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Miscalculated Destiny - Chapter 1 - Everything Is Going To Be Fine Now

This has been on my mind for a while now, ever since I made all these different versions of Error. I finally got around to doing it! Down below are the names/nicknames I made up to use in this story for my versions of all my Errors. There is a Error in the new Multiverse as well, so none of them can go by Error. They also made up ages for themselves because they had to, because of the Codes and everything, so that’s down below too. Please remember that they are in fact these ages for real - all of them are MUCH older. The only thing they kept the same is who is older to youngest, just changed up the numbers to their age. It doesn’t matter to them anyway, they lost count of their real age a long time ago.

Erratum, 25, tallest out of them all = Healing What Has Been Broken Error

Flaw, 23, a few inches shorter then Erratum = String Stitches Error

Static, 21, same height as Flaw give or take a few centimeters = Blue Strings Of Mercy Error

Delusion, 19, half-a-head shorter then Static and Flaw = Become Mine And Mine Alone Error

Glitchy, 14, comes up to Erratum’s hips to lower stomach = Twisted Error

They are going by brothers. Last name, Miscalculation. They made up these ages so that it is realistic as well. If they were all a year apart, it could look suspicious.

Static wanted to be the middle child, wanting to be ignored so that he could sleep - he thought the middle child stereotype was real. While it may be real in some families, not in this one. His plan has backfired on him, as they all pay attention to him just as he does with him. No one is ignored, not anymore like in their old Multiverses. Less sleep, but more love for him. He’s fine with the trade off.

They decided to make Glitchy 14 in the Codes so that he can get away with more and because he is so young mentally. He also can get away with saying he is this young unlike the others. While he may never act or be like a adult mentally, they don’t want to make him adult right away as they can see that going bad fast and in a hurry. They are home-schooling him though, to be safer rather then sorry. If anyone tried to bully him in school, there wouldn’t be a school left. Might as well not chance anything.

Erratum has custody of them all, and they all made up a past that will be further explained as the story goes on. They made sure to cover their tracks.

Magic exists, but there are laws in place so that no one can pull out a gaster blaster and start firing for giggles.


-Start Chapter-

-He fell. Fell and fell until there was nothing left to fall through. Willingly gave himself up his SOUL and body to the unknown. They didn’t want him? Fine, he would give them what they wanted. Let them reap what they had sowed. He fell because it was the last, the only option that would work in getting what he wanted. The darkness and hungry abyss ate him until there was nothing left. Tore him apart and scattered him across time and space. He could still hear the static all around him, regretful screams as he was eaten alive. Then, there was nothing left of him. Finally, he had did it. He had finally died. No more pain, no more balance. He was finally free.

So why was he waking up, whole and alive, when he had been shattered across time and space, eaten alive and supposed to be very dead?-

“thIS sHOUld BE iT…” Erratum grumbled lowly, screwing in the last screw. Getting up and backing away, Erratum looked at the bed frame. It was a simple black metal bed frame made for a king sized bed. The bed right behind him. His bed frame, whole bed set-up really, was the last one he had to make, the others were putting together their rooms now.

It had only been a month since they had fallen into this weird Multiverse. It had taken time to gather enough money to get the townhouse they - more like Erratum himself, as it was in his name - now owned. This Multiverse had magic much like their own but different. Teleportation and portals were harder to do if they didn’t aim the portal to someone they know, and even then it is tricky. They all could do it, but only because of their high magic levels, but smaller portals were easier to hold and keep up. Only time will see if everything goes back to normal on that angle, at least they had their strength and the rest of their magic was alright.

So to make money, at first they pick-pocketed and used very small portals through walls to steal what they had to. Eventually they came up with enough to buy a very cheap house with money left over to furnish the thing, and found other ways to get things they needed. Some things they needed to buy for the house, to give themselves a paper trail, which they bought online and used to save money as they were cheaper when used and way cheaper then store brands, the rest they formed with their strings and stole what they could.

