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Part 3 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: Your group of friends have gotten on well for years, but what happens when a divide is caused by joining the wrong people? School AU
OT5- Baekhyun, Sehun, Jongdae, Minseok and Chanyeol.

Word Count: 3,896

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You stood there staring at each other. She was pale; the palest shade of pale that you had ever come across. She was wearing a shirt that you had bought Sehun when you went to Disney land Florida last year with Jongdae and Minseok. It had an image of a washed out and faded Mickey mouse on the front and it was the only thing with colour that Sehun would wear, he went a week without washing it once and you told him it was time to take it off or you’d throw it away, it began to smell rancid. Sehun was no longer a small boy and so his perspiration smelt ‘manly’ to put it in the nicest terms. You were slightly angry seeing someone else wearing it and it was not doing anything to help the mood you were already in.

“I said who the fuck are you?” The girl in front of you hissed taking a step closer to you. She smelt like perfume and peppermints, her eyes were thin slits as they stared angrily at you she gripped her phone tighter in her hand as she continued to slowly advance in your direction. You smelt damp and you realised that you had walked into Sehun’s apartment with dirty wet shoes. He’d kill you for that if he saw it.

“I’m a friend of the man who owns this apartment, who are you and how did you get in here?” You frowned at her trying to show that you weren’t intimidated but deep down you were. She was uninviting and quite scary her jaw was set and her face blank and menacing almost like Sehun. In fact just like Sehun. Who the fuck was she? She scoffed at your question as if you didn’t have the authority to ask her.

“How the fuck did you get in here. I’ve never heard about you.” She was stood directly in front of you now, her forehead was pressed up against yours, you tried to hold your ground but the two of you spun around to look at the door when you heard it opening.
It was Sehun.

He closed the door behind him silently. He looked up at the both of you and frowned.

“What’s going on?” He breathed. “And why are you in my house?”

“I don’t know.” You piped up walking closer to him “I just got here and she was just standing here, wearing your clothes and I –”

“I’m not talking about her. I was talking to you.” Sehun’s eyes were slits just like hers as he turned to face you. Why wasn’t he shocked to see this random woman in his house, why were you the issue?

“I- I came to see you…” You stuttered staring at Sehun in confusion, you really didn’t understand what was going on.

“Did I not give you a spare key for emergency reasons?” He hissed walking ever so slowly closer to you. You nodded. “Right, and is this an emergency situation Y/N?” His eyes focused on your form as you stood there quietly, this wasn’t an emergency, but that wasn’t the point. You followed his gaze as it looked down at the muddy water that you had brought into the house with you, his face twisted in anger and disgust as he clawed at his jeans with his fingers.

“Get… out of my house…” He breathed, letting out a shaky breath through his nostrils.

“But Sehu—”

“I SAID GET OUT!” He shrieked slamming his hand against the wall. His face wasn’t blank anymore you could actually see anger and it was the first time in a long while that you had seen Sehun like this, you blinked at him and quickly made your way to the door not bothering to turn back you exited the apartment and made your way home. You lived a twenty minute drive from Sehun, but walking it was 40 minutes; walking in the freezing rain with a dress and no tights however felt like it was an eternity. You walked miserably through puddles and cursed every time the dirty water made its way up your legs and under your dress. Your phone began to buzz in your bag but you decided to ignore it since you didn’t want the rain to ruin it.

When you eventually got home your hair was completely soaked and so was your dress. You looked like a depressed wet dog and your mother took no time in making it known.

“Goodness me what happened to you? You look like trash.” She raised a brow at you as she poked her head up from behind the newspaper she had propped up against the wall on the table. A steaming cup of herbal tea in her hand. She took a sip from her cup as she stared at you in wonder.

“Thanks mum.” You smiled at her sarcastically as you kicked your shoes off to the side.

“You didn’t get a lift from Baekhyun today?” Your mum asked as she focused her gaze back on the newspaper. Ughh Byun Baekhyun, you didn’t want to think about him. You let out a heavy sigh and walked up the stairs.

“Trouble in paradise?” Your mum called up the stairs after you and you could almost hear the smile on her face. Why did she refer to Baekhyun as though he were your husband it really stressed you out plus it made you feel more inclined and entitled to like him when really you wanted to throw those thoughts into the deepest darkest parts of your head or maybe out of your head altogether.

You had to get out of these wet clothes before you caught a cold though so you went straight to the bathroom so that you could take a steamy shower and changed into a comfy grey tracksuit.

“Y/N! Your bag is buzzing! I’ve also stocked up the food with fridge!” Your mum called up the stairs again. You forgot about your phone and wondered who could be calling you. You raced down the stairs and walked over to where you had dropped your bag on the floor fishing for your phone in the small compartment. You saw 7 missed calls and 3 messages. All from Byun Baekhyun. You rolled your eyes you weren’t going to call him back because you were most definitely not in the mood to speak to him. You swiped on the screen so you could unlock it and read the messages he sent.

‘Y/N I’m sorry.’
‘Don’t ignore me, please pick up.’
‘I need to talk to you Y/N answer the phone please. Just don’t be mad at me.’

You rolled your eyes as you dropped your phone on the table beside your mum. Walking into the kitchen you rummaged around in the fridge for some food and soon decided to settle on a tuna and sweet corn sandwich. You stared out of the window as you ate; the weather was absolutely horrible the rain was gushing down. You still couldn’t believe that Sehun had kicked you out of his apartment like that and who was that girl wearing his clothes. Obviously he knew her since he didn’t bat an eyelid. Whoever she was, he’d never mentioned her before. And as for Baekhyun, you weren’t sure what the heck had gotten into him but you were surely disappointed in Nel for letting the both of them get involved with such bad influences.

“Y/N!” Your mum called again. You let out a heavy but quiet breath, why was she always calling your name couldn’t you catch a break? “Your phone is ringing. Chanyeol.”
Your eyes widened as you swallowed the last bit of your sandwich and ran to answer your phone.

You okay?” You asked you could hear Minseok and Rozz in the back.

“Are you? It’s Monday where are you? In fact where is everyone else it’s just me Minseok and Rozz.” Shit, you had forgotten on Mondays you all met up at the city library to do 3 hours of group study, God knows you all needed to revise for those exams even if Sehun and Baekhyun didn’t particularly need it themselves, but they came along anyway.

“Oh crud Chan, I forgot.” You decided to not swear when your mother was in the same room as you. “I’ll see if I can get my mum to drop me, the weather is disgusting. If not I’ll have to give this week a miss. I’ll call you back in a moment”
You saw your mum raise her head from behind her newspaper as she looked puzzled. Her lips were pursed together it was the type of look she gave you when she thought that you were up to something dodgy.

