i miss baseball already

Summer nostalgia is fuckin viscous. I want my sweet summer first kisses and the butterflies and the carefree carelessness and I want the abandoned buildings and building friendships and I want the beach for miles and for days and I want the vibrant sunsets leading into vibrant nights and sleepily watching sunrises just to experience something I hardly see I want the hikes until my feet bleed and I want the getting so drunk with my friends I could swear I feel alive just for the hangover that makes me wish I was dead and I want sneaking out at 4am and god damn I want like one second to breathe

explaning baseball tournaments and koshien

okay so i realised that a lot of people are confused about several factors regarding koshien and i just thought i’d help explain a little

note: i may be wrong about some parts so please correct me if i am!

if you are lazy to read all the test just ctrl/command + f and type in “ summary “ and just look at all the pictures :)

edit: i removed any potential spoilers to make it easier to read! sorry about that i wasn’t really thinking about spoilers when i wrote this.

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