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Imagine flirting with Uhura

“I mean, it’s a big ship. I’m sure it might get a little drafty,” you shrugged innocently at the beautiful woman next to you.

“What does that have to do with knowing my name?”

You could read the fake annoyance on her face, so you leaned into her side and replied quietly. “I just want to know the name of the pretty Lieutenant I’ll be warming up to every night.”

It was then that Uhura cracked and a brilliant smile graced her face, along with a light eye roll. You knew than, that you had won her over, because she gazed over at you and tried to hide the grin from her face.

“Nyota Uhura.”

Shadowhunter 2X10 BEST EPISODE YET <3


1. MALEC SAID I LOVE YOU (proving they just keep getting better and better)

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2. Made Asexual Raphael a canon

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3. THEY END THE CLACE INCEST STORYLINE IN THE FIRST HALF OF S2 (so you know how happy I am cause with the books we didn’t find out till book 3 do you how frustrating it and bad you feel thinking you ship siblings)

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4. Izzy finally came to her senses and kick ass helping her brother

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5. Last but not least Simon Lewis is finally a DAYLIGHTER I have waited for this all season one of my favourite thing from the book come to life

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Now I’m gonna rewatch both season over and over till Monday June 5th for Season 2B to start and then we get Sebastian, the Seelie Queen (Hopefully the Court scene with the Clace kiss), Hopefully we might get to see a little Sizzy (Just a little please) and Lots, lots and lots more Malec.

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*skids out of the void* NO SCHOOL TODAY YEAH~!

I had so much fun making this hahaha it’s inspired and based on THIS post!

Bad news though, I’m getting flooded with so much homework and activities and exams that I might not be able to post stuff on Dazatsu week…

Anyways! I hope you all enjoy this! *awkwardly skids back into the void*


HHHHHHHHHHH AGAIN WHY DO I HAVE TO SPEND SO MUCH TIME ON THIS only to find out I’m late… And where I am? Just barely late. -w-

So celebrating a certain AfterDeath chile’s birthday, you get wishes from your parents, one of your brothers(I’m sorry, I didn’t have the time to draw any more and it might take a lot of work to edit more in), and your… “friend”(And your actual mom wanting to ship you two(I’m sorry nekophy-senpoi).)) While your uncles are just bickering over the smallest little of things… -w- I busted my ass working on this and hhhhhhhhh I’m sorry for it looking even remotely crappy…

But to sum it all up… HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GOTH(Even if it is late and shiz… -w-)!

Goth and Stick-cat - created by @nekophy

Geno Sans, Error Sans, and Fresh Sans - created by @loverofpiggies

Reaper Sans - created by @renrink

Pix(The skele in the third pic) - created by @sugarbatartwork (Hhhhhh I’m sorry if you’re not okay with me using your chile but hhhhhhh I wanted an AfterDeath sibling to greet Goth and all. And I’m sorry for ruining him)

Palette Roller - created by @angexci

Far, Far Away

A/N: I haven’t gotten any requests lately so I just decided to post one. I’m still doing ships but I’d like some requests too. I hope you like this one. I might post a prompt list soon. 

You loved the club and everyone in it. No matter what happened. You never had a reason to doubt anyone. You were apart of the club since you were little and your dad had prospected back when it was just formed. While he wasn’t First 9, he basically was. Everyone treated him with respect, especially when he became the first member to gain the Men of Mayhem patch. He set standards so high that the only person to ever reach his level was Happy. Who became your Old Man once he became a patched member. You were together through everything; your father’s death, JT’s death, and every drama that went through the club. 

Your man told you anything and everything that happened with the club. You were never in the dark, once you explained that you would worry more if he didn’t tell you. He loved that about you though. That you were so loyal and understanding about everything. 

He never had to explain anything sometimes either. Sometimes the club was just hard on him. Which he never let his brother know about. He would come home some days and just fall at your feet as you sat at your desk and just bury his head into your stomach, without saying a word. 

Today was just one of those days. You sat at your desk, working some bills when you heard your man’s bike ride into the driveway. You smiled to yourself, just at the thought of you Old Man. You heard the door open then close before hearing some rustling around in the entryway. His boots thumped onto the floor as he took them off and the sound of leather being taken off and hung up on the hook by the door was heard as you went through your paperwork.

You never heard his steps as he made is way into your office. Although you did look up as he walked up to you and just stared at you. His face revealed nothing, but his eyes did. The conflict and the pain spoke volumes as he just decided to pick you up and bring you into your bedroom before heading for the bathroom. 

He sat you down on the counter as he stripped down to nothing and turned on the water to the temperature he wanted as he then turned to you and stripped you as well. 

You didn’t say anything, because you knew it wouldn’t do anything but piss him off. You just washed him off and scrubbed him down as he liked it. He didn’t say anything either as he just sat his head down on your shoulder and gripped you around your waist. When you were done, you just held him as the water slowly got colder. 