Three decent sized rooms, a kitchen, one full bath, one half bath, living room, finished basement and small attic that could be used for storage. The only reason it was so cheap was because of all the deaths and suicides that had happened in the house. Apparently all those deaths were deductible to the price of the house, and no one wanted a house that held so many deaths and even killings. But Erratum wasn’t going to complain. It was honestly like stealing the house it was so cheap. To make more money, Erratum had set up a online store to see clothing and other items that he and Flaw will make. Delusion could still knit as well, none of them needed their eyes to knit with their strings and form something from that. He was also was in the middle of making a book - one about his life before and the worlds, universes, and AU’s he has seen. He also will be searching for a more stable job just in case.

All of it was worth it though. All the trouble and work was more then worth it.

His family - Family! Something only in his dreams, now in reality. - now had a roof over their heads and beds under them to lay down their weary bodies.

Flaw, almost as broken as him yet not there, and will never be if Erratum has anything to say about it. Flaw trusted in ways Erratum can’t anymore, had hope in him that Erratum had lost a long time ago, only to feel it once more after finding a family. Oh, Flaw was much like him, in that he wasn’t all that right in the head and was possessive to a fault, it was a given in the end though. Both of them have lived long lives, Erratum the longest and Flaw the second longest from what they could tell. Him and Flaw shared many similarities, the most out of all the brothers yet the differences were there for all to see. Flaw was much like a parent in a way, lecturing and placing rules in place so that no one was hurt, but he was much like a child as well. Flaw had more positives in him then Erratum ever had in himself. Erratum wanted to protect that, making sure that while Flaw is like him, will never become him.

Static, the lazy ass that reminded him so much of Undertale Sans yet still had so much of them in him - Erratum can see it in his eyes. His lazy smile was deceptive, his eyes told of the destruction he could and would commit, even if he doesn’t understand why. Static had never destroyed a AU or anything like that, didn’t even know he was a God until they told him, but he had the potential to destroy universes without lifting a finger. Half-lidded eyes hide the gleam and glint of destruction in them, the power in them, making him seem so lazy and harmless in ways that Erratum can not. Hard to believe that Static could turn into a berserker at the drop of a hat if something of his was threatened. Static was much like his new name; static could be almost numb sounding, low, low and background noise that made one feel apathetic at times, but that could change in a second, static soon becoming loud and over taking everything in it’s way, the sound getting louder and louder as the numbness goes away, leaving only pain. Erratum wanted to make sure that Static could stay scar free and free in general as can be unlike him no matter how much potential the other holds.

Delusion was in ways worse off then Erratum, yet not. Broken, fragile and blinded were things Erratum had been before. But Delusion was not healing as fast as Erratum could. Erratum thought that it might be because he is older and has more magic, but that doesn’t change anything. While able to heal most of the bones with their strings, Delusion’s blindness stayed, most likely staying for years to come if not forever. Delusion was so quiet and gentle, hesitant now because of everything that had happened before he had found them. Delicate in ways that Erratum could never be, yet still held the destruction and violence in him like the others. Delusion was much like the calm before the storm, or the eye of the storm. Violence and destruction hidden in him and all around him behind a delicate face. Erratum wanted to make sure nothing could touch him like that anymore, for him to smile more freely and laugh loudly.

Glitchy was something that Erratum has never seen before in his life or thought possible, and as Erratum can’t die and has lived more years then he can count, that’s saying a lot. It was like the smallest one didn’t have a mean bone in his body, but Erratum could feel the destruction all around Glitchy. It was odd to think that he could have been Glitchy, it was impossible in his eyes. Glitchy was innocent in ways that none of the others can be, not even Static. While Static doesn’t remember a lot and had spotty memories at best, Glitchy knew nothing. Static knew what a cherry looked like, but no idea what it was, while Glitchy on the other hand doesn’t know anything about a cherry; not how it looks or what it was. Hell, he didn’t even know what it was called until they told him it was a cherry. The Anti-VOID messed with him in ways that were for life, much like the rest. At least with Static, he was too lazy to go and see what something was if he didn’t know it. Glitchy on the other hand was too curious for his own good, running off if anyone didn’t watch him enough to see whatever caught his eye. Erratum wanted to protect Glitchy’s innocence, the way he smiled so freely and lovingly, looking at everything in child-like wonder.

