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Your Greed gif is so cool!!! (I kinda wish it was slower so I could get a better look at your kickass drawing and animation tho(: ) congrats on being awesome!!!

Thanks so much!! and thanks for the feedback, I was wondering if it was going too fast to tell what was happening, I’m hoping it’ll fit w the music but here’s a slow version so u can see all the frames :)  

this is only like a tenth of what’ll hopefully b a finished thing so I hope I finish lol

hey guys, it’s been a while

somehow still have a fuckton of followers on here, so im glad someone’s listening!

anyway lads, tumblr is a bad place. everyone is mean here. mistakes are unfixable and forgiveness is unheard of. the environment here is garbage and it’s scary to exist in, especially with a large enough fanbase. which is why i left.

but i miss things about it. i miss chatting with random people. i miss the fan discussions that you just dont get on twitter. and i kind of let the popularity get to my head, but i miss that too. this was a huge support network for me and it encouraged me to do my best as an artist.

so, ive come back, at least for now. im gonna give you all one more chance to not be dirtbags. ive turned anon off and unfollowed literally everyone. clean slate, fresh start. might even post some of the art ive done in the meantime.

and if youre curious what ive been up to in the past 10 months, here’s a reminder of my twitter. https://twitter.com/hellspawnmotel

so, uh, wassup?


Requests: could you do an imagine where the reader is in a beauty and the beast kind of situation and he won’t let them go until they heard that her family was in danger (cause of the Resistance) and he gives her the choice to leave, but they don’t really want to leave? thanks, i love your writing! + I don’t know how to do requests, but I feel like it’d be cool to have a sort of beauty & the beast au if that isn’t too cliche lol???? + Hey so I had this idea after watching the new Beauty & the Beast movie the other day. Ben is cursed by witch lady or Snoke or something and becomes Kylo Ren, essentially UNTIL reader shows up and he goes back to the Light side. Idk. I might sound stupid…

A/N: First things first, this took me like two weeks to do bc I had others to write and this was really long. Second of all, it follows both the animated and live action versions; the characters don’t turn into things, rather, force ghosts (you’ll see), also this is based on Alderaan and you can easily tell which character is who. Anyway, thank you for the requests to those anons! Enjoy!

Warning: Mention of death

Word Count: 10K+ (oops)

The castle that sat atop of a snow covered mountain in the planet of Alderaan was long forgotten–and unheard of. No one dared to enter the land of the cold, seeing as no one was truly aware of its existence with their lack of need to travel the mountains. But, the castle was not abandoned nor was it vacant. Inside lived many souls that had been cursed, one in particular being the most brooding of them all.

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A Terf's Opinion On Transgenderism

Alright, since I’ve never clarified my actual opinion on transgenderism anywhere to anyone, I will do it here. Do not necessarily associate it with the whole radfem community, we aren’t a hivemind and clearly have different opinions on this matter.

Surely, I come off as harsh most of the time, but that’s mostly because people attack me. If you’re rude to me, of course I’m going to be rude back.

After all the death and rape threats that were sent to me, directly or indirectly, and other women that share my ideology, has made us turn more bitter, while I have never seen us send those. We might have, but I have never seen proof of it, except for some anons, but that isn’t proof.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

There are two sexes, male and female. The sole purpose of the existence of two sexes is reproduction.

Males have certain characteristics females don’t have, and vice versa.

Males are the ones who do the impregnating, females are the ones who give birth. It’s like this with nearly all mammals.

Male and female are not just used for us, but for animals as well. It’s for getting specific. Male humans are men, female humans are women. Male cows are bulls, female cows are just cows. Male sheep are rams, female sheep are ewes. Male horses are colts, female horses are mares.

Let’s not go too deep into other animal’s build and behaviour and stay with humans for now.

Men and women were made to be distinguished from eachother in a blink, so it’s easy to decide whether you can or cannot mate with the person.

To be able to see whether someone is biologically male or female, we have secondary sex characteristics. You have the obvious ones, like breasts, amount of hair growth, difference in hand size, and difference in foot size, fat distribution, but you also have less prominent ones which themselves seem to make a small difference, but combined with all the other characteristics, they make a bigger difference, like more prominent brow bones, a less square jaw, males mostly have an upperbody that’s just as big as their legs and women often have legs longer than their upperbody, pheronemones, and there’s way more. 1,500 sex differences have been found.

Internally, we’re also very different. Women have a certain reproduction system and men have a certain reproduction system.

All of this is relevant in sexual attraction and reproduction. This is, essentially, what you’re attracted to; if you don’t care about what your mate looks like, you are bisexual, since you’re into both of the sexes.

Intersex people have a medical condition, and depending on what condition they have/what other reproductive organs they have (if anyone who knows more about intersexism would like to add anything or correct what I’m saying here, feel free to), their sex can be found. Intersex people are a small percentage of the world and don’t make the sex binary less true.
(Note: I heard AMAB and AFAB were stolen from the intersex community. You can do better, guys. Just turn it back to male and female. I’ve seen even trans intersex people say they don’t want intersexism to have anything to do with transgenderism, or to be used as some sort of “gotcha”, because it really has nothing to do with it.)

And that is all that biological sex means. It naturally says nothing about your opinions or feelings or personality.

What does form you for a part, though, is socialisation. So, what toys you had to like as a kid which were gendered by your parents, or whether your mother told you “boys can’t cry”, and later on you find pornography and think it’s okay to call women sluts and beat them up in bed because you think they like it, or your parents tell you about clothes that are too short, you are being warned about rape and men being dangerous, you hear women being called sluts later in your life, all of that influences your actions.

However, this is not a result of being born a certain way. This is mass socialisation that has been happening since whenever men decided they were more important than women. They did this so they can have full access to our bodies, since we’re the ones who bear the children. Marriage was originally invented to give men free access to women’s vagina whenever they want.

This socialisation is called gender. It’s the method used to oppress all women that were born female.

All of this has already been said, but I haven’t specified anything about transgenderism yet.

Transgenderism is something I, like truscum, only see as a medical solution for certain people with sex dysphoria. If you have sex dysphoria, you can choose to transition, but there are other ways to battle sex dysphoria, which other people choose, so not everyone with sex dysphoria is trans, but ANYONE who is actually trans, has dysphoria. I wholeheartedly respect these people and wish them only luck and happiness to come, although I don’t believe they will ever be male or female, biologically.

