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stucky as buzzfeed titles:
  • 16 ways to show bae you love him (hint: shoot him in the leg)
  • captain america himself destroys biphobia while wearing the american flag
  • what it was like to be lgbt in the military while WWII was raging (”I hid, a lot. I did it for him. If they’d found out I wasn’t straight I would’ve been discharged so I kept my mouth shut. the closet can be very lonely”)
  • “stop sending me candy bars” former assassin and cap’s childhood best friend is so done
  • 22 reasons why bucky barnes and steve rogers are relationship goals
  • steve rogers on how he keeps the romance alive after 70 years
  • bucky barnes opens up about peggy carter “I would’ve supported steve if they’d married”

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You know… actually… this all makes sense. I had some saltiness there, but I think this is gonna make sense in the end.

This was it. There’s a confirmed time-jump. The montage was the only “mourning” Rick was gonna have over Jessie. In the promos for 6x10, we can see his wedding ring is gone. In all likeliness, there’s gonna be no more mention of Jessie after the jump, so a montage of Jessie smiling was the encapsulation of any angst Rick had over her death. He didn’t even say the comic “I’m sorry” line. In fact, in the cold light of day, that’s hard as fuck.

It does seem they’re setting up the potential for “something” to happen between Michonne and Spencer – if even just a mild flirtation. This could be the comic equivalent of Andrea/Spencer dating in the comic. It’s short-lived, but it does show Michonne has desirable, and also shows she’s not pining over Rick and trying to figure out what she wants. (This is why I am 100% okay with this arc if it happens)

This MSP established Michonne’s connection to Carl and Judith 100%. It canot be denied she’s the mother to these kids.

I’m feeling a lot better about this. I might write some meta later.

I am still salty, but feeling better.