He then turned the water off dried you both off. You two didn’t get dressed but just walked back out into the bedroom and laid down under the covers on the bed. He held him as he laid down on your chest as you scratched at his scalp and his back, slowly falling asleep to sound of your heart and the feel of being with you. 


Ship: Hunk/Keith

Words: 1630

A/N: Remember when I said I would personally make Heith content well here you go. 

Keith Kogane prided himself for keeping a level head most of the time. When times got tough, he knew he could trust himself to not get into a panic and think of a way forward. It was just who he was.

But not now.

To be fair, the entire situation kind of threw him off a little bit. There he was, brooding as he normally did, when a certain yellow paladin came bursting into his room with a bright smile on his face, telling him that he needed an assistant chef and apparently it was Keith’s (un)lucky day.

He normally rotated ‘assistants’ between Pidge and Lance. Apparently he’d had Shiro once but that ended up as a disaster. As much as the paladins admired Shiro as a leader, he was terrible in the kitchen. Hunk never asked Allura or Coran, not that Keith could blame him; Altean food was really weird so he tended to avoid them like the plague, even though they offered to help on many occasions:

But he’d never asked Keith before. Not once. And Keith had to admit that though he knew he shouldn’t have been bothered by it, he kind of was. Every time Hunk would go into the common room, declaring his assistant for the day, a bit of Keith got…hopeful. Though he knew he would ultimately turn him down in that suave, cool way he adopted, at least he would have been acknowledged.

But he never was. At least, not until today.

“Keith, please help me out today?”

It was so out of the blue that, though Keith had initially planned to decline, he found himself stuttering out a “Yeah, sure,” and was whisked away by the incredibly happy yellow paladin.

Though Keith had ventured throughout the ship plenty of times, he hardly went into the kitchen unless it was for water or a snack. Usually when Hunk was cooking, Keith was in another room, so he was surprised when Hunk turned back to him in the kitchen with…a yellow apron?

Keith couldn’t stop staring.

“Okay, so I was doing a bit of experimenting earlier and I think I can make the Altean equivalent of cupcakes.”

The red paladin’s eyes shot up. When was the last time he’d ever had a cupcake? Back when he was still in the garrison? Before? It had been so long. There was a bakery close to his home that sold the best ones he’d ever had. He’d gone there every Saturday as a kid with his dad and he’d always get the chocolate one with the strawberry on top. The entire place just smelled of good food and comfort and home.

“Just don’t get your hopes up, okay? Last time I tried to bake, well…”

“Your cookies saved us in the end, so don’t worry about,” Keith said matter-of-factly. “If they’re inedible maybe Coran could use them to jumpstart the engines.”

Hunk chuckled as he went to fetch the ingredients. “Okay, that was a good one. Let’s get started.”

“I’ve never made cupcakes before.”

Hunk paused and looked back him. “I’ll guide you through it. Don’t worry about it.”

And then he smiled and, quiznak, it was like his joy practically radiated from him and Keith, well, he couldn’t help but smile back, albeit softly. It’s not like he could help it. Hunk’s joy was practically contagious. He was like a bright sunny day, and though they were in the middle of space and Earth’s sun was a ton of lightyears away…Hunk was becoming more and more like the paladin’s sun.

Sweet Maker, that sounded like something out of one of those terrible teen romance movies.

Keith was forced out of his thoughts when Hunk placed a large bag of…whatever in his hands. It nearly knocked the wind out of him and he almost stumbled, but Hunk steadied him.

“Whoa, you okay there Keith?”

His touch was like electricity. Keith rushed out of it as soon as he could, not expecting it, not knowing what else to do.

Hunk looked slightly taken aback and, disappointed? Keith couldn’t tell. Usually Hunk was an open book, but at that exact moment he was difficult to read. Like he didn’t want Keith to know how exactly he was feeling.

Awkwardness heavily settled in. Red and yellow were on opposite sides of the kitchen, not daring to say or do anything.

Keith cleared his throat. “So uh, what did you want me to do with this?” He gestured at the bag in his arms.

Relief washed over Hunk’s. “Um, yeah, there’re some jugs in the cabinet over there. Altean measurement is pretty weird, but just take the medium one and measure two of those.”

Keith nodded mechanically and set to work. The two of them soon relaxed into a routine. Hunk was doing most of the talking, he didn’t seem to mind it much either and any of the previous awkwardness was melted away.

The way they worked was pretty methodical. Hunk would ask Keith for a spoon or direct him to certain places for weird ingredients. Keith didn’t do any of the actual baking, which he was fine with. Hunk looked like he knew what he was doing.

But there was one thing Keith noticed over time. Throughout their time in the kitchen, after that one incident, Hunk never touched him. And it wasn’t coincidentally either. If the two of them were close, Keith noticed Hunk subtly adjust himself slightly so they were further apart.