The Anti-VOID, Fate and Ink messed with them all so much, just in different ways. Flaw was much like Erratum, paranoid and broken in ways that lead to many mental and emotional issues. Static was apathetic at best, not understanding a lot and lashing out when feeling extreme emotions like anger. Delusion was broken in mind and body, blinded forever as he swims in doubt and depression. Glitchy had his memories taken, mind having to regress back into a child’s just to make sure he could live with it all, and was now having to relearn everything and anything once more only with little chance of ever being adult in mind.

They were all broken; In body, mind, SOUL and emotions. But despite all that….

They were his family.

Erratum Miscalculation would willing give up his own SOUL for what was his despite all the trouble that might come.

-He stumbled. Stumbled and limped to the portal that would lead him to his endless prison. He had no where else to go to, everyone else hated him too much to even think of saying hello much less open their doors to him. His invisible shackles rattled as he went through the portal, blood pouring off his skull and dust falling off him. He knew that it would only be the Voices to greet him. They would snark, laugh and scream at him when he will stumble and go down on the other side, that much he is for sure of. There is no kindness waiting for him on the other side, yet he must go anyway because Fate has deemed it so.

The portal was suppose to go back to his prison, he stumbled into his torture willing once more because he had no choice as it was his fate no matter how much he hated it, so where was he and why were hands catching him before he hit the ground?-

“onE mORE StITCh…” Flaw mumbled under his breath, brows frowned as he moved his strings about to form a new dress. With the final stitch and a bit of magic, the dress that used to be made up of blue strings was now a plan long sleeved dark blue dress with a long flowing skirt.

Sighing with a slight smile, Flaw glanced around him. The basement had been turned into a work room, or was in the process of being turned into one. He was sitting at a work table that had many different threads and strings in many different colors placed on top, made out of Flaw’s magic and strings. There wasn’t much in the basement now - only two tables, a few chairs, a cheap computer and magic made couch that Erratum had made. The couch was a rainbow of colors, blue stitching all over it. Erratum had made is colorful for Glitchy, as the rest of basement didn’t hold many colors yet. - Even if the basement was now the main work room, Flaw knew that Erratum’s room was going to be over filled with paperwork and work in general, and he was grateful for the space to just sew or work.

It was weird to him, but not something entirely different. He was used to watching the Charas and Nightmare’s gang from his own Multiverse. They weren’t friends, but they were his. He watched over them, scolded them when needed, taught them how to survive and live, and listened to them when he could and they needed him. Here though, Erratum was the one manly in charge of watching them all, although they all look after one another. Erratum, the one who looked so much like him, but with even more scars and marks on his bones - telling Flaw that he has lived longer then any of them and payed the price of living that long. Flaw also now knew what it was like now to have his head patted…

It was a nice feeling.

Family was a nice feeling.

And now he had a family, in a unknown Multiverse that was messing with their magic slightly. Money was hard to come by as they had to be careful with stealing. Flaw knew that if it wasn’t for the fact that Erratum couldn’t die, he would work himself in a early grave for them all. Flaw could see it in his eyes as he looked online and in the newspapers - that they stole - for jobs for himself. Erratum never once mentioned any of them getting jobs, he was looking only for himself form what Flaw could tell.

But then again, they all would do that for one another. They had something never thought possible now. Dreams and wishes were coming true for them. So Flaw would do most of the sewing for everyone, for them to wear and to sell. It was the least he could do - and he still wanted to do so much more for them all. But, like said before, they would all do it and they all feel like that. Even Static, that lazy ass yet somehow still efficient despite it all, would do the same for them all.

