i might work on a house for her


Lighting is splotchy in dressing room but you get the gist. Look is casual but I just couldn’t find the right blazer in the right size. Bought a VS bra for the first time in years. Only got one thing for M (shopping for her is way more fun, obvi). Exhausted/hungry/need to pee/3% phone/ carrying heavy AF purse w/ work laptop/ iPad & book for proofreading work/ etc. Scared to look at my checking account balance but I’m taking a cab so I can stop at my house for a sec, get contact lenses/ underwear/ makeup and continue to my sis to put M to bed. Then I might hit up the phantom 24hr nail salon.

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Do you know the musical filming set list we got? Knowing its the wedding ep i'm wondering what is happening where. I remember we'll see the cs house and docks

Jolly Roger, MM loft, Main Street, Granny’s, Oz, EQ EF locations etc. 

However, unlike a lot of fellow fans, I’m not convinced that a freelance choreographer would spoil all the filming locations of an important hallmark episode. I’m not sure said choreographer would even have a full list. If there is something as big and spoilery as the protagonist’s wedding to her true love, the production might not send out the spoilery locations to every tom, dick and harry working on the episode. 

So my point is that I’m not sure it’s worth scouring that list looking for clues about the wedding. 

Meshmesh has just helped herself to a huge piece of my sister’s birthday cake, and she’s not even sorry, because birthdays might come once a year, but Cat Day is every day, and she’s the queen of the house. Submitting this here even though she clearly thinks its a flattering picture, because I’m trying to Cat Shame her. (It’s not working.)

I’m watching Hogfather because some brilliant someone put Diskworld on my dash, and I’m remembering how much I absolutely love Pratchett.

I want to throw just this one little story element out there.

Susan is a governess to two young children.  They’re supposed to be asleep, but the little girl comes into her room and says, “I’m scared that the monster in the cellar is going to eat me.”

And Susan takes her seriously.  Susan takes her fear seriously.

She gets up, grabs a fire poker, and marches off to the cellar.  The adults in the house see the two going past, and they think it’s a lark; it might actually work, they say, pretending to go into the cellar and making noise, so the little girl thinks the monster has been vanquished.  Very psychological.

We get a scene with the girl waiting patiently on the stairs and the adults not quite knowing what to make of all the noise, and then Susan comes out of the cellar, fire poker bent horrendously out of shape.  The adults say, ‘good touch that’ and head back to their dinner party.

And then Susan goes back into the cellar and drags the very real monster out by the tail, and she throws it out of the house.

Can we all just soak that in for a minute?  Okay good.

You should always take kids seriously when they’re scared.  Because sometimes, the monsters are real.  And sometimes, no one else is listening.

Terry Pratchett is just awesome.


Uh, I know you think you have this thing handled, but I can help. First off, we call Yale and we tell them something like, uh, Rory had a chemical imbalance and she was mentally out of her mind when she told them she was dropping out. And then we get her out of your parents house whatever way we can. We lock her up in her room with you, because you can talk anybody into anything. And if worse comes to worst, we will drive her to school every day and we will follow her to class and camp out there to make sure she goes. I’ll take morning classes, you take afternoon classes, or the other way around, if it works out better for your schedule. And I know there’s a few kinks to work out, the kidnapping thing might be a little problematic but either way, she is not quitting school. This was her dream. I am not going to let this happen.

So a few nights ago mom found a kitten in the garage and she was alone and crying. Later the next day I came home from work and heard her crying, except I thought it was a bird at first because why would there be a kitten crying? And I brought it up to mom and she was like “haha yeah some bird…” Then that night mom was like “okay so that bird crying might be a kitten and she might be in our garage…” she was still out there and crying so we gave her a little makeshift bed and some food. Over the course of the day she wormed her way into the house. Her name is Ali (after Muhammad Ali). She’s got some eye trouble and she cries a lot but she’s very cuddly and the loudest purrer I’ve ever heard. We took her to the vet this morning. She’s 4 weeks old and about 1 pound. She has an upper respiratory infection but other than that she’s in good health!

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Ok but Ravenclaws are about more then knowledge. We are about creativity and imagination too. I mean Luna Lovegood was both into fringe knowledge AND painting. She did her ceiling with pics of all her friends and made her own jewlery.

except that “creativity” and “imagination” isn’t mentioned by the sorting hat at all?

I’ve always held that hogwarts house is about why you do what you do, not….what you do. hermione might be a bookworm who loves knowledge, but she’s not a ravenclaw because a profound desire to understand the way the world works is not her primary motivation. luna loves her friends and harbors a lot of compassion, but loyalty is not the reason she makes the choices she does.

so you could have a gryffindor artist who would see their work as an expression of their deeply-held moral feeling, a hufflepuff artist who is motivated to bring her community together in song and dance, a slytherin artist who’s in it to shake up the art world and make a name for themselves, a ravenclaw who sees poetry as a way of understanding the world.


also it’s a fake system that divides everyone into just four groups, so its application to real complex human beings is rather limited.

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Suzy of the house Miller is awesome. Like really really good. I love how light and wonderful it is? Will the little high priestess get a special outfit? Ahhhh so glad that i stumbled onto your tumblr. Keep up the lovely work!!

She might get one later, for important events or if her dad decides she should have one. I’m glad you like it!

When I was younger, I would frequent the house of a family friend. She worked with my mother in some type of law-firm, long abandoned before I had been born (for which I’m grateful for. I’ve heard some tall tales about it.) My clearest memory of her is her passion for oranges, which was so strong that the entire town knew about it. It wasn’t the normal way someone would like oranges as a favorite food, or even the way a child would (you know, constantly demanding it.). Something about it was… different. I don’t know. Strange might be the word I’m looking for. The way she’d look at them, the way she’d stroke them with her long nails, the careful manner she’d cut them open with… 

Thinking back on it, it must have been love. I was a fool to have not noticed.


