i miss ash so much :'(

Jongin: Sehun just won an award how do I subtly tell him that I’m proud of him?

Jongin’s brain: Smack that ass.

Jongin: Excuse me

Jongin’s brain: Smack.That.Ass.

Jongin: Oh shit you right fam

otomiya-tickles  asked:

DEAR! *smooches* sloth pair/kuromahi for that meme thing? ^///^

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Ginnyyyy….!! *showers you with kisses*

Ho ho ho, my pleasure~ X3 It’s been a while since I last fangirled over those two! *rolls sleeves* Here we goo~!

1. Who is more of a ler and who is more of a lee?

Aaah this is actually difficult to say about those two, since they switch so often…! Usually I’d say Mahiru is more of a ler, he loves teasing his Servamp – especially when he get to hear him giggle-mewl, oh god, best sound ever for the Eve~ Kuro, on the other end, finds the activity too tiring to even think about starting the hostilities XD. BUT he will end them! Always. And he’s wayyyy more merciless than his human~ So hmmm, I suppose we could say Mahiru is a flirty ler and Kuro a vengeful lee? :3

2. Who (pretends) they hate being tickled and who openly admits it?

Kuro will never ever admit he likes it. N-E-V-E-R. He’ll scoff and look away and pretend he “can’t deal” with this buuuut… when he stretches on Mahiru’s lap just enough for his shirt to ride up and show his belly? Or when he’s lying on the couch and “accidentally” set his feet next to Mahiru’s hand? Nope, I wouldn’t call that coincidences ;).
The Eve never admitted anything openly, so to speak, but… he never really fights his ler off either, does he? Helloooo Mahiru, you’re not supposed to raise your arms when someone tickles you! Can this guy get any more obvious I swear lol

3. Who prefers gentle tickles and who prefers getting Totally WreckedTM?

Except on very rare occasions (aka Kuro’s revenge spree 90% of the time X3), they’re both all about gentleness and soft fingers running on bare skin with so much care and love unff~  Because let’s be honest, they need love. The two of them. Kuro isolated himself after that infamous incident with the Servamps’ father, and Mahiru, well, the poor boy didn’t get half the cuddles he deserves between the death of his parents and his always-so-busy uncle. So give them a blanket, a movie, and just let them  tease each other and giggle like happy kids ok <3

4. What are each of their most ticklish spots?

For Mahiru: tummy, sides and underarms will destroy him. To the point of tears, I mean. Poor boy’s too sensitive~ Kuro’s favorite method – which incidentally is also the most efficient – consists in dragging a single nail aaall over the Eve’s tummy, drawing abstract shapes or outlining the word “tickle” on the best spots, slooowly zeroing onto his bellybutton before finally dipping inside and wriggling about~ Yep, Kuro’s an evil ler X3.

As for said Servamp, there’s that adorable little spot on his lower back, riiight above the place his cat tail would be – this always gets the cutest sounds out of him and makes him blush profusely. But his feet are The Absolute Worst, no kidding; want him to rise his lazy ass and do something? Get his soles. Play “this little piggy” with his toes. And he’ll be putty in your hands in no time~

5. Bondage? Pinned down? Tickle fights? Quick tickles in passing? What do each of them prefer?

Tickle fights all day! Also quick pokes and tickle attacks when Mahiru is in a playful mood. And pinning with little chances of escape when Kuro switches the table on him~ They love it all <3

6. Favorite tickle headcanons for this pair?

Ok, I just recently started considering this lil thing and it’s making me melt holy freaking llama! Imagine Mahiru talking with a teacher after class. Imagine kitty!Kuro being stuck in his backpack and getting tired of waiting to go home. Imagine that sneaky fur ball unzipping the bag juuust enough to stick his fluffy tail outside. Imagine that tail slipping under Mahiru’s shirt and flicking eeeever so gently against his side. Imagine Mahiru’s eyes widening, his lips twitching with the need to burst into giggles but him desperately trying to keep his composure because he can’t make a complete fool of himself in front of his teacher!! Imagine the loooong minutes of awkward coughing and restless squirming as that teacher goes on and on about the next school festival, with no idea that his student is totally dying here. Just… IMAGINE.

