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Late Late Show

Summary: At the launch of your new series Riverdale, you and Cole’s relationship has finally become public after KJ leaked a photo of you two out of character onto Twitter. In addition to dating him, your character is Jughead’s love interest, and so you have an interview with James Cordon.

Word Count: 1141

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“Everyone please welcome, one of the newest stars of the CW’s hit Riverdale, (Y/N) (Y/L/N)!”

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Evgeni Malkin #1 - English

Anon asked: Hey, I saw that your requests were open and I was wondering if you could do a Evgeni Malkin where he’s nervous talk to you because he doesn’t speak English that well.

This prompt really got away from me and ended up being the longest one I’ve written. I am wearing a Malkin t-shirt jersey as I type this and I promise that it was a coincidence. I love him way more than I probably should. I took the liberty of adding in Bryan Rust as a character to work out some plot holes so I hope that is okay! I hope you enjoy reading this an much as I enjoyed writing this!

You loved working in a bakery especially one you owned but sometimes being your own boss was tough. You were usually the first one in and that last one out but today you finally pawned off the late shift to someone else and left early. You felt guilty of course, it was your bakery so it almost felt like cheating when someone else did the work. If it hadn’t been for the insistent nagging of your younger brother to come support him at work you wouldn’t have left. You were the older sister to Bryan Rust a winger for the Pittsburgh Penguins and thorn in your side. They made it through to the second round of the playoffs as you expected but you would never let him know that. Each player was allotted a certain number of tickets per game and you insisted that it was only right that your parents and your other brother Matt got to go. You made excuses about being busy at work which were half true and finally he had enough. Bryan, armed with a jersey and threat to call your mother showed up during your lunch break to directly ask you to come to their game.

“Bryan you know I can’t leave when there is so much to get done!”

He pulled his best wounded look, “it’s like you don’t care about me or something.”

“You know that isn’t true.”

“Prove it to me,” he crossed his arms, “come to the game tonight and as proof of attendance you have to meet me after in the locker room.”

You looked down at the stack of order forms on your desk, “fine. Yeah I’ll be there.”

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Naruto Canon Couples Foreshadowing

So many people post about why they think certain pairings “make no sense,” “never had development,” or why their ship is “the only couple that makes sense in the whole series”. So I decided to talk about how there isn’t only just one super special magic couple that “makes sense” in the entire Naruto series solely because you like it better than the others, and that most of the canon couples have some sort of development or moment at some point :)

I’m also just limiting this post to canon so it doesn’t get too long and out of hand! I may do a non-canon post later for fun, who knows! :)

As always, my pretty disclaimer: I am pro-Sakura. You will not find me bashing Sakura on here at all. (I wish I didn’t even have to say that… Jeez.) Oh, and same with Hinata. I won’t be spending time bashing her either. I like to keep things civil :)

And I promise I am not saying “this is why you should like and ship them so there”. That isn’t it at all!! You have the right to ship whoever you want!! (Trust me, kakasaku I also have kakasaku crack ships kakasaku that I enjoy kakasaku.)

I am just trying to express that Kishi didn’t just throw people together by drawing their names randomly from a hat.

Anyway, I won’t get into much detail, I just want to provide at least one example for most of the cannon couples on why there was, indeed, some sort of moment or hint that they might end up together and that it wasn’t “totally unexpected”.

First off, Sasusaku:

I hate when people claim that Sakura and Sasuke have “no development”. Just because you do not want to acknowledge the development does not mean it never happened. Some people try to make it sound like Sakura and Sasuke never ever freaking met each other until the last chapter. Since it’d take way too much time to go over and explain everything related to Sasuke and Sakura’s development because there is a ton of it, I’ll just hit a major point or two.

If you want to discount any interactions between Sasuke and Sakura between the beginning of the series until the chunin exams, I’m okay with that. A lot of people don’t care about it (not me personally though). But the moment Sasuke received that curse mark, Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship took a much more serious turn. In fact, many people began shipping them around that time. Even the data books state that it was Sakura’s heart that helped Sasuke keep his curse mark from controlling him (ya know, in case you couldn’t already tell that from reading and watching it all unfold in the forest of death).