“Where is mummy dropping you?” She scowled at you as you smiled back at her pleasantly putting on your sweet daughter charms .

“To the library, to study with friends.”

She grunted as she drunk the last bit of her herbal tea and put the cup back down on the table.

“Fine. But you’re not going anywhere with that stinky tuna breath.” She laughed under her breath as she went to go and find her jacket.

“Thanks mum. Thank you very much.”

You were eventually dropped at the library and walked up to the 3rd floor to meet the others. You stared around noticing a change in interior decorations; this floor was now a berry pink theme instead of its previous lime green. Minseok silently waved an arm in the air signalling for you to come over. You hadn’t bothered changing into something better so you were still in your tracksuit.

“Hey.” You whispered as you got to the table and set your bag down. “Sorry I’m late, I totally forgot I had a really weird day.” You looked at everyone’s papers to see what they were studying and pulled a face as you saw a row of maths equations on Minseok’s paper. Maths most definitely was not your thing. He smiled as he looked at your contorted face.

“Want to help me?”

You snorted.
“No thanks.”

“Where are the others?” Minseok asked putting his pencil and calculator aside as he looked up at you properly. You bit your lip at his question.

“I don’t know where Baekhyun and Jongdae are, but Sehun is at home we umm… had a small fall out.” You rubbed the back of your neck nervously as you tried avoiding everyone’s gaze. Chanyeol frowned at you from where he was sat across the table.

“A fall out about what?”

“I don’t even really know he’s just been acting a bit…off.” You sighed as you pulled your pencil case towards you and selected some pens of different colours.

“Anyway…” Rozz coughed as she dragged her chair closer to yours to ensure she wasn’t talking too loud. “Prom is next week guys we’re all still going right?”
You weren’t really in the mood for prom to be honest, but you knew that you’d most likely regret it if you didn’t go. You nodded and smiled at her, if only to get her to just shut up about it for today. You could all talk about it tomorrow but just not now. Truth be told, you weren’t doing great with money right now and you weren’t really sure how you would afford a dress for prom.
You all decided to do two hours of silent studying so you zoned out plugging your earphones in, you squinted as you weren’t even sure what half of your notes meant as you looked back at them now. But before you knew it you had written four pages of brightly coloured annotations. You took pride in the appearance of your work and so colour coordination was always key. You slowly pushed your chair and rose to your feet.

“I’ll be back in a moment guys I need to pee.” You excused yourself as you walked to the ladies room relieving yourself as your brain was going into overdrive. You sighed as your lathered your hands with soap and washed them under the running tap; prom, exams, Baekhyun, Sehun, Nel. There was just too much to have to focus on right now. You let out a groan before you exited the toilet and returned to your table; you paused and frowned. There in front of you was Sehun and he was packing up all of your stuff putting it all into your rucksack.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” You angrily whispered as he grabbed your wrist and pulled you away from the table towards the stairs. The others staring wide eyed at you just as confused as you were as to what was going on.

“Come.” Was all he said to you. You frowned, you weren’t a dog he wasn’t allowed to treat you like one. You tried to pull your arm out of his grip but he was surprisingly stronger than you gave him credit for. Before you knew it Sehun was dragging you down three flights of stairs, out of the library and into his car. He locked the doors and began to speed away from the library; the car was splashing in and out of muddy puddles. The body of the car must’ve been an absolute state but it was okay, Sehun could afford to have it washed at anytime. Since you were in the car and were speeding down the roads it didn’t take long to for Sehun to get to his apartment. Why were you back here? He continued dragging you around as though you were a four legged creature, unlocking the door to his apartment. You looked around. It was empty, she was gone. Her smell however still lingered. Perfume and peppermint.
The curtains were opened and you only just noticed how dark it was getting outside, you flinched as a rumble of thunder and flash of lightening reverberated around the room. There was going to be a storm. You looked angrily at Sehun who was staring at you blankly.

“Don’t look at me like that.” He said his face straight as if today hadn’t happened. You laughed in disbelief, was he being serious? He had to be joking.

“You’re not stupid are you?” You smiled sarcastically at him, you wanted nothing more than to slap him in the face so hard right now, but you held back as best you could.

“Just sit down I need to talk to you…please.” There was no emotion in Sehun’s voice as per usual. He was monotone as though he were talking to a stranger. You dropped down on to the sofa angrily why was he doing this and why did he honestly think it was appropriate. “It’s cold. Do you want a hot drink?” He asked, but you stayed silently purposely ignoring him as you kept your eyes on the cream coloured plush rug that was positioned in the middle of the living room. “I’ll make you a hot chocolate.” He sighed disappearing into the kitchen. You heard the kettle switch on as it whistled throughout the room, you blinked every now and then at the sound of thunder and the flash of lightening. You stared down at your palms wondering what was really happening to you today. Before long Sehun was back with two mugs of hot chocolate, he handed you the bigger one and you took it without saying thank you trying to show angry you were. You stirred the spoon in your mug twice before taking a sip from it. A drop of the hot liquid dribbled down the side of your cup as you pulled it away from your lips, finally dropping onto your lap once it had reached the bottom; you used your thumb to wipe the drop back up the cup and licked your thumb after. You could feel Sehun’s intense gaze burning into your skin, much like the gaze you would receive when he was watching you watch Baekhyun. Only this time Baekhyun wasn’t there. He sighed out loud as he leaned forward and placed his cup down on the coffee table. You did the same as you assumed that this meant that it was time to talk.

She… I’m… we’re dating. She’s kind of my girlfriend.” Was all he said. Your eyes widened as you both sat there in silence for a while.
So that girl was his girlfriend, it took you a moment to process what he was saying. It didn’t even make sense that someone like Sehun would have a girlfriend. How was such a blunt and cold person capable of being compassionate and caring, although having said that she did look just as cold as him so maybe it was possible that they were a match made in heaven.

“…you kept that really quiet.” You cleared your throat as you finally spoke up. Turning your head slowly in his direction to look at him.

“Actually I told Nel… I just told her not to say anything to anyone. I’m not sure why.”
You frowned. Why had he told Nel before any of you? There was nothing wrong with her, it was just that him and Nel were the least acquainted out of the group it would’ve made more sense for him to tell you first.

“How long for?” You questioned.

“About 2 months.” He waited for your reaction but you still didn’t say anything. You just blinked, surprised that Sehun would keep it a secret for such a long time.

“Okay that still doesn’t explain why you’ve been such a bitch to me though Sehun. I apologised about the night of Minseok’s get together. I don’t know what else you want me to do I know I would never have actually done anything…”
Sehun sighed as he looked over at you and shook his head his face was still blank.

