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Improving Star Trek?

Moving beyond Western culture to reduce the problems I talked about previously.

The obvious solution to Star Trek’s treatment of alien cultures is not write them as one-note stereotypes. Not only does this reduce the problematic aspects of alien cultures in Star Trek, it would, frankly, make the show more interesting.

Are there minorities on Cardassia that are treated almost as badly as Bajorans were? Show them!

Are there Romulans who cannot figure how to tell a lie? Let’s see this person (and hear about their problems navigating Romulan society - which they would still rather remain in)!

Is there a Kazon who dresses like other Kazons, loves Kazon food and customs - but isn’t a jerk? They should meet Starfleet personnel!

Non-religious Bajorans?

Un-joined Trill who are perfectly happy not to have a worm in them, thank you very much…

Ordinary Klingons who don’t get a chance to do anything but mop up the ship because they aren’t of a high enough social class and who don’t really have a quest for glory (bc exactly HOW would that happen when there’s no chance for that to happen when I’m mopping floors, the Klingon asks) and would really just like some blood wine that was decent for change….

There’s so much that could be done with the species that Star Trek has already invented that we really don’t need to have new ones imo. I mean - look how much DS9 was able to by expanding what Ferengi could be.

ALSO, related to this, is expanding first the racial, but also the CULTURAL diversity in a crew. And doing this in an actually decent manner (i am looking at YOU Voyager).

Like - scene idea - four lower level Starfleet officers discussing their favorite religious holiday foods - two are human (one is Muslim, another is Christian, Hindu, Jewish - another religion), one is Bajoran, last one is Cardassian, and is the descendant of religious refugees that fled Cardassia several generations ago after being persecuted for being part of the Oralian Way.

Bc like….this is literally what happens whenever you put a bunch of decent humans from different cultures together for awhile - we get in these long discussions about the differences and similarities in our cultures (particularly holidays and food and family ime).

I find it hard to believe that such a thing WOULDN’T happen on the average starship.

ALSO, instead of only using a Western cultural backdrop, use things from other cultures and areas as well. Instead of citing “Abraham Lincoln” as a great dude, why not “Mahatma Gandhi”?

Instead of “some rando white dude explorer” how about “Zhang He”?

Foods are also important markers of identity and they only really refer to white people food.

Idk, these are just my ideas, feel free to add yours!

EXO Reaction to having 3 new girl members that are exactly like the former members (personality and such)

THIS WILL BE AN OT9 because of the theme. You know I always do ot12 but I didn’t know what to write for KrisLuTao
So this anon sent half of his/her name and I’m here trying to figure out some names that start with “Tem”… Xoxo, Admin A~

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“Wait… you call yourself Galaxy too? That… that reminds me of….” *Goes from happy virus to sad virus in three seconds*


“Should I talk to her… it’s like my Luhan but in girl… I don’t know… it’s so good it feels not real… maybe I should… I miss Lu”


*Every time one of hers tells him she wants to practice her martial arts* “Oh no no no… no more kicks no…”


*Approves* “Now I know who’s going to get bubble tea with me!” (I miss XiuHan)


“You know… Tao used to lend me his Gucci if I lend him did his eye line make up… maybe we should have a similar agreement…” *Dis Boi*


*Really brings back some good memories* “You are really similar to Tao… it’s so cute to be honest… you know what? We should go buy some panda keychains to symbolize our new friendship”


*Won’t admit it but he’s so happy he got a new gigant dork to make him laugh* “I’m just not good with words but… I’m glad y’all are here”


“Hey Boo.. wanna go out and play some soccer? It’ll be fun! I’ll even call Lu so you two meet and see how much you are alike!” *Lay playing the matchmaker XD*


*Him everyday, every night, forever* “So sad but so happy~”

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Yoosung and Taiwanese Bubble Milk Tea

i’m too eager for bubble milk tea so i bought one today.
comparing with the price in taiwan, it’s really expensive ;_;
but it worth it! i feel really energetic after drinking it hahahaha

so this pic shows me how much i miss bubble milk tea ;_;
i hope i will try more about Taiwanese food in the future hehehe

