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This is another gifset I owed past!Me, although to be honest in the intervening 2 years I probably have found a gifset of it and defaced it with comments because I know me.

Here’s my notes from the last meta rewatch:

The reverend asks everyone to pray and Sam bows his head right away and Dean sits there facing forward and needs a nudge from Sam to bow his head as well. At this point in canon it just looks like him being unaware or just kind of… casually not inclined to pray, but… Argh, this is a wonderful 1 second introduction to Sam and Dean vs faith. They get asked to pray and Sam just does it unquestioningly without even really knowing anything about the guy they’re praying for. And we know this is foreshadowing for Dean’s ongoing issues with the whole thing.
(Also my shipper heart is sobbing because of just how ingrained not-praying was in Dean’s mentality before Cas. UGH)
100 points for blink and you miss it characterisation that holds true for the entire extended emotional arcs of these characters. Bravo.

We’re still only really halfway to Faith, which sets out this whole thing plain on the page, but I love the staging of this. That Sam is the one who at the very least with no context you could assume gets the social nuance of what you’re supposed to do here (and the previous episode was Skin, where we found out for the first time in plain words that Dean feels like a “freak” specifically to regular society and whether Sam fits this bracket too or not he can at least pretend and pass for ~normal~)…

I like as well that you could assume if you were going into this blind that Dean as the apparently more loyal connected-to-the-family-business son (in the words the show likes to use about them ignoring deeper fandom analysis) in a job where they have already been shown utilising religious exorcisms and holy water to fight a demon, Dean might also be the more religious (which might also be more surprising reversal of expectations because he plays bad but Sam seems the goody two shoes and there is that association)… But nope. 4x05 confirms Sam is Van Helsing :P (I have no idea why my brain jumped there. Favourite episode skewing my thought process >.>) Guess he was the one who did the exorcism in 1x04 as well, but Dean was annoyed Sam didn’t think he knew “Christo”, like, duh of course he studied this sort of thing. Anyway, turns out Dean is just a hunter who utilises all the tools, but doesn’t hold any stock in the power behind them.

And Sam telling Dean what to do here, and early example of him policing Dean to behave more politely. Maybe not to blow their cover, but maybe just because Sam thinks you should be respectful even when it’s a grabby jock who they know saw Lori as a conquest and wasn’t exactly sweetly in love with her - I think they could guess how things were going/would have gone between a frat boy and preacher’s daughter exactly as they did in the cold open :P Depending what types of make out spot murder lore they already know about, the idea of punishment might already be on their minds at least low key…

But yeah, my favourite thing about this layered moment is just the Destiel thing, okay? I’m predictable :P Dean’s issues with faith getting their first nod on the screen here showing so so early on that Dean doesn’t particularly like praying. Then Faith cracks it all open and sets up emotional threads which echo all the way through the show. That and Houses of the Holy work together to basically create the entire Destiel framework in a way (and it’s because of 2x13 I’ve been using “angels are watching over you” for my Mary & TFW interactions tag all year).

There’s a sort of semi-conspiracy thought (I’ve never seen a source for it but ~everyone knows~ that Dean’s original love interest was meant to be an angel or whatever (I don’t believe this)) but definitely from the very very start and certainly long before their faiths were actually tested by real angels showing up, Dean had a relationship with the divine directly setting him up with the irony of it being real, while for Sam it would be the irony that it would be cruel to him. And the building blocks are all in place by season 4, easily, for Sam to have his thing with Ruby and Dean to basically have Cas as his equivalent character, their respective mentors for Heaven and Hell, through the season. I think they were pretty much always meant to come down on these sides if the show ever made it to Heaven vs Hell escalation, even if it was something a bit easier to grapple with in a version of the show that never brought in angels. Dean’s reluctance and lack of faith are integral to the irony that makes Cas such an immensely fascinating character to introduce *for* Dean and then to be strongly associated with him through the rest of the show, whether you ship them or not.

(And since I do ship them, welp, for me this is literally, 7 episodes in, where I start counting what will retroactively be excellent Destiel subtext and the beginning of any portrayal of their onscreen relationship. Because they are SO much more than 2 dudes staring at each other.)

