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[ 4.9.16 ] HELLO EVERYONE IM STILL ALIVE!!! I’ve been busy studying and revising for exams so I haven’t been on as much so sorry for that!! I really liked this week’s spread so ta-dah here it is. this week consisted a lot of studying till 2am and getting up at 7am to study again ;-;;;;
GOOD NEWS IS I HAVE ONE WEEK OFF AFTER MY EXAMS for me to chill for a bit before hardcore studying for my IGs *sobs*

Hope September will be a great month for everyone!!

anonymous asked:

Why don't you like bill nye? From articles and videos I've seen, I agree/enjoy his work (but honestly, I don't make a habit of searching things by him). So am I missing something? I'm a chem major in college and I feel like I need to be well informed lol.

I mean it tends to be less him personally (because he has historically been a very effective communicator) and more they way he, and a select few other men, take up all the space in popular science. I want to see more diversity in popular science communication and as long as he and NDT are the first and only people anyone goes to for relatable science there won’t be, say, women or folks not from physics/engineering backgrounds being tapped for those roles.

I also have some issues with how Nye has evolved into someone who’s message tends to be “it’s true because science says so and you’re an idiot if you question that” rather than a more nuanced approach where there is space to understand what science actually is and how it functions. I feel like his new show really exemplifies this approach and I don’t like that at all. (“It’s just science” will never be an actual explanation or answer to a question).

Don’t get me wrong I grew up on his PBS show and have at times really enjoyed his work, but I don’t like the direction he’s gone in and I don’t like the entire concept of celebrity science communicators.


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