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Queen in the North {Pt. 5}

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Requested: As always, by the loveliest people in the whole world

Pairings: Robb Stark x Reader

Previously: {Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4}

Summary: Y/N was sent to live with The Stark family at a young age, and ever since then, she seemed to fit perfectly, maybe even more than she had ever noticed.

Warnings: none that I can think of tbh

Word Count: 1,523

The past few days had tested your patience. When you were injured, Robb was content to sit by your bedside, reading for copious amounts of time. While he never complained for your benefit, you were beginning to suspect that he was growing stir crazy after being cooped up in his room for so long. The wound in his side was healing at a faster pace than anyone could have predicted, but Robb was still upset that he was not to overextend himself. You had done your best to keep him entertained, making sure that everyone dropped by to visit and finding him a book or two that you knew he would enjoy.  Unfortunately, it seemed that no matter what you tried, Robb would have much rather been out in the courtyard teaching Bran how not to shoot him in the side.

Somehow, you had managed to fool yourself into thinking he was content to laze around in his chambers until you found him attempting to sneak out of the castle and take a short ride on his horse. Thankfully, Grey Wind had all but taken your door off of the hinges before leading you to the stables so quickly that you were nearly sprinting to keep up.

When you found him struggling to saddle his horse and failing miserably to hide the blood seeping from the wound on his side, he only spared a quick glance at Grey Wind before reluctantly making his way back up to his room. You spared him the lecture after linking your arm in his, deciding that the look in his eyes after realizing how worried you were was proof enough that he had learned his lesson. But that didn’t make you feel any less rotten that he was going mad after being restricted to resting in his chambers for so long.

Which was exactly why Robb was sitting beside you at your morning needlepoint lesson with Sansa. It had been your life’s work to avoid attending, and the awful artwork in your hands was proof that you only attended after you received a scolding from Catelyn that was not nearly as scathing as it should have been. Unfortunately, Robb was usually your excuse to miss them, and he had begged you that morning to accompany you, if only to get out of his rooms for a bit.

“You know that I hate those blasted lessons.” You said softly, trying to ignore Robb’s pinky linking with yours, breaking down your will power to say no by the second.  

“I know that you do.” He said, in a tone that told you he wasn’t really sorry for attempting to persuade you to break him out of his room. “But I have been in here for forever-”

“You’ve been in here for a week, and no longer” you laughed.

“Well, that’s beside the point. I would very much like to no longer be in my rooms. I guess that I could take Grey Wind for a walk instead if you would prefer.” You felt his eyes shift from where your hands were lying on the bed to study your face. You allowed yourself a deep sigh before meeting his questioning gaze and nodding once. The smile on his face was enough to make you forget that spending your day practicing your needlepoint was the last thing in Westeros that you wanted to do.

You had been clumsily attempting to embroider the Stark Family Sigil on a handkerchief. You had done it many, many times before, but after not practicing from so long, your stitches were clumsy and it looked nothing like the direwolves that you loved. Grey Wind was sitting calmly at Robb’s feet, a lazy smile in his eyes. It was almost as if your favorite direwolf could sense your growing discomfort, and Grey Wind showed no sign of sympathy for you, choosing to nap lazily near Robb’s chair instead of coming to entertain you. Robb was content, sitting beside Sansa and working away at a design. You were growing antsy, wishing that you were tucked away in the library or laughing with Arya in the courtyard while she practiced with her sling shot. After an incident a few years ago, you were allowed nowhere near her favorite weapon, but nevertheless, Arya did love an audience.  

You glanced around the room to see that you weren’t the only one whose project was not coming along as planned. Most of the girls in the room seemed to have more interest in Robb’s presence than their assigned work. You were hopeful that they were simply intrigued by a new presence in the room, as opposed to being interested in your dearest friend.

You had tried your best to be attentive, but after a few hours, all that you had to show for yourself was half of a sloppily completed Stark Sigil. You sat your pitiful attempt at needlework beside you, resolving to work on it later. You met Robb’s eyes from across the circle, and you would have known that twinkle in his eyes anywhere. He was proud of himself. And when he showed you the needlework that you had thought was going to be a clumsy mess to reveal a beautifully sewn rose. Sansa announced that it was time for tea, but you were rooted to your seat. Robb came to sit by your side, sliding the needlepoint into your hands.

“I thought that you might like to keep that.” He said with a bit of a chuckle. “I will never live it down if Theon and Jon were to find out that I somehow managed to needlepoint a rose.”

You ran your fingers over the soft thread for a moment before asking “How did you manage such a beautiful rose? Lord knows that you’ve never picked up a needle in your life.”

“You know that I am a naturally talented person.” Robb said, only managing to keep a straight face for a few moments before throwing his head back, allowing a full-bodied laugh to echo around the room.

After a few moments, silence swallowed the room again, leaving you alone with Robb and your racing thoughts. After the past few days, you weren’t so sure that those two things were the best combination that you could have ended up encountering.

The two of you sat in silence for a long moment, before you glanced down at your hands, which had somehow already found each other while resting on the bench. You took a few moments to relax, basking in the warm sun of the early afternoon. It was an unusually warm day in Winterfell, and you could tell that Robb would have much rather been spending it out in the woods.

“I truly am sorry that you are all cooped up in the castle, you know.” you said, resting your head on Robb’s shoulder as he traced circles on the back of your hand.

“I know that it isn’t your fault, but I would give anything to take Grey Wind hunting today. You know that he loves to run in this kind of weather.”

“I know. But everyone is telling you that you need to rest.” You glanced up at him, grateful that he was focused on watching the light dancing on the windowpane. “Maybe you should think about listening to them.”

“Maybe they should think about listening to me.” Robb was holding in a laugh, knowing that him grabbing his side in pain was not going to help the case that he was trying to make. “I think that I have been on bed rest for long enough to justify a day trip.” Robb didn’t pause long enough for you to protest. “We wouldn’t even have to hunt. Grey Wind could come with us, just you, me, a small picnic. I’m going crazy stuck inside all day.”

“I don’t think that you getting onto a horse is the best thing that you could do for your side, Robb.” He was breaking you down, bit by bit, and if you didn’t find an excuse to say no, he was going to get his way.

“We wouldn’t even have to take the horses. The pond isn’t that far away, we could manage the walk, and I could do with the fresh air.” His eyes were lit up

“Robb, I don’t think that this is a very good idea.”

“I just want to make it up to you.” Robb was getting frustrated.

“I know that you want to make it up to me, but there is really nothing that you need to make up for. The best thing that you can do for me is to stay in bed, and to get better. That is all that I really want.”

The two of you were so lost in thought that you didn’t even hear Sansa coming in to inform the two of you that the tea was getting cold. However, she stopped short when she saw that the two of you still had not moved. Needless to say, the two of you did not make it to tea that day.

You can read Part 6 here!

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The group going on ice cream dates with their s/o?

Me: a sucker for ice cream dates. Thank you so much for this request, please enjoy!


  • Akira will likely share with S/O, since he doesn’t eat too much himself.
  • They’ll merely order a milkshake or share a cone.
  • He likes most ice cream flavors, so he’s chill with anything. Coffee has a special place in his heart, though. 
  • He’s definitely willing to try new flavors. a great bf
  • When they drink the milkshake simultaneously, they’ll stare at each other until Akira winks at them or waggles his eyebrows.
  • S/O just giggles and blushes, and Akira thinks it’s so cute that he’ll just lovingly kiss their forehead or poke their nose. 
  • “Gotcha.” help i’ve fallen for him and i refuse to get up
  • He always offers the cherry to S/O, but sometimes the vendor will give them two.
  • They will compete to see who can tie the stem with their tongue the fastest. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Don’t let them share a cone. They’ll smear each other with ice cream because they are children.
  • If S/O gets ice cream on their mouth, Akira will take his time kissing them, then he’ll slowly lick his lips.
  • “Mm, tasty,” he purrs, his icy lips barely brushing S/O’s.
  • Join S/O and I as we have heart attacks.
  • Akira just cannot help but tease them; despite that, he’s incredibly sweet.
  • If S/O begins to shiver from consuming the ice cream, he’ll wordlessly throw his jacket around them.
  • When they goof off, the ice cream will sometimes fall over. S/O attempts to pay for another but he always interferes and pays instead.
  • He loves it when they ramble and then stop mid-sentence just to lick the ice cream or drink the milkshake.
  • He can’t help but smile fondly.


  • Ryuji’s going to do the thing.
  • You know, the thing where you offer food to your babe and bait them into a kiss.
  • He snickers every time, and S/O just plants a kiss right on his lips.
  • “You could have just asked, dork.”
  • The heat from his face melts the ice cream.
  • He’ll enthusiastically add toppings for S/O.
  • “You gotta try this. Oh, and this too. C’mon, eat up! I’ll pay, so don’t worry about it.”
  • The dessert ends up consisting of roughly 90% of toppings.
  • “Oops. Guess I got a little carried away.” god i just wanna
  • He’s so adorable that S/O cannot hinder themself from kissing his cheek. “It’s perfect, babe. Thank you.”
  • Rest In Pistachio, Ryuji Sakamoto.
  • Since, these two go on a massive sugar rush after they eat, they usually have ice cream at the park so they can run around and play.
  • He would die for Spaghettieis.
  • Ryuji has a very child-like palette, so he’d probably enjoy an ice cream float or a few scoops of vanilla with an obscene amount of gummies and candies.
  • You do you, Ryuji. 


  • Ann will eat her portion and S/O’s.
  • Well, she would if they offered.
  • They’ll link arms and eat their ice cream cones like that while they stroll around the city.
  • Sharing is a part of their routine, since they love testing out the new flavors.
  • “Babe, you have to try this.”
  • “It’s good, but it’s not as sweet as you,” S/O replied.
  • “…You’re cheesy as ever,” Ann sighed, playfully dolloping ice cream on their nose. “But you’re pretty sweet too.” i love her? i love her.
  • If Ann is dieting, they’ll get shaved ice, smoothies, or maybe a bit of fro-yo to satisfy her sweet tooth. 
  • They’ll even share one serving, and Ann will give her best effort to restrain herself so that S/O can enjoy it too. 
  • If they get tired of walking, they’ll relax on a bench and eat while leaning on each other.
  • Ann loves topping her ice cream with cake, whipped cream, and mochi.
  • Her favorite flavor would be birthday cake or strawberry shortcake. me too
  • She loves treating S/O, even when they protest.
  • They go on ice cream dates once a week, and they explore everywhere in Tokyo on a quest to find The Best ice cream.
  • Vendors will sometimes give them extra toppings free of charge because they’re just so cute and silly together.


  • Remember that ice cream vendor that made several cameos in my writings?
  • If you don’t, it’s Yusuke’s and S/O’s favorite go-to for dates.
  • The reason for that is because he loves to decorate his ice cream with the wide variety of toppings. he’s too cute i’m
  • He garnishes it so beautifully that he doesn’t want to eat it.
  • S/O has to convince him since it’s just going to melt and he should just enjoy art in its rawest form.
  • You can bet that they make puns together.
  • “Yusuke, you really topped it all off with the mochi. I am dairy impressed with such cool piece.”
  • “You are very sweet. I am glad it’s to your taste.” They marry each other on the spot.
  • The first time S/O tried to spoon-feed him, confusion was written all over his face.
  • “But S/O, I already have my own portion. I am not greedy enough to deny you your own. We must indulge in such simple pleasures-” 
  • Step 1: Try not to kiss him.
  • S/O has failed step 1.
  • After the kiss: “Hm, that is a… delectable flavor.” He smirks slightly. “Would you think less of me if I requested seconds?” 
  • Boy’s got game, I tell you what.
  • They share their ice cream to experiment with flavor combinations and how they compliment each other.
  • His favorite flavor would probably be something like red bean or green tea.


