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I used to dance ballett for 6 years as a kid and always wanted to do breakdancing or hip hop after and now that I saw this AU I really REALLY want to start dancing hip hop and do a video in sans cosplay and just so u know I might start dancing again because of this AU (bye and have a nice day!)

Hey, that’s great!! It really touches my heart to know that this AU’s inspired you in some way. Show the world what you’ve got! Have a wonderful day, and year, full of dancing ( :

Step Bro... Fuck Buddy...or Love?

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For the ones who haven’t read previous chapters yet … Just click the links below

Part 1

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Genre: Smut ( NSFW ) ( Not in this chapter but I ll make up to it with next chapter so don’t hate me) 

Members: JungKook & Jimin & Reader

Word Count : 1483

JungKook’s POV

I know the truth is all different… She is with Jimin and that drives me insane.

Without thinking I am calling her again… For the hundredth time maybe… She doesn’t pick up. The night is restless for me as I cannot stop thinking of what might happen between them. Why do I feel like this? I was the one that told her to keep it just sexual and a secret… Thats how I started this but now why do I feel like this?

I call her again and somehow she picks up. Well at least I think its her but I’m wrong.


It is Jimin. I try to keep calm as I ask for Kitten.

“Uhh… Dude… By the number of your calls I can see that you are the one who got her upset”

Like I need to know that. I roll my eyes.

“I have to talk to her”

Jimin’s voice changes

“We are tired and she is sleeping now. Look I don’t know what happened between you two but she is not acting her usualself… “

We… Did he say… We ? I can no longer listen to him. She slept with Jimin. She let someone else to touch her, to feel her.

I simply hang up as I cannot stand to hear anymore.

It is obvious that I should let her go on the other hand I cannot help thinking about it.

Did she moan his name like she did mine? Did she look at him in the same way? Did she let him to take full control over her body?

The most painful question is did he make her feel the same way or better?

This cannot go on like this… I need to face her. By a few calls I learn where Jimin lives. It is far from here but I do not care. I grab my jacket and already on my way.

572… There it is… The green building which looks old but in good condition. I climb the ladder quickly and ring the bell but they are not home. While I am thinking of what to do they show up.

She is smiling as she has some ice cream in her hand. The thing that she is wearing… Probably one of Jimin’s cardigans. Jimin tugs her hair behind ear. They look like a couple and it is painful to watch. I uncomfortably take a step right then they notice me.

Kitten freezes, stops walking and directly looks into my eyes. Her eyes… They are so deep that I can see love, anger, pain together

“JungKook what are you doing here?”

Jimin rolls eyes as he hysterically laughs


I shoot a glare at him as I grab her by the arm.

“We need to talk Kitten”

She protests and refuses to walk with me.

“Do not call me Kitten”

Jimin interferes as he yanks her other arm and his voice is protective.

“Let go of her”


Just as I wake up I see Jimin watching me with a smile on his face.

“Morning babygirl”

I strecth as my body is aching a little because of our little action last night. It frustrating that I still wonder what JungKook is doing.

Is he with that girl now? Maybe he brought her home…He didn’t even care that I saw them. Just as I am about to get lost in my thoughts Jimin asks

“Thinking about someone?”

I deny, shaking my head but Jimin does not buy it at all.

“Tchh… Look at this baby who thinks that she can fool me… That someone you have been thinking about actually called”

As I am in utter schock I literally scream.

“What ! Dont tell me that you talked to him”

Jimin smiles, caressing my cheek.

“I did because he called a thousand times and the vibration of the phone drove me insane. Wanna talk about what happened with JungKook ? Thats his name right? ”

I have no idea if I should. All the things I am going through is too much but it is also too awkward to talk about.

“Jimin after last night I don’t think it is a good idea… I know I used to tell you about everything but…I do not want to talk about him right now””

Then Jimin does not give me a chance to say anything more.

“Ok… No question about that bastard… Let’s go out and eat something, shall we?”

I refuse but he does not give up. He pats me on the head

“I will buy you ice cream too but only if you eat something for breakfast”

My eyes are narrowed.

“Jimin… I am not a five year old kid”

He giggles as he nuzzles my hair.

“No baby you are definetly not… You are hot”

I slap his arm before he goes to look for my dress.

I wouldn’t feel shy with JungKook if it were him. I shake my head as Jimin is back with my dress. I tell him to turn around even though I know it is stupid. Jimin does not object and waits as I get dressed.  

We go out to decide what to eat. We both agree on pancakes after a long round of rock,paper, scissors. The place is small but clean. We sit over the small table and our hot delicious pancakes are well served. After I feel full I give the last one to Jimin whom happily accepts. On our way back home he stops to buy ice cream.

