i miss being young and having friends

I can’t be the only one who thinks that Kolivan will end up being the real Dad Friend right? Bc tbh at this point Shiro is truly just Very Tired not to mention missing plus I headcanon that Kolivan had a family that he lost.

So lets say at this point he doesn’t have any practical understanding of just how young the paladins are, like he gets that they’re young but not that young. So he finds out that these defenders of the universe who just successfully went toe to toe with Zarkon himself are youths and he just “What??? They’re children!? My own children would be their age!” And that’s all it takes for a metal switch that he didn’t know he still had to be flicked on and these four weird Earth teens are officially His now. He puts effort into each of them, uniquely according to their needs and interests. He’s the one who points Keith in the direction of his mother, he helps Pidge find more clues to locate her family, he teaches Hunk about how to hotwire Galra tech, he’s the one who sees Lance’s insecurities and addresses them in a constructive and positive way bc you can’t tell me that 10,000 years of hiding hasn’t taught the BoM about the value of soldier morale.

Finds out Keith’s an orphan?  I am Your Father Now.

Hunk and Lance miss their families? Pidge’s was taken from her? I Will Ensure Your Safety in Your Father’s Places.

And imagine the possibilities for father/daughter stuff with Kolivan and Pidge? Like he’s just so enamored by this teeny tiny human who barely stands waist height to him but has such a strong heart? She’s so capable and daring and smart and devoted and kind of reminds him of his own daughter? And with no hesitation she’ll just climb on him to get at something and bc she likes to feel tall but she’s so small that he barely even notices the extra weight? He joined them on the training deck once and owned the guys but didn’t see leetle Pidgey come up behind him until she zapped and tripped him and the others are like “oh shit she dead” but he just beams at her proudly bc “you got me!” then proceeds to pitch her across the room. After this he gives her a Galra nickname that basically means ‘little warrior’.

It takes some time but eventually the team comes to look to Kolivan as their surrogate father, asking his advice, seeking his counsel and just generally enjoying being around him bc he recognizes that while they are the Paladins of Voltron they are also normal kids who sometimes need to have fun and he reminds Allura of this constantly bc bless her but she’ll drive them into the ground otherwise.

And when they get Shiro back Kolivan doesn’t even hesitate to help in any way he can bc omg this poor man needs it.


Kolivan becoming a valued member of the Voltron fam guys.

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can you please explain the pope dennis thing? i have no idea where it came from or whats going on ???

you know what i’m actually going to try my best here okay

so a bunch of my friends are obsessed with actor/transmasc icon robert sean leonard, and a few months back, when the young pope was airing, there was a night of impassioned shitposting during which they created Being Pope Leonard, a fictional netflix show in which robert sean leonard is the long-lost twin brother of the pope, and the pope goes missing, and so robert has to go over to the vatican to stand in for the pope while they try to find the real pope. he brings along his best friend lesbian bernadette peters, who goes undercover as a nun and leaves behind her long-suffering girlfriend johanna. once at the vatican, robert sean leonard falls in love with a cardinal named steven. gay hijinks ensue and after a three-season arc, robert sean leonard and steven retire to the italian countryside and eat tomatoes like apples.

so tonight i was like, “macdennis being pope leonard crossover fanfiction,” and mutated the story into like, an au where dennis is a successful juilliard-trained broadway actor, and he discovers that the long-lost third reynold triplet donnie is the pope, and donnie goes missing, so he moves to vatican city to stand in for pope donnie, with dee in tow (who is posing as a nun, and leaving her girlfriend charlie behind in the united states). while at the vatican dennis falls in love with His Eminence Ronald Cardinal McDonald, Archbishop Emeritus of the Church of Ireland. charlie eventually joins the gang in vatican city where she goes on a solo quest to navigate the vatican sewers and hunt down and kill the Queen Spider. after accomplishing this feat, charlie is inducted into the swiss guard. dennis uses his authority as pope to alter the rules of catholicism and endorse gay marriage and remove the requirement that priests have to be celibate. then he invites mac to the papal suite and they go to town.

i hope that was sufficient to explain the pope dennis thing but there’s a lot here that just defies explanation

EDIT: seph @roofbeams would like me to add “u only left out one thing which is that before rsl has to be spirited away to rome to impersonate his brother he’s a successful musical theatre actor playing judas in jesus christ superstar on broadway”

21| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 4107

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You forced yourself down into the seat next to Minjee. She didn’t look at you. What the hell had she done? What the hell had she told Master Jinho? Why? Surely she knew that you had more on her than she had on you?

You stared at her red rimmed eyes. She didn’t look like Minjee. She didn’t look smug. She didn’t look angry. Just scared.

Master Jinho sat in his large leather seat on the other side of the desk, weaving his fingers together. He looked calm. Calm and terrifying. “What happened this morning in your Pas de Deux class, Miss (Surname)?”

You gulped, pressing your hands into one tight ball. “We were packing up and Yoongi and.” You glanced down. Taehyung was Master Jinho’s son. What would he think of you accusing his son?

“And Taehyung.” He finished for you, his voice cool. “Continue.”

“And they went over to Minjee and put gum on her shoe.” Why were you so nervous? What reason was there to be nervous? If you told the truth then you’d be fine. You werne’t the one who had done wrong.

Master Jinho nodded. “And did you ask Taehyung and Yoongi to do that?”

“No.” You said incredulously. But it sounded almost fake to you.

“Sure.” Muttered Minjee, finally breaking her silence. She glared at you for a split second, looking much more like the Minjee you knew.

“Why would they do it otherwise?” As soon as she said it, she sunk back down in her chair, looking like she regretted what she’d just said.

You stared at her, your eyes narrowing. So she did know that you would simply tell them what she’d done to you. Oh well, she didn’t deserve sympathy. Master Jinho ought to know.

“I dunno, maybe because you – ”

“Jeez, dad!” Taehyung suddenly burst into the room, closely followed by Mistress Hyejin and Yoongi. “We haven’t done anything wrong today! I swear.” He caught sight of Minjee’s pointe shoe on the desk. “Oh.”

“Apart from that.” Yoongi muttered, scratching the back of his neck. He saw you in one of the seats and gave you a wink. How could he be so relaxed?

“Yes, boys.” Madame Hyejin hissed, her sharp stilettos striking the floor as she walked round the desk to stand at Jinho’s side. “That.”

You were glad Yoongi and Taehyung were here. They’d back you up and they’d proof of what Minjee and your class had done this morning. However your mind suddenly froze. Minjee and your class.

Oh Fuck

You thought back to the dining hall a few minutes ago. If you told Master Jinho. If you told him what Minjee had done, you would also rat out your entire class, but how could you do that? How could you do that, when they’d just apologized and after you’d just become a group again?

And, more importantly, could you really afford to split the class up just before the review? When tomorrow night all of you would have to go on stage and dance in absolute unison and convey the same idea? When you together had to beat the other class? Where everyone had to trust each other? But Minjee deserved to be reprimanded. She deserved to be shown that you couldn’t be so damned horrible to someone and get away with it. She deserved to be in your position, getting grilled by the headmaster.

But if you wanted Minjee to be punished, then they would all have to be punished. Your mind turned once again. Maybe they should be reprimanded? How did you know that they were being sincere when they’d said sorry?

But you really do have faith in them, because they really did seem sincere. Besides, even if they hadn’t learnt their lesson, you would still be destroying the class just before the review.

“It is outrageous-” Madame Hyejin was saying. “It is unacceptable, to defile other people’s property like this!”

“Defile other people’s property!” Taehyung exclaimed as Minjee’s face paled. “Do you have any idea what Minjee and – ”

“I told them to do it.” You said quietly.

