i might to ones for the rest of the team

for @kparsekpop, who provided commentary along the way. based on this post by @bittelitt and not nearly shippy enough, but that just means I’ll have to write more down the road

If Alexei had known, when he first signed with the Falconers in 2010, that’d he’d be playing with a bunch of children, he might have reconsidered the offer he got from the Pens. As it stands, he wants to hide in the showers until the rest of his team clears out of the locker room at least twice a season, because he doesn’t want to deal with the chirps anymore.

He came to America for a number of reasons, playing hockey being the main one, of course. But being able to be obnoxiously himself was another one, and that meant being honest with his teammates, at least, and maybe everyone someday, about who he was. He’s grateful everyday that they never for a second treated him differently from all the other rookies, for his accent or his size or his bisexuality. They’ve got his back, ninety-nine percent of the time.

The one percent when they don’t? When they play the Aces, and the chirps go flying.

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fix-it headcanons thing

i don’t think i have talked about this concept i am stuck with, and i just realized it, so here goes.

- so. FIRST AND FOREMOST. team taka go back to oto. they ALL become the otokage together and make sound into an honest shinobi village. they handle orochimaru as well as kabuto. i do not trust konoha with them.

- my headcanon is, that they use their knowledge to reform their village for better, but boy, is orochimaru unwilling. but it’s okay, in the end. nothing that a little intimidation cannot fix. plus, karin is scary when she’s pissed, and she might as well be the one thing orochimaru fears. what a role model.

- suigetsu handles external issues with other villages. juugo is his impulse and damage control if needed. throw in karin into the mix and you will realize just why is it that juugo is always wearing his resting bitchface.

- sasuke originally goes to live in sound with team taka, but keeps visiting team 7. however his visits keep extending each time he’s in konoha until he’s practically living on and off 2 weeks in oto and 2 weeks in konoha.

- nar and sas doing the thing when they’re dating long before they admit it to themselves. those two are so ridiculous OH MY GOD.

- a lot of cuddles, hugs, and pecks on cheeks happening. and oh god the bLUSHING. i am a sap.

- sakura is like. already married to ino by the time those two get around their first Official date, and it’s her Time Of Life. SO. MUCH. TEASING. HAPPENS. 

- at some point, naruto starts visiting oto, too. naruto and karin bonding happens. it doesn’t take sasuke long to realize that having two uzumaki at the same place guarantees the world domination, or the world destruction. possibly both.

- the day he becomes the hokage is possibly the worst day of his life lmao. “what do u mean i can’t go to oto, i’m the hokage!” - “it’s because of that that you cannot leave.” but naruto keeps using ~diplomatic relations~ as an excuse to go anyways. the same thing happens whenever he wants to see gaara, too. what a guy!

- he doesn’t keep the uchiha massacre swept under the rug and comes clean. the two elders that i can’t be bothered to remember their names will face the consequences. 

- konoha follows otogakure in their model of triumvirate. sakura and shikamaru become co-hokages with him. naruto tried to offer the position to sasuke, but he didn’t want anything to do with konoha, with the exception of his friends. but nar still listens to him and seeks his advice, plus an opinion of an outsider - that sasuke is at this point. so he essentially gets the job and the opportunity to actually change things but without all the public hassle involved. that’s like a win-win for his introverted soul.

- having sakura and shikamaru as co-hokages provides naruto another excuse to run off to sound every time he misses sasuke too much.

- kakashi gets to publish his unofficial icha icha continuation after he retires. bless him.

- yamato probably sleeps through another apocalypse again.

- kakashi makes him proofread his writing. what has he ever done to anyone to deserve THIS??? poor guy.

- i’m not exactly sure how it would work out, but i have this mental image stuck in my head: sai as an academy instructor?? wait let me explain. sai being That One Weird Teacher. the first day of the school, sai manages to impress the kids with his jutsu who immediately think he’s cool. but then the guy opens his mouth and the kids quickly figure out he’s kind of lame “but that’s okay, cos we’re gonna help sensei!” and just. sai with children. so helpless. but the kids adore him. that thought is too pure to throw it away without mentioning it at least once.

- we!! learn!! more!! about!! tenten!!

