i might turn off anon

i just really love zayn a lot. he’s such a fucking strong individual in my opinion. he’s struggled with mental illness, an eating disorder, he has gotten, and continued to get racist and islamphobic bullshit thrown his way, and he’s constantly demonized but yet, he’s still a ray of positivity and he’s a beautiful human being. and i, another mentally ill person of color, cannot be more grateful to have someone like this to look up to.

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what do you think about lena being part of a organization called checkmate? i've seen some ppl talking about it because of that shady thing with the chess piece ppl think she could be a white knight (its like a title, im bad at explaining so probably would be good to google about it sorry)

i Don’t Think,,,, white knight just moves like an L and she’s a lesbian, there is nothing shady going on she just wants to buy kara flowers and eat donuts with her Let Her Live Leave Her Olone

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Do you realize how offensive it is that you put a straight pride icon first on a lgbt icon set

Yes, as an lgbt+ community member, my goal was to offend everyone. Mwahahahahaha!! Finally I got an anon whose goal was to make me feel guilty! How the tides have turned.

No but seriously, are you kidding? Of course I didn’t know it would be offensive. Does the order truly matter? Does every little thing need to be picked on? I put Allura with a straight flag first because the post looks better in that order to me, and I like the headcanon where she is straight but still loves all her queer paladins.

(I actually have other Allura flags, this was just a choice, not a statement)

If you have a bone to pick, please inbox me. I don’t bite.

And this isn’t only towards this anon: to anyone who wants to inform me of anything, speak to me. Clearly I had no ill-intent, but anons like this one do not actually help.

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I am struggling with an OC of a fanfic. I didn't make her perfect because that is plain boring and unrealistic, but some people send anon guest reviews hating on that character. If I make the OC nice, they tell me she is too perfect. If I the OC lies or manipulates (not compulsively, always with a reason, necessary for the plot), they send hate. I like creating grey, human characters. Why are they so controversial? And do you have tips to avoid the hate? Make the OC more empathetic, perhaps?

Hey there! Thanks so much for your question! First off, I want to applaud your bravery in trying to portray flawed, human characters. Everybody possesses both good and bad inside of them, and it’s great that you want to express that in your stories.

Now, I want to start by saying that it’s impossible to please your entire audience. No matter how you develop your character, there’s always going to be someone who thinks you should have done it differently. I think a lot of this comes from the idea that good characters (good in a moral sense) have to constantly make what the audience thinks is The Right Choice™ at every turn - which isn’t something that happens in real life. We also very often maintain a black and white way of thinking when we go into stories, expecting a clear definition of good and evil for it’s characters. So when this is challenged, the story itself, and the characters in it, become controversial.

Ultimately, your character is yours, and should serve the story, and what you’re trying to achieve with it, as opposed to trying to change  your original vision for her based on the whims of your audience. When trying to appeal to everyone, it’s a lose-lose. Your character should not have to change for the sake of a few negative comments. For dealing with anon hate specifically, I might recommend turning off the option for anonymous comments, if possible on your posting platform. But even if not, I say to own your character and the story you wish to tell with her.

Thank you so much for your question, I really hope this was helpful! If you need further advice, don’t hesitate to send it another ask.

Happy writing!

- Mod Daenerys

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask us!

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Woah how do you die if you have a fan on at night? I never do it, but I've never heard of the dying thing

listen,,,,, u have to turn the fan off before you go to bed, especially if you’re in a closed room…. otherwise, the demons will erupt out of your fan and devour you……turn that fan off, anon

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Hey i was wondering if you guys get my asks cause they are never answered when i Send through mobile

it really depends on the type of asks that you’re sending. we get so many that we have no choice but to not answer certain asks, so majority of the time if it’s in an easy tag, or it’s for a tag we already have (without specifying ‘more’) then we usually just delete it. also if there’s duplicate-type asks, one will be deleted.
& there’s also the asks against our rules - graphic suicide, graphic self harm, etc

but yeah tbh a LOT of asks don’t come through (i think bc we receive so many) but you need to come off anon to check if it’s come through or not, cause we can’t rly figure out who is who when ur on anon

Remember this asshole? This was the story I then anxiously double checked and had like three minor errors none of which would have turned up on spell check. So this anon came back just to check again and make me feel worse?

What the fuck why am I jerk magnet these past 24 hours?

I might have to turn off anon commenting.

(They have very bad timing. I felt so awful today I bitched out of watching my son most of today and instead slept for five hours only to wake up STILL tired. A lot of this is because last night’s anon caused my anxiety to spike so badly I couldn’t sleep, and for the first time in the two and a half years I’ve been doing fandom writing j seriously asked myself why I’m doing this. I really don’t need the bullshit right now.)