“What?” Yoongi erupted, scrunching his nose.

Taehyung looked like he was about to launch off again. You tried to give him a stare which would tell him to be quiet, but it wasn’t obvious enough.

Crap. Words…excuses…something…

“I told them that Minjee was being a bitch to me-” Inspiration hit you. “-after Thursday night, when she slapped me.” You glanced at Madame Hyejin, making sure she remembered. She was staring at you with pursed lips, good. “I told Taehyung and Yoongi that she had been horrible to me since I’d gotten here, which is true.” You added. Minjee was not going to get off without anything.

But what about Taehyung and Yoongi? They were still going to get caned for doing what you supposedly ‘told’ them to do. “I may not have told them the whole truth.” Minjee was staring at you, surprise on her face. Why weren’t you telling them about the foot baths?

“Yes.” Madame Hyejin said mildly. “I do recall your little confrontation the other night not being 'one sided.’”

Master Jinho was gazing at you, his hands still clasped, but with one long finger touching his lips. “So you told Taehyung and Yoongi to do it?”

“Yes.” You said.

“So you lied to me before?” The stark calmness of his words jabbed into you.

You looked down, nervous and guilty. No, you hadn’t lied before. You were lying now. “Yes, sorry, sir.”

He looked above you to the boys, dryly disregarding your apology. “And why did you two do what Miss (Surname) told you to do?”

“You have no idea what a bitch Minjee was!” Taehyung exclaimed. You tilted your head a little, anxious to see him. He looked at you helplessly. You began to realise just how big a knot you might being tying yourself in.

“I do not tolerate that language young man!” Madame Hyejin snapped then returned back to you. “If you were having issues with Miss Gwan then you could have come to me or Jinho! You do not take matters into your own hands! That is not your place Miss (Surname)!”

“Miss (Surname).” Master Jinho’s voice spoke. “You will remember in future that you come to us when you have a problem, not your friends. It was not fair to put pressure on them to break the rules to help you.”

Yoongi went into an uproar. “It was our choice to do it! It was our idea to – ”

“And Taehyung and Yoongi.” Master Jinho cut it. “You will remember that it is not your job to punish another student in favour of one of your friends. You should have come to us.”

“You knew you should have.” Madame Hyejin put in.

“But she – ”

Master Jinho put up a hand to stop him. “Regardless of the issues between these young ladies, we expected much better from the two of you.”

That silenced the both of them. You knew everyone respected Master Jinho. Even Yoongi, who obviously had know him for a long time. Even Taehyung, his own son. They wanted to live up to his expectations. And when he’d said so blatantly that they hadn’t.

“Sorry, sir.” Yoongi mumbled and bowed his head slightly.

“I’m sorry too.” Taehyung mumbled.

“I believe an apology would be more fitted to Miss Gwan, gentlemen.”

They both stiffly apologized to her. Taehyung’s face was slightly skewed as he got the words out. They may have respect Jinho, but not Minjee. Minjee just nodded dully in return. Guilt was all over her face. You almost felt like kicking her to remind her to brighten up.

“The three of you will pay Miss Gwan back the cost of a new pair of pointe shoes. We will organise suitable punishments later.” Master Jinho spoke. “For now you’re both excused.”

They both nodded. Taehyung stormed out while Yoongi paused a moment, glancing at you. You gave him a small smile, trying to shove a dictionary’s worth of words into it. That you were so thankful. That you would explain. That you were sorry. He gave you a tiny nod in return, before disappearing too.

But then the door clicked shut, and it was just you, Minjee, Madame Hyejin and Master Jinho.

Madame Hyejin pulled up a chair from the corner of the room, sitting next to Master Jinho.

“There is very little time in the ballet world for little cat fights like you two are having.” She said bluntly. “What is your problem with each other?”

You glanced at Minjee. She looked as though she felt just as awkward as you did. And just as likely to open up as you were. The question was interesting, though. You thought back, to when you’d first arrived. When you’d met her and Jiwoo and Seohyun and you’d told them that you were seventeen. You couldn’t remember what she’d said, but it had made an impression.

Madame Hyejin sighed at your blank silence. “We cannot possibly resolve this without your cooperation.”

You bit your lip. You almost did want to cooperate, but the truth was that you had no idea why you hated each other. It had just gotten worse and worse.

Madame Hyejin leaned forward. “Is it about Myunghee, Minjee?” You noticed how she always changed last name to first name when she was being compassionate, but why be compassionate now?

“She has much more right to be here than (Name) does.” Minjee replied quietly, looking down at her hands.

“We had our reasons, Miss Gwan.” Master Jinho spoke.

What were they talking about? Who was Myunghee?

“I know.” Her voice cracked. You glanced at her. What was this about?

Madame Hyejin sighed again. “You know perfectly well that (Name) had nothing to do with that decision.”

“She did.” Minjee said sharply. “The board said they were deliberating between two girls, one who had some sort of thing with age and Myunghee. And they chose her.” She swallowed. “But Myunghee worked so hard for it and she’s the right age.”

Master Jinho took her insult to you call.  "Whether or not those allegations are true, it was not Miss (Surname)’s fault that Myunghee didn’t get in. You have no reason to attack Miss (Surname) for the Board’s decision.“

To your surprise, she nodded stiffly.

Master Jinho fixed you both with a look. "I want this conflict between the two of you to stop. It is impossible to work in a corps de ballet or a company or, indeed, a ballet school when there are two people wishing to destroy each other. I won’t hear of anymore fighting.” He glanced at Minjee. “Or pranks, Miss (Surname).” You gulped as he gave you a hardy stare.

“Yes sir.” You both said at the same time. It seemed you now had something in common; fear of the man sitting in front of you .

He sighed. “So what can we do to ingrain this message?”

“They already have conditioning class for the next week.” Madame Hyejin informed him.

He nodded. “You’ll both help in the kitchens each meal time until next Sunday.”

Well that wasn’t so bad, at least you wouldn’t have to choose which table to sit at. If there even was a choice by next week. If Dawon and the others could bear you.

“Miss Gwan, you’re excused.” Master Jinho said, pushing her pointe shoe across the desk towards her.

She held it delicately by the ribbon and stood up. “Thank you, sir.”

Madame Hyejin also stood and put her chair back.

 Oh fuck, oh fuck.

They were going to leave you here with Master Jinho.

Minjee looked at you before she left. She seemed uncertain about whether to glare or look worried, but Madame Hyejin herded her out.

And then there were two.

You swallowed tightly as Master Jinho straightened one of the pens on his desk. “Myunghee is Miss Gwan’s twin sister.” He said conversationally. “They are very close to each other, which is why Myunghee not getting in has been rather difficult for Miss Gwan. Myunghee’s a good dancer. Strong in character, much like her twin, and well educated in technique. What Miss Gwan said was quite right. It was a decision between you and her. as to who would get the last place.

"You were both at the bottom of our lists. You because you were too old, Myunghee simply because she wasn’t quite as good as the others. It was a question of which one of you was most likely to take ballet to a professional level. Myunghee has much more potential than you, Miss (Surname).” Master Jinho pressed his fingertips together, staring at you over the top of them. “Ballet companies look for young, experienced dancers in their corps.”

You nodded numbly, seeing your future crumbling in front of you. You had never allowed yourself think so far ahead. To have it laid out so plainly. “Why was I chosen, then?”

“Because the Board saw something in you that they liked, Miss (Surname).” He said. “Indeed, they didn’t think of you as corps de ballet material. You are too old, you are too inexperienced.” He leaned forward, planting his elbows on the desk. “But soloists and principals is a different material altogether. They need originality, and perseverance, and confidence. We believed you had all those things, Miss (Surname). And, above those, we saw you had passion. You love to dance, do you not?”