So many things have changed within the past week alone, and more changes to come.

Reaching over the table where he sat at, Flaw grabbed some grey strings that he had formed with his strings a while ago. He needed to embroidered the dress. Even though Delusion couldn’t see it, he wanted his little brother to look the best and feel like it to. All his little brothers in fact. He would have to make something for Glitchy next, the more color the better for him. Then after that, Static and Erratum. Despite who opposite the two were, they sheared the love for comfortable clothing and didn’t care what they looked like in the end. So Flaw would make Erratum’s more professional looking while Static’s would be more on the lines of street-clothing. Then after all that, he would work on things for the online shop to sell.

So many things to do, so many changes now.

But, while so many things are different now, the basics will never change.

Flaw Miscalculation would do anything for his.

-He was sleeping. That was all he wanted to do. Craved it even. While he usually gave no fucks and zero shits, he loved sleeping as if it was a lover. Doing nothing was the best way to spend time, he knew that much. Relaxing and listening to the Voices, talking back and laughing at their embarrassment, was the best way to pass the time he didn’t sleep for. The white held no meaning of time, meaning he could spend years sleeping. The white room really was the best. So what if he didn’t understand, know or feel a lot? It makes it easier to sleep or nap the day away. Stress caused sleepwalking anyway, he didn’t want that. Walking was a pain.

So, why did he apparently sleepwalk somewhere he has never been before - it wasn’t his numbing white, no lovely Voices calling to him with their harsh adoration as he woke up, only glitched voices that sounded much like his own yet different called out to him - if he has no stress, no cares, at all?-

“mAN…i woULd hAVE goTTeN a BED soOneR iF i KNEw tHEY coULD BE thIS soFT.” Static sighed aloud, sinking into the huge rainbow covered bed. It was a mash of colors and themes. The sheets were just straight up rainbow, one blanket on it was blue with a rainbow of stars on it, the top blanket was red with techno colored hearts on it. The pillows were soft and in all shapes and colors. A few small hear shaped pillows, lined with frills, and stars as well. Two big pillows on each side of the bed, the one under Static’s head was a simple light blue with white clouds. The other one on the right side of the bed was a pitch patched pillow, with all kinds of shapes and all kinds of colors in all shades. And that’s not even counting the bedpost and headboard, which were rainbows. The headboard a literally sparkly - it had glitter on it, which Static is proud to say he himself put it on for Glitchy. See, he’s not that lazy…for those that matter anyway. - curved rainbow.

Really, the bed should be a eye sore, but Static didn’t care. Glitchy loved it and it was cheap even with it’s huge size and colors, making Erratum happy. That’s all that mattered to him in the end.

When they had bought the house, it had taken some time to decide how the rooms where to be split up and who had to share with who. Delusion and Glitchy could not sleep alone - Delusion with his night terrors and Glitchy with having monophobia - and those two and Static were the only ones who slept. Delusion while much like Erratum and Flaw, who did not need sleep at all, needed to sleep to get his strength back and for his magic to settle after using it so much to ‘see’ and feeling around to get around. The basement was to be a work room, that way it was easier for them all, so the three rooms were all they had. Erratum had offered to just not have a room, but all the others would not hear or let that happen.

In fact, after Erratum offered that, and looked ready to fight so that the others could each get a room with only needing to share one room where he got none, they promptly decided that Erratum would be the one to get the Master bedroom all to himself, preceding to talk over his denial over this new fact. Static was actually the one to start the whole thing. Erratum really was too selfless in his mind, if his new big brother can not be selfish, then Static will do it for him.