He was doing everything in his power to make Keith feel comfortable. He was joking around and laughing so Keith was too busy enjoying himself to notice it at first, but Hunk was adapting himself to accommodate him. It hit Keith in waves. It made him feel grateful that he would go through such lengths for him. But at the same time…

At the same time he thought about Hunk’s relationship with the others. About how he’d ruffle Pidge’s hair, bump shoulders with Lance, sweep Allura up in a hug, high five Shiro, pat Coran’s back. Hunk was a tactile person. He was affectionate. It was just who he was. And now Keith yearned for the same. He wanted Hunk to touch him; ruffle his hair, bump his shoulder, be swept up in those arms which he knew probably felt safe—

“Dude, you okay?”


Hunk was looking at him in concern. “I said we need to put these in the oven, but you kind of zoned out there. Do you need to lie down? I can take it from here.”

“No, I’m fine.” He found that he said this almost too quickly. “I…”

I really like spending time with you.

The concerned look didn’t leave, but Hunk put the cupcakes in the oven anyway and set the timer for fifteen dobashes.

There was a comfortable silence as Hunk cleared away the supplies after taking off his apron. Keith stared after him contemplatively before finally asking him the question that was plaguing his mind the whole time.

“Why me?”

Hunk looked back at him in confusion.

“I mean…you always ask Pidge or Lance to help you out in the kitchen. Were they too busy for you or something?”

Hunk’s face thawed slightly. “You were the first one I asked today, actually. I thought it would be good for you to get out of whatever headspace you’ve been in the past few days.”

“But…you’ve never asked me before.”

The yellow paladin chuckled sheepishly. “Because I’d always assume you’d say no. And honestly I couldn’t really stand the thought of—”

He stopped speaking abruptly, as though he’d said too much.

“The thought of what?”

With a sigh, Hunk palmed his face. “Please don’t make me say it.”

Now Keith was curious. Whatever was going on was really bugging Hunk and making him uncomfortable and wasn’t one way of getting rid of discomfort talking about it?

“Hunk, talk to me. What’s going on?”

Hunk looked away, avoiding eye contact. In that moment, Keith couldn’t help but think that for someone so large he looked really small.

“Ththougofrejction,” he mumbled.


“The thought of rejection,” Hunk said slightly louder this time, still avoiding eye contact. And with the way he said it, Keith knew immediately that he wasn’t talking about cooking anymore.

There was a silence, but only externally. On the inside it was as if those words had opened the floodgates that contained Keith’s emotions. He was swamped, floored, he could barely stand up.

All this time. All this time.

“I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to ruin the dynamic of the team. We work so well together. I just…” Hunk trailed off and scratched the back of his head. “I’m sorry.”

Was he…was he seriously apologising?

“I didn’t know…”

“Would it have changed anything?”

Would it? If Keith had known that Hunk felt that way about him…

“Look, we can act like this never happened. I don’t mind,” Hunk continued, taking Keith’s silence as a ‘no’.

But Keith knew, he could see that Hunk minded. That Hunk cared. That this was killing him.

Keith walked up to him, closing the gap between them. He reached out to touch his arm, hesitantly at first, before he placed it there completely.

“It would have changed everything.”

Hunk froze at his words, completely overwhelmed.

Then, something snapped and Keith was wrapped in his arms. And it was everything he thought it would be. It felt safe. It felt like how that bakery he went to smelt. It felt like home.

“Is…this okay?” Hunk asked after a moment, remembering how Keith reacted to his touch earlier.

Keith looked up at the yellow paladin before stretching up and pressing their lips together in a soft kiss.

“No. This is perfect.”

So, @lenaluthordefensesquad sent this post to me and asked for my thoughts on the comments. Now this petty back and forth between supercorp and sanvers is something I have been aware of and seen but have purposefully tried to avoid as much as possible and not engage with. However, Meadow asked me to make a post because apparently I said some things worthwhile. So here’s the thing. I ship both supercorp and sanvers (although I still tag it detective danvers because I am a little petty myself but i’m not gonna talk about that here it’s irrelevant). So keep that in mind because I might sound harsh towards sanvers here. Basically, my problem with the comments on that post are that they are trying to blame something that they perceive as a problem on the existence of a non canon ship. So, my response to seeing the post is this: First of all, to say that in general Supercorp gets more screentime than Sanvers gets is just untrue. Lena has only been in a handful of episodes, most of which she had very little screentime. The fact that we finally got a Lena centric episode does not mean that supercorp is suddenly getting more screentime than sanvers. The other issue is that, the writers of the show are not putting scenes with Kara and Lena in with the non canon ship in mind. Lena and Kara’s friendship in and of itself, without the existence of the ship is IMPORTANT to the show.  The show is called supergirl, and while yes Kara and Alex are equal Lead characters, the main storyline is not about the romances and it shouldn’t be. Sanvers has always been a side plot for this reason and will probably continue to be. Lena’s episode relates to the larger action portion of the plot that the show has always focused on where Kara and the DEO are fighting bad guys, in this case Cadmus (idk if i spelled that right, but I don’t care). Also, it is important that Kara have friends on the show who are not just the boys that fall in love with her. In season one she had Cat as a friend and Alex as her sister. In season 2 if Lena was not allowed to develop this relationship with Kara, Kara would be down to NO female friends, and Alex being the only other woman she really interacts with often. So Lena and Kara’s relationship, even without the existence of supercorp is integral to Kara as a character and as the lead character. 

