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New Girl - One

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“Okay, fourth floor.” I folded the small slip of paper and put it into my back pocket, pressing the four when I stepped into the elevator. I wonder what these girls were like – the place seemed clean, they seemed like they were my age. Of course, their age was listed, but it also didn’t sound like they were lying or that there was a possibility that they were predators. I hadn’t even thought of that – I subconsciously rubbed my hands against my jeans, not noticing them become sweaty.

I almost missed my stop, the elevator doors almost closing after being left open in my daze. I saw the red printed four on top of the door, I took a deep breath before stepping out. I looked to my left and saw 4C, then looked to my right – 4D. The doors behind me closed while I prepped myself, breathing in and out slowly as I made my way to apartment 4D.

I raised my fist and knocked once, cursing under my breath as I realized how lightly it sounded, sounding more like a toddler’s tap. I straightened my posture and cleared my throat, raising my fist more confidently as I knocked loudly three times. You’re fine. You’re fine. They’re just girls. They’re just three other girls your age-.

“Hello?” My thoughts were cut off by a deep, foreign accent. I looked up to see a blonde boy standing in front of me, his blue eyes showing confusion as he scanned my appearance. “Can I help you?”

“Uh,” I glanced at the number on the door again: 4D. “Is this the apartment that posted about a new roommate?” Before blue-eyes could answer, another head appeared next to him.

“New roommate? New woman roommate? Yes, hello. This is the apartment with the ad. I’m Jacob. This handsome young fellow is Harrison. Come in, come in.” I smiled slightly, relieved that seemed to be close to my age – and they seemed normal… enough.

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be the witness of change, when everyone else is being quiet.

a small selection of kpop songs that criticise politics and societal norms.

♥ for @lunahobi

fam(ily) - five | pkjm

parent!au: park jimin
A single father of twins show you the true meaning of family and what it takes to love like a parent, even if they aren’t your own.
word count: 5,972
genre: fluff//angst
warnings: explicit language

one | two | three | four | five the end

[A/N]: Sorry it took so long to updated. I started school recently and im taking several AP classes so its hard for me to write often. im so thankful for everyone reading this series, and how much attention it has gotten every since the first chapter, i hope everyone still sticks around for the end (: i also apologize for any typos bc i haven’t proofread 

Originally posted by jiyoongis

Jimin was texting you nonstop, asking if you’ve spotted them. The baby blue was switched out with a dark, navy. Tiny specks dotted the night drop. Minseo was yelling her sister’s name with all her breath. Your throat was raw from screaming for them.

A strange feeling overcame you. A rush of fear and anxiety mixed together and washed over your entire system. Tears were welling, blurring your vision. There were just too much bushes, too many plants. Nothing resembled two small children. 

Losing them felt like something was robbed from you. You had no where to look and everywhere you did look, there was nothing, only dark blue skies and rows of leaves. Minseo heard your whimpers and wrapped her arms around your neck. 

“Ms.(Y/N), I’m sorry for making you cry.” Her tiny voice filled your left ear. You patted her back and shook her head. Children were so pure. They weren’t exposed to anything that would deem harmful to them. They weren’t ruined by the scary world.

“Monkey, are you cold?” You managed to sniff, your throat aching.

“No, because you keep me warm.” She smiled. Even in the worst types of situations, she was able to make you smile. 

they’re not in the trees, or the center, or the field. (Y/N), how could this have happened?

we can’t start blaming ourselves right now, Jimin. Come to the garden, i need you.

Your jumbled mind refused to let you think straight. The feeling was so foreign, nothing like you’ve ever felt. It surpassed the anxiousness of losing your keys or your phone. You lost something that meant practically everything to you. 

You loved the twins with all your heart. They weren’t hard to love. Minseo and Minjoo were the two kindest souls you’ve ever met. They had beautiful smiles that had your knees weak. They rarely fought and they treated you with such respect and pampered you with wholesome love.

Besides Jimin, they were your happiness. They needed to be protected and you wanted to be the one to do that for them. They deserved to be happy and you promised yourself that you’d never let their smiles fade. It was a small oath you made to yourself over the course of the months. You were there for them when they needed you.

Traveling deeper into the garden, you heard wailing. Minseo’s head popped up and she pointed to where it was coming from. You ran, with every ounce of energy you had left. Screaming for them, you heard the sobs get louder.

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Come Home, Daddy

Characters: Jensen x Reader, OFC Daughter Emmarie

Warnings: fluff, with a teensy side of angst but not really

Word Count: 766

A/N: I’ve got the daddy! Jensen feels in a BAD way. Sorry. And honestly I’m avoiding writing OTHER things. So this just kind of came out of NOWHERE when I saw this gif in my inbox. It’s not the best I’ve done lately, but I’m trying to get back in a good writing habit. Suffer with me!

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Unwelcome Interruptions - Brett Talbot Imagine

Requested by @rochyuWhat about this one: when the reader and brett are cuddlind in his bed naked (bc why not) and they’re falling asleep together until scott and stiles burts into his room and take him with them bc he have to help with something and then the reader and all the girls are taken to the lake house ffor sleepovers and brett find her and he so pissed bc his baby girl is not with him and pls end it cute 

Word Count: 1,545

Warnings: implying and mentions of sex

Author’s Note: Feedback is greatly appreciated :)

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Brett and Y/N’s relationship isn’t easy. They both go to two different high schools and are constantly busy trying to save their town from the supernatural chaos. Yet, somehow, they make it work. It’s rare when they have time for each other, but when they do, they make every second count. They would go out on movie and bowling dates, go out to eat, or sometimes stay home to cuddle, and simply enjoy being with one another. Just like right now. 

As soon as the final bell rang, Brett surprised Y/N by showing up in her school’s parking lot. He was leaning against his car, with his ankles crossed, and his arms folded to his chest. It was like Jake waiting for Samantha in Sixteen Candles. He took her to get ice cream at her favorite ice cream parlor. Afterwards they went back to his place, where they were just going to watch a movie, but ended up in his bed. Now, they were wrapped in each other’s arms with their half naked bodies underneath the sheets.