  • Makoto and S/O wouldn’t go on ice cream dates too often since she’s very health-conscious.
  • She’ll likely order french vanilla, mint chocolate chip, or sherbet.
  • She’s quite fond of the flower-shaped ice cream.
  • S/O will offer her a small bite of theirs so she can try it.
  • Makoto’s eyes widen. “That’s… quite a bit of sugar. Will you really be okay eating that?”
  • “Probably not, but what matters is the experience.”
  • She just chuckles. “You’re absolutely right. Perhaps I should indulge a little, too.”
  • She feels queasy after a few licks. bless her
  • “M-maybe I’ll just stick to my usual order…”
  • S/O has to finish off her ice cream and take care of her.
  • Nighttime is when they have their ice cream dates because they can relax on a bench outside and watch the stars twinkle.
  • They hold hands and kiss cheeks, discussing how much they enjoy the other’s company. i’m not crying
  • ‘Bella Notte’ echoes in the distance.


  • Futaba’s ideal ice cream date is nabbing a few pints from the grocery store and relaxing with S/O while playing games.
  • However, if they go out, they’ll order banana splits or sundaes and see who can finish theirs first.
  • Needless to say, their dates end with brain-freeze or stomachaches.
  • They’ll rub each other’s backs and mope together.
  • They agree that it’s worth it, and whoever loses has to treat the other next time.
  • She won’t share. She’ll probably steal some of S/O’s ice cream if they’re not paying attention.
  • If S/O pouts, she might share. they’ll have to look extra cute
  • These two inhale so much ice cream that the manager of the shoppe they frequent developed a meal challenge for them.
  • Futaba and S/O think it’s hilarious, so they’ll migrate to different shoppes to test if the other managers adopt a meal challenge.
  • She loves to clasp onto S/O’s arm when she’s full.
  • “Ugh, I think I’m gonna die,” she complains. This is one of the rare times she lost. 
  • S/O kisses her head. “There’s always a price to be paid.” When they glance at her, and she’s wearing a weary expression. “Don’t worry, I’ll pay for this one.”
  • She peeks at them from under her eyelashes. “S/O… I’ll never forget the sacrifice you’ve made.” 
  • Critical hit to the heart.


  • Haru would adore ice cream dates with S/O.
  • Even more so if they’re having a picnic.
  • She’s very indecisive when ordering; she just wants to try everything.
  • Flavors like wasabi, squid ink, and purple sweet potato are so intriguing to her; she just can’t help herself. 
  • “S/O, would you like to try some?”
  • S/O can’t say no to her because she’s so earnest, so they take the plunge. do it for her
  • They just cry internally and force themself to maintain a straight face. “It’s… interesting.” 
  • Haru nods eagerly. “Yes, it’s very unique! I quite like it, myself.”
  • S/O watches in amazement as Haru happily licks her ice cream with no qualms.
  • Just what power level is she?!
  • She’s one of those people that can eat ice cream with their front teeth.
  • When they arrive at their picnic destination, they lay out a blanket and snuggle next to each other.
  • Both of them hum together since they’re so blissful while eating.
  • Hey Heaven you seem to have dropped an angel.
Disposable part 5

Being friends with benefits with Min Yoongi can be complicated (at best) by itself. But when you accidentally tell your family (and his boss) that the two of you are dating, things get messy.

Angst, fluff, slight smut at times.

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 6

You tried to think of some way to talk Namjoon into un-inviting Yoongi, but every excuse you could think of would make it sound like you didn’t want him to be there. At this point, you were so buried in your lie that you didn’t even want to think about ruining it now. If Namjoon caught on, it wouldn’t just mean his disappointment in you, it would reflect badly on Yoongi as well. And while you wished you didn’t care what happened to Yoongi, you didn’t want to get him fired for lying to Namjoon on your behalf. 

While Namjoon wasn’t exactly a vengeful person, he valued honestly and loyalty. He might not fire Yoongi for breaking your heart, but it would be a different story if he thought Yoongi had lied to Namjoon’s face. The two combined could mean the end of Yoongi’s career, which you didn’t want (no matter how much of an ass he was).

Yoongi was furious. You were glad you were still sitting in a semi-crowded restaurant, because otherwise you were sure he would be yelling by now.

“What if you… I don’t know, tell him your parents are sick?”

Yoongi gave you a reproachful stare. “I haven’t talked to my parents in years, and Namjoon knows it.”

Oh. You tried to think of some other reason for him not to be there. “A close friend was hit by a car?” You offered, and Yoongi rolled his eyes.

“Do you even know your brother?” Yoongi scoffed. “First thing he would say is ‘What’s their name? I’ll send them a get-well-soon card’.”

You groaned as you put your head in your hands, sinking further into your chair. Yoongi was right, that was exactly what Namjoon would say.

“Do you have any better ideas?” You asked through your hands.

“We could tell him the truth.” The way Yoongi said it didn’t sound serious, but you sat up and faced him with a glare anyway.

“You mention one ounce of the truth and I’ll tell him the whole thing.”

That made Yoongi shut up for a moment, and you frowned at the table cloth (you didn’t want to look at him anymore, he looked too angry).

“I think you’re just going to have to come along.” You said after some thought. “We’ll act like the perfect couple, happily and madly in love, and then we’ll keep up the charades for a month after we get back. After that, I’ll publicly break your heart and that’ll be the end of it.”

Publicly?” Yoongi growled. “And why are you the one who dumps me?”

“Because you want to keep working for Namjoon.” You said simply. “If I break up with you, you’re safe from Namjoon’s wrath. And it should be at least semi-public, so that there’s no doubt who dumped who.” It was the best plan you could come up with, and you didn’t think it was so bad.

“I actually hate you.” Yoongi said, and even though there was very little real hatred in his voice, it still stung.

“Yeah, well.” You tried not to seem as affected by his words as you were. “If you want to keep your job, I suggest your keep your hatred to yourself.”

You didn’t talk to Yoongi much after that, only texting him the details about the lake house. You booked his plain ticked along with yours, figuring that it would look better if you arrived together. When you informed him of this, he replied with “we’re not sitting together, right?” You decided to wait until later to inform him that actually, there were only two seats left on the plain, and they were right next to each other. You figured Yoongi would live.

Yoongi felt like he was going to die. There were two ways this was going to go.

1.      He would spend the two weeks with you and everything would go smoothly. The problem with this was he would be lying to his boss, not to mention spending every moment of every day with someone whom he really didn’t even want to look at currently. And after that, who knows what else you would ask him to do? It all started with a simple lunch date, and now he was supposed to spend two weeks with your family? When would it end? After the two of you were married? No. This option was not okay.

2.      Namjoon would find out that everything was a lie, you would through Yoongi under the buss, and he would lose his job.

Nether option was ideal.

Yoongi groaned as he pressed his face against the glass of the window, trying to sit as far away from you as possible. You had given him the window seat as a sort of peace-offering for sitting together, but he still wasn’t happy with the situation.

He could see in the reflection of the glass that you were fidgeting in your seat, and it was driving him a little bit insane.

“Will you sit still?” He said through clenched teeth.

“No.” You replied curtly. “Now give me your phone.”

Yoongi turned to you slowly. “Give you my what?”

“Your phone, Min Yoongi.” You said, holding out your hand expectantly. He wanted to argue, but if he was going to be stuck next to you for the next three hours, he wasn’t going to pick a fight. Grumbling, he pulled his phone out of his pocket.

“We’re in an airplane, you can’t use it—unless your intention is for us to die.”

“I’m not going to make a phone call.” You said with an exasperated sigh. “We’re supposed to be in love, right? You need a picture of me as your lock screen.” You opened the camera app and posed, snapping a few before choosing your favorite.

“Did it ever occur to you that maybe I don’t want to see your face every time I open my goddamn phone?” What was much more concerning was that he really didn’t mind the idea.

“Did it ever occur to you that you don’t have a choice?” You asked, pulling out your own phone and holding it up. “Look cute.”

Yoongi made a face at you, and to his horror you took a picture of it. “Perfect.” You said happily.

“Hang on.” He said, trying to reach for it. “I wasn’t ready, you can’t keep that one—“

“Yes I can. And it’s just what I need. Couples have all kinds of derpy pictures of each other, right?”

“No.” Yoongi said, although he agreed with what you had said. “This is probably why you’re single.”

A/N Wow it’s been a strange couple of days! I locked my keys in my car, took a pole dancing class, and got my keys back. And then today a friend of mine locked her keys in her car (with the engine still running) and these three strangers who happened to be there also happened to know how to break into cars?? It was very strange, but also kind of amazing. Haha, anyway… Sorry I’ve been kind of absent, I’ve had some papers and other writing assignments to do, and haven’t been feeling super creative as a result. I think I should have some time this weekend to finish up the next chapter of “Of Books and Dirty Cash” as well as several requests that I have almost finished but not quiet (as i said, I haven’t been feeling super creative, and I don’t like to force writing bc it turns out bad) Thank you for reading, and let me know what you think! <3 <3 

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If your still talking prompts I saw a video of Lili singing and she has a really good voice. I was wondering if you could write a fic where Betty is singing and and jughead hears her somehow.

I saw that video and damn near died😍😍😍I’ll give it a go!

It was cold and dark and he could hear Veronica snoring softly from across the room, Archie murmuring in his sleep. The boy had always been a sleep talker and jughead loved hearing all the crazy things that came out of his mouth, but today he was much more focused on the humming blonde writing away in her diary slumped up against the door.

It was a stakeout. Archie had begged them to participate, claiming the only way he would know who was destroying his fathers property was if they camped out for the night, the plan was to stay up all night and keep an eye on the site.

Clearly that had not worked out, Jughead gently shoved a drooling Kevin off his shoulder as he listened again to the soft melody flowing from Betty’s lips. It was gorgeous, hauntingly beautiful even. He saw her eyes flick up from her journal and he instantly closed his own, he didn’t want her to stop singing and he figured she wouldn’t want to keep going if she noticed how intensely Jughead was listening.

He heard the shuffle of her tiny pink flats and could sense her moving, when he peeked his eyes open, she was halfway out the door her journal tucked underneath her arm. As soon as he heard the door quietly click shut, he was crawling straight to it, why had she left? Where was she going?

He opened the door slowly and there she was, sitting on a pile of bricks outside the trailer, still writing in her book but this time her ear phones were in her ear and she was softly singing out loud.

“What a wicked thing to do, to make me dream of you.” Her head moving slowly, long blonde hair finally down and swaying gently. He could’ve stayed there and watched her forever engulfed in her sweet and soulful voice, but he felt wrong. Invading her privacy was the last thing he wanted to do, he knew how she felt about that from her mother, so he walked over slowly gently tapping her on the shoulder.

She jumped a good foot in the air and ripped her earphones out of her ears, placing a hand to her heart.
“Juggie! What are you doing out here? I thought you were sleeping?”

He smiled his goofy grin and plopped down beside her on the bricks “nah, I couldn’t sleep not with princess snores a lot in there. What about you? What are you doing up? Better question, what are you doing out here all alone?”

Betty giggled at the nickname Jughead had given Veronica, “I couldn’t sleep either, I thought the plan was to stay up all night so I popped one of my ADHD pills” she almost looked embarrassed “I just didn’t want to be the only one to fall asleep is all, I’ve been…. tired all week”

He knew what she had been going through, Polly, her mother, the blossoms. She was also conflicted between missing her father and being glad he was gone, a feeling Jughead knew all too well. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders, his hand landing on its permanent spot “ doesn’t explain why you’re out her on your own, you know you could’ve woken me up, I don’t really like you being out here on your own, there’s a killer on the loose, remember?”