If Sanvers shippers truly want to complain about them not getting much screentime, there is a whole host of other things that are more responsible for that, that would be legitimate to criticize. Mon-El becoming more of a lead character and getting the screentime of a lead character is one of them. But I think we need to remember that this is an ensemble show, and it is not the Sanvers show. Sanvers has had and will continue to get some centric episodes where they get a lot of screentime, but because of the size of the cast that is not going to happen every episode. I also have a HUGE problem with the superiority complex shippers of canon ships seem to have. I honest to god always thought it was just a hetero shipper issue. But it looks like in the microcosm of fandom we are having a similar thing happen with the relationship between canon and non canon f/f shipping that has happened between say, white cis gay men and the rest of the LGBTQ+ community. It’s like once they finally get to be part of the elite canon group who has the power of writer validation behind them, they want to shit all over the people who don’t have that luxury. This is something I really truly do not understand. It used to be that ALL f/f ships were noncanon because we did not GET to be canon. and it is fantastic that we now once in a while get canon ships, but fandom was created and developed for the specific reason to transform the canon text into something new, to explore things within the story that do not get explored by the actual writers. This is our history. Please do not forget that. Fan works exist to take a story places that the mainstream media and the writers of the show won’t go. So to come in and hijack a post made by a supercorp shipper as a JOKE based on the fact that Katie McGrath has played many gay characters in the past and seems to have ridiculous chemistry with other women, melissa included, is uncalled for and rude and not actually justified. Supercorp is not canon. We know that. We KNOW that Alex and Maggie are in fact more gay than Lena because the show acknowledges their gayness, but we are allowed to joke about the chemistry and how flirty Katie McGrath is without have a horde of petty sanvers shippers jumping on us. 

And I have even more so a problem with this type of fan who would comment on posts in this way, because they seem to be the same kind of people who joined the fandom ONLY because they heard there was a canon f/f ship in the show, but instead of joining the fandom and appreciated supergirl as a whole and respecting the fandom environment and works created previously, they came in and shit on everyone in the existing fandom. They disregard season one and it’s importance, and many of them came in and shit on the General Danvers shippers for shipping a ship that has existed since the beginning of the show because it wasn’t the current canon ship and astra is “Evil and dead”. Which btw, General Danvers was my only ship on supergirl for quite a long time. And in that same vein, Supercorp actually existed as a ship long before Sanvers existed, and even longer before Sanvers became canon, so to suddenly feel that Lena and Kara’s relationship, which has been developing since the very first episode of this season, shouldn’t get screentime because sanvers is the canon ship is just petty. You want them to give more screentime to their canon f/f ship, you feel that they hype it up to much for the amount of follow through you get? fine, critique that about the writers, but do not blame supercorp and it’s existence and do not go hijacking supercorp shippers posts to be petty. I am not here for ship wars between f/f ships. The only ship wars I can at all justify are the ones where it is a non canon f/f ship pointing out the how a canon f/m ship is heteronormative or fans who happen to ship an f/f pairing critiquing an f/m ship because it is written in a sexist manner or a harmful manner. And even then, I do not support post hijacking or message spamming to the shippers of those ships. Otherwise, there is absolutely no reason that ships should be fighting and jumping on eachothers posts just to be petty, especially not between to f/f ships. So, that’s it. That’s my opinion on the “discourse”. This ended up being a hell of a lot longer than I expected, but I think everything I said was important and relevant. Please be respectful to one another. Other f/f ships are not the enemy here.

anonymous asked:

Hey! It's ukelelerapgirl here, sorry I'm on anon. I was just wondering earlier, do you think of all your comics as happening in the same universe/timeline? Or do you think of them as kind of happening in a void of sorts, just standalone..I just wondered because sometimes characters and context seem like they are a little different from one comic to the next. I might be seeing things in a silly way. And it might just be how you write, of course. just wonderin if you thought about that at all! :)

Hello there!

Hmm. Legit question, I think.

I have to apologize for not mentioning this earlier, but I thought it was like obvious that each comic/story stands on its own, especially when the ship is different. My fault.

I know that some of my personal headcanons about a character might figure in more than just a single comic because, you know, I try to be coherent in something, sometimes, eheh! But still…

Ok. Let’s make it simple: no, they’re not connected. Think of them like… on-shot fan fictions? Is that the correct definition?

If you were wondering specifically about my R76 comics, like Reaper’s New Toy and the Powerless Series, they’re definitely NOT connected.

Mercy76 Week’s Comics, otherwise, yeah, they might be a little connected in time and universe, because  I thought of them as a big, single thing.