“It’s not that, forget about that. That never happened. It’s just my parents…”
Your eyes widened slightly. ‘Oh’ you mouthed and tried to give an understanding nod as you stopped speaking.
Sehun was ‘different’ from you guys in a sense that he was of a higher class. You were all ordinary kids but Sehun was from an upper-class family. In simple terms Sehun’s family was dirt rich. Whatever he wanted he could have and although sometimes he could use this to his advantage, the majority of the times he wouldn’t. He didn’t want to just be an annoying rich kid, he didn’t want to be stereotyped as that and so he had made his mind up that he wanted to go to a normal state secondary school instead of a private school because he craved the ‘ordinary life’. He was well aware that his parents didn’t like all of you and you were painfully aware of it too, but Sehun didn’t care because for the most part his parents made him sick and so he indulged in giving them everything they didn’t want from him and that involved having lower classed friends like yourself. Sehun’s parents were on bad terms and had been for years, they were separated but not yet divorced and lived apart from each other; each of them always dragging him into the middle of their problems, they each tried desperately hard to get Sehun onto ‘their side’ but Sehun didn’t want to pick and quite rightly so. Why should he have to? So he decided to live on his own when you finished secondary school, hence the beautiful apartment with the outstanding balcony view. You often wondered to yourself whether or not they were the cause for Sehun’s emotional vacancy.

“They want to get a divorce Y/N.” He brushed his hand through his hair in frustration. And this time around there was a hint of sadness in his voice, and it made you feel upset. Now you wished he was monotone again. “I knew for a while…but I’ve just been trying to deny it. I kept telling myself they’d put it off but they want to go through with it…” He went quiet. You were worried and since Sehun was such a cold character you didn’t know what to do.

“I’m so sorry Sehun.” You wrapped your arms around him and felt his body still under your touch.

“Please don’t touch me Y/N…get your hands off…” He whispered. You sighed as you withdrew your hands from around his body; it was extremely uncomfortable having a socially awkward friend you really didn’t know what to do and how to comfort him.

“I’m sorry I just don’t know how to—”

“You don’t have to.” He cleared his throat as he stood up and walked towards the sliding door, Opening it he stepped out onto the balcony. You swallowed hard as you watched Sehun standing outside getting soaked by the rain. You felt bad because for once you could see that he was trying so hard to reach out and you were reaching back for him, but his social anxiety wouldn’t allow him grab onto your hand. You were relieved that you were not the one who had put him in a bad mood though. You made your way slowly over to the sliding door, stopping at the threshold that separated the inside and the outside. “Clemente Jon-Dean is right. Everything is just fucking dark. The world is just so fucking dark! Happiness doesn’t exist, happiness is complete bullshit. It’s a fucking myth.” Sehun spat banging his hands against the railings.
You lowered your head. Was this the reason Sehun was doing so well in those literature lessons, because he was relating to them on a deeper level then you thought?

“Look Sehun…we don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to but I can just sit here in silence if you want.” You offered, wincing at another roar of thunder and flash of lightening.

He raised his head from where it was hanging over the rails.
“Mm. Thanks.” He was a man of few words but you got the feeling that he appreciated the gesture more than he was letting on. You heard a buzzing from behind you walking back into the house you tried to locate where the sound was coming from. Your ears led you to the kitchen when you saw Sehun’s phone flashing with Jongdae’s name on the screen.

“Sehun it’s Jongdae!”

“Answer it!” You heard him call; you heard the balcony door shut and few seconds later he was standing next to you, looking and smelling damp. “I’m going to have a shower. I’ll drop you home after.” You nodded covering the mouthpiece of the phone with your hand and uncovering it when Sehun had stopped talking.

Hello Sehun?!” Jongdae panted. Why was he out of breath, what was he doing?

Yeah Jongdae it’s me Y/N, He’s in the shower. What do you want?”

“It’s Baekhyun!”

Your heart thumped in your chest at the mention of Baekhyun’s name. You were beginning to panic. He had called you and texted you. Had he needed you? Was it urgent? A thousand thoughts were spinning round in your head.

What about him Dae?” The panic was evident in your voice now.

Just get to Central City hospital now!” He hung up.

“Oh God” You whispered to yourself, what was happening?

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Fuckboy Not A Gentleman (M)

               Have you ever met someone that made you sick to your stomach whenever you look at them? That’s how I feel about Jung Hoseok. He was what you would call a fuckboy. Always had girls surrounding him and his sex escapades were legendary. I had a class with him and even sat next to him which wasn’t the best thing in the world. He would talk to me during class and would try to flirt with me and it would annoy me. When I would turn to look at him and tell him to shut up, he would bite his lip and say something along the lines of “You know you like when I talk like that.” I wanted to punch him in his smug ass face.

               One Saturday night I was in my room studying for an upcoming final when my roommate ran into my bedroom.

“Cass what the fuck is wrong with you and why do you look like you just ran a mile?” I asked.

“Put that book down and get dressed. My cousin Yoongi is throwing a party at his and Namjoon’s spot tonight and everyone is going to be there.” Cass replied.

“Is Hoseok going to be there?” I asked.

“Probably but don’t let him ruin your fun. Now go get ready!” Cass answered.

I took a shower then slipped on a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a white shirt and a black leather jacket. Did my makeup as normal and put my hair in a ponytail. I put on my favorite pair of black boots and followed Cass out of our dorm and we made our way towards Yoongi and Namjoon’s place. I was hoping that I wouldn’t run into Hoseok at the party because I was in no mood to deal with his shit. I was cool with everyone else but Hoseok was another story. When we got to the party the entire place was packed. Yoongi was part of one of the most popular group of people on campus and if you knew them, consider yourself lucky.

“Hey Cass hey (y/n) you guys made it!” Yoongi shouted over the music.

“Yeah I had to drag miss bookworm out of bed to come with me.” Cass teased.

“I’m not a bookworm! I just wanted to study for this final that’s coming up.” I huffed.

“Stop bickering for a second and come say hi to the guys. They were asking about you two.” Yoongi said.

               I rolled my eyes and followed Cass and Yoongi to the other side of the room where the rest of the guys were. When I looked up, I saw the one person that I was hoping that I wouldn’t see at this party.

“Well if it isn’t the sexy (y/n). You look really good tonight.” Hoseok smirked.

“Hoseok I am in no mood to deal with your bullshit. I just came here to hang out and see everyone. So don’t even try to be slick.” I snapped.

“Wow somebody is feisty. Long time no see (y/n).” Jimin smiled.

“Hey Chim Chim. I’ve been super busy with stuff so I haven’t been able to hang out with you guys. Well some of you at least.” I said side eyeing Hoseok.

“Aw don’t be like that (y/n). You know you like me.” Hoseok smiled.