“God, I’ve missed you,” Brett said as he pulled her to his bare chest. She hummed in agreement as she cuddled against him, taking in the mixed smell of his cologne and sweat. Brett ran his fingers through her silky hair and kissed her forehead. “I love you.”

Y/N drew random shapes on his lower back with the tip of her fingers as she buried her face at the crook of his neck, peppering it with soft wet kisses. “I love you, too,” she sighed in content.

Brett heard a set of footsteps after car doors were slammed. He leaned up on his elbows to look out his bedroom window and noticed Stiles’ baby blue jeep was parked in the driveway. Brett has gotten closer to Scott and Stiles since he started dating Y/N. It came to a point where they could come and go into each other’s houses without knocking or ringing the doorbell.

“Shit,” Brett mumbled as the best friends walked up to the front door and opened it.

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The Preschool Teacher - Chapter One

And the winner is…..

The Preschool Teacher! Yes, you voted and, with 36.5% of the vote, this is the next chaptered story! If this is not the story you wanted and you did not vote…vote next time. :) If you did vote for a different prompt, I am keeping the results and that is the order I will write future chaptered stories in, unless a new idea pops into this head of mine first.

All of the prompts I gave you to vote on were from novel imagines I’ve already written or started. This one I created in March and have yet to finish, although I story-mapped it a few days ago to keep me on track.

My inspiration for this story was a voice…the voice of Harry’s son. I kept hearing it in my head, and actually searched for two hours to figure out where I had heard it, because I knew it was the voice of Harry’s son in my head. I’ve pinned it down to being similar to the voice of Peppa Pig (the young Harley Bird, when her voice was still scratchy and raspy and she talked a bit slow like Harry does sometimes)…don’t judge me, I work with young children for a living. If you want to hear the voice before you read the story, youtube Harley or Peppa when she was younger (Harley is 15 now), and listen. That was my inspiration for the entire novel.

I have had huge anxiety about posting another chaptered story! This chapter has been finished for a couple of days, but I’ve had to continually convince myself to post it. I’m nervous, I think because For The Love Of Harry did so well, maybe you won’t like another chaptered story I write. Beginning chapters can sometimes be more informative, but I hope I don’t bore you in the build-up.

So, without further delay, I hope you enjoy this first chapter of “The Preschool Teacher”! If you do, please like and reblog, and I promise to have chapter two available very soon!

Much love to you all! xo



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One Month

A/N: Shout out to @smolsickficwriter for the assist with the Spanish. I wanted to try out some techniques with moving scenes around to make it more interesting. This is a longer one, but I loved every second of it.

Ultimately, this is another fic for @doublecheckyoself (throws Klance and runs).

“Red? Hey, Girl, it’s just Lance. I know I’m not your paladin, but can we talk?”

The Red Lion loomed, looking out of place with the towering trees surrounding her. Her size against the alien plants mimicked the size of Blue Paladin against her. It was true that Blue was bigger than her, but there was something much more ominous about how the Red Lion wouldn’t stop staring.

Lance very carefully put his hand on the barrier Red put up. It was like touching a glass dome, there was no way he was getting through to her without her consent.

“Red?” Still no response. Her eyes were still locked on him, but she made no movement. He would’ve preferred if she even took a swipe at him.

Lance sighed and knocked on the barrier a few times. Before he could turn around and start to think of another plan, the mechanical whirring of the Red Lion filled his ears. He looked back up at her. From behind her barrier, Red whipped her head and roared. The vibrations shook the barrier and the ground, rustling the alien birds from their homes. Almost every animal in the vicinity perked up and fled. Except for the human in blue paladin armor.

Pidge called out something in his helmet, but Lance shut it off immediately. He was getting somewhere, he couldn’t afford any distractions.

“Hey, easy…easy…” Lance ran his hand up and down the barrier, trying to soothe the giant metal beast, “I’m not gonna hurt you, Girl. You have your barrier up, I can’t hurt you. What’s the matter? We haven’t heard back from Keith in a long while. Is he alright?”

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That One Dreadful Call (Part 3)

Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,567

Warnings: language, mention at torture violence, angst as per usual 

A/N: I have been bored all day so this is what you get :) and I’m going to give most of the credit to @mamapeterson bc she was a genius in beta’ing this…she improved tf out of it and made it what it is!! Feedback is appreciated!!

Part 1 Part 2

Originally posted by thebuckybrnes

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Total Eclipse of the Heart

I didn’t get to see the most recent solar eclipse back in 1979. I was busy being attacked by a nest of vipers and missed the whole damn thing.

It was an ingenious trick. I was lured to my fate by an evil girl who entrapped and enslaved me.

I was in the second grade and standing outside with the rest of the elementary school on that warmish February afternoon. I didn’t know what a total eclipse was. I was seven years old and didn’t know what the hell anything was other than we got chocolate milk on Fridays after recess. I certainly didn’t understand this crazed euphoric feeling that overwhelmed me as I chased Heather Small across the playground and followed her like a dumb animal into a trap.

We had gathered outside to see the eclipse. Unsure exactly what an eclipse was, all we knew was if we looked at the sun we would immediately go blind. We all snuck looks of course, and then staggered around in the wonder of the dancing black spots on the melting snow.  

Looking at her watch, our teacher yelled at us to stand in line. She told us to turn our backs to the sun and hold our pin-hole papers up high while our partner held the target at our waists. Once we saw the glittering light on the target, we were to be still and watch for the miracle of a total solar eclipse. That’s when my partner Heather Small sprang her trap upon me.

“Wanna know a secret?” she asked.

I shook my head no, staring at the paper target she held. I didn’t like girls. They were smelly weirdos who hung out in the double slide fort playing dumb games no one understood.

“It’s about the eclipse.” she said, licking her lips.

“OK.” I shrugged.

“You have to lean forward so I can whisper it in your ear. It’s a secret.”

I rolled my eyes but obediently tilted my head forward and turned my ear to her. When she leaned in I could smell the strawberry lip gloss and feel her hot breath on my neck.