The Mercykill series stands on its own as for this new title-less comic about the dads and the cowboy.

Btw, some time ago I created a page in which you can find a list of all my comics and they’re labeled as One-Shots, Series Finished and Series In Progress.

I hope I managed to answer your question! Thanks for asking!

So, we don’t know if Fairy Tail is coming to an end or not - sure seems that way, with Zeref and Acnologia seemingly the last huge hurdles to overcome. But who knows? Maybe Mashima will throw us a curveball and there’ll be another arc with Ankhseram or something completely different.

Setting aside that possibility, FT is quite likely reaching its end. It’s been quite a ride with lots of bumps in the road; no series is perfect. Speaking for me personally, I only started tuning in for the better part of half a year now. You can tell me all your gripes about the series, and I’ll still tell you more than a few things I like about it. Even arcs like GMG.

Buuut this post isn’t about that. With the series coming to a close and shippers clamoring to support their ships, I figured I’d post a little something for Natza shippers who might be feeling down about Nalu and Jerza shippers POSSIBLY  'getting their way’. Just consider this a little reminder of some of the reasons you supported Natza in the first place. Out of respect to other shippers, I’ll try and tone down ‘anti-nalu’ and 'anti-jerza’ talk, but it might still come up in a few places. Kinda unavoidable…

First up, these two have history. And I don’t mean 'slaves trapped constructing a cultist tower’, I simply mean prior to the first chapter/episode, these two had seven years together, working and living together at Fairy Tail. That might not seem like much, since Erza became S-Class in X780 and kinda left Natsu and Gray in the dust, but they most certainly associated with one another. Igneel provided a base for Natsu’s education, but Erza built up on that. Natsu couldn’t read the job request flier he picked out on his own, and Erza made sure he could… Admittedly traumatizing him in the process. You want more than reluctant student and teacher? In a manga chapter we got not too long ago, we got flashbacks of Natsu, Gray, and Erza (as kids) doing stuff together; Erza breaking up fights, Erza teaching them hunting… and yes, even the times they bathed together. You might say, “Well… wait. That’s not Natza!” And I’ll agree. I’m simply pointing out that Natsu and Erza have history - seven years of it. It’s not a case of Natsu being 'scared’ of Erza for all that time; yes, he has those times where Erza intimidates him into behaving, but you know that little Pyro. He’s just gotta challenge Erza and catch up to her. Erza’s not someone unbeatable; she just really… really… strong. And of course Natsu admires that.

So now we’re to current events as the series officially begins. Admittedly, it takes a few episodes before Erza gets her debut, but she shows up, and we get our first impressions of the scarlet knight. She’s a tough disciplinarian, but she knows Natsu and Gray well enough to know they’re capable in their own right. Moreover, Natsu really shows determination here as he makes Erza promise to have a rematch with him after the mission. And that’s how they, Lucy, and Happy wind up going on their first conquest of a Dark Guild. Ah, but Erza comes with her own quirks, just like Natsu and Gray. She totes around a HUGE pile of luggage, and to make the train ride easier on Natsu, she… knocks… him… out. Still by far one of my favorite moments of the series. I can see why some might label Natza as a brotp with this kind of scene, but our time will come.

So they beat Eisenwald and Lullaby, and Natsu and Erza get their rematch. Whoo hoo. But their rematch gets broken up as the Council comes to arrest Erza for the destruction of the Guild Conference meeting hall in Clover Town (at least officially…).Of course Natsu won’t let that stand, and he makes quite a scene in the courtroom as he tries to save the redhead. … Well, instead of that slap on the wrist like they’d initially attended, the Council locks the two Fairy Tail mages in a cell for the night. Understandably, Erza is quite frustrated with Natsu’s lack of perception, but nonetheless, she thanks him for standing up for her.

As we’ll discover throughout the series, there are lots of instances where Natsu and Erza are concerned for one another; but moreover, there are plenty of instances where they strongly believe in one another as well. And it’s not just misplaced trust - they DO get the job done, such as when Natsu beats Gajeel and saves Lucy, and when Erza withstood a blast from the Jupiter Cannon for her Guild and still had the energy to take down Aria a short while later. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a basis for a healthy relationship right there. Worry and trust come in fair shares; as time goes on, these two become less and less worried for one another even in the face of overwhelming odds. They know the other can handle the situation and come out on top; the worry never goes away fully, just decreases in the face of mutual respect and trust.

