell you i’m supposed to marry again next month you can be the best father for our daughter good luck -ANNIE-}

jungkook squeezed the letter with his hand ‘that bitch she was always selfish she only carried about her self too busy to take and raise the daughter it’s really good if she get a nanny for her at least she didn’t abandon the little girl

let’s go now your grandpa is waiting for us 

on the way to jungkook’s home where he supposed to live always with his father mother and brother too but after his divorce he wanted to ge more freedom so he always go back to his condo but now his daughter needs a family she needs a normal life… in their way home Christine told him every thing when she gets up when she sleeps what kind of story likes the most what’s her favorite flavors and ice cream what books she started to learn how she always try to talk the hangul with her the way she will not find a problem in future communication so Annie was smart to bring her a girl who knows korean he smirked  and specially she told him about her dance lessons his daughter did lot of things jungkook felt so proud about his seed she is smart and pretty very pretty a sweet angel he tried to thank her nanny because really she is stunning she is even better of that bitch 


“y/N take the order from the coming customers … y/N ah 

“huh oh yeah sorry i’m coming you finally put the cups of hot chocolate in their tables and go back behind the counter you start wiping the glasses but your head was storming thinking about last night and how you wake up this morning alone with a sweet note 

sorry i have urgent works i hated to let you alone you can stay here if you want  or please take your breakfast before living thanks for last night  kiss _

your mind was swinging between how sweet this man was and how so much money he put in your account with your half opened eyes the morning checking your phone you didn’t believe that you get that amount  you harried to wear your clothes it’s only then you noticed how big and stunning his bed room was you take all your belongings  then fix the bed passing by the hall way towards his kitchen you find juice and pancakes you just pick the glass and sip some juice you have to go fast when you finally reach the door you turned and throw a last stare there who said you will come back here again in his note he didn’t hint that he want to meet you again but it’s ok your mission was super successful 

you tried your best to stop thinking of him but he didn’t let you his scent is sticking with you

4 days later it was Saturday the weather was cool you was supposed to work after giving a dance class one of your sunbaenims knows about your state so she asked you to teach’ ballet’ for children in her center twice a week it was helpful you can’t deny 

arriving to the center you get a note that a new little girl is joining the group this day she was with a foreign woman but fortunately she can speak korean she told you that she started dancing when she was 3 years old so she was good she said that she is new here and how you have to  treat her actually you fall deeply for her she was stunning a small body and petite bunny face she was so fucking cute her smile was familiar but where !!! 

“ so your name is junghee ??” you asked tickling her cheek 

“yes and i like to dance are you my new teacher “

yeah i’m your teacher my name is y/N mind to show me your dance let me see what you get in america 

the morning class was funny this day you felt so happy the party in this center is soon so having such a brilliant cute girl like her in the center will be amazing your mind start drawing choreography’s pictures this girl was able to steal your heart in the early morning so you went to your part time job jumping and secretly laughing 


Teahyung stand in the side starring to the gorgeous young woman coming award him taking by her father her dress was amazing the white suit his bride so damn pretty his heart was pumping up like a crazy one

jungkook who was sitiing next to his mother that was holding the cute little junghee in her lap was daydreaming so bad you didn’t leave his mind for a second since that night  and this feeling was the death for him he felt angry he even gazed taehyung who was busy kissing his bride with death stare because he is the responsible of this shit jungkook hated the feeling of dropping for an other girl he was having really enough but he couldn’t stop he wanted more than one night he wanted more for sure …

the wedding ceremony and reception were amazing the bride and groom looks satisfied and happy  jungkook was playing with junghee cheeks kissing her while she was laughing hard touching her dad’s face with her pale small fingers she was like a doll many girls were starring to him dying to be in her place but he never fucking care  

“jungkookie “ will you planning to stay more “his mom asked him

“you wanna go home omma ??

“yeah i really feel tired you know my back’s disease so i need to rest want you  i take her with me home “

“yeah it’s the better now because i have some works to do after come back mom please if i didn’t come this night try to read the last part of her fairy-tale before bed please “

“ i will give her milk too did you forget that i already raised two children son hhh” 

thank you mom you’re the best he turned his face to see his daughter who was busy touching his hair “ give dad a bog kiss before leaving “

“ommwwwwwah i love you appa good bye now i will go with my grandmother “ jungkook was really taken by her sweet words she is really smart she even understand his speech with his mom 

“emmm take care and be a good girl ok “

“ okay bye appa 

the married couple leave the palace of the party hall jungkook and teahyung exchanged stares it means we will talk late bro 

it’s 5 pm now it’s cool and warm it’s really crazy feeling this need again without giving a shit he really gives so he decided to call you but he remembered that he didn’t get your number that night “oh fuck “he didn’t have an other choice he sign up in the web side and send you a message hoping you reply soon or he will die with this need 

coming out exhausted from working the hall afternoon time you felt your phone vibration it must be a Facebook notification you decided to ignore it and continue walking to the bus station this day your mom role to be with yoonchae so you can go home and sleep your phone vibrates again while you are near to the station you didn’t believe your eyes it was him he said he wants to meet you now asking for a date he asked for your number though you didn’t hesitate for a second to reply him back he immediately call you seeing your screen showing a new number was nervous but you pick the call

“good evening i’m sorry for making you wait i just check my phone right now”

“ no problem happy you reply me sorry for forgetting ask for your number though can i meet you now 

“ well i need to go home first i was coming from my work i need to go change my outfits “

“no need just tell me where are you now…. please “

“i’m in the ninth bus station i’m in my way to go home i can meet you after 2 hours you know the distance i actually live in a normal area so far from yours

“ wait there i’m coming he hangs up the call you were so happy and nervous at the same time you didn’t believe that you will get a chance to meet him again it was only 20 minutes and you notice a black sporty car curbed where you were standing you were alone in the station your eyes connecting for seconds it was like both of you was memorizing the other’s face or just to take a warm look for a missing person you walked towards him and get into his car jungkook couldn’t take off his eyes this is was weird from a man who didn’t know you his stare was full of care!! no no you avoid this it’s lust only y/N only you smile he smiled back”i’m sorry if i come suddenly i should tell you before but i felt the need to meet you “

“it’s really ok “ he turned his face starring to the road running the engine and fly 

“mind to tell me our direction “

“i said we could have a date emm so i will take you for dinner i hope you will like the french food they do there “

“ well i didn’t try it before it will be a good chance thank you “

“he smirked 

you take a look for his outfits he was really charismatic and classy his black suit and his amazing hair style he must be in an important occasion you suddenly look to your clothes a jean short and a white top how the fuck you will be standing beside him this will never work 

“i’m sorry jungkook i actually don’t wear the suitable outfits for this dinner date i told you to let me go home” you murmured and he giggled “don’t worry sweetheart i ‘ll fix this 

his car stopped in an unknown area for you  it was like a beauty center or design something like that he asked you to get out he did too leading the way to the inside where an old chic woman is standing to welcome the coming man “oh jungkookie my sweetheart welcome it’s really amazing to see you here by your self 

“ thank you how have you been “

“i’m ok who’s this gorgeous she asked while look at you, you step award and say hi timidly it was really cool to hear that you’re gorgeous from such an elegant woman like this 

“ antie she is  special  her name is y/N can you please fix her we have a dinner date now i’m responsible i grabbed her to come fast so i need to fix it he was talking smoothly her hands went like charm in your arm taking you in an other hall where there is many fitting rooms the hall way was full of dress; that dresses that you could never get a one of them even in dream 

she asked you to stay there and coming back with a girl holding 3 dresses 

“emmm let me see you have such a bright skin and black hair this is the  most suitable colors to you” the first was black it was tube and middle thigh lentgh it was amazing but it was more for a wedding ceremony

the second was red you didn’t want to wear it you pretend that you hate red it will be awkward wearing same color again though the third dress was fabulous it was made by a satin silky fabric long sleeves made by a lace fabric    surrounding the chest too with a small pieces of glitters it has a short fairy skirt without a single doubt it was made to fit you you looked gorgeous and glamorous the woman shouted when she saw you “oh gosh you’re prettier than me when i was in your age hhhhhhhh “ she made you laugh with her putting a silver high heels and some rings taking a sweet little purse was completely ok now “

“but you can’t go without a magical touch “

“what do you mean Madame??”

