i miss everything

I miss us so much.
—  💜
And I have never loved someone as much as I loved you, and you have never loved someone as much as you loved her
—  Silent–streets

Hi there guys!
You should definitely come by the Thálassa lodge I just opened. You’ll have a lot of fun and time for relaxation away from the city, and we have a promo just right for everyone: the “Welcome with open arms” or WOA, lets ALL guest stay for a whole night FREE OF CHARGE!

// I am finally back omg hiiiii 
it’s been MONTHS like I honestly became so preoccupied with school, I’m surprised I got to restart this blog //

//Just to reafirm, all things that had happened before this post is null and void
I look forward to meeting all of you :’’) 
I hope we have fun ayyyy //

I need to get through this. I need to get over him. If I do, I’ll no longer have to worry about the tough times I might have to face in my life. If I do get over him, I’ll know I can get over anything in the future.
—  Help me
the worst of times. did you have to leave? I miss you more than I can explain. I miss your voice, the way you hated when I talked about politics. And the problem is I never realised that those moments where all we had. I always imagined there would be more kisses, more late night calls. I never even realised that our last kiss was our last one. So maybe this is why I’m crying and screaming to the stars blaming it on the world. because I just want you back but now you found someone else I hope she realises how important these moments are  because it took me a lot of time and losing you in the process,  to realise that those moments were all the time we had.
—  the worst of times