i miss eccleston ):

Everything about Nine was great

Everything he said was pure gold

And not just the funny and sass…

Literally everything

Even when he don’t say anything, tho

I love how he was always smiling

Even tought he was the most damaged Doctor

The way he looked at Rose


 hells yeah


I want him back

what she says: I’m okay

what she means: I miss Nine but I wish I had more content and material to mourn and miss him properly nine was a beauty and i miss him so much but there’s this gap in my heart that hurts cuz it doesn’t get why I’m mourning so much about such a short period of time with a person…. nine nine nine nine nine I miss nine

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: I miss Nine I want more Nine why is there just one season of Nine he's such a complex and well constructed character why would they waste such potential? They could have done all nine seasons with Nine and we still would have things to discover about him and his personality oh I just want a spinoff with Nine idk man I just really love Nine.

(There isn’t always uniformity among polls but, in most cases, Eccleston’s Doctor is actually one of the most popular out of all the Doctor’s incarnations. Plenty of people care about Nine, anon, myself included – I wouldn’t worry about that!)

defending nine

i have seen some unexpected nine hate recently and i really wanted to rant about dismiss some of the arguments i read…

  1. the ninth doctor was not cruel or mean. he could be unforgiving and ruthless, yes, but he was not mean. his less forgiving moments were perfectly understandable and often linked to the emotional trauma that nine experienced following the time war. it is part of the doctor’s character to be ruthless at times, as we see with ten in ‘the runaway bride’ and because of this he ‘needs someone to stop him’, as donna says.
  2. the ninth doctor was capable of happiness and joy and he was not solely shaped by his negative emotions (which if anything, for me, transformed the hero figure of the doctor to a more relatable person with his own problems and feelings). we see him be genuinely happy all the time because rose is the person who opens him up and makes him feel better, the person who allows him to heal slowly. his catchphrase is fantastic so he obviously isn’t solely an angry/moody doctor and he is always finding reasons to smile (or smirk at least)
  3. he was a genuinely funny, witty doctor just as the others are- that’s a large part of the doctor’s character- and i never saw him as simply silly or goofy. in my opinion, he has some of the best lines in the new who series- his great sense of humour was one of the main reasons i loved watching him as a child. i mean: “i give you… air from my lungs” “what are you gonna do? moisturise me?” “lots of planets have a north.” “that won’t last… he’s gay and she’s an alien” he was so funny!
  4. he was not a skippable doctor. as david tennant himself said, christopher eccleston’s portrayal of the doctor was what set the whole new who series off again, what brought doctor who into the next generation and what began the successful franchise of today. he even brought a northern accent into doctor who (literally he was the first properly northern one) *cheers for representation* while he didn’t stay for as long or act alongside modern special effects, nine’s acting and plots were brilliant and worth just as much as any of the other doctor’s.
  5. he definitely cared about others. i feel like a lot of people have the misconception that he ‘only saved the world because he had to’ or that ‘he didn’t really care about humans at all’. he cared about many of the people they encounter,for example, in ‘the empty child’ he seems to really care about nancy and the kids she looks after. i believe that despite his personal issues, all incarnations of the doctor have the basic tendency to care for others- that’s why he’s always saving worlds and rescuing civilisations and defeating terrible creatures and running a lot- because he wants to, because that’s the sort of time lord he is.
  6. and of course he loved rose deeply. the way that they look at each other and the way that they speak to each other alone makes it obvious. if you even need evidence…in ‘dalek’*, the dalek (who has seen into rose’s mind) calls her ‘the woman you love’, he thinks she is beautiful in ‘the unquiet dead’, he gets jealous of both captain jack and adam, and he values her more than anything else: “i could save the world but lose you” and ultimately it was nine that rose fell in love with in the beginning.

[*don’t even try to argue that he sacrifices her to kill the dalek because he doesn’t, he thinks she will make it to the gate and when she doesn’t he is distraught but rose knows it is not his fault- when he has the second chance he saves her]

i could have said this in less words but basically i love nine, especially because i got into doctor who through him, and i really wanted to put out some nine positivity because he is so often criticised and underrated when he was fantastic. (sorry)


Doctor Who Rewatch: Rose

You know what I miss?

When The Doctor was undoubtably good.

Not perfect.

But aware of his mistakes. 

When The Doctor didn’t constantly belittle his companions about their physical appearance. 

When he told them they were beautiful.

When he saw the worth in humankind…in everyone. 

When he didn’t do this:

When he didn’t disrespect his companions.

When The Doctor wasn’t so damn afraid of hugs.

You know what I miss? 




Out of all of the Doctor’s girls, I am the most fascinated, and mesmerized, by Rose Tyler. When she was first introduced, I thought she’d be one of those petty, typical girls with mommy issues and too much baggage. I thought she would just be a character used as a romantic object for the Doctor (I use the word ‘romantic’ loosely). But, as the seasons passed with Eccleston and Tennant, I came to love Rose so much.

She took her problems and pushed them aside for others. She willingly sacrificed herself for the world and for the Doctor. And even at those moments where she seemed too strong and independent, there were always times when her vulnerability would shine through.

But the most important thing Rose could do was that, no matter the situation, she would always make me, and the Doctor, smile.