I also chose this moment as an example because after this point, it’s quite hard to argue that Sakura just had superficial feelings for Sasuke. She had seen the darkness taking control of him, and wanted to be at his side and help him stop it from ruining him. She didn’t want to run away because it was too much drama for her or just his problem. She saw how much he suffered, and she wanted nothing more but to help him.

Okay, I could go on forever about that moment, since it’s one of my favorites, but my point is that moment alone should show that there was SOME development. This is when Sakura’s love became completely selfless, in my opinion, as well. It was a really big moment, not only in personal character development, but in the relationship between the two as well. It was one of the reasons, I’m sure, that Sasuke thanked Sakura before he left the village (the first time). I won’t go into that moment, however, because it’s pretty self explanatory (although people to love to argue about it).

Honestly I could make a huge blog post just dedicated to the development of SasuSaku alone (which, hell, I may just end up doing later), so I will just move on before I start. Point was to give you a moment of development.

I really want to bring up the Sakura bringing Sasuke back to the right dimension thing right now too, but that will have a lot of explaining to it as well because of some of the ridiculous arguments around that… SAVE IT FOR ANOTHER BLOG POST MEGAN AND MOVE ON ALREADY.

Now for NaruHina:

I know, I know. It’s not everyone’s favorite couple. I think the reason for that is a good chunk of the NaruSaku fans are bitter (I’m not saying you don’t have a right to be, I’m just saying it’s a reason why).

But it was foreshadowed. I could even tell that while reading the chunin exam chapters as a kid.

It wasn’t all about Hinata’s growth as a character in the exams. It was about how her respect and love for Naruto helped get her there. (I won’t lie though, I do not enjoy that so much of her character was based on Naruto. I feel like Kishi should have given her more of a chance to stand up for herself because of something other than her love for Naruto. I mean, women can do things without men around ya know!)

It also showed that Naruto started to notice her as a person, rather than the weird girl who gets shy around him.

Hinata was also shown to be the only girl who liked Naruto for himself as children. She wasn’t a Sasuke fangirl like the majority of the girls. That was a big part of why she ended up with him (and yes, I know Sakura and Naruto became close, but that isn’t what we are arguing about right now. Plus, as I mentioned in another post, I see Naruto and Sakura’s development as platonic.)

And then Kishi even had the whole war scene. But I won’t get into that, because it’s a bit self explanatory and I don’t feel the need to get into it.


Honestly, I don’t think I need to defend them. Their fanbase never really argues about what development they did or didn’t have (that I have seen at least). The little drama about the pairing is always so pleasant. (Well, until someone says “They are the only pairing that ever had development!” and start a fight. Hence why I am blogging this.)

ShikaTema’s development (for me) began when she helped him against the sound ninja (one of my favorite moments, by the way). I know people can use the chunin exams as an example of development, which is a-okay, but I personally didn’t feel it there (but again, that is JUST ME).

Also, remember when Shikamaru’s dad told him that No matter how strong-minded a woman is, she will show kindness to the man she loves” That description TOTALLY describes Temari. Super foreshadowing!! :) That cute smile she gave him after she blew away that sound ninja, that did it for me. Loved it so much. Then Temari snapped right back and became the strong/blunt woman she is once again when she had to help snap Shikamaru back into his senses when he became irate at himself about letting Choji almost die.

Oh, and please let me add this too, because it made me happy as well:


As for SaiIno, they didn’t really have development, per say, in the manga besides a few small hints (Ino stating she thought Sai was cute, and including Sai in her dream during the war where he fought Sasuke over her).

Plus there was this cute little bit from one of Kishi’s side chapters:

But with this couple, I feel like Kishi put them together because, well, it just made sense.