Betty giggled remembering the way he had said those words right before she kissed him for the first time, she sighed softly at the memory and leaned into him “ I know, I just had to write some stuff down and I always find myself singing when I’m journaling, I didn’t want to wake anyone up.” She shrugged gently nuzzling into his chest a bit.

He smiled moving to tug her closer, wrapping his arms around her waist now so that she was facing him “well, no ones sleeping out here, sing for me, my angel of music.”

Betty blushed bright pink and giggled
“I don’t know… I’m not that good.”

Jughead snorted, he knew how good she was he had heard her plenty and he wanted more.
“Try me Juliet.”

Her eyes softened at the nickname and she took a deep breathe “well don’t say I didn’t warn you when your ears give out.” With that she started singing, it was a gentle song about playing a wicked game with her heart and he had never been more captivated by anyone in his entire life, through the whole song he just watched her.

The way her eyelashes fluttered with each verse, how her shoulders would shake when she hit a particularly strong belt, even the way her lips twisted into a smile at the lyrics, she was most definitely an angel, if he didn’t believe it before, he knew it now.

She stopped singing and smiled at him shyly,
“I told you it wasn’t Great I never said…”

Jughead cut her off quickly, dropping his lips to hers. This would never get old, the way they fit together was something like dark magic, it shouldn’t happen but it damn sure did.

Suddenly the opening of the trailer door broke them out of their spell, Archie Veronica and Kevin walked out

“I said no!” Archie was directing at Veronica

“You can say no as much as you want archiekins, she’s still coming.” Veronica was smiling sleepily.

Jughead cast a look at Betty and raised an eyebrow, smiling dazed and taking her hand in his “who’s coming?” He asked his three friends

Kevin sighed rubbing his eyes “who else? Cheryl blossom. She just called Veronica apparently she’s upset no one invited her to our little “rendezvous” her words not mine, she’s coming now. She just woke me up from a beautiful power nap, she really is Satan.“

“She’s not coming.” Archie repeated, plopping down next to Jughead

“Think what you want.” Veronica cast a glance down to Betty and Jugheads combined hands and smirked.

Jughead laughed at his friends antics and bent down to whisper in his girlfriends ear “just so you know, you’ve become my new favorite CD. I just might need you to help me fall asleep.” He winked and smirked.

Betty laughed softly
“ I can do that.”

She squeezed his fingers.

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Request: Chocobros (as many of as few of them as you would like to do) caring for their pregnant S/O

Similar ask: Request for hc’s for the boys’ s/o having baby fever?

A/N: I decided to combined these two ask, hope that was okay anons! Also a made this Older!Chocobros, and before anyone says “but Noctis needs a heir” shhhhhh, listen. I think that, if he were to live through the whole ordeal with Ardyn, their would be no need considering (at least from my knowledge) that a crystal doesn’t really exist anymore? (didn’t it use it’s power to destroy the scourge? And in turn kind of be destroyed?) Also warning, this is long, way longer then I intended…

Older!Chocobros having baby fever/how they are with a pregnant S/O:


  • Noctis never really pictured himself having a family, and never pushed for one either, but once he settled down with his S/O, and saw all of their friends, even some of his friends, having little ones running around, he started to daydream about having a child of his own
  • His baby fever only progresses when he went out shopping and saw the cute little outfits they sold in stores (his favorite were any that had fishing humor on it omfg he needs to stop)
  • He’ll casually bring it up to his S/O, asking if they were willing to try, but if they weren’t ready or didn’t want to, he was fine with that as well
  • When they say they are okay with having a baby Noctis is thrilled
  • And oh boy, when he finds out he is actually going to be a father, he tears up and just kisses his S/O saying how excited he is
  • Once their baby bump is visible, he gets so worried and a bit overbearing
  • Constantly asking “Are you okay?” “Need anything?”
  • He has good intentions though, even if he got annoying at times
  • He’s going to try to be at home more during those 9 months, knowing full well that they are going to need him, plus it just gives him more reason to spend time with his S/O, which he hasn’t got to do much since he became king


  • Prompto has always wanted a family
  • So once Insomnia was rebuild, and him and his S/O moved back to the Crown City, he definitely thinks about the idea of starting a family more and more 
  • It only increases when he and his S/O are out walking one day and he spots a family who were pushing a baby around in a stroller, and he only wished to have a child of his own more
  • He’ll bring it up to his S/O after they pass the couple saying “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a family?”
  • If they pause and fall silent for a few seconds Prompto will become a bit anxious 
  • “We don’t have to have a family if you don’t want! I just thought I’d ask, it’s okay, if you don’t want to have a baby, really, no pressure!”
  • He’s now laughing nervously, waiting for his S/O’s answer
  • When he hears the words “Sure, let’s try” leave their mouth he might almost cry
  • Once it’s confirmed they were successful and were in fact having a child he starts researching, looking into what type of diapers, formula, and foods are the best for his future baby
  • Both his S/O and him want the gender to be a surprise, and ask his S/O if they could theme the baby’s nursery gender neutral colors like greens and yellows (mainly cause yellow=chocobo in his mind and he wants to get all things related to the bird for that room)
  • From the moment his S/O’s baby bump becomes visible, he can’t keep his hands off it
  • He’ll ask questions like “What week do they start kicking and moving around?” “Can you feel them moving around?” “Do you think they can hear us?” and if his S/O answers yes to the last one you can bet he will start talking to their stomach 
  • Once his S/O is at the 8 month mark he hardly leaves their side, asking them if they need anything or if they want a massage, he’s just trying to keep them comfortable cause he understands that pregnancy is everything but that


  • Like Noct, Gladio doesn’t really push for a family, even as Iris or Prompto bug him and his S/O with the question “so when will I become a Aunt/Uncle?” (okay but I headcanon that when any of these boys have a child of their own, the rest of the chocobros become their baby’s uncle, considering they are like brothers to each other)
  • He does get baby fever however, when he himself becomes a Uncle after Iris has her first child
  • Just seeing how happy she was made him kind of want to have a child with his S/O
  • Gladio brings the topic up one night while him and his S/O are just laying in bed, talking about their day
  • Once they think for a bit and say yes, you better bet right then and their they get started ;)
  • When his S/O comes home and says they were in fact having a baby he picks them up and spins them around, leaving little kisses all over their face, he’s just so happy
  • His S/O should get use to being babied while being pregnant, especially once the bump starts to become more noticeable, that’s when Gladio gets super overprotective
  • If he can’t physically be their with them  for any reason, he ask either one of the guys, or someone he trust from the Crownsgaurd to watch over them until he gets back
  • Gladdy is super sweet during the whole thing, he’ll do more work around the house so his S/O doesn’t have to stress over dishes or laundry, he’ll buy and make them what ever food they are craving, no matter how odd of a request it is
  • He probably set up the baby’s room entirely by himself, though he might have asked Iggy questions here and there for design and layout purposes


  • Ignis liked the idea of having a child or two with his S/O, but knowing how busy he normally was, it didn’t seem to be a reachable dream
  • That is until he starts getting bad baby fever after he started seeing happy families everywhere, in the city, in stores, hell even in the Citadel since Prompto liked to drag him and Cindy’s kid everywhere (shush I think they’d be adorable together!) yes, that included important meetings with the king
  • He’d bring up the idea to his S/O when they were out getting groceries for dinner and sees a mom out and about with her her two children, one being a small newborn and he couldn’t help but imagine that being his S/O
  • Ignis would say something along the lines “I’ve been thinking for awhile now, and, I was wondering, would it be okay if we tried for a child?”
  • When his S/O says yes he’s so thrilled he could kiss them, but obviously didn’t, considering he was in public
  • Weeks later, after they had tried, he was getting nervous that they weren’t successful , but his S/O came home with good news, that they were actually going to have a family
  • Ignis probably started to tear up
  • During the pregnancy he’s extra
  • I mean, really extra
  • He will research on healthy foods to eat while carrying a child, but also takes into concern his S/O’s strange cravings and makes the best gourmet dishes he can that fit both needs
  • He gives massages to his S/O when their back or feet hurt, knowing it takes a lot out of a person to grow another human
  • He’s probably going to get a bit over bearing, and he means well, but he’s a mother hen throughout the whole thing
  • His S/O should be ready to be asked questions like “How are you?” “Are you hungry?” “Do you need anything?” “Are you feeling well?”  e v e r y d a y

- Mod Lucis

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Sharing is Caring (Bucky One-shot)

This was so much fun to write, especially since it was for my lovely Roo. Please let me know what you think! It kinda made me laugh, so I hope it does the same for you. ;) 


Sharing is Caring (reader x Bucky)

Characters: reader, Bucky, Clint, Sam, Natasha.

Summary: Your mutual crush on Bucky is at a stalemate, but you get both get a push after Clint discovers one of your weaknesses.

Warnings: Fluff! Small mentions of drinking and prescriptions drugs.

Word Count: 1850

A/N: This fic is for my love, my darling, my favorite Canadian Insomniac: Roo aka @sebseyesandbuckysthighs . Happy Birthday, my dear!! I love you forever!!! Also, this was inspired by a hilarious conversation between the Avengers Trash Tower ladies and I that took place months ago. I’m so happy to know you all, my darlings!! And yes, Roo, I still have that legally-binding screenshot. ;)

Tags are at the bottom


Originally posted by bovaria



“Please, Y/N?”

“I said no,” you replied firmly.

“Aw, come on! You can’t possibly eat all of those yourself! And it’s just rude to eat them in front of me,”  Clint pouted, eyeing the box of cupcakes in front of you.

Leaning forward, you spoke emphatically, “Y/N DOESN’T SHARE FOOD.”

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alliemackenzie28  asked:

Lance with a really high fever. Bonus points for: being confused and scared by a necessary treatment, getting carried or dragged, fainting, shaking/trembling, slowly becoming incoherent during a conversation.

I’m combining this one with @wonderingwhereileftreality‘s suggestion:  “ (i’m a multishipper in a shance mood) Lance overworks himself trying to catch up with everyone else (Bonus points if he’s secretly wants the praise of a certain sexy Space Dad) and Shiro finds him and takes care of him because “I care about your you, Lance!" 

I hope it’s okay!!!

It was movie night for the Paladins. Lance had instigated it, which is why Keith didn’t understand why he was being so moody now. 

“You got to watch your film last week; it’s my turn to choose, so stop pouting,” Pidge chastised. Lance looked up blearily, as if his mind hadn’t been anywhere near the topic of movie night or Pidge’s (admittedly, gorier than anyone cared for) film tastes. 

“What are you waiting for; press play,” Lance instructed softly. He seemed almost asleep. His head kept falling toward Hunk’s shoulder even through just the opening credits, and by the time the actual film had started, he was out cold in the yellow paladin’s lap.

“What’s with him?” Keith whispered to Hunk.

“Shh,” Pidge shushed. “This part’s important.” She seemed upset when she turned around to see that Lance had fallen asleep. “Hey,” she said, indignant, “I stayed awake through your crummy cowboy movie; you don’t get to doze off through my choice.” She kicked him lightly from her place on the ground, and he startled awake. 

“S’goin’ on?” Lance asked blearily, blinking heavily. 

“You fell asleep,” Shiro replied.

“Oh, sorry, Pidge,” Lance apologized sheepishly. She nodded and turned her attention back to the screen, but Shiro didn’t take his eyes away from Lance. The blue paladin rubbed his face tiredly and pulled his jacket tighter around his torso. Shiro himself was a little warm in the heat of the crowded common room, so he pulled off his hoodie and tossed it to Lance. 