“The eclipse is when the moon eats the sun,” she said.

“What?!” I turned to her in disbelief.

She kissed me right on the mouth and shrieked like a wild animal. All the blood pulsed through my neck into my face. Heather Small laughed and ran. I didn’t know what else to do so I chased her. She was fast and I couldn’t catch up with her. She climbed up into the double slide which was built to look like a frontier fort made of logs. I followed her up and inside the fort. It was dark and getting darker as the eclipse started.

Going from the snow covered outside to almost darkness, I was mostly blind. I heard the laughter of more girls as they all jumped on top of me and began kissing my face repeatedly. For a moment I felt like I was the entire playground full of kissing and screams and laughter.

The girls escaped down the slides and I was left on the floor, my face smeared with spit and lipgloss. I lay there in darkness, my heart pounding in my ears. The blood rushing as I tried to comprehend what had happened.

My eyes slowly adjusted and it seemed to be getting brighter inside the slide. I sat up and my head swam. I crawled towards the slide, which was glowing brighter by the second. Down I went, born into a world of blinding light.

I hit the ground with a thud the snow burned my hot face. I stood up, unsteady on my feet. White and black spots danced before me until everything came back into focus. I slowly walked back to join the rest of the class. The eclipse was over.

The moon had eaten the sun.

“It’s really you”

Pairing: Jon Snow x Reader

Featuring: Sansa Stark.

Words: 1739

Warnings: mentions of death and violence.

Tags: none

Request: none

Notes: so this is my first Jon Snow imagine so I hope you like it! If you want more Jon imagines just let me know!

Originally posted by valyriansword


You had no idea how you had managed to survive all the misery that had suffered Winterfell since the Starks left their home. It had been years and you were just 14 when it happened but you could still remember seeing Lord Stark, Lady Sansa and Lady Arya leaving, along with Jon going North to the Wall.

Somehow you imagined it wasn’t a good idea, just like you had once told Jon. Since he was a bastard and he was aware of the way Lady Catelyn looked at him, he chose to spend most of his time walking around Winterfell, getting to know the people, and that’s how you met him.

You two were around 12 when he stopped in front of all the vegetables your father was selling. He wanted to buy an apple but you insisted on giving it for free. Eventually, he accepted which caused two things: you were beaten by your father and Jon and you became inseparable when he found out about it.

When you had time off from your house duties you used to go the woods where you used to find him. Sometimes he was reading and he would teach you how to do it, sometimes he was practicing with the arrow which you really enjoyed but most of the time it was spent talking and getting to know each other. Not many people knew about your friendship, just Robb and Arya since they had seen the two of you together and sometimes they joined the both of you. Eventually, they started teasing the two of you about having a crush on each other but you didn’t listen to them.

Until Jon told you he was going to join the Night’s Watch. The thought of losing him, never seeing him again, created a knot in your throat. You didn’t even know how to face it and it was then when you forced yourself to agree with Robb and Arya. You had developed feelings for this guy and he was going to join the Night’s Watch, where he couldn’t be with any woman ever.

So of course when he suddenly appeared in Winterfell, years later, and killed Ramsay Bolton in the courtyard you were shocked. You never thought you would ever see him, you thought he was dead just like every other Stark, you never thought he would be the one saving you from the Bolton.

It took you a few days to go and see him. Going through the guards wasn’t an easy job but finally you managed to spot him on the yard, walking around with Sansa, who looked as beautiful as ever. You were scared, maybe he didn’t remember you, but you needed to talk to him, at least one more time.

Taking a deep breath, you walked up the stairs, watching his back, trying to find out what you were going to tell him. When Sansa and Jon stopped, talking to each other, you stopped too. After all, she was Sansa Stark and he was King now while you were just…you. Since they didn’t even see you, you were about to turn around, giving up but Sansa spotted you and shut up. Jon noticed she was looking at you so he turned around.

Your breath got caught in your throat as his eyes met yours for the first time in years. He was taller now and bigger. It was him but at the same time he was different, he had grown up. You gulped when there was no sign of recognition in his eyes but as you were about to speak up, he did it first.

“(Y/N)?” He asked shocked. A smile appeared on your face as he said your name, surprised and happy that he remembered you.

“That’s me” you shrugged.

He looked at Sansa, who was looking at you with curiosity, before he told her to leave the two of you alone for a moment. She nodded and gave you a small smile before walking away. Neither of you moved, too shocked to react.

“It’s really you” he nodded after looking at you up and down.

“And…it’s really you” you repeated.

He smiled, like he used to do when you were alone in the woods, before he closed the distance between you two and wrapped his arms around you. You hugged him back, holding him tight and hiding your face in his neck. You had dreamed about this so many times in the past few years but you had just assumed the worst. But there you were, hugging the man you had loved since you were 12 years old.

“I can’t believe it’s really you” he said pulling away. “I…” he chuckled shaking his head. “I’ve thought about you so many times but… I thought the worst” he admitted.

Having him in front of you was just more than you could have ever imagined. He was taller than what you expected and his voice was so deep it sent shivers down your spine.

“I thought the same about you to be honest” you smiled a little. “And I don’t even know how I survived”, you admitted with a sigh. “First Theon and then Ramsay…” you shook your head closing your eyes. “It was horrible. Why did you leave? None of you should’ve left!” You exclaimed.

“I know” Jon frowned stroking your arm slowly. “It was a huge mistake, I know, but… we’re back and we’re going to stay” he smiled a little. You smiled back and hugged him again. “Look, I gotta go, I have to meet the Lords of the other houses but meet me tonight at the woods, where we used to go, okay? We can talk there” he said.

“Okay” you smiled with a nod.

“Okay…” he smiled back and kissed your forehead before leaving you alone.

The rest of the day you were distracted, thinking about him the whole time. All you wanted to do was seeing him again, seeing the warm in his eyes when he looked at you, his smile when you smiled at him, being near him. But just like it used to happen when you’re expecting something, the day was the longest one ever. It felt like it had been days before you finally headed towards the woods. It surprised you to see Jon already waiting for you, covered in his furs, seated under a tree.

