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So today is the day.

I know, right now, a lot of you are scared. You see this as the end of your world, so what I’m going to say first is a little harsh: It’s not. This, in the grand scheme of things, is just a passing moment, a temporary rising of the tide. It’s scary, that’s for sure, and it might seem for a moment that the waves will capsize us, but our ship is stronger than that, our crew more experienced. 

Already we’re seeing the strain of Donald Trump’s presidency, and he hasn’t even taken office yet. The people he’s counted on to support him are withdrawing already, and the people he’s putting into the cabinet aren’t exactly the best fit for the job. This is not a well oiled oppression machine that’s being put into place. This is a businessman who thinks he can put his friends on the board and still succeed.

The real government lies in the House and in the Senate, and a few recent missteps aside, they’ve proven to be mostly balanced, and usually able to listen to reason. Let them know what you want. Make them terrified of not being reelected. 

Most of all, be visible. The bullies want us to vanish into the darkness, because it give them control. They want us divided, because it makes us weaker and lets them call us uncivilized. The time for warring with ourself is over, America. We are the United States, and that still means something. Choose cooperation over anger, choose compassion over hatred. Do not let fear win this day, do not let the foundations and principles that this country is built on fail. 

A lot of you are young, I’m young. We didn’t experience the struggles that led to this moment, but they are etched in our history. America has a heritage, and it may not be completely clean, but there’s still much to be proud of, many ideals to carry. 

This, too, will pass. The tides of history, of society, are turning against the bigots. 10 years ago, I could never have imagined I might actually be a woman, but now it seems like it will be accepted in my lifetime. 10 years ago, I never would have believed that I could watch new patterns woven into the fabric of our history, but it’s happening right in front of us.

The people you’re afraid of? They are afraid. They are losing control of their world, and that is always painful. They have sincerely held beliefs that are being shredded right before their eyes, and nothing is stronger or scarier than a human being fighting for what is most precious to them. There is going to be a war, though I pray it is not a war of weapons and armies. People will die, for there is no change enacted that is not written in the blood of those who have gone before.

I have faith in all of you. Faith you can look past prejudice, past fear and hatred. Proof that this sleeping giant will rise again to defend her people from threats both inside and out. We are America; we believe in freedom and justice above all else. Never forget that.

Two sides of the same coin

Arthur Pendragon & Merlin Emrys
The once and Future King & the greatest Sorcerer to ever walk the Earth

The last days mark my re-obsession with Merlin and here we are, I drew something. Funny to compare this accidental piece with the old one of these two (klick) from 2013.

*skids out of the void* NO SCHOOL TODAY YEAH~!

I had so much fun making this hahaha it’s inspired and based on THIS post!

Bad news though, I’m getting flooded with so much homework and activities and exams that I might not be able to post stuff on Dazatsu week…

Anyways! I hope you all enjoy this! *awkwardly skids back into the void*


“I’m used to you sitting next to me” -phil

“welcome to Dan’s barber shop” and dan just fucking combs phils hair

“i never comb my hair thats how I get the scruffy emo look” -also phil

phil just giving up on putting on the scarf and saying fold it and dan just helps him what a good scarf folder

dan fixing phils cape

phil petting dans head while hes in the morph suit

phil grabbing dan’s hand… to guide him to where his nipples are

they literally cosplayed as makoharu, dan ships makoharu, phil dressed as haru, they both agreed dan looks like makoto, phil looks like haru, dan has a fucking haru body pillow, he might as well have a phil body pillow that says “im phil trash number one” u nerd

more dan playing with phil’s hair

“I should just be a stylist” -dan

“fuck me phil” -also dan

dan running his fingers through his fringe, giving him a little quiff and iT STAYS LIKE THAT FOR A COUPLE JUMPCUTS OKAY

he’s so pretty with a quiff omg

“I do not trust you with that philly

phils laugh when dan comes on screen in a squid costume

“I’m censoring all this because we’re ‘bout to get like an anime right now. whooooOOO here we go phil. good thing you’re not a school girl” -dan implies hentai

dan rolling back and flashing every one his bum “whoaaaa here we go”

“you don’t know him guys” dan says after being almost chopped up by phil

“okay it was kinda fun”


calling phil philly again

“homoerotic ice skating”

Song Soulmate AU

Soulmate AU where everyone is born with a song that is innately engrained into them and their soulmate has the same song. No one else can recreate the tune except for the pair and people express their songs through their voice or different instruments. Some people may just have a little hymn in their head that they hum to all the time, and others might have full songs that they play or sing. 

