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In 2017, the year of our Lord, we got a black lesbian companion, a black Jewish queer woman in a loving relationship with a transgender woman, a bisexual black woman falling in love with a Muslim lesbian and black bisexual female activist. Plus, we’ve still got our black lesbian matriarch. What a time to be alive and black and female and queer and finally seeing some diverse representation of black queer women through different characters and relationships.

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I thought they announced that Julian will be in season 4, he just won't be a series regular but Tom Felt on will still be part of the cast

It was announced that he won’t be a series regular, yes, but to me that could only mean at best one or two episodes guest starring (if at all) which doesn’t mean any form of character development that i was so looking forward to in S3 but didn’t really get it. They probably include Julian in an episode or two to explain why he won’t be in the show anymore, which is not really what i wanted to happen for Julian in S4.

Altho i highly doubt that too, cuz it’d be much easier for them to just write Julian out of the show as if he’d never been there to begin with and instead keep their focus on the main characters whose lives are more important to the majority of the audience.

Julian’s character could’ve been important too, but the Flash writers just wasted him.    

She moved on. I never understand how she did, or how she could bring herself to, but she did. She was living her life to the fullest day by day with that amazing smile I fell for. And as I sit sipping on this glass and feeling myself slip into a dazed and foggy state of drunkenness, I seem to miss her more and more.
—  An excerpt from a book I’ll never write. (#62)

Emily Deschanel & David Boreanaz - BTS vs Scenes (s1-7)

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So Eskild has definitely taken Isak & Even out to the gay nightlife of Oslo. Eskild introduces Isak to his friends as "this is my grumpy roommate & his model boyfriend." Eskild has multiple selfies of them all hanging out meanwhile Isak has pictures & videos of Eskild drunk dancing that he uses as blackmail to get out of chores around their (former) flat together. At the end of the day though Eskild & Isak love the little gay guru friendship they have 😊

“his model boyfriend” I GIGGLED IN PUBLIC. this is all true and canon

also, the purest thing about this whole hc is that even after isak moves in with even, the kollektiv act like isak still lives there. like whenever he and even come over eskild’s like “it’s your turn to do the dishes hoe” and isak’s like “wtf eskild??? I MOVED OUT” but of course he still takes everyone’s dishes to the kitchen and he’s grumbling but in a secretly happy way because they still treat him like family. it isn’t until eskild tries to rope even into some chores that involve a lot of bending over that isak is forced to show his hand and threaten to post that saved snap he has of eskild doing the stanky leg to diva by beyonce


So who wanna bet that little “Kou” here might be the missing Squad Leader from the Oggai?