i miss doing this shenanigans this is fun

Harvey is waiting for Mike outside of the church with a car, and they head off to prison. Before Mike turns himself in, they share a moment where they realize that they’re both to blame for what’s about to happen and would probably do the same thing over again. It’s quite possibly the best scene of the episode because it brings the episode back to what works about this show: Mike and Harvey’s friendship. Suits became such a fun show because of their relationship, but in the past, this season has felt like that’s been missing because the show has been so focused on Harvey and Donna or Mike and Rachel. The finale would’ve hit much harder if the episode had spent a bit more time in scenes like this where we realize why Mike is doing what he’s doing, why Harvey means so much to him. Put another way, I wish this episode had been more reflective in quality instead of consumed with plot shenanigans to save Mike. (x)