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Hey hey! @reverseblackholeofwords said you were getting anon hate and im here to tell you your a neato person! I know it can be really difficuly to ignore hate and not take it to heart, but i just want to say that that anon is obviously fueled by only hate and agression and i dont think what theyre saying is based of any truth, i think theyre just angry. It might be a good idea to turn off anon for now, at least until they go away <3

She’s well let’s just say she doesn’t listen haha I didn’t want her to get dragged into this whole anon hate problem, but she said she is a “lady knight” and has to “protect beans from bullying”. She’s a dork XD

I appreciate this a lot. I turned off anon before when I got hate previously and it helped but only for a short period of time. I think I’m going to try my luck and keep anon on if I can. Especially now that Reverse has decided to send out a post asking for everyone to send love my way. Thanks!

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Idk man if every guy in the world looked like Jensen and had his stomach then I'd probably be a straight lady. But, alas, Jensen is above and beyond conventionally attractive and men like that really don't exist in day to day life so, sadly, I'm still gay. His stomach was taut and muscular. The anon who said he looked like every other normal guy has obviously not seen very many normal guy stomachs.

oh my god what the fuck is going on??????????

this is taut and muscular

this is jensen ackles

and this is me internally screaming at your assertion that men with average stomachs are not attractive enough for you to be straight (as if being straight is a choice) thus implying that men have to have a fucking taut and muscular stomach to be considered attractive

u know what i think i’m going to actually scream out loud now

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Is it just me or yoongi and hoseok are getting more and more whipped for each other...god i love their chemistry 😭💖 also you mad beautiful 😇 i might turn off anon bc youre so kind and it feels easy to open up to you

yess~ it’s so cute. the love and friendship they have really makes me soft and they’re adorable af together. you can’t help but see and agree sope has a super strong bond. i love them so much~

& thanks ;;; it’s nice you feel like you can open up to me easily. it’s up to you if you decide to turn anon off or not ilu either way.

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what an asshole anon. honestly. you're a beautiful person and such an inspiration! you're one of my favorite blogs out there and it hurts my deep in my soul someone sent that to you. /: i'm glad you're ignoring them tho since they don't have the guts to come off anon lol. (:

oh gosh darling thank you for your sweet and encouraging words :) it made me smile lots! *hugs* it’s alright seriously don’t let you get upset what these losers have to say about ppl who they don’t even know. That’s what they want! I’m feeling okay I have more things to think of than of these stupid ppl lol Let’s forget about this ;) and I might turn the anon asks off cause I don’t want to be bothered again about more of these for awhile. So if any complain about me, someone will be obligated to send me anything without a mask now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I think I might just turn off anons for a while. Like it’s getting annoying receiving the same messages over and over again like dude it’s ok to like someone and point out when they fuck up

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i hope you know that your girl is going to leave your sorry ass. nobody wants to listen to your bs.

I’ve ignored all of your asks for a long time, but you know what? Other people deserve to see what a truly horrible human being you are. Fucking shame on you, you piece of garbage.

For all my other amazing followers: This anon has been sending me really personal, rude, insulting, as-hurtful-as-possible asks for a good while now. Mostly about how ugly I am and how annoying I am and how nobody in their right mind would ever want to be with me. I’m getting real sick of them so I might turn anon asks off for a while, and I just wanted to show you guys why.

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Why did you write a malec slave AU? That's racist and disgusting.

whoa sudden flood of anon hate

I apologize to anyone I offended with this fic. I think exploring concepts like slavery through fic can be beneficial, especially given how prejudice is still such a common problem in our society. My intention is to educate, not to offend. I admit that I’m stepping somewhat outside my lane, and again apologize to those who are offended. I hope that the way I present slavery in the fic - as unequivocally wrong no matter the benevolence of those in control - will make my intentions more clear.

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BEN Drowned headcanons? (Also, some people might be uncomfortable asking for these off-anon, so I recommend turning anon asks on!)

~My first request!~
BEN Drowned Headcanons

-Ben was the result of a teen pregnancy. His mother was honor roll student Diana Williams and his father Kurt Davis, known for sleeping around; he intended it to be an easy one night stand

-Diana suffered postpartum depression, leading to her leaving Kurt and her son

-Much to Diana’s horror she was pregnant with a little girl whom she later named Sally Williams

-Ben’s best subject in school was math, which helped him with coding

-Before his death Ben was quite a popular kid at school, he was the class clown; no one would guess that someone who looked so happy could have such a terrible life at home

-Kurt forced Ben to join all sorts of sports clubs in the hope that his son would follow in his footsteps, yet Ben always prefered to stay in with his video games

-The first and only gift he ever recieved from Diana was ‘The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask’

-Ben ages normally, but progressively becomes less human as he ages, his voice becoming more static-like, his appearance glitchy and pixelated at times

-He lives in an abandoned power station

~I hope you liked this 💕 anonymous asks should be allowed now~

-Awkward Smiley 😳