i might want to get this calendar then


Mod Christmas Calendar, December 7th

Today is a short ponytail with all (or almost all) hair tucked back. It’s been requested for a while, so i hope the requesters still want it, huhu.

Tomorrow’s mod will be a bit late. I don’t have anything ready and i’m gone all day tomorrow so i will have to finish it on friday morning. This means that some timezones might still get it on the correct date, but for people in my timezone +, it will be a day late.

Anyway, today’s mod can be found here.

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What Scarecrow comic did he start caring for a little girl?

There’s only two stories that come to mind, once during the Cycle of Violence Arc and in the Arkham Knight prequel comics. I need to preface that in neither of these stories does he actually take care of the little girl, but if you saw a panel out of context it might look that way.

In Cycle of Violence he kidnaps a young girl and experiments on her, although he does have a change of heart in the end. I won’t spoil it for you, because it’s worth reading despite what people say. There’s also this subplot in the Arkham Knight comics were Scarecrow’s seen holding a little baby, and if you saw this panel out of context it’s really jarring. In reality he’s just working with Calendar Man who wanted to execute the child in order to get to Batman. (the child doesn’t die, don’t worry)

Anyway, I don’t think there’s any comic were he actually takes care of a little girl. I could be wrong though. The few times he interacts with children, it usually doesn’t end well.

Hungry for you


Ever since their first foray into sex the week before, Jemma had been filling every gap in her very busy calendar with Fitz. 

Who was ‘filling her gap’ in the best possible way. 

Unfortunately, Fitz was exceedingly busy as well, and since Mack was the only one who knew about them… Well, getting alone time together wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. 

[text Fitz:] After dinner’s finished, I want to sit down with our Outlook calendars open and block off some time for us to be together. 

[text Fitz:] I’ll need /at least/ an hour at some point during the day and most of your evenings. What about you?

Jemma leaned into the fridge on the pretence of grabbing some drinks for everyone and snapped a quick picture down her blouse. She had on a lacey bra that she thought he might appreciate. 

With a mischievous grin, she texted him that, as well.

okay oh my I’ve calmed down somewhat but I still really cannot believe how into each other Giles and Jenny are because it’s unbelievably adorable

first off, Jenny’s face as Giles is leaving is wonderful

she starts off with kinda soft eyes

and a sweet smile

and then goes to “dorky as all get-out” once he’s turned around and is walking away

the Unflappable Jenny Calendar seen here, folks

look at this lil bean she can’t take her eyes off him and she can’t stop smiling

she tries to go back to being cool at the end but we all saw that, jenny. we all saw it.

ALSO OKAY I HAVE TO ADD the fact that Jenny looks suddenly cool and collected at the end probably has to do with the fact that Giles, who was walking away, turned around again to look at her? Like she’s all dorky grins and stuff when he’s not looking but when he turns around she has to pretend she was already going back into the classroom.

“yep. cool. just leaving. look, I’m going to toss you a flirty look over my shoulder because I’m totally confident and casual about this. not a dork. not me.”

meanwhile gILES



I cannot with these two they’re such smitten idiots even when they’re dating

Avatar AU Calendar Collab!

Hey guys!!!

With the almighty Deli’s blessings (and having some very enthusiastic feedback from some other muns), I’ve put together an Avatar AU collab idea which I hope you guys are interested in participating (especially when it shall be bringing so much fanservice).

Without further ado I present to you:

The Aph Avatar AU Pin-up Calendar Collab! (the name is a work in progress lol)

Basically I thought it’d be fun to create a calendar for the new upcoming year and even better one providing lots of fanservice of our sexy characters.

If you’re interested in participating just need to send me message saying you are and if you have a preference what month you’d like (obviously not everyone will get the month they want but I’ll try my hardest). If I have enough we might split it into two calendars perhaps.


  • Picture is due December 1st (plenty of time, no need to rush)
  • All submissions need to be 11 x 8.5 inches (792 x 612 pixels) and preferably to have a resolution of at least 150 
  • Multiple submissions are allowed if you have multiple characters
  • No nudity or excessively sexual poses please
  • In terms of exposure. All bottom halves of the body must be clothed.
  • Males – no shirts are allowed. Girls – Also alright so long as your boobs are covered (as lovely as they are)
  • Any questions don’t hesitate to message me

Last have fun!

I look forward to seeing some sexy looking characters and enjoy. ))

I am twenty nine years old, but I am so excited about my advent calendar I am literally counting down the hours till I can eat my next chocolate, and I have no shame.. Also Dylan has already knocked my Christmas tree down twice, so I think I might need to get a small tree. Cause she’s eyeing it up again, and I don’t want pee in y condo, or a fire. 

Seasons Change 2016 calendar is finished!

Guys, this has been the most ambitious art project I’ve ever taken on, and I’m so happy with the outcome. If you want a copy of this calendar or prints, you can get them through Kickstarter

Funding ends on Sun, Jan 10 2016 11:59 PM CST.

Please help me spread the word to people who might be interested, and thank you all so much for the support - I honestly would not have been able to finish this without you guys motivating me. You guys are the best. <3

So I had another idea

Yep, dangerous I know, 2 in one week, but well I think it might be quite a good idea.