I just want a guy to hold me and dance with me around the house and sing cute songs to me and kiss my forehead and give me his sweatshirt and protect me from jerks and call me “his girl” to his friends
I also wouldn’t mind cuddling with a girl and holding her close while I tell her stories of my past and listen to her about drama from work and help her through her period bc I know how hard it is and buy her chocolate and kiss her lightly and tease her and annoy her

Being bisexual is weird.


Some stuff from the project I showed at gobelins last year. Strangely I’m still very happy with it. I might go back to it someday:)

Here’s basically the story:

In Spain in the 16th century, Luz, a little girl that is a bit wild, works for the apothecary of the town. She often goes in the forest to look for healing plants. The people of the town despises Luz because she’s close to the animals. She draws them, and sometimes she heals them thanks to her medical knowledge. But one day 3 villagers hurt her and a wolf stands out of the forest to protect her. Then all the people from the town get scared and they come back to chase her. As she runs as fast as she can in the forest she will turn into a wolf and run away with other wolves..

Part 1


IMAGINE: Trying to help Jefferson make another magic hat, but you no longer have magic in Storybrooke…


Jefferson: Just try again! One more time! I-It’ll work!

Y/N: I-I’m sorry… I can’t…

Jefferson: *sighs* I-It’s alright Y/N… It’s just… What good is this house, these things, if I can’t share them with her? 

Y/N: It’s okay. I might not have magic, but I’ll help you get her back. No matter what it takes. *hugs Jefferson* 


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You know what? I’m over my negativity over the finale. Delena got to spend their lives happily together and they were still together in the afterlife. 

I can already imagine Elena introducing Damon to her parents; BBQs at the Gilberts or Salvatores’ house; all of them together as Damon and Elena tell the people they love everything about their life, their kids, their grandkids, and what a beautiful journey their life was. 

So many things can be done now through the work of this fandom, through fanfics, fanvids, fanart and I just can’t wait for it. I might even post something myself if inspiration strikes ;) 

We did it guys, Delena is endgame and not even death did them part.

Paul playing with Martha and his dad’s black Scottie dog in the gardens of ‘Rembrandt’; the mock-Tudor house in Baskervyle Road, Heswall, Cheshire, that Paul bought for his dad in 1964. 

In the top picture are Paul’s dad, Jim McCartney and the girl is identified as ‘Stephanie, Paul’s cousin’ - but I can’t find any more information about her. (I thought it might have been Ruth?)

Pics are c. 1966 and taken by John Kelly. (Some credit as Jeremy Banks, who was a photographer working for The Beatles, but although he may have arranged the photoshoot, the photographer has been identified as John Kelly). 

Gaffe [Jin]

{{ noun // an unintentional act or remark causing embarrassment to its originator; a blunder }}

Accidentally texting your ex is never good… Right?

Slight Angst, Fluff. Slice of Life AU. 1,383 words.

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

You: Hey, can you pick up some eggs on the way home?

You send the text to your roommate, hoping she’ll see it once she gets out of her afternoon class and goes grocery shopping. You walk around your shared apartment, vacuuming each room and doing your laundry. It was your turn this week for house chores, so might as well get it out of the way before you dive into your movie marathon later and get too comfortable and lazy to do your share of the work. Your phone buzzes, and you grab it off the table.

Jin: I think you texted this to the wrong number.

Your eyebrows furrow in confusion until you take notice of the name. Jin? Well, shit. You screwed up majorly.

You sent it to your ex-boyfriend.

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also consider this a formal request for wereham and the incident with the farm

Alex doesn’t know how he ends up in these situations.

He just meant to go for a quick hunt. Full moon, so he wasn’t allowed in the workroom, and he got hungry waiting for John to finish his letters. Might as well go outside, chase some squirrels. Better than being stuck in the house with no work or space. Except he was distracted sniffing out rabbits and went a little farther than the outskirts of camp - and now he’s cornered against a barn, staring down two hounds.

His hackles brush against the barn wall. He folds his ears flat against his head, bares his teeth. The dogs continue to press on either side, barking and slavering, threat threat threat. He’s bigger than them, he can fight - no, two is a pack, he’s alone, he can’t hurt someone’s dogs, the General would find out. His fur stands on end. There’s nowhere to go, he has to fight, he has to run -

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Scott promised Elsa he’d help her work on controlling her new found abilities. He tried to teach her about anchors and finding your inner strength but it turns out controlling fire is a little harder than controlling your shift.

Terrified that she might burn her home down in her sleep Elsa spends the night at Scott’s house under the watchful eye of her new alpha.

The Littlest Winchester - Fear Not

Character(s): Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,372


1) Okay then, I’m sorry about the last request about the whole morbid sexual thing. My bad. So I just thought of this funny one where the reader is scared of an insect whether that be spiders or not is up to you and its up to daddy Dean to kill him! Lol

2) I really love you work. I really do. Could you write a little Winchester fic where they find her fear like clown or plane that kind of studf


           Out of all the things there are to be afraid of, Dean’s daughter takes after her father and uncle. Although the knowledge of what might be lurking under the bed sometimes has her cuddling with Dean in the middle of the night, she’s absolutely terrified of bugs and clowns.

           As she eyes the creepy little clown gnome on the front porch of the house, the four-year-old takes cover behind Dean’s legs. He’s the farthest from the ceramic decoration, but she still has no desire to get any closer. The brothers are on a hunt, currently waiting at the door of a friend of the most recent vic, and because Cass wasn’t available, Dean’s daughter had to come with them.

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