major tlc spoilers

i think i remember something about an urn with linh garans ashes in the apartment in Cinder (correct me if i’m wrong) so chances are adri might’ve gotten peony cremated too. what if cinder managed to get her hands on peonys ashes (i cant think of how considering how assholey adri and pearl are) and kept them in the palace to honor her, because lets be real, if it wasnt for peony, a lot of the events before the revolution that led up to it wouldn’t have happened

Ashton Imagine

description: You visit Ashton at the airport and the fans make fun of you.

I was siting on the couch in the living watching TV; my alarm went off at 4:15 pm. It indicated that I had to get ready to be at the airport to see Ashton. I was excited seeing my boyfriend for the first time in months. All I wanted to do is kiss that drummers face. I quickly took a shower and put some black jeans and a tank top on. I looked at the time, it was 4:48 pm. “Fuck I’m late.” I said. Grabbing my car keys and phone, I quickly left the house.

As I reached a stoplight, I got a text from Ashton. 

Hey I’m almost there. Can’t wait to see you! <3 

I smiled and kept driving. As soon as I got to the airport, I saw a lot of fans, no surprise of course but I knew some of them would be happy to see me. When I got out the car there were the fans screaming my name and paparazzi taking pictures. “Omg y/n I love you, can I please get a picture.” A girl yelled. “Of course sweet heart.” I chuckled. As I took a picture, a heard a girl saying something about me. “I don’t even know why he’s with her, she’s so ugly.” she snarled. Of course I wasn’t those types of girls who cares what other people think of them. I turned to her and she gave me a bitch face. “I’m sorry that he didn’t choose you to be his girlfriend, maybe you can try next time.” I smiled. All the girls laughed at her but she didn’t care. “Nobody fucking likes you bitch.” She yelled. I flipped her off as I walked inside.

After a couple minutes of waiting, I saw people coming out the plane. Luke came out the plane first. “Y/n!” Luke yelled as I ran to give him a hug. “Hey Luke-how was your flight.” “Tiring.” he sighed. The fans were now coming inside to see them. “Well I’m going to go see the fans, I’ll see you soon.” Luke said. “Alright bye.” I smiled as I gave him another hug. A couple seconds later Ashton came and drop his bag. “Y/n!” he yelled. I ran up to him and put my legs around his waist as we kissed. The fans awed as we kissed. “I missed you so fucking much.” Ashton mumbled against my neck. “C’mon Ash, lets go home.” I said. As we walked out the airport more fans were yelling. I heard a group of girls talking about me. “I hope she dies, slut.” one girl said. I just scoffed and rolled my eyes. Ashton didn’t seem to happy about it though. “Hey! Dont talk to y/n like that! And you guys call yourselves fans.” He yelled. The girls were shocked and stayed quiet. “That’s what I thought.” He scoffed. I looked at him shocked. “You didn’t have to do that.” “I couldn’t help it, I hate it when they make fun of you.” he angrily said. I just kissed him passionately. “I love you Ashton.” I said. “I love you more princess.”

