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when folks ask you to source your gifs, i believe they mean to ask if you could put links in the description to the posts where you found the gifs you used? watermarks on gifs are sometimes hard to read and it can be difficult trying to find the original posts via google. would you consider adding links to the sources on your posts ?

If I had an infinite amount of time, no life, no depression, and wasn’t ill half the time I just might source things with links. But considering I have hundreds of gifs for stimboards I would have to start all over, again. I wouldn’t be able to have a stash of gifs anymore either because I’d have to source each time. It would just make me a crazy mess and stress me out waaaay more than I need to be right now. Remember, I’m doing this for fun. I won’t run around in circles to please everyone.

For finding the sources of the gifs you can always reverse image search if you can’t read the text. All of the gifs I make (which say gif down in the bottom right corner) are from Instagram accounts.

hi cupcakes!! i’m rooms ( short for romana ) and i am honestly so excited to be here?? this rp gave me so much muse despite me having struggled with writers block for the last couple of weeks and i knew i just had to join. i’m nineteen years old and i lowkey dropped out of college two months ago, but will be picking it up again next september. in the meanwhile, i work full-time in retail so sometimes i might be a lil’ busy, but i’ll try and be on as much as possible. 

i’m usually only found in harry potter / marauders era lsrpgs, so this is a slight change for me and it might take me a little bit of time to adjust, however, i’m an absolute slut for plots, and would love to plot out relationships for stella and all of your characters!! 

speaking of my smol chicken nugget, i wrote some info about her under the read more, so if you like any of that and want to plot, give this a like or shoot me a message!!

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A shoulder smacked mine on the sidewalk. I didn’t bother checking my pockets. They were already empty. But sometimes I left little notes in them I thought might amuse a pickpocket: ‘Try me again tomorrow. I forgot my diamonds at home’ or 'Might have better luck with that guy,’ alongside a scribbled arrow.

Well, they amused me anyway.


Gates of Thread and Stone by Lori M. Lee (lorimlee).

This is the moment I knew I would adore the protagonist Kai.