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To anyone who happens to have met a duo that has become a romantic interest: my boyfriend and I met on League through solo queue. We’ve been together for almost a year, and he moved to California with me from Florida about 5 months ago. In a month, we’ll be moving into our own place. Don’t let anyone judge you or your relationship because of how you met. Also, climbing together is a good way to avoid people claiming you’re boosted – especially since, for me, it’s apparent that I’m the one that is constantly carrying him. We both are high gold with mid-plat MMRs. And if y'all commit to being a duo, it might test your relationship a bit, but of course I’m speaking through personal experience.

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So I might be getting a spirit companion? Here’s hoping it works out.

Basically there’s a cat spirit (not a ghost cat, but a cat spirit) that has been hanging out outside my house for a while, slinking around and kind of observing me. In a curious way, not a threatening way. Like a cat. Tonight it pawed at the door of our breezeway when I came outside, and my heart kinda broke. They just looked so desperate and lonely. So I figured that I should

Tonight I decided to leave out a basket and a bit of cream for them to see what happens.

From there I have to figure out how much language they can use, what kind of spirit they are (I suspect some kind of fae), and if we’re compatible. They don’t seem full-grown to me, so I might have the responsibility of taking care of a kitten…

I’m worried that if they ARE fae, my wards against fae might become a problem. Specifically the iron, since the psychic wards and such I can open as needed. But I use iron and hematite in lots of spells and there’s always some around… I am wondering if that would be a problem.

The spirit is a cute little white cat, almost translucent, with short fur, pink in the ears, and pale blue eyes. Smaller than an average cat, and the head-to-body ratio suggests a kitten rather than a full-grown cat. I get the feeling that they are a she, but I’m not 100% sure yet

Advice and/or finger-crossing is welcomed!!

ok so i got a job interview and they require that i speak english but what kind of things do ppl usually ask in interviews when they require a second language? i would appreciate soooo much if someone could help me bc this would be a great opportunity for me but i never rly tried speaking english in interviews so i might just embarrass myself

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you break my heart. i wish u could see yourself the way all of us who love u see u. you're a delight to be around, always. u constantly speak from ur heart and whilst i might not agree with u on everything, i admire ur ability to speak out and speak truthfully and stand ur ground. 💓 u mean the world and I hate to see u so sad, ily 🌟stay beautiful, stay woke and stay absolutely goddamn wonderful x

Lisa idk what I did to deserve u or ur kind words, but thank u sm.

ur beyond lovely and this was just…so kind. Ily 💖

People talk a lot about McCree’s responses to actually having food regularly available when he joins Blackwatch but like, other things to consider for this poor kid

  • His reaction upon seeing he has a BED, like an actual bed, there’s enough blankets on it for him to roll up in it twice and he does.
  • Not only that he gets his own ROOM? Plenty of people in Blackwatch bunk together but Gabe didn’t want that with McCree since he was still a minor when he joined so, perks.
  • McCree is actually allowed to keep his own things now. For a while he had a habit of hiding them in his room, when Gabe finds them he’s terrified they’re gonna get taken and it’s like no… they’re yours…
  • People often have Gabe being strict on him (and I’m sure he would be) but I think after day 1 Gabe would be VERY careful with the language he uses. The first time he shouts at him he can see McCree flinching, steeling himself like he’s about to get punched in the face or worse. He doesn’t yell at McCree anymore (overtime when they trust each other more he uses harsher language when necessary)
  • Gabe almost exhausted with how often McCree asks permission to do ANYTHING but doesn’t get upset because he knows why the kid does it
  • Don’t touch me on the concept of McCree thinking that the moment you become a risk you get left for dead. I hurt thinking about him stuck somewhere on a mission, just waiting to either die or be forced to save himself only for Gabe to save him.
  • Or Gabe’s surprise cause he almost expects the kid to be lazy but after a couple of late mornings the kid’s pushing himself really hard on training, always volunteering for cleaning duties, because he’s worried if he’s not being useful he’ll get kicked out.
  • “You want me to what?” “Take a short vacation kid.” “We…. have those…????”
  • “Kid I told you to take a break.” “I… don’t understand boss what’s a break…”
  • “You know Jesse, when I punished you and told you to polish the guns I didn’t expect you to be in here for an entire day.” “Uh, but, don’t they need to be spotless?” “*sigh* No but uh… you know what? Good job, go get some sleep.”
  • “Jesse…” “Yeah boss?” “Listen, a cleaning assignment doesn’t mean it has to look like new. Will you stop scrubbing the toilet, please?”
  • “Hey boss, made some dinner!” “J-Jesse… why is there so much?” “Well we had it and now we have leftovers to last us a week.” “Jesse…”
  • Or shit let’s talk about WATER rationing cause on route 66 I doubt it was a common thing. Jesse was probably used to running on one jug a day (like two cups at most). Like first day of rly hard training the kid PASSES OUT from dehydration and like. “Jesse, how much water have you had today?” “Uh? I had a little this morning I guess… with coffee…” “…. that’s it?” “Yeah why?” “Oh god.”
  • Gabe has to buy him a special water bottle so Jesse remembers to drink enough during the day.
  • Jesse hoarding sweets for a special occasion and Gabe has to remind him that “I can get you more, easy, if you need it, just eat it god.”
  • Oh god or clothing habits like, “Jesse, I gave you more than one uniform for a reason.” “What do you mean?” “I mean if one gets dirty you can wear a fresh one until laundry day jesus kid go change.”
  • On that note, it’s a two month battle to force Jesse to shower regularly.
  • He still hates showering regularly, to this day, but he does it.
  • Also it takes Gabe aprox. 1 day to figure out that Jesse uses the hat not just for kicks but as a confidence booster (feel stronger with it sort of thing) and allows him to wear it in spite of the uniform.
  • Other members steal it once, once, they never do again.