“You can borrow it,” he whispered, and Lance looked grateful. 

The truth was, Lance was exhausted. He’d created Paladin Family Movie Night™ before things had gotten so real. Now that he spent most of his nights awake, worrying about comparing with the other paladins, worrying about what might happen if he couldn’t compare with the other paladins–well, he usually woke up in the middle of the night and found that he couldn’t fall back asleep unless he got up and trained. So he spent most nights sparring a punching bag instead of sleeping, and most of his sleep was spent thinking about how he should be sparring a punching bag. 

It wasn’t Shiro’s fault. Not in the slightest; in fact, the opposite. No one had ever made Lance feel more important or worthy than Takeshi Shiro. And that’s why he had to do this for him. He would become the best he could be, for Shiro’s sake.

Lance dozed for most of the movie. He’d managed to keep his eyes more or less open through most of it, but his focus was bleary and warm. It came as a genuine shock when the film ended and the rest of the paladins sat, looking quite pale and queasy, and Pidge asking them excitedly what they thought of it. 

“It was… graphic,” Shiro said. “Lots of blood.”

“It was Hershey’s syrup!” Pidge gushed, “but you can’t even tell because it’s black and white!”

“The plot was lacking,” Hunk offered, “but I liked that they didn’t kill the dog.”

“The special effects were awful,” Keith commented. Pidge’s face fell, realizing that they had not liked her film choices at all.

“What did you think, Lance?” Pidge asked. 

Lance stirred and looked at Pidge, blinking confusedly with his teeth chattering. “Super good,” he sort of shot in the dark, having missed the whole thing. He guessed that was the right answer, because she looked excited.

“At least Lance knows quality films when he sees them,” she boasted. 

“Next week, it’s my turn,” Shiro said uncertainly, “But I don’t know what to choose. I haven’t seen a lot of movies. Lance,” he called, trying to perk the sleepy paladin up and get him involved in what used to be his favorite part of the week, “What’s your favorite movie?”

Lance looked confused and muttered something under his breath.

“I didn’t quite catch that,” Shiro informed. Lance just shook his head and buried his face deeper into Hunk’s shoulder.

“M’too tired to watch another,” he moaned, “I’m sorry.” He sounded way more upset than he should be for just thinking about movie choices.

“Lance? Are you feeling okay?” Shiro asked. The boy’s teeth were still chattering despite wearing Shiro’s too-big hoodie, and he hadn’t taken his face out from the crack between Hunk’s arm and the back of the sofa. 

Lance muttered something about being fine, tired. 

“Something’s not right,” Shiro observed. “He’s been off all evening.”

Hunk pried Lance’s face away from the couch and tried to get him to sit upright, but Lance’s body was limp and hot. He dind’t want to cooperate.

Shiro took Lance’s face between his hands and was alarmed by the heat radiating from his skin. “Keith, find a thermometer,” he instructed, “he’s got a fever.” Lance stirred a bit to look at Shiro’s face.

“Don’t be mad,” Lance pleaded. Shiro’s heart broke.

“Why would I be mad at you?” he asked gently.Lance knew that he was only so ill now because he’d been running himself into the ground, but his fevered brain didn’t understand that Shiro wasn’t following.

“S’my fault,” he replied. “I ruined movie night, and m’not even a better fighter than I was before,” he muttered. 

“What are you talking about, Lance?” Shiro asked desperately.

Keith returned with the thermometer. “Coran said you have to swipe it across his forehead,” Keith explained. 

“Okay, Lance, I’m going to take your temperature,” Shiro said patiently. Lance flinched away from the thermometer as it approached his face, but Shiro had his flesh hand securely around Lance’s neck and it made him feel safer. The machine beeped and Shiro cursed. 

“He’s got a fever of 104.2,” Shiro informed, “This isn’t something he can just rest off.”

“He sat through the whole movie like that?” Pidge asked. “And we didn’t notice?”

Shiro supported Lance’s back as he helped him sit up. “Hey, buddy; you’re sick. Did you know that?” It was entirely possible, he thought, that maybe the bug had struck so suddenly that Lance hadn’t even had time to register what happened. 

“Yeah,” Lance admitted, “M’sorry.” 

“Don’t apologize,” Shiro scolded. 

“You’re mad.”

“I’m not mad, just worried. I care about you,” he explained, “And I don’t want to see you sacrificing just because you think other people expect it.” 

Lance nodded.

“We should get him to the med bay,” Shiro announced, and the rest of the group, quietly and guiltily, carried him there.

anonymous asked:

Ahhh those Drabbles look great! Are you doing them as well? If you are , I request 53 "I can't believe you talked me into this" im not sure what would be cuter Niall pouting and grumpy about something (like your icon) or Niall super excited about something and you have to be grumpy . (Though let's be real, he radiates happiness, sunshine and good thoughts. That shit is contagious.)

Anonymous said:number 3 for the prompt thing!

Anonymous said:Prompt 3! “Don’t fucking touch me”

I ended up combining these two - enjoy!!!!!!

Hot Yoga

Originally posted by sweatandfitness

“I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

Niall sank down another inch into the passenger seat of your car and let out an annoyed huff.  You’d caught him in an extremely weak moment last night and gotten him to agree to join you at your favorite Bikram Yoga studio.  He must’ve missed the part where you mentioned class was at 7am.  You couldn’t really blame him for being distracted - your hands had been shoved down the front of his joggers while you traced the freckles along his neck with the tip of your tongue.  

“Niall.  You’re pouting.  Relax, it’ll be fun and it’s good for you.  Might actually do you some good to sweat out the last four nights of pints with the band.”

He shot forward in his seat, twisting to face you.  “We’re building a rapport! Can’t go touring if I don’t even like the guys in me band!”  Niall’s voice keened with offense.  You just snickered softly to yourself at his outburst and patted him softly on his knee.  You tucked your lip into your teeth trying desperately to suppress the giggle in your throat.  He glared at you from the corner of his clear blue eyes and curled his lip into a sneer.  “Don’t fucking touch me.”  You snatched your hand back to grip the wheel and raised your eyebrow at the petulant man child seated next to you.  “Ok Horan.  I’ll remember that later.”  Mornings had never been Niall’s strong suit and today was proving to be just more of the same.  As you trained your eyes back on the road you caught Niall’s lips pulled down into a frown, probably realizing he’d just cock-blocked himself.

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Poseidon Destroyed the World in 1200 BCE, Wrecked Atlantis, and Killed Mortal Culture For Over A Century, And His Kid Is Just As Dangerous. Or, how I took an archaeology class on Ancient Greece and got blindsided by headcanons and plot. Lots of thought about Poseidon and Percy. (Warning: if you don’t like history/archaeology you will get bored, but if you do, HELL YEAH GET IN ON THIS)

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Silver Lining (PART 1)

I got an adorable ask and because my brain stopped working for a minute back then, I deleted it. Good job, me. But I wanted to write it nonetheless. So, anon, wherever you are, I loved your ask and I hope you like it, my little smutling! 

I will divide this Oneshot into two parts, even though it’s not that long. But it’s fitting because of a minor time skip. The second one will be fluffy as fuck, just sayin’. You might get diabetes. 

Raphael and you were in a relationship for years now. It wasn’t always easy, that’s for sure. He still had difficulties to control his temper, you always wept easily, and this combination could evolve into some serious drama from time to time. But both of you knew that a relationship wasn’t always pink and fluffy. It could be hard and exhausting, but as long as each of you was willing to work for it, life was good. At least it had been good for roughly a month now. 

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any klance soulmate recs? ❤(preferably canon verse)

I have a few but I don’t have a lot of canon-verse tho I’m sorry ;-; 

I feel like everyone knows this first one but it’s in my top 5 klance fics so I can’t not mention it 

The Marks We Make by wittyy_name 73.5k wip Modern Soulmate AU 

Lance McClain constantly dreams of the day he’ll finally meet his mysterious soulmate. They don’t say much, if anything at all, but they leave him with gorgeous paintings temporarily tattooing his skin. It’s not exactly the situation he hoped for, but when he feels the connection between them, he can’t bring himself to resent them. As much as he wishes his soulmate would just talk to him, he’s resigned himself to being patient. In the meantime, he has a loving family and good friends to help him get by.

Keith Kogane dreads the day he’ll finally meet his obnoxious soulmate. He’s just an art student who’s struggling to find his place in the world. There’s so much he hasn’t been able to control in his life, and the thought of having a soulmate, just another thing in his life which he also has no control over yet can’t do anything about, is a little terrifying. So he ignores the words that occasionally appear on his skin. He has other things to focus on: like being a new student at a big university where his childhood friend and step-brother go.

(If you haven’t read this yet please do so, it’s written so beautifully and the characterization is phenomenal) 

i just want you to know who i am by Kyoshu_Koi 10k Modern Soulmate AU 

“It’s you!” Keith screamed, “It’s always been you.”
Or the fic where I combine every possible soulmate au together into one big mess

(My favorite thing about this one is that Keith and Lance are friends before their soulmarks show, it’s so sweet and fluffy and I love it)

The Canvas Effect by neadevar 20.5k wip Modern Soulmate AU 

“For god’s sake, Lance, will you please stop drawing cocks on your arm.”
“Hey, no, we have a thing, me and dick face. I draw them a penis every morning and evening on the dot.”
Lance Mcclain is desperate to find his niche in the world, thought he might have when he discovered he had a soulmate. Only his soulmate seems to be a dick. Drowning under student loans and the crushing weight that is adult responsibility Lance tries to figure out where he stands in the grand scheme of the universe. He didn’t realize everything would change with just a bellybutton piercing.

AU where when you draw on your skin it shows up on your soulmate.

(One of my current favorite fics and I was actually about to reread it and catch up tonight/tomorrow since it just updated, I love the story. Also a literal tag on this fic is “it all started with bellybutton piercings” and if that doesn’t convince you to read it idk what will)

i’ve been trying to fix my pride by jaegerjagues 4k Modern Soulmate AU 

Lance’s soulmark showed up on his wrist when he was eight–the only problem is, he can’t read it. It’s in another language entirely.

So the obvious answer, of course, is to get it covered with a tattoo.

(This one is just pure shenanigans and I love it, I have a soft spot for this fic)

You’re Due for Some Good by PrincexofxFlowers 7k Modern Soulmate AU

They get the odd scrape or bruise, they stub their toes at least once a month, and sometimes they get burns on their fingers, but, honestly, who doesn’t do that? They’re not clumsy and, so far, they really haven’t had any major injuries.

As far as soulmates go, Keith thinks, he really can’t complain.

And then the bruises start showing up.

Soulmate AU where your injuries show up on your soulmate and their’s show up on you.

(Angsty but it has a happy ending I promise, very sweet and I love a good angst fic with a happy ending)

Ok so after this point there are fics I haven’t actually read yet but have heard good things about, so as soon as I read them I’ll edit in some notes maybe?

Sting by Anthropedia 10.8k Canon-verse Soulmates

Scars that aren’t yours staining your skin.
Pain that isn’t yours wracking your body.

Knowing there is someone out there who has the potential to love you no matter what.
Unconditional love for someone you might never even meet.

That’s just the way it works when your soul resonates so strongly with another that you can feel each other’s pain and bear each other’s scars.

(TW: suicide and self harm, no character death tho)

Love and Other Questions by squirenonny 84.6k wip Canon-verse Soulmates

One week after news of the Kerberos disaster broke, Pidge receives a new Mark–proof that Matt is still alive. She breaks into the Garrison to find him, only to find herself caught up in the fight for the fate of the universe.