“Yes sir.”

He nodded. “It is a clichéd idea, passion, but not at all stupid. You can see it in a dancer. It stands out. And so that is why we offered you the last place here instead of Gwan Myunghee. She would have been good. We could have worked with her and she would have reached a good level. A national corps de ballet certainly. But we decided that if we could bring you up to your age group’s level, you could go further. We ignored the fact that you were two years older. We decided that you would work hard. We decided that you would be a good role model. Which is why your little conflict with Minjee is so appalling.

"Even if Minjee’s problem with you was ridiculous and no fault of your own, the way you reacted to her was appalling. I’ve observed your various arguments with her in the dining hall. You let her lead you on in front of the whole school. You took her bait.”

“I…” You began, wanting to stand up for yourself, but then maybe he was right. You had taken her bait every time and said equally nasty things back to her. But what else could you do? Let her push you round?

“It’s a difficult situation indeed, Miss (Surname).” Master Jinho said as if reading your mind. “But there are more subtle ways of taking insults than hurling another back at the person. And there are certainly more subtle ways than asking your friends to embarrass the person in front of their entire class. Agreed?”

“Yes sir.” You mumbled looking down.

“Good, then, I hope to say nothing more about that.”

You nodded. 

“One more thing, Miss (Surname).”

“You won’t be dancing in the review tomorrow night.”

Your head snapped up. “What?”

No, no, no!

“Sir, please I’m sorry about the shoe thing. I’ll do anything else but I have to dance in the review. I’ll be letting my whole class down.”

Master Jinho looked at you patiently. “This isn’t just about your prank, Miss (Surname). I was informed by a student that you were dancing when you’d been expressly told not to.”

You frowned. “My concussion?” Who the hell had told him about that?

He nodded, “Yes, your concussion, Miss (Surname). We have a policy at Amour that dancers must do as our doctor tells them. Apparently you’ve been dancing every night, yes?”

“Yes, but.”

He shook his head. “It’s unacceptable, Miss (Surname). Once again you’ve decided to take things into your own hands.”

“But I was fine. I didn’t faint or anything. And I’m fine now. Doctor Hill said I could start dancing again today. I’ll be fine for tomorrow.”

But Master Jinho just shook his head again. “You weren’t meant to dance in the review, Miss (Surname), not after you’d gotten a concussion. The only reason you kept your solo was because you broke the rules and rehearsed when you weren’t meant to. It would be like we were saying your breaking the rules was acceptable if we allowed you to dance. That is not the message we want to get across.”

“Please sir.” But you knew it was a lost cause. He had a point, that particular rule was probably smart to comply.

“You’ll be able to take part in everything else tomorrow, Miss (Surname) and I’m sure you’ll class would like your support.” He caught your expression. His eyes glinted knowingly. “I’m sorry. You want to dance this piece very much.” He sighed, giving a small smile. “It is always the best dancers who give people the most grief, Miss (Surname). Just learn to tame your passion, or be a little more subtle.”

You couldn’t help the tiny smile from appearing on you lips. Master Jinho was headmaster and he’d just stopped you from dancing and he was angry at you for what you 'did’ to Minjee, but he understood you. A bit.

Now he stood up and went round the desk to hold the door open for you.

“Goodnight, Miss (Surname).”

“Thank you, sir.” You replied a little shakily.

As soon as the door shut you felt like collapsing. Dying. Vanishing into some place where no one would ever find you. But you couldn’t.

You walked slowly along the corridor, along the side of the grand staircase. You let yourself go numb. You let your mind sort through the facts. You’d lost the solo. You’d lost the solo and you’d saved Minjee’s guilty butt. You’d also found out that you’d been extremely close to not getting into Amour.

You had just reached the front of the stairs when you heard a muffled sniff from the girl’s bathroom, which was by the theatre doors, opposite the dining hall. You frowned and went in.

Minjee stood at one of the basins. She wasn’t crying, exactly, she was just having those god awful sniffles you get after you cry. The ones which are loud and obvious and uncontrollable. Her hands gripped the edges of the basin. “Why didn’t you tell them?” She demanded, staring at the tap.

“Because I didn’t want to get the whole class in trouble.”

“Why not?”

“Because they apologized to me, and they paid me back.” You said, stepping further into the bathroom. “Between you and me, our class has been shred apart enough, don’t you think?”

“You mean everyone taking my side?” She finally turned around, standing tall. The areas round her eyes were still red, though.

“Not exactly.” You said.

She smirked, but it wasn’t up to her normal nastiness. “I really don’t like you.”

“And I don’t like you much, either.” You frowned. It was probably the first honest thing you’d said to each other since…well, ever.

“I get why you’re pissed at me about Myunghee even though it really wasn’t my fault.”

She rolled her eyes. “I know it’s not your fault. But really? You just strolled in weeks late and took over the entire class, along with the solo, and along with Seohyun’s pas de deux partner. You’re stuck up because you’re older than us. You’re better because you’re older than us. I’m pissed because you’ve taken my sister’s opportunity to become a dancer and you’re not even using it properly. You’ve put the solo in and taken it out like it’s nothing, not recognizing how important it is. You spend half your time in the library. You don’t even join your class, you go hang out with the seniors. My sister would have done the spot more justice. And she wouldn’t have been such a bitch about it all.”

You stared at her. She was very childish in your opinion. “Maybe.” You said, before thinking. “I do spend half my time in the library and I do hang out with Dawon and stuff. Maybe I am stuck up because I think you’re immature and the solo.” You sighed. “The solo was out of my hands. I didn’t choose to get concussed. I didn’t choose for Park Jimin to drag me off to Doctor Hill. I didn’t choose for someone to see me rehearsing and for Master Jinho to ban me from the review.”

“What?” Minjee said. “You’re not doing it?”

You nodded. “Someone saw me and told him. I’m not allowed to dance the solo tomorrow.”

“Shit.” She said. She seemed sincere, so she did care about the class’s performance?

“Agreed.” You muttered. “And it probably wouldn’t have happened if none of this other crap had happened. Why did you tell on me when you knew I’d tell on you?”

She shook her head. “I didn’t tell on you. Madame Hyejin found me pulling off bubblegum when I should’ve been in the dining hall. I kind of had to tell. Besides, you did tell them to do it.”

“I didn’t.” You said. “That was just because I needed to make sure Taehyung and Yoongi knew not to tell about this morning. Besides they wouldn’t have done that to you if you hadn’t done something wrong. It was just that the thing you had done could get the whole class in trouble.”

“I don’t regret the footbath thing.” She said warningly. “I just regret getting caught.”

“I never counted on you regretting it, but don’t do it again, Minjee.”

She smiled grimly. “Not with the wrath of both Kim Jinho and Park Jimin coming down on top of me. I’ll be more subtle next time.”

You glanced at your phone. “Nine-thirty. Everyone’ll be in bed.” You looked her up and down. “Are you going to tell anyone about what happened?”

“What, you amazing sacrifice and shit?”


She shrugged. “I won’t say anything. There’s not much glory in there for me.”

“Good, then.” You muttered, “I’ll say I just got called in Master Jinho’s office so he could tell me I’m not going to be able to dance in the review. You just spent the evening scraping gum off your shoe.”


The two of you stood at opposite ends of the bathroom, eyeing each other as you imagined two fighters would, seeing whether the other would strike. Where did you stand with Minjee now? She seemed to still be bitchy, but you seemed to have reached a level of honesty with each other.

“A truce.” You said, “Until the review’s over.”

She raised an eyebrow. “We better win the damn thing.”