“ come here she leads you to the make up room where she take the responsibility to do it for you she didn’t put that much only some blush mascara and lipstick “emmm i need to fix your hair how about to do a side braid with your hair

 time goes “ we’re done let’s go now i think my nephew is out of mind men hates waiting she giggled you felt nervous when your feet approche the first hall where he was standing his back leading on the white coach

“ i did my best this is yours now my work is done have a good night sweetheart “

“jungkook didn’t reply her he was taken by the girl who is standing not too far from his sight it’s not like you weren’t beautiful before but he was sure you are prettier now and maybe you will be every day he smirked holding his feeling “let’s go “

“wait this for her” she was holding a white coat she gave it to you and disappear in the big design room you wear the coat while walking to the car the way to the restaurant was so calm jungkook was driving silently it scared you you take your phone it was 7 pm your mom must leave home to the hospital now you begged that your sister will bear more until you can get the amount for her surgery  we’re here he said leaving the car to open your door and helping you to take off your coat when you entered the restaurant 

every thing was amazing you tried your best to not go into private topics just talking about general things but every thing about him was inviting  “did you enjoy the dishes “

“oh yeah i was scared in the beginning but i think it was superb thank you for tonight”

“ i was planning to call you before but i swear i was so damn busy i just take this weekend off because of my best friend’s wedding

“oh i see congratulation  to him “

“thank you he smirked he was lucky he get a pearl after all his waiting 

“ it’s a big responsibility; marriage i mean “

“ yeah we have to choose correctly our partner “

“you said that from your own experience i think “

“emm i loved her so much but she didn’t deserve any thing she was not for me even i get a great gift i let her go i hate her so bad now it was a mistake and i fix it”

“i’m sorry i didn’t mean to ..

“it’s ok baby i’m done with that don’t worry let’s go out now do you mind to join me into a long ride “

“my pleasure he holds your waist tightly pressing it it was really amazing what is happening now breathing the chilly breeze coming from the window while the car is rolling the road who is coming to be less crowded than before the phone call ruined your mood your heart start shaking when your mom name appeared on the screen she told you that your sister passed by a crises and her surgery couldn’t be so far any more your mom was crying you hung up with shaking hands jungkook wasn’t that fool to avoid that “is every thing ok “

you hold your tears taking a breath “i know i don’t suppose to say that right now but i need to go please stop the car i swear you can do what you want with me later but i need to go now my sister is in the hospital “

“is she ok !! “

in labor” you lied 

“ no need to be sorry let me take you there it will be faster you accept his offer he is right also your shaking feet will never can bring you there before three hours “why you’re nervous she will be ok after giving birth  you must be happy “

“huh oh yeah it’s her first that’s why she must be in pain jungkook of course used his map to find the hospital he didn’t go there before you were in your way to jump off the car when he putted bills in your hands this is for you,you stare at his eyes i’m so sorry “

“it’s ok i just ask for a date tonight not for sex so go on we still have time right ”

“ you run and run quickly whitout seeing jungkook who was walking behind you

“where can i find my sister now you finally start crying speaking to the receptionist nurse  that she already know you she see you usually here “she is ok now don’t worry Miss kim” 

“where is yoonchae don’t lie to me “

the doctor is seeing her now all i can said that you need to pay for her surgery 

“i will i almost have a big portion you took you phone telling here giving her to check the amount in your account this can help you to pay the debt and can just pull of a part of the surgery price i’m sorry you already know all of that 

“ take this too you gave her the bills it was not enough you know but you need to  make her know that you aren’t lying about paying the surgery you only need time why the fuck they don’t save her first isn’t a human who need to live happily “

“please let me see her doctor “

“ the doctor hasn’t got any choice too i’m sorry the only thing is to pay then we can start her surgery she was talking as youalready have the money and hide it !! your tears were heartbreaking for the man who was watching what is happening there he felt sorry actually he put an imaginary amount on your account for a one night stand but he felt sorry why the fuck he didn’t put more maybe you can pay this surgery watching you hurrying to the second corridor to find your sister jungkook approaches the reception where behind sit the nurse “excuse me can i know about Miss kim condition i mean the patient here not y/N i’m their friend “

“ she is in bad condition she need the kidney implantation as soon as possible jungkook now seems to understand many things 

“ just tell the doctor to do it tomorrow “


“ take my card i think you can find here more than this shits worth jungkook pay the owing amount and tell her to keep his name private he has the right then he take his steps back calling his cousin he was a doctor in the “Myong clinic” he asked his help to make sure about this surgery even it wasn’t the same hospital  he sure knows the surgeons 

seeing your sister laying peacefully was the big relief now your mom told you to go home because she refused to go and it’s only one person can stay going back in the reception hall you find the doctor “Miss kim we will do the surgery tomorrow at 10   we can’t wait more you can go back now her condition is stable “

“because you were very glad you forget to ask him about how he changed his mind who cares now 

it was a relief now you can go rest peacefully you take a look to your gorgeous look and heels why the fuck you didn’t get a chance to be with jungkook tonight you need someone who help you discharging stress and sadness  pushing the front door and came out your eyes didn’t believe it was him standing out of his car “why you still here “

“ i thought you will be out in any times after seeing your sister is she ok 

“oh yeah she is i need to go home now my mom is there  thank you for asking me you rubbed his arm softly you felt the need to be kissed now it will be amazing if you get a chance to be with him again jungkook pulled you near to drop in his torso while his back was supported by the car “what about go to my apartment i think you need a special treatment tonight princess it wasn’t that much hard to start the kiss you needed to do this dropping all the troubles from your shoulders for a while wasn’t bad he already bring you closer smooching your cherry lips biting it with hunger “thanks god i stay here to wait for you it worth it you know he said rubbing your back you buried your head in his neck and wrapping his neck by arms you pressed your body into his torso you know he is not a boy friend to reassure you he was a man searching for his own pleasure but you couldn’t believe that the way he hugged you back was as tender as fuck 