Keith keeps his arms covered so he doesn’t have to watch Shiro’s scars compounding on his skin–but doing so means cutting off contact with his romantic soulmate, who greets him each morning with a new (and terrible) pickup line.

Shiro and Matt thought they were the luckiest people alive when they found out they were going to Kerberos together. But Shiro hasn’t seen Matt’s untidy scrawl on his arm in almost a year, and he has no idea if his soulmate is even still alive.

[Canonverse Soulmate AU with romantic and platonic soulmates (and some gray areas in between)]

(background shatt and hunay)

When BTS falls in love with a new employee. You.

This is the first request we received for this blog! Woot Woot!! Thank you so much for this request it was so much fun to write! So much that I even got a drabble idea out of it so you have that to look forward to as well!


When you started working at the 5 star restaurant, the last thing you expected was to catch the eye of the head chef. This was just a simple table waiting gig that was supposed to make enough money to amuse yourself during the summer. But hey who would say to no to a gorgeous man who cooks like a god? You that’s who. If anyone is going to date you they are going to work for it. So work for it he did. He brought you flowers, he brought you chocolates, he would give you cooking lessons. He once showed up during your lunch break with some freshly made food that he “claims” was an order for someone who walked out before eating it. It was an awfully freshly made dish to be made an hour ago… but it was also to delicious to not eat. He worked hard for two months before you finally caved an accepted his invitation to dinner.

Originally posted by rapdaegu

“I know you’re not going to say yes but don’t worry I will not give up! I am to head over he- Wait. Did you just say yes?  Lets go before you change your mind.”


This music store clerk job is a god send to someone like you. Not only because it involved your favorite past time, listening to music, but it was also ran by a hippie like woman didn’t care that even though you were only hired on two days ago you are late or how yesterday your cat literally ate your calculus homework so you had to call in while you were at the vet getting your cat looked at while you are frantically trying to redo your homework that is due that day. Belladonna is not only the best boss but you also have the best coworker. Yoongi tends to scowl a lot but that is mostly to scare away idiots who don’t know how to put back something where they got it from. When there were no customers, however Yoongi is pretty laid back and tries to sneak naps when no one is looking. The best thing about him is that after just a week and half of working together he not only nailed your music tastes down he also gives you new CD’s filled with songs he thinks you would like. It was your almost one month anniversary with the store when you get a text from Yoongi asking to come help him stock a last minute shipment. He promised you food and beer when you get there so you agree. Only when you arrive it is not to boxes upon boxes of merchandise that Yoongi had been complaining about. Instead you walked into the backroom that was clear except for a small table set up with your favorite food and a candles all around the room. Your favorite song is playing softly on the radio. Yoongi is standing off to the side looking nervous.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

“I fell for you the moment I heard you voice and I realized that your voice has been haunting my dreams before I even met you. It has to be fate.”


If anyone asks, you certainly did not apply at cafe because you spotted the handsome waiter through the window. Totally. It was because you had the sudden desire to pick up a second… despite the fact you already had a first job that provided enough for you get by. *sigh* Okay so you might have applied and was subsequently hired for a job all because there was cute waiter. Luckily the job was only part time, all you had to do was smile and work the cash register. Problem was that the register was the devil in disguise and absolutely hated you. Luckily Hoseok knew all of the tricks to make it work and was more than willing to teach you. He was patient and you didn’t particularly mind when would stand close behind you pointing what to do. You don’t know why the damn thing kept messing up, you have never dealt with such a difficult piece of machinery in your life. It wasn’t until you got a call from your boss begging you to come in because someone called out sick that you caught Hoseok red handed. You walked in only to see Hoseok pressing a combination of buttons and then pulling a wire causing that stupid error screen that always caused you so many problems to show. He then loosely set the wire back on place but did tighten it and then gave a smirk when he saw the error disappear. You gasp in shock! He was rigging that devil machine to give you problems! Hearing your gasp he whirls around in shock. He instantly turns red in embarrassment and suddenly all of it made sense. Hoseok fell for you. It was your turn to smirk and cross your arms over your chest. He looks down at the floor still blushing and mutters out an apology he looks up back up at you.

Originally posted by ttaegiis

“I know I didn’t exactly make things easy for you… but at least my dedication in coming early just to break this thing should show you how serious I am about you?”


The library was not your first choice in a job. But it was the a job and you were grateful for it. What you were even more grateful for was the other library clerk who showed you the ropes. Namjoon was endearingly kind and waaay to smart to be working as a simple clerk. Although you did understand why he works in a library and not somewhere else. Damn could he read. You found out that Namjoon would read at least two books a day. Speed reading he called it. Insanity is what you called it. While yes you do enjoy reading and every single moment you can spare goes towards it but there is now way you could read two books a day. Namjoon loved reading philosophy and each time he finishes a book he never fails to tell you about it and you two would spend hours discussing it. You don’t consider yourself particularly philosophical but Namjoon seems to disagree because always brings up a topic that is talked about in the book. Yet for some reason he hasn’t brought up any topics in the last couple of days. Granted you had only worked there for a couple of weeks but you knew that he couldn’t have ran out of things to talk about… Another thing that is odd is that he won’t let you see what he is reading. You push the thought aside and continue working. At the end of your shift you see him walking to his car and you call out good bye to him. In true Namjoon fashion when he turns he somehow manages to rip his ever present book bag in half spilling its contents to the ground. You give a laugh and rush forward to help him pick up his, surprise surprise, books you notice they are not the normal books he has. Instead they are brightly colored… romance books? You pick a random one up and quirk an eyebrow at the cover. Namjoon has NEVER mentioned liking romance before otherwise you would of been able to contribute a lot more to the conversation because you have quite the stock of romance books yourself. Hell you have even read the book you are holding. You hand it to him with a smile. It’s a good read and the plot twist at the end was amazing. You say cheerfully. Namjoon blushes and takes the book. He looks at you cocking his head to the side. 

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“I was reading them because I wanted to find a way to confess to you… but then I started enjoying them and I realized I still didn’t know how to confess. Until now that is.”


You have no idea how you managed to get through the first week of your new job at the coffee shop but you are 100% sure that it was because of Jimin. This innocent smol piece of fluff was always happy to help you. When you were struggling with the coffee grinder? It only took one whine from you and suddenly he was right there coaxing it into working, looking at you with a smile. When the espresso machine bit you he was right there holding a towel over the cut on your hand and leading you to the first aid kit carefully tending to it. When you slipped on a wet spot on the floor he caught you with a devilish smile on his face. He was your knight in shining armor. You adored him and he evidently adored you. You found out by accident that he requested the same shift as you so he could help train you. You had been speaking with your manager who was praising you and your work. You wave a hand dismissing the praise and give all the credit to Jimin. Your manager gives you a curious look. Evidently they were baffled as to way Jimin who had the same shift for the past two years suddenly upped and decided to change it to yours. Nor did Jimin EVER volunteer to train someone. But he did… for you. You think about it all day and aren’t able to get the thought out of your head. Why would Jimin do that for you? You didn’t even meet him until your first official day. At closing time he was sweeping and you were loading the dishwasher. You gather your courage as you shut the door on the dishwasher and ask Jimin why he changed shifts just to train you. Jimin doesn’t answer you at first instead opting to walk to the back room and grabbing his bag. He walks back to you and pulls out… a cookie?! You look between him and the cookie the back at him in confusion. He gives a small laugh that makes your heart flutter. It would be lie to deny that you found him attractive… okay so you found him more than attractive. Beautiful, strong, handsome, caring, sweet, and bit of the sexy demon that comes out when no one else is looking. He hands you the cookie and you look at it closer. Carefully iced in orange icing was “Date Me”. You laugh, of course he would know that Alice in Wonderland was your favorite cartoon and he would use it to ask you out.

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“I have been wanting to ask you since the fist time I saw outside of the managers office when you accepted the job. But I was to shy so I figured I would make the cookie do it for me.”


Your best friend was most likely insane. Why they suggested you apply at the amusement park was beyond you. You hated loud noises. You hated the smell of cotton candy. And you absolutely no doubt about it hated that this is where you met the most amazing man on earth.  You were placed in the baby area with Taehyung. Your actual job entailed making sure the babies don’t escape their parents. It was oddly more difficult than on would expect because damn those babies are FAST. It was normally a toddler per hour that manages to find something shiny across the little walk way the divided the kids area from the baby area. The designer of the amusement park must of been a genius because the kiddie designated part was well away from the adult rides and separated the baby part from the kiddie part. The baby part was intended for ages one to five and was basically just a giant sandbox with a small “pool” which was really just a large puddle size area that shot up water every few minutes. It was great way for tired parents to let the older kids ride the rides they want and the parents can just sit with the babies and let them try and eat sand. The bad part of that idea is that there is always a tired parent who has more than one over active toddler who is distracted by one kid while the other sneaks away. Rugrats come to mind as you once again stop an errant toddler wearing an adorable little pink jumper and squeaky shoes. You catch Taehyung’s eye and he gives you a wide happy grin from where he is sitting in the middle of sandbox making a sand castle with what looks like a 4 year old in yellow overalls. So yea you hated the loud noises and the smell of cotton candy, but the kids weren’t so bad. Taehyung was pretty amazing. You had seen him once calm down a sobbing baby with just two peek-a-boos. He is a genius. He was also a incorrigible flirt. Every opportunity he would compliment your appearance. He would praise your once again foiling of escape plans of a crawling baby. And he would never ever fail to make sure you were okay. He brought you bottles of cold water and when he was eaten something he would always offer you some. He also always knew when you needed a pain reliever for the headache the loud noises invariably caused. He was the sweetest person you ever met. It took a particularly observant father who was playing in the sandpit with his two year old while his husband was in the “pool” with the two year old’s twin. You and the father were chatting while you kept an eye on a three year old that looked two seconds from bolting. You were right because as soon as their mother looked away the toddler was off and running. With a sigh you start to get up from the ground excusing yourself from your the father in the sand pit when a hand settled on your should and Taehyung’s deep voice told you to Sit back down I had this one. The father gives you a smirk and comments on how nice it is to be working with your boyfriend. You look at him startled. I’m not… Taehyung and I are not together. We are coworkers. Just coworkers. The gives you a look and calmly replies that sure he is. He is just a coworker who watches you with heart eyes.The boy is clearly head over heels for you. The father evidently said this pretty loudly because Taehyung squats down beside you and brushes they hair from your eyes with a bright smile. 

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“Well he is not wrong..”


You would not have thought that in this day and age a bowling alley would be a success but you would be wrong.Because not only was this place a success but it was the work place of an angel. You needed a seasonal job because this particular summer you made it goal to save up for that new laptop you were needing before the school year. The opening of the bowling alley seemed like fate and when you met the owner’s son who was also working there it pretty much cinched the idea of it being fate. The only thing was this smol bean was so so shy. He mostly worked in the kitchen making kick ass pizzas and onion wings. But occasionally he helped out by fixing the arcade games or working the shoe rental. He had a bright smile and always willing to help the customers but when it came to interacting with his coworkers and making conversation he clammed up making an awkward excuse before sneaking away. You decided to push aside your enamoring with his looks and try to befriend the shy bean. You start by just sitting with him quietly during breaks and not forcing him to say anything. Your next step is to ask him simple questions but not making him answer. Before to long he would answer your questions but it was an awesome day when he would ask one or two of his own. You became friends with him despite his shyness. He turns into your best friend teaching you how to bowl and they tricks to winning the different arcade games. He eventually confided in you that his father built the bowling alley so Jungkook could take the opportunity to try and make friends. When he admits this he also says that he never thought it would of worked yet here he is with a  best friend that has became something more. You stare at him in hopeful confusion. He gave a shy smile and carefully removed the red rose he had hidden underneath a few papers and handed it to you.