“Hey there, stranger” you said when you were close enough. He opened his eyes and smiled as you took a seat next to him.

“Me? Stranger? You’re the one who has changed! I almost didn’t recognized you” he admitted. You laughed shaking your head and took a leaf, playing with it. “You look beautiful” he added.

You felt your cheeks getting red and warm as he said that. It was the first time he complimented your looks so it sent butterflies to your stomach.

“Thank you” you mumbled. “You don’t look bad yourself” you added looking at him. “That scar on your eye makes you look tougher” you winked. He laughed and touched the scar.

“An eagle attacked me” he explained.

“What?” You frowned. “There are eagles at the Wall?” You asked.

“I haven’t always been at the Wall” he said looking at you. “I went even norther than that” he said.

“What?” You repeated. “Okay, start talking. From the beginning, from the moment you left Winterfell” you demanded. He laughed and leaned against the tree.

“That’s a long story” he said.

“Lucky we have time right?” You smiled.

He laughed and nodded before sighing. He shut up for a while, putting his thoughts in order before he started speaking, telling you everything that had happened since he went to the Wall. Remembering some things wasn’t easy at all but he wanted you to know everything if things were going to go back to how they used to be. And he wanted that.

Since the moment he saw you, before he recognized you, he knew you were special. Someone important. But he didn’t know how much until he had hold you in his arms. When he left you in Winterfell he thought he would never love anyone until he met Ygritte, and then he thought love was dead for him but there you were, waiting for him at home. And it felt the same. It was you. He had always loved you, he had just forgotten but his heart didn’t.

By the time he finished talking darkness was surrounding the two of you, all you could hear was the noises of the woods. He didn’t say anything else since he knew it was too much to take in for you. Finally, he looked at you to find tears running down your cheeks.

“Hey…” he said taking your face in his. “Don’t. Don’t cry, everything is okay now” he added whipping away the tears.

“But…you…they killed you, Jon” you whispered. He had told you many things but that had a huge impact of you.

“I know” he sighed wrapping his arms around you. “But I’m here and it’s me” he said kissing your head.

“You’re an idiot” you whispered resting your head on his chest. “I begged you not to leave” you added. He chuckled and kissed your head.

“I know you did” he sighed. “And I should’ve listened” he added.

“Exactly, you’re an idiot. You’ve always been and you’ll always be” you said.

“Okay I think that’s enough” he laughed pulling away. “I’m your King now remember?” He teased you.

“So? An idiot King after all” you shrugged with a small smirk. He narrowed his eyes at you making you laugh. “I missed you” you smiled.

“I missed you too” he said back.

You smiled and rested your head on his shoulder with a sigh. You knew you would never be able to shake off the thought of him dying but you tried to focus on him being there with you now.

“So…you were beaten by a girl” you smirked remembering what he had told you about Ygritte.

“Oh shut up” he rolled his eyes with a laugh. “You know, no one bothered me this much when I was dead” he said.

“And you have no idea how much there is to come, Snow” you told him looking up. He looked down at you and sighed.

“I’m so looking forward to it” he said with a gulp as his heart started beating faster.

I know that not everyone loved Felicity in this role, but I really think she did an amazing job. Her character was such an unusual protagonist, and she gracefully navigates between the war-hardened edges of a girl who lost everything, and a human being who is trying to relearn how to trust and believe in a cause. 

This expression was such a small moment in the film, but I just love it. She’s just heard Bodhi’s voice over the comm-link, and you see in 2 seconds her emotions flit between relief, joy, concern, and pain as she realizes the gravity of their situation at that she may never hear his voice again. Blink and you’ll miss it, but it tells so much about how much she’s grown, just in a few days time. 

Bravo Felicity. I absolutely adore you. 

Indie film galore!

-Youth In Revolt
-Little Miss Sunshine
-500 Days of Summer
-Its Kind of a Funny Story
-Little Birds
-Scott Pilgrim VS The World
-Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
-Another Earth
-Whip It
-Crystal Fairy and The Magical Cactus
-Lars and The Real Girl
-Rachel Getting Married
-Perks of Being a Wallflower
-Daydream Nation
-Ruby Sparks
-In Your Eyes
-Incredibly Small
-Moonrise Kingdom
-The Kids Are Alright
-Like Crazy
-Obvious Child
-The One I Love
-Take This Waltz
-Liberal Arts
-How To Die In Oregon
-Magic Magic
-The End Of Love

-Celeste and Jesse Forever

There are a MILLION others, I’m sure! I’ve seen each and every one and felt a different emotion each time… but I was left happy and inspired in some way. Ahh, the effect of cinema. So please check these incredibly heartfelt, dramatic and warm indie films. (One is a documentary) And of course… laugh, cry, and relate. Enjoy☺️



Request: Hi!! You can leave this ask if you want to, but I saw your description and wanted to leave a request: Spidey is walking down the street and he saves this girl so he follows her around like her guardian angel with lots of fluff at the end, please???

Pairing: Peter Parker + Reader

Warnings: None! Unless you count fluff. Then, fluff!!!!!

Notes: This took forever school makes me so busy I’m so sorry! also this is told from Peter’s POV :-)


I walked around the corner of Fifth Avenue for the third time that night. I was just about to round back to the escape latter of my apartment building, this day really kicked my ass. I stopped three robberies just this morning, was late to Science and English which resulted in me getting detention, and still had to stop a shooter downtown at a bakery. To say I was excited to get back into my bed for the night was an absolute understatement.

I was on the second floor when my Spidey senses went off the chart. I pivoted left and right in search of anything close to me that was happening. I didn’t see anything within distance, so I lifted my arm and flung my web to the streetlight on the right of me and carried myself to the top, continuing until I was on the rooftop of the apartment building.

“Where the hell-?”

“Help, please someone help-!”