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Yeah, i'm trying not to speculate too much either, but I agree, I feel pretty certain that the Cas that healed Dean and later died was definitely our Cas. I think the differences in him people are pointing out are due to the ways the nephilim is subtly controlling him as you said. AU cas seems to be a very popular theory, but I just don't get it. Also, i don't know how AU Cas could manage to look like exactly like our Cas when Bobby said the AU angels are very different.

Hi! Yeah, the not wanting to speculate part makes this something I don’t want to particularly talk about because it’s almost all dead ends where we run into speculation. 

What I saw was in 12x19 a very competently executed episode with callbacks and symbolism and framing to suggest Cas was moderately-to-severe fucked up by the nephilim but with the end scene, in a very ambiguous way about his concern to the Winchesters or sense of free will being impacted - just that he had a new “right” to follow. In 12x23 he’s basically Cas except he’s having key Destiel conversations with Kelly (using “of course” to her is SUCH a tell I feel like I should get one of the compilation gifsets of it and slap a gif of that at the bottom :P) and saying he would die for the nephilim but also raise her son - totally contradictory but he was explaining his deepest heart and motivations at that point. THOSE were changed, Cas himself was not any different than a regular tuesday in how he felt and acted and treated Kelly and his duty, and then when Sam and Dean showed up, how he treated them. 

He WAS defensive of Jack to the point of knowing the rift was made by him, that Sam and Dean would flip and treat it as a bad thing. Objectively, “this baby tears holes in reality” is a horrifying statement, but Cas calmly says that of course Jack will close it and he has faith. They don’t and Crowley dies to close it, and Jack is never tested on if he would have done it or not despite what Cas thought. I suspect if this is his main horrifying new power we’ll get it tested again and find out how Jack feels about doing it but since I hate speculating, whether I think he’ll do that for good or bad is totally up in the air to me and I genuinely don’t have a stake in it because any which way will tell an interesting story and serve his purpose in the narrative on what they choose to do with it.

Cas also then could act normally and fight with Sam and Dean to protect Jack when Lucifer showed up at the front door, but I think when he charged into the rift, it was at that point purely to spite Lucifer (see also: endless Cas n Crowley parallels) and to see what was going on as Sam and Dean still hadn’t returned from the rift and it was still open and he had full freedom to be worried about them, so I don’t think he did that for Jack, the more I think about it, although if he WAS being controlled, a rage to kill his father would be thematically fascinating and I feel Jack did reject Lucifer in 12x19 already.

I also think Cas could in no way have been replaced the first time he went in the rift as we saw enough to him meeting Bobby and that was all Cas, and no way in HELL Bobby would let AU Castiel come near them (and he would not look like our Cas) and Bobby only didn’t shoot Cas immediately because he looked so harmlessly dorky. I get that him coming out the portal unharmed seemed suspicious at first but once we knew all the details and that Cas had been under Bobby’s watch the entire time I can’t see ANY room for AU Castiel to swoop in and take him, because Cas’s first trip in Bobby was there the whole time, and the second time in, Lucifer was a much bigger problem, and as I said I think he made Cas leave the portal because Lucifer urgently wanted to NOT be stuck in the AU and it was more fun to kill Cas in front of his friends. I think that was probably Cas’s angel blade and he walked Cas back to the portal, shoved him through, and then killed him. So again, total character continuity for Cas, and there’s no room for it to be anything else, and no implication in the story that put a MASSIVE neon sign on rat Crowley to swap Cas out.

They also showed a flashback of Cas filling with the power when he was talking to Kelly earlier in the episode, about Paradise, and spouting all these lines that go right back to season 5 and what Dean got told over and over about what the angels wanted and how they’d make paradise on earth, which goes hand in hand with the neon sign that Cas having faith is a bad thing because it confirms Jack’s vision of the future is equally as bad as the one Cas fought in season 5, and what he lost his original faith over, so even while showing Cas fully in control of his actions and feelings, his motivation and purpose were clearly derailed and we were shown Cas being overtaken with that power before he said all that so… I feel like it was a visual demonstration of the power going into him and Cas’s heart being borrowed to protect Jack’s paradise.