Typically, both pieces of the pair will be on the same level of musical inclination (i.e a piano prodigy won’t be paired with someone who can barely drum their song with their fingers) However, occasionally, people will be born with difficulties understanding music, like a piece of their brain is locked and they can’t access it until they meet their soulmate and it’s awakened. (so cheesy I know) A lot of times this will happen when one part of the pair is like a prodigy and they won’t meet their soulmate until later than most. 

Plot twist, you can’t finish composing the song until you meet your soulmate. There may be spots missing that you can’t figure out, or maybe you can’t figure out how it ends. It’s because you can’t finish the song without knowing pieces of the other half’s life. You finish each other’s stories.

Some people’s songs are short and sweet, some are like entire scores or compositions. Maybe it’s indicative of the kind of journey you will have with your soulmate. 

Dark Plot Twist, if something happens to your soulmate (i.e they die or somehow can’t ever find you because they’re too sick), before you’ve met them, you’ll forget the song or it starts to sound off gradually over time until it’s not really the song anymore. If you’ve already met and they die, the song changes back to your original. 

5 Reasons Why I Ship #SouMako

Okay - I have to admit that #SouMako is not a popular ship and I might offend some MakoHaru shippers, and I know this will never happen in the anime series but hey! I love to dream. These are the reasons on why I ship #SouMako.

1. Their opposite personalities

In my little fantasy world - I just have this strong feeling that Sousuke and Makoto, which have opposite personality will attract to one another. 

Sousuke - being bold and strong will go weak for the cheerful and smiling Makoto. 

2. The way Sousuke told Makoto to call him “Sousuke” only

Even though Sousuke and Makoto did briefly meet in the past (aka Free! Starting Days reference) but in Japan, it’s partly manners to address someone with a certain pronoun, unless the person you are addressing to is a close friend and doesn’t mind addressing them only with their name (such as Haru and Makoto or Haru and Rin) 

Well, it’s quite surprising that Sousuke actually took the plunge and told Makoto not to add “-kun” to his name

I just love this moment when Makoto was quite shock when Sousuke told him to do so.

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Balconino Scene

For @chassecroise who wanted to see a fic using Marichat tropes with DJNoir. This was a lot of fun to write. I may have a new side ship now…

Essentially, Chat Noir visits Nino and asks for some romantic advice.

AO3 link

The night was cool enough that he didn’t mind leaving the door to his small balcony open. The fresh air was particularly pleasant given the unusually warm temperature tonight. Besides, the familiar sounds of Paris at night made an excellent backdrop to the music he was editing.

However, the sound of someone landing just outside his room was a little unusual.

Nino popped off his headphones, leaving them around his neck as he peered outside.

Of all the things he might have expected to see at midnight, Chat Noir, looking perhaps a little out of his element, was not one of them.

“Uh…” Nino stood and walked over. “Chat Noir?”

Chat Noir looked up at him, bright green eyes almost glowing. “Hey, um. Nino, right?”

“Yeah.” Given the fact that nearly all of the akuma attacks had happened at school and he was best friends with the girl running the Ladyblog, he wasn’t entirely sure why Chat Noir was pretending to be unsure of who he was. “Is…everything okay?”

“Oh, yeah! Just…” He seemed to think for a moment. “Just patrolling and saw your door was open. I wanted to check and see if you were all right.”

Nino raised a brow. As far as excuses went, that one seemed to be flimsy at best. He knew from experience that at least ten of his neighbors left their doors open when the temperature suited them. To prove his point, Nino walked out, stood beside to Chat Noir, and glanced around at the dozen or so open doors. “Lucky that you landed on my balcony.”

