i miss bobby :(


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

Ok so - if you know me at all you know that I have been ADAMANT from the beginning that Beth knew that Sarah would be at that train station at that time. That’s just WAY too big a coincidence, plus she shows no surprise when she turns around and sees Sarah’s face, AND she leaves her shoes as if to say ‘step into my place’. It’s all been very clear but for the life of me I could not figure out HOW this could be true.

Until today when @punk-rock-science and I realized something: it is entirely possible that the entire plot of Orphan Black rests on -


Yeah, that Bobby. The bartender.

We know that she knows Sarah through Felix. We also know that Beth had a serious substance abuse problem. So, it is entirely possible that -

-Bobby knew Sarah when she was with Vic.
-Beth came into Bobby’s bar at least once, possibly several times, but most notably on the night before she confronted Evie for some liquid courage.
-Bobby happened to mention how 'oh wow, you look exactly like my friend’. They strike up a discussion about this friend and how she is coming back into town that night on a train. She knows this from Felix, who (in this theory) was complaining in the bar about Sarah’s absence and her sudden intent to reappear in his life (We know he had advance notice of this because he is expecting Sarah when they first meet up in the bar).
-Beth leaves the bar and has a Pretty Rough Night, during the course of which Evie tells her to 'use that gun on yourself’. However, instead of doing this, she remembers Bobby’s story about her friend who looks 'exactly’ like her. Her friend who is coming into town that night on a train. And makes a different call.

Now, you could say that Beth knew exactly who Sarah 'the Lost Clone’ Manning was from her previous digging into clone lives, or you could say that she just assumed this was a random new clone - one she wouldn’t be letting down by stepping in front of that train, but still could trust to take over for her. Either way, it could work.