“i think we should bring this to somewhere else he said helping you to go into his car the way wasn’t too long maybe because you felt nervous you feel the time is running faster than usual but it was really his condo again jungkook take off his shoes and coat and take your hand he leads the way to his well equipped kitchen “ your throat was dry not because you are thirsty it was because seeing this man gulped some water in front of your eyes your hormones are going crazy tonight it’s really awkward you must be scared but the happy news you got really help you feel the ecstasy you want to drink something “ no i’m ok “ “sure he said killing the short distance your back pressed the cramped counter when he pressed his wet lips against yours you stand here completely at his mercy you can barely keep your balance when his tongue start circling with yours but he was totally taking control he holds your waist tightly the way you felt the fabric of his suit jacket is so damn velvet  jungkook lift you up to sit on the counter he can easily find a way to touch your top body by his lips while his hands didn’t stop squeezing your ass he unzipped your dress from the back and pull it off where he can see your lace bra holding perky fruit grabs you lost all train of thoughts when he start putting butterflies kisses in your sensitive exposed skin you completely turned on you feel so horny just by kissing him your core was creaming you needed more than kisses you need him to fuck you senseless just to forget your messy life your fingers grabbed his hair and massaged his neck from the back your sweet action pleased  him he lifts you up to his waist and walked to the nearest sofa not even to his bed room you grinned when you saw his torso again you was thinking you will never get this chance again both of you laid down on the sofa kissing roughly hot your lips will be swollen tomorrow for sure but you don’t fucking care it was good so damn good your chest was rises and falls hardly when you see him start attacking your thighs and inner thigh though you moaned “oh jungkook “

“ do you like daddy’s touch babe “

“ please fuck me now you said shameless moaning his name was so damn good for jungkook to hear he was already turned on but he didn’t want to make you wait more something told him to treat you well he hovered around your body and positioned him self between your legs his thrusts were not hard he fucked you as he was making love you felt that care and it feels so damn good his rhythm increase both of you were moaning in each others lips  “i’m close “

you pressed your fingers in his back “you’re so tight babe but beautiful his words hit your mind you felt your juice is mixing with his own but he can’t oh no please pull it down it was the last thing you want to get pregnant from a fuck buddy 

laying down on his lap was really satisfying “why you were so gentle with me i thought you enjoy being rough “

“ you didn’t like soft and gentle i saw you so fuzzy tonight i didn’t want to be hard he said playing with a part of your hair we are supposed to take care of each other moral right “

“ yeah i like it so much you are good “

“just good “

“i mean amazing in bed ”but you prefer rough and hard he said cutting you “you ask for it baby come here 

“jungkook what are you doing he lifts you up and heads to his bed room “we needs round two don’t beg me to stop because i’ll never do before heard you scream till the coming morning

 the next morning you tried to move your legs waaah you can move them after really last night you bet if you can walk a couple of meters after that hard passionate sex  “jungkook” was deeply sleeping he was like an angel his chest was naked he must be cold you lift the blanket to cover him it was 6 am early to wake up but you need to go your hands dropped the blanket but suddenly his hand catch it snatching you to drop on his chest where are you going sweetheart “nowhere i can stay an extra time for you “

“this is what i want cuddle me i want to sleep more he said lazily but funnily too you felt your heart beat increase touching his bare skin  it was white and soft but in a beautiful way manly you felt the need to kiss him a morning kiss but you can’t do this things with him oh god not him “ this war of thoughts was so damn tiresome you felt sleepy again but you endure the desire you need to go home get changing and heads to the hospital “i’m sorry jungkook i need to go 


the surgery last more than 4 hours the nurse who was going in told you that she will be ok because there are the best surgeon there you didn’t understand her you thought she only talks about one of her ordinary stuff colleagues because you didn’t get any idea what jungkook did last night after a while of pressure the doctor comes out talking with you and your mother “ we did our best i hope she can accept the implantation we need to keep her here more because her immunity system is weak “

“can we see her please “

“ oh yeah after the nurse does her work bringing her back to post operative unit

she was sleeping deeply like an angel finally she can be able to live normally ….

see you next update ^^

Wonderless (My love for you was bulletproof- part 2)


“Good morning” Tony’s arms wrapped around naked waist. He smiled and kissed my cheek

“Good morning tone” I yawned, he was laying down on his side, shirtless.. of course. I couldn’t help but fee guilty.. ’I can’t be doing this…’ I can’t just go up to Tony and be like “hey tone, I didn’t mean anything that happened last night.” even though we didn’t do “it”, we kissed.. more than once and to be honest I like it.

I’m giving myself another chance, an it’s with Tony.

“Are you hungry? it’s our last chance to get some Whataburger” he said as he ran his fingers through my hair.

“You Cali people don’t know anything about good burgers” I joked

“Hey! we have McDonald’s” he laughed I leaned down and glared a tony

“Tone, you and I both know NO ONE compares to Whataburger” He laughed and kissed my nose

“Well then let’s go,my treat” he got up and put his T-shirt on and he grabbed his keys and wallet from the night stand. I got up as well and threw on a Slipknot Tshirt along with some shorts and black Vans.

“besides we leave in a few hours (Y/N)”

“oh,well lets get the luggag-”

“I already put everything in the car and I already called the movers, i took care of everything” he smiled

i walked over to him and wrapped my arms around him

“Thanks Tone”

“Anthing for you sweetie” he kissed the top of my head.                                                                                I let go of him before something else like last night happened again and made my way down stairs                                                                                                                        

“lets gooo!!! I’m starving"                                                                                                             "alright alrigh! I’m going” he laughed as he walked behind me.

We got into his car and started to pull out of the drive way, I took one last look at my house. Everything was set, the rest of my belongings will be shippd to me once I’m over there.

It’s time. It’s time to move on, to actually heal completely and start off new.

And maybe this time, I won’t be so alone.

Tony reached for my hand and kissed it.



“And if you don’t find me on the front page… find a way to say that you kew me. And if you don’t find me in a movie.. find a way to say that you saw me.

And if you don’t find me on the front page… find a way to say that you kew me. And if you don’t find me in a movie.. find a way to say that you saw me. (You and I got lost along the way.. this will end someway someday)

And if you don’t find me at all… then I, won’t care..

If I coul find a place for the holiday’s maybe I would call. You’re a pay phone away from the mess that I’ve become..

I’m destroying what I love…”


“Whoa Vic.. that was great! what is it called?” Jaime asked from where he was standing across our home studio

“Wonderless” I sat down my guitar on the stand besides me

Mike stood against the door frame with his arms crossed.

Mike knows me more than anyone else, well.. not as much as (Y/N), he knows the meaning behind this song even though I haven’t told him anything about it.

“It sounds great bro” he smiled and Jaime nodded in agreement before stepping out into the hallway to take a call.

“Thanks” I grabbed my beer and took a sip.

“Vic-” Mike began

“yeah?” I took another sip not looking up at him.

“I know who your song is about.. it’s..it’s about-”

“(Y/N). Yes it, I won’t deny it-”

“You miss her.”

I looked down at the floor.

“Isn’t it obvious?”

Mike placed his hand on my shoulder and walked out of the studio.

“Hey Vic?” Jaime


“We need to get the guest room ready for Tony’s friend”

“Right,” I picked up my beer to take a sip “what’s her name, do you know now?”


I froze with the with the beer can nearly touching my lips

“Is everything ok?”

“umm..yeah” I forced a smile

I couldn’t help but think that it just might be her…(Y/N)

We went up stairs to get the guest room and started to take out all the empty boxes

“Vic, what are we gonna do with the extra guitars?”

“And the extra drum set??” Mike added

“umm.. we can just leave them in the room. We can hang the guitars on the wall, and leave the drum set in the room.. it is the master bedroom after all”

They nodded and began to arrange the guitars and the drum set it the room.

“I have some extra bed sheets and pillows in my closet, they’re new”

“Alright thanks Mikey, I was about to do the bed”

**2 hours later**

“I thought we’d never finish” Mike collapsed on the couch

“Me too..”

Jaime came into the room talking on the phone

“Oh alright. Ok. Yeah, we’ve got everything ready already, we can’t wait to finally see you and your friend,” he smiled. He was talking to Tony.

