i miss everyone ;v;

I have zero self-control; here’s Lyra waltzing around in trousers and daring anyone to make a comment


i remember seeing this at the library like a month ago (couldnt believe what i was seeing) and never got around to posting it here. btw, i didnt know it was possible to analyse someones signature to this extent. 


i just recently hit 1K followers and honestly im shook ;0!! i love all u guys!

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1000 GMM EPISODES !!!  ✧٩( •̀ᴗ•́ *)و✧

That’s a lot of eps to choose from if I wanna binge watch !! haha

okay but how can you call yourself a feminist and still defend and support lena dunham

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this is probably a really really dumb question, and I’m sorry if it is- but what does the “v team” mean? And why does everyone say it? Did I miss something during the movie?

V Team is a goofy video Jack, Finn, and Chosen made during their first couple of weeks of getting to know each other during the filming process lmao You can watch it on Jack’s channel here !!!

- Mod Kyy

[The Intricate Art of Feeling || Part I]

Pairings: Taehyung x You ; Jungkook x You

Genre: Vampire AU (not your average vampire tho ;-) )

Rating: PG-13

Words: 2.4k

Taehyung likes to play God more often than he should. He’s been alive for five centuries, give or take a few decades, and he likes to believe that he is the sole reason that history took the course that it did. He laughs at the face of humanity, because yes they’ve identified him as a vampire, but an entirely wrong species of vampire. He wasn’t like those filthy lowlifes that feasted on the blood of humans (or animals if they were vegetarian). No, Taehyung was a better, more evolved breed of vampire. Humans have yet to properly identify him, so he just calls himself an empathetic vampire. Taehyung feeds on the raw emotions that emanates from humans. He gets high on happiness and drunk on aggression, and he’s very well capable of manipulating others to give off the emotional energy he desires. Some of his proudest moments include the start of wars; the anguish and hatred radiating from the years worth of fighting satisfying his neverending hunger.

Now, Taehyung wouldn’t say he has an addiction; he hardly feeds and when he does it’s only for a moment or two, nor has he found anyone who’s emotions are strong enough to pull him in, let alone becoming a possible mate for the boy. Taehyung admits that he gets lonely at times, and he’s had his fair share of sleeping around over the centuries, but everyone was the same. Emotions blissful at first, but dull a moment later. He starts thinking that perhaps he’s meant to live his life in solitude. After all why would a manipulative monster like him be given a chance at his own happiness? It’s years later though, in a park in Seoul that he runs into you, and decides that perhaps he can get addicted, and that maybe, just maybe, you’re the one he’s been waiting for all these years.

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make me choose | anonymous said: will herondale or harry potter?

 "I’m putting the Elder Wand back where it came from. It can stay there. If I die a natural death like Ignotus, its power will be broken, won’t it? The previous master will never have been defeated. That’ll be the end of it. That wand’s more trouble than it’s worth. And quite honestly, I’ve had enough trouble for a lifetime.“


i’ve hit 1.2k (holy shit) and it’s christmas so i wanna take a moment to acknowledge some incredible people who have made my gmw tumblr experience thus far so wonderful and full of joy. without further ado, i present lauren’s 2016 follow forever :)

to start off, i want to give a special shoutout to a couple people who have really shaped my tumblr experience. i love you all dearly. (i got really sappy and wrote you all special messages so click here to read them ♥♥♥)

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you’re all mentioned below, but i want to take a moment to shout out the amazing members of @rileydefense, @rucasnetwork, #riarklesquad, and #rjstrashnetwork for being overall brilliant humans and for giving me a lil community on here. i love you all ♥♥

now onto some people i love a lot and help make my dash a brighter place!!! thank you all for just being yourselves and thank you for making me so so happy every time i log onto tumblr ♥

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I must have said, “I’m fine, thanks,” at least 37 times. And I didn’t mean it once. But no one noticed.