“Like you? Ha I wouldn’t touch you with a 10ft pole.” I said.

“Alright you two enough fighting. Let’s go get a drink girl.” Cass said grabbing my arm.

We walked to the kitchen and grabbed some drinks. I’m usually not a big drinker but I wanted to drink just enough to forget that Hoseok existed.

               An hour passed and I was a few drinks in. I could feel Hoseok’s eyes on me but I could care less. I was too busy having a good time and socializing. We would make eye contact and would flip him off and he would smirk at me and go back to talking to one of the girls that he was surrounded by. I could see why girls liked him so much. He was good looking and was a really good dancer and I would probably sleep with him if he wasn’t such a fuckboy! I got up to use the restroom and to freshen up and saw Hoseok look at me. I gave him a nasty look and walked to the restroom. After I did my business I pulled out my lipstick and did a quick touchup before I headed back out. I opened up the door to leave when I was stopped.

“Going somewhere princess?” Hoseok asked.

“I’m going back to the party now move Hoseok.” I said.

“Well we could have our own party here.” Hoseok grinned closing the door and locking it.

“I’m not doing this Jung Hoseok now unlock this door!” I demanded.

“Aw where’s the fun in that? Come on (y/n) just give me five minutes. I know you want me. I can see it in your eyes.” He said getting closer to me.

“No I don’t want you at all now let me leave damn it.” I yelled.

               Hoseok pinned me against the bathroom sink and put his hands on my waist. He smelled really good but I would never admit that to him. He started to kiss my neck and when he reached the weak spot on my neck, he sucked on it giving me a hickey. I let out a small moan.

“Hoseok stop…” I whispered.

“You sure you don’t want me? You sure you don’t want me to bend you over this sink and fuck you until you are a shaking mess?” He asked taking one of his hands and rubbing the front of my pants.

I looked at him in the eyes and pressed my lips to his. As we made out I undid his pants and stroked him a few times as he undid mine and slipped his hand inside my panties and rubbed my clit and slipped a finger inside.

“You’re so wet princess. I’m going to enjoy fucking the shit out of you.” He whispered.

“Stop talking and just fuck me already.” I hissed.

Hoseok chuckled as he took his hand out of my panties and pulled them down and turned me around and bent me over the sink. He wasted no time and slipped his cock deep inside me.

“Jesus you’re so tight (y/n).” Hoseok grunted.

Hoseok pumped into me at a fast pace and the way he would move his hips as he pumped made the pleasure too much that I couldn’t even look at us in the mirror. He pulled on my ponytail and forced me to look in the mirror.

“You look so pretty while being fucked. I want you to see how pretty you look.” He growled

               I looked up in the mirror and the sight was erotic. He had a look of concentration on his face and was biting his lip. I was getting closer to my orgasm and I just wanted my sweet release.

“Hoseok I’m almost there. Fuck me faster please.” I panted.

“You gonna cum princess? Cum all over my cock baby.” He panted.

I gripped the sink as my body began to shake and let my body take over as I came all over his cock. He pumped a few more times and released inside me. We stayed in that position for a moment before he pulled out and we cleaned up and got dressed. I followed him out of the bathroom and walked back downstairs. When we joined our group of friends they all looked at us as if they knew what was up.

“You guys were gone for a long time. You guys fucked in the bathroom huh?” Cass asked.

I gave her a smirk and glanced over at Hoseok who gave me a wink. Maybe he’s not so bad after all.

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I was explaining this post by @the-irrationals and I accidentally….

Gryffindor Math Major: Mathlete in high school/ Encyclopedic memory of precal and calculus. Can actually do 3456 x 284765 in their head. Asks questions in class. Pretty much what non-math people think of then you say you like math. Really hasn’t even thought about what they’re going to do with their life after completing their degree.

Hufflepuff Math Major: That kid who starts a group-me chat for the class so everyone can participate in the the weekly study groups. Gets good grades because they work really, really hard. Never misses class. Unreasonably good at explaining literally everything to literally anyone. Grows up to be a friendly accountant or that math teacher who completely changes they way you thought about math.  

Slytherin Math Major: ‘Knowledge is power.’ Can’t do arithmetic for h*ck, but slaughters at abstract topics/advanced topics in calculus. Learns programming. Professors love ‘em, peers think they’re insufferable. Actuarial, or PhD track with extensive plans for departmental restructuring, taking over wall street, or advising really expensive proprietary software. Knows every single person in the department.

Ravenclaw Math Major: Math for math’s sake. Smartie McSmarterson. Incapable of doing things that don’t interest them. Already forgot precal entirely. Obsessed with research. Doesn’t need to go to class because they’re autodidactic as all get-out. Spends hours working on a proof, then feels bad because they should have figured it out sooner. Social anxiety panda.

pumpkin, cheddar and taffy

Lukas is sitting on the couch with Philip’s feet in his lap when his phone starts ringing. He briefly looks at Philip, narrowing his eyes, and for a small moment he has no idea who might be calling him. It’s got to be some kind of spam shit, because he literally just got off the phone with his dad, and if Helen and Gabe wanted to do some kind of secret surprise for Philip, they’d text or email. 

He sees the name ANGELA flashing on his phone. 

“Oh hey!” he says. “It’s the nice girl from the subway!”

“Oh cool!” Philip says. “Answer!”

“Right, right,” Lukas says, fumbling to press the right button before the call drops. “Hello?”

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Warm and Close - Day 5 - Ellessey
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Day 5: Secrets/Truth (Quite a bit of swearing in this one! If that bothers anyone)

Daichi turns away from the classroom door before his professor can see him standing out there, and heads back the way he came. There’s no way he can tell Suga, but if he were even going to consider it, he couldn’t do it in the middle of a shithole, which is essentially all his room is right now.

Also, he doesn’t have spare sheets, which means he needs to wash the ones on his bed. Because Suga is going to be there tomorrow night. And Daichi is in love with him. And he’s very concerned now that there would be something terrible about letting Suga be in his bed without knowing that.

A collection of ficlets for DaiSuga Week 2017

Daichi: kuroo I have a problem

Kuroo: is it that you forgot to pick me up this morning?

Daichi: …….
Daichi: shit im sorry
Daichi: did you make it to class?

Kuroo: yes, worthless friend
Kuroo: after running the entire way and arriving in a disheveled panting heap 5 minutes late for history
Kuroo: how did you fucking forget me???