The scream abruptly stopped, my anxiety grew more as my eyes darted everywhere. I silently cursed myself for being preoccupied with my thoughts instead of actually looking. I took a deep breath before concentrating on my senses. It took a couple of seconds but I was able to pick up on the heavy breathing and the hushed voices – the most prominent voice was deeper, most likely a man in his late thirties.

I jumped onto three different building tops before settling on one below where a man had a girl pinned against a brick wall. She looked small from here, maybe a couple years younger than me. I almost missed the guy lifting the back of his hand in attempt to slap her, but before he can my web is already springing toward him and gripping his arm. I pull my arm, bringing him with me. Jumping from the roof down to the ground I bring both of my wrists up, pinning him against a garbage bin before turning toward the younger girl. While seeing her I see she is definitely my age.


Her eyes were wide, making them impossibly more beautiful. Just looking at her brings a heat to my cheeks, but before I could look incredibly stupid in front of her I bow my head and mumble a small, “At your service.”

I cringe inwardly at the response I give her, but her small laugh encourages me to grab her hand and pull her toward me. “Where to, Miss?”

“Don’t you have to take care of him first?”

I turn my head back to the man knocked unconscious trapped in my web and laugh lightly. “He’s not going anywhere. I’ll call it in when I get home.” She nodded, looking down and noticing how close we were. Her cheeks flare a little, almost making me melt at the sight of her innocence. “Speaking of home,” at this she looks back up at me, a small smile on her face, “where would I find yours?” She laughed again, tilting her head to the left, the brick wall she was just pinned against a couple of minutes ago.

“Actually, this building is mine. I was almost home free, but, you know… bad luck and all that.” She looked down in embarrassment, the color growing much brighter on her face.

“Hey,” I dropped my voice to a whisper, my hand coming up to her chin, lifting it back toward me, “I know about bad luck. Everyone has bad days. As long as you’re okay.”

“Of course I am!” Her voice came out louder than intended, I’m sure, but her smile returned, almost twice as big as the one she had given me before. “I had my guardian angel, Spidey, with me.” Her right eye dropped to a wink, making me thank whoever was above us for me wearing a mask right now. “Well,” she leaned up to kiss my masked cheek, backing away from my embrace and walking toward the front door of her apartment building, “Thank again, Spider-Man.”

She was already all the way inside the building, too far for her to hear me, when I brought my hand up to my burning cheek, “Anytime, Angel.”

It’s been three weeks since I saved (Y/N). I hadn’t spoken to her since that night but I had seen her name on a piece of mail she had dropped on her way in. A Heavenly sound from a heavenly human. I had been watching her every night on her way home from work to make sure she would get home safe. I tried to convince myself that I was following her to make sure she was safe for the sake of being the superhero I am, but I knew my sorry ass only followed her because I enjoyed listening to her sing her top three favorite songs on her way home, I liked watching her sit on her favorite park bench as she interacted with the countless dogs that came up to her. I loved knowing the kind of books she’d read in the café after work while she ordered the same hot drink with a hint of vanilla.

As I watched her round her corner and was just about to open her door, my feet hit the floor and I cleared my throat, causing her to turn and face me.

“S-Spider-Man?” She looked around us, noticing we were alone. I caught the small smile on her face as she walked closer to me. “What are you doing here?”

“I, uh, I just wanted to see you again.”

“Really?” Her smile grew and so did the color in her face, her gaze leaving mine and focusing on the floor instead.

“Yeah, I, uh, I’ve been watching over you, kind of, for the past three weeks. Crap! I mean, I just was making sure you got home safe. You walk alone at night and there’s crazy people, you know? I mean, God, I sound crazy.” I back away slightly, my face burning with embarrassment and my head shaking. Spider-Man was supposed to be confident, yet somehow around her my Peter was more prominent than ever.

Her laugh caused me to look back up at her. “You’re cute. Thank you for watching over me.”

It was quiet for awhile, us just smiling at each other.

“Well, I should get inside now.”

I panicked slightly before my eyes fell onto the book she was holding and before I could stop myself I found myself asked, “Can I borrow your book?”

“My what?” She turned back around, her eyes as wide as mine.

“Um, I was just wondering. I’ve been wanting to read it and I, uh, was just asking. I’m sorry, never mind.”

“Wait,” her hand rested on my shoulder, causing me to force my arm back to my side and turn toward her again. “Here, but this means I need to see you again. I want my book back.”

Her smile caused me to smile at her again.

“How about we meet at your café? Friday?”

“Are you asking me out, Spidey?”

“Well, I, uh… yes?”

“It’s a date.” She leaned up to kiss my cheek again, handing me the book in the process and then walking into her building after giving me another smile.

I walked into the café on Friday at 7, the time (Y/N) usually was here. I was nervous to go up to her without my Spider-Man suit on, but I wanted her to like Peter, not the mask. After grabbing my order off the counter, I walked up to her table. “(Y/N)?”

She looked up, her eyebrows pulled in as she looked at me in confusion. “Yes?”

“I brought your book back. It was a good read.” I smiled at her, her gaze falling on the book for just a second before standing from her seat and looking at me, her sudden burst causing both of our eyes to widen. She looked around at the other people in the shop before leaning into me. “Spidey?”

I laughed a little before taking a seat across from hers. “Call me Peter.”

She looked awestruck for a moment, just looking at me. Her eyes came up to my face, her soft hands gently caressing me. My cheeks burned a little more, thinking this might have been a mistake. I almost got up before she sat back in her seat, a wide smile on her face.

“Peter,” she whispered, “I like that. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

The One That Got Away-1

Requested by @fanfiction-heysailor


“Cheating on a good person; is like throwing away a diamond and picking up a rock.” I wiped away the tears, to keep them from smearing the ink. You knew from the start that cheating was a deal breaker. You’re unbelievable that not only did you cheat, but in our bed. Don’t try to contact me it’s over, I hope you’re happy with your rock!”


I slid off my engagement ring, placing it on the letter I had written on the counter, laying the panties I had found in our bed beside it. The panties that weren’t mine, something I would never wear.