You nodded, and spun on your heel, pushing out the bathroom door.

The dorm was dark when you finally got there, and it seemed that everyone was asleep. Thank God. You didn’t think you could deal with telling anyone that you’d let them down again.

Thoughts wouldn’t stop spinning in your head as you blindly got dressed into your PJ’s and got under the covers. Today, it had been such a whirlwind of everything. Waking up and getting your stuff soiled in footbath gunk, and then Tech, when you’d finally shown your class your dance. The dance which won’t ever see the stage lights and then getting your costume. Your beautiful costume which you’d never get to wear again and then Taehyung and Yoongi’s stunt. Going to the ballet shop and meeting Mister Sung and seeing all his wonderful ballet shoes, and then finally seeing Jiwoo.

God, Jiwoo…You’d almost forgotten her news, the fact that she might not ever be able to dance again.Maybe you weren’t allowed to dance for a night, but forever? Her pain would surely have been thousands of times worse than yours. But then you’d seen Jimin - that pain - Don’t think of it, (Name) and then the apology from your class, and hanging out with them and laughing and having fun. Lastly losing your solo after tonight..

You realized you didn’t even feel even slightly tired. You couldn’t let your thoughts get you like this.

Using the light of your phone, you got up and pulled your new pointes out of the bag and dug around in your trunk for the sewing box. It was covered in footbath water, but you shook it off and took out your needle and thread. You began to sew.

In and out. In and out. In and out. In and out…

I remember being a young a child and having an imaginary friend. Except my imaginary friend was my imaginary girlfriend and we went exploring in space and walking on the beach. We told each other secrets and we hid from the scary things in life at that time. It was wonderful.

Fast forward 15 years and that imaginary girlfriend is long forgotten and I’m lonely and scared and sad because I miss the idea of her. The worst part is that I don’t even have the courage to come out and look for her. I’m too afraid to be who I know I am deep down inside.

Fast forward 3 years and I’m sitting in a bar drunk off my ass and I see a very happy lesbian couple and I cry because I deprived myself of that potential happiness for so many years. I am absolutely miserable and I don’t want to exist anymore. So I make the choice to stop starving myself of happiness and look for a woman to go exploring with. Best decision I’ve ever made

Evening the Score

Elena Rose Bennett is a world class athlete, Harry Styles is an International pop star. Both of them lead extraordinary lives, but when they happen to meet by chance, they do the most ordinary thing there is. 


Harry was sitting in a meeting with Jeff and some record executives.  The final details for his tour were being hammered out and try as he might to stay focused, all he could think about was getting home to Elena.  He’d left her naked in her bed and somehow that just seemed fantastically wrong.  

He had kept her from packing after they’d returned home from the game, though she hardly protested.  So she promised she’d be packed by the time he got back from his meeting.

Harry felt his phone buzz once but ignored it.  Jeff was in the middle of talking about the cities Harry was visiting and he always liked hearing the schedule.

However, when his phone buzzed again, he couldn’t resist looking down.

How’s this for pajamas?  Is London cold or hot this time of year?  I want to make sure I’m dressed appropriately.

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Sparks Chapter 8

Originally posted by kelsyryannisalion

Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from avengers team

Word Count: 3.6K

Summary: Bucky and y/n have a almost moment at the Tower’s Halloween party. But, they are interrupted with news of a potential bio-attack in Time Square. It’s up to y/n to disable the bomb and save the city.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 66 pages. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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give me minute yall

please excuse my english, i’ve never gotten good grades 

i finally pulled myself together(not) and I just want to say that I’m very very proud of NCT and even us the fans . We’ve all been through so much . Protecting our boys from the cruel world with the best of our abilities;A;

OK lets start from  the oldest Mark, we all know about him having to debut in 3 different units. And not once he complained about being tired or anything .He even told us how happy he was and how he wanted to see the fans more. That shows how much he love this career and would do anything to make us happy. From being the youngest to being the leader would have taken a toll on him. And im pretty sure that even if he doesn’t show, there was probably times where he felt very exhausted . Especially with the people calling absolutely fully capable .You’ve worked hard Mark Lee

Renjun , omg this boy . He came from China and had to learn korean and being far from his family would probably make that kid sad af. Apart from that , he also helps his fellow member Chenle with adapting to this new surrounding . imagine being not sure of something yourself but then you go take yourself sure of it cause people look up to him.  Iwould honestly be stressed to the max if i was him.I applause him for that. you too, have worked hard Huang Renjun 

next we have Jeno. Being an idol , theres this part where you’ve gotta be talented at many things and also be funny.As most of us would know Jeno finds himeself the most boring in NCT which is not true of course. I believe he just gotta open up more and he probably be as funny as Haechan . Jeno needs more confidence and I can tell he’s working on in especially in the recent NCT DREAM Vlive where Mark was absent and he took the sub leader role .And we can see how much he talked compared to before. Actually all the members became more comfortable now and it makes me so soft inside .SO if we give it more time ,NCT would probably be variety gods. You’ve work hard Lee Jeno.

now my boi Haechan . I have no idea where to start and I feel that this will get long af. We all know how this boy can be mischievous and sassy .But lets all also remember that he is probably the most softest kid in NCT. As canbe seen from today, he was the first to cry when NCT DREAM was announced as the winner . I could understand why though. He has been going on about wanting to get first place on music shows since early 2017 and having his wish come true probably felt like a miracle (oh god im crying again) He ihas been a trainee since 2014?? when he was 14. Like damn his voice was probably just started to break and we all know how stressful it is to train your voice when puberty is hitting you like nobody’s bussiness. Oh and let’s not forget how strong he is . Like he was bawling his eyes out awhile ago but then a few seconds later he started hitting notes like an angel like it was a piece of cake.Damn son. He was probably thinking about how he was the team mood maker , and he wanted to show us how he happy he is . AND IM CRYYING .ok so. im so proud oof you . You’ve worked hard Lee Donghyuck 

Chenle , oh baby chenle .All the way from china with not much knowledge about korea or even kpop but here he is ., Slaying every stage . He was already a celebrity in China before he came here, but he still stayed in korea ,learn the language , and debut as a member of NCT. How hard did he work to be here only he and the members a know.Let’s not forget he is only 16 this year. WOW . when i was 16 i was stuggling with school.Im sososo proud of him . I can’t fully describe how much this is making me feel.yOU Zhong Chenle, have worked hard.

Our maknae , jisung.Bby chick JISung he so young . AND SO TALENTED .how does SM get this kids????Omg ok smol baby  jisung started dancing probably after he came out of the womb.Ok but serious , boys his age would be playing outside with friends instead of being in the studio and dance rooms for hours .With so much schedule and rules to follow.Scratch that NCT DREAM practically gave up their childhood to be where  they are now. Damn . You’ve  work hard Park Jisung .

Last and not least, Our Happy Virus Jaemin .gOd i missed him so much it hurts, so , damn, much. From what i heard , he was already suffering that waist injury since he was a trainee? im not so sure . But if  its true, i’m so proud of him, risking his health so that he could show us am azing performance that they have been practising .But i also hope that he take care of himself more now. it really hurts to see them hurting. Im sure he is sad that he can’t join his members in this comeback. sO many things had happen , and not being able to be there probably made him guilty but i hope he knows everyone misses him and hope he recover really soon cause we really need our happy virus.omG HIS SMILE. yOu’ve worked hard Na Jaemin

so in conclusion im totally whipped for NCT as a whole but today’s event made me reflect on how hard they all worked . Haters , if you have nothing nice  to say,then please shut up and mind your bussiness. NCT fans let’s continue supporting every single one of them cause they are family and everyone should be loved.Let’s not hate one member or one unit because your fav didnt get to shine.Its just the start ,theres still alot of time ,I believe all NCT members will shine so brightly that the haters go blin. lets love them okayy!