Daichi: so
Daichi: you know suga

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i was tagged by @leetaemln to list 10 facts about myself thank u !! sorry these r kinda boring

  1. i cant swim or ride a bike lmao
  2. the first group i stanned was shinee bc chae @gatheringbeauty showed me taemins ace mv and we both thought he was an angel
  3. i was born 6 weeks premature and missed out on being a scorpio 😐  (but is that a good thing? ) 
  4. everyone prob knows this but i play classical piano and want to study jazz eventually 🤔
  5. i always wanted to play cello too but my hands were too small so i chose violin instead…. and i hated it and finally quit after like 7 years lmaosdj
  6. im allergic to nuts and sesame :( and when i stayed at my grandmas house i died like 4 times a day bc we only ate tunisian food
  7. when i was a kid there was this segment on tv called soup opera and it scared me so much omg when it came on i would literally run out of the room and cry.
  8. i still had baby teeth at age 15 ? this was super weird tbh LMSKDSK but i remember having some wobbly teeth and thinking that pulling them out in the middle of class would be a good idea 😭  and when i went to throw them in the bin everyone was like bitch are u ok
  9. im not v good at gaming but i am GREAT at rhythm games and i was #4 on the taptap revenge leaderboard 😜
  10. i can type over 150 wpm

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"It's like puppy love." Isaac Lahey Imagine

Isaac Lahey

Summary: Reader confronts Isaac about her feelings, only to not go as planned.

Warnings: um none I don’t think so

She watched him as he swayed through the crowded hallway to his next class. All she wanted to do was go up to him and straddle his body with hers as their lips would connect in perfect sync. Her beating heart pounded in her chest like crazy as he had spotted her from a far. His sweet and charming smile sent shivers through her body as she stupidly looked away blushing as he disappeared into the classroom.

“Are you done drooling over Isaac?” Allison bumped her shoulder into Y/N’s as she laughed. It was a daily routine for them to tease Y/N every period when she sees Isaac going to class or whenever they are having a study group she can never focus on the subject when he’s around.

“It’s like puppy love.” Lydia was the one teasing Y/N now, as Allison joined her in her laughter. Everyone knew they had a thing for each other, but typical love story; they didn’t know themselves. “You should probably tell him that you like him. It’s getting old seeing you guys do nothing about each other’s feelings.”

“I can’t find a perfect time to tell him, either some other pack is trying to kill us or school is haunting us with all those missing projects we never turned in because we were to busy saving everybody.” Y/N was tired of all the missing chances she had with him alone and never having a chance to spill out her feelings. Y/N was never afraid of talking to guys or asking them out, but with him it was so different.

“The time will come honey.” Allison gave Y/N one of her supportive smiles before the trio began to walk to class together.

After an uneventful day in Beacon Hills, which Y/N didn’t mind since running around with a pack full of werewolves and a banshee was way more exhausting that being stuck in school all day; she left the library after finishing her homework and made her way towards her own car.

Like if life couldn’t get any better for her, her car wouldn’t even start and it was already starting to get dark. Texting Allison to the rescue, she sat down on the hood of the car as she waited for her best friend to pick her up.

“Y/N?” Y/N stomach turned in spirals as she saw Isaac walking up towards her. The freshly showered scent hit her like a truck as he stood in front of her small figure. The beaten up lacrosse gym bag rested so lightly over his shoulders while his shirt was a bit wet from the droplets of remaining water that was in his wavy hair. “Why are you sitting on your car?”

“Someone stole my car battery, so I’m just waiting for Allison to pick me up.” Y/N bit the inside of her cheek as her eyes kept on roaming on his perfect features. “Stiles said he knows how to put a new one in, so by tomorrow morning it will be all good.”

“And you trust Stiles with your car?” Isaac chuckled as he stared back into her eyes. His heart fluttered as she immediately giggled back at him.

“He’s the only one I got.” She smiled back at Isaac as she placed a piece of her hair behind her ear.

“Hey, you have me too.” Y/N’s heart skipped a few beats as his words left his lips so naturally.

“Well do you know how to put a car battery?”

“No, I actually do not but you can still count on me for kicking anybody’s ass if they do anything to you.” He laughed once again at his joke as he sat down right next to her, placing his bag on the floor.

“Isaac?” She turned around to face him, only for the ache to grow even more of wanting to place her lips against his luscious one. His eyes landed on hers as his smiled faded when she got all serious.


“All this flirting and all. Does it mean something? I honestly don’t want to get my hopes us because I really like you a lot and I’m just tired of getting mixed signals from you.” Y/N blurted out as Isaac was caught of guard from her confession. He anxiously bit his lip as he tried to form an answer for himself as he watched her turn her face away from his.

“We’re friends and I’m just um.” He stuttered nervously. “My hands are so sweaty.” Isaac quickly stood up from the car and grabbed his gym bag from off the floor. Isaac blurted out random words as he tried to think of a better answer but his tongue twirled like a maniac.

“I knew this was a mistake.” Y/N quickly regretted spilling all her gut out when she knew she was going to get heartbroken. Allison’s car had turned up on the curb as Isaac was still trying to rephrase his own words.

“Y/N please wait.” He called her back as she opened the passengers door. She wasn’t going to cry or have a complete meltdown when she had known from the beginning that there was a chance he didn’t feel the same, but she couldn’t help feeling bad anyways since a part of her believed there was a good chance he did feel the same.

“I already have my answer Isaac.” She left the boy hanging by her dead car as Allison drove off out of the school. “I told him and he doesn’t like me back Allison.”

“What? You’re lying Y/N.” Allison shook her head in disbelief as she kept her eyes on the dark road. “I swear I’ll break his neck when I see him.”

After a long night of trying be sunk in to a black hole and avoid Isaac for the rest of her life, walking through the empty hallways were agonizing. The sun beamed in only for her eyes to water from the brightness. All she wanted was to be in her bed and sleep, something she didn’t managed to do the previous night.

Y/N was already forty minutes late to economics class, so she didn’t even bother entering the classroom. Opening her locker, the reflection of her bare and sleepless face was worse than any creature Beacon Hills had come across of through the years.

Grabbing one of her books and her student ID card she closed the locker lightly and headed towards the library. Thankfully, she had free period coming up; so she had enough time for a quick nap on her usual spot in the library. Ever since her first year, she had been taking naps and usually sleeping over night in the school behind the bookshelves on the second floor. The section was about mythical stories and nobody would head towards the area, only just the pack.

“Y/N?” She heard someone mumble her name, but she didn’t bother opening her eyes. She moved slightly, but her eyes were shut completely. She was too tired to even wrap her head around that someone was calling her.

Isaac sighed, giving up on calling her. Placing his bag on the floor, he sat down next to her sleeping body and brought her head carefully to his lap for her to be more comfortable rather than resting it on her hard book.

She didn’t even flinch when his fingers ran through her locks, she kept on sleeping like nothing had happened. He knew they had only twenty minutes left for their next class together, but he rather miss it than wake her up.