Chat Noir backed up a step, rubbing the back of his neck. “Oh, yeah. I… Yep.”

“So, what’s up?” Nino couldn’t bring himself to press the issue. Not when Chat Noir looked so nervous. In fact, he looked far more nervous than Nino had ever seen him, and he’d seen a lot of footage of Chat Noir. He had practically memorized the way he moved and fought. He’d definitely memorized the cut of his costume and the impressively toned lines of his body, which his costume managed to show off to an incredible degree, despite covering every inch of skin. Not that he’d thought about it outside of his hours of editing for the Ladyblog.

“Well, now that you mention it.” Chat Noir leaned back against the balcony with a small smile. “I heard from a friend that you give good advice.”

“I mean… I guess so.” Nino mirrored his pose, leaning back and watching him. He couldn’t help but wonder who he might know who would also be friends with Chat Noir.

Chat Noir fiddled with his baton, turning it over in his hands and staring down at it as he spoke. “About…love.”

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Random thought about the new comic and Sombra and McCree

How come no one has thought that maybe Sombra and McCree are dating?

I know, I know, McHanzo and all that but still. Seeing as this fandom literately ships characters that have little to no interactions in game or in the lore-I’m just curious why no one thought the two might be together.

Sombra doesn’t mention McCree in her web of info in her backstory and it seems weird that she’d be hanging with him on Christmas. And if she was just stalking him then /why/ during Christmas?

They’re the same age, possible share the same Hispanic background, have a mutual acquaintance(Reaper) and it wouldn’t be impossible to imagine that Sombra met Jesse while they were wandering around. I dunno, just a thought.

I’m not saying I ship it (sounds kinda cute though) and I’m still a heavy McHanzo shipper but like…this fandom has shipped teacher/student, brother/brother, tank/support, Aussie/guy who probably wants to kill said Aussie, human/monkey, human/Omnic and MCCHANZO….I’m surprised no one (or no one I’ve seen so far) actually declare this a ship.

Tell me what you guys think because I’m curious as hell. Also if it’s because it’s a ‘straight ship’ just don’t.

(Also if this becomes a thing then may I offer the ship be called Sombrero? (Sombra and Vaquero?) or maybe somcree? McBra?

can we just appreciate the survey corps parents moments in chapter 73

like on how survey corps mama hanji protected her precious little survey corps babies

and on how survey corps papa levi scolded survey corps baby eren, papa cares (lol)

and on how the levihan finished each other sentences like wtf is this the new frozen but still levihan moment yay

and we could not seriously forgot on how levi and hanji  the levihans are protecting each others back like omfg look on how they protect each other and i can’t stop from smiling *muffled screaming*

this ship seriously might be the cause of my death, ain’t kidding at all

fangirlbinge  asked:

Can I get a aokuro ship meme?

Remember when I was answering these ages ago? I finally did this one.