However, I’m not so content with the other two brands of (trans)genderism, AKA:

1. equating female to femininity and equating male to masculinity;
2. anyone can call themselves anything they want and they are that. A woman is someone who identifies as a woman, a man is someone who identifies as a man, and there are endless possibilities. Only you can decide your gender and your gender is your true self. You may not assume anyone’s gender, you have to ask.

I hate both of these, but not equally.

The first one, although disgustingly regressive, is consistent, at the very least. It agrees with the conservative view; “males are masculine, females are feminine”. The only difference is that conservatives try to change feminine males into masculine males (and vice versa), and the trans community thinks you should transition feminine men to females (and vice versa).
Iran proves this to be true; homosexuals, often gender non-conforming, have to transition (AKA have their genitals mutilated against their will) to be made straight. Conservatives often prefer transgenderism over homosexuality (especially combined with gender non-conformity).

The second one is one that comes with many risks that people don’t seem to see. Imagine everyone calling themselves whatever they want, because they feel like it, take Daniëlle Muscato for instance. How do we point out male on female violence in the Third World? Do we say: “Maybe the people that mass rape those people identify as genderfluid and the people that are raped identify as non-binary?” Or even worse: “Maybe the people that mass rape those people identify as female and those people identify as male?”

This is why gender identity/liberal feminism isn’t doing anything to help the Third World. You fail to do classbased analysis and give yourself to the patriarchy, promote abuse in sex, promote pornography, promote legislation of prostitution (when most people harmed are girls and women of colour, and most trans people that are harmed at all are twoc in the sex industry), you promote beauty as something good rather than something irrelevant to you as a person, you promote calling rapists by their pronouns, you promote the greatest idiocy of this century.

And somehow, I’M evil? You guys will be the downfall of my people! Sex trafficking is HUGE in Morocco! Why can’t we say that males are the problem, illegalize sex work without punishing the women and punishing the men that partake instead, see that giving your body to prostitution because otherwise you’d live in poverty doesn’t mean you’re willing, and make some fucking progress? Can’t you guys see that most people who willingly do sex work are white/western people?

…Wow. That was long, but I had to say it. I haven’t even clarified everything. I hope this clears up at least some confusion.

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Prompt where Neil hides a British accent from the foxes to hides his identity but when he comes to the hotel after the Baltimore thing he lets it out and their all like the fuck

I looooove accents jfc this is like a thing for me okay and since there isn’t just one British accent and you haven’t specified I’m gonna go big (because go big or go home, right) and gift Neil with a thick, thick Yorkshire accent (I’m not gonna write dialect so if you don’t know how it sounds you should watch like a minute of this and imagine Neil talking like that… there ya go)

Hope you like this!

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As someone who still has a growing puppy, may I ask what kind of things you do for mental stimulation/enrichment to help tire out the kid? My puppy (4 months) never seems to tire out much lately. Physical exercise is hard because she is terrified of walking down the street still so we usually don't go far in order to prevent overstimulation, and I do many short training/clicker sessions throughout the day and offer toys but she has a hard time learning to settle.

hi anon! i wouldn’t be worrying overly about physical exercise just yet, although here’s a nifty guideline i printed out and kept around while the boyo was growing being he gonna be medium/large i didn’t want to inadvertently strain

although practicing ur leash walking skills in ur house/yard is a good thing to practice as you work ur way further down the street!

predictable reply from me: noseworks :P things I do include:

  • training him to find a specific scent
  • hiding kibble in objects boxes and having him find those (start easy!)
  • going on from scent, kibble trails in grass if you can. your yard, the grass strip on the path near your house (bonus, sniffing is sometimes a self soothing behaviour so redirecting him to sniffing on your walks may help him calm down a bit). Thyme likes this game so much he will take kibble hidden in grass over a raw rabbit on his bed.
  • body awareness exercises! teaching him this will exercise the brain by learning AND help him be more aware of his body. I like to use clicker training for this and really make him puzzle out which body part i was clicking for (raised platforms/different textured items they can feel with their feet help make it easier for the puppers)
  • teach and play tug!
  • or teach fetch :D
  • recall practice - toss a treat for ur dog to chase, then do recall word and reward for running to you! slowly build distance so u can toss the treat quite a distance then as the dog eats the treat - recall! its kinda funny cause they eat the treat faster so they can run back to you. building recall and making ur dog run about!

other items include flirtpoles, frisbees, have things for them to climb over with different textures and balance/wobble slightly. his goddamn yoga ball.

games are good because you’re both exercising your dog, training your dog (turn into impulse control exercises later!) and teaching your dog to engage with you/see you as fun and not just the fun police!

also it’s plain fun.

oh and of course playing with thistle/following her around/puppy play dates

i am also right now considering buying a pool to:

a) cool them down in summer

b) walk them around it and let the gentle resistance help them build up muscle.

c) might even be deep enough for thyme to swim in we will see.

OH and here’s a thing I had to keep reminding myself. Sometimes he was naughty…because he was tired! But i’d mistake it for energy when actually just cranky and tired and needing a nap. and he’d sook a bit when he’d need to go to bed but after sleeping would be much better mannered.

Hoping ur puppy and u are working out. im mentally trying to guess what kind of dog u could have and want to say shepherd for no real reason. am i close? far? hoping something here helps regardless of what u got!

the one with too many pacts [bellamy/clarke, monty/miller, the 100]

Over the years, Clarke has accumulated a few pacts with friends she’s agreed to marry if they’re both still single by a certain point. Miller’s weirdly insistent that you can only have one backup, and Clarke would really prefer not to have this conversation with Bellamy in the room.

“I’m going to be date-less at Jasper’s wedding,” Clarke tells Miller, flopping down onto the couch beside him so animatedly, she almost spills her coffee.

Miller lowers his book, looking like it physically pains him to do it. “Yeah,” he says. “What else is new?”

Clarke kicks him.

“What? You broke up with Niylah months ago, and the wedding’s next Saturday. I’m just stating basic facts. Is that a latte? Can I have some?”

“Get your own.”