“Alright tone, we’ll see you and (Y/N) soon” he said good-bye and hung up.

“It was Tony” he smiled

“No shit Sherlock” Mike said sarcastically and rolled his eyes

I hit Mike’s lap, cleaning up makes him grumpy

“What’s up? What did he have to say?”

“Just that they’ll be here later on tonight, or tomorrow” he looked down at his phone and smiled

“hey guys I gotta go, I’ll be back soon. I’m hanging out with some friends”

his cheeks turned a bright red

“Oh alright Jaime. Have fun.”

“Yeah, thanks for helpin us out” I said sitting down on the couch next to Mike.

“I will” he smiled again “see ya later”

Jaime headed down stairs and out the door

as soon as we heard the door close, Mike turned to look at me

“Alright, Start talking”


“you can’t lie or hide anything from me. I know you well enough to know when you’re feeling sad or uneasy about something, you’ve been drinking for a week now.. and I bet I know what it is. Or who it’s about”

“Mike.. stop” I crossed my arms and looked away from him

“Vic.. it’s not your fault” he stood infront of me

“It was MY fault!” I looked up at him… “she wasn’t to blame for anything… but I blamed her for something I did. I looked for someone else.. I told her it was ALL her fault.. she was just focusing on her education.. I was starting the band.. it all went to my head.. she loved me.. I took her for granted..”

“Vic.. you have to let go..” He kneeled down infront of me, my tears running down my cheeks as Ii hid my face with my hands “You’re gonna be ok, I promise”

“Just leave me alone Mike.” I got up and walked down stairs grabbig the keys from my pocket

“Where are you going?” He called behind me “Vic?”

“Somewhere, I don’t know.” I slammed the door and walked to my car, tears still running down my face, I started my car and drove down to the beach, I miss her like crazy… I just want to see her again, I want to tell her I’m sorry even though that doesn’t make what I did, I sat on the sand, covering my feet in it.

My mind flashed back to a summer night where we were at the beach

“Vic, my love for you is bigger than the ocean” She held my hand as we walked along the shore

“God..” I stopped and stood infront of her

“What?” she pouted

“I love you!” I picked her up and spun her around “promise me we’ll get married on a beach in California”

My tears we uncontrolable now,

“I love you too” she laughed as I spun her around, “I promise, you know how much I love the beach” she tangled her fingers in my hair and gave me a soft kiss.

‘How could I let her go?!’ I screamed toward the ocean, the waves just roared back

“Whenever you see the coast, I hope you think of me” that night it all ended…her voice sounded almost like a whisper.. tears rolled down her face.

“How could you Vic?”


after getting lunch with (Y/N), we headed  to the airport our flight was delayed two hours, she was tired by the time we got on our plane to Califoria

I sat next to (Y/N), she was looking out the window, watching the sun as it set, she smiled when she saw me looking at her

“what?” she blushed

“you look beautiful”

“Oh tone.. I’m not wearing make-up or anything”

“exactly. Even without make-up, you look beautiful” I smiled and her kissing her cheek

she took my hand in hers and held it,

“are you tired?”

“a bit” she yawned

“here,” I took of my sweater and covered her with it, while I put my arm around her waist. She rested her head on my shoulder and looked up at me

“I’ll wake you up if anything,” I placed a kiss on her forhead “just rest”

I didn’t have to tell her twice, she fell fast asleep as I held her.

She’s so amazing.

-(Y/N)’s POV-

When I woke up Tony was asleep, holding me in his arms. It was dark outside already, but it wasn’t too late.

He’s been so sweet to me.. I felt this warm fuzzy feeling in my chest.. oh god.. i’m having feelings for Tony…

They announced we’d be landing in LA in 20 minutes, Tony woke up as soon as her heard

“Good morning sleepy head” I laughed

“good morning” he stretched, “we’re almost there” he smiled

“I know, I’m excited… and hungry” I snuggled up next to him again

“we’ll take you out for dinner, we’ll take you to one of the best sushi places in California”

“Ooh, sounds yummy!”

*at the airport*

we grabbed our bags and grabbed a taxi to the boys house,

Tony kept telling me things about them, how I’d really get along with them and how he’d take me to the studio so I could hear what they sounded like

“Well here we are” he smiled as the taxi came to a stop

We grabbed our bags and walked up the steps that led to the front door,

“are you ready?” he grabbed the door knob, I nodded a bit nervous

“Don’t be nervous, you’re really gonna like them. it’s ok”

he opened the door and stepped in first holding my hand, I stood behind him

“Vic?” there were footsteps coming down the steps, “is that you?” the person speaking became visible,a tall slim guy with a lip ring came down the stairs followed by another guy with a highlight going up his hair

“Tony!” they screamed running up to him as they hugged him

“Hey!” all three of them hugged

“guys,this is (Y/N),” I smiled at them “(Y/N). this is Mike and Jaime”

“Hello” I said shyly

“Hey (Y/N),” Jaime shook my hand “I’ve heard nothing but good things about you” he smiled

“thanks” I blushed

“Tony wasn’t kidding when he said you were very pretty, but that doesn’t even beging to describe you, you’re gorgeous,” Mike smiled “I’m Mike, by the way”

I blushed even more, gosh they’re so sweet “Thanks, Mike”

“Where’s Vic?” Tony asked

“umm.. out” Mike forced a smile “he won’t be back soon”

“Oh,  I really wanted all of us to go out to eat together”
“He’s been having a rough week”

“Oh,” Tony tured to look at me “Why don’t you go freshen up, and then we’ll leave?”

“Yeah, let us show you your room” Jaime smiled

the boys helped me get my bags up stairs, as they showed me to my room,

“We’ll be waiting for you down stairs” Tony said, he and the boys headed to their rooms to changed.

*At Dinner*

We all sat together and we instantly got along with each other, the guys were really funny. “So then Tony goes into the liquor store with a ski mask” Jaime continued while Tony hid his face in his hands, he was blushing.

“Wow Tony” I laughed

“You guys promised not to say that story ever again!” he laughed

“Hey, we’re just trying to emberass you” Mike patted  him on the back

after dinner we headed back home by now it was pretty late and tony and I were very tired

We said goodnight and headed off to our rooms. I really need to meet this “Vic” so I can get this feeling off my chest, who am I kidding.. I secretly want it to be him. I miss him.

Realisation (Joe Sugg Imagine)

You were sat on the sofa at Joe and Caspar’s apartment playing fifa with Caspar and Oli. Joe had gone out on a date with a girl he was seeing, you hadn’t met her but you’d heard all about her from Joe.

‘Have you met Joe’s new girlfriend yet?’ you asked Caspar and Oli.

'Yeah she stopped over last night’ Caspar replied.

'The one night I’m not here to meet her’ you joked, you practically lived with Joe and Caspar even though you had your own apartment that was barely a five minute walk away. 'What’s she like anyway?’

'She was alright, not who I expected Joe to end up falling for.’

'How do you mean?’ you asked not taking your eyes off of the TV screen as you scored a goal against Caspar. He paused the game at that moment.

'Y/N are you jealous?’ Oli asked after exchanging a knowing look with Caspar.

'Of course not, I’m happy for him’ you lied, you were jealous and you knew it. 'You guys are all like brothers to me, it would be weird if anything happened.’

'Don’t worry I have no plans to get with you ever’ Caspar stated resuming the game. 'But we all know that you and Joe have basically been in love with each other since you met’

'What!’ it was your turn to pause the game.