If u haven’t try it before, just try it!!!

another version…..lol
i almost want to write 美味XDDDDD

anonymous asked:

Hello I'm one of your readers from qoutev from the story Love Or Obsession, and I would like to request a Jimin angst/fluff where Jimin gets angry and jealous that your not spending time with him and spending more time hanging out with Jackson from Got7. Love Or Obsession was really great btw❤❤❤❤👍👍👍❤❤❤❤

Sorry it took so long to answer! Thank you for your request, I really appreciate it ^^ You’re the only request I’ve gotten so far, so I’m sorry this isn’t perfect. I should’ve tried harder, but I hope you enjoy it. (Also, you didn’t tell me whether you and Jimin were in a relationship or not, so I decided to let you be in a relationship already, if that is not what you wanted, you can send in your request again and I’ll just write it over heh.) Anyway, here you go!

Jealous Jimin

“Hello?” you said, answering your phone.

“(Y/n)?” you heard your boyfriend say from the other side.

“Oppa, why are you calling?” you asked with a frown.

It wasn’t that you didn’t like Jimin calling you, but you had really not expected it. BTS was very busy with promoting their new album, so you didn’t get to see your boyfriend very often and mostly just texted when he had five minutes off.

“I’m home. We got to go home early today, but you’re not here. Where are you? I miss you”, Jimin pouted.

“Oh, I’m just in the city, getting bubble tea with Jackson oppa.”

You looked over at Jackson who was standing in line, waiting until it was his turn to order your bubble tea. You were already seated somewhere because the boy had insisted on taking care of everything.

“Jackson? GOT7’s Jackson you mean?” Jimin asked.

“Yeah. Oppa is ordering right now, so I’ll come when we’re done, okay?”

“Why don’t you come now?” the boy whined and you sighed because it was so adorable.

You started pouting yourself. “Because I’m out with Jackson oppa. I can’t just ditch him. I’ll talk to you later, okay?”

“Okay…”, Jimin grumbled slightly.

You just thought it was plain cute though and hung up with a smile on your face, waiting for Jackson to make it to your table.

When you got home later that evening, the house was very quiet.

“Oppa?!” you shouted while taking off your coat and your shoes. “I’m home!”

“Jagiya!” Jimin whined while rushing from the living room into the hallway. “What took you so long?”

Jimin came up to you and hugged you tightly while you were still struggling with your shoe. You giggled in his chest as he knew you were having a hard time, but just held you tighter. “I’m sorry. Jackson had a lot to talk about and he’s just so much fun to hang out with, I lost track of time.”

“But I’m fun as well”, Jimin mumbled while hiding his face in your neck.

You snickered, but hugged him back. “Unfortunately, you have no jams, so I’m not sure.”

“Yah!” Jimin looked up and got out of your grip to look at you with knitted eyebrows and an angry pout.

“Just kidding, oppa”, you smiled and ruffled his hair while passing him. “I’m going to make dinner, so keep yourself busy for half an hour, please.” Jimin could be quite annoying when he was in a clingy mood and you had stuff to do, so you were clearly warning him because it looked like he was having one of those moments.

Jimin didn’t bother you however and you could make dinner quietly without burning anything (something that had happened a few times before due to a certain boy annoying you). When you were done and called Jimin over he, however, wasn’t lively at all anymore. He just sat there, seeming to be deep in thought and didn’t give any reaction when you put the plate of food in front of him. You realized that he probably had had a rough time at work lately and needed some love, and you felt a bit guilty. You walked behind Jimin and wrapped your arms around his waist, giving him a back hug.

“Tough day at work?” You asked quietly near his ear.

Jimin snorted. “Day, week, month… it doesn’t seem to end. I just wanted you to be home when I got here to give me a hug.”

“I’m here now.”

Jimin didn’t answer that, he just sighed. You hugged him tighter and pressed a kiss on his head. “Eat. We can watch a movie and cuddle when we’re done.”

