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I love how happy bendy looks with India and vicevers, it's just so heartwarming (english is not my first language btw;;)

(In that case you might wanna flee before things take a turn for the not-so-sweet. Of course I guess happiness remains pretty unchanged; and idk what you consider heartwarming. You can stick around if you want, they don’t mind. -HG)

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Any ideas on where the generals went? A lot of people expected them to show up in the finale to save Voltron, given Acxa's line, but I can't imagine where else they might have gone.

I mean, I have kind of a wild theory that if Keith and Acxa do turn out to be siblings, then Acxa’s “other option” might have been that she knows where Mom Kogane is.

After all, someone who seemingly lost contact with the Blade, but who would regardless still harbor a pretty strong grudge to the empire- in fact, it could well be that she and Acxa parted ways on bad terms because Acxa joined the imperial fleet, and now that Acxa’s no longer in the fleet’s good graces, she suspects at least that she’ll be able to mend things with her mom.

Trickster God

Characters: The Reader, Dean, Sam, Gabriel

Word Count: 2,489

Warnings: this isn’t fluff, per say but it’s not angst. So, take it how you will. Some comedy but not a lot. 

Request: Heyyyyy so can you please write something that is like the boys go on a hunt that they think might be Gabriel because it shows the signs that it might be him. But it turns out to be the reader who is the an actual trickster god?

Author’s Note: If you want to be a Queen, let me know and I’ll add you to the lists! So sorry this is out so late, I hope whoever requested it, that you like it!

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You can do a lot of things. You can make an impossible thing come to life, right in front of your eyes. You can make the fakest of things seem real. You were a Trickster God and you loved every minute of it. You weren’t evil, no, you used your powers for good, going around to children’s hospitals to make their days with magic.

You went from town to town, wowing people with what you could do, but just before you left the town, you made everyone forget what they saw because you couldn’t have your cover blown to hunters or Angels.

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No promises but I might be going to Richmond on Monday…store build thing. Good thing I had no plans 😜

Okay I would be okay with going. Sitting at home all week might turn out to be boring and something. Hope they decided yes…

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Admin Storm! BTS MTL public sex











Hoseok and Yoongi take me as people who genuinely won’t care as long as you’re quiet. Plus, the idea of possibly getting kind of turns them on.

It might take some convincing for Taehyung to agree, but I think he might like the idea.

Jungkook likes the idea of possibly being caught, but it still frightens him.

Namjoon and Jin would take a lot of convincing, but contrary to people’s belief I really think Jin would end up liking it. And Namjoon being the leader, I think he thoroughly thinks things through. Can’t say he won’t end up liking it though if you get him to try it.

Jimin is a shy little boy, just let him live.

- admin storm


Hi Taylor! My name is Kate! (I’m the one in the pink)
I’m not sure if you will ever see this but I found this photo of my cousin and I at Oheka Castle from two years ago and thought you might like it!
Every two seconds I kept going to her OMG TAYLOR SWIFT STOOD HERE LIKE WHAT and she was like oh boy haha anyways thank you so much for making music and being apart of my life, you have reminded me I can find happiness any heart break and things will always turn out okay. I love you so much and will always be there to supoort you. Thank you for all you do for us and making so many people happy. Please have a nice rest of your day/ night- sending you the biggest hug right now💕
Love always,

Language Gothic

They say Hungarian has 18 cases. You don’t know what they are or how they work. Only that they exist and there are 18 of them. You are scared.

“Fluent in 3 months” Benny Lewis proudly proclaims. “Fluent in 3 months” he repeats, in an assertive tone. “Fluent in 3 months” he demands, “Or else.”

The website asks for your target language. You do not know what it has done to become a target, nor do you want to know.

Course progress: 100%
Due date: yesterday
You still cannot learn Ukrainian.

“How many languages are you fluent in?” asks the innocent onlooker. You forget what the question means. What is fluency? Have you ever known?

The Russian speakers say they speak the hardest language. So do the Finns. So do the Chinese. They are all wrong.

You look at the verb table. “I am. You are. He/She/it is.” What am I? Where are you? Who is he/she/it?

You cannot pronounce the Czech ř. You cannot begin to fathom it. You hear it when you close your eyes. It is the fabric of your nightmares.

Finnish has 6 moods. Indicative, Conditional, Potential, Ambitious, Disappointed, Regretful.

one of the things i love about learning a language is how it really makes you question the original intention of your words. i remember ages ago looking up “i’ll still love you” in french to double check and it turns out it’s"je t'aimerai encore" if the love has decreased and might not last,  but “je t'aimerai toujours” if you mean you’ll love them forever. and i was just staring at my wall because i genuinely didn’t know which i meant and it all got very emotional. all because french makes a distinction that english doesn’t. 