These are all things I see in the events that actually happened this season, and as I’ve been talking to Mittens today about not caring about speculating, I’m genuinely 100% content, Destiel went canon in that last shot of them together, I have nothing to ask, I’m sitting back and letting whatever happens in season 13 happen, and for me trying to outguess the plot is no fun. As a meta writer I’ve always most enjoyed playing with established canon and thinking deeper into what we already have to expose the truths and feelings underneath it, rather than treating it as a puzzle to explain what’s happening next - in that respect we have like 3 puzzle pieces from 2 different games, while with the whole canon we have a 8mil piece puzzle and every one of us analysing the show is only ever going to manage to put together a few thousand pieces in some random corner of it, and a few patches here and there elsewhere :P But at least I can build a hell of a lot more of the puzzle than I could trying to speculate because if I get one piece wrong, I’m attempting to build an entire puzzle connected to the wrong thing, and the next thing that happens in the show might take the one bit I was sure of and unhook it from the entire seemingly finished picture I tacked onto it without realising I had the wrong bit of sky from another puzzle :P 

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I loved 10.22, but I was confused by the diner scene. Do you think there was a point to the cook’s speech? “You can get a job anywhere if you can fry a decent burger” (or whatever that line was) is kind of making me (probably unrealistically) hope for, once he’s cured, Dean to run off to some beach town and work in a beach-front diner for a while. We know he can fry up a good burger, after all. *wishes really really hard for a beach episode*

You know me, I’ve been demanding a beach episode for months, nay, years, so if there is any possible way to interpret a scene as foreshadowing for a beach episode, I was already there before I even watched it. :P

No but seriously, Dean does have both a general connection to burgers (round about this time last year he and Crowley had a very significant subplot to do with burgers so Crowley is included in that too which makes the link that much clearer :P) and season 8 established Dean not only as Guy Who Eats Burgers, but also as Guy Who Makes Burgers. Then we have Crowley drinking black coffee (more common than tea without milk but still more casually American than you’d expect of Crowley and we’ve heard Dean request his coffee black several times - including in the Extremely Plot Significant Burger scene in 9x23) and eating pie, so basically the whole scene is filled with Dean-related food references. This episode even had other examples of representing Dean just through stuff related to him - the box of all his stuff dragged out of his room, so the fact Dean can be represented through Dean Stuff is clearer even than normal in this highly symbolic show. Therefore this scene is About Dean somehow.

A few people also pointed out how it was basically a colour-shifted version of the diner where Cas n Metatron had their little chat, and the cupid was sitting at the bar: it has the same stars on the wall and even similar-ish geometric patterns, kinda (is it just me or do both diner’s wall-shapes have something vaguely coffin-shaped about them?)

Especially if you mix the two together. :P

Anyways for Cas that scene was Metatron challenging him about being human and generally trying to get a rise out of Cas (which he did, about Dean :P). In that scene it was revealed the Cupid was after them and was planning them harm - at the end of this scene we have Sam’s trap for Crowley come through, but he also leaves the scene without knowing he’s about to be attacked, after we see that he’s in trouble here (well, debatable, actually - this scene follows on from Dean being arrested, and being reminded he gets a phonecall, so if you’re playing along, you can easily assume Crowley was Dean’s phonecall - again as per 9x23 when he got locked up by Cas n Sam and didn’t have anyone else to turn to, he summoned Crowley and has a pattern of calling Crowley anyways). 

If the 10x18 conversation was about who Cas was meant to be or what he wanted, here we have Crowley being challenged that silently, with his big slice of Dean pie, drinking his Dean coffee, talking to a guy frying Dean burgers… Crowley is going to fall into the trap of going to help Dean yet again (and perhaps it’s the fact it worked as a trap which gets him more than that Sam did the trapping - in 10x14 he was given a very upfront demonstration of how they’d use him for help and how falling for Dean asking for help was a dumb idea, and yet it didn’t stick since this trap worked on him this episode…) and it’s this which flips him back to “default” settings. In the same way in 10x18 Cas was put back to about as “default” as we’ll get him for now… Metatron talked about him and Cas being a lot alike, having both been human and both attempting to be God, but Crowley is also an almost-member of that club, having been nearly human, and with his King of Hell position loosely equivalent to an extremely un-exalted God (I swear demons only seem to call him “King” sarcastically :P) and he’s also… heh… at a cross-roads.