It seemed like after that day however, BTS got even busier. Jimin came home later or not at all so you easily became bored as you were just free from University for about a month. You hung out more with Jackson because GOT7 was done promoting their newest album and were enjoying a break themselves. Whenever Jimin called you however, you just happened to be with Jackson and your phone conversations turned shorter and colder. It seemed like he didn’t really want to talk to you and he ignored half of your texts. So, even though he was acting strange, you decided to visit him at work one day. It was something you didn’t do often as you didn’t want to be a burden, but you had brought some bottles of water and energy drinks for everyone, hoping that the other members wouldn’t be so annoyed with your presence if you gave them something in return. You stood outside the dance practice room, hesitant and nervous about entering. You could hear the music playing though, so you waited until the song was done and in the few seconds of silence you quickly sneaked inside, hoping the next song wouldn’t immediately start. The door loudly slammed in its lock behind you, causing you to jump up in surprise and turn around to the sound. When you turned back however, all the boys were looking at you and Jimin quickly turned off the music.

“(Y/n)? What are you doing here?” he asked confused and annoyed.

You smiled sheepishly and held up the bag in your hand. “I brought drinks for everyone.”

It was awkwardly silent for a while, until Namjoon shrugged and walked over. “Need a break anyway”, he mumbled while he took a bottle of water out of the bag. He was all sweaty and smelled horrible, but you still returned a smile when he gave you one. Soon all the guys came over except Jimin. You looked at him while biting your lip nervously, but he just crossed his arms and stared intensely at you.

“Come on guys, let’s get out of here for a minute”, Yoongi told the younger members, clearly feeling the tension in the air. When the door shut behind them, your heart felt like it would explode any minute.

You put the bag aside awkwardly and got the last water bottle out so you could go over to Jimin and give it, purely to cross the distance between you two.

“Why aren’t you with Jackson hyung?”

You got startled by the question and stood up straight with a frown on your face, completely forgetting the water bottle. “Why am I not with Jackson oppa? Because… I wanted to… see you?” you asked, wondering if that answer would satisfy him. Was he being jealous?

Jimin huffed and looked away from you, but didn’t say anything.

“Are you… jealous?”

“No”, Jimin said harshly. He was jealous.

You sighed and walked over to him. “Oppa, there’s nothing to be jealous-”

“I’m not jealous!”

You shook your head and crossed your arms over your chest. “Can we talk like mature people who are in a relationship?”

Jimin looked at you intensely, clearly trying to hold back a nasty comment.

“Nothing is going on between Jackson oppa and me.”

“Then why are you hanging out with him more often than with me?! People might question who your boyfriend actually is, (Y/n)!” he yelled, exploding.

“Honestly, Jimin oppa, if that was the thing that bothered you then you could’ve talked to me way earlier. Why did you stay silent?”

“I hoped you would’ve known me good enough to figure out I wouldn’t like it. Why would I talk about it? You’d only find me annoying.”

It was sad when Jimin became insecure like this and you did feel quite guilty, you just hadn’t thought anything of it because Jackson was fun and BTS and GOT7 were friends, so you thought it’d be fine.

“You’re more annoying now. Why don’t you trust me?”

“I do trust you…”

“You don’t trust Jackson oppa?”

“No, that’s not it. I do trust him. It’s just… it’s not a great feeling when your girlfriend spends more time with your friend than with you. You always respond with ‘I’m hanging out with Jackson oppa right now’ and that makes me sad because I cannot even afford to spend time with you right now and knowing that someone else is doing my job-”

You walked up to him, clearly seeing how much it hurt him and quickly pressed a kiss on his lips. “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to make you feel insecure”, you said quietly and gave him another kiss. “I’ll hang out less with Jackson oppa. I love you, Park Jimin. I know you would spend time with me if you could, but I know that right now you’re very busy and I’ll wait until you have time. Just come home and give me a hug every now and then.”

Jimin smiled softly and stroke through your hair before pulling you close in his embrace and placing a kiss on your head. “Whenever I get to go home, I will cuddle you until you’re fed up with me.”