“I can’t,” says Miller, grouchy. “I started ordering black coffee here, and by this point Harper just gives it to me before I even make it to the counter.”

“And you don’t want to tell her you actually like things sweet and sugary?”

“You’re the worst,” says Miller, turning back to his book. “Enjoy being alone forever.”

“That’s the thing, though!” Clarke says. “At this point, I might actually be alone forever. I’m losing my backups left and right.”

Crap. Maybe there’s a chance Miller missed that.

But Miller’s already closing his book, shifting on the couch to face her. “Your what?”

[More on AO3]

this is for the anon who submitted a request for a bellarke/minty version of “the scene in friends where they choose their backups in case they’re not married by 40″ to @madgesundersee​, and for jenn who kindly passed along the prompt to me :)

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Are you still accepting prompts? If so, foster/adopted Dex. Team/Nursey finding out.

Haha I’m going to be accepting prompts until the end of time, my ask box is literally always open :D

Parent’s Day at Samwell was usually the eye of the hurricane that was a college-aged hockey team living in near squalor. Things had gotten better since Bitty arrived and started keeping things straight around the Haus, but there were still beer bottles to pick up, beds to make, and a certain green couch to Febreeze the hell out of before any parents arrived who may not be accustomed to the smell of decaying fabric.

It was tradition that the d-men made the store runs and garbage trips during the cleanup prior to Parent’s Day (apparently Ransom had been the only member of SMH with a car way back when he was a freshman, and Nursey was the only one besides Jack or Shitty who could really afford to drop money on gas AND be trusted to drive the speed limit) so it was Dex and Nursey who were shaken awake at 4 AM by Bitty to go to the store because he “had just realized that they were entirely out of toilet paper, oh lord, how did I not catch this in time?” and parents would start arriving at 6.

Dex slid into the passenger seat and looked Nursey dead in the eyes and said he would actually, literally, physically die if they did not stop to get coffee. Nursey told him nowhere was open. Dex said he would rob a Starbucks. Nursey said he couldn’t bail Dex out on Parent’s Day, he’d be too busy, and Dex grumbled something as he buckled up and Nursey pulled out of the driveway and headed towards the nearest 24 hour Walmart. Dex looked out the window like the world’s saddest dog at every gas station they passed until Nursey finally stopped and got them some cheap, terrible coffee.

When they finally got to the Walmart, it was almost 5 in the morning. Dex was starting to perk up a bit, and Nursey was considering different toilet paper options. He told Dex to call Bitty and ask how fancy they needed to be. Nursey could hear Bitty yelling something about perfection and satin sheets and ten layer “Welcome to our Haus” cake and made a mental to note to buy Bitty tickets to Providence when this whole debacle was over; the kid was stressing himself to death, and the rest of the team wasn’t really making it any easier for him.

They checked out of Walmart with a dead eyed cashier who stared at Dex’s cup of coffee like she might murder Dex for it, and hurried back to the car just as the sun started to rise. As they made their way back to the Haus, Dex glanced at Nursey.

“Hey Nurse, you haven’t met my parents yet.”

Nursey looked at Dex, a little confused by the question. He looked nervous in the passenger seat, practically cradling the giant package of toilet paper.

“No, I guess I havent. Why? They serial killers or famous or something?”

Dex laughed sort of hollowly, looking out the window at the sunrise.

“No, it’s nothing like that. I just-ah, they don’t really seem like they’d be my parents, and I don’t want you to think I’ve been keeping something from you or anything.”

Nursey reached over to grab Dex’s hand from where he was holding the toilet paper and smiled at him.

“Listen, I don’t know what you mean, but I’m sure I’ll like them a lot, okay?”

Dex gulped and looked hesitantly at Nursey.


Back at the Haus, they were still putting away toilet paper when the parents started to trickle through the door. Bitty and Chowder were on welcome duty since they were the most enthusiastic people on the team who wouldn’t start stripping. The rest of SMH was awkwardly standing around the Haus trying to look studious and like they didn’t hold semi-regular and quasi-legal Kegsters. Nursey and Dex were just coming down the stairs when Nursey heard a loud shout coming from the doorway. He barely had time to register the noise when the largest man Derek had ever seen came barreling towards them and picked up Dex like he was a kid instead of a 6 foot 1 hockey player. Another man was close on his heels, only a little shorter than the first, but no less enthusiastic.

Dex was laughing and struggling to get back to the floor as the first man held him up against his chest. They were both tall, bulky people, but the one holding Dex was slightly more tanklike, with bushy eyebrows and an out of control beard that would make a lumberjack jealous. The other man had a mustache that Nursey could already see was threatening Shitty’s, and an expression that seemed perpetually, genuinely cheerful.

Dex eventually stopped play fighting and threw his arms around the man after he was lowered to the ground.

“I missed you Dad. You should come down more often.”

Dex’s father laughed and ruffled Dex’s hair in the way Nursey knew that he only pretended to hate. The second man clapped him on the back, and Dex practically tackled him into a hug in response.

Nursey watched the three men laughing, and he smiled at how happy they seemed. Dex turned to him and gestured to his fathers.

“Derek, these are my dads!”

Nursey rolled his eyes and stepped forward to shake their hands.

“Yeah Dex, I put that together, what with the hugging and all. It’s really great to meet you.”

Dex grinned sheepishly and put an arm around Nursey, leaning in to quietly say,

“This is all okay with you, yeah?”

Nursey laughed, and brought Dex’s hand to his lips for a quick kiss.

“Yeah babe, surprisingly enough, I’m totally okay with this. I think I can bring myself to accept my gay boyfriend’s gay parents.”

From the hallway, Ransom and Holster watched, and then sighed in unison. Ransom gently rubbed his hand on the wall next to him, and turned to Holster.

“Yknow bro, sometimes I think this Haus might not let straight people inside.”

Holster looked at Ransom, and then out the door where Tango had whacked his head on the frame and hit the floor, then back at Ransom again.

“Yknow bro, I think you might have a really good point.”

