i miss bec

i remember during the tlok series finale when mako was like “i would follow you into any battle” and everybody was so sure that makorra was endgame and i was just resigned to the fact the the straights are gonna have it again but THEN, in the next scene fcking asami interrupted tenzin and korra’s conversation with an excuse we all know was bullshit then she and korra just basically confessed their undying love for each other and then they held hands and looked into each other’s eyes and walked off into the sunset spirit world. AND WE POPPED THE BIGGEST BOTTLES BECAUSE IT WAS KORRASAMI THAT BECAME FUCKING CANON 

(Belated) Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ofc will I ever forget nalu for vday psh totally crammed this in an hour i have no idea how

Also this is dedicated to Ari bec I miss her so much but ugh you will not be able to see this anyway T__T