i migrating to the moon

Sometimes I go about normally,
but then
love floods in.

“I love you” fills my chest
like thousands of hot air balloons,
flamed and ready
to migrate to the moon
and sail among the stars.

“I love you” speckles my eyes
the way constellations connect in the sky;
it wants to zip off my tongue like
a charter plane ready to rise
off the runway;
it vibrates in my veins,
a music bass boom resounding
throughout my whole body–
do you hear
the rhythmic beating

Tell me, do you know
that all my hand writes
is “I love you” in the margins
of each word I write to you,
that when you make me smile,
I’m surprised you don’t point out
the “I love you” twirling
across my goofy grin.

Sometimes I go about normally,
that love floods in.

—  This is what happens when I think of you sometimes.