Dear Calum

Dear Calum,

I just wanted to know how you were doing. You haven’t answered my calls, they always just go to voicemail. I know it’s stupid to keep calling you but I want to be able to hear your voice. Everything has changed since you left, nothing is the same. I can’t function without you here. You were like a brother to me, but you just left. How could you leave me Calum, why would you do that too me. Michaels been drinking a lot, I tried to get him to stop but he flipped and I haven’t seen him since, that was 3 months ago. Ashton’s been depressed, he doesn’t leave his room, he’s become mute my choice. He threw away his drum kit, tore down every single poster in his room. I’m scared he won’t last much longer. Not only did I loose you as a brother, I lost all of them. I lost all three of you. I lost 5sos. I don’t sing anymore, and I quit playing guitar. It hurt too much knowing I wouldn’t be able to show you what I’ve been working on. It hurt to much knowing I wouldn’t be doing it for 5sos. You’re family’s doing okay, I actually think they’re coping better than me, Michael, and Ash. Don’t get me wrong they miss you so fucking much.
The fans are convinced this is some sick joke, I want to think that too. But a whole year is too long for this joke.
I thought you got better Calum, I thought that smile was real. Why didn’t you come to us when you were sad, we were your family. You could have told us anything. I didn’t think the hate got to you this much. I didn’t think it was this bad, I will never forgive myself for not noticing you were crushed.
It’s been a whole year since you’ve died, it’s been a year since 5sos ended, since I’ve quit singing, since I was happy.
I’m a mess without you, there is no point in trying, moving, breathing.
I love you Calum, as much as I love Michael and Ash. But I miss you so fucking much Calum, why did you do it. why..
love you always, see you soon.

lukey xx

Over the Creek


Well nonetheless,
I must confess,
That I’m the mess that has been left to save you

I knock on the door loudly, before stepping back and wrapping my arms around my waist in attempt to regain some warmth. I curse under my breath for not thinking to put on some warmer clothes, rather than leaving the house in leggings and his t-shirt that I never returned. I bounce on the balls of my feet, waiting for the door to open. When nothing happens, I reach out and knock again.

“I know you’re in there.” I call through the door, and I grin triumphantly when I hear a key in the lock. The door opens to reveal Ashton in nothing but a pair of pyjama trousers.

“What the hell are you doing?” He asks, his voice strained. I take note of the ways his eyes don’t have their usual sparkle. “It’s two in the morning Y/N.”

“Excellent, you remember me.” I smile, pushing past him and entering his flat. He sighs and closes the door, following me into his living room.

I drop into his sofa, kicking off my shoes and burrowing into the corner. He rolls his eyes, leaving the room for a second only to return with his jumper. Silently, he hands it to me, and I pull it on as he takes a seat on the opposite end of the couch. After a second, he sighs.

“Why are you here?” He asks, spinning so he’s facing me.

“Word on the street is you haven’t been coping well lately.” I shrug, pulling my knees into my chest.

“I’m fine.” He snaps, and I lift an eyebrow in response.

“You look it.” I agree sarcastically, and he glares at me. “Oh come on Ashton, we both know you aren’t.”

“Why should you care?”

“Because idiot, funnily enough I’m not fine either.”

His face changes instantly, his eyes widening and his mouth snapping shut. He looks between me and his hands, and I sigh.

“I’m a mess Ash, I always have been. You’ve known it since you walked into my life all those years ago. And I’ve accepted that. You however, are not a mess. You’re happy and together and everything I could ever want to be. So whether you like it or not, I’m here to get you back to that.”

“You’ll need to come back then.” He states, his voice quiet. I blink at him, so he continues. “That’s how you can get me back to that. You need to come back.”


“No Y/N. You may be a mess, but you’re my mess. And I need you to come back. I need you. And if you want me to be like that again, to save me as I assume whichever one of the boys rang you said, then I need you to be my girlfriend again.”


“Please Y/N. I miss you so much. I love you, please. I just-”

“Ashton.” I cut him off. “Why the hell do you think I’m here at two am?” I ask him, moving across the sofa so I’m beside him. He pulls me into his side, burying his face into my hair.

“Thank you.” He mumbles, his lips brushing my forehead.

“Don’t mention it.” I reply, leaning up and kissing his jaw. “And for the record, I love you too.”


We may meet with awkward hearts
Like today, I’d never know 

“Hey Y/N.”

“Hey Joel.” I wave, smiling at him as I enter the shop. He rolls his eyes as I drop my bag behind the desk, and I simply grin at him before making my way to the back of the shop.