- concept: kurama waking up naruto with his singing in the middle of the night as a revenge for all those times naruto had a song stuck in his head. it soon escalates into a challenge. ah, children.

- i want gaara to adopt every orphan in suna. imagine 15 kids in the academy using the “but i’m the kazekage’s kid” as an excuse when they ‘forget’ to bring their homework. teaching sure is difficult in suna these days.

- hinata gets some development - neji’s death makes her determined to make her part of job during the cursed seal business and help naruto out, who gets to honor neji’s promise. no main/branch bullshit anymore.

- the thought of hiashi and naruto having this. weird cross-generational friendship makes me happy to wake up in the morning tbh.

i probably have some more that i forgot about, but yeah. that’s what i am thinking about at night instead of sleeping. what a good way to spend my time.

strawhatfamily  asked:

Regarding sasuke not showing up, could it also be something to do with guilt? Like he might feel awkward or guilty being surrounded by all of his former classmates after everything that happened. Either way, I'm happy to have seen his little smile lol

That would make sense too, but I think he mainly feels guilty towards the ones who were closer to him, his Team.. I don’t think he particularly cares for the rest of the Village (I mean, he wants to protect it, but he doesn’t feel attached to other characters in particular. He feels strongly for Konoha, since it’s his home and because of Itachi and Naruto’s influence, but I don’t think he particularly cares for every individual inhabitant).
And I think that his redemption journey is a step that follows the admission of guilt (”It’s a journey of atonement too” “you have nothing to do with my crimes”) so I feel like though he feels guilty, he doesn’t feel ashamed or awkward.
He’s taking a step forward, trying to get to know himself better, trying to understand the world from his new point of view.. Does it make sense? 

it’s cute isn’t it? :)

Senior!Chowder Headcannons that literally no one asked me for

So as the blog title might suggest, Chris Chow is very near and dear to my heart. And because of that, occasionally I’ll post headcannons and such here.

First up is what I’ve got for Chowder as a senior in college, because this kid ages well. Feel free to add on with your own thoughts!

  • So first of all, he’s captain his senior year. He’s an incredibly strong player and has a good relationship with the rest of the team that makes him a good leader
  • He also got Hot over the summer of his junior year
  • Like, the boy was good looking before but the combination of getting his braces off (making him look more his age), Lardo teaching him make up while they shared a bedroom (you Know he has those contours down), and him living up his Beach Aesthetic all summer he gets Hot
  •  By the time he’s a senior he’s got his Looks down and half the campus at Samwell is in love with him
  • He also grows his hair out a la this post
  • So now imagine with me for a moment, being a new tadpole
  • You’re still trying to process all the information that the guy showing you around the haus (Tango does haus tours now- he asked so many questions his first two years, he knows everything)
  • Then suddenly, down the stairs comes one Chris “Chowder” Chow
  • also known as one of the most ferocious goalies, if not the most ferocious player, in college hockey
  • Now, something important to remember, is that Chowder has probably chilled slightly from his first two, puppy like years of college
    • Most scientists can trace this to prolonged exposure to the haus
  • Back to this new tadople though
  • Chowder stands in front of the small group of tadpoles, gazes at them, pushes a hand through his hair, then smiles
  • “Hey there, I’m Chris. But the team calls me Chowder. It’s nice to see all of you. Tango has probably told you this already,” He pauses then, and gives Tango a small, brotherly shove. “But you’re free to come around here whenever.”
  • Chowder then walks past the group with the air of someone who knows that they have just made themselves look cool, and are commanding the attention of the entire room.
  • Chowder opens the door to the haus then, but he doesn’t walk out
  • Oh no
  • This boy has been around too many Dramatic people to let this angle Go
  • So, this boy, this boy right here, with the sun streaming in from outside, flips his hair out of his face in the most artful way you’ve ever seen, half turns to the group that has watched him walk to the door and, with the eyeliner he has on perfectly straight, and his most charming smile on, says
  • “And, if you ever need anything, feel free to come talk to me about it. We’ve always got each other’s backs on this team.”  Before walking out of
  • Because, no matter how cute, Chris “Chowder” Chow is still a sweetie at heart and is going to protect these taddies with his life

I have a lot of other Thoughts about this but for the sake of keeping this somewhat short I’ll leave it at that! Like I said, feel free to add on or shoot me an ask if you want to hear more!