What I mean is that, to me, it makes sense because Sai is able to take Ino’s last name, so the new InoShikaCho formation could exist (well, by name anyway). Plus Sai feels more like he belongs to a family now I’m sure, considering he was just known by one name, which wasn’t even his birth name to begin with (I hate Danzo so much I really really do). Plus, Sai seems pretty happy, and I love seeing Sai happy :) (Plus, Ino’s sassiness with Sai’s bluntness! Perfect combination!) However I will agree there was barely any development for SaiIno.

… And honestly, I have nothing for Choji and his wife. No one really does. That was pretty random. I like it though. Chocho is freaking adorable with all that sass.

Okay so this is getting too long, so I’ll stop here for now. I guess I just wanted to point out some solid “there was development” moments.

Hope I didn’t bore ya! Thank you for reading :) I really appreciate it!

Husband Yuta

Request: can you do a scenario with yuta where you and him are on we got married, like what kind of husband he would be?

A/N: instead of we got married i’ll just describe him as a husband in general, i hope you don’t mind !!

  • this marks another start of a series yay !
  • okay but thanks for requesting this anon , i’d just like to say that yuta’s a really great husband material like ?? wow
  • okay before reading this , you might want to check boyfriend yuta first ,
  • okay let’s get started !!

  • so one fine day you were just chilling together on the bed

  • cuddling and holding onto each other while stealing kisses if possible
  • in the apartment that y'all bought together thanks to yuta and his suggestions
  • and he randomly asked you ,
  • “ babe what if we got married ”
  • “ honestly i don’t think anything would change , i’ll still love you ”
  • “ really ? aw ”
  • then he attacks you with a big hug and kiss
  • two months later he invites you to the dorm because apparently “ taeyong has something to announce ”
  • being clueless you arrived at the dorm on your own first , thinking that yuta would be inside already
  • but only the dream team was there and they were all giggling and trying to keep their smiles to one another ,
  • you’re just there like “ what is happening ??? ”
  • cliche, but the lights suddenly go out
  • then from nowhere doyoung & taeil starts singing
  • and yuta’s wearing your favourite hoodie of his with sweatpants
  • his arms are behind his back , an excited & big smile showing on his face
  • and you’re still there like ???
  • amidst of all these taeyong looks like he’s about to cry as he holds ten for support
  • johnny & hansol’s just there smiling to themselves
  • chenle & jisung’s jumping excitedly
  • then next thing you know yuta’s on his knees and proposes to you
  • “ babe i know this isn’t the best way to propose and it all seems so rushed but i don’t see the need to plan everything nicely because nothing can portray how much i love you , are you willing to be my takoyaki princess ? ”
  • donghyuck starts cringing and screaming
  • still shookt , you hug him immediately and said yes
  • which made taeyong cry
  • okay fast forward !!
  • honestly the type of husband who’s really chill and relax
  • which means lots of lazy days together
  • one time y'all were too lazy to get out of bed , y'all stayed in there for the whole day
  • just talking and hugging
  • and at the end of the day he got all clingy and sly like
  • “ babe wanna shower together ? ”
  • “ why today out of all days ”
  • “ besides , we didn’t do much today i don’t think we need to shower ”
  • “ but babe :-((( ”
  • and he starts pouting and pecking your whole face , you eventually give in
  • he’s always there for you !1!1!
  • making your days better and never failing to cheer you up after you get home from a bad day
  • he’d immediately notice your grumpy expression
  • greeting you with a hug as soon as you stepped into the apartment
  • he offered to cook for you and let you rant to him about your day
  • when’s he’s beside you holding your hand and assuring you with a smile
  • the other members like to visit yall
  • sometimes without warning too
  • so one time you and yuta were getting into the mood 😏
  • halfway while making out , y'all heard knocking on the door and johnny’s loud voice calling out
  • yuta immediately groaned and his mood went from 100 to 0
  • he didn’t even bother to put on his shirt and opened the door for them
  • mark was shookt when he saw your messy hair and flustered face
  • haechan trying to keep his laughter in
  • johnny and ten just smirking and laughing at yuta ,
  • whom at this point , was this close 👌 to beating them up
  • turns out they were ‘bored’ and wanted to see how your marriage life was
  • it was all johnny’s idea
  • but after they went back he made it up for you during night time so
  • really sweet and caring tbh
  • one time you fell sick and couldn’t even get up from bed
  • he didn’t hesitate to take leave and skip practice
  • and he spent the whole day attending to you and making sure that you were feeling okay
  • he even took the effort and time to check your temperature and feed you every hour , despite him being tired
  • under his love and concern for two days straight , you got better
  • but poor yuta caught your sickness and fell sick instead
  • so it was now your turn to take care of him
  • which he loves a lot because he finds it cute seeing you being flustered and worried over him
  • fights and arguements hardly ever occur but when it does it’s normally over really serious matters ,
  • which usually concerns over one of your health issues
  • one time you got mad at him for always working till late at night and practising non stop even when there was no comeback coming up
  • he was so tired too he burst at you and said words he didn’t mean at all
  • this eventually led to a cold war between the both of you for like two days
  • it was not until taeyong appeared and tried to explain to you that yuta was practising a dance to perform for your anniversary ,
  • that you hugged him crying that night when he came back from practice again , apologising for not understanding
  • yuta’s heart softened as soon as he heard your cries and he couldn’t help but kiss you after , apologising for his words too
  • okay in conclusion he’s super sweet and caring
  • honestly he’s husband material af , bless whoever’s gonna marry him in the future
  • im sorry this was so bad omg