“Hey you don’t need to do that”

Jimin smiles as he hands met he ice cream.

“I promised right?”

We walk back to home as he is telling me some really embaressing memories of his.

There he is… JungKook is right in front of me. Having no idea why he came all the way I ask.

“JungKook what are you doing here?”

Still standing next to me Jimin gives out a crazy laugh


I lightly elbow him to make him stop. JungKook’s glare is so obvious as he literally shoot fires from his eyes. However he grabs me by the arm

“We need to talk Kitten”

Kitten? He still calls me like that? After doing such a thing with Han Ra? I pull my arm back.

“Do not call me Kitten”

Right then Jimin interferes as he yanks my other arm.

“Let go of her”

JungKook looks me in the eye.

“I have done it all to forget about you but I can’t let you go”

Those words make me stop. I look into his eyes and see how pure they are. I know JungKook well enough to understand when he talks through his heart.

Jimin grabs my arm again.

“Do not listen to him”

But I stop him and JungKook goes on.

“Hit me, slap me in the face… Do whatever you want because I deserved it. While watching you get ready for the party I was dying inside… Then I heard you were going with him. I wanted to stop you but how could I… You are not my girlfriend Kitten… We shouldn’t be together… Thats what I convinced myself so I have done the easiest thing… Drunk till I couldn’t feel anything at all. When I was with her I was still thinking of you… I didn’t know it until then but I… I love you Kitten… Even if you hate me …”

However I spent so much time with JungKook it is first time that I see him this way. Before I realize tears begin to flow from my cheeks.

“Seeing you like that… Touching her… Like you did to me… It felt like I was nothing.”

JungKook holds me in his arms and I hit his chest till I get tired. Right then his lips find mine and I give in.  As JungKook breaks the kiss I sigh

“This is still imposibble… You know”

JungKook shakes his head

“I don’t give a fuck if they are getting married… “

Jimin who keps quiet until then speaks up.

“Wait… Getting married… Who? Your parents? I mean you two…”

I silently nod to confirm as Jimin pulls me to his side.

“Are you effin serious ?! You were sleeping with a guy who is going be your step brother”

I almost beg him.

“Please Jimin… Don’t judge me… I mean…”

Jimin reassuringly puts his hand over my cheek.

“I won’t… But don’t tell me that you are in love with that asshole who has the guts to sleep with some other girl…”

I press my lips together and take a look at JungKook who is watching me. Am I in love with him… My heart knows that I am but my mind screams that it won’t go anywhere… And I know my answer is going to change everything.

Would Jimin be on my side if I tell him that I love JungKook?

What is going to happen if I choose JungKook?

My head gets all blurry with thoughts as I answer…

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Morning messy thoughts about starting a sport team


Let’s play Exy for real, people.

I might just stand and watch though, because I doubt I will ever find enough people in France to do that. For now.
We’ll talk about it again when The Foxhole Court will have sold more copies than Harry Potter and after the release of the first movie.

And that day, I’ll be ready. Oh yes. I already have a list of 3 different courts which could do, plus some old ice-hockey equipment my brother kept somewhere in the garage.

While waiting I’ll start medical studies, so if I’m too old when Exy finally comes to France, I could still be Abby.

I’m confident about this project.

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Can you do a reaction where their gf is in a band and she plays the guitar, but she cuts her hand on the string and can't play until it's healed? She's super stubborn and he catches her trying to play in secret, but she accidentally makes it worse and starts crying because she can't go a day without making music?>.<

Here ya go ~ sorry for the wait !

Jin : “if you play now, you might not be able to play ever again babe, you gotta be careful” is only worried and tries to reason

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Yoongi : “do what I do, sleep a lot and maybe think of playing the guitar” clumsily tries to help

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Hoseok : tries to cheer you up “don’t cry please. Once you’re healed you’ll be able to play even better than before !”

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Namjoon : “I knew you’d do that bae” hugs you and talks you throgh it

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Jimin : comforts her and then jokes a bit “if you continue I’m gonna have to confiscate the guitar”

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Taehyung : “slease stop crying, look what I bought !” 

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Jungkook : “I’m gonna play the guitar for you and you’re gonna rest your hand and enjiy !”

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been very self-conscious about posting selfies lately, especially after a workout. it’s partly due to my skin.
I wanna break that pattern NOW tho - so hi!

¾ workouts done this week! did some jogging, ab exercises and jumped rope today. I’m already noticing significant progress from when I started more seriously (again) 3-4 weeks ago. I can now do 1 minute of plank with 10kg weight, which might not sound impressive but truly is progress to me. I also notice I’m more persevering (right word??) when it comes to cardio. However, I keep getting pains on the right side of my chest (sometimes left) and it’s not the side stitches I am used to. Also, breathing in gets really difficult to the point where I get incredibly dizzy. Now, I have asthma, but I feel like it’s different from what I’m used to, so a bit unsure what I should do about that.