You smiled and hid against his chest. “Good luck. Prepare yourself to lose that battle, though.”

Jimin chuckled. “I love you, (Y/n).”

The Lucky One

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Chapter o2. Shame

Light rays gleamed through the window curtains disturbing you from your sweet slumber.  You crinkled your nose and raised your hand over your eyes in an attempt to salvage whatever moments of sleep remained attainable.  When your black orbs finally surrendered to the light, they opened to reveal an unfamiliar ceiling, and subsequentially widened in absolute disbelief.  But slowly the events from last night flashed back into your mind and your expression changed to one of half sadness and half contentment.  You thought that perhaps with this you would finally get some closure to your years of unconditional love. 

Your eyes lingered on Sehun, who was still sleeping peacefully beside you.  Unconsciously, your fingers extended, tracing over his beautifully arched eyebrows. 

What you would do to stay like this for eternity…  But you remind yourself that you must wake up now for this happiness belonged to someone else. 

Making sure not to awaken Sehun, you consciously got off the bed and tiptoed to collect your clothes.  Your cheeks blushed bright red when you noticed that the dress you had worn last night had turned into an unrecognizable heap of ripped fabric.  Mumbling a quick apology to the sleeping Sehun, you scurried over to the closet and grabbed the first shirt you got your hands on.     

Sehun’s light button down shirt appeared as though it was swallowing up your tiny figure but you were thankful it was long enough to cover just above your knee. With that, you darted downstairs to leave the crime scene. 

Maybe it was because of the strong scent of Sehun’s shirt that travelled up your nose but you were beginning to feel a bit intoxicated. Your fingers laced around the doorknob, but instead of turning it, you halted in place. 

The moment you step foot out of this house it’s all over.  Everything.    

And for that foolish reason, you thought of an excuse to prolong your stay – just for a brief moment – you thought.  As if your legs had a mind of their own, you were guided to the kitchen.  Maybe you could cook him a small breakfast and then leave before he woke up.  You never had that chance to do that for someone in the twenty-two years you were alive because your infatuation with Sehun forced you to reject any male organism that came even a foot within your proximity.  You just wanted to feel that feeling of being in love for just a few more minutes.

Your legs skipped over to the refrigerator.  Some eggs, sausages, and bread were gathered into a basket and placed on the kitchen counter in preparation for your culinary assignment. The smell of breakfast lifted your spirits and you hummed a little as you flipped the egg on the frying pan.  You were so into your duties of making a perfect sunny-side up egg, you failed to notice footsteps coming down the stairs.

Suddenly, arms wrapped around your waist, from behind, followed by a soft kiss on top of your head.  Your body stiffened. 

“What’s this?  My Minyoungie is actually cooking?  You must really want to get married soon”, Sehun’s voice teased.

You flinched and slowly turned around to look at him.  Your expression completely betrayed your guilt.  You feel your heart sink when Sehun stumbled back in shock.  His eyes roam your figure up and down, his hands cupping his mouth in horror, and his whole body leaned onto the nearby kitchen counter for support.

“________?!  Why is it –” , he finally spoke.

“Wait, let me explain,” you tried to calm both Sehun and yourself down.

His expression crumpled up as if saying, “What have we done?”

Unexpectedly, his phone rings.  He scrambled to take it out of his pocket only to pause the moment he saw the caller.  From the screen, you read “My Minyoungie <3”.

The two of you exchanged looks of despair.    

“Hello?” Sehun finally picked up but the distraught on his face became so visible.  You die a little inside hearing his voice tremble.  He responded with simple, “Mhmms” and “Yeah”, in attempts to hide his anxiety.

Once Minyoung hung up, Sehun began to panic.  Without warning, he grabbed your arm and began shoving you upstairs.  You almost tripped from the brute force he exerted on you.  At first, he pushed you into the bathroom but murmured, “No. No.”  You looked at him with a worried expression.  But he was too preoccupied and does not take notice. 