Back on the topic of this post;

  • Her name is Patience Ziya Nurse-Oluransi
  • She discovers makeup at eight years old when she witnesses her dada doing his makeup and pays extra close attention
    • She also asks a lot of questions about said makeup
    • “Why are you putting brown flour on your face, dada?”
    • “Dada that stuff made your dots go away!”
    • “I’m telling daddy you’re hiding!”
    • Ransom thought it was hilarious and Nursey had to explain that even though, yes, he knows he’s pretty he feels prettier with the makeup on
  • As she gets older she becomes used to seeing Nursey doing his makeup an eventually she starts doing it too
  • By age thirteen she can do a perfect contour and her eyebrows are constantly flawless
  • Nursey is a very proud dada
    • Ransom is just constantly surprised by how pretty his spouse and daughter are
    • With and without makeup

This might get a bit long so here have a cut

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Narushika Manifesto (in point form + abridged)

I was really rushed near the end but no one is gonna read this except my friends anyway so who cares

- Shikamaru was the first/only to notice the strange way Naruto was treated by the adults of the village, and he never treated him badly. To Shikamaru, Naruto had always been just Naruto.
- Shikamaru was one of Naruto’s first friends. Considering the way he reached out to Chouji, and how unsocial Naruto was as a kid, it’s likely Shikamaru was the one to reach out to Naruto.
- Shikamaru went to visit Naruto in the hospital before the Chuunin Exam finals, and sat there playing shogi against himself for ages, waiting for him to wake up.
- The two of them hung out together afterwards, and at other times, just cuz. Their relationship isn’t fiery or dramatic like SNS, but a more quiet, understated friendship. It’s subtle, but Naruto is gets along much more naturally with Shikamaru than any of the other Konoha 11.
- Naruto felt safe enough around Shikamaru to tell Gaara he had a real monster inside himself in front of him.
- Naruto was genuinely cheering Shikamaru on during the Chuunin Exam finals, and pushed him down out of enthusiasm.
- Shikamaru later said that he’d thought Naruto had been “like him” (aka one of the uncool people). He did think Naruto was a loser like everyone else did in the beginning of part one, but unlike everyone else, he didn’t really view that as a pathetic thing like others did, since he considered himself a loser as well. Nice
- Shikamaru only genuinely smiles and laughs around Chouji or Naruto.
- When Naruto returns from his two and a half year trip, Shikamaru visibly perks up and becomes more cheerful. He instantly starts teasing and joking around with him.
- Shikamaru is the only one to comfort Naruto when Jiraiya dies: they shared a connection because they had both lost a mentor. In the beginning of part one, Naruto only thought of Shikamaru as a normal, casual friend. Someone you hung out with, but neither of you went to the other when you were sad, that kind of thing. However, after Shikamaru volunteered to stay behind to slow the Sound-nin down at the risk of his own life, Shikamaru grew a lot in Naruto’s esteem, and then the two became closer still with the Sasuke retrieval mission. Shikamaru had felt personally responsible for Naruto during that mission, waiting for him to wake up (again) at the hospital. It’s when Shikamaru gave him his speech after Jiraiya’s death, though, that Shikamaru truly inspired Naruto for the first time. (The same kind of inspiration that Naruto made Shikamaru feel for the rest of the series.)