'Don’t play dumb Y/N’ Oli rolled his eyes at you, everyone knows you and Joe have a thing.

'We do not have a thing’ you were getting frustrated even though you knew it was true. 'Even if I did have feelings for him it wouldn’t exactly matter now would it?’ You mumbled continuing the game of Fifa.

'Oh Y/N’ Oli switched off the game and wrapped his arm around you. 'I doubt Joe and his girlfriend will even last’

'Don’t say that, I do want him to be happy’

'But you’d rather he was happy with you’ Caspar pointed out.

At that moment Joe walked through the door hand in hand with his girlfriend.

'Hey guys’ Joe greeted you walking over to the living area.

'Oh this is Y/N’ Joe told his girlfriend whilst gesturing to you.

'Hi’ you tried to say but you heard your voice crack. You looked at Oli showing him the heartbreak in your eyes. 'I’ll see you guys later’ you gave a half smile rushing to get out of the door.

'Wait Y/N I was hoping we could all hang out for a bit’ Joe spoke to you as you paused by the front door. You looked at him with tears brimming in your eyes.

'You hoped wrong’ you yelled at him turning on your heel and walking out the door.

'What’s wrong with her?’ You heard Joe ask as you fled the apartment. You didn’t stick around to hear the response. You rushed outside and back to your place, you felt like an idiot. You knew it would be hard seeing Joe with his new girl but you hadn’t expected it to be that hard.

**Back at the apartment**

'She’s just emotional’ Caspar tried to defend.

'No, I know her better than that, something’s wrong, should I go and make sure she’s okay?’

'Errm Joe’ his girlfriend squeezed his hand as if to remind him she was there.

'Don’t worry, Y/N’s like a sister’ he assured her causing Oli and Caspar to role their eyes.

'You can’t just invite me back and then ditch me for another girl’ she laughed batting her eyelashes.

'It’s not like that I promise’

'Okay, but I still think you should stay here with me, whatever’s wrong with her she clearly wants to be alone or she would’ve stuck around’

'I guess’ Joe bit his lip, 'Hey why don’t you go down to my room, I’ll be there in a minute, I just need a drink’ Joe told her and she pecked his lips quickly. She tottered down the stairs and Joe walked over to Oli and Caspar.

'Y/N never leaves this place and it was like she couldn’t wait to get out, what have I missed?’ Joe asked them.

'Ok Joe let me try something’ Oli spoke 'close your eyes for a moment’

Joe did as he was told.

'Pretend me and Caspar aren’t here… Who’s your best friend?’ He began.

'Y/N, why?’

'Just work with me, okay something big happens in your life who’s the first person you want to tell?’

'My family or Y/N’

'Your bored on a Saturday night, who do you invite over’

'Usually Y/N, Oli where are you going with this?’

'Joe have you not realised that you’re in love with Y/N?’ Caspar spoke bluntly.

'What?’ Joe opened his eyes and gave Caspar a puzzled look.

'Well your girlfriend is downstairs in your room and your sat up here worrying about Y/N, does that not tell you anything?’ Oli added.

'Wow… I never… Y/N’s my best friend’ Joe said piecing things together.

'That’s why she’s upset, because we finally got her to admit she has feelings for you and then you shows up with your new girlfriend’ Oli explained.

'I need to go and see her, I’m such an idiot’ Joe ran his fingers through his hair. He went over to the stairs shouting down to his room. 'Babe I’ve gotta go, I’m sorry’

'Where are you going?’ She asked looking annoyed.

'You’re a great girl, but I can’t see you anymore I’m sorry, I’ve gotta go and talk to Y/N’

'What are you gonna say?’ Caspar asked as Joe opened the door.

'I’m going to tell her I’m in love with her’ Joe replied with a beaming smile.

Just one more?
  • Boy *making cut begging eyes*: Just one more? Please... Sakura-chan...
  • Naruto: *peeping from the hallway*
  • Sakura *sighs*: Ok... You can have another lollipop, but this is the very last, ok?
  • Boy *nods energetically*: YES!
  • Sakura *patting the kid's head and smiling*: You're such a good boy!
  • Boy: *runs out of the room*
  • Naruto *entering the room with arms crossed*: So... who was that boy and why did he called you "chan"?
  • Sakura: Naruto! What are you doing here!? You're not supposed to leave your room yet! *grabs Naruto's shoulders, turns him and leads him out of the room*
  • Naruto *escaping from her grab, turning to face her and softly grabbing her face*: I missed you
  • Sakura *blushing*: Baka... wasn't Sasuke with you?
  • Naruto *now just grabbing Sakura's chin*: He's now on a date with Karin so he left me alone *kisses Sakura's lips*
  • Sakura *when Naruto stops*: Ok, now you got what you wanted so get back to your room and when I'm done with this *showing him all the papers she was holding* I may go visiting you.
  • Naruto: Just one more? *trying to imitate the boy's sweet begging eyes* Please... Sakura chan
  • Sakura *rolls her eyes and blushes*: Ok, just one mo- *Naruto kisses*

Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Crowley, Rowena, Lucifer and the reader.

Warnings: angst, mentions of suicide…

Words: 3446.

A/N: It’s finally here guys! My 666 followers celebration! I’m so excited about this!! I can’t wait to hear all your opinions!! (I’m open to read all your critiques as long as they’re constructive) Also, thanks to my lovely @kbrand0 for helping me and beta-reading this! Enjoy!! (If you can)


(Gifs & pics not mine!)

SynopsisWhen Y/N first met Dean she fell in love immediately. When he told her about his real life her decision was crystal clear: she would follow him till the end of the world. It was the “apple pie hunter life” until Y/N got badly injured on a hunt and Dean decided he has to protect her. How? Leaving her.

After 5 years of physical rehabilitation Y/N decides to go after the love of her life, but what she finds, when she finally reaches Dean, tears her apart and pushes her to the arms of a crossroad demon.

Years later and after a deal with, by then, the King of Hell, Y/N will seek revenge against the man who broke her heart: Dean Winchester, and she’ll do whatever it takes regardless who she has to deceive or run over.

Blood kept dripping from your hand as you prayed over and over again for Castiel to show up. I need you Cas, I need you, you repeated like a mantra. The thunder of wings fluttering made you open your eyes. There he was, with deep concerned blue irises staring at you,

“Y/N, are you OK?” he asked approaching you as he spotted the bleeding palm of your hand, “What happened?”

It had worked. You smiled coldly and looked at him in the eye. Your facial expression froze him in place, being aware that something was wrong.

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Hey! can u do one where it will be the first time y/n and harry have sex after having a baby and she doesn't feel sexy and she gets shy and embarrassed and he makes love to her Love your writing xx

Turned this into an UIFYA drabble.  Hope you don’t mind.

Showing is Better Than Telling

Noah was a month and a half old.  He seemed to double in size and vocal ability, having woken us up at 3 am like clockwork every day for the last week.  Emily was a star, getting up each time to cradle her baby boy in the rocking chair while she cooed him back to sleep.  I normally got up with her.  One because he woke me up too so I might as well join her and two so I could watch them.  

I loved watching them.  I had missed out on this with Lucy.  Watching her look down at our baby like he was the greatest thing she’d ever do, I agreed with her.  He was.  He and Lucy were the greatest things either of us would ever do.  

I walked into Noah’s nursery with a hot cup of tea and set it next to her, leaning down to kiss the top of her head,

“How’s he doing?”