And then we reach the epitome of our Natza ship… Nalu’s worst nightmare…The Tower of Heaven Arc. I am going to try and sidestep the icky love triangle that Mashima tries to make here - I’ll make it as simple as possible. This arc is where we learn about Erza’s past. Why she is the way she is, why she doesn’t get along with Councilman Siegrain, why she can find it hard to open up to people. Erza tries to keep her Fairy Tail family out of it, but they get dragged into it anyway. She mends bridges with her old friends, thanks to Simon; but on the flipside, Erza acts very much unlike herself here (at least from what we’ve seen up to this point). In this conflict, Erza is ready to throw her life away to protect both of her families. Despite being a seasoned warrior by this point, she can’t summon the same strength that she did when she tried to fight Jose Porla! And she’s in better shape than she was at that time! Perhaps some will argue that this is simply who Erza is - strip away her armor, and she’s a traumatized little girl with a *tragic* past. Ugh. Nope, nope, nope. By no means am I arguing that Erza can’t have her tender side; it’d be hard to like her character if she didn’t have such a side. What I am saying is that when Erza left the Tower of Heaven, she was alone and lost when she wandered to Fairy Tail. But in that time there, she acquired a new family, recovered the strength she once had when Grandpa Rob died and she inspired the slaves to keep on fighting. In fact, you could say she surpassed that strength - she became S-Class, didn’t she? Yet the moment her past comes back to haunt her, Erza horribly reverts; she goes into that fight with Jellal with a defeatist’s mindset. Thankfully, Natsu is up to the task of helping Erza bury her past. He fights Jellal, who is one of the Ten Wizard Saints, who took over the management of the Tower of Heaven, and who killed the mutual friend he and Erza once shared - the guy who made it possible for Erza to reconnect with her old family, Simon. He fights Jellal knowing most if not all of this, even when Erza desperately pleads with him to abandon the fight. Natsu can’t and won’t abandon her, though. In the end, Natsu makes a gutsy move of eating Etherion, and that gives him the strength to beat down Mr. Wizard Saint. Say what you will about that, how the fight 'should’ have gone, but I think it worked very well symbolically. Erza’s past warred with her present and future, and guess which came out on top? The scarlet knight picked herself up yet again and moved on with her life, despite lingering thoughts on Jellal and Simon. We can probably agree that Natsu had similar moments of getting worked up over villains hurting other friends - Lucy (present and Future), Yukino, etc. - but for me personally, I feel like there’s something fundamentally different in how those moments feel compared to the Tower of Heaven. For Lucy, Natsu saving her happens a little too often without Lucy doing the same as much for my tastes (in other words, those hero moments don’t feel as deep and meaningful to me). And for Yukino… well. I think anyone would get worked up over Yukino’s treatment by her Guild (especially her Master). I feel like Erza and the Tower of Heaven is different because Natsu connected with her more deeply than he ever had prior to this; he saw her pain, and wished for nothing more than to end her tears. He panicked after she sacrificed herself to stop the Tower from exploding. And in that dreamlike vision of the future brought about by Etherion, Natsu didn’t believe that Erza had died. Everyone else had given up, but not him. And whose arms does she wake up in, after realizing someone had saved her from being fully absorbed by Etherion? Natsu’s. He even makes her promise not to do such a suicidal move again. On Erza’s side, she recognizes his growth the moment he took down Jellal, and she tried to get him out of the Tower before it exploded. After seeing how affected Natsu would have been with her death, Erza cites that, “You don’t die for your friends. You live for them.” It was a pretty good shippy moment right there, but then the rest of their friends find them and rejoice that they’re all alive.

We can whine about it all we want, but when the Oracion Seis arc hit, that’s when the Jerza ship began to get a little more wind in its sail. After all, the man that brought Erza pain in the past returned, but he had… amnesia. You gotta be sympathetic to a guy like that, right? They had such a tragic past, and now Jellal can’t remember it. What a pity. … Okay, enough bashing. But it is a bit annoying for us Natza shippers; after the high that we got from ToH, we’re suddenly smashed back to earth with Jellal’s return. You can say that Natsu came to forgive Jellal in this arc, but that isn’t the case when you inspect the arc carefully. After all, what’s the first thing Natsu does when he first hears that Wendy revived Jellal? He’s intent on making sure Erza never has to see him again. Not out of jealousy - but out of sympathy for his friend. Natsu doesn’t want to see her cry again, but despite this, Erza finds the blue-haired mage anyway and comes to the dissatisfying conclusion that Jellal really can’t remember all of his past atrocities. Later, Jellal goes off to help Natsu fight Zero, and the Pyro tries to fight him off as well. Sure, Jellal ended up helping Natsu in the end, giving him something equally as potent as Etherion so that he may attain Dragon Force again, but that anger that Natsu holds hasn’t vanished. They’re tentative allies against a greater threat. And when the Rune Knights come to take Jellal and Oracion Seis away, Natsu doesn’t fight for Jellal’s freedom because he’s a swell guy that helped take down Zero; he does it for Erza, because the redhead is conflicted about resisting the Council’s authority. Despite his personal feelings about the blue-haired mage, he tries to resist for Erza’s sake so that the two can resolve their past. Of course, Erza tells him and the others to stand down in the end, and the Dragon Slayer grudgingly complies. Erza goes back to angsting about her past.  