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“Would you… maybe go on a date with me sometime?”

O.M.G. Would you look at that?! I actually wrote a post that wasn’t like a million characters long! 


It’s a miracle! But hey I hope you enjoyed this react and if you do please don’t hesitate to ask for another one!


#zevwarden week day 1: Massage

@zevranology​ has prompts up for a week about the Warden and our favorite assassin! Brace yourself for a bunch of Zev drabbles this week from me.

Here’s my response to the first prompt: “Massage.” Slightly NSFW fluff after the cut! This is Zev with my Warden Naia Tabris, a few weeks after they started sleeping together but well before they realize how they feel about each other. 

In spite of all she’d been through since Ostagar, Naia couldn’t remember ever feeling this tense. A combination of mountain-climbing, cultist-fighting, and Haven’s bitter cold had turned every muscle she had into a stiff, aching mess—and the nagging worry that the damned ashes might not even work wasn’t helping.

When Zev saw her futilely rubbing her neck, trying to chase away some of the tightness in her head and limbs, he had offered a massage.

Naia hadn’t been sure that Zev could do much, skilled as he was, but to her surprise her knotted muscles really did relax beneath his touch. Warm palms and gentle fingers kneaded the stone-stiff muscles where her neck met her shoulders, and Naia felt herself melting into the bed beneath her. She spent a moment being ridiculously grateful that they had enough coin for this little roadside inn.

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InuKag Last Day Bonus: Thank You Cynthia

I can’t believe InuKag Week is actually ending today. It’s been such an amazing fun wild seven days, and it’s felt like an avalanche I was snowboarding on from the very beginning on Monday to the last today. 

All the content has filled me with so much InuKag love, I didn’t even think I was capable of loving this ship anymore than I do, but everyone combined putting out amazing effort to post or reblog or submit, it’s almost like we were all together at a week long festival just happy to be around. I’ve discovered so many people from this event, my following list has GROWN exponentially haha. 

Last year I made a post like this thanking the fandom, and trust me when I say none of this is possible without the participation and love of a large group of people supporting us throughout the entire thing. You all are the heart and soul of this machine, and it doesn’t have a purpose without you. 

But this year I want to Thank Someone very special and dear to this fandom and myself:

@inukag aka Cynthia, has given so much to make not only this event, but our corner of the InuKag fandom an incredibly fun and interactive place. Last year when we did InuKag week together, we were both already excited and expectant for InuKag Week 2017, and before we knew it, IT WAS 2017, and she had taken care of ALL the prompts, ALL the edits, she REVAMPED the theme of this site, and from the very start on Monday at midnight, she was checking the tags, answering asks, doing it all while I was sleeping

(And “Family” day btw? I’ve already told you, but it WRECKED ME. Like a damn wrecking ball, Miley Cyrus aside, it ended my life over and over and over again.) 

She can try telling you we were a team today, but if we were a team, she was my leader and I followed a few miles behind in absolute awe. 

She needs 100% credit for this week, and WHAT BETTER PERSON to give credit to for InuKag week if not the sole owner of the canon InuKag url. (Doesn’t get better than this, folks)

Maybe you’ve known her as “towards-tomorrow” or maybe you’ve just gotten to know her these past two years as “inukag”, but I can promise you that if you’ve ever looked up anything remotely InuKag, you have probably liked or reblogged her gifs and beautiful gorgeous edits or analysis essays. Her imprint on this fandom echoes out from years and years ago to the present. 

She’s been patient and tolerant and kind, digging through canon material to explain things to us- us who have no clue what chapter is what. You could ask her “what chapters did Kagome get mad at Inuyasha?” and she’ll pull out annotated pages with highlighted quotes and footnotes. 

This girl spent days and sleepless hours making sure the promos for the InuKag Week 2017 Master Post were perfect- sometimes, sometimes I wish everyone got a behind the scenes look at how she spends meticulous time making sure every frame is perfect, making sure she has the right English verbiage, going through drafts and drafts on her tumblr until she has it just right. Still kicking herself sometimes for it not being as perfect as SHE wanted it to be, even though it’s BEYOND PERFECT to everyone else. 

She spent time thinking “How can we make this as inclusive as possible?”. She thinks of ideas on how to make it so every single person can do SOMETHING as long as they want to and have the means to access a computer or phone. 

This InuKag Week has by and large been even more fun and successful than the last, and I just want to take a moment to Thank You

This fandom doesn’t deserve you, it’s never deserved you. And even when you’re burnt out, even when you’re wondering “is it even worth it”, you pull it through and manage to host an entire week long event that ignites us. 

You are the Queen, and this week would never have functioned the way it has without you. 

(We look professional af Cynthia and it’s all because of you.)

One day you might be making events or sites for big corporate companies (maybe a small indie firm), or sit in a really nice office with a window, and I really hope you remember the impact you’ve made in this VERY LARGE corner of the fandom.

I love you, and thank you thank you thank you. 

There’s still the rest of today to enjoy our favorite Soul Mates, so take a break, enjoy your weekend (what’s left of it!) and look back at all these wonderful people celebrating with us. Bask in it. 


- Until the next sappy long post on this blog, Mod: Lali

mun-birthday answers

Aaand here we are! I was supposed to get done with this sooner, but got caught up losing it with the most amazing gifts, a couple of which I have reblogged here too because they need to be seen. I had a great birthday and was sucessfully killed with overjoy by my friends!

Before we get started, just letting you know I’m sorry there was still no update this weekend- last week was finally my last exams week for now until next month, but was busy with birthday stuff and prioritized working on commissions. I’ll try to get the blog back to activity this saturday! Thanks for being patient!

Now for the munday asks!

And we’re off to a great start!

(p.s. there’s Katsuyami hcs under the cut so you might want to check that out!)

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Favorite sterek fics?

So i’ll inevitably miss a few but i’ll try my best.

He Who Sleeps in the Buff is in for a Rude Awakening

2k - GOD. I’m still convinced that this fic was WAY longer the first time i read it. It’s adorable and precious and I love the idea of Derek being comfortable and happy for a change.

Sideways and Slantways and Longways and Backways

8k - super good misunderstandings and awkwardness

No End of Romance

11k - Derek gets cursed to have everyone EXTREMELY attracked to him, and Stiles helps him with it, cue confessions

Upon My Skin

6k - Stiles keeps getting tattoos and Derek decides to, well, lick them to help the healing process. Eventual slight sexy times

It’s Free (And Always Will Be)

31k - Fake/pretend relationship. Derek’s magazine Clawbook is close to going under, as they’re seen as anti-human, so to fix this, Laura decides Derek should get married to human model Stiles. Whom Derek may have a ginormous crush on.


5k - super short but really good. Filled with sexual tension. just read it

Taking the Bus to Chinatown

13k -  Stiles’ home economics teacher forces him to knit mittens. Nobody wants Stiles’ mittens, but then Stiles offers them to Derek, and Stiles is pretty sure Derek does these things purely to drive him crazy. What else could it be?

Excess of awkward Derek. Amazing

Little Talks

5k -  In which Stiles is a stripper, and Derek is the always-polite regular at the club where he works.

I might have a thing for this kind of AU, this is one of my faves in this area

When You’re Ready

3k - Super short but so worth it. 

Laura keeps trying to set Derek up, but due to injuries from the war, dates don’t tend to stick around. He decides to try one more date with Stiles.

Gravity’s Got Nothing On You

83k - Another Fake/pretend relationship fic. 

Derek and Stiles live in the same apartment, and Derek’s family is going to visit for 3 weeks. A stupid decision to pretend to date, some mysterious magic, and all kinds of scent marking and falling for each other, combined to make an AMAZING story.

A (Sort of) Fairytale

25k - Stiles gets turned in to a fox, permanently. The pack tries to help, but Derek ends up helping the most.

[Sleep]Walking After You

56k - Derek is a sleepwalker who keeps wandering into his downstairs neighbour’s bedroom.

Stiles is pretty sure the hot guy from the park is going to kill him in his sleep. He knows he shouldn’t have been so obvious about objectifying the guy’s really fine ass.

Too bad it turns out Derek is easier to get along with when he’s sleeping.

i’ve re-read this so many times. its a gem.

Can I Keep You?

16k - Stiles moves in to a house where the teenage spirit of Derek lives. Warning, i totally cried reading this. Also, there IS a happy ending.

Lock All the Doors Behind You

25k - After the aftermath of a Bad Thing, Derek becomes feral. Stiles is the only one who can go near him.

Another one i’ve read multiple times and still ADORE

Intro to Art for Non Majors

13k - Derek is an art professor, Stiles has to take a mandatory art class

Chante Une Nouvelle Chanson Pour Moi

13k - Stiles Stilinski has been at Hogwarts since his first year, okay. That’s six years of experience. He knows how Hogwarts works, how it operates. He’s not quite an expert or anything, but he’s pretty damn sure he knows this school.

So why the hell have they waited like a million years to start taking transfer students?

And why is he the only one who can’t get a French date?

‘Linksi’s Late Night Antidote to Lame

13k- Where Stiles has his own college radio show, and the mysterious, faceless Derek is his number one fan. Also there’s this really hot guy he keeps meeting in the library who totally hates his guts.

Another classic. You need to read this

Spin for You Like Your Favourite Records Used to

20k -  Stiles is, weirdly, the only one who stayed in Beacon Hills. He works as an apartment renovator and has dinner with his dad and Melissa every Friday. Life is good and quiet up until he meets a big black dog that seems to understand human language a bit too well. But as it often is in Beacon Hills, nothing is ever as it seems.

So much GOOD. Humour, awkwardness, pining. All the yes.

Every Step You Take

50k - Stiles accidentally ends up magically bonded to Derek. Forced bed sharing, sexual tension. All the good stuff

Famous Last Words

62k - This is a 6 part series. Where Derek and Stiles decide that if they’re ever in a fuck or die situation (literally), that they’d be each other’s sex buddies. 

A mix of smut and emotion and crazy magical stuff. It’s great

I’ll Do Anything You Want (Just Please Don’t Ask Me to Forget You)

8k -  Derek and Danny are flatmates. Danny is an alpha who helps omegas through their heats. Stiles tries to hire Danny for the night and comes across Derek, who has been harbouring a secret crush on him since high school. Derek thinks that Stiles doesn’t know who he is, but Stiles still needs someone to help him through his heat, and Derek is more than happy to oblige.

Summary explains itself but oh god it’s so GOOD. like i didn’t expect it to be this good. If this is your thing, go read it.

No Homo

84k -  Stiles’ sophomore year starts something like this:
3 FourLokos
+ 1 peer-pressuring cat
- 1 best bro to end all best bros
= 1 Craigslist ad headline that reads “str8 dude - m4m - strictly platonic”.
Derek is the fool who replies.

REEAALLLY slow burn. A lot of Stiles being SUPER unaware that he’s not straight

There are SO many more, but these are at the top of the list. Check out here for the rest of the fics. I’ve got 250+ sterek fics so far. Gaaah

Podcasts for your functions!

In honor of #trypod, here are the podcasts I listen to, semi-arbitrarily assigned to functions! But seriously check any of them out.

Also I tend to go for either surreal radio-show style fiction, or people just joking about dumb stuff.

Si: Sawbones. I recommended this for I think INTPs a while ago, but I think any Si users (…and non-Si users since ISTP sister is a fan) will appreciate it. It’s about all the ridiculous and sometimes horrifying things that people have done in the name of medicine, from trepanation to patent medicines. I’ve also appreciated the handful of more serious episodes: there was one about the hosts’ daughter’s birth, and more recently a few about immigration medical requirements and health insurance. But mostly it’s informative, historical, and funny.

