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Duncan's First Encounter with Haytham
Duncan Little/Connor/Ratonhnhaké:ton
Duncan's First Encounter with Haytham

Duncan: Oi, lad! How’s it going then?

Connor: I am well. And you?

Duncan: Oh, can’t complain. There was something I’ve been meaning to tell you… 

I met your Da. It was a long time ago in London. I was just a boy – well, I didn’t meet him really, just saw him do a fella in at the London Opera House. I was sitting in the balcony with an uncle of mine. Went to have a piss and when I came back, there’s your Da. Dashing as they come, he was - shirt, jacket, immaculate. My uncle was just slumped there. Looked like he was sleeping. But I knew better even if I was a child. 

Your Da locked eyes on me. And I don’t think I’ve ever been so frightened as I was in that instant. It wasn’t a fear that he was going to cause me pain, it was a sense that he saw right through me – into my heart – and he’d crush it if it pleased him. 

But he didn’t. He just raised his finger to his lips and gestured for my silence. I complied. Then he was gone.

Connor: That must have been in the days before his betrayal was made public. He would have sailed for the Colonies not long after. I’m astonished that you were actually there.

Duncan: You can imagine my surprise when I saw his face. Took me a while to piece it together but… there you have it. Thought you’d like to know.

Connor: Thank you.


Outlander Hiatus, Week 3: Supporting Ladies

A tribute to the lady characters of Outlander, and the nuanced performances by the women who portray them.

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Behind the scenes of The Waters of Mars (Part Eight)

Excerpts from the podcast commentary with David Tennant, Russell T Davies, and Julie Gardner

RTD:  Do you know what?  This is probably our last commentary together, us three.
JG: It is!
DT:  Ooooohhhh
RTD: Because hopefully there will be commentaries in some shape or form for the last two episodes on various formats, but us three won’t get to be together again!
DT: We’re all in different countries these days.
JG: Surely in twenty years time we’ll be wheeled out in our bath chairs to…
DT: To tell the truth!
RTD: [laughs]
JG: Yeah, exactly
DT: To give the real commentary
JG: To dish the dirt.
DT: …talk about who we hated
RTD: My nights with Yuri
DT & JG: [laughs]
JG: That sounds like your autobiography [more laughing]
RTD: Oh dear.  That brings me down to Earth.  We will be doing commentaries
DT:  Do you think we will?
RTD: Yes!
DT: Will there be commentaries in 20 years time?  Or will you just have something downloaded into your head
RTD:  Actually we’ll appear on screen directly!  We’ll actually be like holograms on screen.
JG: Holograms in our bath chairs
RTD: No - holograms will make us look young and beautiful, surely, otherwise what’s the point
DT: We can be CGI’ed.

RTD [during the scene where the Doctor chooses to save the crew]: This is our last commentary together and you are just so amazing!
JG: Magnificent
RTD: When you take something and..  you’re going berserk, and I think it’s such a brilliant performance, I can’t begin to tell you.
DT:  Well, it’s because it’s there.  It’s in the writing. That’s what you do.
RTD: I only said that so you’d pay the compliment back
DT & RTD: [hearty laughs]
DT: That was Phil Ford’s bit, I’m sure. [Phil Ford is the co-writer of this episode]
RTD: But it’s phenomenal. It’s simply phenomenal.  

(Any transcription errors are mine)

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I rewatched Orphan Black recently, 1x06 actually, and during Leekie’s lecture about Neolution, he approaches Cosima and talks about her glasses. He goes “Within the very near future I’ll be able to offer you the ability to see into a spectrum never before seen by the naked eye; Infrared, X-rays, ultravaiolet.”

I think that line alone was talked about, fairly so, but when you take a closer look at the screens around him you see this:

Looks familiar?

It’s the exact design of Rachel’s eye! We see it more clearly in the S4 teaser from few months back too:

Leekie’s “near future” was even nearer than we thought, which brings me back to the S3 finale: “Wherever you think the science is at, I guarantee you’re wrong.” What else might be waiting for us?

It’s one of the little details that make Orphan Black such an epic show. 

I don't want to fucking see sad Corey I don't want to see sad Tazer, I don't want to see sad any Blackhawks! You guys played your asses off and got further then a whole hell of a lot of nay sayers said you'd get. Thank you for another amazing season and another excited run for the cup. I don't often shed tears but I'll gladly shed them of you fine competitors! Love my Blackhawks team and my fellow Hawk fans! Always

Here’s til September!