She looked up at me, a thankful smile stretching across her cheeks,

“He’s almost back down.  You didn’t have to do that.”

I knelt down in front of her,

“Sure I did.  No sense in you doing this all alone.  He’s part me too.  Just because I don’t have any boobs…”  I grumbled.  

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Letting Go to Hold On (Quicksilver x Reader X Bruce)

(Y/n) sighed as she entered the building. It had been 2 years, 2 years, 5 months and 24 days. Of course she remembered, she remembered it like it was only yesterday.


“Get away from me” Bruce whispered, gently pushing her away.

“Bruce, let me help you.” She replied, tears building up in her eyes.

“No (y/n)!!” I’m a monster!“ He yelled, scaring her. The other guy had ripped out yesterday, creating havoc in the city.

“Bruce…” She whimpered, as she broke down.

“Just leave (y/n), we’re over.” He mumbled, in a barely audible voice.

“Bruce don’t do this.” She cried.

“You’ll be safer this way.” He replied, tears also fell out of his eyes.

“Bruce, I need you.” She whispered.

“I will hurt you.” Bruce replied, opening the door.

“Bruce, please, I love you damnit.” (Y/n) grabbed on to his sleeve, hopelessly pulling him back. He turned around, kissing her forehead for a last time before freeing himself from her grip.

“It’s best for both of us.” He whispered, before walking out the door, shutting it and shattering (y/n)’s heart.

“Come on, this way.” The agent spoke, interrupting her thoughts.

“Lead the way.” She replied, following him. She remembered everything, the nights when she cried herself to sleep, the un-replied texts and phone calls, everything. She followed him into an elevator, the ride was silent, and the faint ding alerted them of their arrival on the 15th floor.

“Director Fury’s office is on the right.” The boy muttered before he left. (Y/n) pulled her scarf tighter and made her way inside his office.

“Ah, Miss (l/n), come in.” He smiled, as she sat down on the chair in front of his desk.

“What do you need me for?” She asked, in her trademark monotone voice.

“We just need you to assist Dr Banner and Stark on helping the Maximoff twins.” He replied, sounding more serious than before.

“Can’t you get someone else to do it?” She asked.

“No, as a mater of fact, you will be moving in this facility until the job is done and your luggage is already here.” He stated. She thought about it, there was no way she was gonna win against SHEILD.

“Fine. Where’s my room?” She asked, getting up.

“Level 12, room 2.” He replied, handing her the keys.

“Thank you.” She replied. She made her way down to level 12, once she reached here, there were two rooms labeled 2, one on the left and one on the right. She sighed as she tried to open the door on the left with her keys, but no luck. As she pulled the keys out, the door opened. She looked up, meeting cold blue eyes. She looked at him, his heavenly crafted face, silver hair and height. What surprised her the most was that he wasn’t wearing a shirt but his body was covered with bandages. He hissed as he moved, his wounds were causing him discomfort.

“What do you want?” He asked her, his beautiful voice ringing in her ears.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I thought this was my room, Director Fury told me room 2 but not which side, I’m sorry.” (Y/n) mumbled.

“Yeah, it’s ok,” he said, hissing from the pain as blood seeped out of the wound in his upper arm.

“You’re bleeding.” (Y/n) gasped.

“It’s fine.” Pietro reassured her.

“Let me help you, I’m a doctor, and it’s not fine.” (Y/n) exclaimed, stepping inside his room, seating him down on the bed.

“Where’s the medical kit?” She asked, he pointed to the bathroom. She nodded and went in, opening the cupboard and grabbing the box. She came back and Pietro was lying down on the bed, clearly in a lot of pain. She gently unwrapped his arm.

“Shhh, it’s ok.” She cooed, as she place the antiseptic on it. Pietro groaned with pain.

“I’m sorry, but it’s nearly over.” She said as she began to wrap his wound up in a new bandage.

“All done.” She smiled, closing the box and placing it back. As she was about to exist his room, he called out to her.

“Wait, what’s your name?” He asked.

“(Y/n), what’s yours?” She asked.

“Pietro and thank you.” He smiled.


After a shower and change of clothes, (y/n) headed towards the lab. She could feel all those memories rushing back, she truly did not have the courage to deface him again. She gathered up all of her courage and opened the door, only to be greeted by Tony Stark.

“Hello there, you must be Dr (y/n)?” He asked, shaking her hand.

“Indeed.” She replied, forcing a smile onto her face.

“Bruce, she’s here!” He called, her stomach began to flip.

“Tony, I already told y-” Bruce froze as he saw her face. Never in a million years had he imagined he’d be seeing her again. A lump formed in his throat and his voice seemed to disappear.

“Hello.” Bruce muttered, all the memories rushed back, their first date, kiss, heck he even remembered her confession, word for word. (Y/n) slightly nodded, acknowledging his greeting and turned around towards Tony.

“So what are we doing?” She asked.

“Well, Wanda is not here, she’s training with Cap and Pietro is in his room, he’s been hit quite bad and refuses to let anyone near him.” He explained. Oh, so that’s him. She thought.

“So I don’t have to do anything for now?” She asked.

“You can help us.” Bruce spoke up, not being able to make eye contact with her.

“Yeah, we could appreciate the help.” Tony smiled.

“Sir, Ms Potts is waiting for you.” Jarvis spoke, startling (y/n).

“Ah, Jarvis, this is Dr (y/n), she’ll be staying here and helping us, make her feel welcome.” Tony spoke, and then rushed out the door, leaving Bruce and (y/n) alone. (Y/n) sighed as she before speaking up.

“I’m gonna go check up on Pietro, I met him before coming here and his wounds didn’t look ok.” She announced as she started to make her way out but Bruce grabbed her wrist, stopping her.

“Wait, I need to talk to you.” He said, not caring about how pathetic he looked.

“What is there to talk about now?” (Y/n) replied sourly, pulling her hand away.

“Please, I’ve missed you.” He said, his voice on the verge of breaking.

“Don’t do this to me again Bruce, please.” (Y/n) said, her voice broke at the end.

“I know that I messed up, please. I tried to find you, to contact you, but you became a ghost, you vanished.” He pleaded.

“Bruce don’t do this, please don’t, just don’t.” Her voice, barely a whisper. Bruce couldn’t take it anymore, he pulled her back, into his arms. A familiar warm feeling spread through their bodies.
(Y/n) cried into his shoulder as he held her in his arms, resting his chin on her head.

“Don’t do this.” She mumbled, pulling away.

“Please (y/n).” Bruce realised it was too late, she had ran out the door.