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Re: post-spn scoutthoughts.. Am I the only one who thinks that there's something off with mr. Ketch? He comes across as a sociopath, but.. Some things remind me of soulless!Sam.. Mr.K just seems like he can pretend to be a human a bit better than soulless!Sam.. And then there's the question: Why has the tattoo gotten so much screen time? Is it magic? A binding? Mind control? (then again, I might need to try to be a little less insane.. 'cause maybe I'm just seein things that aren't there)

hmm…you know, he’s a character that i feel has potential, and i agree with you on these things. it’d be super interesting if the BMoL removed his soul as an experiment to see if he’d just become a killing machine, because with his soul that was only thing stopping him was a filter, but he is a logical person


  • he went through an embarrassing goth stage but he’s afraid of tattoo removal
  • a Holy British Biker Gang tattoo

Reyes Vidal, from Mass Effect: Andromeda

hero!Hitoshi and villain!Izuku showdown! which one of them would be saying that, i wonder…

my kinda prediction for @okieclover‘s fic, Enigma’s Box, which just happened to become partly canon in the most recent chap yay!


bernie wolfe + @ao3tagoftheday (2/?)


Disrespect me? Get Shut Down and Blacklisted

So I used to work as a waiter at a fairly okay steakhouse around the US. Enjoyed my job, got great satisfaction from making people happy, had regulars who loved me and would only come in to see me (even long after the menu items they originally came for stopped being offered).

Well the company decides that this particular location needs a new General Manager. This is someone who was, as it turns out, fired from his last GM position for toxic behaviours including but not limited to sexual harassment of younger female staff.

A'ight, no big. I can roll with pretty much anything. Mostly because I’m very ‘out’ about being LGBT (specifically the T part) and surround myself with friends and family who are totally cool with that.

GM is an older gentleman, conservatively raised, and incredibly vocal about his personal politics (including, oddly enough, something about there being more trees in north america NOW than there has ever been, and how global warming is good because ‘all those trees need all that carbon dioxide anyway’). Odd fellow, not very well educated, but this is lower-end management at best anyway so what can you expect?

Well, as I’ve said, I was very much 'out’ at work, and so would, when appropriate, gently remind my coworkers that certain pronouns are maybe… not the best used when referring to me. In reference to the GM, though this fellow would go out of his way to refer to me using an incorrect honorific- american south… Maam and Sir are just things everyone says regardless. It happens, I get that. But twice in every sentence is not an accident.  Going out of his way to dig up my 'dead’ name (the name I used before transition)… also not an accident. 

Well, I’d been hearing from other staff that the new GM was being incredibly derogatory towards me when I wasn’t around as well, and decided that the mature thing to do would be to approach him in private and ask him about it. Maybe give him a chance to ask any questions he might have, or at least come to a mutual agreement (preferably one that doesn’t include deliberately-misgendering honorifics). 
Turns out he’d rather have that conversation at the front door, while guests of the restaurant are still entering and exiting, despite my repeated requests to talk to him in a more private place. 

I bring up my concerns.

Not only are they true, but he’s been frothing at the bit to have this conversation with me, and spends the next solid twenty minutes lecturing me (I barely got in three full sentences- this man also doesn’t know that interrupting is inappropriate in a discussion). He brings up the fact that he has 'a degree in biology’… yeah so do I, but mine is thirty years more recent than his, guaranteed. He brings up the fact that it’s 'rude’, 'childish’, and 'stupid’ for me to even ask him to consider NOT using the honorific he’s decided is appropriate. He even goes so far to try to explain how chromosomes work to me. ….and.. clearly doesn’t understand at all how chromosomes work. In -any- species, H.sapiens included.

So here’s the revenge part.

I had taken about two weeks off, to be started the next day, in order to visit family in another part of the world for the first time in several years. So I simply went in the next day and told an office full of managers to.. not worry about putting me on the schedule come time. Two weeks off equals two weeks notice. No big. Got to fly the bird (In america, a rude gesture involving the middle finger alone) at GM who was in the office with other managers at the time. 

Now that I was no longer employed at company, I was free to speak of my experience without fear of consequence. So I spoke to friends. Spoke to allies. Spoke to legal teams. All about this obvious discrimination and attempted bullying by someone in a position of power, in a part of the United States with very, VERY defined fairness ordinances explicitly in place to prevent LGBT discrimination in a city that is known by the region as being a 'hub’ for LGBT treatment and opportunity and resources and community.

Friends called HR. Other co-workers contacted me about issues they’d had with the GM in the same vein. I included these (dates, times, names, witnesses, contact information for those who consented) in my own formal report. More friends called HR. And then MORE friends called HR.

So many people called to complain to the restaurants public resources team that they would no longer ever come to said restaurant if this was the kind of behaviour that was accepted as representing the company…. That the company closed the entire location with a week, and the GM has apparently been utterly blacklisted from the restaurant business in the city/county due to this scandal.

Apparently it was more money than it was worth to fight the scandal, and the restaurant chain decided to cut their losses and close the site entirely. 

(I would like to add that staff were heftily compensated/transferred/offered opportunities elsewhere and no one was 'kicked to the curb’ for being an innocent bystander)

But it feels so good to pass by the now derelict building and think to myself “I did that. Frick that guy. That guy was awful.”

Decided to give a test wear of a bit of my Junkenstein cosplay WIP today