He dragged you back into his bedroom and you ended up getting shoved into the closet.  You opened your lips to ask what was happening, but he closes the closet door in your face.  You gaped in shock.  Pain spread up your elbow from coming into contact with the slam of the closet door.  But moments later, the door opened up again and dirty bed sheets and the remaining disheveled clothes were thrown into the closet to accompany you.  

Darkness engulfed you and you brought your knees to your chest in confusion and shame.  You felt “dirty” or “trashy”, like some kind of mistress… 

And then it finally hit you.  If you continued this that’s exactly what you would be – a mistress – or worse than a mistress because Sehun didn’t even want you.  You were just a foolish, stupid piece of discarded trash who thought you were worth more simply because you chose to give your heart to someone for ten years. 

From the tiny crack on the door, you spotted a nervous Sehun trying to distract Minyoung from the closet you were hidden in.

Your lips spread apart, forming an “Oh”.  Your dignity fell into the pit of your stomach. 

“What?  Are you hiding another woman from me, Oh Sehun,” she teased.

Sehun laughed nervously, shook his head, and wrapped his arm around Minyoung, “Of course not.  I just missed you so much.  Let’s go out to get some bubble tea to celebrate your return from New Zealand!”    

Minyoung giggled, gave Sehun a quick peck on the lips, and nodded.  Their hands intertwined and she lovingly pulled him out of the room. 

But you dare not leave the closet.  You sat there, like a damsel in distress, wrapped in a pile of dirty bed sheets and clothes.  The smell of sex radiated from the sheets and you wanted to vomit.

As time passed, you felt smaller and smaller.  Guilt circulated through every cell within your body.  What you did last night was equivalent to a poor person trying to justify for robbing a bank.  Foolish.  Stupid.  Selfish.  Shameless. 

What _______?  Just because you decided to devote your youth to someone does not justify tarnishing his reputation.  And you were shameless enough to walk around in his clothes and cook him breakfast like you were his legitimate girlfriend?!  What the hell is wrong with you?  Your inner consciousness scolded you. 

Tears roll down your face like an endless waterfall and your chest began to tighten with anxiety.  Your nails clawed at your throat as if doing so would make breathing any easier. 


When Sehun finally returned, he swung the closet door open.  You looked up at him, your face drowned in your own tears and your body piled with the wrinkled fabric, but you make no motion to move. 

“I’m so, so sorry, _______ah,” Sehun apologized for the tenth time but it only made you sob loudly.

Why was he apologizing?  You should be the one apologizing.  You made a perfect human being flawed.  You tainted him. 

He reached his hand to yours and helped you out of the closet.  You stared into his eyes.  And that moment you knew it was over.  You sprinted out of the room, ignoring all the shouts Sehun called out to get you to stop.        


For the next five days, your phone constantly informed you of Sehun’s missed calls.  You mentally laughed at yourself thinking that if something like that had happened merely six days ago, you would have ignored the requests of all humanity to answer Sehun’s call.    

The phone beeped to notify you that he had left another voicemail.  Even though you were adamant about not picking up his calls, you weren’t so determined about ignoring his voicemails too.

“________ah,” he hesitated, “we really need to talk.  I’ll meet you at 7pm at Yeouido Park, okay?” he paused again before continuing, “I’ll wait for you until you come”.

You closed your eyes in distress but made no move to comply with his plans.  To distract your heart from changing your mind, you plopped a DVD into the movie player.  But you found your mind wandering and halfway through the movie you turned off the TV.  With a sigh, you decided to go out for a walk. 


You weren’t at all surprised when the sign in front of you read “Yeouido Park”.  You inwardly scoffed at yourself.  So much for determination, ________.   Stuffing your hands into your coat pockets, you entered the park. 

The closer you got, the more you felt your breathing cease and your steps grow short.  At the sight of Sehun’s silhouette, you ran to hide behind a tree. 

Quietly, you observed him for afar.  In a long black trench coat, his tall form leaned against a bench.  His feet continuously shuffled as if he’d been waiting for a long time. In the cold autumn night, you could see his breath as he cupped his hands and huffed warm air onto them. A part of you willed your legs to approach him but the cowardly soul within you kept you chained in your spot. 