I’m not gonna say my interpretation of events is the one, true way to look at the series. I AM saying this is how we Natza fans see the relationships between Natsu, Erza, Jellal, and Lucy. Some of you naysayers will argue Natsu and Erza are siblings; Jellal and Erza have such a tragic and *amazing* past together; Natsu brought Lucy to Fairy Tail and totally fell in love; you’re perfectly fine with believing in any of that. Just don’t shove your theories down our throats. From a Natza fan’s perspective, such as mine, Natsu brings out the best in Erza; he doesn’t make her think about her past every five minutes or force her to be the ever-shining beacon in their relationship. On the flipside, Erza doesn’t require saving all the time; she stands alongside Natsu, and is a pillar for him when he is sad or has doubts. Natza is mutual, and I think there’s something deeper there than sibling love. Heck, there are still Natza moments floating throughout the series, it’s just that whenever Jellal gets involved… yeah. You can tell what Mashima is likely pushing for, just not very convincingly. It’s fine if Erza becomes Jellal’s redemption, but it’s such a shame that a mutual, passionate relationship like Natza goes out the window in favor of giving Jellal a relationship to go with his redemption. Just look at all the various moments they have together…

So yeah! Criticize the Natza ship all you want, but you’ll never stomp us out completely. Even if Mashima cedes to you Nalu and Jerza fans, we’ll still have all these moments and more to look back on - canon, filler, omake, you name it. I think we have reason to be proud of our ship to the very end. We’re not a brotp or a fanon couple - if Nalu can be argued to be semi-canon, when it wasn’t in Mashima’s original plan, then I don’t see why we can’t make a case for it being at least semi-canon. I’ve certainly reflected long and hard on it over the past half year I’ve been into FT. I’m still going to be bummed if Mashima follows the crowd and forces Nalu and Jerza to happen, but I won’t falter in my love for this ship. I encourage other 'unpopular’ ships to do the same. I certainly don’t mind other ships with Natsu involved; Natza is just my OTP.

I’ve never watched this show. I might start someday but I’m just scrolling through tags and happy that malec is an actual canon ship and there was never click bait and it was all there from the beginning. No lies, no cheats no “ooooooooh yeah they toooootally love eacother” from the writers and throwing stupid little wanna be hints out there as if to insinuate (I’M STARING AT YOU SUPERNATURAL AND TEEN WOLF) and then totally going OOOOOPS WE LIED (Still staring at spn and teen wolf) and not keeping word like they said

I’m happy that it’s an honest queer/gay couple and there’s no lies.

Im losing sight, Im losing touch
All these little things seem to matter so much
That they confuse me
That I might lose me

Take a moment to think of just,
Flexibility, Love and Trust

//Some of the doodles I did during tonights stream~ All the shidge for you lovelies cuz I know the tag is dry as a desert

umeki-nara replied to your photoset “If the writers really wanted to, they would’ve found a way to make…”

I’m wondering Sapphire explaning a Peridot presence with her. I mean, I it’s understable a pearl, a ruby guard and even high quartz guard but a Peridot? It’s my question xd

Also maybe Peridot is better at hacking than Pearl but then we should miss a little things if she opened the doors…

honestly, they could’ve just said she’s the operator of the ship and they wouldn’t even be lying lol

and if they wanted to go and make a stronger case, peridot could’ve pretended she was sent to check up on the Cluster - like how she was originally meant to when she came to earth - and sapphire would mention she wanted to come with to nab a human for the diamonds (even though the zoo idea is still really gross, but that’s a discussion for another time and this is in the scenario where that entire ‘arc’ isn’t completely overhauled)

also, despite the fact that old crystal gems being outdated regarding gem culture, they’d still have Peridot to be their anchor and fill them in on what’s still the norm and what isn’t. We could’ve potentially had more insight on old and new gem customs, Peridot development, AND still have the rescue mission going on

just bringing Peridot along would’ve been a good idea in all areas imo bc I think I’d rather see the gems competently deal with situations that have relatively easy solutions to, but struggle in legitimately difficult obstacles that makes the solution hard to obtain rather than floundering all the time and relying on ‘luck’ (aka writers’ ‘coincidences’) to overcome obstacles

anonymous asked:

Personally, I'm not sure if I would say otayuri is pedophilia... I do agree with your earlier anon that their age gap is not okay rn. And it should be remembered that Yurio said his body hadn't undergone changes yet in one of the earlier episodes. He might have meant puberty (which WOULD make otayuri or any Yurio/adult ship pedophilia). I don't like otayuri, but as long as people at least age up Yurio then it's not too horrible.

Yeah, I can see that people don’t like Yurio/adult ships much since the age gap is just so large, and that’s understandable, but calling Otayuri pedophilia is a little too far. Honestly, I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen, but a 15 year old boy who’s well fit probably have started puberty, but I’m not saying Yurio might have or might have not, it’s not mentioned in the show, but I personally thought that he has reached puberty, and thought that when he said his body “hasn’t changed yet,” I thought he hadn’t hit his growth spurt, which does happen a lot later. But I personally don’t see Otayuri as pedophilia, since Otabek just turned 19 and a mentality of a 19 year old is still pretty much a teen, and not quite there as an adult. But I do feel other Yurio ships to be uncomfortable, since everyone is just so much older, so yep, i guess that’s my opinion.