I carried my suitcases that I hadn’t unpacked from my trip back to my car, grabbing a trash bag, I started to empty drawers of my belongings and carrying them out.

It took me thirty minutes to erase myself from his house, I would be staying at a friends house until I found a place of my own.


Four Months Later

The first two weeks Jax blew up my phone, I turned it off and bought myself a new one. In that two week time frame, I moved into a townhouse and found out I was pregnant,

I was already a month a long, I debated on if I should tell him or not, in the end; I decided not to tell him. The baby and I both would be safer not being in the life. I knew it was a selfish decision, but I knew it was for the best.

I rubbed my small baby bump, smiling at the thought of the little girl I was carrying. I had an ultra sound last week, showing she was perfect and health. So far, no sign of the “family flaw.”

I was walking into the grocery store, not paying attention at who was coming or going. I missed the Queen leaving, pausing when she saw me, her eyes noticing my baby bump, and her mind trying to figure out how many months I was.

I missed her pulling out her phone, and making a call.


I was checking out when I felt someone pull my cart away from me, I looked up, frowning, ready to cuss the person out. I was met with a pair of blue eyes.


His hands covered my stomach. “Is it mine?”

I let out a sigh, closing my eyes, stepping out of his reach. “She’s mine…” I paid for my groceries and loaded them into my cart. Pushing past him, he followed me out to my car.

“Please (Y/N)….stop talk to me!” His hands were on my waist.

I whirled around to face him. “What’s there to talk about? How you cheated on me, in our bed while I was gone to a conference?”

“I didn’t, I sweat, baby….I wouldn’t do that to you to us! I love you!”

I let out a laugh. “Really, then why did I find some whore’s skanky panties in our bed?”

“I don’t know….”

“That’s convenient! You’re telling me some random whore’s panties just showed up in our bed?” I felt a wave of dizziness hit me, and a pain cut through my abdomen.

I crumpled to the ground, Jax’s arms around me. “(Y/N)!”

“Jax, something is wrong with our little girl….I can’t loose her…she’s all I’ve got!” Another pain hit me, and then everything went black.

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I Don’t Dance ● Tyler Bate


Summary for the series / information will be posted asap, I swear it. 

SUMMARY: Tyler is your roommate. Both of you have crushes on each other but… You really don’t say much to each other or know each other well.. He only sees the one side of you.. WHen he comes home early and finds you filming a dance tutorial for your Youtube channel in the apartment, that all changes… SMUT. STRAIGHT UP SMUT.

PAIRING: Tyler Bate  x Reader

WORD COUNT: 3633K+… yeah so.. I get really into these things, okay?? I apologize… Not really??

VIDEO INSPO: >> right here bbies <<












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Magnets: Prologue

A Prompto Argentum Soulmate AU

AO3Chapter 1
Word Count: 1,192

A/N: Here it is! The beginning of the Prompto soulmate AU miniseries. Thank you to everyone for your patience! This story, aside from the prologue, is 5 parts. It is part of the We Intertwined and Chasing Suns (by @cupnoodle-queen) storyverse. Part one will be up tomorrow. ♡

Ignis was back at Hunter HQ for the first time in a month. It felt almost strange, returning to work with his wife and newborn daughter at home, but he knew that he had no other choice. Bounties brought in gil, and Raine, though tenacious and itching to get back into the fray, knew that she had to stay back in Lestallum with the children where it was safe. Ignis was more than capable of bringing in enough to support the four of them, and she trusted that he would be safe with his friends at his side.

The air outside of Lestallum was different. Crisper, less muddied with the aromas of different perfumes and bodies like in the marketplace by the Leville. The breeze blew through his hair, unobstructed by tall buildings, and it felt somewhat good to feel the grass and dirt underneath his boots.

He wandered about the grounds for a while in search of his brothers in arms. Gladio had just returned as well, a month or so prior to Ignis, having also had to tear himself away from his new family. His wife, Cam, had just given birth to twin girls—Violet and Daisy—and they had become his entire world. It brought a smile to his face, the thought of Gladio, this giant tank of a man with two tiny baby girls cradled in his arms. Ignis always knew he would be a good father, and seeing that aspect of his destiny being fulfilled warmed his heart.

Gladio greeted Ignis with a pat on the shoulder. “Good to have you back, Iggy.”

Ignis gave a small nod. “Glad to be back. Although it was difficult saying goodbye to Raine and the children. Hopefully we’ll be able to return to our families sooner rather than later.”

“Yeah,” Gladio agreed. “I try to video call Cam and the girls as much as I can now that I’m away. It sucks, because I just don’t want to miss any of their firsts, you know? And I won’t lie, I feel kinda bad leaving Cam alone with both of them when they’re only a few months old.”

“Cam is a resourceful woman, I’m sure she will manage,” Ignis responded, his tone honest. He admired Cam’s spirit, how hard she had to fight to rebuild her life from all the destruction. Ignis couldn’t help but notice though that there was someone missing. “Where is Prompto?”

“Oh,” Gladio jerked his thumb to the lookout post, illuminated by a single overhead light. “Sulking by the surveillance point. He won’t talk to me. Maybe you can see what’s eating him.”

Ignis hummed curiously and made his way over. He could navigate Hunter HQ easily, having memorized the layout of the area long ago. He counted off the twenty steps from the ground to the platform, his hand sliding along the railing in case he lost his balance.

He could sense his friend’s presence, and called out his name. “Prompto?”

Prompto turned his head at the sound of Ignis’ voice. “Oh, hey,” he greeted with much less enthusiasm than Ignis was used to hearing. Ignis made his way over, leaning his forearms against the railing, unknowingly copying Prompto’s posture.

“What are you doing up here alone?” Ignis inquired. “It’s not like you to want to isolate yourself from everyone. Especially when there’s about to be a hunt that takes place.”

He could sense Prompto’s hesitation as he shifted uncomfortably, the wooden boards creaking as he adjusted his weight from one foot to another.

“Just thinking.”

Ignis raised an eyebrow over the rim of his tinted shades. “About what?”