love this bisexual! 2.0 💖💜💙
remastered version of this upon request

I just realized: this picture (scans courtesy of vvlin91) provides even more evidence for the headcanon that Grell is actually really fucking short. Will is around six feet tall, we know that for a fact, and here Grell is about half a head shorter, making her probably around 5′8. Bear in mind, Grell is in heels, and pretty damn high ones at that. We know the heels give her around 4 inches in height, so that means she’s probably about 5′4 out of them.

This is Important

the glory of the (almost nonexistent) jjongbutt

the jjongbutt, a mythological being.

more hidden than not, it still brings death joy to many. it appears in many forms:

b.i.b. - butt in black

i.w.b. - internet war butt (the whole second pic is questionable af what even)

b.i.w. - butt in white

b.i.j. - butt in jeans (aka jjong bb pls stop)

b.i.p. - butt in pants (slaaaaaaaaaaaaaay)

owner of the jjongbutt keeps on trying to summon it to this day.

he tries hard okay

but in all honesty its not that the jjongbutt is not there, it’s just that u gotta look hard, wish upon a star and sing all the high notes perfectly ajkhskjdhakjs

here’s a cute jjong for u

OK so while I headcanon keith being of some Korean descent, i imagine him not knowing a lick of Korean bc his dad raised him in america and either he never taught him it or his dad was mixed himself and never learned it either.

However, I keep rolling this possibility around in my head that Keith probably knows spanish bc the southern desert states (texas, nevada, arizona, etc) are filled with Spanish speaking communities, especially near rural farm areas.

So what I’m saying is southerner Korean-American spanish-speaking Keith should be a thing

first link headcanons no one asked for
  • tall boy
  • anxious
  • stares a lot
  • Trust Issues
  • lots of scars
  • bad sleeping habits, is often found training at ungodly times 
  • dark circles under his eyes because this boy needs some rest
  • isn’t actually a boy, he’s already ~30 and therefore a Man
  • used to get around a lot in his golden days and gained a bit of a reputation, but doesn’t feel all that interested in other people after prison
  • besties with impa, would die for her but she wouldn’t let him
  • reserved and polite, but isn’t afraid to call you out on your shit if he feels the need to
  • pretty cynical but still tries to see the best in humanity and truly wants to make the world better 
  • sucks at putting his feelings into words, prefers to act instead
  • Cheekbones™
  • very good at dancing
  • will spend the entire night talking about deep stuff if you give him some leeway
  • gets embarrassed easily but tries his best not to show it
  • feels most at home surrounded by nature
  • loves to hold hands 
  • his weakness is getting his face cupped, will certainly melt upon contact
  • doesn’t smile or laugh a lot but when he does it’s otherworldly
  • would die for hylia, actually succeeds