“I’m sorry for yesterday, I like you but I just freaked out.” He spoke up, when her eyes started to open up. “I had planned on telling on Friday after the game but I didn’t expect you to tell me like that.”

Y/N’s heart was about to jump out of her chest when his hands cupped both sides of her cheek once she stood up. His thumb caressed her cheek as they sat their silently looking at each other. A smiled creeped up on Isaac’s lips, he was overjoyed that she hadn’t rejected him like the thought she would over and over in his head. Instead, it was even better.

“You like me.” Y/N said, wrapping the idea of them around her head.

“I fucking do.” He chuckled, bring her into his lap and pressing his lips to hers. Y/N giggled into the kiss as she wrapped her arms around his neck, caressing the back of his hair with her fingertips.

His lips felt soft on hers as she imagined it. All those late nights she couldn’t go to sleep thinking about him didn’t compare to that moment.

“Can we skip school and just make out in your car?” Isaac mumbled, pressing small kisses to her jawline as she sighed out of pleasure.

“You’re too funny.” She said sarcastically, pecking his lips quickly as she stood up from his lap. “Come on.” Y/N extended her hand to him as he stood in front of her. Her small figure was pulled against his as he brought her closer to him and pecked her lips once again.

“Let’s go.” He smirked at her as she smiled uncontrollably. Finally, something went completely right in Beacon Hills for them.

Because @flomps was riffing at me about Zarry reconciling on an episode of the Kardashians then went to sleep before finishing it…

“Zayn, I need you to behave.”

Zayn blinks. It feels like a non sequiter, when he’d been busy refusing all of Gigi’s coaxing to actually get him out of the lodge and onto skis. He supposes she could be mad about him making a scene, but the lodge was loud and he didn’t think their argument–not even argument, really–had registered at all. Though sometimes Gigi was even more paranoid about that sort of shit than he was.

Still, he can’t see what she means, so he just smirks, steps closer to her. He’s in his boots and she’s in flats before she gets into her ski boots, so they’re almost the same height. “Thought you liked it when I misbehaved.”

She rolls her eyes, but he thinks she’s charmed. She’s smiling a little, at least. Though she’s always smiling. Maybe she is annoyed, he can’t tell.

“Seriously.” Her hand’s on his face now, holding his cheek like she does when she wants him to pay attention to her. Someday, Zayn would like to do some sort of study about why everyone feels the need to touch his face constantly, but he’s not complaining. He likes it from Gigi, the casual intimacy. He’s missed that sort of physicality from everyone around him, these days. “Don’t be mad, and don’t make a scene.”

“I’m not making a scene.” Zayn tries to be even, but it probably comes off as sullen. “I just don’t want to ski, I’m not saying you shouldn’t. I’ll hang out here and–”

“Not about that,” Gigi cuts him off, and turns his head to the side.

He sees the cameras first, video equipment with a group of brunette hair at the center coming up the stairs to the main floor of the lodge. It’s not hard to recognize. He’s lived at the center of documentary crews enough. “Why would I be mad Kendall’s here?” He can just avoid the cameras, it’s fine. He’s not going to stop Gigi from hanging out with her best friend.

“Not her,” Gigi mutters, and she sounds worried. Gigi’s not worried often, takes everything with a laugh in a way that’s reassuringly casual even if it makes Zayn wonder just what about their relationship she’s taking with a laugh, so Zayn’s already tense when he looks closer. “I didn’t know he was coming until this morning, but we can’t leave so you have to behave.”

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@missing-merlin replied to your post “What are the reputations for Maribor?”

When I studied in Lj everyone kept telling me that Štajerci are aggressive. One of my profesors at FF even said they like to stab each other in Mb (????). They’re definitely bold with lots of dark humor, but I’d never say they’re more aggressive or “dangerous” than other folks.

lol What in the name of fuck? What were you studying that you’d have professors like that. I never heard anything like that during the time I’ve been here.

wooden-duck replied to your post: wooden-duck replied to your post “I MISS REGULAR…

Honestly I felt the same way because they already kind of had their own group, if you can make it a study thing or a work group or something. That might relieve some of the pressure u know, plus then u can chill with the whole group and just integrate because everyone can just like chill 2gether at Starbucks or the library or w/e and work

ALSO A GREAT IDEA IN THEORY except i got to art school lmao its all studio shit we dont have things 2 study gdhjzcxvjhkbhjnm

anonymous asked:

For aomine, kise, Akashi and midorima! Having an s/o a year younger than them and they go to her high school graduation (but told her that they couldn't come since college) so she's totally surprise? Thank you! I'm graduating high school next week! So yay!! 😁😁😁 I'm not ready for adult life though haha

Yaaaaaaaas. Omfg I’m about to ‘officially’ become a senior and it just hit me today that I am not at all ready for adulthood holy shit save me. Thanks for the request! This is really cute!

Aomine: He figured missing one practice at his university wouldn’t matter. He did skip 99% of his high school practices, so one here shouldn’t matter. He had to make it to his girlfriend’s graduation. She sounded so upset when he’d told her he had practice.

When she got on stage for her diploma, he clapped and shouted for her. “I knew you could do it, ____!”

She looked puzzled, searching for the source of his voice. After the ceremony while he was looking for her, she called out his name. He turned around, and she ran into him for a hug.

“I thought you had practice, Ahomine!”

“Eh, I can skip one for my girlfriend.” He smiled, hugging her back.

Kise: He’d watched the ceremony from the sidelines, hoping his surprise would work out. After everyone of the students had gotten their diplomas and scattered to speak with friends and family, he went on the hunt for his girlfriend.

He spotted her with her back turned to him, and she was speaking with her parents excitedly. He stepped up behind her and smiled to her parents.

“Hey, ____-chii, congrats on graduation!”

She turned around quickly, eyes wide, and then she grinned and hugged him.

“I thought you couldn’t make it, Ryouta!” She laughed with excitement. “You’re here!”

The blonde laughed happily and kissed her temple. “I wouldn’t miss your graduation for the world, ____-chii.”

Akashi: He stood up with her parents when she received her diploma, and her eyes darted to him. Her eyes widened and she grinned widely. She hurried off the stage, and as soon as everyone else was done, she darted to find him and her parents.

Her arms flung around him in a tight hug. “I thought you weren’t coming, Sei…”

He smiled gently and wrapped his arms around her. “How could I miss my love’s graduation?”

Midorima: He awkwardly stood to the side as the ceremony happened, and he couldn’t help but smile when his girlfriend received her diploma. She’s worked hard for this and he knows it (she may or may not have asked him for study-help), and he’s extremely proud of her.

After the ceremony, she hunted her down. She was speaking with a group of her friends. He walked up and tapped her shoulder.

