i miss glee live so much

reasons why i love the wiz live
  • elijah kelley
  • the fuckign harmonies for ease on down the road were KILLER
  • i havent heard amber riley sing since glee and i underestimated how much i missed her voice
  • elijah kelley
  • neyo’s dancing oh my god
  • the shiny ass character shoes oh lord
  • queen latifah still lookin flawless as a man and in a robe and slippers
  • where do i start with uzoamaka aduba my lord and savior
  • the poppies were HOT AF 
  • the eyebrows on mary j. blige
  • did u kno tht elijah kelley is only 5 foot 6 and a half
  • and a half
  • melanin

Two men sat in a car, patrolling a neighborhood with a contraption that seemed odd. Truth be told, they were Hunters, and murders in the area pointed to an out-of-control Fae. As the cruised down a street the rune on it began to glow faintly, pointing at a man as he got out of his car. They drove past and made a quick u-turn, investigating further. He wasn’t it, but whoever he lived with was. They just didn’t know who that could be…

Hecate grinned as Sham finally came home, looking up from their spot on the couch and making grabby hands towards him. Their pupil-less eyes were shining with glee at their lover’s return, and they hopped over the back of the couch towards him, excited.
“Lucky! Yer finally home! I made yer favorite for dinner, cause I missed ya so much.”


Will: Miss Fabray! Wait. You know, there’s only one person in this world that you care about. And that’s yourself.
Quinn: You have no idea…
Will: [hammers his hand at the table] I’M NOT FINISHED!
Becky: Woah, woah, woah.
Will: You’re not a little girl anymore, Quinn. How long are you planning on playing the victim card? Since day one, you’ve done nothing but sabotage the same Glee club that’s been there for you over and over again, when you got pregnant, when your parents kicked you out. You know, Mercedes even let you live in her house! And I don’t recall ever hearing so much as a “thank you”. So now you’re a train wreck. Well, congratulations. But you stride into my office and tell me it’s my fault? Well, then I have something to say to you, grow up.
—  Glee: William Schuester, Quinn Fabray and Becky Jackson - 03x02 I Am Unicorn

I am so ridiculously nervous about Battle of the Five Armies! I’ve read a few spoilers and I think I’ll be okay, but… I’m not 100% sure! I just don’t want my heart to be broken, I want to stay in love with everything! With that thought thrumming in my head, I’m diving into reading pretty much all the fic I can get my hands on again.

Ich Dien - To Serve the Kingdom by MissFaust, thranduil & legolas & tauriel & legolas’ mother & others, 31.5k
    He is ready to explode at any second, but—as Thranduil is very well aware—his legendary temper is much more intimidating if visibly constrained; the quiet before the storm usually more effective than the gale unleashed.
Rainy Days by Dragon Confused, thranduil & legolas, 3.1k
    Fluffy little story about elfling Legolas and his father. Chapter Two: Legolas is an obnoxious little brat, and Thranduil has an unusual request.
Special by Miss Aranel, thranduil & legolas, 2.5k
    On small Legolas’ begetting day, his father tells him about the reasons for celebrating this very special day.
Of Silver Hair and Elflings by Fan81981, celeborn & oropher & thranduil & ocs, 7k
    We all know that Thranduil has a fondness for jewels. Ever wondered how that all started? You see its all Celeborn’s fault …
Coming Home by French Pony, thranduil & legolas & ocs, post-rotk, 12k
    In the aftermath of the battle for Mirkwood, King Thranduil faces hard times and loss. But he still keeps a flicker of hope alive.
Winter Encounters by JastaElf, thranduil & gloin + mentions of legolas + gimli, 6k
    A father learns of his son’s doings, and realizes a few things about old prejudice.
Has His Reasons by ncfan, thranduil & tauriel & legolas, 1.6k
    If Thranduil doesn’t want his son pursuing the captain of the guard, he has his reasons. Reasons that have nothing to do with her being “a lowly Silvan Elf.”
A Headache by Silivren Tinu, thranduil & legolas & aragorn, 2.8k
    Legolas has a bad headache, and he soon discovers that things are a lot worse than they appear…
Wakefulness by Morpheus626, thranduil & legolas & tauriel, 2k
    Legolas and Tauriel really need to learn not to have all of their conversations in the doorway of the throne room.
A Good Idea by Evergreene, aragorn & legolas & mentions of others/canon pairings, humor, 3.3k
    In the city of Minas Tirith, Legolas commits a most grievious betrayal. Second place winner in Teitho Contest ‘First Sentence.’

full details + recs under the cut!