So, after some talking it out - Static didn’t really care as long as Erratum got a room to himself, like the rest beside Erratum were. Erratum still tried to make them take the room and him get none, before giving up and slyly making, buying with what extra money they had and giving them the more expensive things for their own rooms and none for him. That sneaky bastard, Static was honestly impressed the older did that all without them noticing and getting away with it. Erratum had smugly smirked at them all, going deaf to all their protests and any items that had tried to sneakily put into Erratum’s room had mysteriously ended up back in their rooms. Static then understood, oldest big brother saw all and knew all. Delusion and Glitchy just didn’t want to be alone in any case. And Flaw just wanted them all to be happy and make a choice that would fit them the best in the long run. - they decided that he and Glitchy would share a room together, while Flaw and Delusion shared the other across the hall. The rooms were on the top floor, with the Master bedroom being at the very end of the hall while the others were on the side. A full bathroom was just tucked into a corner as well.

Flaw and Delusion were put together for the simple reason of Flaw not needing sleep. This way Flaw could help Delusion if need be in the night, helping the other get dressed or to get anywhere if the other needed help at night, and in case Delusion accidentally lashes out in fear. Flaw would be able to take it better then the others, and be able to calm down Delusion by using his negativity and destructive aura and presence on the other. While he and Glitchy apparently - and wasn’t that a kicker to him, he was apparently a god of all things! Although, now a lot of things that Voices said made a whole lot of sense now… - had the same, they just couldn’t make it come out with a snap of their fingers like the other three can.

It…was weird. It made him feel weird, like he wanted to break something, thinking about all the pain the other three went through. He didn’t understand why, but it made his eye sockets open fully and smile become sharp. He could smell copper and could hear something shattering in his mind. He wanted to make those things happen.

Personal desires aside, Glitchy and him were paired up for the more simplest of reasons; Static gave no shits. Oh, he cared about Glitchy, but what he meant was that he didn’t care what the room would look like in the end. Delusion or the others wouldn’t have cared, but someone needed to be awake and watch Delusion throughout the night, helping him get dressed for the morning and bed, also to help him get up and down the stares and learn the layout of the house. Glitchy might have nightmares, but they are in no way as bad as Delusion’s night terrors. Glitchy would also need help getting dressed as well, but not as much as Delusion would need. Delusion felt the clothing, the designs on them, to see if he liked it and wanted to wear it. Glitchy looked at the colors and picked as many colorful clothing to put on, accessories included. Static could handle all that, keep the youngest entertained and have a lazy eye on him.

The room itself was still kind of bare, which Static kind of liked. But he knew that Glitchy would fill it up sooner rather then later. There were already plans of painting the room, so the walls were no longer white, and there were already some of Glitchy’s drawings hanged up on the walls. And while Static loved the whiteness, Glitchy hated and feared it. Leukophobia could be a bitch, he never wanted to see fear on Glitchy’s face.

But that didn’t matter to him, Glitchy’s smiling face was better then any color or shade. White may be his favorite color, but colors compare to the sheer feel of Glitchy’s beaming happy face.

It was weird…

Erratum’s soft eyes and tired grin always made him stand straighter with a real smile when they looked down at him as Erratum patted his head softly. Flaw’s stern face with hidden laughter in his eyes while he scolded him for something made him slouch down yet at the same time made him smirk back. Delusion’s small fragile smile when one of the others complimented him on his food, no matter how it looked or tasted, was enough to make Static eat the whole pot and sing praises to Delusion, meaning every single one. Glitchy’s beaming face and ever lasting curiosity made Static want to move, be active, just to keep a eye on the other and be ready with a smile when the other looked up at him with that big smile.

Every single one of them made Static feel something. His SOUL doing things it never had before.

Static Miscalculation might not be as apathetic as he thought, when his are concerned, and he’s okay with that.

-He hurt. Pain over took everything as darkness swallowed him whole and took away his sight. Bones shattered like SOULS, eyes no longer visible as the warning signs took over them. He begged for it all to stop, for MERCY, yet none was given by the one said to be the most Merciful of all the Monsters. In panic, he made his escape through the portal. No where in mind, just to get away, to make the pain stop! The harsh Creator had proved his point, there was no need for more pain and harsh words. He knew that no one would ever be there for him, to hold him tight and never let go. This much was a fact that even he knew, it was carved into his bones, into his very SOUL.

