i miss alois

Aloys, which option do you play for Aloy’s personality?

Do you play your Aloy with the heart, fist or brain option or a mix– or none at all?

Need to know for science.

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*whispers* i also miss aloys okay he is perf

      elinor. my beautiful elf boy, i should really start writing him again.

So, yesterday I played a Fire Emblem game (Awakening) for the first time ever and I’m already TRAPPED. I can’t stop playing, it’s so good. It has everything I love - fantasy, strategy, gossip, romance and awkward characters. I can’t believe I went so long without giving a try to this series.

P.S. Don’t worry, I’M WRITING TOO. I just had to announce my love for this game. It hit my like a truck, damn.
P.S 2.0 I also finished Horizon Zero Dawn and I cried so fucking much. I’ll miss my baby Aloy. I really love that girl.

Alois banging on Ciel's Door

Alois: Ciel please!
Alois: Open up!… Theres a zombie apocalypse going on and my manors been completely overrun!!!
**Ciel walks out onto the balcony**
Alois: Oh thank god!
Ciel: Alois!
Alois: Huh?
Ciel: Calm Down…
Alois: Bu-
Ciel: Zombies only eat brains
Ciel: …..
Ciel: You should be safe

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"Alois darling, I'm home." Vulture called as he sat his groceries on the counter and set to work on making dinner. Today was his last day of grounding and he'd healed nicely so the taller was going to reward him with something tasty.

“I missed you Daddy!” Alois called and came out of the bedroom with a smile, higging him tightly from behind. “What’re you making for dinner?”