“Mind if I pull you aside to congratulate you, nanodayo?”

She perked up quickly, turning around and grinning. “Shin!” She hugged him quickly, and her friends all smiled, nodding and stepping away from them.

“I thought you couldn’t make it, Shin. Don’t you have exams right now?” She asked, her eyes still sparkling in happiness.

Midorima lightly smiled. “I asked to take it early so that I could make it here for you, _____. I’m very proud of you.” 

“During my first two years of college, I studied with people who didn’t have very high goals. I was the hardest worker in the group and everyone was always asking me for help, so I felt like I was ahead of where I should be. During my last two years, I moved into more advanced classes, and suddenly I was studying with people who had higher goals than me. They pressured me to study much harder, but it was too late. When I graduated, I missed having an ‘excellent’ rating by .04 points.”

(Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon, Vietnam)

The Signs on Holiday

The signs decided recently that for the first holiday of the year they’d go to Capricorn’s beach house and soak in the rays. They ran into a bit of trouble however, early into their plans, let’s see how everything unfolded….

Gemini: I can’t BELIEVE the holidays are already here! It seems like only yesterday I was buckling down into hard school work.

Cancer: Gemini, please, your idea of school work is finishing first weeks homework before the end of term.

Taurus: We had homework?

Sagittarius: Ah yes, this is perfect Cappie, I love the views you have at this place, amazing 

Capricorn: It took a while to save up for, yes I agree–

Leo: No need to fear I’m hereeeeeee

Aries: I brought the boozzeeeeeee

Virgo: I brought sunscreen! Make sure you apply it to every square centimetre of–

Taurus: Virgo chill man, we’re here to soak in the sun rays not deflect them

Aquarius: I’m here mainly to, uh, ‘observe’ bikini clad women on the beach 

(That is assuming that Aquarius is indeed a straight man or a homosexual woman, or really any sexuality tbh)

Pisces: I’m just going to sit over there and read this book, yeah guys, yeah? Ok sweet…

Scorpio: Everyone please leave me alone, I will be studying the nearby rock pools in solitude.

Aries: But the boozeeeeee

Scorpio: eh, maybe one… 

*The signs get drunk and gather round the campfire* *yes I know I just randomly introduced a campfire, deal with it*

Gemini: Omg guuuuyyyys, I loveeee yoouuuuuu allllll

Capricorn: I feel vaguely as if someone is missing….

Leo: I know right, I’m pretty sure there’s another one as sexy as me in this group….

Virgo: OHMYGOD we left Libra at home asleep!

*several miles away*

Libra: fuck my life

To be continued…. 

I Need You Now :: Magcon Fanfic

I held onto my boyfriends hand tightly as we started making our way to the restaurant where the all of his other friends were. He called these boys his second family and to say I was nervous was something else. I was scared they weren’t going to like me, of course. Who wouldn’t be?

“Ashley.” Sammy whispered into my ear. I turned to look at him and by the look on his face he knew I was nervous. “Don’t be nervous baby. I promise you everything is going to be fine and the boys are going to love you just as much as I love you.”

I laughed at him and shook my head. “Hopefully not as much. That would be pretty creepy.” I said and gave him a quick peck on the lips while he smiled.

I wish I had the confidence Sammy did. I know I’m a girl and he’s a guy so it’s different but still. When he met my friends they all clicked with him right away and he was sure before he met them he’d be great friends with them. Then here’s me stressing out that everyone is going to hate me. I sighed when I noticed the car had come to a stop.

Sammy had gotten out first of the car and I followed, shutting the door and watching our driver drive away. I flattened out my dress a little bit and took a deep breath. I should’ve worn something else that wasn’t so showy I thought as I looked at my black dress that hugged my curves. They’re probably going to think I’m a slut or something.

I was interrupted by Sammy waving his hand in front of my face, making me laugh. “Are you back on this planet?” He laughed causing me to giggle and nodding my head. “Yes yes, back to planet earth I am.” I said while grabbing onto his hand.

“Great now lets go meet the boys and enjoy dinner.” He walked me into the restaurant and soon we were greeted by a waiter who said there were people already waiting for us. We got closer and closer and I saw all the boys sitting down and looking as if they were enjoying their time. As soon as we reached the table all of their heads popped up at the same time and I noticed two of the boys there.

“Johnson? Gilinsky?” I said and watched as the boys got up and made their way over to me. Sammy had never mentioned they were part of this group. Johnson came up to me and gave me a small hug. “Hi Ashley! We’ve missed you.” He said happily and I smiled “Hey Johnson. I’ve missed you too.” I said and looked at Jack who stayed back and just smiled at me slightly.

No one knew this but Jack and I used to have a little fling. That’s actually how I met Sammy. Everyone thought Jack and I were just best friends but secretly we’d go on dates without anyone knowing, hook up when we we’re supposed to be studying, all that jazz. Jack was the one to call it off, he never gave me and explanation just told me he couldn’t do it anymore and basically left me heartbroken though I’d never tell him. I had to play it off as if everything was okay and nothing was wrong.

Jack started opening up his arms for me to join him in a hug but instead I ran up to him and he picked me up, holding onto me tightly. “It’s been so long.” I heard him whisper in my ear. “I can’t believe you’re here.” I whispered back to him and I felt the tears start to well up in my eyes. He put me down and just laughed wiping them away.

I heard a cough come from behind me and turned around to look at Sammy. “Wanna meet the other guys?” I smiled and looked at the rest of the guys who were minding their own business until Sammy spoke up. “Guys, this is Ashley.” Sammy said and all the boys introduced themselves to me.

“I’m Cameron.” One of those boys said to me and taking my hand, shaking it. I smiled at him and shook his hand back. “Hi, I’m Ashley.” I said still holding onto his hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I heard a lot about you from Sammy here. And Jack as well. You’re just as beautiful as they described you.” I blushed but soon was looking up at Sammy who had just torn our hands apart and shook his head.

“I think it’s time we actually sit down now.” I went to take an empty seat next to Cameron but was pulled away and placed in between Jack and Sammy. That was weird and I could tell Cameron noticed too because he frowned but then looked away and didn’t make any eye contact with me or Sammy.

By the time dinner was done I had bonded with all of the guys. They all seemed so funny and I bonded most in a friendship way with Matt and Carter. Those two were my long lost brothers everyone swore it by the end of the night with how much I had in common with the two. Once Jack even admitted that he was scared they were going to replace him which made me laugh. Nobody could replace the relationship I have or had with Jack.

We were all saying goodnight by now and I hugged all the guys. I got to Cameron and he smiled at me as he pulled me into a tight embrace. “It was nice to meet you. Text me okay?” He said the last part only low enough for me to hear and I just nodded my head. I don’t understand why he’d have to whisper it. It wasn’t like Sammy would get mad, I don’t think.