- The rest I’ve talked about extensively on Twitter, so a brief summary:
- Shikamaru told his father that when he was with Naruto, Naruto made him want to walk beside him. WHAT MORE IS THERE TO SAY. HE ACTUALLY ADMITTED IT OUT LOUD TO HIS FATHER
- The entire speech while Shikamaru was “dying” during the war. That is all
- Also Naruto unconsciously wanted to save Shikamaru so much that the Kyuubi’s chakra surrounded Shikamaru and started healing him
- Shikamaru apologizes to both Asuma and his father, saying he can’t go to them yet because Naruto doesn’t want him to go
- The Shikamaru novel is also full of gay moments. I’ve posted about this in more detail on Twitter
- HE LITERALLY SAID TO NARUTO “I’m definitely going to make you Hokage” I CANT BELIEVE THIS he’s an actual workaholic now who works nonstop to the point of exhaustion every day, and even characters like Sakura (who isn’t exactly the most perceptive about other characters’ feelings, she’s actually one of the worst at that, after the whole manga she still doesn’t actually know shit about either of her teammates) tell Naruto, “He’s working that hard for you, you know” (to which Naruto replies, “I know”)
- Even though he usually has a very sullen countenance, when meeting up with Naruto, Shikamaru is immediately teasing again and they laugh together easily
- Shikamaru is running half the village by this point, but the instant he learns of a new vague threat in a faraway country nobody knows anything about? He’s very stressed and restless these days…….. So of course he immediately decides to embark on a super dangerous S rank undercover assassination mission to said unknown country in order to eliminate the country leader because he MIGHT become a problem later and cause Naruto stress. THATS LITERALLY WHAT SHIKAMARU THOUGHT, HE WAS LIKE GODDAMN THIS DUDE MIGHT MAKE NARUTO SAD IN THE VAGUE FUTURE? BETTER GO ASSASSINATE HIM RIGHT NOW!!
- Not only did he want to do this, he thought of it as his duty because he wanted to protect Naruto’s light at all cost. HE LITERALLY CALLED NARUTO THE SUN, AND HIMSELF THE DARKNESS THAT WOULD DO ALL THE DIRTY WORK IN THE SHADOWS SO THAT THE LIGHT WOULD STAY PURE

Anime filler moments:
- “I’m glad I met you”
- His father sees that Shikamaru’s stuck in a bout of self doubt and general not doing wellness and tells him “go see Naruto”. AND THEN SHIKAMARU DOES AND IS ACTUALLY DISAPPOINTED AND SLIGHTLY BITTER IT DIDNT AUTOMATICALLY MAGICALLY SOLVE ALL HIS PROBLEMS.
- Shikamaru is lost in thought. Chouji asks him, “Thinking about Naruto?” ITS THAT OBVIOUS

Candid Shot (Olicity AU, One-Shot, T)

A long time ago, the lovely missystherya posted these tags:

#Stephen Amell#my brain is frozen#how dare#so many olicity aus are popping into my head rn#and all of them include felicity getting hot and bothered when she sees this picture of oliver

Summary: Felicity is the assistant to world-famous actor Oliver Queen’s.

