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Seeing Is Believing (Pt. 2)

A/N: I think this series is going to work out!!! I’m having fun writing it which is always a good sign!!

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Warnings: None

Word Count: 1.1k


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“So, this is your car, huh?” you suggested, making sure to watch Dean’s reaction.

“Yep, it’s a-”

“-’67 chevy impala. I know. It’s beautiful.” you said proudly.

Dean turned to look at you before opening the driver’s side door, a cheesy grin breaking out of his face. He must not get many compliments on his car.

You offered a flirtatious smile before settling down in the back seat, ready for whatever adventure you were about to go on.

“So where we headed?” you asked Dean as you leaned over seat to turn the radio down, making sure to brush against his shoulder in the process. The look that Sam gave you told you that not just anyone could get away with that.

“Small town in Missouri for tonight,” Dean started, “then we’ll be heading to Kansas.”

“Cool-” you leaned back and looked around, thinking of how to bring up the subject of why demons could be after you- “So what kind of stuff do you guys hunt? You know, besides demons.”

Sam and Dean exchanged looks as you scooted to the center of the back seat and then leaned up against the front seat, admittedly to get closer to Dean.

“You guys can tell me.” you said, Dean shrugged and turned to you while he kept his eyes on the road.

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With school around the corner, or already here for some, I might as well bring it upon myself to try and help some of you out there struggling to keep yourself motivated and mentally prepared for what this year has to offer. So let’s get started.

•Set a sleeping schedule
- let’s be honest, during summer break you probably stayed up most nights, binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix (or Hulu) then next thing you know your eyes wonder to the window and see that the sun is rising. In order to fix this problem I would recommend setting alarms or reminders on your phone, for when it’s time to go to bed.

•Put away the Electronics.
- I would recommend putting away your electronics 30 minutes to an hour before you get to sleep. Let’s say you go to bed at 9 PM so you would put the electronics away at 8 - 8:30. This way you’re giving your eyes time rest and relax.

•Read a book or Plan your day out.
- Let’s say you followed my last tip, well during that down time you should do something to tire your brain out. Like reading a book, drawing, journaling, or simply planning out your day. Anything that would calm your brain down.

- Ah, now its morning time, your throats dry and now you have to saunter all the way to the kitchen in order to get yourself a glass of water. Baby girl no! Buy some water bottles to set beside your bed at night so in the morning you wouldn’t have to deal with a scratchy throat… or you could just set a glass of water beside your bed.

•Check your classes.
- Now this one wouldn’t really apply to everybody, but I’m able to look at my classes online by logging onto my schools website. If you’re able to do this use it to your advantage so you would know what school supplies to buy, where you would want to sit, is the classroom hot or cold? It’s the little things that could help you through your semester.

Summertime Sadness

She knew this day would come, had prepared for it a week before hand with a repeated script of what to say and where to input jokes but none of it helped now that she was sitting here in front of him and she cursed herself in her mind. His eye; blank and unmoving knew exactly why she was here, too. He couldn’t stand it either, but he’d never say that to her, she can’t know that he can feel, especially feel for her. (Though a small pinch in the back of his infinite mind told him that she already knew. He quickly snuffed out that pinch faster than it appeared, he always had to have the upper hand.)

“Well…I’m leaving.” She whispered to the wind, scraping at the already chipped paint on her nails in an anxious tick.

He said nothing, so she continued like always.

“I don’t know when I’ll be back. Ill be a senior next year, I might have different…um, summer activities. And after that, it’s probably college…” he was fuming, but his body wouldn’t show it. What would she be doing other than coming to see him? What’s more important than him?

Has he really gotten so attached to her in these short years and insignificant conversations? (There’s that pang again, telling him of course he did, those hour long ramblings were his life now.)

“I mean, I just…I can’t keep coming back here, coming here to you like if you were a friend…” her voice was cracking now. If only she knew, oh, if only. She didn’t break her string of words like she never did with him. (She knew he’d listen no matter what)

“Dipper has been getting suspicious of where I’ve been going and lately he’s even gotten angry…! I…I like being here with you, Bill. But I can’t do this anymore, this is our last summer together.” She embraced him, her arms wrapping around his triangular frame perfectly, holding onto him as if he could keep her anchored here to Gravity Falls just like he was. He would if he could. Again, he made no move to touch her back, he was a bit emotionally held up at the moment anyways. “I can’t keep talking to you, it’s weird and sad.” Those weren’t her words and they’d never be, that sounded more like her brother, That sounded rehearsed and planted into her head.

When she pulled back to skillfully swipe away her tears she fixed her hair in habit and caressed his palm with her finger tips, moving to plant them both together but her fingers never curled around his. She never held his hand and she never would, he knows all too well that she’s too smart to do that.

He watched her walk through the foliage and past the trees one last time and he made sure to memorize every single detail about her body, motions, expressions and color. He’s going to miss her. There, he admitted it, he’s going to miss her voice, her laugh, her eyes, good God those eyes, he can never forget them.

He can never forget the summer’s he spent with Mabel Pines. He’s going to need them if he’s going to be stuck as an immobile stone statue deep in the Oregon forest for the rest of eternity.

werunwithwolves  asked:

Lauren, I'm sorry if this is a question you get asked all the time; how did you come to work the jobs you do?

2 and a half years ago I was fortunate enough to go to Antarctica on a ship as a guest. While I was there, I became friends with a few of the Staff and met the Operations Manager who does the hiring. There was a Photographer in Residence role on the team and when I got home, I reached out in hopes I might be able to snag a spot for the next Arctic season. Luck, perseverance and some Antarctic work already to show, and I got that gig. 

That summer, I worked hard to learn as much about working on ships and being a valuable part of an expedition team as I could. I learned every skill that would make me more employable in the expedition cruise industry. 

I kept on saying yes to ship contracts, gave up stable opportunities at home to pursue a more adventurous life, and here I am now spending more than half my year in the most remote parts of the world. 

I’m very lucky, and I also work really hard. :)