A Little Help [teddy lupin x reader]

Requested by anon:  Do you think you would be able to write a fully one shot about Teddy? I know there isn’t a lot known about him but still! Maybe the reader is thinks he’s with victorie so she’s holding back and being shy and he gets nervous when they talk (I just imagine his hair turning different colours depending on his mood and making it so very obvious!) and then just fluff of them being together :)

A/n: A really cute idea, thank you! I think he might be the perfect mixture of Tonks and Lupin, so I gave it a go. (Also I looked for a fitting GIF and found that Bradley James looks like a Ted to me, idk.) GIF is not mine.

  • Warnings: fluffy fluff
  • Word count: 1200

Edward Remus Lupin. There he was. Standing in front of you in the courtyard, looking as good as ever, though he seemed not to realize this himself. 
The breathtaking blend of quirky and confident, nerdy and daring, calm and hyper, humble and provoking, has you swept off your feet ever since.

He has been swarmed by girls as soon as it was announced that he would be this years Head Boy, but you have kept an eye on him years before.
There was just one thing that held you back: Victoire.
You didn’t hate her. It probably wasn’t even possible to dislike someone who was one-eighth Veela, but you were jealous of her, for hanging around with Ted most of the time.

“… (Y/N)?” Your name coming from his mouth disrupted the thoughts you wandered through, while looking into his eyes for too long.

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Engraved Notice 2.0

Does everyone remember THIS ??
I wrote that on the 17th of April 2017. I was swamped with disgusting messages about having to write smut for engraved, and getting requests for things that were outright disgusting. I couldn’t bare and i was so appalled by that ppl were sending me wow.

Now a few months later it was al little quiet for a while. Maybe a week or two, and it’s back again. 15 hate messages a week or so, I don’t rlly count. But it’s just swamping my inbox. I block the senders, I do, and i want to turn off anon. but turning off anon would also block out the VERY VERY rare nice messages I get. I get about 50 hate messages a month, it’s crazy, I might get 5 nice ones in return for that. Idk what to do about it other than turn the anon button off. 

But also, where are you guys at? Like sometimes it seems that outside of the likes I receive all i get is hate and it’s getting to me. I won’t lie, Engraved is, as I’ve mentioned so so so often, a part of my soul. And I’m putting it out there, i cry for this story more than I’ve cried for anything in my life. And all I receive is hate, and commentary I don’t need. People jabbing on my writing style, calling me stupid, saying I don’t know what a mafia fic i. TELLING Me my PLOT if WeAk. they tell me to stop writing, to quit, that I’m wasting my time. Doing the only thing I thought I was good at. THE ONLY THING I HAVE CONFIDENCE IN. 

I came here to Tumblr looking for support of my writing that I cannot find irl, and yes i’ve found a few people who i love and cherish and who will support Engraved until the very bitter end. They will cry with me for the ending I hope. Because you guys don’t know what I have planned. How intricate this plot it, how I’ve set up a masterplan for everything. There’s no loopholes, or mistakes in the plot. Yes there’s small inconsistencies but trust me, this plot is tight. 

And it feels as if Tumblr doesn’t appreciate it. They don’t appreciate deep characters, complicated plotlines, and mysteries they have to try and solve. No all they want is some porn with a shallow reader who’s weak as fuck or a dominatrix slapping someone’s ass. Or at least that’s what it feels like to me. I am totally aware that if I never write smut, i’ll never get the fame. But I don’t want to imagine the amount of hate I’ll be getting might i ever get there. 

For that reason i’m seriously considering never updating Engraved on here again after tonight. I will update tonight, and after that, you’ll have to wait and see if it comes. Because I’m not mentally stable enough to deal with hate on something so close to my heart. I don’t need you guys out there to tell me how bad it is, when i thad nothing to do with you. You don’t have to read it. 

I will also turn off the anon button, i’m sorry to the anons who rarely but sometimes do reach out to me. If you really want to talk to me, never be afraid to come off anon, or send me a message. I don’t bite, i really don’t, and every single sweet word is appreciated by me so much you have no idea. 

I want to say I’m sorry you guys, but I’m really not. I’m doing this for myself. Call me weak, say i need to just shrug it off. Tell me it’s just hate, that haters are always going to be there. But I cannot deal with it, we’ll see where we stand in the next few months. 

- Sincerely, Gwaen.

anonymous asked:

As someone who recently managed to find the first volume of No Regrets (I live in Portugal) I have to say, that the OVA is... lacking... I very much enjoyed the fact that both Farlan and Isabel are much more in dept that they were in the animation as well as their relationship with Levi. Also Erwin's everything! His characterization is so good in NR! I also enjoyed the fact that we ACTUALLY learn how Erwin discovered Levi and Co. It was very enjoyable to read. Now I need to find the second book!

Hello Anon! I’m so glad that No Regrets has found it’s way into your life.  I have to confess that it was the OVA that first got me curious about Eruri, but then I read the manga and there was no turning back.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love the OVA but the manga has a special place in my heart.  You might have already realised that from my user name of course :} All the characters are much more nuanced and the way that Erwin gazes at Levi with such wide eyed adoration admiration just slays me.  

If you haven’t managed to find part 2 of the manga yet, you can read it online here Horizon Scans ACWNR, along with all the side stories and special edition art work.  I particularly like Special Chapter 3 which explains how Levi meets Farlan. Special Chapter 5 is pretty fabulous too, with Levi headbutting Keith Shadis and Erwin taking the piss out of Flagon.

Of course the best thing about the manga is Erwin in full on messiah mode at the end.  Gets my every time.  Why they changed the ending in the OVA is beyond me. 

Honestly, how could Levi refuse him? :}

You’re all a bunch of masochists, that’s what you are.

Midoriya Toshinori is a skinny little twelve-year-old when he learns that the world is a cruel, cruel place.

His parents are on their way home from dinner one night, when a drunk driver crashes into their car, and kills them both.

Suddenly left all alone in the world, Toshinori and his little seven-year-old brother are passed around from relative to relative, no one wanting to keep the orphans for more than a few months at a time.

Or rather.

No one wants to keep the quirkless Toshinori.

Everyone is completely charmed by sweet little Hisashi, who inherited their mother’s fire-breathing quirk.

But Hisashi absolutely adores his older brother; looks at him like he hung the stars in the sky and built the sun in his tool shed, and if Toshinori isn’t welcome anywhere, Hisashi won’t stay there either.