A/N: This was supposed to be naughtier, but it wouldn’t go there! “He looked good, like sin in a suit” quote from Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr (via @olicitybaby4ever). Do I know anything about being a celebrity? Pffft.

The table was covered in scripts.

She was so sick of reading scripts.

That was a lie. She actually loved reading scripts, but what she didn’t like was reading bad scripts. And about ninety percent of the scripts on this extra-tall table were bad scripts.

“Clichés, character tropes, way too much outer space without actually being in outer space,” Felicity murmured under her breath, giving up on the bundle of papers before her. She opened another sheaf of paper, flipping through it quickly, stopping at a random page. Her eyes scanned over the dialogue - why did anyone think it was a good idea for… “Oh.”

Her eyes caught on the transition scene, the very explicit transition scene. The words ‘Kale takes her panties off, and you get a shadowy glimpse of his hard…’ lit up on the paper like they were actually glowing.

Felicity dropped the script like it was on fire, making a face and shoved it away.

“Does nobody have any respect for a contract anymore? No frontal nudity contract! It’s simple. It’s so simple, it’s even bolded, including hints… and yet…” Felicity tossed the script into the ‘no’ pile. “People still send these to him. Why? Is the butt not enough?”


The butt was enough.

It was more than enough.

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imagine your otp hogwarts edition pt. 3
  • you have a massive crush on me, and i’m awkward and barely know you, and would be somewhat indifferent to the whole situation if you didn’t keep using TERRIBLE pick up lines on me, like, “is that your wand in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” (we’re wearing robes, idek what you’re talking about), or “i’d whomp your willow” (okay, that one didn’t even make sense??) like, fINE, i’ll go out with you, if you just shUT THE FUCK UP
  • i got lost bc the stairs decided to change on me randomly, and now i’m so late for class that i don’t even want to try and face mcgonagall, so i might as well hide in this nearby broom closet, but you’re already in here?? oh, you were running from filch, well that’s fair, mind if i join you? gosh, it’s awfully cramped and dark in here, but not so dark that i can’t notice that you’re really cute. anyway, how should we pass the time….?
  • you sit in front of me in history of magic class, and i have entire rolls of parchment filled with doodles of you scribbling notes, bc this class is boring as hell, i like to doodle, and you make a nice subject. too bad when binns asks us to pass our homework forward i accidentally pass the wrong parchment, and let me tell you, you’re rly throwing me off guard when you turn to ask, “is that honestly what the back of my head looks like??”
  • you and and i are walking around the castle when we happen on the room of requirement. when we go in, it’s completely candle lit, with rose petals leading to a giant, king sized bed, with marvin gaye playing in the background. given that we’re not even dating, i’m not sure what we both were thinking about that made this room think that we required this, but, you know, since we’re here……
  • i can see thestrals, but i hide it from everyone because it always makes for uncomfortable conversation. but during care of magical creatures class, you see me stroking one of them on the nose, and you come up and whisper to me, “i can see them too.” after class we go to an abandoned cooridor to talk about it, and it’s such a foreign experience for me to talk like this and feel understood instead of awkward, thank you so much??
  • you’re muggle-born and also a gigantic fucking nerd, and you decided to start a sci-fi club with a bunch of other muggle-born fucking nerds, and i have the super hots for you, so i join your club too, even tho i don’t even know wtf “sci-fi” stands for, but wait, tell me more about this star wars thing? and what do you mean that the original series is better than the next generation of star trek, oh no i think i’m starting to get invested
  • we’re on opposing quidditch teams, and i’m a beater, so i should be paying attention to bludgers, but instead i’m super distracted by how unbearably attractive you are, which is how i’ve managed to take a bludger rIGHT IN THE FUCKING FACE. istg, if pomfrey can’t fix this shattered nose, i’m holding you personally responsible, bc if you weren’t so hot i wouldn’t have broken my gd face
  • you got me a bouquet of exotic looking plants that you stole from the greenhouses, and hey, i know you meant well, and i really do appreciate the gesture, but are you aware that every single one of those plants could cause immediate and painful death? have you ever paid attention in herbology once in your life? please put those down before someone gets hurt
  • while hogwarts food is really good, it’s pretty whitebread stuff, and i mentioned i was homesick for my mother’s cooking, and so you snuck into the kitchens in the middle of the night and got the house elves to make a three course meal of things i told you she always makes during the holidays, and like, i didn’t even know you knew how to pronounce half the food items i talked about, and i’m really touched that you paid enough attention to relay it to the elves, please share this food with me and let me tell you my childhood