Soon, realization knocked you and you noticed that you were back in the familiar position you’ve been in for the past ten years – the spot where you forever watched him from afar.  It was like a dream, always so close yet so far.  And like always, you uncontrollably submitted to this dream.    

Autumn leaves swirled around Sehun before they fell to the ground at his feet.  Lights emitted by a nearby lamppost skillfully highlighted Sehun’s features as if they were placed there for that sole purpose.  Briefly, you looked up at the night sky to blink away the traitorous tears.  It comes to your recognition that you have become obsessed with this feeling of being entranced and hypnotized by the mere sight of Sehun’s shadow. 

But this time, something was different.  A feeling of contentment lingered inside your heart, despite the constant pain it was in.  Perhaps, letting go of your affections now would allow you to also let go of yourself.          

You decided that after watching Sehun leave today, you too would be able to leave his side forever.

But even after an hour, neither of you relocate. Impatience enveloped you when you noticed that Sehun’s hands had turned red from overexposure to the freezing winds. 

Sniffling back a few tears, you reached for your phone and texted Sehun, “Let’s just forget about that night”. 

Silently, you watched distress spread throughout his face when he read the message. 

He’s a good man. 

Not giving your heart the chance to waver anymore, you turned around to leave. 

a/n: :) Hola everyone <3.  Hope you enjoyed the second chapter, it’s a little cringe worthy and anti-climatic but it gets better!  I promise so stick around please.  Be sure to check out Chapter o1. One Night if you haven’t already done so!  & check this page for updates: The Lucky One !!  >3< muah muah See ya’ll again tomorrow :D 


Dear diary,

Today, I met the cutest girl in the ‘All Nation Girls’ meeting. She’s a small European, named Liechtenstein. I expected her to be a shy girl, but she’s a real chatty girl. She’s so pretty and adorable. While Vietnam was with Belgium, I decided to take Miss Liechtenstein to my place for Bubble Tea. She was so adorable that I just want to hug her forever. Why do European girls have to be so beautiful and adorable?

Art from: X

Submitted Anonymously. 

Love Confessions(SEHUN/OC) One-Shot

*Where Sehun had broken your heart, then came back asking for forgiveness a few weeks later.*

Sehun and I used to watch those really cheesy movies where the guy apologizes to the girl by making a grand romantic gesture towards her, like throwing pebbles at the girl’s window, love letters, doves, flowers, or the classic— trying to win her over by standing gobsmacked in the middle of the rain and begging her to come back.

He never liked those—hated them, even. He complained about how it was totally unrealistic and that, that guy was dumb for making a fool out of himself. And how that girl was stupid for coming back to him. He said that he would never do that, even if there was a gun to his head. But you see, the funny thing is, he did exactly that. And there was no trace of a gun.

On the day Sehun came knocking at my door at midnight, Seattle’s weather was more of a wreck than it already is. There must’ve been something bad going on in the heavens, because the rain poured down on us like a tsunami, and it never stopped. Not only were the tress victims of the rain, but the wind, also. They were trying their best not to get carried by the vicious wind that was recklessly knocking everything in its path.

I was in my cozy room watching a Doctor Who marathon with the one and only, sleepy Chanyeol, when the booming sound of the doorbell ringing impatiently reach my ears. I flinched and looked over to Chanyeol, checking if that interrupted his peaceful sleep. Relief washed over me when his eyes kept closed and his chest was rising and falling slowly.

My eyebrows made a crease as I wondered who would be outside my apartment of all places at midnight on a day like this. My legs quickly moved towards the door. I twisted the door knob and swung the door open, revealing a face that I’ve been forcing myself to erase out of my mind for weeks. Sehun.

My body was paralyzed in shock. My eyes were about to pop out of its sockets, and my lips were parted from the disbelief. My mind races with endless questions. I blinked a couple of times, trying to see if the person who was soaking wet from head to toe would vanish into thin air, like a dream. But no, this wasn’t a dream.

