i miss all of you so muuuch


Nico should’ve expected Nozomi to find her, given Nico’s amazing nonexistent track record of successfully avoiding her. She sighs through her teeth and looks away, arms folded. Snubbull whines and clutches Nico’s leg when she spots Nozomi approaching.

Running away would just be redundant, so she stays put.

“You’re leaving,” Nozomi says, taking the empty seat beside Nico. “Without telling anyone.”

Nico taps her foot against the ground impatiently. The ship isn’t due to leave for another twenty minutes. “Yeah, well, who wouldn’t have seen it coming? I’ve been talking about this for a while. It was gonna happen eventually.”

Nozomi smiles down at Nico’s Snubbull and reaches down to scratch behind her ear. “You didn’t even want a farewell party?”

No, she didn’t, because she isn’t sure if she would’ve been able to bite the bullet and buy that ferry ticket if she had to stay goodbye to everyone. Nico grounds her knuckles against her knees and says nothing, angry at herself and angry at Nozomi. She notes that Eli isn’t with her.

“Why isn’t anyone else sick of being stuck here?!” Nico finally says, stomping both feet on the ground. “No one’s gonna get anywhere in this crusty old place. But I’m not like the rest of you— I’m gonna be a star, and the rest of the world’s gonna know my name!”

Nozomi patiently hums, still scratching Snubbull. She knows Nico is wrong; they’ve all got things to do, even if their jobs don’t fit Nico’s visions of glamour and fame. But she also knows that Nico isn’t fit for this kind of humble life, and keeping her here is only going to leave her with a life of regrets. There’s no such thing as being a Contest Coordinator in Alola.

“Well? Isn’t this the part where you beg Nico to stay, because you’ll miss her sooo muuuch? I get it, totally, I’d be shedding tears if I were you,” Nico dramatically sighs, her theatrics blatantly overdone. “But there’s just no stopping me. I’ve already made up my mind.”

“That’s fine.” Her smile widens. “Because I’m coming with you.”

“Wait, what.”

“Sinnoh, right? It sounds fun.” She’s always wanted to see a Spiritomb in person anyway, so. “I couldn’t let our precious Nicocchi leave all by herself and have a clear conscience. You’d get lonely, I bet.”

“You’re so annoying,” Nico growls, but her hands are trembling oh so slightly. She isn’t denying it, either. “Fine! Whatever. You can come with me. I guess you can be the first member of my entourage.”

To her embarrassment, Snubbull enthusiastically barks and clings tight to Nozomi’s hand. Nico fumbles for her Pokeball to call her back, but changes her mind at the last second.

“I’ll be cheering for you at your first contest,” Nozomi says.

Nico huffs. “Good! You better. Hurry up and go buy your ticket, already.”

I don’t even have the words to encompass what this year has been to me…but i think if i were to sum it up…2016 was like trying to open that one present but having to go through 365 layers of disappointment, betrayal, sadness, sorrow, regret, tragedy, more disappointment, and even more sadness, before finally getting to what it is you really want. Having ended off this year on such a positive note here on tumblr just makes me want to cry with happiness because i know that 2017 has only good things to offer me from this point on. Just this year alone I’ve had the great opportunity to meet so many amazing people on this website, so many amazing people in real life, and i just hope that i will be able to deepen these relationships because there are just so many lovely people in this world, i can’t imagine how my life would be without any of you <3

so without further ado i want to thank all the people who helped to make 2016 just a little more bearable day by day

@jongkeyforlife (<3 you know how i feel about you) @chokaivlicious @quirkibum (and kia too!) @dibidibidismynameisreema @magai-empire @laybaeby @mochikissme @ooomybaek @taeyxing @jonghyun-kun @jonghyunn @jeon-jpg @prettypinkjincess @nekobuns @almightykitten @caprikyung @rottengirlgrotesqueromance @minfreakingyoongi @kibom @jjongsensation @starlees @jjongieness @6-v-6 @happyshawol @angeljonghyun @ofmoondust @a-cafeconleche @touchmekibum @rainbowosha @hold-on-for-me @sataeminism @jinkilling @pokymango @sleepykimjongin @bubblylilnin @darklordkyungsoo @jonginence @fcjongin @theamreekia @menofkpop @choiminoh @intokai @ultrakdramamama @minho-is-brad @itsonewday @flowerkibum @choitaemins @taemincult @orgel-ontae @acelululala @jjongoholic @lollypopp0330 @suhoui-tokki @micarino @minhoandthebabes @minhosbowties @taeprism @tumminho @yysera @nothingbutsoulmatesjongkey 

wow there was a lot of you (and i still feel like i missed so many…like everyone who changed their url ;;)! i really appreciate you all soooo veryyyy muuuch and like i told some of you guys already….I hope that 2017 brings all of you nothing but joy and great memories because that’s all you guys have given to me. I actually wouldn’t take back 2016 for anything. This year opened my eyes to a lot of things and i’m finally able to accept that i only need the best people in my life and those who actually want me in theirs. 

HERE’S TO 2017!!!!!