What if I made a 2017 CALENDAR featuring favourite scenes with the DOLLFRASERS? Would any of you lovely people be interested? I’m still looking into all the possibilities but before I go further, I want to gauge the interest level.

Some companies allow people to create their own mini shop, and then the customer can order from there so I think that could get around the logistical difficulties of me mailing out worldwide…

Anyway its just an idea…but I thought it might be fun!


outlanderedandoverhere xxx

Ace of Spaces (Hide)

Deeply sensitive, under their accomplished and stoic exterior, they may have experienced emotional abandonment in early in life carrying a long lasting impact.

I think Hide is a pretty sensitive person. In the new calendar on 6/19 Hide poetically describes a time where they were supposed to read in class and expresses heartache seeing his best friend being teased.

We dont know what Hide’s past is or the relationship with his parents. They are probably alive but never really gave him a second glance which is why he probably likes social events and why he might have an outgoing personality because he didnt get that attention he needed and wanted. It leading to Hide’s attachment to Kaneki and looking out for him because he was afraid of losing the one person who did notice him but actually noticed and was able to read Hide (for the most part). Losing Kaneki for those 6 months did not help at all and probably brought back those feelings of growing up and not having the people you care about give you a second glace.

Having faith in others, accessing forgiveness and unconditional love is a theme for many Ace of Spades people.

Hide had/has faith in Anteiku/Touka in looking after and looking out for Kaneki. When Kaneki worked at Anteiku I believe Hide had faith that they would take care of him and help him accept his new life which is why Hide never really made any moved of his own until Kaneki left the people he entrusted him to.

Accessing forgiveness? His own forgiveness? He didnt have any hard feelings even though Nishiki kicked the shit out of him. If Hide does suffer from emotional abandonment I doubt he holds it against him. One thing I want to see is if Kaneki feels guilt for not seeing Hide for 3+ years cause if that scene happens I think Hide would forgive him. I think Hide is a forgiving person even with people who threatened his life (Nishiki and Touka, who said she’d kill Hide if he knew they were ghouls)

No room for arguement or debate here but Hide’s love for Kaneki is unconditional. There is no limit to how much Hide loves and cares for this boy. News reports of the Eyepatch ghoul were on the news and Hide is smart and probably figured out it was Kaneki and still chose to seek him out and bring him back home. He accepts that Kaneki now has to eat human flesh. He accepts all of Kaneki.


My classroom is about 90% complete :) There are still a ton of things I want to do with it, but it is ready enough for now. Students come on Tuesday! 

Goal this weekend is to find two flexible seating options for what I am hoping will become a book nook behind my interactive TV. I also need to buy a calendar for one of my boards and maybe even some Christmas lights for the back ledge by the window (nobody is positive if they’re allowed or not so we will see what the fire marshall says). There are two teacher stores nearby and I really want to go check them out, but that might be dangerous. 

I should also, ya know, figure out my back to school activities and start really digging into our curriculum! We won’t be teaching much the first week so I have time, but I would like to get a bit ahead if I can. 

Info on engagement planning

I promised that I’d tell you guys how engagements work for royals. I can only tell you how it works for patronages but this is 100% the truth and for the handful of people who know my connections, they can verify I’m an exceptional source (@harryandthecambridges, @sarahbellar, @katemiddletons etc). 

So in September/October the private secretary contacts all of the patronages and asks them for all of their planned events for the next year. The private secretary checks the calendar and then pencils these events in. Obviously they might be cancelled as it gets closer which is why they aren’t all announced in January. Once the next year starts, new events might pop up which weren’t previously known about. A charity can ask the royal to attend these events. If they want them there they have to create a full proposal about the event (background, what the royal would be doing, why they should be there etc) which is considered by the private secretary and added to the calendar if appropriate. 

So in other words the royals do not ask charities if they can visit them. The charities are the ones to ask the royals. We can put that argument to rest now. 

Every year I get two things for Mother’s day: cereal + diet coke in bed and a timer set for two hours in which they do not argue. Though that’s all I get, that’s all I need. And I don’t even need that–it’s a bonus. Because I made the choice to have them. They do not owe me gratitude or presents or affection because the calendar says so. However, the fact that they do do these things means…the world.

Your mom might be awful. She might be toxic and harmful and you do not want to speak to her. Don’t. If that’s you, two things: a hug, and the affirmation that you don’t need to torture yourself over not having a perfect relationship with her.

But! I’ve gotten so many supportive text messages from friends + family this morning and it’s wonderful. The affirmation is great. I’ll get up and do it all tomorrow regardless of those messages, but they are a boost in my step.

So please do me a favor and reach out to your mom friend & tell her she’s great. Take your your trans friend who is learning to nurture herself out to dinner or a manicure and shower her with praise and support. Buy your friend who helps all the strays a small pet store gift card and tell her her nurturing spirit is an inspiration to you. Your friend who always gives out gum or granola bars or tampons? Buy her a box. Buy a flower for the gas station attendant who can’t be with her kids today. Send a fb message to your best friend’s mom who invited you over to dinner twice a week because she knew your home life sucked. 

And if you’re flat broke, just make a card or send an encouraging text. Just stop by and pay a visit. This isn’t a day to give hallmark some bank or torture you, it’s a day to be thoughtful and nurture the nurturers in your life. All women are great + we should support each other.