Scott McCall Imagine- I Came To Help

Summery- You’re Lydia Martin’s cousin, you grew up in Beacon Hills but you moved with your parents to England, after you were bit by Peter Hale in your sophomore year. However as soon as you heard Stiles had been possessed by the Nogitsune you came back to help. You had romantic history with Scott McCall but you soon discovered he had moved on, but you weren’t ready to let him go yet.

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Persephone (Yakov Chernenkov x MC)

Game: Be My Princess

Warning: Slight mention of a sex scene along with some dark perspectives on that topic.

Summary: The first wife was murdered,                                                                              The second wife committed suicide.                                                                   What will be the fate of the King’s third bride?

Comments: Old idea I had in my head for like 5 years now. I mixed Yakov’s paid route, GREE route and Zain’s party route for this so some characters you may not recognise. George is from Zain’s route and Princess Natasha is Yakov’s older sister in GREE..

Once upon a time…..

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cat, rat & dog

James: When I came up with “let’s be animagi” idea I never thought it would be this problematic to be honest.

Lily: You generally never do think in the long run, do you?

James: Nope, not my thing. Sirius has been following the bloody rat for almost a year, this is ridiculous. How can someone not notice that their rat is not a rat for TWELVE YEARS?

Lily: *smiling weakly* I mean to be fair he is a pretty convincing rat James.

*Scabbers bites Ron, James sees Sirius, too*

James: The fucker is trying to get away again GET HIM PADFOOT, COME ON MATE

Lily: Does he have to do this in his animagus form though? They think he’s the grim, they’ll be scared shitless.

James: Doesn’t matter as long as he gets to Wormtail.

Lily: Your child will be traumatised, do you realise that? He’ll think Sirius is death

James: *extremely calmly* He’ll get over it.

Lily: *kind of mad* Our priorities are very different. He’s dragging Ronald, he’s going to hurt h– never mind, he already did. Good god Sirius, he’s going to kill him. Why does he have to be so over the top with everything?

James: Because the sky is blue? What kind of a question is that? It’s like you’ve never met him.

Lily: *eye-roll*

James: This tree was not one of Dumbledore’s brightest ideas.

Lily: *sarcastically* Don’t you say? This child is doing everything in the book to get himself killed. I can’t look, tell me when he gets in.

*5 minutes of jumps and screams and James’ oooh and aaahs Harry and Hermione get in to Shrieking Shack*

James: It’s good Lils, he got in. Now, a new problem: he wants to murder Padfoot.

Lily: What. a. fucking. relief.

James: Evans! Language.

Lily: So you can say it but I can’t?

James: No– that’s not– how? that’s not what I meant. *Sirius disarms Harry and Hermione* Padfoot WHAT? Did you have to disarm them?

Lily: Well, isn’t this lovely? He’s talking like he wants to kill Harry, I’m not blaming him if Sirius ends up dead.

James: “There will be one murder here tonight”? Really? For fucking real Padfoot? I don’t get how I ended up being best friends with the biggest drama queen to ever grace earth.

*Sirius and Harry fight*


James: *through his teeth* I’m going to kill him again when he gets here, I won’t care that he’s an old man.

Lily: What is this? Why is he acting like he killed us? What is wrong with him? You know besides the being Sirius Black thing?

James: I mean it’s Sirius so I don’t have an exact idea, just bits and pieces.

*Remus comes to the Shrieking Shack*

Lily: Finally, someone with common sense.

James: The one thing I’m happiest about this mess is that Moony will know that it wasn’t Padfoot who sold us out, at last. The times I wished we have told Moony we were switching the Secret Keeper…

Lily: I know love, I’m happy Harry will get a real family. When he gets his name cleared, Sirius will take him from Petunia’s. Remus and Sirius will raise him like their own, like we would have.

*Remus tells the story of Marauders to Harry, James reaches for Lily as he’s listening, all of this is too much for him, he misses everything: being young and careless, having his friends with him and he absolutely hates being so far away when they are all together even though the reason is miserable. Then Snape comes*

James: Snivellus. He has to ruin everything.

Lily: He probably thinks he is doing something right James.

*James loses it, not because he’s mad at Lily but because he’s afraid that the only chance Sirius gets to clear his name and tell the truth to Harry is being interrupted by Snape*

James: Stop defending him Lily! I’m tired of this childish grudge, this is not a simple matter, he’s going to RUIN IT. Peter is there! PADFOOT HAS WORMTAIL! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THE MAN WHO KILLED US, THE MAN WHO GOT SIRIUS LOCKED UP IS THERE? Severus only wants to make sure that Moony and Padfoot suffer. 

*Lily is frozen*

James: I– I’m sorry Lils, I shouldn’t have said those, I didn’t mean to blame y–

Lily: *a little offended* No, it’s alright. They are your best friends, I get it.

James: No it’s not alright, I sometimes let my anger for Peter get the best of me. It’s not just that they are my best friends Lily, everyone needs to know exactly what happened that night, that it wasn’t Padfoot, most importantly Harry needs to know.

Lily: Looks like they are going to. Harry, Ron and Hermione knocked Severus out cold. Now pray Harry believes Remus.

James: He will, he’s a smart kid, he will. *chuckles* And Remus can be very persuasive when he wants to, just ask Sirius when we see him. 

Lily: Will do, if I don’t forget in 40 years.

*Peter is revealed, Remus and Sirius are about to kill him, Harry stops them*

Lily: That’s my boy, it’s so scary how he knows exactly what you would have wanted without even knowing you properly, you should be proud.

James: I am Lils, you know I am. However, I want him dead, just not killed by Moony and Padfoot. Everytime I look at Harry, I want him dead more and more.

Lily: That’s not who you are James, you’ve never been a man like that. I know you hate him and I know you are angry but the James Potter I know never would have let someone he loved once suffer like that.

James: *barely talking* I honestly don’t know what I want anymore

Lily: Think about it like this, if he’s dead they can’t prove Sirius’ innocence, alright?

James: *half smiles* Sure love. Lils didn’t Severus say Moony didn’t take his potion tonight? *apparently scared* It’s full moon.

*Remus’ transformation starts, Sirius tries to help him, forgetting about Peter. Peter takes advantage of the situation to disappear*

James: NO WORMTAIL NO! *whispers* He got away, he got away again, no. 

*Harry follows Sirius and Remus thinking he can help them, Remus runs away, dementors are all around*

Lily: No, no, not like this come on Harry, come on baby you can do it. Come on.

James: It’s impossible Lily, there are too many of them.

Lily: They are dying James, *barely whispering* not like this.

*James is just staring blankly at the bodies of his son and best friend, he’s lost then the stag patronus emerges*

Lily: James is that you?

James: Of course not. How can it be me?

Lily: It looks exactly like your patronus.

James: *amused* That’s because it’s my patronus, but I am not the one conjuring it, it’s Harry.

Lily: What do you mean “it’s Harry”? It’s impossible he’s lying over there.

James: I don’t know but that’s Harry, that I know. His patronus is me Lils. How is that even possible?

Lily: With this child, I’m starting to think everything is possible. I don’t mean to rain on your parade but how are they going to save Sirius now that Peter is gone?

James: I don’t have the faintest idea, I just hope they do.

Lily: Me, too, for Harry’s sake.

