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Your asthmatic Lance fic was AMAZING and you're one of my fav voltron writers! Would you maybe be interested in writing something where the rest of the paladins leave to do a mission except for Pidge, who is at the castle to keep the defenses up, and Lance, who's protecting her (who was also left at the castle because he's got a cold). But Lance's cold turns into a really bad respiratory infection, complete with a fever-migraine, and he tries to hide it because he's protecting Pidge??

(YOOOOO THIS IS SO GOOD. WHAT AN A+ PROMPT. Also so sorry took so long! And I made this way more dramatic than I think u asked for lol! Also warning for self loathing thoughts and depression!)

Every so often Lance would have an off day.

Days where he didn’t feel right. Where he’d feel like he didn’t belong, feel lost. He’d feel worthless, and insecure. Days where he’d question his place in the universe, and every answer he’d come to terrified him. There were days he’d feel so small and minuscule, so insignificant. Days where he just felt..blue.

Sometimes they wouldn’t come for months, and sometimes they would happen every week. Sometimes they lasted a day, and the next morning he’d be his bright, bubbly self, but sometimes they lasted weeks and he’d be stuck in that dark place trapped for what seemed to be an eternity.

But for the past while, they’d come a lot more frequently and he’d have them for longer. They’d happen so often that it became easier and easier for Lance to conceal them.

He wasn’t quite sure why they happened, but he had a hunch. Lance wasn’t completely sure, but he theorised it might have been the pressure of having the entire universe’s fate in his hands. Or maybe the fact that the universe was a lot bigger than he expected, and that he felt so small in retrospect. Or maybe even simpler; being constantly surrounded by people better than him, stronger than him, more talented than him.

He wasn’t sure, but he’d felt down for quite a while now.

Lance’s friends were supportive, of course, they were the best friends in the entire world and he genuinely did not deserve them. But they made him feel so small. To no fault of their own; it’s just that everyone had their thing, and they were all damn good at their thing. And Lance was just your average joe. He just wished he could be more.

So Lance tried. He really did. He’d spent all his free time training, trying to be faster, stronger, more precise with his shoots. He’d try without rest. Until he was exhausted, drained of all energy. Until his bones were weak and fatigue seeped into his being. He would never stop until he was good enough.

But eventually his body went against him in a desperate plea to save itself, and forced him to stop when he had caught a cold that did not go unnoticed amongst his teammates.

It all started with a briefing.

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Do you have any headcannons for phichit and yuuri about when they were in Detroit?

BOY HOWDY DO I EVER (im actually planning on writing a fic fgbuibrgurt):

  • the first time phichit walks into their dorm room yuuri is already there, his viktor nikiforov posters plastered over the walls
  • yuuri, sweating: “i can explain
  • phichit: “thats ok
  • college is hard
  • both yuuri and phichit have trouble adjusting to detroit at first because, well, moving to another country is sort of nerve racking
  • luckily they become friends pretty quickly; the fact that they’re roommates helps
  • basically they help each other through the tough times and become best friends along the way
  • phichit, being the more extroverted one, talks with the other american students more than yuuri does and picks up all the slang
  • yuuri: “phichit for the last time can you get your dirty clothes off the floor”
  • phichit: “alright geez yuuri don’t be so salty”
  • yuuri, confused: “i’m??? not???”
  • phichit is constantly dragging yuuri to college parties in an effort to get him a date because my god does he need one
  • despite phichit being the Ultimate Wingman it never seems to work out; yuuri isn’t really interested in dating atm and isnt comfortable with one night stands, even though he is hella sexually frustrated
  • but hark! one night as phichit and yuuri are staggering back to their dorm room drunk after a party, phichit has a brilliant idea
  • he kisses him
  • and thus begins their friends with benefits relationship that lasts all through college
  • (although they never really go all the way; they mostly just make out or use their hands for things if ya know what i mean)
  • like you cannot tell me they didn’t experiment in college like please consider:
  • phichit teaching yuuri how to kiss because the poor kid has like 0 experience
  • yuuri turning out to be an incredibly fast learner and. wow. Wowowow.
  • lazy afternoon make outs 
  • sleepy early morning make outs
  • giggly drunk make outs
  • angsty midnight make outs
  • comfort make outs when one of them has a bad day
  • study break make outs
  • yuuri: “ok no we have to stop i’ve got a test”
  • yuuri: *continues to make out w phichit*
  • they make out like All the time but other than that their friendship stays completely the same 
  • neither of them is romantically interested in the other
  • they just get each other off and kiss sometimes. just guys being dudes yo
  • yuuri: “please don’t call me ‘bro’ while you have your hand down my pants”
  • phichit: “then please don’t call me ‘viktor’ while you stare at posters of him over my shoulder while i have my hand down your pants”
  • yuuri: “…touché.”
  • to yuuri’s surprise, viktor is actually 100% ok with all of this when yuuri finally tells him
  • in fact, he might be a little too okay with it
  • he presses yuuri for all the nasty details but when yuuri won’t budge, he texts phichit
  • they bond over what a good make out partner yuuri is
  • “and the sounds he makes -” “omg you have no idea how hard it was to keep him quiet so he wouldn’t wake up everyone on our floor”
  • yuuri never lives it down
  • basically im fcuking weak thanks

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thanks for being realistic. the fact u think of the % of how many real ships we might have within 7 guys got me. honestly, i ship km really hard, but sometimes the reality hits me harder. like i know many shippers are actually overhyped a specific km youtuber, but for me, half of her stuffs might be a little reach. don't you think jm is a little hard to read. i totally down for jk, but sometimes jm makes me think he's doing fanservice, or maybe not, bcz he's such a tease and unpredictable.

hi anon~, welcome back (I guess you’re the one who asked about that particular ask) ^-^~
I’m sorry for my late reply again, I’m so wrecked today too and I needed time to think about it.

