i miss heather so much

Low-key crying because I’ve been looking through old threads from waaay back when i was in the dust fandom along with my old url and am having some serious feels atm. Back when the fandom was active and when I owned too many blogs to count- heck I’m even looking back at my old tome blogs and how much fun the community was there.

Like… Words could not possibly describe how grateful I am to have had such experiences, and to have gotten to know so many people. Both fandoms made me grow as a person, and I got to communicate with so many different faces and make friends from all around the world (i even still have a map with stickys from where everyone is from)

I’ve lost touch with most of them, they might not even remember who I am or would just rather forget.

But I’m still so grateful to have known and to have had so much fun during that time, I really do hope they are having wonderful lives.