Other people and Cartoon Network themselves don’t seem to understand WHY people hate Teen Titans Go

If you bring up TTG and your dislike of it, you’re either greeted with people who agree with you, or people who say ‘You’re living in the past’ or ‘It’s a KIDS show get over it’ or ‘This is different, it’s not meant to be taken seriously’

This is what people and Cartoon Network themselves fail to understand: We get that and pretty much fully accept this is not OUR Teen TItans

It’s not that we’re opposed to the idea of a comedic reboot of something we love at all, I mean it’s worked amazingly in the past! Sonic is really benefiting from it with the new cartoon series, and even something as serious as BATMAN turned into Batman Brave and the Bold, and a lot of people love that series!!

So it’s not the fact that they turned Teen Titans into a comedy: It’s the fact that they did it wrong on so many levels, and the fact that the show runners and the network itself act like literal children when it comes to criticism.

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if kory and kara are brought into season 3 of young justice (like I hope they will), I want to see them bond w/ m'gann over being from another planet. I want them to have an alien girls’ night where they talk about their homeworlds, and joke about the differences in cultures between them all. I want to see them cheer each up other when they’re homesick, share native recipes, and swap stories. I want to see my favorite alien girls be friends.

Templars Knights and Seborga!!!!

Hello, people. I have to talk about this, is has been following me all weekend.(since I realised it)

First, I have noticed a lot of people don’t know there exist a Knight Templar character( he is so cute!!) So, here I will put a photo of him

(Teutonic Knights is in the left, in the background for the cross it is Knights Hospitaller, and in the right is Knights Templar )

here another

Here another extract from the blog:

[Knights Templar]

They used to offer protection and lodgings for pilgrims.

The Templars worked for the Christian church after they lost the Holy Land. But perhaps since they were so good at making money, they met a death so horrific you can’t blame them for coming back as zombies to seek revenge in Director Schnaas’ movies.

(That is true, look for Templars death at your own risk, the poor fellow T-T)

So, okay, I love this little fluffy cutie since he first saw him,(he appears a few more times, all cute) what of it?

Well I was on tv tropes for Hetalia and I found this thing on ymmw:

Obfuscating Stupidity: Seborga, acknowledging the part the Templar Knights played in his history.

??, What does Seborga, for all who do not know, is a micronation with long history in Italy, have to do with Templars???

(pictured above: Seborga)

The thing is, if you look for Seborga history, you will most likely find the history of GIorgio and his claim on independency based on legal errors( is pretty logical, actually), but if you put Seborga and Templars….



Seborga was born as a place owned by monks of the Cisterian order, and was the first Cisterian state on the world (it was ruled by abbots(monks)). The first NIne Templars were knighted there. (I believe Templars was born on Jerusalem and gained status as an order on Seborga, but it could be the other way around) Seborga is a bit older but practically the same age, and at the time he was named Castrum Sepulcri, that means fort of silence(or of the dead), basically a fort.(home).

A lot of the Grand Masters of the Templars were Seborga leaders, this is possible because unlike THE REST OF THE WORLD, Seborga was reigned by monks. This is the most close you can get to marriage with celibate Templars.(well, ok, this is my shipping side talking, but they were really close)

And, like, Seborga even formed Knights,  The Knights, Escuyer of the the Sovereign Order of Castrum Sepulcri, Escuyer means squire, basically like Templars squire. (there is a funny anecdote where seborga was captured and escaped by his charisma). 

Please take a minute of your time to google Seborga and templars, bacause I am not making justice to this. 

And if you look at Seborga today, he has Templars paintings everywhere (and two templars churches, and Malta cross, but that because he was friends with Hospitller too), and cartoon figures of templars, in the tourist reviews, they say they are everywhere.(this, I believe, translates into seborga having a room in his house filled with templars images/things, or even his whole house, because it is everywhere)

 there is even problems now in Seborga with a cult that is buying properties of the micronation because of the templars influence. (yeah, what is happenign with that, anyone know, it sounds a bit alarming)

 Seborga still remembers (and misses) Templars, a lot.

 Templars and Seborga were childhood friends, they almost shared house (except Templars was wandering, but seborga house must have been a bit like his own, seeing ex-bosses and so), and it is like nobody of hetalia knows it. I have to inform everywhere of Seborga heartbreaking story.

I need seborga/templars things, people,sad things of seborga remembering templars, please, happy things of them being together when young, anything. fics, art, something (I can write, but not draw at all, it is killing me)

★ imagine; him getting his lip pierced.

[ photo © ]

It’s been seven weeks since you’ve seen your best friend. 

It might not have seemed like much to others, but the longest you’ve spent apart from Jaebum was the two week vacation your family took to the mountains during your winter break back in middle school and Jaebum couldn’t come with because he was sick. Not seeing him in person was starting to make you antsy. 

Occasional text messages were sent back and forth was the only thing that kept you two connected. Jaebum wouldn’t accept your phone calls or videos calls claiming he was too busy or wherever he was, he wouldn’t be able to hear you.

 Truthfully, you were hurt. 

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Memories Lyric Analysis

Idk about you but I haven’t seen anyone analyzing Memories and to me it’s such a Ryden song that I’m gonna have to talk about it.

He was the congregation’s vagrant,
With an unrequited love.
When your passion’s exaltation,
Then finding refuge is not enough.

Brendon’s talking about someone who has strayed from the faith, someone who believed in their passion (music). The person might’ve initially turned to music as a means of escape, but realized it was their true calling. Also in the beginning, Ry’s gf cheated on him, but he still had feelings for her enough to write Afysco songs about her such as Lying.. + some of his lj entries are about her. So yeah, I think this is Ryan.

She was the youngest of the family
And the last to be let go.
When they decided they would try to make it on their own.

Brendon is the youngest of five children. This probably refers to when the boys decided to take a chance on the band. It was a hard time for them as they had strained relations with their families. 

When July became December,
Their affection fought the cold.
But they couldn’t quite remember,
What inspired them to go.

Panic! split in April 2009. The conflict between Ross and Urie had to be an ongoing process, which I think started from the time they recorded Pretty. Odd.(late 2007-2008) Ryan wanted to sing, Brendon wanted to write and they had different musical inclinations. They tried to compromise, but they started to forget their motivation for staying together. Which, believe me, is usually the last stage of a dying relationship.

And it was beautifully depressing,

Like a street car named Desire.
They were fighting for their love that had started growing tired.

A Street Car Named Desire is a play by Tennessee Williams. It’s critically acclaimed, but has dark, tragic themes. He’s probably referring to a time (2009 ish) where everything was going wrong and they were sick of trying to make things work. People say Pretty Odd was happier than Afysco, but from the ryden aspect, it kinda tore them apart

When money lost momentum,
And the bills were piling high
Then the smile had finally faded,
From the apple of their eye.

When Pretty. Odd. came out, people had been expecting an album like Fever and the reception wasn’t as great as expected. Compared to Fever, the expenditure was Pretty. High. (recording at the famous Abbey Road Studios, orchestras, etc) The profits were probably less, which added to the tension (to go pop or to go retro?).

They were young and independent,
And they thought they had it planned.
Should have known right from the start
You can’t predict the end.

When they started out, just a couple of teenagers from Vegas, they were naive and starry-eyed. They referred to the future talking about ‘making music together’ and ‘being in the band’ and one of Ry’s lj entries says something about ‘making it big with my 3 friends’. They had plans, dreams together that they couldn’t ever realize in the end.

Oh Memories!
Where’d you go?
You were all I’ve ever known!
How I miss yesterday!
How’d I let it fade away?
Don’t fade away!

At that point he was more hurt than salty and he was willing to admit the fact that he missed Ryan and wanted him back. Brendon kinda looked upto Ry in a way and whether you believe in ryden or not, they were best friends so he obviously missed him. He didn’t want to forget the memories hence the song also hey look I’m sobbing.