5 Reasons Why I Ship #SouMako

Okay - I have to admit that #SouMako is not a popular ship and I might offend some MakoHaru shippers, and I know this will never happen in the anime series but hey! I love to dream. These are the reasons on why I ship #SouMako.

1. Their opposite personalities

In my little fantasy world - I just have this strong feeling that Sousuke and Makoto, which have opposite personality will attract to one another. 

Sousuke - being bold and strong will go weak for the cheerful and smiling Makoto. 

2. The way Sousuke told Makoto to call him “Sousuke” only

Even though Sousuke and Makoto did briefly meet in the past (aka Free! Starting Days reference) but in Japan, it’s partly manners to address someone with a certain pronoun, unless the person you are addressing to is a close friend and doesn’t mind addressing them only with their name (such as Haru and Makoto or Haru and Rin) 

Well, it’s quite surprising that Sousuke actually took the plunge and told Makoto not to add “-kun” to his name

I just love this moment when Makoto was quite shock when Sousuke told him to do so.

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can we just appreciate the survey corps parents moments in chapter 73

like on how survey corps mama hanji protected her precious little survey corps babies

and on how survey corps papa levi scolded survey corps baby eren, papa cares (lol)

and on how the levihan finished each other sentences like wtf is this the new frozen but still levihan moment yay

and we could not seriously forgot on how levi and hanji  the levihans are protecting each others back like omfg look on how they protect each other and i can’t stop from smiling *muffled screaming*

this ship seriously might be the cause of my death, ain’t kidding at all

  • Jason: Uh... Wally?
  • Wally: *Stares for a moment at the shuffling boy before sighing* What did you break?
  • Jason: Artemis and Rocket said I couldn't possibly catch Dick off guard... He might... Possibly... Be on his way to being shipped to China in a box with little air holes.
  • Wally: Did you leave any trace that it was you?
  • Jason: No. He'll just think it was Artemis that did it.
  • Wally: And you put air holes in?
  • *Jason nods, then Wally pats him on the head*
  • Wally: Good kid.

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Headcanons. Law and Luffy have companionable silences which Law really appreciates. Both of them think about the other when it's quiet at night and they're separated in the current arc. Luffy likes to surprise Law because it keeps things lively. I bet Luffy might be a little bummed Law and the others won't get to see the super cool entrance he's plotting. They have never worn each other's hats but Luffy has worn Law's shirt when it's too cold for the vest

I love you sm I can feel the good luck vibrating 😭💕💕

Law sitting in silence at the dead of night onboard his ship just letting his thoughts stray to Luffy, immediately realising just who his thoughts have become about, reddening and internally reprimanding himself aaa I’m dead

And bc Luffy is so small (about half a foot shorter) Law’s hoodie comes to like his mid thighs so whenever Law sees him traipsing around in just the hoodie with his tanned, firm, cute lil legs poking out he has to look away to remain even remotely sane

Two sides of the same coin

Arthur Pendragon & Merlin Emrys
The once and Future King & the greatest Sorcerer to ever walk the Earth

The last days mark my re-obsession with Merlin and here we are, I drew something. Funny to compare this accidental piece with the old one of these two (klick) from 2013.

Bouquet💐 - A Tsukikane Playlist

Not art, but, I always think about making character or ship playlists every time I go on walks and listen to my music, so I finally just did. All the links just go through to youtube videos. I tried to only get lyric ones but some might not be. And of course, I’m human, so there will probably be some mistakes but I think only a few…hopefully…Anyways, Enjoy!
ALSO, warning, some of these songs may be graphic/sexual/violent/ect.

The Horror of Our Love - Ludo
Eros and Apollo - Studio Killers
Bad Moon Rising - Mourning Ritual
Animals - Maroon 5
In the Chapel in the Moonlight - Dean Martin

Treat Me Kindly (Or Else):
Cherry Lips - Garbage
Bulletproof - La Roux
Remedy - Little Boots
Little Red Riding Hood - Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs  

I Need Your Sword:
Nightcall - Kavinsky
Bang - Armchair Cynics
Calm Me Down - Mother Mother
Lips like Morphine - Kill Hannah
I Can’t Stay Away - The Veronicas
Ain’t that a Kick in the Head - Dean Martin

Sway - Dean Martin
You Are the One - Shiny Toy Guns
Fade into You - Mazzy Star
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons
That Home - The Cinematic Orchestra

Please Don’t Go:
Icarus - Bastille
Nothing Better - Postal Service
Honey and the Moon - Joseph Arthur 
Who is in Your Heart Now - Studio Killers
What Sarah Said - Death Cab for Cutie
I’ll Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie
Summer Wind - Frank Sinatra 

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