It was pathetic really, that the workers in the shop knew me as if I was one of them. But the music shop had become a second home to me, and I often sought refuge in it. Somehow I always found myself in the corner shop with it’s walls littered with posters and instruments, the racks of scores and CDs and records all crammed into the too small space. Sometimes I’d just look through the racks, sometimes I’d try and learn how to play an instrument. Once, I had to answer the phone because Joel was with a customer.

I’m startled slightly when I realise there’s someone else in the back corner. His back is to me, and his head is covered by a backwards turned snapback, the rest of his outfit, as far as I could see, all black.

He doesn’t react as I move to stand beside him, beginning to flick through the records that are in front of me. I allow myself to smile as I realise he’s humming along to the shop’s music, biting my lip to prevent a giggle escaping my lips. I startle slightly when a voice breaks through our quiet bubble.

“Y/N? I just need to pop into the back room for something, can you answer the phone if it rings?” Joel calls.

“Yeah no problem!” I call back, not bothering to look up.

The boy beside me however jumps at my voice, the record in his hand slipping through his fingers.

“Shit.” He mumbles, fumbling to catch it. He sighs in relief as he once again has a firm hold on the record. He looks up at me, his cheeks flushed red. I gasp when I realise how attractive he is, my own cheeks burning. He stands up straight, his free hand reaching up to scratch his neck. “Hi.”

“Hey.” I smile, just as the phone rings. I sigh exasperatedly. “Excuse me.”

I dart across the shop, hopping onto the chair behind the counter and picking up the phone. I answer the customer’s questions, smiling when the beautiful boy appears at the desk. I bid the customer farewell, before placing the phone back on its holder.

“So you work here?” He asks, causing me to blush again.

“No..erm..I’m just here a lot.” I mutter, embarrassed. I jump off the chair, moving to stand beside him, except I forget my bag was on the floor and trip. He catches me easily, and my cheeks burn darker.

“I’m Michael.” He grins, chuckling slightly.

“Y/N.” I smile, as Joel reappears.

“The phone ring?” He asks, placing some new CDs on the desk.

“Yeah. Name’s Harris. He’s coming in tomorrow for the new All Time Low album.” I reply, my eyes still on Michael.

“Alright thanks.” He nods, moving to find the item.

“So…” Michael grins. “Would you maybe like to get a coffee. You know, where we can sit down and you won’t trip and I won’t possibly break something.”

“You want to risk hot beverages?” I grin, and Michael nods, his own smile wide.

“I think it’ll be worth it.” 


If ever said too much
Hear my last spoken words
And if I never said enough
Well bleed my last spoken words

“Ben?” I ask, furrowing my eyebrows. “What-”

“Luke’s in hospital.” He interrupts, and instantly I’m on my feet.

“Which one?” I ask, grabbing my keys and slipping on some shoes.

“St Mary’s.” He replies quickly. “He collapsed, apparently from exhaustion. Hit his head when he fell. He hasn’t woken up yet.”

“I’m coming.” I tell him, and he grunts in agreement.

“See you in a bit.” He hangs up, and I race to my car, pulling open the door and jumping in. I speed through the streets, racing to the hospital as fast as I could.

I arrive in a time that was incredibly fast yet also unbearably slow. I lock my car before running into the building, almost colliding with a tall figure.

“Whoa Y/N.” Ben smiles, grabbing my forearms to stop me from falling. “Come on, he’s this way.”

“Has he woken up yet?” I ask, following him through the corridors.

“No. The doctor said it’s nothing to worry about, but Mum’s going into freak out mode.” He explains, steering me into a room. Everyone’s heads spin around, and Liz launches herself at me. Ben flashes me a look that says I told you so.

“See if he can hear you.” She tells me. “They said that might help, hearing familiar voices. See if yours works.”

I nod at her, smiling encouragingly before moving to sit by the bed. I take Luke’s hand in mine, playing with his fingers as my eyes scan his body.