Anyway! I hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday! 💖

Trying to finish some more illustrative pieces and getting life stuff in order. Sorry for the slow updates. I figure I might as well start posting WIP shots here since I’ve been focusing on larger art projects that take more time?

Anyways, I’m working on a Neko Atsume and Bloodborne print right now. Also trying to work on my original comic again on the side. Also applying for more  jobs… also trapped doing freelance stuff. Also finishing my last stretch of college. Please give me a vacation.

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This might be really stupid, but I wasn't quite sure who to vent to lol. Anyway a few years ago I met this guy, and I started crushing right away only to find out that he had a girlfriend, I was basically lead on. This happened again a year ago, and now he's talking to me again and apparently he likes me and he seems genuine about it, but I don't know if I should trust him. What do I do?.-.

If he likes you then make him earn your trust👌🏼

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So... Funny story... A few years ago I came out to my friends and parents as bi. They were pretty accepting, but now I'm really confused about it and don't know what to do. Should I tell my friends that I don't know what I am? I sort of became "the bi friend" (sorry for the long ass ask)

This a real krefuffle that can happen when you come out to people, especially people who don’t understand that sexuality can be fluid and changing and uncertain. I suggest that instead of ‘coming out’ again as questioning, you sort of ease into it. Start talking less about bisexuality and mention more often that you might not be so sure about it, but do it gradually.

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Mom, I know this isn't really your issue, but I had to get it off my chest. My alopecia has started acting up again and I've now lost a big chunk of hair from the side of my head. Every time I pull my hair up in a pony tail I see it and it makes me feel really dysphoric. :(

I’m so sorry hun. Has any research been done into how it and hrt interact? I know hrt stops the natural balding, so I wonder if there’s anything hrt might do for it. Are you receiving treatment for it? Minoxidil might help if you don’t have any perscribed steroids to help it. (though do a little research, don’t just take my word for it)

Just remember, long hair, short hair, or no hair, it doesn’t change who you are.


I made a Wattpad.

That’s where I’m gonna throw my original fiction when I start doing that again. Nothing’s up yet, but if you have an account (or even if you don’t) and you’re thinking “hey Homeo’s original fiction might be cool to check out someday”, that’s where you’ll want to be. Follow that, bookmark it, or don’t - do what you want.


i want to quit school for a year to rest and take care of my health
it’s the beginning of the third week of school and i’ve already taken 2 sick days
i’m constantly behind in work because i can’t do anything
today my mom waited outside while i was taking a shower just in case,
i feel very ashamed right now, though this isn’t the first time it’s happened

i’m walking around my house, well floating, i don’t feel like i’m walking
and i don’t recognize this place. it looks so odd. like i haven’t been here in years. i’m walking around and nothing feels familiar but i know this place. and i know these people. i recognize my family but at the same time i don’t really know who they are. they feel like strangers

i’m going to stop i’m having trouble typing this

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so, for the selfie thing, I'd like to know which HBO war guy I look like :D the tag is simply "selfie"

What HBO War guy do you remind me of?

Hmm… Joe Liebgott for sure, but also Skip Muck! And I’m going to mention Reneé Lemaire, because you kinda remind me of her as well, even though she’s not a HBO War guy :)

Update 01/16
  • I feel the need to document something again - I’ve been neglecting this blog severely and want to get back to writing down my thoughts and capturing small parts of my day. So here’s an update for myself and whoever might be reading about what I’ve been doing
  • Uni. I realized that I actually have two degrees I love, as ironically since starting literature my interest in medicine has grown quite a bit, as has my appreciation for a job that’s so fundamentally useful and secure. And with that as a base exploring literature feels even more rewarding.
  • Planning. I’m 21 now and I’m going to be a doctor in 2018! Surreal. Next fall I’ll take a major exam, almost the last one, and then start my practical year working at the hospital. I’m applying for Psychiatry as my elective subject in Zurich which would be amazing! After that I want to do my MD thesis and finish my literature degree. Sounds like a plan.
  • Yoga. I’ve been teaching a bit but definitely neglected my personal practice. I think this has a lot to do with being disappointed in a specific teacher, as well as getting hung up on having to do Ashtanga and a full practice every day etc. I’m really getting back into it now with the help of wonderful Kathryn Budig who reminds me that Yoga is there for me and not the other way around, and that it is supposed to be fun most of the time.
  • Personal things. I’ve been learning Polish, my mother’s language, and I love it. I got accepted for a one moth hospital internship in Poland in August, I just don’t know which city yet! And I booked a holiday in Tenerife with my boyfriend for March which I am looking forward to so much.
  • So - generally I want to be more organized, take better care of myself and my health in 2016 and will use this space to document :)