part 1 part 2

for @snarkysnartes​ who requested a third incarnation of this trash

Under the cut you will find around 50+ starters I collected and/or loved through the years of roleplaying. These can be used for any character you’re playing, from outsider to the popular jock, literally anyone. As for me, coming with starters is the hardest thing and sometimes it takes me years to think about one, so this masterlist is to help both you and me. All the starters were taken from bunch of websites and all the credit goes to the actual makers of them. Please, like and/or reblog if you found this useful.

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anonymous asked:

There is this big part of me that just knows Kris is going to grill into sm. Like there's something he knows or has that could bring SM down. I honestly feel as if Kris is saving the best for last. His side has yet to officially say anything, and he randomly pops up from time to time. It's really making me believe that Kris knows something big and dark about SM and that's most likely why SM don't want to let him go. Kris knows....he knows and it's actually kind of scary. What do you think?

As much as I wish this is true, I don’t think what he’ll be suing against is going to be ground breaking or anything. I reckon it’s probably going to be similar reasons to Hangeng and JYJ, like no freedom to do what he wants, pay check proportions that are unfair, bad working conditions, over working and maybe some instances of SM’s shady activities but I don’t think its going to be exactly ground breaking because I mean, after Hangeng and JYJ, we’ve pretty much heard the worse of the worse. Also, even if there is some sort of ground breaking secret about SM (probably is), if he exposes it, you need to think about how many mouths SM is currently feeding, I mean to take down a company that big, a lot of people’s jobs are going to be at stake so that’s why I think he’s just going to sue for the things that are only concerning him and honestly, even though I hate SM’s guts, they are accountable for a lot of jobs rn and a large fraction of the Korean economy -  I don’t really want to see like thousands of people starve on the street because they lost their job and I don’t think Kris would either. 

Tbh, I don’t know if SM would really want him back, I mean half the exo members have already said that this is the new beginning of exo whatever and shit, which for one totally goes against their motto “we are one” And to try and put Kris back after all of this just seems absurd because it backfires everything they’ve been trying to brainwash into fans for the past few weeks. 

But then again, I don’t understand why they haven’t made any official statements about Kris leaving and about exo officially being an 11 members group? I mean they’re already hinted enough, there’s nothing more that  they can do to reinforce this point besides actually announcing the news. Not that I care or anything but I seriously think that the only reasons why SM is making it hard for Kris to go is that 1,  if they make it easy for him, then it’ll probably give their other slaves artists a beacon of hope so that they might try this shit with sm, seeing as Kris got out of his situation easily. And 2, since Kris is pretty powerful in China right now (already two films in talks - that’s got to count for something including TINY TIMES! V. POPULAR CHINESE MOVIE SERIES - yang mi and ko chen tung were in it too, and 3 mill.  weibo followers), I think SM is scared because Kris is Chinese and they know not to fuck with this because, unlike SM, a Korean company that is not very welcomed in China, Kris will always have China, if any of the Chinese members leave, I can almost guarantee that China will also have their backs, SM wants to tread carefully because I mean, if Kris starts giving out exclusive interviews, slandering SM, the image they have worked on for so long to be taken as a serious company in China = ruined. 

And I’m pretty sure the reasons why he isn’t talking is because it’s pretty much standard procedure that you do not talk about anything to the press or sm if you’re going to sue because anything you say can be used against you in court, also I honestly think that he just really wants to keep this case as private and quick as possible.