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People are speculating that Eurus is actually Moriarty, but I disagree. The secret message on Eurus’ note looks a lot like Jim Moriarty’s handwriting. If you look close the E’s and S’s in the messages look a lot alike.

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think This Beautiful Fantastic has already been released on dvd in France, called "Le Merveilleux Jardin Secret de Bella Brown" 👌👌

Hey there! 

First of all I’m so sorry for taking so long to answer this, I’ve been pretty busy today 
But also thank you for letting us know about this! I checked up on Amazon France and you can definitely order it there, so for any of our followers in France who might want to buy This Beautiful Fantastic I’ll link it here 

By the looks of it the audio can be set to either English or French on the DVD (i think that’s what it says, or at least that’s what is listed on amazon) and amazon ships worldwide (I’ve ordered US ‘exclusive’ things off of there a lot and I live in the UK) so if anyone else that understands French/English is really desperate to get a copy you can probably order one too!.. Just so long as you don’t mind the DVD casing being in French and as long as you have a Region 2 compatible DVD player!

Thank you again!

Amber <3 

P.s. I just realised on the amazon listing it says there’s only one option for subtitles, and they’re in French (i mean, it is a french copy), but for anyone that might need subtitles while watching movies, bear in mind that there are only French ones available on this copy!

                       hands folded in front of her torso. blue eyes pierced through at the girl. such a remarkable girl     —–       olivia couldn’t help but be fascinated with her, with what she could do.                “     your brother was right about you       —–      you are quite remarkable     “                         @subsolanus       ||     SC

I just got in a huge fight with my sister and I know I’ve sealed my destiny that the rest of my time at home before I leave for college is going to be terrible but I just keep thinking about Germany. living in a tiny apartment and breathing in the fresh air and hearing all the sounds of the streets. the way a crowd of people speaking german sounds just a little different than english. the way there seem to be plants everywhere. it all looks a little overgrown but in a beautiful way. it kind of reminds me of the way plants have grown back all over Chernobyl because it looks a bit like they run the place. I keep imagining the food and the liveliness of the city. I miss the breeze coming off the Neckar and the way everyone started honking when the radio announced Germany’s goals during the euros. I miss the little cafes all around Heidelberg. I miss the huge park in the middle of München. I miss accidentally ordering my ice cream with liquor. I miss the train where I saw the Turkish man next to me reading Arabic so I told him in german that my dad was from Lebanon to which he responded in rapid fire Arabic and I had to explain that my Arabic wasn’t very good and then he said his german wasn’t very good and we both ended up speaking english. Germany is so beautiful and it’s my home and there is nothing I want more than to be back there

for americans watching eurovision for the first time and are dissapointed

add ur own if i missed out some key euros

can i just say - i’m not sitting here trying to show i’m the biggest football fan. i’m literally a fake ass hoe BUT what i’m not lying about is the fact that this entire euros tournament has made me SO happy and just full of life. i’ve never been so invested in football my whole life. but this tournament, i’ve been looking so forward to each match and if one of my favourite teams won, i was so full of excitement. it was so nice being happy because of people scoring or just playing as an amazing team together. if i felt upset before a match began, i always felt a lot better after the match ended.
so, whatever happens tonight, i just want to thank football/footballers/football fans for all the happiness and joy it’s brought me.
i will definitely miss it.
euros 2016 <3