And Toshinori, who promised himself he’d look after his brother, and do whatever he could to make sure he was happy, decides that the only way Hisashi can do that, is if Toshinori is gone. Because if Hisashi thinks Toshinori doesn’t want him anymore, he’ll cry for a while, but eventually he’ll forget, and more importantly, he’ll let one of their aunts or uncles adopt him. And he’ll grow up happy and loved, and with a stable home and new parents who care for him as one of their own.

So even though it kills him inside to abandon his baby brother, Toshinori runs far, far away.

He lives on the streets for a while until he’s taken in by Gran Torino, and ends up taking his last name, Yagi. He meets his Master, and she sees the hero he can become, and the rest is history.

He dyes his black hair to blond, and buffs up.

And when All Might finally debuts several years later, Midoriya Hisashi doesn’t even recognize the brother he used to adore so much (the brother whose face has grown blurred in his memories, but whose kind laughter and gentle touches are burned into Hisashi’s heart).

Hisashi never stops looking for him.

Sure, he’s bitter at first, and hurt, and he hates his big brother for abandoning him. But even at eight years old, Hisashi is a smart child, and he knows that whatever Toshinori did, he did it with him in mind.

Hisashi eventually forgives his brother. He grows up in a house with a kind auntie who bakes him cookies and an uncle who teaches him maths and a little baby cousin who follows him everywhere.

And everywhere he goes, Hisashi looks. He looks for a tall, gangly boy with messy black curls, and an easy smile. His friends sometimes tease him about the way he cranes his neck to watch a stranger pass on the streets, or how he’ll stop dead in his tracks when he hears a booming laugh.

He never does find Toshinori.

He grows up and gets married and has a beautiful baby boy.

And when that beautiful baby boy turns out to be quirkless, Hisashi holds him close and tells him about the man who hung the stars in the sky and built the sun in his tool shed; the man who is Hisashi’s number 1 hero no matter what anyone says - despite being quirkless.

Izuku is seven years old the first time he comes running home from playing with friends in the park, and starts telling his parents excitedly about how he met All Might. His parents smile indulgently at him, thinking he’s been playing make believe.

Izuku keeps seeing All Might occasionally, sometimes it’s a flash of blond out of the corner of his eye while he’s out with his parents, or sometimes they sit and talk in the park, and Izuku is too young yet to wonder why a top hero suddenly seems to care about him so much (Izuku doesn’t know that All Might has been watching his family since before he’s been born, protecting silently from the shadows, not wanting to drag them into his dangerous life, but unable to stop himself from at least seeing them sometimes).

Izuku tells him about being quirkless, and how he won’t let it stop him, because his uncle Toshi was also quirkless, and he was one of the most amazing people ever. He was a hero. 

(All Might suddenly finds it difficult to breathe)

In return, All Might tells Izuku stories of his baby brother, and Izuku drinks them up with the same enthusiasm as he gives to everything else.

And then Izuku turns ten, and he doesn’t see All Might for a long, long time.

A year passes, and he begins to think that maybe All Might grew bored of him, but then one day, a sickly-looking blond man walks up to Izuku, and he has blazing blue eyes and a familiar smile, and somehow, somehow, Izuku recognizes him.

All Might explains what happened, and Izuku cries for him.

Things go back to normal for them after that, for a few weeks.

And then, one day, he hears on the news that there was a horrible car accident with four casualties, and several people sent to hospital.

They show a picture of the scene of the accident, and All Might feels his heart stop.

Because he recognizes that wrecked blue car, off in the corner of the screen, and he’s in denial because NO. This can’t happen to him again.

He rushes to the hospital, and Izuku’s there, and he runs into his arms, sobbing, and All Might’s worst fears are confirmed.

When the doctors and nurses see Izuku clinging to him, they assume he must be a relative, and they let him in to see Hisashi.

And All Might, seeing his baby brother up close for the first time in decades, breaks down crying, because this was not how it was supposed to be. The whole reason he became a hero was so he could help make the world a safer place for his baby brother.

And he failed.


And he’s just so ashamed. Because he’s such a horrible big brother.

Then, he feels a hand on his, and he looks up.

And Hisashi’s eyes are open just the slightest bit, and he’s looking at All Might wonderingly, like a blind man seeing the sun for the first time.

Because the hero All Might is a stranger, bigger than life and stronger than anything in the world, but this All Might is deathly thin, and his black roots are starting to grow out, and he’s so vulnerable in a way that tugs at Hisashi’s mind.

“Aniki…” he breathes, disbelieving.

“Hisashi,” sobs Toshinori, gripping his hands desperately.

Hisashi smiles, because finally, after all these years of searching, he’s found his big brother. And he can finally say the words he’s carried with him, at the back of his throat, on the tip of his tongue.

“Aniki…I love you…I’m sorry you felt you had to run away…”

And then, he closes his eyes.

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anon asked for SoMa + seductive kiss

This is set in an Actors AU. It also kind of made a weird turn near the end I wasn’t expecting, but I actually really like how this came out ^u^

Soul had expected a chaste kiss in the back of the limo.

Maka was never one for show of exposure especially after leaving extravagant events. The most they ever did on the way home was hold hands and cuddle while Soul brushed kisses along her temple. She had always told him paparazzi might follow them and try capturing a candid photo of them since they rarely did anything on the red carpet save for standing close to each other. A picture of them doing anything remotely racey would have sold for millions in their industry, and Maka didn’t want to be labeled a whore like her papa. It was one of the reasons Soul respected her wish to keep their relationship under the radar and the public to speculate what went on behind closed doors.

So when Maka pressed her lips to his, the last thing he expected was it to be anything more than chaste.

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Welcome Home

Choi Youngjae | First time cooking // First time moving in

1,157 words

Requested by @kpopthrasher and an anon :)

Originally posted by shiningmark

“Jagiya, where does this box supposed to go again?”  

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*slides 20* so any chance you wanna write some more of Chirrut's POV in your lovely A Single Monk in Good Standing Must be in Want of a Bro?

No idea if you’re still around, anon, but I wrote something! (original fic)

“Wait,” Chirrut says. He hears Janos shift a little, turning to face him. “Just a moment.”