Volume 4 Finale Thoughts

Ren is gonna be frozen with terror over that thing and not move as it makes to kill him and then JAUNE of all people is gonna jump between them, shield out and Semblance finally revealed to save his best friend’s life. 

Then Raven will swoop in because she may be a bitch but her brother and Summer’s daughter get one rescue too. Might as well save the rest too, while she’s at it. 

Then another Jaune and Ren hug - this time of the “I’m so glad you’re okay” variety - and it’s gonna be heart-meltingly cute, no one dies and everyone goes on their merry way to Mistral to meet with the rest of Team RWBY as well as Team SSSN and Winter.

Emphasis on NO ONE DIES, thank you very much.

Clipped Preview

He​ ​was​ ​going​ ​to​ ​die​ ​his​ ​fucking​ ​hubris​ ​and​ ​incompetence.​ ​He​ ​beat​ ​his​ ​wings​ ​frantically​ ​fear​ ​dictating​ ​his​ ​movements.​ ​“”Fuck​ ​God​ ​please​ ​don’t let​ ​me​ ​die.​ ​I​ ​need​ ​to​ ​see​ ​my​ ​family​ ​please​ ​“​ ​He​ ​didn’t​ ​care​ ​that​ ​his​ ​pleas​ ​were​ ​being​ ​broadcasted​ ​to​ ​the​ ​rest​ ​of​ ​his​ ​team.​ ​Shiro​ ​was​ ​above​ ​him streaking​ ​down​ ​as​ ​fast​ ​as​ ​he​ ​could​ ​but​ ​there​ ​was​ ​no​ ​way,​ ​no​ ​way​ ​he​ ​would​ ​make​ ​it​ ​in​ ​time.​ ​The​ ​cut​ ​off​ ​agonized​ ​scream​ ​left​ ​them​ ​silent.​ ​Above the​ ​thump​ ​of​ ​his​ ​body​ ​was​ ​loud​ ​enough​ ​wonder 

perfectpurls  asked:

WAIT A SECOND - Am I the only one that read that episode as secretly dating for a short amount of time before they went undercover and then the "truth in the forest" being letting the rest of the team know? Because that was ABSOLUTELY what I thought was happening.

If last weeks episode hadn’t existed i’d have considered it equally possible/even likely, but Eric’s momentarily horrified that Nell might be dating Nate facial expression when they were talking about seeing him professionally pretty much killed the secretly dating theory that was up in the air all season, for me personally at least. 

and since the idea of them getting together like a week before they show them together on screen would be a really weird writing choice (as in, seeing it on screen would pull in more viewers than not), i’m going for ‘they were basically together the whole time but they were both too chicken to kiss each other till the Adrenalin kicked in’ school of thought. 

but idk personally i’ve never wanted them to get together off screen, i wanted to witness it with my own eyes so i’m just gonna go with it. 

but really they’d reached what i call couple status in reaction to each other a long, long time ago. smol marrieds. 


Here’s JNPR Partner Palette Swaps for @servantproto! The second part of this, team RWBY, will come in a few days due to this weekend being a busy one for me.
Ren’s hair came out rather oddly (aka annoyed the crap out of me because I tried everything just short of outlining it myself) because it was going from black to a light color and the black had no real border color that stood out; I might re-do it sometime after I get all the requests done, but I’m pretty satisfied with the rest. Enjoy!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm hoping you might recognize a Voltron fic that I read a while back but didn't have the sense to bookmark. Basically, Lance is trans but he's keeping it from the rest of the team, which is kinda problematic for various reasons. And he ends up sneaking away from everyone when they're at a space mall so he can replace his binder/buy more comfortable clothing. Any ideas? It would be much appreciated. I think I read it during platonic week, if that narrows it down.

I know this one! it’s Supportive by ardett. Very sweet fic!


“The first time I joined a Wonder Trade event, I got an interesting Pokémon from Kalos called Goomy. He’s this purple, squishy-looking Pokémon that, to my surprise, is classified as a Dragon-type. Now, I’m a big fan of Dragon-types, but I found it hard to see Goomy as being of the same type as Salamence or Garchomp. But hey, if that’s how the Pokédex wants to classify him, then sure.