Who’s more dominant: They both can be pretty dominant tbh. Kuroko might be little but he’s not submissive either. 
Who’s the cuddler: Kuroko. He loves cuddles. 
Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Aomine likes being big spoon cos it makes him feel manly lmao. 
What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: They like sitting together, Aomine watching TV maybe and Kuroko pressed against him while he reads. But they also both reeaally love playing basketball together, just like when they were youngens. 
Who uses all the hot water: Aomine actually likes having Kuroko shower with him, so technically they both do. 
Most trivial thing they fight over: Probably Aomine leaving food out and not putting it back in the fridge and it goes bad. 
Who does most of the cleaning: Kuroko. 
What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue: They have equal control.
Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Kuroko. He’s way more responsible.  
Who leaves their stuff around: AOMINE.
Who remembers to buy the milk: Kuroko. 
Who remembers anniversaries: They both do uwu
Who cooks normally: They both do, but Kuroko’s better at it lmao. 
How often do they fight: They don’t usually fight seriously, after their teenage years and the hiccups they had they like to resolve things quickly because they don’t want to lose the other again. Though Kuroko does often get a bit snippy when Aomine keeps leaving all his crap around the house and doesn’t put things away. 
What do they do when they’re away from each other: If they’re apart for a while, Aomine gets frustrated and annoyed easily, and he easily snaps at people. Kuroko gets a bit droopy and more quiet than usual. They both look at photos they’ve taken together on their phones. 
Nicknames for each other: Tetsu forever. Kuroko usually calls Aomine Daiki, but sometimes he’ll use Dai-kun. It always makes Aomine blush. 
Who is more likely to pay for dinner: Aomine likes to because he feels like the big, protective boyfriend. 
Who steals the covers at night: Aomine. Kuroko has actually kicked him right off the bed numerous times because of it. 
What would they get each other for gifts: Kuroko often buys Aomine food as well as stuff he needs, Aomine is totally the type who would buy Kuroko lingerie let’s be honest here. You know he would. 
Who kissed who first: HMMM. I think Aomine kissed Kuroko first. 
Who made the first move: Probably Kuroko. Maybe he told Aomine he wanted to spend more time with him, and Aomine jokingly said “what, like date?” and Kuroko just said yes, and Aomine blushed and spluttered and then they held hands and it was sickening. 
Who remembers things: Both of them. This is not always a good thing. (bad memories of middle/high scool come back to haunt)
Who started the relationship: This one is still redundant imo. 
Who cusses more: Aomine. Kuroko is too polite to swear. Aomine often gets pretty aggressive/potty-mouthed when around Kagami still (the drama CD tracks on their duet album tho. Go read the translations)
What would they do if the other one was hurt: Aomine would be reeaally sweet and calmly talking to Kuroko to calm his pain, and he’d snap at anyone who was crowding them. Kuroko is also very caring and helpful, he’d be very logical in a situation like this. 
Who is the dirty talker: Aomine more often, but Kuroko does it too. 
A head canon: Aomine likes to pretend that Nigou is their child and he buys Nigou heaps of toys and treats and plays with him all the time, and he insists they go out for family walks to the park together. Kuroko thinks it’s super adorable. 


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I have to say, the fact that NDRV3 has been labelled as having romance is exciting

I mean, maybe it’s just me and my poor little shipping trashy heart, but given those promo pics of Maki/Kaede and Oumami, plus how they had a character like Juzo in the anime, it just gives me so much hope that NDRV3 might have a nice gay or lesbian couple that’s not played for laugh and actual romance and feels and oh my poor heart can’t take it ;m;

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I’ve been listening to this over and over, this might be my favorite little speech from an OTP/ship ever 

You deserve someone better. Because you, Detective, are selfless to a nauseating degree. You always put your daughter first, even though the ungrateful urchin does nothing to contribute to the rent. So, you deserve someone worthy of that grace. 

Can we take a moment to appreciate that Chloe has given Lucifer endless amounts of grace through the whole show? He’s pulled some crazy ass stunts and really stepped over the line more than once, but she always forgives him and gives him another chance. She is a very ‘graceful’ character in that way, she has allot of reasons to be angry or hold grudges against Dan, Lucifer and Maze at this point but she is able to mistakes aside and forgive. But Lucifer doesn’t think he deserves the grace Chloe would need to give him to be with him. He is becoming more self aware of how his behavior effects the people around him, and I think he understands that Chloe has allowed him allot of wiggle room already. It goes back to when he was busy trying to punish himself, he doesn’t think he’s worthy of grace anymore. 

Someone who knows every crime scene breaks your heart, even though you’ll never admit it.

He’s low key a douche at allot of crime scenes, death generally doesn’t bother him much he’s the devil for him it’s just taking a trip from once place to another. But he noticed and understood that it was hard for Chloe, and not in a ‘ew humans don’t like blood lol’ way he recognized that it hurts her. She doesn’t know what he does about heaven and hell, but he sees that being a homicide detective effects her even though she rarely shows it and will never admit it. 

Someone who actually appreciate your impossibly boring middle name. Jane.

