i miss dp


sometimes i think about my favorite marvel/dc legacy teens, and think about how if they all aged in real time, Jaime would 100% be the 27yo adult mentor/babysitter to 18yo Miles and 20yo Kamala

(Milagro hangs out with them too and gives them advice on how to annoy Jaime. She’d be like around Kamala’s age, right?)

i call it: “age accurate legacy kids”

things i have seen as i heal dungeons: me saying brb for one moment to use the restroom after a boss and the tank going on ahead and losing like nearly all of their health to trash mobs because fuck the police

dps face tanking shit. all the shit. so much shit. stop face tanking everything. if it’s lil things i can deal with it because dps output when when it’s MECHANIC BASED SHIT DO NOT STAND IN THE RED CIRCLES I STG I WILL TEABAG YOUR CORPSE ( i wont my teabag macro doesn’t even work anymore )

dps who were face tanking inevitably dying when they get hit with a one shot move, and then calling me a “shit healer”. 

guess what happened to that fucko. didn’t heal his stupid ass as he face tanked. i let that shitter die. he called me shit again, i told him it was on purpose because he’s an asshole, everyone laughed at him, he rezzed outside the dungeon after telling us to “enjoy our wipe” and we finished the dungeon without him without wiping.

It had just started raining in Costa Del Sol, and the sun had yet to be blotted out by the oncoming downpour, so I managed to get a nifty snapshot.

kiinotasha  asked:

What do you think of the DP x Digimon?

My Digimon knowledge is rusty so here’s a Bakemon running away from a spiky-haired Danny wearing Fenton Goggles because that’s what all the Digimon protagonists wear. 


HD is your friend!

bloodsport ~ peter // wendy

Okay, guys, I really don’t know what to say after months of nothing. I’m so sorry, but I’m not telling you it’ll be different, because I still have final exams to learn for. But I missed vidding DP so much, I had to do this. So, I hope you enjoy this vid, because the song is freaking them, and this is the longest dp vid I’ve ever made =)