Chirrut didn’t even mean to check his cubbyhole this morning, so it is by the will of the Force that he does so, and finds the leather pouch.

It’s tucked at the back carefully, far away from any chance of being dislodged. Chirrut’s first thought is that it might be a package from home, though those tend to be large enough to barely fit in the cubbyhole at all. His second thought is that it is a prank – one of the other acolytes performing some minor act of passive-aggressive revenge, which Chirrut will enjoy dealing with.

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HEY HEY WONDERFUL PERSON!! About the clone Shiro theory- What if Keith bonded with Black Lion and then yaknow how Shiro and Zarkon faced each other? What if, and this is a desperate what if, Keith were to find Shiro there? Would he be able to find Shiro like that? What if he found Shiro in a comatose state? Or tortured and panicked? What if he found no one???? WHAT IF HE FOUND d3@d SHIRO'S GHOST???

HEY HEY WONDERFUL  ANON! Thanks for your ask! You totally made my day with this and I was very excited to finally get home and answer!

So the crucial question here is obviously, where the hell is Shiro? There are a myriad of theories ranging from him being dead to actually being back with the team already. We know that whatever “Shiro” is currently on board the Castle right now mentioned that the last thing he remembered was the Black Lion indicating for him to use his bayard much like it did when he used the blazing sword. This leads us to: so what happened next?

So let’s start with the realm where Zarkon and Shiro faced off in. For ease of use, let’s call it the Spirit Realm.

So we don’t know a ton about this. We know that it seems to be a sort of astral realm where a person can project their spirit into. Whether anyone can do this, or if it’s only Paladins, or even just for the Black Paladins, we don’t really know. The only real thing we do know is that, as Zarkon stated, “When you die in this realm, your body dies as well.” So there is very real danger from engaging in combat here.

Whether or not it’s willpower, the powers of a Paladin, or even just the power of a Black Paladin, it’s reasonable to say that Keith can probably get there at some point in time. The question asked was: what if he found Shiro through this and even worse, what if he finds Shiro’s ghost here?

While not impossible, I think it is unlikely that Shiro is currently dead in the Spirit Realm. Zarkon specifically mentions “when you die in this realm, your body dies as well.” So if Shiro died in there, I would have expected a corpse in or around the Black Lion when they retrieved him. With Zarkon’s forces spending all their time trying to reclaim him, they were unlikely to have stolen Shiro’s body fast enough for the Paladins to miss, and it was made very clear that Keith went back and combed over the battlefield, searching for him. So without any tangible evidence to prove his death, I feel like it is incredibly unlikely Shiro is dead. Also, if he were dead, one would think that the Black Lion would know. In which case, why would it have helped Keith find the clone Shiro?

Now as for using the Spirit Realm as a way to reach Shiro? It would be very interesting if Keith tried bonding with the Black Lion and it resulted in him being able to find out a bit more about Shiro’s whereabouts from inside the Spirit Realm, or even help him identify that the current clone Shiro is fake. However, the Spirit Realm only came up in relation to wrestling for control for the Black Lion and I’m not sure it will be used again like this. I don’t get a very close sense of Keith and the Black Lion, not like with Shiro. Maybe it’s something we’ll learn more about in Season 4, but I personally get the sense that the Black Lion and Keith operate much the way they did when Keith asked for the Black Lion’s help to save Shiro in s2e1: Across the Universe. The Black Lion trusts Keith and knows that, without Shiro there he is definitely worthy of leading the team. But they are a partnership of necessity, not a bond of their core essence. (Though that’s a whole different discussion for another time)

I think a very important aspect might rest more in the conversation Keith and “Shiro” had once he was rescued. Keith mentions that: “Well you just unlocked the Black Lion’s ability to teleport. Could it have teleported you? Maybe it was trying to save you.”

Now we know that in animation, that every scene and dialogue holds a purpose. Yes this doesn’t mean it always has to be super deep and serious, but it pays to pay attention, especially for this studio. So we have Keith and Shiro talking about teleporting Shiro to save him. Maybe from the explosion, maybe from Zarkon, or maybe for another purpose. It’s also in this Season that we learn that Pidge has found evidence that there may be freedom fighters at the very fringes of the known universe, something that the two aliens that help Shiro escape the ice planet also mention. This coupled with the images of Matt that we’ve seen in a foreign trailer for the series I feel imply that Shiro might also be tied up with this group. Maybe in order to save him, or to send him where he was even more sorely needed, the Black Lion teleported Shiro to where Matt was, or at least somewhere where the rebellion would find him.

So ultimately I believe that:
A) Shiro is not dead (this also would be a terrible end to his plot arc where he’s already been beat up so much and really not achieve anything)
B) He is unlikely stuck in the Spirit Realm, but it’s not out of the question that this realm may play a part in Keith finding him
C) The mention of the Black Lion telling Shiro to use his bayard before he disappeared is important.

*Something I am curious about is will Keith find and save Shiro once again or will the tables turn this time and Shiro will actually be the one to save Keith instead? This entire season arc seems to be about shaking everyone to their core and building them back into something so much stronger through these trials. I wonder if Keith still has further down to fall and that it might be Shiro to help build him up this time?

One thing I know for sure. Season 4 can’t come fast enough!!

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"I know it hurts."

This is a canon divergence AU starting toward the end of chapter 40. What if Yuu did not blow the trumpet?