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Happy happy birthday @smile-lifegoeson! Becoming your friend has been an incredible, awesome chance and I’m so lucky to get to talk to someone as talented as you ^_^

Title: Love and War
Summary: There’s a fine line between arguing and being madly in love, after all both and fueled by the heart. 

“Is it just me, or do they argue more now that they’re together?”

Alya pulled her mouth into an unamused frown at Nino’s consequent laughter, sufficiently displeased at his  merriment. “Alya, chill. That’s just their dynamic. It’s not as if they’re saying anything hurtful, anyway.”

Alya frown deepened, listening to the pair bicker about the importance of Chat’s cat ears. “I guess you’re right…I mean, they argue about stupid things like…that, like anime and schoolwork and unimportant things. But still…they were super weird around each other last week, when they weren’t dating. One week later, bam! Ridiculous banter. I don’t get it.”

“Maybe they’re just more comfortable around each other?” Nino suggested with a shrug.

“Do you seriously think they increase y - uh, his hearing?!”

“Of course they do!”

“I’m pretty sure they’re just leather props.”

“No! Chat wouldn’t be Chat without his them.”


“He just…wouldn’t?”

Alya and Nino looked at each other with weird expressions, each furrowing their eyebrows. It was true; the pair’s arguments were essentially ridiculous. Alya had half a mind to confront her friend about the situation, but had a feeling Marinette would just brush it off with a shrug. She sighed, relieved when the two stop arguing.

After class, Alya walked out with Marinette. They were chatting about her blog (she had just added a page on villains, where she alphabetized their names and wrote an entry detailing each), when Adrien walked over to them.

“Hey guys,” he greeted, waving.

“Hey Adrien. Where are you headed?” Alya watched Marinette ask.

“Unfortunately, I have a shoot today. But I’m free tomorrow!”

“Oh, that’s great!“ Marinette said cheerily. They gave each other the sickening, couple-y love-y stare that made Alya snort.

"You dorks argue one second, then look like this the next.” Alya declared, shaking her head. Marinette flushed while Adrien laughed, but neither denied her statement.

Adrien waved to them, walking out of the school, and Alya turned to Marinette. “Alya, are you busy?” her friend asked.

Alya shook her head. “No, why?”

“Well I was designing and putting together dresses yesterday-”

“Like always.”

“-and I wanted input and a model?” Marinette continued, ignoring Alya’s comment.

“I thought you were doing guy’s clothing?”

“I finished those designs, I’m just fixing the embellishments and hemming now.”

“Did Adrien model for you?”

Marinette grinned slightly. “Well what do you think?”

“Stupid question. And sure, I guess I’m not busy?”

Marinette practically tackled her friend in a hug. “Yay! Let’s do this.” Alya laughed in response, not even realizing how much she had missed doing this everyday before both of their lives had become hectic.

“Let’s definitely do this.”

Marinette knew Alya was naturally photogenic, outgoing, and confident. She was a natural model. Well, Adrien really was a model, but Alya could probably be successful model herself.

Alya came out from behind Marinette’s divider and Marinette practically squealed with glee.

“This dress is gorgeous, Mari! What’s the occasion?”

“You know how I babysit Nadja Chamack’s daughter? So she noticed a design I was working on last time and asked me to design her dress for the International Banquet next month.”

Alya’s jaw dropped. “Marinette, that’s actually incredible?! Your designs could be noticed!”

“I know! Can you imagine?! I never thought this could happen honestly.” she responded, giggling with glee. Her grin widened at the sight of Alya.

The dress was form fitting, reaching her knees. The black piece had lace covering the open back and along the shoulders. It had a small black belt with a golden buckle in the front, and overall, looked perfect for a formal dinner.