Um this is completely me, but musically, this song reminds me of My Life Would Suck Without You which came out in 2009. Idk he’s ever listened to it, but lyrically it could apply to ryden anyway.


FT Fluff week Day 2 - Music | Games

                                                        Lucy: Age 15 ||| Natsu: Age 16

“Dear Mama,

Oh Mama, it was so embarrassing!

Today, Natsu and I were in my room singing Yellow by Coldplay. I was playing the guitar and I asked Natsu to sing. I swear I am in love with his voice. Oh uhm I mean, yeah, voice. ANYWAY, he pulled me onto his lap and hugged me from behind while I was playing the guitar. Oh my gosh! It was so embarrassing. And then when he sang, ohdearmavishelpme, his breath was tickling my ears and he was whispering the lyrics and– Oh dear, I thought my poor heart was going to burst! But he was too close and his breath and his voice GAH! Stupid Natsu. I know he’s just teasing me.

Sorry Mama, my letter today’s so messed up. But having Natsu near me makes me do things that I wouldn’t really do to people who’s not Natsu. I know I am having feelings for him but… he’s my best friend. I don’t know if he would accept it if I did confess to him but… I’m still young, Mama. I still have time to think about my feelings and for the meantime, I’m going to enjoy being with Natsu as his best friend. He’s the only constant in my ever-changing universe. Well, Levy is also my best friend but she also has Gajeel. And they’re so cute together even though they’re polar opposites! 

Oh yes, I almost forgot. I have no idea why I missed this but… Papa saw Natsu and I when we were jamming… I wanted to be buried with Natsu at that time because he caught me sitting on his lap while Natsu’s face was so close with mine. Papa almost broke down the door and we were so, so scared. He looked like a demon prepared to kill (Sorry for the language, Mama.). But at the same time it was hilarious because suddenly, Papa was chasing Natsu around the room. I couldn’t handle my laugh so I dropped on the bed and laughed so hard. Papa and Natsu stopped their chase and looked at me like I was an animal in a zoo. In the end, we were all laughing and Papa offered Natsu to stay for dinner.

Would you believe it Mama? Papa cooks our dinner every night. He learned how to cook years ago when he reduced his time at the company to take care of me more (and also Natsu since he’s always around the house. I wonder if Grandeeney and Igneel was used to Natsu not being home? I need to apologize to them in the future. Or maybe invite them to dinner together with Wendy.). I’m so happy because the lonely meals became so much livelier with Papa and Natsu around.

I wish you were here, Mama. Papa and I misses you so much. And Natsu wanted to meet you too. 

I love you, Mama.

Love, Lucy.”

                                                     Part 3 of 9

Parts: I (Puppy) // II (Together/Come On)  //  III (Music/Games)  //  IV (Starlight/Rain)  // V (Promises/Always)  //  VI (Count On Me)  //  VII (I Lived/Show Me)  //  VIII (Serendipity)  //  IX (Happy Ever After)

It’s official. I’m cramming everything. I just slept yesterday from 9 pm to 8 am haha. Gosh I was so tired. Oh well. Until next time! XD

Ms. Powers- Part 9

Ms. Powers Part 1

Ms. Powers Part 2

Ms. Powers Part 3

Ms. Powers Part 4

Ms. Powers Part 5

Ms. Powers Part 6

Ms. Powers Part 7

Ms. Powers Part 8

“How was the date,” Clint took a seat next to you outside on the bench.

“Word travels fast,” you forced out between bites of your taco salad. “It was good, though.”

“When is the old man taking you out again?”

“We’re going out Saturday.”

He gave you a quizzical look. “I thought you were visiting Mary Saturday.”

You nodded, “I am…Steve is coming.”

“Moving quick,” he joked with you.

You shrugged, “He said he wanted to meet her and it makes sense; he’d have to meet her eventually if this is going to get serious.”

“I guess that’s true. How’s training going?”

“Better than before. Most the kids are getting good at camouflage but there are still a few that haven’t fully grasped it yet.”

“You’re a great teacher, they’ll get it.”

The rest of the week went by quickly, filled with paperwork, training, making the weekly meal for the Avengers, and still managing to find time to work around base. Saturday morning finally came and you were up early getting ready for your day with Steve. You heard the knock on your front door from your room and used your powers to open the door from upstairs, “Come in,” you yelled down. You put on your shoes and saw Steve sitting in the kitchen as you reached the first floor. “Good morning,” he greeted you, “you look beautiful.”

“Thanks,”’ you looked over your jeans and white sweater, “it’s cute and comfy so it does the job. Are you ready for today? It might be boring so don’t feel like you have to come.”

“Nothing could be more boring than sitting around base all day,” he said jokingly. “I’m looking forward to meeting someone that isn’t an assassin or agent.”

“Alrighty then. Let’s get going,” you smiled and led him out.

“Where are we going anyway?”

“Pennsylvania.” The trip was quick thanks to the flight power S.H.I.E.L.D has. The jet had you there in 2 hours, putting you on the ground at around noon. Getting in the car you had waiting for you and Steve at the airport you made your way out of Philadelphia into one of the small towns that surrounded it.

You pulled into the parking lot of a large brick building and looked at Steve. His gaze was focused on the sign that stood out over the front entrance, reading Phoenix Home for the Elderly. “You’re surprised,” it was a statement not a question.

“I guess when you said a friend I imagined her young like you, or how you look. I forget that you have old friends like me,” he gave you a sympathetic like smile. “Wait here,” he said getting out before you could protest and opening your door.

“Thanks,” you smiled at him. You walked into the building and walked past the front desk, “Good afternoon Amber,” you said to the woman working the front desk.

“Good afternoon, Miss Ali,” she said to you; Ali, being the name that the staff knew you by, an effort to conceal your identity and protect your best friend should anything ever happen. “Good to see you again.”

You lead Steve to the elevator and hit the ‘5’ button. “Ali’s a nice name,” Steve smirked.

“It’s a precaution, just in case. People think I’m her great granddaughter, and that’s why I come here so often.”

“Do I get a code name?” You gave him a coy smiled and stepped from the elevator, making your way around the familiar layout of the home. “Ali, nice to see you again,” the Nurse named Gretchen said upon seeing you. You noticed her quickly eye Steve up and down.

“Hey Gretchen, this is Rob. How’s she been doing?” You saw Steve chuckle at the codename you made up for him.

“She’s been doing pretty well. You know how she is though, even if she wasn’t doing well she wouldn’t act any different.”

“Don’t I know it, she’s a stubborn old bat.” You said your goodbyes and made your way down the hallway. You stopped at the closed door of room 545 and turned to Steve, smiling. “You ready for this,” he nodded. “Don’t believe anything she says,” you giggled. You opened the door, “I hope you’re decent Mary,” you humorlessly called into the room.

“Y/N?!” The delicate voice of your best friend rang out from the old woman that laid in the bed. “What are you doing here? I thought you were busy still.”

“I needed to come make sure you weren’t running rampant for these poor nurses.” You walked over and hugged her and kissed her cheek. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too. Who’s this,” she looked curiously towards Steve. “You look so familiar.”

“Mary, this is Steve, Steve Rogers.”

“Nice to meet you ma’am,” he walked over and shook her hand.

She looked him up and down after she looked over at you. “Steve Rogers? As in the Captain Steve Rogers?”

“Guilty ma’am.”

“It’s great to meet you! Still so handsome. Please, call me Mary. Have a seat you two.” You took a seat right next to Mary’s bed and Steve sat across from you at the foot of her bed. “What are you two doing here?”

“I finished up my case and had today free and wanted to come visit you. I haven’t been able to see you in, what, 5 weeks?”

