i miss both these shows :(


1/?: Sherlock/Poirot similarities & parallels


c'mon // panic! at the disco + fun.


Let’s put things around each other’s necks and trick everyone into thinking we’re gonna snog.

That’ll be sooooo funny.

(for phrynesboudoir - thanks for the great idea!)

When your non-canon ship has a break-up scene

  • DW's AHKJ FB: Now you can celebrate Valentines Day with your favorite characters thanks to these Valentines Day cards!
  • Me: Okay, great, but none of those are my favorite characters. There is only one ahkj card and it's just Mort
  • DW: ...
  • DW: *deletes my comment*

Henry’s alliances with Ferdinand & Isabella of Spain, and the Emperor Maximiliam had led hostilities with the King of France Charles VIII. In October 1492, Henry invaded France and formed the siege of Boulogne. For the duration of the war, the Queen and their children remained at Eltham, near Greenwich. But Elizabeth wrote the King so many anxious letters with ‘tender, frequent and loving’ lines, that they influenced him in his early return in November.
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TM!Root x Reese | Loyal Friend Until The End Even In Her Dying Breath

“My core systems are failing. I’m almost gone. I’ll stay with John. Help him as long as I can.”

its funny when people are like “BUT MICKEY TRIED TO KILL SAMMI !!!! he deserves to be in prison” but like apparently in the s6 finale everyone on the show tried to kill frank. they threw him into a freezing cold lake (or w/e) and he was in a comma? or something idk i didn’t watch. but he could have easily died. what do you have to say to that then? put everyone in prison then. not to mention frank has killed a number of people. fuck i hate this show