They stopped at a safe distance from the battlefield. Mika could still hear the screams of both humans and vampires, but he tuned them out, focusing only on Yuu.
“We have to hurry,” Krul said. She was already slicing her wrist with her nails. A few drops ran down her skin. Mika felt a surge of hunger; he had fed off that blood for years. Now, it would save the man of his life, though to the cost of his humanity.
I’m sorry.
Mika knelt down, laying Yuu on the floor. Yuu’s green eyes were glum. He had been betrayed by the man he had called family. Humans could not be trusted.
“Things are gonna be okay, Yuu-chan,” Mika murmured, mostly to convince himself that this was the safest choice.
Krul moved to their side. “Keep his mouth open.”
Mika obeyed and held Yuu’s jaw in his gloved hand. Yuu did not even struggle. Krul raised her wrist above his mouth. The scarlet drops trickled down. Mika watched them, hypnotized.
Yuu swallowed the blood. Then he let out an earsplitting scream. Mika pulled him into his arms.
“I know it hurts,” he whispered into Yuu’s ear as it began to morph into an inhuman shape. “It’s just for a little while, I promise.” It was half a lie. In Mika’s memories, the pain of the transformation had lasted an eternity.
Did he make the right choice? He looked at Krul who nodded as if to confirm. If they followed her plan, Yuu would be safe. Until then, Mika swore he would protect him, even if Yuu hated him afterward.
“I’m not letting go,” Mika said as Yuu kept screaming. Mika held him until the pain finally subsided.
Mika peered at Yuu’s face, expecting to see resentment and anger. Yuu was smiling.
“Yuu-chan?” Mika asked in confusion.
“I feel stronger,” Yuu said. He sat up straight and looked at Krul. “I need to save my friends.”
Krul looked like she was pondering the issue. She looked toward the battlefield, then let out a resigned sigh. “If those humans matter that much to you, I guess it’s worth risking it. Let’s go!” She was gone in a flash.
“Come on Mika,” Yuu said, grabbing Mika’s wrist. Mika resisted his friend’s pull.
“How can you look so okay with the situation? I allowed you to get turned into a monster!” You should hate me.
Yuu smiled, fangs poking out from under his upper lip. “Then, we’re both alike now.”
Mika gasped. Yuu made things sound so simple. “You really are an idiot…” he muttered.
Yuu pulled on his wrist once more and Mika followed his momentum. They ran back toward the battlefield.

Thanks for the ask, anon-san! Feel free to ask more!

(also, I might turn this into a longer fic if I get the inspiration/motivation to do so)

Happy Again - George Weasley x Reader

Hello! Been a while since I got something written. Sorry to come back with some angst, but hey I’m the Queen. This was requested by an anon, and I know that this might not have been what you were going for, but I like how it turned out. I hope you like it too! Enjoy! -Emma.xx

8, 11, 14 with George after Fred death ? Thx 

8) things you said when you were crying
11) things you said when you were drunk
14) things you said after you kissed me

WARNING: it’s angsty boo boos

notes: the Reader was in a relationship with Fred before he died. 

These past few months have been the worst of Y/N’s life. At the young age of twenty, she never imagined that she would’ve loved and lost like she has. She had always envisioned herself working with the twins at the shop for the rest of her life, spending it alongside her best friend and true love, George and Fred Weasley.

But that was blown to hell when Fred died. All of her dreams, all of her expectations were ripped away when Fred was taken away from her. Now she was left to just waste away, unable to bring herself back to who she was before. That Y/N died that day Fred did.

Tonight was one of her worser nights. Sitting in the corner of hers and Fred’s shared, once shared, room above the shop, the tears just would not stop. No matter how much she tried, no matter how much alcohol she consumed. Nothing made the pain go away.

Despite being mere feet away from each other, Y/N hardly ever saw George. He typically stayed in his room, only venturing out whenever she was safely back in her bedroom and out of sight. She presumed it hurt him too much to see her. She was kind of thankful for it, though. Seeing him would remind her too much of Fred, something she knew she wouldn’t be able to handle yet.

So the bottle in her hand was her only friend, her only solace. The alcohol was the one thing that could get her mind away from the pain and tears, settling for a more blissful nothingness. She drowned herself in alcohol instead of drowning in the suffocating loss and emptiness that would otherwise overwhelm her.

A knock on her door roused her out of her stupor, the bottle almost slipping from her hand and to the floor. Staggering up from the floor, she stumbled over to the bedroom door, pulling it open and leaning against the door frame for support. She was surprised to find Fred - no, George standing on the other side.

“You’re drunk,” he stated matter-of-factly before she got the chance to utter a word.

Nodding, she held up the more than half empty bottle, almost tumbling to the floor again from the momentum of lifting the bottle. But George reached out and caught ahold of her, drawing her towards his chest.

Stiffening at the sudden closeness, Y/N didn’t know what to feel. George reminded her so much of Fred, reminded her of what it felt like to be in Fred’s arms again, having him hold her tight. She almost fell apart right then, unable to contain the sudden love and loss she was experiencing.

George led her back to the bed silently, making sure to remove the bottle from her hand first. She’d had way too much, and he didn’t want it shattering on the floor for her to somehow get hurt. George felt like it was his duty to take care of Y/N now that Fred was gone, and he’d been neglecting his responsibilities for far too long now. He knew that she was getting drunk almost every night in her room, could hear her crying while he laid in bed awake at night. He could just never being himself to comfort her. Somehow it just felt wrong. But now here he was, sitting next to his dead brother’s girlfriend on their bed, holding her as she cried over him.

Y/N completely broke down then, being held in George’s arms against his chest. He felt like Fred, smelled like Fred; if she closed her eyes and imagined hard enough, he was Fred. She knew it was wrong to think like this, she just missed Fred so much. She couldn’t help that she had a carbon copy of him right in front of her, she couldn’t help herself from feeling like this.

“George, I-”

“Stop,” he interrupted, pulling back from her so he could look down at her. “Don’t say what I know you’re going to say. I know this feels wrong, I know this feels like you’re betraying Fred. But you’re not. This is two best friends trying to comfort each other after we both lost the most important person in our lives. Okay?”

All she could do was nod. She was drunk, she was exhausted. She would agree with anything that he told her right now. If he told her that Fred was alive put asleep in the other room, she’d believe him. If he told her to lay back on the bed so he could kiss her–

Where did that come from, she thought to herself, unknowingly letting a frown settle in her face. George immediately noticed the change in Y/N’s demeanor, a nervousness settling over him. Had he said something wrong?

“Y/N?” he said tentatively, anxious to hear her response.

Turning her gaze up to him, she studied his face, finding only Fred in his features. She knew it was wrong, she knew this was so wrong, but all she wanted to do was press her lips against his. To feel like Fred was here with her just one more time. Maybe it was the alcohol thinking for her, maybe this was what she really wanted. But when it came down to it, it was wrong.

“Y/N, are you alright-”

But now it was her turn to interrupt him. As soon as the thought had crossed her mind, she knew she wasn’t going to stop thinking about it until she finally acted upon it. She knew she was about to potentially ruin one of the only connections she had left to Fred, but she just needed to feel like she was with him one last time. She didn’t care what happened after that.