The figure stood still. “Sehun…?” I managed to choke out. My vocal chords had chosen such a great time to betray me at this moment. I was the victim of being under his killer gaze for quite a long time. It made my stomach twist and knot at a small glimpse of him. Finally, he broke his gaze and both corner of his lips tugged upwards.

Silence hung thick in the air, but I didn’t care. I carried on my little interrogation. “What are you doing here! If you’re here for your hoodie, then you can have it back. I already washed it, and it’s collecting du—” my sudden rambling was rudely interrupted by him.

“Why’d you wash it?” he asked, hurt was clearly evident evident in his voice. He was slurring his words. In a blink of an eye, I found my shoulders being gripped by his strong hands. The acidic small of alcohol lingered on his breath, making me grimace. I wiggled out of his death like grip and distanced myself from him.

“You’re drunk,” I scoffed, crossing my arms. He started to ramble on about something, but I let myself drift off and observe his facial features that my eyes had been longing to see.

He had gotten so much slimmer. Instead of a bright twinkle in his eyes, a dull cold one was there. They were puffy, too. His cheeks were stained with newly shed tears, making my heart break all over again. He cried. Oh Sehun cried.

“…and I would wake up at 3 am terrified out of my mind because I remembered that I can no longer see that sweet, sweet smile of yours light up when you get excited about something,” he sniffed, shaking his head in shame. And like the tress outside, he was struggling to stay in one spot. Unconsciously, my instincts kicked in and I found myself holding onto his arms to help him regain his balance.

And in just one swift move, he grabbed my arms and pulled me into his chest, embracing me. His arms fully wrapped around my waist while his face was buried at the nape of my neck.

Once again, I was paralyzed from shock. My hands began to tremble uncontrollably as if I was in Antarctica during the winter. Despite being soaked from head to toe, his body heat wrapped around me like a big fluffy jacket. His hand traveled up to my hair and caressed it gently, like a fragile piece of art that could fall apart any time. His pained muffled sobs reached my ears, making my chest hurt.

Without knowing, I slowly began to return the affection towards him. “Shh..shhh…” my trembling voice didn’t help the situation much. Tears began to drip down from my eyes. I mentally cursed at myself for being so weak in front of him. But then again, I wasn’t the soaked drunk one who was sobbing uncontrollably.

“I’m sorry…I’m so so so sorry,” he said. His voice was breaking to pieces. “I didn’t mean what I said. I only told you that I was cheating on you out of anger. I was never with a girl. I’m so sorry that I broke your heart, I’m sorry that I caused you so much pain. I’m sorry that you wasted your tears on me. Please forgive me. I am dying without you. I am dying without your bad puns lighting up my day. I am dying without your kisses. Please,” he finished, his hands gently cupped my face. I searched his face for any evidence of lies, but none came up. He was genuinely sincere.

I gnawed my bottom lip, not knowing what to do, or how to respond with the truth that weighed on my shoulders. The pouring rain filled out silence, but I didn’t mind. I was overwhelmed with emotions. I wasn’t going to deny myself the truth— I still love him. I still craved for his touch and his kiss single day. I craved seeing his little happy dance when he had found a new bubble tea store. I craved him. I missed him.

“…you didn’t cheat?” I asked, my voice was a little louder this time. He shook his head.

Suddenly, I felt a ton of weight lift off from my shoulders. It was replaced with relief and mirth. In the first time in forever, I cracked a smile. “Okay,” I nodded, “I forgive you. Just… Please don’t ever do that to me. Please.”

He frantically nodded in excitement, then swooped his head down, engulfing me into a fully passionate kiss that both of us had been longing for. My arms found its way to his neck and wrapped it, pulling him closer. His arms snaked around my waist, pulling me even closer.

Eventually, our lips parted for just a second, giving him the time to say, “I promise.” And he meant it.

wow. okay. I’ve had this in my notes for forever, and I’ve been debating wether to post this or not. I hope you guys enjoyed it! Requests are open :) feel free to ask!