i miss duncan so much

I rewatched Orphan Black recently, 1x06 actually, and during Leekie’s lecture about Neolution, he approaches Cosima and talks about her glasses. He goes “Within the very near future I’ll be able to offer you the ability to see into a spectrum never before seen by the naked eye; Infrared, X-rays, ultravaiolet.”

I think that line alone was talked about, fairly so, but when you take a closer look at the screens around him you see this:

Looks familiar?

It’s the exact design of Rachel’s eye! We see it more clearly in the S4 teaser from few months back too:

Leekie’s “near future” was even nearer than we thought, which brings me back to the S3 finale: “Wherever you think the science is at, I guarantee you’re wrong.” What else might be waiting for us?

It’s one of the little details that make Orphan Black such an epic show.