“It looks like it will fit perfectly.” Marinette noted, checking the hemming and the lace.

“Why’d you have me model?”

“Well you’d be surprised, the two of you actually have a similar physique. Almost the same height, too.”

“And you?”

“A bit too short, I think. I have other dresses I’m making though.”


“Yeah, I have some requests for girls in our school.”

“That’s amazing!” Alya grinned at her friend, who stepped back with a pleased smile. “Now you have to model one.”

Marinette recoiled. “But…I…why?”

“Because I said so! Try one on.”

She frowned, looking at the few which could be ready to wear. She grabbed a blue dress that almost matched her eyes. She pulled it on, changing behind the divider. She glanced at herself in the mirror, watching her own face brighten.

The blue dress was sleeveless and flowing, a ribbon belt cinching the top fabric around her waist. The off-shoulder neckline was bordered with lace. She looked at Alya, who was grinning even wider.

“You look amazing, girl.” she told her, putting her hands on Marinette’s shoulders.

“Thank you,” Marinette responded, slightly shyly. They danced around, giggling at each other.

“Marinette! Your friends are here!” her mother called from downstairs. Marinette and Alya glanced at each other, and Marinette shrugged. They walked towards the trapdoor, and saw Nino and Adrien walk up into the room.

Alya greeted them brightly, but Marinette was a bit embarrassed to be caught wearing such a fancy dress without a good reason. Seeing Adrien’s jaw drop, she flushed. She stepped backwards, losing her footing. She braced herself for the inevitable sensation of the cold floor hitting her back, but was surprised when it didn’t come.

She blinked, gazing into Adrien’s emerald eyes. She wrapped her arms around his neck to steady herself, legs weak. He smirked down at her, making her flush deepen. A small smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. Somewhere on the side, she heard Nino stammering out a compliment as Alya giggled. Tuning them out, she tried to find something to say to the model staring down at her.

“You look beautiful, princess.” he whispered to her, tightening his grip around her waist. “You caught me speechless.”

Marinette giggled, tightening her own grip around his shoulders. “Cat got your tongue?” she murmured, teasing smile on her lips.

Adrien’s mouth opened slightly, and his eyes widened. Her heart soared knowing she could affect him like this. His gaze shifted to her lips. With a blush rivaling that of an apple, she straightened herself enough to bring herself impossibly closer. He leaned forward, a hair breadth between their lips.

With the sound of their friends clearing their throats, Marinette and Adrien jolted away from each other. She stared at the floor to hide her blush, and wondered if Adrien was blushing too.

“Well if you lovebirds need some time, let me go and change out of the dress.” Alya teased.

Marinette stood up straight, hands on her hips. “Oh no you don’t! I have to finish fixing the shoulders. Boys, you can go sit over there while we finish up,” she told them, finding her confidence. She pointedly avoided Adrien’s gaze, knowing seeing his eyes would cause her to crumble.

Alya laughed as Marinette dragged her back behind the divider, using her sewing kit to tighten the edges. She ignored Alya’s jabs and teasing, focusing on the sewing. When they were finished, the two of them changed back into their normal clothes. They emerged from behind the divider and walked towards the boys.

“Why did you guys come here anyway? Didn’t you have a shoot Adrien?” Alya questioned.

“Well we came for snacks downstairs,” Nino replied.

“And my shoot got cancelled, so he invited me.” Adrien added.

“Sabine invited us upstairs.” Nino finished.

Marinette looked at Adrien, and found herself reddening again. “Well if that’s all, you all know your way to the door.” she teased them.

Alya laughed. “Okay, okay! So forceful.”

“Thanks for the help Alya, and your input guys.” Marinette told them.

“Anytime,” Nino responded with a grin. He and Alya began walking downstairs, and Adrien stepped next to Marinette. She looked up at him, tilting her head. His eyes grew softer, and he kissed her cheek. She inhaled sharply, unprepared.

He pulled away, meeting her gaze again with mischievous eyes. “I’ll be back later to finish what we started,” he breathed, bringing a hand to her cheek and running his thumb across her lips. Her eyes widened as he moved back, and left through the trap door.