So against Y/N’s better judgement, not that the booze in her system would let her consult it anyways, she cupped George’s face in her hands, bringing their lips together. At first, George went rigid against her touch. Everything in him was screaming to push her away, she wasn’t thinking straight. But another part of him wanted to pull her closer to him, to indulge in this one last act of Fred being here with them.

Y/N was surprised when George started kissing her back. She wasn’t expecting to get this kind of reaction from him; she was expecting to be pushed away, to be scolded for doing something so wrong and stupid. But here he was, pulling her closer, tighter to him, like he was afraid she’d slip away from him just like Fred had.

This spurred her on, swinging a leg over him so she was now straddling his lap. Her hands were still on each side of his face, his hands now settled on her hips. The kiss continued to get more and more heated, Y/N losing herself further and further in George’s, Fred’s touch. She couldn’t distinguish the two anymore. They blended together in her mind, like a blurred photograph taken while the camera was in motion.

She didn’t know how long they carried on like this, getting lost in each other as they tried to find Fred once more. It wasn’t until she felt George’s hands slip under her jumper that she finally pulled away from him, panting. She searched his face, waiting for him to tell her off for being such an idiot. But those words never came. He just stared back at her with the same dumbfounded look she wore.

“What did we-”

“Y/N, don’t.”

“No! Let me speak, George!” she said, sliding from his lap to pace - more like stumble - back and forth in front of him. “That… That was wrong of us, George. We shouldn’t have done that. I shouldn’t have done that. I don’t want you to think that I’m using you because I miss Fred. I do, and you just remind me so much of him…”

Pausing, she took in a shaky breath before continuing, “I miss him, George. It hurts me so much that he’s not here with us anymore, but it hurts me even more to see you. It’s hard to tell you apart sometimes. Your looks, your voice. It’s him, George. Every time I see you. And it’s hard for me to stop myself when I see you. I just… I just wanted to be with him one last time.”

The tears were threatening reappearance so she hastily wiped her jumper sleeves across her eyes. She’d done enough crying, she didn’t think she had it in her to do any more. Turning her back to him, she just held her head in her hands. Her breathing was shallow now, almost like she was on the verge of hyperventilation. I’m going to be sick, I feel lightheaded, she thought.

Feeling arms wrap around her once more, she couldn’t stop herself from leaning back into George’s chest. For comfort, for support. His chin came down to rest on her shoulder, his face turned towards her neck. She felt his nose brush gently across her skin, sending an involuntary shiver down her spine.

“I know, Y/N. I know it felt wrong…” George started softly, “I know I look like him, but I can’t help it. Blame Mum and Dad for that one. But don’t feel guilty or ashamed. First, you’re drunk right now. You can’t entirely help what you’re doing. And while I’m not being much help, I understand. You want to feel close to Fred again. So do I. And you did make me feel like he was here again. Not the best way to go about doing it, but I’d say our options are limited. Just listen to me when I say this, Y/N. We’re not betraying Fred. We’re just trying to be happy again.”

The words rang in her ears, sounding truth but it was hard for her to accept it. It almost felt like she was cheating on Fred with Fred. But she knew it was George, which made her feel even worse about it. Screwing her eyes shut, she turned her head away from George. She didn’t know what to think or say, she didn’t know how to feel right now.

But he did get one thing right. They both deserved to be happy. And if this is what made them happy, they’d just have to make things work.

Stop. Cuddle Time ♡ Corbyn Besson Imagine

Title: Stop. Cuddle Time

Pairing: Corbyn x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 348

Summary: You have a stressful day, so Corbyn tries to make you feel better by cuddling you.

Warning(s): A little cussing (just like one word at the very end), mention of stress

A/N: Anon didn’t specify who they wanted the imagine for, so I hope you don’t mind that I made it a Corbyn imagine 😅 It’s also on the short side, but I think the fluff at the end might make up for that

The door to your apartment creaked open as you typed furiously on your laptop. You looked up for a moment, seeing your boyfriend Corbyn come in, before turning your attention back to your computer. He sat down beside you, planting a kiss on your cheek.

“What’re you working on, babe?” he asked.

“A paper for my English class,” you mumbled. “It’s due tomorrow and I forgot about it and I’ve been working on it all day and I’ve finally reached the conclusion—did I mention it had be a minimum of eight pages long?”

You didn’t look at Corbyn while you talked, so you didn’t see him reach over to close your laptop. You frowned, staring up at him. “What was that for? I’m nearly finished!”

“Y/N, you need to stop,” he said. “You still have tomorrow to finish it, and you need to take a break.”

“But I need to finish the paper while I’m still motivated!” you argued, moving to open your laptop.

Corbyn took it from you before you could and set it on the coffee table. “Nope,” he said. “You need to step away from it for a bit and come back with a clear head.” 

“Corbyn, please.” 

He shook his head and stood up. He left the room and, when he came back, he had a big, fluffy blanket in his arms. He grabbed the remote from the coffee table before he sat down, wrapping the two of you in the blanket. He turned on the TV. He turned the channel to Freeform, revealing that a Harry Potter marathon was playing. You smiled.

As the two of you watched the movie, your limbs became entangled and your head rested on his shoulder. You glanced up to see him smiling down at you.

“Thank you,” you said.

“For what?”

“For making me happier than I’ve ever been.”

His smile stretched to an ear-to-ear grin. “Is that a subtle way of saying you love me?”

“You bet your ass it is.” 

He leaned down and kissed. “You make me very happy, too.”

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Hello~ Can you do a reaction to their gf sassing them in english (her native language), please? Stay healthy! ☺️

Hi! You too lovely anon~


GIFs aren’t mine~

Originally posted by hyungvon


“Ya, I know what you’re talking about!” *makes a face at you as come back*

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*sasses you back in Korean*

“Two can play at that game.”

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*shoots you a look*

“Don’t you act like I don’t know what you’re doing.”

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“Alright, sass all you want but that means you’re not going to get any cuddles for tonight.”

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*amused af*

“Oh she got some nerves…”

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*gets turned on by this*

“Jagi what did you say? I think I might need to teach you a listen…”

requests are open!