i miss cabin pressure

Miss Quill: You know there’s a little, very little, a really tiny part of me that admires you. I mean obviously I don’t admire your manner, your behaviour, your appearance or really anything about you… I seem to have lost the thread of my remarks.

Charlie: You were just saying you admire me.

Miss Quill: I very much doubt that

(Source: Cabin Pressure)

Games in “Cabin Pressure”

If you get bored on your upcoming trip to your holiday destination, why not try some of these time consuming fun games instead?

1. Brians of Britain
(e.g.: Blessed / May / Eno…)

2. Name dropping of as much musical numbers in the cabin address as possible
(e.g.: Fly you to the moon / Come fly with me…)

3. Books that sound more interesting with the final letter knocked off
(e.g.: Of mice and me / Three men in a boa…)

4. The seven deadly sins

5. The Travelling Lemon
(Hide a lemon in plain sight inside the plane. Find it, retrieve it, hide it again)

6. Rhymes for flight
(e.g.: bite / kite) (“We hope you’re enjoying the flight.
On your left we are just coming in sight
of Swindon or Stroud - all covered in cloud.
And it’s matched the same thing on the right.”)

7. People who aren’t evil but have evil sounding names
(e.g.: Russell Crowe / Agatha Christie…)

8. Yellow Car
(When you spot a yellow car you say “yellow car”. For a more elaborated explanation go here: “How to play Yellow Car” by Arthur Shappey)

9. I came through customs and I had to declare…
(e.g.: Jelly from New Delhi / A tunic from Munich…)

10. Departure - Arrival rhymes
(e.g.: Kent to Brent via Stoke-on-Trent…)

11. Beat the Manuals
(No-one but Martin can play that! So don’t even try that one.)

12. Conversations with words of one syllable only

13. Q&A Film double bills
(e.g.: Who framed Roger Rabbit? - Gandhi!…)

14. Fizz Buzz
(For any number that’s a multiple of 3 you say “fizz” and any number that’s a multiple of 5 you say “buzz”. Uncomplicated version: instead of odd numbers you say “fizz” and instead of even numbers you say “buzz”. To make that easy version more complicated: when someone says “fizz”, you have to say “buzz” - when someone says “buzz” you have to say “Have a banana”. Then when someone says your name, you have to say “fizz”)

edit - thanks to murphyfiveanddime (I thought of this while brushing my teeth this morning):

15. People who should have been arch enemies
(e.g.: Anna Wintour and Donna Summer / Vivienne Westwood and Clint Eastwood))

and the classics: Simon says and Passenger Derby (but you can only play PD if you are flying an airplane and be in charge of the off-switch for the seat-belt signs - which is ever so unlikely!)

So I tried to come up with the ultimate Cabin Pressure playlist for the loving fan - this is a collection of the proper versions of (nearly) every song mentioned or sung in Cabin Pressure. Enjoy!

1. Mikhail Glinka: Ruslan and Ludmila Overture

2. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

3. Frank Sinatra: Come Fly With Me

4. The Simpsons Theme Song (The sound a genuine Patek Philippe makes at 7 o'clock)

5. Let’s all go down the strand (Have a banana!)

6. The Beatles - When I’m Sixty Four

7. Georges Bizet: The Toreador Song

8. The Platters: Smoke gets in your eye

9. BBC Test Match Cricket Song (Arthur’s ringtone)

10. Frank Sinatra - Fly me to the Moon

11. The Italian Job (The Self-Preservation Society)

12. Ten Green Bottles

13. Happy Birthday

14. Circus Theme Song (Juggling apples)

15. Andry Stewart - Campbeltown Loch (Wish you were Whisky)

16. We’re busy doing nothing

17. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Non Più Andrai

18. One Man went to mow a Meadow

19. Keith Harris and Orville the Duck: I wish I could fly

20. Cwm Rhondda (Bread of Heaven)

21. It’s a long way to Tipperary

22. Peggy Lee - Big Spender (The miniature walked through the door)

23. Ella Fitzgerald - Summertime

24. Dean Martin - That’s Amore

25. Frédéric Chopin - Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2

26. Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines

(Missing: The “Dragon Song” in Cremona, the two songs played during the safety recordings, and the song that plays in the lobby in the Excelsior. Did I miss anything?)

anonymous asked:

Hey, I was just wondering if you've done any other Cabin Pressure pieces? I love the one with Martin and the Princess! In face, all your work is absolutely brilliant! Thanks a bunch! Juliana

I have drawn only 4 Cabin Pressure arts…

And one unofficial CP art… this is Carl, ATC…

Yellow Car! (to be sung to the tune of "Let it Go")

The cars drive past and they’re going so fast,
Not a holdup to be seen.
A really long line of vehicles,
Going where they haven’t been.

But if you’re bored while you are driving through the town
You can play this game - soon you’ll have it down…

Keep on the watch, don’t close your eyes
Never let the traffic pass you by
Whatever colours, near or far
See what they are!

Yellow car, yellow car!
Play alone or with your friends
Yellow car, yellow car!
It’s a game that never ends

Starting now
Every night and day,
When you see a car
If it’s yellow you will always know what to say.

It’s funny how there’s some days
You’ll see just one or two
Then other times so many
But you’ll know what to do!

You give a shout, you say those words
You know they’ve just got to be heard
So, loud and clear, give out a cheer, it’s here…

Yellow car, yellow car!
Play at home or in the street
Yellow car, yellow car!
Teaching everyone you meet:

Close behind
Or in front you’ll find
There’s a yellow caaaaar…

So now you know the rules, you can’t just mess around
When you see yellow vans or golden cars, don’t make a sound!
Unless it’s yellow and a car, there is no need
Just don’t say anything
Now, are we all agreed?

Yellow car, yellow car!
Did you see it parked on that drive?
Yellow car, yellow car!
Oh, it makes you feel alive!

Play always,
Through the highs and lows
Yellow car, yellow car!
Skip, you’re brilliant, I missed both of those.

We hope you’re enjoying the flight.
On your left, we’re just coming in sight
Of Swindon or Stroud,
All covered in cloud.
And it’s much the same thing on the right.

The captain has turned on the signs,
So stow away bags of all kinds.
Then make sure your tray
Is folded away
And your seat back no longer reclines.

Sean Connery, in Vyshny Volochyok,
In the rain on a drizzly solo trek,
Said, “Forgetting my sweater
Has made me much wetter.
I certainly do miss my polo-neck.”

—  Cabin Pressure, “Limerick”