Johnson and Jack both had made plans with Sam earlier to come over and we would all hangout and chill. Which was fine with me because I wanted my original three boys back. “We’ll see you guys later.” Sammy said waving to them and I smiled as I followed him into the car. I rested my head on him and grabbed hold of his hand.

“What’s up with Cam?” I asked Sammy who had gotten tense one I asked the question. He coughed which made me look at him and he just sat there for a minute before speaking. “Apparently before we were dating and before I became close with him Jack would always talk about you and show him pictures of you and videos so he always had this like thing for you even though he hasn’t met you until tonight. I didn’t find out until he made it pretty obvious flirting with you back there.”

I looked at him in shock, I had no clue Cameron was really flirting with me. I thought he was just being nice. “Don’t worry about him. If anything the kid and I our going to be just friends. My heart is already taken by somebody else.”

I smiled at Sam and he smiled back pulling me over so I was straddling his waist. I pressed my lips to his and it soon got pretty heated. I tugged onto his hair and felt a little moan escape his lips as I did but soon we came to a stop and was interrupted. “We’re here.” Our driver said rolled his eyes. I couldn’t really blame him though, this always happened when we were being driven around. As I got out of the car I noticed a different car in Sams dirveway and it wasn’t mine or his, so I figured it had to of been the Jacks.

I ran up the stairs to Sams apartment and walked in to see my boys sitting on the couch just watching TV. I appeared behind Jack and placed my hands over his eyes. “Guess who?” I said in a deep voice. “Darth Vader?” Jack said laughing and I shook my head removing my hands from his eyes and watched him turn around. “Nope just me.” I smiled and him and he laughed patting the seat next to him and I sat down resting my legs on Johnson.

Sammy had walked in, closing the door behind him and putting our leftovers in the fridge and taking out beers. “Who is ready to start drinking?” Sammy brought over the beers to us and everyone opened theirs and started drinking. I looked down at me and noticed I still had my dress on.

“I’m going to go change. Don’t have too much fun without me.” I said smirking at the boys and felt a hand on my ass as I got up turning around to look at Sammy but I noticed he wasn’t even paying attention he was too focused on a conversation with Johnson. I looked at Jack and he just smirked at me and I shook my head and scolded him secretly with my eyes.

I walked into my bedroom and quickly changed into a pair of white Soffe shorts along with a black tank top. Knowing Jack just basically slapped my ass in front of Sam I shouldn’t really wear short shorts around him but at the same time I just didn’t care. I walked back out and looked at Johnson and Sammy who were still in their deep conversation about something so stupid but serious to them. Jack was nowhere to be seen though and I doubt they even noticed. “Where’s Jack?” I asked them, making Sammy look at me. “He’s outside smoking baby.” He turned back to Johnson. “Now continue what you were saying about Aliens.”

I walked outside and down the stairs to see Jack smoking while sitting on the ground. I smiled and sat down next to him. “Hi big boy.” I smirked at him and he laughed taking a hit from his joint. “Hi little girl. What are you doing out here?” He said looking at me. “I thought you could use the company. Plus their talking about aliens and I don’t think I have the energy to sit and listen to one of their full blown conversations ever again.” He laughed at me and threw the joint he was smoking somewhere else.

“I feel you. Jack tried having one of those talks with me but I complete shut him out to the point I was even falling asleep. Swear our friendship was put on the line that day.” I laughed at him, a little to hard but still. It was quiet for a minute and I just rested my head on Jacks shoulder. Soon enough though, his arm was wrapped around me and I was cuddling into him. “You know, these past couple of months or however long we went without seeing each other has been hell. I’ve really missed you, Ash.” He whispered to me. “I really missed you too Jack.” I said looking up at him to see him looking down at me already.

“If I wouldn’t of fucked things up with us in the past bet I could be the one calling you mine right now, the one kissing you goodnight, the one protecting you from guys like me or Cameron. I could probably do it a lot better than Sammy is right now.” He said to me and I just shook my head I knew Sammy was the best, I just didn’t want to argue with Jack, not now anyways. “I’m sorry I broke your heart Ashley.” He finally said and those words were the words that just set me off. There were tears in my eyes and I was starting to cry.

“H-how did you know you broke my heart?” I finally spat out and he just held onto me tightly, rubbing his hands up and down my back. “I knew because you weren’t the same. You stopped hanging out with us, when Johnson and Sammy had to drag you out to hang with us you weren’t smiling like you used to, you were different and I knew it was because of me.” I slowly just shook my head and released myself from Jack. I wiped away the tears and tried to make it look like I wasn’t crying. “I’m going inside.”

I walked inside and went up to Sammy giving him a peck on the cheek. “I’m going to bed baby.” He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me into him, pressing his lips onto mine and kissing me softly but passionately. “I love you beautiful.” I smiled at him and quickly kissed him once more. “I love you too.” I walked into Sams bedroom and fell onto his bed, wrapping myself with blankets and slowly started to close my eyes and fall into a deep sleep, thinking of Sam and only Sam.


A/N: Okay so this is my new fanfic, obvi. Yes I used my name because I wanted to and I’m so sorry that the ending is a little suckish, my sister needed the computer but I just wanted to finish this. Anyways, I’m just going to call it a Magcon Imagine for now because you’ll see in the next chapters ;) Anyways I need 10 or more notes on this in order to post the next one! Hope you liked it!

It's only been 3 years?

Although I haven’t been a kissme for too long,I feel like U-kiss just wouldn’t be U-kiss without you two.

With all the member switches,and members leaving we’ve had a hard time,but it was never hard to support you two<3

Hoon: You were such a shy little cutie,who hardly talked at first,but you grew into such an outgoing lil cutie! Whose not so little anymore hehe~

I’m so glad you talk more,because everything you say is hilarious and awkward!~ You’re so muscular,but such a qt,I can’t even.I grew to love you even more than I thought!~ I just wanna squish your no longer existant cheekies!~

Aj: The smartest dude ever. You grew up in Korea and you speak english so well! You’re even going to school here? Columbia university?!

You said you wanted to study and I’m so glad you got to! We miss you of course,but were so proud of what you’re doing for yourself! You may have been a member of a different group before hand,but you fit in so well with everyone ;^; Im so glad you got comfy with them. and fell in love with kevin  You’re so silly & serious I just oaegutshoefus

Honestly I never hard a hardtime accepting them,and had now idea how people couldn’t like them. I’m so glad everyone grew to love you two like you rightfully deserve!

Here’s to 3 more years! and then some!~

Happy 3rd Year Anniversary! We love you!~