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I wanted to mention something from the season 5 opening. before holland, you see one of the doctors and then his mask kind of evolves onto lydia's face. do you think that's some kind of foreshadowing or just I'm I just thinking too much about this lol. I know jeff loves to hide secret messages here and there about what will happen in the future

Hey, and sorry for the late reply, life is conspiring against my tumblr time at the moment. 

I’ve finally had the chance to really look at the new opening credits and so this will be my little breakdown of that - including your awesome observation. Since I’ve had no time on tumblr lately I realize many have probably done this already and that I’m late to the party, but what the heck :) 

TW S5 Opening credits breakdown


The first thing I noticed is that the overall coloring of the opening credits have changed from a yellowish tint last season to a blue one. This is most noticeable for the sections that are identical from last season like Stiles and Scott.

Season 4

Season 5

Color theory is a b**** but overall we seem to have landed on the conclusion that blue = damnation. It’s also the color of water which is not good at all. We still have the dry feel from last season, especially with Scott as he pounds the ground and dirt fly in all directions. 

Interestingly this bluish coloring instantly reminded me of the coloring used in Teen Wolf to signify flashbacks. Which might just be a hint to time, time travel and time issues being important this season. We also have the clock from the trailer going both forwards and backwards, and the mysterious ticking sound (anyone else thinking of Harry Potter puppet pals?) 

Here’s a few examples of flashback coloring from previous seasons. 

4x06 - flashback to how Kate learnt about the deadpool

4x01 - flashback to how they found out Derek was taken

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