She stared after him for a few moments before her legs gave way and she fell to the floor.

Hahaha well I really hope you enjoyed! Your writing is so amazing so I was really unsure, but I hope you like it anyway ^_^


Cory Allan Michael Monteith (may 11th 1982 - july 13th 2013)

A year ago on this exact day something truly devastatingly happened that most of us still don’t know how to fully deal with. The glee fandom, the Monteith famly, all of his friends and his girlfriend at that time lost an amazing man who touched many people’s lives and hearts. He was a role model and a gentleman, gave constantly good advice to kids and teens all around the world, cared about the people around him and his fans and was considered a hero by many of us.

We love you tall, awkward, canadian, actor, drummer, person. You saved our lives but unfortunately we couldn’t save yours.

“Cory reached out and he became a part of all our hearts and that’s where he will stay forever.” - Lea Michele

You will never be forgotten. Sleep tight, angel. ♥

Birthday Wishes

Imagine Dean spoiling you for your

Summary: Hunters don’t usually get much of a celebration for their birthday, but Dean is determined to make yours the best you’ve ever had.
Pairings: Dean x reader
Warnings: overload of fluffiness
A/N: Short little story made especially for the best friend I’ve ever had, @eat-sleep-supernatural-repeat. Happy birthday buddy!

Originally posted by ohmysupernatural

Dean’s POV
           "Hey, we got the food? Pie? Cake? She’s not coming home too soon?“ Dean questioned his brother anxiously.
           "Dude, relax. Everything’s fine. Cas is with her going shopping or something. He promised he would keep her away. Everything looks good. We have plenty of food. Everyone is arriving in 10 minutes, fifteen minutes before (Y/N) is.”
          “Good, good. Everything has to be perfect. If you mess up a damn thing, I’ll-”
          “-Dean, trust me, we could do anything and (Y/N) would be happy.”
          “She deserves the world, Sammy, and I’m trying my best to give what I can to her.”

Your POV

          “Cas, can’t we just go home?” You groaned, tired of shopping.
          “No! We cannot go back to the bunker. We have to keep shopping.”
          “Why not?” Castiel had been acting strangely this entire time and it was beginning to frustrate you. You just wanted to go home and be with the boys. You wanted to lay on the couch with your boyfriend, Dean, and just relax for a while.
          “We have more shopping to do,” he answered, leading you into another clothing store.
          “I’m pretty sure if we buy any more stuff we won’t have room in the car.”
           "You know that is not a problem, (Y/N). I can bring them home and be back to ride with you.“
           "The problem is I want to go home, Cas! Can you not shop for yourself?!” You were having a hard time restraining yourself from popping his head off.
          “Trust me, (Y/N). We only have to shop for a little while more. Just twenty more minutes.”
          You didn’t know what was going on, but you’ve never been more irritated with Cas in the entire time you’ve known him. Still, you would do anything for the boys, so if he wanted you to spend the entire day shopping with him, you would.

          The car ride home was silent, Castiel staring out the window the entire time. He seemed on edge, his knee bouncing rapidly accompanied by the worry written all over his face.
          You pulled into the bunker, parking your car next to Baby, Dean’s precious 1967 sleek black Impala. As you got out of your car, you heard faint music, and listening closely you could identify it as your favorite song. You looked over at Castiel curiously as he got out of the car, but he gave no response, only a cheery grin.
           You walked with him into the bunker, and he seemed really excited for whatever was going on inside. He opened the door for you and you went in, immediately overwhelmed.
           You gaped at the ribbons and the cake and decorations around the room. You turned and saw all of your closest friends with wide smiles and party hats. Right in the center, you saw Dean. His party hat was askew and his smile was bright, and you knew it had to be him.
           You had forgotten it was even your birthday. You hadn’t celebrated it for as long as you could remember. Growing up a hunter in a hunter family, birthdays weren’t really something you knew much about. You had always heard of the presents and the cakes and the birthday candles from the kids you would meet in your school, but never did you get that magical day you had always dreamed of.
            You felt tears sting your eyes and your cheeks began to hurt from smiling. You ran up to Dean, jumping at him and wrapping your arms around him. He quickly embraced you, his smile growing even wider.
            "Happy birthday, (Y/N),” he chuckled softly.
          You pulled back, staring into his sparkling green eyes. He moved his hands to your cheek, wiping your tears with his thumbs.
          “How-why-?” You stammered, trying to make sense of all of this.
          “(Y/N), you deserve so much, I wish I could give it all to you. I knew I had to do something for your birthday. So, I planned this out. Hopefully, it’s a decent party.”
         "Dean, you didn’t have to go through all this trouble for me. But… thank you. I don’t know what I did to deserve you.“
         "I’m the one who doesn’t deserve you,” he stated, leaning down and pressing his lips to yours. You seriously couldn’t believe just how lucky you are.