“And I jumped at the opportunity to meet a friend of Y/N’s,” Steve chimed in.

“Ever the gentleman,” Mary smiled at Steve. “My kids are never going to believe that I met Captain America,” she exclaimed.

“I’ll have to meet them next time,” he replied. “How many do you have?”

“6! A basketball team with a sub. Richard, my husband, came from a big family and I only had one sister so we both wanted a big family. This one over here is the Godmother to each one too,” she pointed to you.

“Oh really?”

“Yup,” you nodded at him, “RJ, Sam, Betty, Rebecca, Patricia, and Charlie,” you said proudly.

“I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to be their Godmother,” her gaze shifted from you to Steve, “she’s the reason they are all here after all.”

“Oh, Mary-”

“Don’t ‘Oh, Mary’ me. You know it’s true. Has she told you the story of how we met Steve?” He shook his head. “We met during sophomore year in highschool and we’ve been inseparable since then. Halfway through our senior year we went to a party in the Bronx, that’s where we lived at the time, and that’s how I met Richard. I didn’t want to go but Y/N promised me it’d be fun and…I did. I met the love of my life. We got married after I graduated high school and 9 and a half months later we had Richard Jr.”

“And then you popped out a baby at least every year,” you laughed along with Mary, Steve joined in, your laughter was contagious to him.

“Y/N delivered one of my babies. Bet she didn’t tell you that either.”

“No she didn’t,” he turned to look at you.

“Betty,” you stated. “She came early and Richard was at work. I couldn’t move her so I did it myself.”

“That’s amazing Y/N,” he said sounding bewondered.

“Saved me and my baby girl’s life. Wasn’t the last time she saved my family either,” the last part came out almost as a whisper. Steve caught it and looked at you questioning what she meant.

“Richard was drafted a couple months into the war,” you told him. “By that time they had two kids and another one on the way so I took his place. I was able to shift and look like any and everyone by then so I looked like him and shipped out to Russia.”

“Russia…,” Steve’s voice was quiet. He knew what happened there.

“Saved my family and thanks to her we had three more beautiful babies,” Mary grabbed your hand in hers.

“And I’d do it all over again,” you patted her hand. “Let’s talk about something a little more uplifting, huh?” You three sat there and talking for an hour and a half, getting to know each other when Mary turned to you, “Y/N, be a dear, could you go down to the cafeteria and get me a water and something to eat.”

“Of course,” you stood up, “I’ll get us something too, Steve. Mary, don’t scare him off.”


Steve watched you walk from the room and turned with a smiled towards Mary, who was already looking at him. “I can see the way you care about her.”

“She’s a great person, ma’am,” he sat up straight in his seat.

“Mary,” she instructed him to call her. “And I think you know what I mean. The way you look at her…that’s the way that Richard used to look at me. She deserves somebody that look at her like that after all she’s done; and I don’t need to be a mind reader to know that she feels the same about you. She needs to be happy Steve. She deserves it more than anyone I know and after all she’s done for me I want her to have it.”

“You guys have been friends a long time. I can only imagine all the stuff you’ve done together.” But doing typical friend things wasn’t what Mary meant.

“She saved my life Steve.” He sat forward in his seat and asked her, “What do you mean?”

“My husband and I were in one car, she was following behind us, we were going into the city for a show. It was winter out and we were taking a back road. Another driver hit a patch of ice and slid right into our car hitting us from the front. Y/N saw the whole thing and ran to the side of the car I was on. From what she told me she didn’t even know what she was doing, it was just instinct. She went to my side of the car and ripped the door off and held my body in her arms and the next thing I knew I woke up in the hospital with her right beside me.”

“Your body?”

“I died on impact. As did Richard,” Mary didn’t cry but it was clear to see the water in her eyes. “We knew she could heal but we didn’t know she could do something like that. She brought me back to life that day and after that she passed out, she was unconscious for 4 days. That’s another reason I want the best for her- because she gives everything she has to everyone but herself.

“I’ve been with her for so long, and we both wouldn’t have had it any other way, but I’m not going to be here forever. I’m 93, almost 94, and I’ve told her that she’s going to have to fight the feeling to do again what she did for me before. Promise me something, Steve.”

“Anything Mary,” his voice was nothing but sensere.

“Take care of her when I’m gone. She needs someone that’ll keep her in check and taking care of herself.”

“On my honor,” a silent moment passed before they heard the click of the room door. You walked in carrying two trays filled with food and drinks. Mary and Steve put on smiled and looked to you.


Hours later you finally made it back to base. Steve, like he requested on the first date, walked you back home. “She didn’t scare you off did she?”

“Mary? No, she was was nothing I couldn’t handle,” he giggled. Small talk filled the space between you as you walked back to your house. You reached your front door and Steve just stood and looked at you.

“What is it? Is there something on my face,” you felt around looking for something.

“No,” he smiled, “I just was thinking about trying something.”

“And that was…?” He thought of a moment and then slightly shook the idea out of his head. He grabbed one of you hands and kissed the back of it, “Goodnight, Y/N,” as he turned to leave you grabbed his hand and brought him back to face you. You gave his cheek a longing kiss and pulled away. “Goodnight Steve.” You left him standing there as you walked in slowly and closed the door.

“I realized that those dramas were I don’t have an Idea what the plot will be, who the actors are or where I even don’t watch the trailers because I’m not interested in it, end up being the ones I love the most. (Ex. Another oh hae young, Dear my friends, Age of youth).”


“River and I would talk about getting old, being in our 50’s together, how it’d probably take us that long to get to work together. there was something gorgeous about us being old together. River will be missed — I mean now, more than ever I wish I could talk to him.”- Joaquin phoenix

I don’t have any friends in the business. Just River. Oh where, oh where has my Juliet gone?” -  keanu reeves

“When a role for a young guy is offered to me, I think of River Phoenix. It feels like a loss” - Leonardo DiCaprio

“He was my brother and I loved him a great deal. It was just an awful, awful mistake. We fed off each other and learned a lot from each other.” -  Michael Stipe

“He was a great actor and a great young man; a great human being. He had a great family, a very level view of life, and a promising future” - Johnny Depp

“River was one of those people that had that strange magic glow around them; he could drive you crazy, or make you fall in love with him, sometimes in the same minute. I remember knowing he was special when in the first days of filming explorers - we were staying in a motel outside of San Francisco, and I saw him practicing his character’s walk in the parking lot one of the mornings before shooting began. uncommon behavior for a 13-year old. he had a big, beautiful family, and was the first vegetarian i ever met.”- Ethan hawke 

“ I’m obsessed with “my own private idaho”, I recently created a film called “my own private River,” I was able to give more emphasis to the essential beauty of phoenix and his work. phoenix in my remix film, now the significance of “idaho” has changed because River is gone, but you want him to just be there, you want him to keep going, you want to see what he can do, and you want to find all that is still alive and is still around that exists of him. consequently, those moments that would immediately pull you out of a normal film, pull you into this film—at least they pulled me in—because river is walking around, he is alive again. what I mean is that you just want anything you can have of him - James franco

 Happy 44th Birthday River Jude Phoenix!!! | August 23, 1970 - October 31, 1993

My friends are all telling me to text him. Apparently I haven’t been the same since he left. They say that they just want me to be happy again. They say that we need to be friends again if that’s what I want. They don’t realize though that my intentions aren’t that good. I want him all to myself. I know that’s terrible but I have really missed us. I just don’t like waking up and not being able to call him and ask him to join me on some ridiculous adventure. He was my person. He was the love of my young life. Honestly, keeping it to myself isn’t doing me any good.
—  Counting down the days until I burst