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Pretty Wings

Pairing: None
Genre: angst (I guess?)
Word count: 2,059
Warnings: implied themes (not sexual)
Notes: I wrote this a while ago, but ended up not posting it. At the time I wrote this I was pretty… upset. Tbh I wasn’t planning on posting this, but I figured I should anyway since I did take the time to write it. Btw the warning is mainly because… well, shit might get a bit depressing in this. I’m a terrible writer though, so it might not really be much. Also, I wrote this as “optional bias” even though it’s very obvious who this is about. I don’t know why I write it like that, but… welp.

Perched on the roof’s ledge, he stares out at the city below him, listening to the quiet hum of traffic. He sits unfazed by the passing of time, not knowing how long he’s sat there for. Taking his eyes off the cars below, he glances at the entrance leading to the roof. He wonders if anyone has been looking for him, knowing that he’s most likely been missing for hours now. After the ceremony, he made quick work of bidding congratulations and goodbyes before managing to slip away. He wouldn’t have been able to bear sticking around for long, to receive those pitying looks and sympathetic words. The last thing he wanted was to hear about how “unfair” things ended, or how he “should have made it.”

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