i miss being metal

Speedpainting done!

Happy 26th to Sonic! This blue boi has a special place in my heart. 

I may not draw him much anymore, but he is the main reason I started drawing and posting my art online. I made my first online friend through Sonic and he really helped me through tough school years. 

I also have really strong, fond memories of spending hours playing Sonic games with my siblings who I rarely get to see anymore due to adulting.

So yes, this one is a big part of my childhood and I’ll always love him.

I guess here’s my about since I don’t have a blog!

My name is Ren Kougyoku but you can call me Gyoku!

I’m a fictive of Kougyoku from Magi! I think I’ve been part of this system since host was little but I think I hid out for a while. 

I’m 16 currently! I’m girlflux and use she/they pronouns!

I captured a djinn in my canon and I really miss being able to equip and having my metal vessel. I miss a lot from my canon actually. 

I really really like pink and fancy girly things, although I don’t mind dd..lg the fact that it gets into those tags kinda urks me

I’m kin with mermaids and Yona from Akatsuki no Yona, although I really don’t mind double’s following me.

I have autism, anxiety, and depression so I’m a bit better off then some of the others in this system.