So why were hands catching him before he hit the ground, how was it possible for destruction much like his own to take away the pain as it surrounded him, taking over all the pain, for destruction much like his own to show him such MERCY?-

“maYbE i SHoULd mAKE soUP?” Delusion hummed to himself, holding a can of soup and running a finger on the bumpy label as to read what it was.

Erratum had bought a braille labeler of all things after asking him if he knew how to read braille. Delusion had admitted to knowing. After all, unlike the two eldest, no one but the Creator and Fate knew about him. He needed something to do, so he stole a lot of things to read and do for what little down time he had. Learning braille was just one of them. Lucky for him, Erratum and Flaw knew how to read it to, and set out to labeling the whole house for him.

From what he could tell, and from what Flaw had explained to him as he lead him around the then empty house, it wasn’t a big house, but it would do. The door lead into a entryway, the stairs right up against the wall with a door that lead into the basement right under it. To the other side was the living room that was connected to the kitchen with only a counter separating them along with some space. It was a open space, something Delusion was grateful for. Now he had only learn the layout when they get all the furniture, that way he didn’t need one of them to lead him around all the time.

The cabinets in the kitchen were labeled with what was going to go in there and what was already in there. There was a 'soup’ cabinet for example. Even then, Erratum went the extra mile and labeled the can themselves for him, even if it was a one time use. It was going to take time to relearn everything, but at least he had the others to help him out.

Yet, at the same time, Delusion wanted to help them.

So, he went out of his way to learn how to cook and clean. He wanted to take care of them, like how they were taking care of him. Getting some braille cookbooks from the local library was a simple thing, the librarian was even nice enough to give him a couple of older braille books to keep. Even with the cookbooks, Delusion still face a big problem in his way, the actual cooking part.

Using his magic, he could sense other people and Monsters easily. He couldn’t see them really, but he could make out their shape and even feelings if he took enough time and magic. But items were a different matter, they were not alive and held no magic in them. He could flare out or pulse his magic to get a idea of the layout around him, or pules it in front of him to 'see’ what was in front of him, but others would be able to feel him do so. It was fine to do it in the house, but outside? Too many people may ask too many questions then. None of them knew the laws and rules to this city yet, better safe then sorry for right now. So, Delusion came up with another way to learn how to cook, by using his strings.

Since his strings were magical, it would make sure he wasn’t harmed nor was the items. If he put his strings in a boiling pot of water, his strings would send him information on how hot it was and how everything else was in it. He could move things around with his strings, feel around to make sure everything is okay or what was in front of him. It was much like feelers or those tiny hairs on  a spider, the strings sent information to Delusion when he used them or flared out his magic. But it could get tiring at times to do so, so he had to be careful when he did it.

But he wouldn’t mind doing it all, figuring everything out, and all the pain that comes with it.

He could still hear Glitchy excitedly telling him that he bought a bunch of pretty ribbons for 'his prettiest big brother!’ so that he could wrap them over his damaged eyes instead of using bandages or sunglasses. He could still feel Static wrapping one around his skull and over his eyes, tying it into a bow because Static felt that it fit better. He could still hear Flaw explain what kind of dresses and other clothing he made for him, letting him feel the fabrics as he talked about them all. He could still feel Erratum’s destructive power and force all around him, calming him with his negativity and power.

They did so much for him, are doing so much for him. They didn’t have to. They could have left him and not looked back, yet they didn’t. They loved him and claimed him as one of their own. Delusion now belonged to a family, something he had only daydreamed about. It wasn’t so shocking then, was it?

Delusion Miscalculation wanted to do so much for his, even without his sight.