          “Make a wish, (Y/N)!” Charlie squealed, extremely excited to see her best friend get the birthday she deserved. Everyone else cheered along, encouraging you to blow out the candles.
        You leaned back, tapping your finger on your chin as if you were in deep thought. You heard her groan, which just made you laugh, as that was your intention. You tilted back over to the candles, blowing all of them out at once.
        You heard clapping and yelling and overall excitement buzzing throughout the room. It was great, and you were still amazed by all of it.
       While everyone else was digging into their cake and pie and ice cream, you escaped to the library, where no one else was, in an attempt to calm yourself down and gather the thousands of happy thoughts running through your head.
        “(Y/N)? You okay?” You turned and saw just the man you were thinking of.
        “Yeah. I just needed to think.” You sighed, still feeling a bit overwhelmed.
        He smiled sympathetically and engulfed you in a hug. “We can go relax if you want. Tell them to leave.”
        “Its just so perfect,” you gave him a quick kiss.
        “Did you get what you wished for?”
        “I already have everything I’ve ever wished for… and that’s you, Dean.”
        He smiled. “You’re all I’ve ever wished for, too, (Y/N),” he spoke, meaning every word.

        You waved and hugged each of your friends as they left, telling them how happy you were that they came.

        As the last one left, Dean gently grabbed you by the wrist, leading you to your shared room.

         "I know you’ve had an exhausting night, but I have one last present for you that I didn’t get the chance to give you yet.“

         You grinned. "Dean, everything you’ve given me is wonderful, you don’t need to give me anything else.”
        “Oh, but I’m going to anyway, now aren’t I?” He smirked at you, pulling you to the center of the room.
        “Now, this doesn’t have anything to do with the bed next to us, does it?” You teased, earning a chuckle from him.
        “No, that’ll just be a bonus,” he replied with a comment that was just as flirtatious.
        You laughed. “Then what is it?”
        He suddenly seemed more serious, less playful. He reached into his pocket, pulling out a small velvet box.
       You felt the breath being knocked out of your lungs as he knelt down onto the ground and the world seemed to slow down. All you could focus on were his glistening apple-green eyes that revealed pure glee.
        “(Y/N),” you could barely hear him say, “I’m not good at speeches, but I know how I feel. I love you so damn much, (Y/N), and I don’t want anyone else. You’re the girl I want to live the apple pie life with. Marry me?” He opened the box, revealing the simple, yet beautiful, ring.
        “Yes!” Was all you could manage to say as the tears began to stream down your face.
      He beamed at you and slid the ring on your finger. He stood, not missing a beat as he locked his lips with yours. Gosh, you never wanted this moment to end.
       He pulled back, much to your dismay, and you struggled to find your breath. He kept his hands on your cheeks, wiping a tear from your eye with his thumb.
         His own eyes were twinkling and he was beaming at you, more happy than you’ve ever seen him.
       "I love you, (Y/N).“
       You grin grew wider at his words and you were unable to contain your excitement.
        "I love you too, Dean.”

Goodbye to Glee from me.

As I write this, Glee has just wrapped filming for the very last time. My heart is broken and I have cried more than I ever thought possible. While I do think it was right for the show to end now, parting is still such sweet sorrow, isn’t it? 
Reading all the tweets from the cast and crew, as well as my friends that I have met through our love of this show, really brought it home for me. I will miss Glee immeasurably. What is more, they (the cast and crew) will never know just how much they have done for me. 

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