In this scene I was so startled to see him actually doing his job I almost didn’t credit him for doing it at first and thought he was moping or up to something strange (tbh he may still have been moping until he spotted a business opportunity), but then recently his job has been just running Hell, which he seems extremely bored by, and he seems to miss the old crossroads deals days. This is almost nostalgic for Crowley - a little reminder of how he used to do things, but away from the running Hell side of stuff, more just a reminder of how he used to just offer up a simple deal, get a kiss and a soul for his troubles, and be on his way (compared to the utter trainwreck of trying to claim Dean for Hell). (Side note: Trial and Error was the burger episode, right? And also has some great off-screen Crowley stuff about how he historically operated. :O *tinhats Drowley foreshadowing right back to season 1*) I think this was the first flicker of a warning we might get Crowley back at the end of the episode, because it took him out of the environment he’s been stagnating in and showed him moving on.

The cook (I think his name badge says “Seth” but I only have blurry streams to squint at :P) talks enough to establish himself as a decent guy who travels - ostensibly alone - and wants to travel more. His connection to Dean via being “Cooks Burgers Guy” gives us another suggestion of foreshadowing Dean going off on his own: we know Dean has skills and even dreams now which extend outside of Sam, and include going places and doing things for himself. Seth is this really well balanced cheerful guy who knows what he wants out of the world, and probably how to get there, at least within a reasonable range. Asia is a little out of his reach; the dream he’d like, but the question of if he’d sell his soul to go out there is muddy. I kind of like the idea he might have heard Crowley out and then turned him down kindly, since he has already managed to get to Ecuador on his own steam, so I’d guess he feels he could muster up a trip to Asia if he really wanted to - or at least, he understands his own worth very well and knows he has to work hard to go places and earn his place in the world, wherever that is. I find it hard to see a guy like this making a demon deal, when we normally see people desperate, greedy or both making these deals (I think in the original Crossroads episode Sam or Dean was like “well they asked for it, let them get eaten by Hellhounds” and the guy they ended up trying to save was one who’d made a deal to cure his sick wife, not one of the people who made a greedy deal).

Basically, he’s out of Crowley’s league. :P

The actual DANGER to Seth in that scene almost came across just because he and Crowley were sort of having a moment: the “dreams come true” thing seems a lot like a pick up line with no real context (i.e. Seth knowing he’s the King of Hell and means it literally) and with Crowley it’s 100% guaranteed to be innuendo anyway even if he does mean it literally. I’ve seen a few gifsets of them already with the comment “lol I ship it” so they had some sort of discernible chemistry the average shipping-inclined blogger would notice. Plus, deals = kisses. It’s down to the discerning salesman to find his pitch, and in this case it seems a bit more upfront that there’s a seduction element to the deal.

But then right as Crowley is (metaphorically or not) trying to pick up this new guy to make a deal with (yeah, he’s not going to turn him into a Knight of Hell or anything but the basic premise is what happened to Dean in season 9 anywho :P The callback to 9x23 with the burgers and Crowley is in the background of this after all and up until 10x01 we had no idea if this would turn out to be Crowley’s most successful gamble or not) “Not Moose” comes a-calling, asking for help and cockblocking Crowley’s new deal/fling. Like, Crowley can’t move on with his new direction or emotional recovery or whatever you want to assume he was up to here, because as soon as he starts trying to put the moves on another guy, the memory of Dean (literally a recording of his voice) is back to get in the way, and Crowley shoots one more look at Seth while debating if he should go help Dean or not, but in the end decides to go.

Basically what I’m saying is if Sam had waited 10 more minutes for Crowley to work his magic with Seth he might have been in a better mood once it all turned out to be an elaborate trap based entirely on his sympathy for Dean, which this scene was soaked in.