Ne: Crossover Appeal. It’s a podcast about fandom, namely taking two things and mashing them up, but usually things that don’t usually get mashed up (read: no superwholock to be found). I don’t listen to every episode because I frequently find I’ve only read/watched one of the works, but I’ve loved the HP&HP (Harry Potter and Lovecraft) Halloween special, the Yay Hamlet Hamilton/Hamlet one, and the Orphan Black/Phryne Fisher episode for badass ladies. And the fact that it’s every other week and you can skip around probably works well for Ne users.

Ni: The Beef and Dairy Network. Deeply surreal, with that dark and dry humor that is often characteristic of Ni users. There’s a consistent underlying storyline/conspiracy, and a bit of political sarcasm in the mix, so I think that will also work for Ni users who appreciate the payoff of sticking with a serial story with an unusual format, that sometimes draws from reality but twists it.

Se: My Brother, My Brother, and Me. This one is pretty famous (Justin, the oldest brother, is also a Sawbones host and I found MBMBAM through Sawbones), and it’s characterized by a combination of terrible advice and weird riffing and tangents. I think Se users will particularly appreciate the combination of rapid-fire switches in the conversation along with concrete yet impractical suggestions and goofy humor.

Ti: Within the Wires or Alice Isn’t Dead. Both of these are Welcome to Nightvale shows, but with a smaller self-contained story that unfolds slowly, allowing you to try and deduce what will happen next (and probably often fail). I think they both fall well along the Ti-Fe spectrum, though honestly what do I know. Within the Wires in particular seems to be a good Ti-Fe show and is in my opinion the strongest (Orbiting Human Circus wasn’t my favorite though I did enjoy it overall).

Fe: This American Life. A classic, not only because it’s something people have been listening to forever and can all share, but also because of its dedication to telling the stories of every kind of person and finding the commonalities between these different stories. I don’t always listen to it (it’s a lot; also sometimes it will lead to you crying in your car and now that I don’t have a car I’d really rather not burst into tears on the subway) but I do love it and thank it for having this message of how we’re all the same on some level.

Fi: Pop Rocket. It’s about pop culture, and it’s a great hangout show - the hosts are a diverse group and are all close with each other. They focus on a single topic each episode usually but what impresses me is how great they are at letting each host talk about pop culture from their own perspective and relate it to their personal experience in a way that is effective and interesting.

Te: She’s Running. This is really new (only 2 episodes) and it’s interviews with women who are running for office at any level (city, state, federal) in the U.S. . It is not technically partisan though it’s obviously got a very pro-women message and the two interviewees so far are affiliated with the Democratic party. It has a message of getting out the vote for these candidates, but also provides some really great insight into the work involved in running a campaign, even a small one.

Are you being paid by WTNV and Max Fun?

No, I wish.

I’m looking for more/None of these are for me, but I’d love other podcast recs!

Thanks! Other recommendations include:

I figure since this is on Tumblr you’re all sick of Welcome to Nightvale but I do listen to it and enjoy it. It does have the drawback of being both serialized and pretty far into that serial - you’ll want to go back to the beginning and that will take a while. 

Speaking of - I never listened to season 2, but season 1 of Serial, about a young man jailed for his sometimes-girlfriend’s murder in the Baltimore area that might have been due to a combination of Islamophobia, the fragility of memory, and the fact that in the early 2000s, we didn’t really understand cell phones, was rightfully a hit. Listen if you like true crime or even if you don’t (I usually don’t).

I stopped listening to Aisha Tyler’s Girl on Guy regularly because I lost interest whenever the celebrity wasn’t someone I knew about and also because it’s really long and no longer worked well with my listening habits after I moved from a regular job-having car owner to a grad student who depends on NYC public transit and has an irregular schedule. However, Aisha Tyler is hilarious and a great, empathetic interviewer (I’m pretty sure she’s an ESTP with good Fe from the impression I have) and I recommend it if you’re into more long-form interview style listening. 

I also stopped listening to Professor Blastoff which features Tig Notaro,  Kyle Dunnigan and David Huntsberger. A large portion of that is because I found Kyle Dunnigan kind of annoying (which is mostly a clash of senses of humor I think - don’t take my word for this since it’s definitely a personal taste thing). It’s also really long (usually about 90 minutes if I recall correctly) so it similarly doesn’t work that well with my listening, but if you do a lot of driving or can listen to podcasts while you work, check it out! I did listen for some time, especially around when Tig Notaro was just out of her year of terrible things and getting a lot of fame for that. It ended in mid-2015 due to scheduling conflicts, but there’s a big archive if you’re just looking for something to listen to that isn’t strictly up to date.

I mostly listen to comedy, pop-culture, and story/fiction podcasts because I am a very visual learner so any more technical/educational podcasts tend to not work for me - I spend the whole time wishing I was just reading an article or watching a video. However, if you’re more an auditory learner, I did enjoy Freakonomics - I just felt like I forgot everything immediately and would rather reread the book. There are some great resources online specifically for finding educational podcasts so if that’s your interest, have at it!

sohmamon  asked:

I'd love to hear opinions for Megamorphs 4

Short opinion: I giggle every time I read the line “President Clinton urged everyone to remain calm” but seriously this book is so scary specifically because it feels so realistic to canon.

Long opinion:

I’ve always felt like this book takes place in direct conversation with #1, fleshing out the existing personalities and relationships of the team as of the moment that they walk through the construction site.  The actual first book in the series sweeps the characters along so quickly toward their destiny (by necessity, because anything else would be bad writing) that we get extremely few details about what these kids are actually like before the war ruins their lives except in the retrospective.  Back to Before feels like a chance to go back and find out who exactly these kids were before they all became homicidal cinnamon rolls.  Of course I’m a sucker for the details about Tom (He has a driver’s license!  He wears a denim jacket over blue jeans like a true 90s fashion victim!  Temrash 114 keeps at least two separate dracon beams in his room!  His parents think he should pay more attention in school!) but there are also a ton of rich characterization moments for all six Animorphs.  

This book really shows us for the first time why Tobias is so desperate for his life to change that he throws himself into a war (and maybe-maybenot gets himself trapped in morph) just to have friends and a purpose.  He belongs nowhere—not at home with his alcoholic uncle, not at school where he’s constantly under threat of physical violence, not at the mall where Jake listens to him out of pity while Marco’s openly hostile—which means that he grabs the first chance he can to fly away from it all.  Maybe he’s being short-sighted, since by #3 he already knows he had no idea what he was getting himself into, but he’s so desperate to get out that one can hardly blame him even when he resorts to becoming a controller in order to have someone to talk to and something to give him meaning.  

It’s also striking that Tobias is the one who ends up recruited by the Sharing, while Jake attends one meeting and leaves.  Most of the series has this implicit assumption that if any of them will be the first one taken, it’ll be Jake, since he’s the one with a controller already living in the house.  (For instance, #41 and #7 both feature variations on the theme of everyone getting caught because Tom saw something he shouldn’t, and in #49 everyone is shocked when the yeerks’ DNA match isn’t between Jake and Tom.)  However, here Jake sees everything the Sharing has to offer… and tells Tom “I’m not really a joiner,” because he’s really really not (MM4).  The unfortunate flip side of the coin of Jake’s leadership ability is that he makes a fairly terrible follower.  In this book it saves his life, but there are other instances (when dealing with the andalites in #18 and #38, during the negotiations with the Arn in #34) where everyone would probably be better off if Jake could find it in himself to sit down, shut up, and do as he’s told.  Non-Animorph Jake is probably at risk of becoming a useless washout (between the crappy academic performance, the mediocre athletic performance, and the lack of motivation to do anything, he’s probably destined to spend the rest of his life as a failed artist living in a studio apartment in downtown LA paid for by his parents’ money), but he’s also not at risk of becoming a voluntary controller, because he’s perfectly content with his mediocre life.  

Rachel, by contrast, is incredibly restless in her normal life.  Cassie describes her as “hunting” with “laser focus” when looking for bargains at the mall (MM4).  It takes her about ten seconds to get on board with chasing down and attempting to tackle some random stranger because Marco thinks said stranger looks like his dead mom.  She snaps into action the second that Ax broadcasts the news that aliens are attacking the planet, and keeps fighting with whatever tools come to hand (including a severed hork-bajir head, because this girl is hardcore) until she gets killed.  For all that she loves it, this book implies that the war might be the worst thing that could have possibly happened to Rachel.  After all, she’s quite good at channeling all that pent-up aggression into verbal sparring the way her mom does (notice how much she enjoys arguing with Marco in the planetarium) and also releasing that extra energy through athletics the way her dad does (unlike Jake, she’s not deterred in her sports ambitions by a mere hiccup like utter lack of talent).  She also has a lot of friends and admirers, a track record of being one of the highest performers in her class, and a casual self-confidence that is rare enough for a girl her age to win her a lot of favors with a lot of people.  Non-Animorph Rachel (in a world that also had no yeerks) would probably thrive in whatever career she chose for decades before dying at a ripe old age surrounded by her highly attractive husband and seven fat grandchildren.  

Maybe my favorite piece of Marco characterization from this book is the way it establishes there is actually a lot more to his crush on Rachel than thinking she has beautiful hair and looks cute in a leotard.  He’s considerably less comfortable in his own skin than either of the Berensons, but he also practices what he preaches by appreciating a joke at his own expense just as much as one he uses to mock another person.  This book makes it obvious that he looks up to Rachel (not just literally, although Marco’s jokes about his own height are also amazing) because he recognizes how intelligent and ruthless she is, and those are the qualities he values the most in himself and others.  Cates pointed out that it’s interesting almost all of Marco’s role models are female (Xena, Alanis Morissette, Carmen Electra, Eva for that matter) and in a lot of ways he doesn’t just like Rachel; he admires her.  

And then there’s the portrayal of Ax when no one comes to rescue him.  #4 and #8 only hint at what it must have been like for him to spend weeks stuck in a tiny dome at the bottom of the ocean, not knowing whether anyone was coming for him, suspecting more and more every day that his whole crew was dead, but here we get a much deeper look at those long days of solitude.  He comes off almost like a prisoner in solitary confinement in the scenes before he manages to use the shark morph to escape: compulsively addicted to routines, talking to inanimate objects, starting to hallucinate when left alone for long enough… Ax is a survivor, tough enough to live through years of loneliness and grief while fighting a war on a foreign planet.  This book shows just how much of that strength comes from within, fire-forged by his traumatic introduction to Earth.  

Oh, and Cassie is sub-temporally grounded, apparently.  I have nothing nice to say about that concept so I’ll settle for saying nothing at all.

Anyway, I love both the opening and closing of this book.  The first scene has one of those UTTERLY HORRIFYING banality-of-violence beginnings, where we open on the aftermath of a battle that may or may not have accomplished anything other than giving the kids involved a few more nightmares.  Jake is disturbingly casual about the fact that he has lost an entire leg and is slowly bleeding to death, making wry jokes about how he and the three-legged table match each other. We can tell why: this isn’t the first (or even the thirtieth) time he’s been fatally maimed and then forced to shrug it off in order to keep fighting.  The kids try—and fail—to save the host of a fatally injured yeerk a few minutes of pain, and end up watching both beings bleed to death.  And then Jake goes home, and he once again plays the game of Lying For His Life with his parents and Tom, and he goes to bed ready to do it all again the next day, wondering what dreams of Sauron Crayak will come.  This poor schmuck literally never catches a break.  No wonder his little deal with the devil seems so tempting for the millisecond that it takes for Crayak to pounce.  (By contrast, the TV episode features Jake asking the Little Blue Ellimist to make him a Real Boy because he doesn’t want to do his math homework and plan a battle at the same time. What a whiner.)