“Well this is ridiculous.” I tell him. “I mean really Luke, there are easier ways to get me to talk to you after a fight.”

Ben and Jack chuckle, and I smile, moving some of Luke’s hair away from his forehead.

“The last thing I said to you was a lie.” I say, my voice quieter now. “I don’t hate you. Quite the opposite actually. So the thing is Luke, I really need you to wake up. Not because we’re all worried sick about you, or because the band need you, or because the fans need you. But because I’m selfish and I don’t want the last thing I say to you to be that. And I know sometimes I talk too much, and sometimes I don’t talk enough, but right now, you need to wake up so I can tell you I love you.”

I kiss his knuckles, and Liz sniffs behind me. We sit in silence for around ten minutes, no one really talking. Ben and Jack leave the room, only to return with a drink everyone. I almost give up by the time his eyelids flutter open.

“Lukey?” I ask, and he flashes me a lopsided grin, his eyelids still heavy.

“Hey you.” He croaks, and I sigh in relief.

“Never do that again.” I scold him seriously, and he nods, attempting to sit up. Liz shuffles across the room, instantly helping him.

“Thanks Mum.” He smiles, and she sends him a watery smile before he turns to me again. “You don’t still hate me do you?”

“No Luke.” I smile kissing his knuckles once again. “I love you.”


I may love you in the morning
Like today, you’ll never know 

The alarm pierces through the morning air, and both Calum and I groan.

“Turn it off.” I mumble, burying my face into the pillow. Calum grunts, but obliges before pulling my towards him. “Why?”

“Forgot to cancel it.” He mutters into my hair. “Sorry.”

“You should be.” I reply, nuzzling into his chest. His arms tighten around me, his lips brushing my forehead, before ghosting down my face. I smile, giggling as they peck my nose. “Calum!”

“You’re beautiful in the morning.” He tells me, his lips finally finding mine. I hum into his mouth, our lips moving together before I pull back.

“Have you actually opened your eyes yet?” I giggle, opening my own. He shakes his head, his eyes still closed. “Then how do you know?”

“You’re always beautiful.” He grins, finally opening his eyes. I smile fondly at him. “Morning love.”

“Morning idiot.” I mumble affectionately, kissing him once again. He smiles against my lips, rolling us over so he’s on top of me. He moves his lips from mine to my cheek, before beginning to pepper my face and neck with little kisses. I giggle again, holding his neck with my hands. “Cal!”

“Can we stay in bed all day?” He asks, his lips returning to my own. I nod, and he pulls away. “Obviously we’ll move for food.”

“Obviously.” I agree, smiling up at him, my hands moving to tangle in his hair.

“And no phones. We don’t want the outside world interrupting our day.” He warns, and I nod quickly.

“Of course. Any other rules?”

“I get to do this as much as I want.” He smirks, capturing my lips with his. I kiss back eagerly, grinning when he pulls away.

“Deal.” I nod, and he smiles, dropping his forehead to mine.

“I’ve missed this.” He mutters. “Spending days with you doing nothing.”

“Yeah but you got to be a rockstar.” I smile, letting one of my fingers trace his features.

“Doesn’t mean I didn’t need you.” He shrugs, kissing my finger as it glides over his lips. “I mean I need time with my girl. I do love you after all.”

I smile up at him, nodding as I continue to drag my finger along his jaw. He pouts at me, and I lift an eyebrow as a silent question.

“Don’t you love me too?” He asks, and I smirk.

“I may do.” I shrug, twisting my hand in his hair again. “Although when you forget to cancel alarms and I’m awoken abruptly, it’s debatable.”

“You don’t love me?” He asks incredulously, causing me to grin.

“Guess you’ll never know.” I smirk, and his eyes narrow.

“Say you love me.” He growls playfully, tickling my sides. A peal of laughter falls from my lips, my eyes squeezing shut.

“Okay okay!” I shout, trying to catch my breath. “I love you!”