AN: Hi guys!!! I know this is quite late and I apologise but I am combining a few of the requests I have and this will be multiple parts (hopefully) and I hope you guys like it!!

ok please consider the fact that i have only started blue lily lily blue recently so idk if this does happen canon but

  • what if Ronan accidentally dreamed up an Adam
  • like
  • a duplicate of adam
  • and he freaks out for a minute before his door opens to reel gansey
  • “dont tell adam”
  • dont tell me what?”
  • fuck”
  • and the whole room is just silent
  • ronan is still sitting on his bed with a sleeping duplicate adam 
  • gansey and adam are standing frozen by the door
  • “seems like my being here isnt needed”
  • “wait, gansey dont go”
  • “why”
  • i dont know f i can hold myself back if you leave me alone with him right now”
  • “can you both just let me explain”
  • “you have a minute to explain yourself before i leave this room”
  • “uhm. it was an accident.”
  • “try harder lynch”
  • “what?! it really was! you both know i dont lie”
  • “how do yo accidentally dream up someone else?!”
  • “….”
  • “you know what, i’ll leave you three. seems like two adams are just one too many.”
  • “i just missed you ok?”
  • “and that is my cue to leave.”
  • gansey left the two and called up blue to inform her of whats happening
  • “you know, when norma people misses someone they call them or go to them or something… not replace them by dreaming up some clone”
  • “i wasnt replacing you. nothing can replace you. what the fuck are you talking about…”
  • and adam just blushes in three shades of red whle ronan lists thngs that makes adam irreplaceable 
  • then they decided to drive dream!adam back to cabeswater 
  • when they got back they were wecomed by a frantic bue
  • is it true? did you actually dream up an adam?! where is he? i wanna see!”

i dont really know what happened here but i dont give a damn i just want to post some pynch stuff haha goodbye

Letters From a Travelin Soldier

This is 6000+ words of angst mixed with some fluff, my one goal with this was to make my sister cry. I succeeded and am now grounded. I’m going to put this here, then go hide at work for 10 hours….


She watched him out of the corner of her eye while he sat by himself in the corner booth. Reserved and quiet, he seemed sad, not ordering anything but coffee. Her heart ached for him. Dressed in green fatigues, he seemed all alone as he just stared out the window of the diner. Emma just wanted to see him smile, even for just a fraction of a moment. She wanted to be a tiny light in his gloomy world. Finishing off her braid with a blue ribbon, she made a split second decision and portioned out a slice of Granny’s blueberry cheesecake.

If you asked her later, she would not be able to tell you what possessed her that day, she just knew that she had to help this poor guy. As she set the plate in front of him, it startled him out of his brooding. She fought back a smile as his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“I did- I didn’t order anything…” he stammered quietly. He has an accent.

“I know.” She smirked. “But this always makes me happier, and you looked like you could use a pick me up.” When he looked up at her, she was blown away by the startling blue of his eyes. As striking as they were, they held a sadness, like someone who had lost everything that ever mattered. Her heart ached for him. She shook herself out of it and stammered, “I’m sorry if I over stepped. I just thought you could use a smile.”

“Aye, thank you miss-” he paused, waiting for her to give her name.

“Emma, Emma Nolan.” She answered. The smile he gave her lit up his face. He looked so much younger when he smiled. Less serious. It warmed her heart that she succeeded in making him smile.

“Emma, beautiful name for a beautiful lass.” She shook her head with a smile at his attempt to flirt with her. He held out his hand, “I’m Killian by the way.”

“Pleasure to meet you.” She shook his hand. When his hand lingered on hers, she felt butterflies in her stomach. There was something about him, Emma wasn’t sure what it was, but she felt drawn to him. “Is there anything else I can get for you?” She tried to hide the breathlessness in her voice.

“Would you just sit with me? I just… I don’t want to be alone and I have no one else in this bloody town to talk to.” He released her hand then, but she could still feel his skin against hers.

“My shift is almost done. Give me a few minutes and we can get out of here.” He smiled up at her as she turned away to go tell Granny she was leaving early. It was a slow day, she wasn’t needed anyway. If nothing else, she would always just pout at her to get her way. Being Granny’s goddaughter had its’ perks at times.

As usual, Granny was in the kitchen, half covered in flour.

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But can you imagine Damon realizing that no one gives a shit about Bonnie although she is the one who always sacrifice herself, can you imagine him  getting upset about that, can you imagine him realising how Bonnie is the selfless person he ever knew, and also the stronger one. Can you imagine him leaving his house upset and screaming “ok, if life still goes on for you although one of the most beautiful and amazing person on this earth is stuck on the other side with a sociopath, it’s not for me, so I’m going to get her back because I miss her and I’ll do it even if I have to do it alone.”

Date with a Demon

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Date with the Demon

Anonymous said to 5minutefanfiction:

Are you still taking requests? If so could you do one were the boys want the teen!reader to go undercover at a middle school b/c there is a demon there. And then the reader gets stressed about homework and decides the invite a classmate to help and it makes Cas uncomfortable b/c he likes the reader. Then the classmate attacks the reader b/c he ends up being a demon!! *crowd gasps* and Cas saves her and it gets SUPER SUPER fluffy between them and Cas confesses to the reader. Sorry it is so long!

Authors Note: I’m sorry if I changed it a bit too much. I had issues with Cas and a young reader. So I needed to work it in a way that could work without being creepy and just wrong. J


Castiel watched from the next dimension as Y/N sat with her brothers going over the hunt.

‘So, we’re betting on demon?’ Dean asked. ‘Making God damn deals in a school?’

‘Looks that way,’ Sam sighed.

‘How exactly are you two going to find that without looking creepy and weird,’ Y/N asked, stealing a chip off Dean’s plate.

‘Salad, Y/N,’ Sam sighed.

Y/N added ketchup and smiled. Her older brother’s face grew annoyed. Dean looked at her proudly.

‘Thatta girl.’

‘Dean, she needs a balanced diet. We need a balanced diet.’

‘Dude, I’m a kid. I don’t do balanced diets. I think it’s something that comes when you’re old.’

‘Hey,’ both boys complained.

13 year old, Y/N flashed them an award winning style and grabbed her history book and got back into her study.

Living and hunting with the two wasn’t the easiest on her education. But she managed, after some trial and error they settled on home schooling. She had home schooled with her Mum, but it was an online Christian Education, her Mum had turned to God, during her pregnancy and raised Y/N by the bible.

Now the issue was, what did she need to learn. Sam voted on the basics that allowed for college applications and attendance. Dean voted on unschooling and teaching her the ways of the world. So far Y/N was getting both. And given the amount of time the boys spent shooting things, traditional education seemed better. Both boys agreed that religion was a bust. Y/N however, wasn’t sure. So she often sat with Castiel and discussed it. Learned what she could. She had no idea why, but she felt it was important.

Cas watched her intently, as he always did. He still struggled to believe she was here, and hunting with the Winchesters. He still struggled to believe she was a Winchester. Y/N was the result of a one night stand between her Mum and John. She had tracked down the boys not long after John died. Her mum had died in a car accident and she was trying to find her Dad or the state would put her in a home. The boys took her in and haven’t looked back since.

She was without a doubt a Winchester, right through every molecule. Her soul however, her soul is what kept Cas watching her from the shadows. In Heaven every angel has a soul mate. One that once they see each other they know, there is no doubt in it. For Cas that was Y/N. Her vessel was too young, and her soul still human. But come the end of her days, she will become an angel. Not like most humans who die and just live out their time in heaven. When Y/N dies, she will gain her wings and in that time she will become Castiel’s. Until then, he was to watch over her, protect her, keep her safe.

‘Are you sure I have to learn about the civil war?’ she groaned.

‘Yes,’ Sam sighed.

‘No,’ Dean offered.

‘Dean’s older, he’s in charge. Civil war’s a bust.’

‘Learn it, Y/N,’ Sam smiled.

He watched as she sulked and got work.

‘You’re almost done for the year anyway.’

‘Dude, it’s not even half way through, how the hell is she done?’

‘Based on grading, work completed and the sheet they gave us, she is almost done.’

‘Then what?’ Y/N asked.

‘You can stop or keep going push through as quick as you can, graduate early.’

‘That. Let’s do that.’

The boys woke Y/N up the next day and smiled as she threw a pillow at them.

‘Go away.’

‘Sorry Princess, but you are off to school today.’