Prompto sighed, hanging his head low. “I don’t know. I guess…it’s just hard sometimes, you know? It’s hard to always be here, because I’m not needed anywhere else. Does that make sense?”

Ignis was quiet for a moment. “I’m not sure I follow.”

Another shaky exhale, and the wringing of wrists. “Gladio and Cam finally found each other after all this time and just started a family. You and Raine had Lucas, and now you have Aurora. It’s just…the two of you left to go be dads, and now that you’re here, you both have someone back home waiting for you.” Prompto swallowed, his throat suddenly bone dry. “I don’t have anyone.”


“I don’t even have a soulmate marking, Ignis,” Prompto said, almost helplessly, his emotions starting to bubble to the surface. “I’ve tried connecting with people, and it never works. Every single time, there’s someone else, another person they’re tied to, another reason that I’m meant to be alone. I was born to be an experiment, not someone to be loved.”

“My friend,” Ignis placed a hand on his shoulder. “You know that’s not true.”

“But it is,” Prompto insisted, bitterness lacing his tone, his fingers gripping the edge of the railing so hard that it started to hurt. “I wasn’t deemed worthy enough by the Six, so I’m just going to have to live the rest of my life, watching as your kids grow up, watch Cam and Gladio have another anniversary, just sitting on the sidelines as everyone around me moves on and I’m just stuck in limbo.”

Ignis’ lips pressed together in a thin line as he heard Prompto’s breath hitch. “Prompto,” he said gently, his voice soothing as he helped ease Prompto’s hands off the railing to face him. “Your time will come. No one knows what the future holds. I know that you’re in pain, and I will not tell you to deny it, because denying it would be a disservice to your heart. But know that you are, and have always been, worthy of love. It may take time to find you, but it will find you. And once it does, you will know.”

Prompto hastily wiped his eye. “Yeah. I guess.”

“Come, my friend,” Ignis patted Prompto on the back. “Dave has called us for a meeting, and Gladio’s been wanting to speak with you. Let us join the others.”

He knew that his words may have helped slightly, but there was such a dense weight on Prompto’s shoulders that Ignis wasn’t sure if it would ever be lifted. He’d always battled with the idea that he wasn’t good enough, and seeing his other friends move on and evolve without him was a sort of heartache he didn’t know how to soothe.

“Okay,” Prompto agreed. “I just hope the hunt isn’t going to be for a bunch of Red Giants like last time. I think one of them singed me pretty good, I got this weird burn on my thigh. Looks kind of like a crow’s foot, and I haven’t had a chance to have a medic look at it yet.”

Ignis paused for a moment before giving his head a slight shake. “In any case, the others are waiting for us. Civilization may have crumbled, but we must still mind our manners when it comes to duty and protocol.”

“Yes sir,” Prompto saluted in jest, following his friend down the steps, trying his best to ignore the pain that still weighed heavily on his heart.

💐I Dislike How Insecure Ino Was/Is (IDK If She Still Is lol) When It Came To Her Self Image. (Very Long Post) My Opinion. No Hate Towards Sai/Ino Or Sasuke/Sakura. Analysis💐

 Ino Displayed A Longing To Be Seen By Others When It Came To Her Image. The First Person To Acknowledge On How “Beautiful” She Is Was Sai. 

Ino Instantly Grew An Attraction Towards Him (B/C He Resembles Sasuke) Which Could Be Seen As Shallow (B/c She Doesn’t Even Know Him). The Result Of How “Shallow” Ino’s Personality Was Shown When Sai Lied To Her Calling Her  “Beautiful”, When He Actually Meant She’s “Ugly”. This Action Showed How Insecure/Foolish Ino Was When She’s Suddenly Shock That Someone Actually Found Her Attractive.

Little Did She Know That People “Especially Boys” Have A Tendency To Lie Straight To Your Face Without You Ever Knowing How They Truly Feel. Not Knowing That Rule Sai Had To Learn The Hard Way, That He Can’t Express His “True” Words Towards Everyone Especially When It Came To Girls.   

Because We “Girls” Tend To Wear Our Hearts On Our Sleeves Thinking What They Say Is Truly What They Feel. So Sai Knew He Couldn’t Call Ino Ugly Or He Will Get The Same Treatment As He Did From Sakura.

Please Don’t Tell Me Ino & Sai Had A “Strong” Friendship Before They Started Dating.

B/C We All Know That’s Some “Major” B.S.

She Only Wanted To Get To Know Sai Because She Finally Found Someone (That Looks Similar To Sasuke) Who Thought She’s Attractive. This Action Caused Her To Want To Be “Desire” By Both Sasuke & Sai.

 It’s A Shame How One Boy “Sasuke” Could Destroy These Girls (Sakura & Ino) Confidence. And To Make Matters Worst The Girls Start To Feel Like They Are “Useless” or “Ugly” Because Of Being Rejected By Him. 

Where The Hell Were Their Parents During Their Childhood? 

Ino’s By Far One Of The Most Develop Female Characters In The Series. She Faced So Many Hardships Such As Rejection, Insecurity, Troubling Friendships and Death.

I Strongly Dislike How Kishimoto Created Some Of The Naruto Girls To Portray As “Lovestruck, Insecure & Weak Minded Female Characters”. When That’s Not The Case.


🎶Thanks For Making Me A FIGHTER🎶


The “Sai & Ino” Episode Was Very Weak & Fast Paced. I Literally Felt No “Love/Friend” Connection Between The Two Characters.

It Was Awkward As Hell Seeing Her Hugged Sai. 

Shikamaru Hiden Novel Had More Emotion Then This Episode.

 I Know The Novels Are Typically Better Than The Show/Movies, But ShikaTema Felt More Realtistic In The Episode .So,There’s Something “Missing” With Sai & Ino’s Connection.   

Did You Notice How Ino Disregards The Word “Kindness” And Only Focuses On Being Called “Beautiful”?

 She Still Shows Signs Of Being Insecure (Even Her Reaction Could Be Seen As How A Young Girl Would React Being Called Pretty For The First Time).