“Knew it.” He grins, his hands stopping and his lips landing on mine. “You do love me.”

“Only if you never wake me up unnecessarily again.” I warn, his eyes crinkling as he smiles.

“You’ll always love me.” He smirks, and I can’t help the grin that overtakes my features.

“And how do you know that?”

“Because I’ll always love you.”

Last Night (An Ashton Irwin Smut)

Rating: R

Requested?: No

Word Count: 1,730

There’s something about waking up in a bed that isn’t yours that causes an anxiety like none other. Especially when you have a vague memory of the night before. And aren’t wearing your pants.

Holy shit.

A small stream of light bled through the blinds in the bedroom. I noticed the vaguely familiar band poster on the wall across from me, along with a collection of dirty tshirts. The bed beneath me was cushioned, a feathery duvet over me. The room had the slight tinge of male sweat smell, and I wrinkled my nose in discomfort. I was obviously in the dwellings of a boy, but which boy?

A quick scan of myself resulted in these observations.

  1. I was without trousers, but was still in possession of undergarments and a shirt.
  2. My head was splitting open from the axe that is a bad hangover.
  3. There was definitely another person in the bed, if the feet touching mine were any indicator.

I flipped over quickly in the bed, completely freaked by the idea that I was not alone. Sure enough, another head lay upon the other pillow, turned away from me. A collection of honey-coloured curls spread crazily upon the navy fabric. Wait, I know that hair!


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Lullaby - Ashton Fluffy Smut

“I’ll hold you close, i’ll protect and love you. I promise. I promise.”

My words came out in a whisper as i stood looking over what had became my life. The smaller figure laying peacefully beneath the sheets we shared. Her heart broken, my words guilty of the damage. And here i stood above her, broken myself. The fear time would demand our goodbye, that when she woke the timer would have ran out. Too late for change, too late to take it all back.

My feet glued to the floor, heart racing. I wanted to climb into bed behind her, hold on to her like my life depended on it. My life did depend on it.

“Ashton..?” Her words whispered into the cool air. Hands moving the covers off her body. She clambered out of the bed, watching as her feet paced towards me quickly but with all the grace she owned.

Her arms wrapping around my larger frame, pulling me into her. The smell of her hitting my senses as she pulled me down onto our bed. Kneeling next to me gently, her eyes sparkled, a single tear spilling down her cheek. She cupped my face in her soft hands, her thumbs rubbing against my cheeks. I felt my own tears slide down, her thumbs rubbing them away gently.

“Shhh.. Don’t cry..” She cooed being stronger than i was.

“I..im so sorry.” My voice cracked as i said those three words which had became just another part of my vocabulary lately.

“Its going to be okay Ash.” Her lips pressed against mine for the first time in what seemed like years. The girl i had fallen so in love with was holding on. She still had faith in me, in us. Feeling her against me once i felt it all pool back into my heart. Kissing like it was the first time, feeling nervous. Like we were starting again. This was the sunshine after the tornado that had torn through our relationship.

“I love you.” I chocked out earning a warm smile from her. My heart skipping a beat as i felt all the damage heal, relief filling me up.

“I love you Ashton Irwin. I always will.” Her response was my cure, for all the bad blood between us. Something i had caused she had but she was putting out the burning in my heart and replacing it with the love we shared.

“Make love to me Ash..” We tumbled back onto the bed as out lips locked together, helping each other to breath again. Her legs wrapped around me, running my hands up her smooth bare thighs. Her hands triangles in my hair pulling on it lightly. I felt her nails rake down my arms finding my hands as they wound together. My tongue finding its way inside her mouth, swirling together with hers. Letting go of our hands her fingers brushed my shirt up as i took the hint and removed it. Her mouth coming away from mine to press against my collar bones, leaving small pecks against my chest. I felt a warmth within me, appreciating how she made every effort to please me just as i wanted to please her.