-He could only see white. The white surrounded him, screams never ending always there to tell him how worthless he was. He didn’t understand! His memories were filled with nothing but the white and screams, him knowing nothing else. The Voices screamed and told him things, leaving him scared and fearful. They made him hurt, made him want to curl up in a ball and cry. Sob out all the hurt and pain, but that would only make the Voices laugh at him. They said he could never leave the white and their harsh words, that he was to be stuck there forever. But, leaving implies there is a way out. In a fit of anger, something in him sparked and he felt a warm touch inside of him that made him smile. A round thing formed, showing colors that he had never seen before. Not paying the voices any mind, he walked into the round thing.

Who was it that had gave him such a warm feeling before he walked into that round thing, making all his dreams and wishes came true - not that he was angry about that - proving the Voices wrong?-

“noW…lEaF gReEn oR liGhT GrEEn…?” Glitchy hummed with a smile, holding two different shades of green crayons in his hands, judging them on which to use for his new picture he was making.

Glitchy was in the living room, sitting on the floor at the wooden coffee table with a black couch behind him, watching a show on the used TV they had gotten and to his Big Brother Delusion moving around in the kitchen. Sheets of paper were all around him as well three boxes of crayons, all having different colors and shades in them. There was even a small box right next to where he sat, filled with art supplies that his Big Brother Erratum had gotten him. Apparently it was 'on sale online’, whatever that meant.

The red thing on the TV was talking to a fish now. Glitchy liked the red thing, who called himself 'Elmo’. The show was teaching him a bunch of things! He also liked the show with the weird talking people, all of them wearing a color and had grey things on their tummies with things coming out of their heads, and it was funny when his Big Brothers called the weird talking people 'demons from hell’ when they saw it on TV. - The first time they saw the show, Big Brother Erratum had looked at the weird people and said “ThEy’re trYiNg to suMMon someTHinG, I kNoW It. I’Ve hEArD oTHers tALk thE sAMe WaY iN sOmE AU’s wHIle thEY WeRE StanDinG aROuND a cIRcle wiTh RunEs CaRvED iNtO tHE groUND, sumMOniNg sOmeThINg To tRy aNd kIlL mE OFf….noT tHAt WhatEvER tHE hELL CamE oUT oF tHE ciRclE WaS abLE To kILl mE. i WaS juSt shOckED iT WoRKEd EvERy TimE iT hAPPEnD To mE.” Big Brother Flaw had stared at Big Brother Erratum with a funny face while Big Brother Static had stared at the weird people in the TV like he had never seen it before even though he had been watching the show with them since it started. Big Brother Delusion just shivered like he was cold as the weird people were talking in their funny voices. Glitchy just thought his brothers were being funny. - But Glitchy loved them! They were so funny and bright, much better then the white room and the Voices.

His older brothers also made sure to help him learn too. His Big Brother Erratum had sat down with him every day to teach him things, like magic or how to read. It was funny because his Big Brother Static had to take a lot of the same lessons as him, but he made it so fun because he wasn’t learning everything alone. His other Big Brothers also made time to teach him the little things, sometimes it was funny too!

While they had stayed in that really old building, his Big Brother Static had got some things called 'fruit’ and they both tried them together, while Big Brother Flaw named them as they tried them. Big Brother Delusion liked to sit him on his lap while he read aloud and taught him how to read those bumpy letters. After Big Brother Erratum had bought all the coloring supplies, he had sat down with him and told him every single name of the colors so that he would know them as he couldn’t really read the names just yet. Or, at least, not all of them.

They all made sure to tell him about the colors that surrounded him, what color was that flower to what color was the sky and everything in between, and the colors that were on him. He could wear any color he wanted now - he could be colorful!

He could wear whatever he wanted, could put on as many colors as he wanted. His Big Brothers told him so! Big Brother Delusion even said that he was the color in his life because he couldn’t see them anymore. The others agreed with him too! That had to mean that the Voices were wrong…right?