My Point To All Of This Is Ino Yamanaka Is More Than A Beautiful/Kind Hearted Kunoichi She’s A Survivor. 

She’s Not A Character Who Waits Around Waiting For Someone Just To Acknowledge Her. She Needs Someone Who’s Capable Of Showing Actions Of Affection Rather Than Speaking Them. That’s Why I Shipped That “Small” InoKiba Moment. B/C Kiba Was The Closest Thing (Similar To Shikamaru) Who Seemed Like A Capable Character Of Always Having Ino’s Back When She Needs Someone To Catch Her Falls.

DAMN THIS IS LONG! LMAO (I’m Just Caught In My Feelings) I’m Sorry Followers. 

anonymous asked:

What if trini could longboard and everybody finds out and they expect her to be all hardcore about it but then she shows them her skills and she's really smooth and elegant (see hyo_joo on Instagram for reference) and everybody is SHOOK

Not gonna lie to you but I actually had a skater!Trini on my list of ideas and I got so excited when I got this ask because it finally gave me motivation to write. Also, your prompt is so much better than my original idea! Thanks for sending this! Last thing, I love Hyo Joo so much, I’ve been following her for a long time!

Summary: Basically Trini is smooth af on the longboard

Rating: G

Tags: Nothing really, bunch of fluff. 

Visual reference: Hyo Joo (she’s so amazing)

Read @ Ao3

“Miss Gomez, no skateboarding at the halls!” A booming sound from a teacher made its way through the halls and all eyes were suddenly on the small girl with two Krispy Kreme coffees on her hand and a small bag of donuts hanging by her mouth, the bag being bitten by her teeth. Trini puts a foot down on the ground, slowly stopping her accelerated motion.

“Sorry, won’t happen again” Trini says in a small voice, balanced the two coffees in her arm then picks up her longboard in between her body and arm to grab the other coffee.

The coffee was quickly snatched out of her hand by girlfriend who bites her lip.

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Tzuyu as a mom because yes

Originally posted by hyijo

  • Alright listen we really need to talk about this
  • So let’s imagine an adult Tzuyu
  • maybe 26/27 years old
  • I just feel like Tzuyu is a perfect awkward!mom™
  • And probably very a little clueless
  • Like she often has no idea what is the right thing for her and wants to give her the free space she never had buT ON THE OTHER HAND
  • Wishes for an honest and pure daughter
  • And as a single mom, she would go all in
  • “Mom, can I-” - “No.”
  • Of course she knows that she can’t keep the kid safe from Jeongyeon’s brats forever
  • Though Tzuyu, as the busy person she is, wouldn’t spend too much time with her kiddo
  • So that kid is most likely even more of an adult than her mom
  • Their relationship is kind of impersonal?? like they do love each other but don't have (and need) this overly profound bond
  • And imagine startled Tzuyu when her 13 y/o daughter asks for a cuddle in the middle of the night because of a very stressful day
  • Even though it unsettles her a little, mom Chewy is up on the spot to make some hot chocolate
  • Including sitting on Tzuyu’s bed in silence, enjoying their warm drinks
  • silence is their way of communication tbh
  • because deep conversations are not their thing
  • “Are you okay?”
  • “Yeah mom, I’m fine.”
  • *stare*
  • “That’s… good.”
  • please DON’T
  • But yeah, her daughter probably can’t express herself that well, just like Tzuyu, so they’re able to understand each other without words
  • Isn’t this kind of comfortable?
  • imagine though
  • Tzuyu raising the kid with Jihyo

Originally posted by jihyosjagi

  • while Jihyo does the whole bonding thing with their daughter
  • Tzuyu likes to watch them from afar
  • and she just smiles the whole time, secretly takes Pictures for her lockscreen
  • both of them are so CUTE HELP
  • And sometimes Tzuyu feels like a kid herself
  • Because Jihyo can be such a dad lol
  • For instance, pulling both of them into a tight hug, grinning contendedly
  • “That’s my girls!”
  • *sigh* “Come on, you sap.”
  • I guess Tzuyu asks for education tips all the time and Jihyo doesn’t quite understand why
  • Both of them are already goals af, still she doubts her usefulness as a parent
  • Plus, it’s not like she can change everything up because work
  • so Jihyo just goes ahead and tells her daughter about Tzuyu’s insecurities
  • The kid’s smart enough not to snitch
  • And both of them would come up with plans to get their beloved Tzuyu out on a free weekend
  • this lil’ miss is probably the most tolerant kid in the world
  • And when she gets older, she starts to crack up whenever her moms kiss because that’s the only time Tzuyu looks soft
  • it’s cute okay
  • So we know now: Jihyo is the bestie mama and Tzuyu is the awkward but very responsible mom
  • If anyone dares to insult her daughter though
  • Or assaults her in any way
  • Tzuyu’s gonna show up in front of their window and unleash a fucking storm
  • Those bullies will get in so much trouble
  • And it throws Jihyo off every time because wow
  • My wife is such a badass
  • Her daughter doesn’t even catch on to Tzuyu’s interventions
  • “That girl I told you about, she stopped being mean to me and apologised. Strange, right?”
  • “Strange indeed.”
  • But Jihyo’s just like “That’s great sweety.” and it’s meant for both her princesses
  • Jihyo is the praise queen
  • and Tzuyu’s commitment makes her so proud and happy
  • also, they wouldn’t ever miss any event their child attends to
  • “She’s growing up so fast.” - that’s what Jihyo says every time they watch her dance or sing on the small stage and gives Tzuyu’s hand a light squeeze
  • Tzuyu doesn’t respond, just watches in awe and gives a short nod
  • She’s very very very proud

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William Nylander - Part 14

37953 words later, this story comes to a close as well! Thank you to everyone again for being so lovely and supportive and willing to read my garbage! And for everyone who didn’t get annoyed at my very irregular posting schedule… that’s my bad. I have another story I’m working on now, but I’m not sure when I will start posting it but it’s heavily influenced by the fanfic someone wrote to me that I reblogged earlier so if you want a sneak peek, then there it is! 

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