Ugh, and then the ten little soldiers go out to dine, and they drop off one by one so fast that most barely get the chance to fight back.  Rachel and Ax especially do their best to battle the oncoming horde, but they’re largely unarmed and clueless against the yeerks. Tobias becomes the living puppet of a living puppet of Visser One, and then there were five.  Marco stands a little too close to a Bug fighter, and then there were four.  Rachel runs straight into turret fire because Rachel is still Rachel even without unleashing her inner grizzly bear, and then there were three. Cassie is in the wrong shopping mall at the wrong time, and then there were two.  Jake faces down an army of hork-bajir as just his little human self, and then there was one.  Ax might be able to survive—but he isn’t looking to go home and be safe, he’s looking to save the world.  And then there were none.  

A lot of the point of this book is that of course the Ellimist “stacked the deck,” because these kids in particular are the the only ones who have the necessary combination of idealism and grittiness to take on an entire army and win (MM4).  Marco says it best in #54: “We beat an empire, my friend, the six of us, and we did it in large part because you didn’t know any better than to trust your own instincts.”  Ax has the tech savvy and determination to engage in total war, but he can’t survive on Earth without human friends.  Rachel has the ferocity to be a one-woman army, but without her friends to ground her she’d get herself killed a lot sooner.  Jake might be a natural leader, but he’s also naive enough not to know how to balance ethics in times of atrocity without Marco’s ruthlessness and Cassie’s pragmatism to guide him.  Without Marco, the team would never succeed in taking down Visser One.  Without Cassie, they would never get in contact with the Yeerk Peace Movement.  Without Tobias, they’d never succeed at freeing the hork-bajir.  These six form a constellation of skills and needs and strengths and neuroses that balances the fate of the entire galaxy on the shoulders of a bunch of middle schoolers.  They don’t need morphing power to be badass—but they do need it to win.  

anonymous asked:

I love that you're doing Sims Sterek! :D your pictures are so cute. but I'm so curious now like what are they like? what are their jobs? who else is in your sim world?? lol i'm sorry i just want to know everything now.

Oh man anon, I am spending WAY too much of my life on this game right now. It’s so addicting. But yes, alright, let me flail with you.

First, we’ve got the Hale House household, which consists of Derek, Stiles, and Paige. I created Paige mainly because I started the game and made about half a girl character before realizing I needed to make it TW!Sims, and I decided the character looked more like Paige than anyone else. But then I really liked the idea of Paige as like a childhood friend figure for Derek, and I also kind of wanted to see if Stiles and Derek would connect with a third character in the picture. (Which they did!! Immediately, with zero prompting from me.) 

(OK yes, eventual prompting. Because that’s how Sims works. But not initial prompting.)

So yeah, Hale household:

Derek Boyd
[I decided to give the sims different last names because… I don’t know why. Boyd was the third randomization that came up for Derek’s last name and I had to keep it.]

Derek’s a family-oriented, romantic, gloomy sim who’s also an amazing musician. He fell in love with his roommate, Stiles, pretty much as soon as they moved in together, and they developed a slow-burn romance over the course of a few months while he gained fame as a musician.

He’s particularly close to his big sister Laura, who lived next door to them in the city, and frequents the gym in between shifts at work. But he’s always happiest when he’s around his family.

Stiles Johnson
[Haha, get it? …I’m a dork.]

Stiles is a literal genius, which comes in handy for his career as a scientist. He’s also geeky and playful, and knows just how to get his husband out of a slump when he’s feeling down.

Paige Krasikeva
[Which is actually her real last name, but I made her first, before I decided to be cute about it.]

Paige is a writer with aspirations to become a bestselling novelist, and often writes stories inspired by her two roommates, such as Boy with the Blue Eyes, Don’t be Such a Sourwolf, SoulsickPretty Good Pair, Orange and Blue, and the surprise hit bestselling children’s book, The Adventures of Sheepgoat! 

Devon Johnson-Boyd

The angelic toddler daughter of Derek and Stiles. A quick learner and super sweet, she takes a quick liking to almost everyone she meets (although she does seem strangely put off by her “aunt” Erica…)

Devon’s adoption inspired the Hale household to move from their city apartment to the suburbs, where they built an awesome house by the river and settled in happily.

Which brings us to…

The Beta House

Erica Star
[Because “King” felt too obvious, “reyes” sounds like sunlight, and there was an option to get star tattoos on her back. *shrugs*]

Flirty but a romantic at heart, this outgoing and self-assured art critic knows how to go after what she wants. She’s quick to bond with strangers but is also tough when need be, and the handiest around the house whenever anything goes wrong. She’s also got a secret soft side which she expresses through painting, and is branching into books too because why not do it all, right?

After a few abstract flirtations around town she eventually fell into a windswept romance with her roommate…

Boyd Vernon
[Literally I just wanted everyone to call him Boyd, so I flopped the name direction.]

Boyd is a natural loner and a bookworm with “good guy” programmed into his DNA. It takes him a while to warm up to strangers and he usually relies on his wife, Erica, to handle the brunt of their social interactions. 

It’s a good thing his job as a tech genius lets him interact with clients long distance, but he has a handful of friends he’s particularly attached to, including Paige and Derek. 

[painting Erica made the day after she and Boyd got married. I can’t with them.]

Isaac Écharpe
[Because… I’m a dork. That’s the only reason.]

So I’m gonna go ahead and admit that I had no idea what to do with Isaac. Personality-wise, career-wise… with every other character something felt natural, but with him I was struggling so I ended up making him a neat, perfectionist foodie which comes in handy for his career as a chef. Isaac took an immediate dislike to Stiles (fitting), who made himself too comfortable in his apartment on their first visit, and their relationship hasn’t recovered since. He does have a lot of casual friends and gets along well enough with his two roommates, but he’s often tense and temperamental, and never really connected with any of the Hale household.

Alpha House

For a long time, Alpha house was just Laura, before I decided playing a one person household was too boring and made Cora Laura and Derek’s younger sister moved into the city. Most recently I’ve decided to combine Alpha and Beta houses together so I can keep an eye on all five of them at once, and they’re all living comfortably in the spacious apartment the Hale house vacated when they moved to the suburbs. I still think of them separately but they share space now *shrugs*

Laura Boyd

Is a confident, charismatic natural born leader. (Her aspiration is literally called “leader of the pack” because I couldn’t not.) She’s also moving up the ranks fast at the local police department, but she always takes time to look after her gloomy little brother and her younger sister, which might make trouble eventually because…

Cora Boyd

…is heading down a decidedly dark path since she moved into the city. Her naturally mischievous nature has pulled her into a life of crime as a ringleader for a number of crimes around the city, and she has a tendency toward kleptomania she’s got no qualms in indulging in. A natural tomboy and self-proclaimed “bro,” she enjoys sports and working out in her free time, and is playing the field with a pair of love interests after just a few short weeks in the city.

And ok, “official description” over with, I’m going to launch into the Extended Adventures of Cora for a minute because she’s new and might actually be my favorite character at the moment. I invented her halfway hoping she and Isaac might connect because I needed someone for Isaac to bond with, but their moods literally dropped to “bored” 30 seconds into their first conversation. But she ended up being really interesting to play anyway. I love the idea of Cora being a criminal, living one apartment-length away from Laura… and that they’re both still so genuinely close and cool with each other. I don’t know, it’s weird but I love it.

She also connected with Stiles right away  –– mischievous and playful, I should have guessed –– and they’ve developed an adorable sibling-relationship, jibing each other and generally being jerks to each other in a loving way, and he never gets annoyed by her “snark” (mischievous actions) the way other characters do.

She’s also casually dating two girls; the first one is someone she really liked at first named Jade.

but the second time they hung out Jade got weirdly pissed at her for no reason and the third time they hung out, Jade literally invited her to a bar and walked out on her six seconds later. So Cora went and met another girl, Luna (meant to be? :P) who’s sweet and romantic and Cora genuinely likes.

But… since Cora’s a criminal, she’s decided to keep seeing Jade as well… so she can pickpocket from her as payback, because she’s got kleptomaniac urges to satisfy and she’s not prone to forgive easily.

I mean… I shouldn’t love her, but she’s awesome.

So ok, these descriptions got a lot longer as I went on. I was trying to be good at first so I said nearly nothing about Sterek ;P But that’s everyone so far!

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May I get some 2pFace fam romantic headcanons?

Sure thing~

Hope you enjoy them ;)


•Out of all of them he has the most romantic skills

•doesn’t really show his feelings but does small things to show affection

•like that dress you mentioned in passing about really liking? it mastereously appears in your closet a little while later or ‘oh you have a really bad headache? i guess you could have a sip of this wine that is my favorite and if anybody else touches I will kill

•he may be lazy most of the time but if he actually tries daaaammmmnnnn booooooooi

•We’re talking candle lit dinner under the stars and some really smexy french

•but be prepared for a lot of frick fracking

•wear the French maid outfit he has in the back of his closet

•don’t let him know or anything, just let him come home one day and just see you cleaning up the house while wearing it

•won’t bother you too much if you’re not in the mood(might be slightly grumpy) but if he had a bad day there is no escape

•morning after he will stay with you for a little while but the wake you up if he had to wait to long, might make you breakfast depending on how rough he was


•this lil cinnamon roll is all the cute relationship goals combined into one person

•will forcibly put you in his clothes because he thinks they look adorable on you

•will make you breakfast in bed 8 out of 7 days

•hope you like snuggles because one this boy has a hold on you he will never let go

•expect flowers on the table whenever he has to get up and leave before you wake up

•may act all innocent and blush about sexual things around others but once he gets behind closed doors prepare yourself

•if you show the slightest sign of being sad he will drop everything and do whatever it takes to make you feel the best you can


•Canada? More like hot CanaYEAH

•keyword-pancakes, hope you like them because he will make them for both of you every morning

•feeling cold? no problem, just put on one of the thousands of plaid flannels, he finds his big cloths on you adorable and this will always lead to snuggles

•like Francis he has trouble showing his true feelings but not quiet as bad

•likes to give you head pats and hair ruffles

•will take you out to the most beautiful spots for picnics on special occasions

•will seduce you will French

•expect to be thrown over his shoulder a lot because in his eyes it’s the fastest way to move

•loves to lay his head on your lap or stomach while you play with his hair

•knows he has and is not afraid to show them off to make you blush

•speaking of blush

•if you do there is a 100% chance he will kiss you

•did I mention he can bench press a full grown bull moose?

•someone say outdoor frick fracking kink?

•will always want to hold you in his arms and tightly to his chest where he can always protect you

•takes you out into the woods with him when he ‘works’ when you’re lonely but mostly has Kuma district you because he doesn’t want you to get scared or put you in danger(Kuma doesn’t mind because you kind of act like his mom and give him food from the table even though Matt scolds you for it and tells you to stop spoiling him whoops)

•randomly makes you maple scented candles and soaps


•his ultimate goal is to make you blush as much as possible

•hope you like nicknames because he has hundreds

•will slip into a southern​ drawl by accident

•don’t expect to ever walk again because he will carry you everywhere

•will try to use his own ‘persuasive’ methods to get you to be a vegan like him

•likes to come up behind you while​ you’re doing something​ and bury his face into the crook of your neck

•is a very jeleous bean

•will fall asleep every night snuggling you and watching TV

•if he manages to convince you to dress up as a maid then don’t expect to walk for a solid week

•will expect a good luck kiss before every one of his baseball games

•he will brag about you to everyone