“A few weeks later, he evolved into a Sliggoo, and…I was still confused why it was classified as a Dragon-type. It looked more like a Water-type because of its shell…thing. But by then he’d grown on me a lot, and he became friends with the rest of my team very easily. Sure, he might’ve been one of the weaker members of the team because of his speed, but his Dragon Pulse sure packed a punch when he went up against Winona’s Pelipper!

“Shortly after that battle, we challenged this Ace Trainer in Route 120 who had an incredibly powerful Milotic. It managed to beat my Flygon and Shelgon without any effort, and even if it had the same advantage with the rain, my Seadra was no match for it. That left Sliggoo, and while I was pretty much ready to admit defeat, I was in for a real surprise when I called him out.

“He stood there, facing that Milotic with its dopey smile, and then faced me. He nodded to me as if saying, ‘Watch what I’ll do coz it’ll blow you away’. And it did, because he suddenly evolved into a Goodra. All my doubts of it not looking like a Dragon-type melted away, and in hindsight it was stupid of me to ever think so lowly of him. He took care of that Milotic like it didn’t pose a challenge at all, and he’s gonna take care of a whole lot of opponents to get me to the top of the League!”

Update #2: Focus on the Background

Hey folks, Dave here. In this update, I’m going to give you the lowdown on the battle backgrounds. A lot of people are curious about them, so the team and I figured we’d clue you all in. It’s a little mathy, so if you aren’t the type who finds formulas interesting, you might want to skip to the end. (But you could at least give the rest of the post a glance over!)

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Moral of "Fellowship of the Spear"

Y'all shouldn’t have been such dicks to Mick Rory.
Dear god, he’s been the most useful team member all season and the legends turn on him the one time he screwed up. Of course he went with the Legion after all that bs prior. And the only one of y'all who learned this moral seems to be Ray, so yay Ray and the rest should go sit in a corner and think about what idiots you are.

"I bought a plant."

This is Parker thinking maybe, just maybe, she may have found a place. This is a girl who can get into anywhere but fits in nowhere thinking there might be something here worth staying for. She doesn’t really know these people, doesn’t trust them yet, but she can’t shake the feeling that with these almost-strangers with all their jagged edges she may have found the one thing she always wanted but could never steal: a place to belong.

She doesn’t want to jinx it. She spent an entire childhood being told that she doesn’t fit in, that she’s too strange and destructive and damaged to belong anywhere. But they called her, they asked her to come, and when she did she found that there was already a space prepared for her, just waiting for her claim, waiting for her to mark it as hers. Waiting for any indication that she might stay.

So she buys a plant. She doesn’t really know what it does, but she does know what it means. It means I’m here, it means I’m staying, it means I want this place to be mine.


i’m trying to make these into pin-on charms instead of regular charms ‘cuz they’re quite big in size anyway! the bigger pin-ons will be the karasuno team and teikou team..the rest are couples (: will post photos of the actual merch after i collect ‘em around mid-August~ just a try-out, but if they do well i might consider doing more group charms! 

Okay—I know we dove headfirst into the ‘Eowells/Harribard/Wellsobard Returns’ theory with the sort of enthusiasm I love to see, and I am so totally down for it, but I think it’s also important to discuss the ramifications of Wellsobard’s return. Because, let’s face it, whatever master plan he might hatch (which will probably always include returning home), he still wants his revenge against Barry, and this seething hatred might very well branch off onto the rest of Team Flash, since, even if he’s just a time remnant, it’s not going to take him very long to figure out what happened at the end of season one. He was fairly clear in the finale about killing everyone in the Cortex once he was through with Barry, so I’m just assuming he’s still going to want to take his rage out on anyone Barry ever cared about.

Anyhow, that’s probably a no-brainer—so why exactly am I bringing this up?

Because I was watching Flash Back again tonight and it just reminded me that Barry’s little sojourn into the past ended up rewriting Hartley’s entire history with the team. Since the big change, he’s evidently now a member of Team Flash (even if it’s only unofficial), he’s become friends with Barry (to some degree), and he knows all about “Evil Wells” (if Caitlin’s comment is anything to go by). So, given the fact that not only is he a powerful ally of Barry’s now, but that he also has a long standing history with Wellsobard, do you think there’s a good chance we’ll see him in more than one episode next season?