Info about my current money stress: About a year ago our roommate bailed on adam and I and we had to scrape together money to pay extra rent. When we finally moved out we had to pay a ton for damages/fees.. but adam and I couldn’t afford all of that because it ended up being almost 1800 dollars. So we sent 1/3rd of it through a debt collector so our roommate could pay for his share without having him pay us directly. Now the previous apartment manager told us we would work out a plan at the end of our lease.. but when our apartment complex changed management (For the third time this year) she must have just sent the rest through the debt collector without our notice because now adam and I owe 620$ each ON TOP of our normal 1300 rent and like 130$ for utilities..

I don’t make enough for this stuff to just come out of nowhere, and either do they. I might have to start a gofundme again.. but right now I’m just beyond stressing about it.

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I lost my gf by texting another chick that she was pretty, this happened about summer 2015, we still talked everyday since/went on dates/ have sex etc., but now she said she want to start talking to other guys, but I'm still in love with her& I want her back! what do i do

Texting other guys/girls is crossing boundaries, that might not have been the only thing that bothered her it might have just been her final straw… but if you really want her back tell her how much you care about her and show her and let her know that would never happen again, sometimes you have to prove yourself if you really want something. Actions are far much better than words. Basically fight for what you want and if you do get her back keep your word bc nobody wants to go through the same thing twice. GOOD LUCK.

Foreshadowing Dialogue?

You be the judge. #EliMatchett 303-

Here’s the thing. You just had the scene with Ressler and Tom fighting over Liz-Tom getting Ressler to pause over caring about Liz and he’s pretending not to. Okay, we buy that. But what about-this dialogue.

Go back to S2 when Liz stood up Tom for dinner. He brings up Her EX. Now in S2 who was her ex?

Think if you stare long enough, it might ring? [ Chuckles ] What’s her name?


She’s gone. I was hoping that…

She’s going to be gone again because Karakurt mentions in episode 3-09 Liz won’t want anything to do with him.

You know, when we meet she was seeing this other guy, He worked, I didn’t.

But we started seeing each other anyway.

Anyway, we had this, uh… signal, way of communicating so he wouldn’t know.

She would call that phone at exactly 7:00 PM, and I’d pick up.

We’d meet.

How’d that work out?

Not so great.

Hey, uh, sorry, would you do me a quick favor? Um… [ Pen clicks ] Just if that phone rings, if she calls, would you… give her my number?

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Hi, I've suspected for some time that I may have anxiety and depression. I finally had the courage to explain to my parents, but their response was to lecture me and tell me to 'snap out of it' and 'just deal with it'. It actually kinda hurt and I've been avoiding them ever since. They're starting to notice that I'm unhappy and now they're asking me what's wrong. If I tell them I'm afraid they just going to yell again. Do you have any suggestions about helping them understand? Thank you!

Hello Anon, 

That kind of response would likely make anyone feel hesitant to talk about their problems. I would guess since they are showing concern that their response was more out of ignorance than anything else. That being said I can see why you have been avoiding them, and unless you can find help on your own it might be better to speak with one of them. I didn’t tell my parents until I was checked into an inpatient unit and that was really tough for them. I wish I had said something sooner, but I didn’t. 

If you want to help them understand better, come with knowledge and a clear mind. If you try to communicate when under extreme emotions it makes it harder to be clear and communicate well. If you feel better expressing yourself in writing then maybe write them a note or a letter explaining your feelings and asking for help. 

I think the most important aspect of all of this is asking for help and that can be hard. There are tricks to asking in the right way though, I would look for a time when you are all fairly even minded and would start by explaining the facts of the situation while avoiding any sort of blame, then describe your emotions and then ask for help and reinforce the ask by telling the person how it can benefit them as well as you (this is basic DBT, for those who are curious). Perhaps something like:

“Recently I have been avoiding you and I know you are concerned about why, the last time we talked about my feelings you said I should “snap out of it” and “just deal with it.” When you said this I felt hurt and isolated. I still am feeling depressed and would like to get some help. I think it would be good for our relationship if we could work together to find a doctor or therapist I could talk to. So can we look for help?”

I hope this is helpful. 

Good Luck, 


Hello again, dear people! I had quite a few positive replies to my last post, asking about sketch commissions (THANK YOU SO MUCH, TO ALL WHO REPLIED!), so it’s settled. By the end of February, I’ll open up commissions again (starting with just sketch, cheaper ones just to take it easy)
I’ll be sure to keep you posted!!
Also, I might do some livestreams now and then for the long-due giveaway prizes.