‘You’s a Funny jerk, aren’t you,’ YN mumbled to Dean, before drifting back off to sleep.

‘Serious Y/N. We need you to go undercover and located the demon.’

Y/N rolled over and looked at them.

‘Sorry, I was dreaming. What?’

‘You’re going in.’

‘To school? To an actual school?’



‘Y/N,’ Sam tried.

‘You both suck,’ Y/N complained, pushing past them to the bathroom.

‘You can’t send her in to hunt alone,’ Cas growled, appearing before the boys.

‘What the hell, Cas?’

‘It’s too dangerous.’

‘No, you spying is dangerous,’ Dean growled.

‘She needs to be kept safe. A school isn’t a safe place.’

‘Do not tell me how to raise my kid sister,’ Dean growled.

‘She is not a hunter,’ Cas argued.

‘Cas,’ Sam tried calmly.

The two Winchesters knew of Castiels emotions towards Y/N, they knew what was happening. Neither liked it. It was creepy. Dean hated the “Twilight imprinting bullshit”, and Sam was worried because she was only 13. But they also knew his feelings weren’t love and sexual. They were of protection and friendship, but that didn’t make things much easier.

The boys won and Y/N found herself sitting in the principal’s office nervously playing with the sleeve on her shirt, pulling it down so it covered the palms of her hands.

‘Based on your test scores, I have to say I’m impressed,’ Principal Stanton exclaimed.

‘Thank you.’

‘You two have done well with her. But like you said with her intelligence a proper education might be the better choice.’

By the end of the first day, Y/N was completely overwhelmed. There were kids her age everywhere. Discussing clothes, tv shows, dating, smart phone apps, and piles of other things that didn’t interest her. And then there was the school work. It was easy enough, but the homework was a killer. Y/N’s bag was weighed down with textbooks, note pads, essay requirements. She officially hated school. 6-7 hours in a building learning useless information, then another 3-4 hours at home doing extra work and homework. It’s no wonder there were reports of the education system failing kids.

The boys picked her up and she sat at the table and studied while they tried to get information out of her.

‘Seriously you two, I need to get this done. As I said, no sign of anything. No sulphur nothing.’

‘All this has to be done by tomorrow?’ Sam frowned.

‘Yes, and all of it pointless or I’ve already done. I did this,’ she held up her geography book, ‘two years ago.’

By the end of the fourth day, Y/N still hadn’t found anything. She even started telling teachers her last name was Cristo, it didn’t do anything. She was getting annoyed and grumpy. She hated school. The homework alone was taking her mind off the hunt. She was refusing to leave the motel after school because she had assignments to do. And then her history teacher gave them an assignment on none other than the civil war. Y/N could have cried. It was her worst and most hated subject.

‘You ok?’ one of the boys in her classed asked.

‘Yeah, I think. I don’t know. If I’m lucky the overload of homework will kill me and I won’t have to add this too it.’

‘That would be a shame, I’d miss seeing you,’ Clarke smiled.

Y/N felt herself blush.

‘It must be hard coming from home schooling to this?’

‘Mostly the hours. I only ever spent 4 hours a day at most on school work now it’s like 10.’

‘Yeah, that’s gotta suck. Do you want to partner for the war subject? It’s my favourite topic.’

‘Really? It’s my most hated.’

Clarke smiled at her, ‘I noticed you did well in English, I’d love you have your help with the essay on Shakespeare.’


Clarke agreed to come around after school to Y/N’s motel room. She had to explain that they were still looking for an apartment in town.

Y/N watched as their history teacher, gestured for a kid who wasn’t in their class to come into the room. She frowned and watched for a little bit longer before heading to lunch. She text the boys to tell them to put away the hunting gear and why, and to look into the teacher.

Neither Winchester was happy with the visitor, but they would accept anything right now that stopped Y/N from having another tantrum and would help with the homework stress.

Cas looked at the two of them upset. He didn’t like the idea of the child coming to visit. Something didn’t feel right. He tried to convince them to let him stay and watch but they said no. He was to come and and help with the teacher.

Y/N and Clarke had been studying for a while when Clarke suggested the have a break. The two chatted for a while. When he shifted his hand so it was holding hers. Her face went bright red as the blush rose up across it. After a little while, Clarke kissed her cheek. Y/N’s blush only deepened and she ran her free hand through her hair. Clarke caught sight of the bracelet she wore and tensed.

‘What was your last name again?’

‘Win- Christo.’

Clarke flinched and Y/N’s eyes grew wide.

‘You’re a damn Winchester!’ Clarke spat.

‘Oh my God, you’re the demon?’

‘That’s right you little brat. God damn Winchester’s you ruin everything. I had a sweet deal happening with those kids!’

‘They’re kids, you can’t-.’

The demon punched her in the face, stopping her protests. Y/N’s hands flew to her face, covering her split lip. He moved towards her and she hit him with everything she had and ran to the bed, yanking the duffle out from under it, hoping they had left her something. The demon kicked her in the stomach, before grabbing her hair and yanking her head back, kneeing her in the face.

Cas was with the boys as they checked out the teacher when he stopped, his essence filled with pain and dread. He knew, Y/N was in trouble.

‘It’s not her. It’s the child she’s with,’ he growled at Dean before transporting them out.

They appeared in the motel room and Cas killed the demon effortlessly, before turning to Y/N. Her body was broken, her bones shattered, her soul close to death. The knife she had grabbed had been used to carve her stomach and face up.

The two Winchester’s fell apart seeing their little sister like that.  Cas came over and healed her, bringing her back to her healthy self.

‘Thank you,’ Sam sobbed, hugging her.

Cas didn’t say anything, he just disappeared.

Y/N sat outside the motel room that night, drinking her coke. She called for Cas and waited until he appeared.

‘Thank you, for what you did.’

‘You don’t need to thank me.’

‘You saved my life Cas, I think I do.’

‘It is my duty to keep you safe. You should never have been hurt in the first place. If they had of listened this wouldn’t have happened.’

‘You knew it was Clarke?’

‘No, but the school thing. That wasn’t a good idea. You’re not strong enough to be left alone with a demon. And your time for wings has not yet come.’

‘My time for what?’

Cas sighed and told everything.

‘So you are there at night?’ she gasped.

‘I do not understand?’

‘I wake up every night and feel like you are there with me. But I can never see you. There have been times where I thought I saw your wings or your blue glow that comes with your essence. But I couldn’t see you and figured I was dreaming.’

‘You can sense me?’

‘Always, since we met.’

‘And you can see my wings?’

‘Yup, even now. I can’t see Gabriel’s but I can see yours. It’s weird.’

Cas smiled at this.

‘So I’m destined for wings and a halo,’ she frowned.


‘Explains the need for religion.’


‘My brothers are going to chuck a fit.’

‘They did, but it is better than hell. So they came around.’

‘They know?’


‘And they still let you around me?’

‘Yes, but not by choice. Dean didn’t like the twilight thing. I am still not sure of the reference.’

‘Ah Jacob imprinting on Reneesme. I’m surprised he paid attention. It is kinda creepy.’

‘I do not look at you like that now. Now I just need to protect you until you are older.’

Y/N nodded, ‘I can live with that.’

Cas once again looked into her soul, and watched as the wings started to form. She would no see past her 25th birthday. He knew one thing; she was to experience everything before that time. He waited until she fell asleep and suggested to the boys a list of things she needed to do. Disneyland, ice skating, camping, all the human experiences she can, while she can.