I mean, I’m probably being stupidly optimistic here (because we don’t actually know Eobard is going to be the big bad for season 3, as badly as I wish that was true; also, I realize this might result in there being ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’ as far as super smart sciency people go), but ever since I caught a glimpse of the original pilot script, I’ve wanted to see more of Hartley interacting with the rest of Team Flash. Also, I think we all deserve to find out what happened between now and The Sound and the Fury that changed Hartley’s life so drastically…

*sighs wistfully*

Who’s with me?

anonymous asked:

Do you think if Emma starts her own Dark X men team, that the Cukoos will join her? I could see a team of Emma, Monet, a reluctant Alex, the cukoos, Daken, Mystique.

Very cool!

Definitely not Mystique in that she is going to be a member of the new Astonishing X-Men team (or is she a double agents?).  I really like the rest of your ideas for a Dark X-Men.

I’m one of those fans who is rather bummed that Emma Frost has been turned into a villain, but in that it’s happened, it definitely loans itself to her putting together a cool new team and a Dark X-Men or Brotherhood of Mutants squad could be very neat… might even warrant its own ongoing series.   Which would be especially cool if the Dark X-Mens continued run-ins with Ennilux was a story featured in such a series.  

I’m not sure if the Cuckoos would be willing to join Emma; they have been individuating a lot from her as of late.  But Daken is a must; and I like the idea of adding Havok and Monet.  

Who else would any of you all like top see join Emma’s Dark X-Men squad?


Imagine telling the Avengers who your brother is - requested by officialaskells

You had been sitting around the table in one of the conference rooms at the Avengers Tower with the rest of your team around you. Your eyebrows were pulled together and you were chewing on your lip. “We need help on this one,” Tony was saying. “I don’t think we can do this alone.” Was this the right time to finally tell them? You had known, when you first joined them last year, that you couldn’t keep this from them forever. 

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Which KND character you should fight (WIP)
  • Numbuh 1 : you can always try but there's no guarantee you'll win. He was chosen by the GKND for a reason. And if you do win the rest of his team will come kick your ass once they've recovered from their initial shock.
  • Numbuh 2 : make sure he cannot access or build any 2x4 tech, THEN fight him.
  • Numbuh 3 : best case scenario, she will evade every single one of your attacks by skipping around and you'll get tired long before you can actually land a punch. Worst case scenario, you managed to make her angry. May whatever god(s) you might believe in have mercy on your poor unfortunate soul.
  • Numbuh 4 : this ten-years-old boy once single-handedly threw a couch out of a window. Do not fight Numbuh 4.
  • Numbuh 5 : one of the most competent operatives out there. If you were to fight her, my money would be on Numbuh 5.
  • Sector V as a whole : don't. You'll just get your butt kicked real good.
  • Monty Uno : why would you do this
  • DCFDTL : sure, you can fight them. Just make it quick so they don't have time to summon one of their giant robots. You can win this one.
  • Father : you'll need fireproof equipment, something cold (such as ice, ice cream, cold water, etc.) in great quantity, and some fire extinguishers. Got all that? Go ahead, I guess. You don't have any of these things? Run.
  • Grandfather : dropping the ENTIRE FUCKING MOONBASE on him didn't do anything to him. Don't even think about it.
  • Cree : I don't know about you but /I/ certainly wouldn't want to fight someone who LITERALLY turned Sector V's huge-ass treehouse upside-down.
  • Toilenator : yeah, go ahead. Sure there have been a few times where he's proven to be stronger than he usually appears, but these moments never happen at the right time. Fight him, it should be easy.
  • Count Spankulot : on one hand, he'll only spank you if he thinks you did something bad ; on the other hand attacking him unprovoked certainly would count as something deserving of his punishment. You'd better leave him alone.

I for one am enjoying the path that the series is taking after Steven’s Knife…But can the crystal gems really condone steven’s behavior? 

And for how long. Steven and his knife make a great team, but I feel like the gems might think they can help him better…

I wonder if the upcoming season finale will explore these themes. It will definitely set the tone for the rest of the series.