THE WAY HE SAYS JANE THOUGH.  Like it’s the best name he’s ever heard, it rolls off his tongue in such a perfect way that sounds so previous and natural. He always calls her detective but it’s like he saviors using one of her names even if he thinks it’s boring, he likes that one best.  It’s like her first name is to much to even say, he will use detective with allot of feeling but I’ve not heard him say Chloe like that. It’s like a special little thing he likes about her, the boring middle name that’s less of a bombshell to say than her first.  

More importantly, Detective, you deserve someone as good as you. 

“You’re a bad man, and I’m not. I’m much worse than that.” 

Lucifer is obviously still struggling with guilt and whether or not he is ‘evil’. He has always treasured Chloe for her goodness, he looks up to that and finds it intriguing and admirable. And he doesn’t think he can ever live up to that, it’s not a matter of effort for him, he just doesn’t think he’ll ever be as good as her. He was cast into hell and I don’t think he’s figured out yet if he is inherently bad or if his dad just decided he was.  

Because, well, you’re special and I’m….I’m not worth it.

Ahhhh the humility… while I was watching this episode I got the feeling Lucifers world (and his pride) was falling down around him. He was seeing that actually his life wasn’t as fulfilling as he thought. He’s not as much of a womanizing, sexual powerhouse or as important as he thought he was. He’s just a sad devil filling his emptiness with woman, drugs and drink. All his worth got stripped away from him, all the while Chloe remained herself so he suddenly found himself feeling small and unworthy next to her. So instead of trying to prove his worth, he saw his lack there of and backed down for her sake. He cares about her that much that he would rather see her with someone worthy than be with her himself. 

Pokemon sun and moon -  Shy boss

I also ship them!!! >w<  it would be great if this also canon = w =

Ps. Sorry again I just love this precious villain(?) boss ; w ; and I want to see him happy/shy = w =

Message to my fellow Grandice shippers.

Okay. So it’s really late I’m probably finna go to sleep and I’m starting to get hate asks again. (probably because my blog isn’t private anymore, which might change.) When I first started my blog and would get hate asks I used to start thinking that maybe what they’re saying is true and I’m wrong about GG and CP and maybe I should just delete my blog. But now I just laugh at them. I mean anti Grandice shippers really want us to believe we delusional and gross. It’s funny as hell. 

I just wanted to tell my followers and fellow Grandice shippers that ya’ll not delusional. On more than one occasion we’ve got verification that something is there and GG and CP could go there if they wanted to. We’ve gotten so much Grandice shit in the past 11 months alone that people can no longer call us delusional. Maybe a year ago you could make that argument but now? Nahh. 

Basically what I’m saying is even if GG and CP never get together you should never feel delusional for shipping them. And no matter how many people got a problem with it ain’t shit wrong with shipping real life people it don’t affect they lives at all. It don’t really affect anybodies lives but ours so I don’t get why people keep coming in my inbox trying to convince me that I’m delusional when they don’t know half the shit I know. It’s easy to say somebody delusional and something not there when you not even paying attention. And sending me hate asks ain’t gone do shit but get you blocked and laughed at. 

Also, ain’t nobody pressed about GG’s gf I’m just tired of his ass promoting her every week but not TF. 🙃

‘Red, we might be stranded behind enemy lines, left behind by our ship on this Garbage planet of Extra Despair, wounded, without weapons, and followed by those Tracker-animal-guard Enemy-people… But I found this…this little tiny robot arm-digit- and I’m going to make this into the MEANEST most HORRIBLE killer destroyer robot…thingy EVER. And we are going to make them PAY.’
'Purple, when we get back and we’re the Tallest, I’m letting you name every operation, just so you know.’

Okay, I read the transcript of the unaired episode; “The Trial” and it features the Tallest when they were little. I never before thought about them that way, and now that I pictured them alongside Zim, in training, I had to draw them on a DOOMED mission together. They’re probably in trouble because of Zim.

Tumblr has converted me to a Hardenshipping fan, oh dear god, I couldn’t resist this.  I love them together so much, it’s perfect!!! I just had to draw them together.  God, I bet there will be more to come of these little nerds.  I don’t think it’ll be designs though, I might just doodle snarky couple bullshit.  

Sticker here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/dafluff/works/14059946-hardenshipping