His Big Brothers said so after all. And what is his wouldn’t lie to him, because while they are his, he is theirs. It’s not complicated like letters and numbers are.

Glitchy Miscalculation finally had a family that he could call his, and not even the mean Voices could take them away from him now.

-He stared. He couldn’t help it.


[He wanted Death.]

{He wanted Peace.}

~He wanted Sleep.~

#He wanted Mercy.#

*He wanted Freedom.*

….looking right back at him was himself, yet not himself.-

Destiny had watched every single of them. Watched as the oldest lived so long that he tried every single way of dying and them some just to get out of Fate’s hold. Watched the second oldest live long yet not that long, dragging Fate’s threads and chains as he tried to do his job. Watched as the third oldest became apathetic and hilariously enough didn’t give a shit about Fate or anything about a job, but lost so much of himself because of it all. Watched as the fourth oldest was beaten until there was almost nothing left to beat, just trying his best to do what he was told and not understanding why he was hated for it. Watched as the youngest was screamed at, hated at, and had to regress to a child-like mind to get by because of it all, loosing all his memories as he regressed back.

Fate had a hand in all of them, all at varying degrees of success on their part. Yet in every single Multiverse they had made, they still favored their first true child over their formed child.

Destiny on the other hand, favored their first chosen children over every single Multiverse.

So, right from under Fate’s nose, Destiny used what power they had to move their chosen children somewhere safe, far from Fate’s hold.

In this new Multiverse, Fate has no foothold. There is no Creator or Destroyer, nor are they needed.

This Multiverse was run by destiny, luck, balance and chaos. Not fate. Anything could happen, and that’s why Destiny chose it. Why they had put all their chosen children together.

Now, their destiny was inside them, up to them to make and choose. Destiny can only nudge and tug suggestions, nothing more. And that’s the way it should be.


Finally, Destiny can watch their precious chosen child live and be free, to love and smile freely.

Fate can be a bitch.

But Destiny knew that a Mother scorned is the worst enemy one can face, even Fate.

Fate can burn.

Destiny was finally free to love their children and help them, and no one is going to stop them.

Not even Fate.

-End Chapter-

Well, here it is!

First off, yes, what show Glitchy was talking about with the weird people were the Teletubbies. Erratum has seen many weird and strange things in his long, long life. Monsters trying to summon something to kill him off isn’t even in his top hundred strangest things he has lived through - I say 'lived through’ because they actually did summon something and he had to kill it/them. He has lived the longest out of all of the after all, so he has seen things that none of them ever have before. And he’s planning on keeping it that way for obvious reasons.

More about the past they made up will come in later in the chapters. Also, more explanation on the city they live in will be in the next chapter, as with what their rooms look like and what they are now wearing.

I still haven’t found places for all the other characters, like the jobs they hold, but I’m getting there. I already have some of the characters planned out, but some details need to be kinked out before I start putting them into the story.

Also, warnings here. There will be age differences. Not HUGE ones mind you, like Erratum would let a pedophile come at any of his siblings and live to even think about it let alone do anything, but it is going to happen. So if anyone is triggered by that, just a warning here.

Their magic is a bit wonky, only the teleportation part of it though. So stealing has just gotten harder for them to do. Oh, they could still do it - or at least most of them can because years of practice - but it’s best to give themselves a paper trail and not get caught stealing. Magic can and does exist, others do have Gaster Blasters. They have no idea how strong others are, they are not chancing something when they don’t know if they can be tracked by stealing big amounts of whatever they need. Better to steal small amounts when needed, or even better get a stable job. It’s why they made the online store, and why Erratum is making books/book series based off his life with name changes and vague character description obviously. It’s also the reason Erratum is looking for another job as well.

Now Erratum really knows what a Sans feels like, holding so many jobs, but he doesn’t mind it.

The Miscalculation family is going to shake the city up, and they are going to attract a lot of weird characters and trouble.

Cue Erratum wishing they had moved to the country and started a farm of some kind.

Words: 7,348