My hands found the hem of her underwear, pulling it down off her legs as i stood. Undoing my boots removing them along with my socks. She sat up, watching me. Her hands reaching for the belt around my jeans. I could barely feel as her petite fingers undone the metal, popping the buttons of my jeans as well. I continued to watch as she pulled them over my hips to fall at my feet, stepping out of the material i was left with only the straining boxers. Forgetting how her beauty alone could turn me on, how the soft waves of her hair falling around her face could send that same tush through my blood.

She stood against me again, i brushed a strand of hair away from her face watching her as she ran her hands down my chest, goose bumps rising on my arms. Reaching down i pulled at the shirt tented around her realising that it was mine.

“I wondered what happened to this..” I broke the silence and she smiled at me like it was the first time we spoke.

“It reminds me of you..when..when it was bad i wore this because it made everything better to have something that was almost you, it was the closest thing to having you here..” She dropped her head, falling it on my chest as your bodies touched for the first time in too long.

“Im here now, and i promise you no matter what I’m not going anywhere..” She breathed out a sigh against my skin and i reached down to pick her up. Her legs wrapping around my waist. Pushing at my boxers i let them slide down to my feet as i stepped out of them and laid her down on the bed under me. Hovering over her i took in her beneath me, biting my lip at her beauty. Her hands pulled my head down to meet her lips again as we kissed slowly. Lining my hips up with her she let a soft gasp out as i rubbed against her. She giggled lightly, i knew from experience that she was embarrassed at her vocalness.

“I missed you so much.” My honesty felt good and she pulled me in for a deep kiss.

“I missed you so much Ash, too much. I love you.”

“I love you more beautiful.” And i was sure i did but i also knew she must love me enough for her to hold on to whatever she still saw between us for so long. She held us together when i smashed us apart. I couldn’t love anybody more in my life, it was all i was sure of.

We kissed again, softly and full of love. My hand lined me up with her entrance, pushing into her. Careful not to hurt her after so long. The little moan she let put pushed me on, her head falling back, eyes closed as i was now full inside. Moving my hips i watched as she responded to me, more moans escaping from her swollen lips. A rush of pleasure shooting through me as i found it hard to hold on. I felt her tightening around me already, her hands gripping onto my shoulders leaving half moons on my skin with her nails, but not enough to hurt me. She never hurt me. Moving down my lips attached to her neck leaving behind a deep purple mark, taking her in my arms as our bodies rocked together slowly. Time building up the strong need for release in both of us. Her arms and legs wrapped around me, heavy breaths against my neck. Hearing her whimper my name in my ear, my very own lullaby.

“Ash..uh, Ashton!” She groaned loudly this time, tightening strong around me as i halted. Her body shacking beneath me, a innocent string of moans coming from her mouth. I bit my lip a growl coming from the back of my throat as i let go. Never letting go, she held onto me as we calmed down. I kissed against her skin softly, trailing from her neck to her jaw, continuing on to hit her mouth. Our lips battling together, taking her hands in mine again as i held them above her head. She relaxed her body under mine, allowing me to role over bringing her with me. I traces patterns over the skin on her shoulder as we lay together.

The warm sun rising trough the curtains, knowing that we were going to be okay. The calm after the storm upon us.

“I’ll hold you close, i’ll protect and love you. I promise. I promise.” I whispered the same words again but now she could fully hear them. Her eyes closing with mine as we now could sleep again. Rest again knowing that when we woke all would be well once more, always and forever.

We dont talk enough about the fact that Klaus had Kol’s ashes like Klaus literally brought with him the ashes of his dead little brother from mystic falls and to New Orleans he couldve just buried the remains in mystic falls or something but no he put it in a urn or jar or what ever and brought it with him to their home in new orleans and idk maybe elijah and Rebekah helped him but still no one can say they didnt care/mourn kol even if they were shit at showing it THEY TOOK HIM WITH THEM EVEN IF HE WAS DEAD AND THEY TOOK CARE OF THE ASHES!!