Okay~, I dunno if it helps, but here is what I tell myself a lot (as much as I love them, ship them, basically root for them, want them to be happy together if possible of course): “My ship ain’t real until they confirm/say it themselves that they’re real”. And even until then, there’s still sth to consider, called “marketing strategy”, since this is the Kpop world we’re talking about (there have been idols dating simply for promoting their groups). However, with all my honesty, and my (biased) belief, BTS and Big Hit will never go that far. The members treasure the members themselves, and the members also treasure us fans.

This is getting so heavy somehow so lemme insert a gif to make things a little bit brighter 

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Okay I’m good to go. So does that mean they don’t do fanservice at all? Of course not. But they’ve toned it down throughout the years. I don’t follow other members as much as Jimin (it’s the truth, I’m a Jimin stan afterall), so I can’t really tell you about it. But for Jimin, I agree with some other people, that the Jimin now we see is more like the real Jimin, not less than the Jimin back in 2013-2014. That, by no means, implies that he was fake either. He could’ve been himself, but at the same time, he had to push himself outside his own norms too. It’s nothing unusual, since they just debuted, plus he was young, they needed attention, they needed to be entertaining, as rookies, they needed to do a lot of stuff. 

Back to our babies Jimin and Jungkook, to be honest and realistic again, of course 100% things they do to each other can’t solely be on their own accords, without being driven by what we call fanservice. However, honestly again, has Jikook/Kookmin always been a popular ship? No, not until recently. Imo, the more popular ship has the tendency to do fanservice more. I think Sajeon-nim also talked about this somewhere in her asks. And one more important thing, Jikook/Kookmin is mostly known for being subtle (but probably not until recently, thanks to our Jeon Jungkook-ssi being so whipped and seems to have no intention of hiding it or toning it down. Well, not that I don’t encourage you, keep up the good work, baby bunny ♥). Like you really have to pay attention to it to actually know it, but once you notice it, you notice it all the time, it’s like a pattern, a series that never ends.

All the “I got my (heart) eyes on you” here, here, here and there:

Originally posted by jikookdetails

Most of the time, there’s basically no reason for them to do fanservice at all, because it happens too fast (for a few secs, or not even 1 sec), and basically no one is really watching, they’re not in the center of attention etc. …

All the time Jungkook made fun of himself simply just to make Jimin laugh, and he even checked if Jimin actually laughed…

The time they got caught walking together in the back in Bon Voyage, ate with the same spoon (I’m sure they have plenty of spoons in airbnb houses) even tho Jungkook tried not to drink directly from the same bottle with others (no offense to any ship really, I just can’t find more examples in my rusty mind)

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You think if say Jet never died and joined the team and Haru got development and possibly joined the team, you think Zuko would have a shot with Katara he after he joins? Seems like a lot of competition but then again him and Katara understand each other and communicate so well with each other I think he'd beat out the the other two guys, but she'd also be mad at him in the beginning sooo Idk, what do you think lol would Zutara still happen if Jet and Haru were part of the group?

Well, if we’re talking realistically, behind the scenes, no one has a chance with Katara except our favorite, little, bald brat: Aang. 

Buuuutttt, if you want me to talk CHARACTERIZATION-WISE, I’ll break down my take on it.

If Jet joined, say after the Ba Sing Se ordeal, redeemed and whatnot, I still don’t think he has a chance. His betrayal was very different from Zuko’s. Jet personally broke Katara’s heart in a romantic level. And, what Jet did was REALLY heartless and REALLY fucked up. It was literally a million times worse than anything Zuko ever attempted to do. Zuko could literally never even contemplate the idea of drowning children alive. He didn’t even want soldiers to die. He gave up looking for Aang to save his crew. He would never, ever even consider murder of innocents. 

I don’t think Katara could forget that. I don’t really know how a person can. I don’t think she could be comfortable again with a person who wanted to just… kill little kids and babies… for… revenge? Like it was all really warped. I think she might be able to forgive him enough to keep him along, but I just can’t see her being able to trust him. I know that sounds kinda hypocritical because she forgives Zuko, and I ship Zutara so hard, but what they did is just so different. I like Jet as a character, but imho, he’s a super fucked up dude. I can’t see Katara ending up with him. She’s too headstrong. Her morals are too important to her. 

Haru is a bit more of a challenge. They had a good bond and chemistry, and I totally would’ve been content with those two being endgame. There’s mutual respect and understanding, things that are too present in Zutara. I would take this as second rate to Zutara over Kataang any day. At least it’s healthy! 

However, I still think that Zuko would have a better chance than Haru. Zuko and Katara had a bond that was different than any of the other characters. I really think their personalities just fit really well together. Haru and Katara got on well, but you get the best friends vibe more from Zuko and Katara, they have that stereotypical “soul mate/were made for each other” chemistry. I think their bond isn’t interchangeable with any of the other characters, on either side. Their friendship is incredibly special, regardless of shipping, and I just think that it doesn’t have much competition, even though Zuko would need to redeem himself. 

I could see a love triangle sprouting up (bleh) but I still think Zuko would come out as Katara’s winner. Like Aaron Ehasz said, no one understands Zuko the way Katara does, and no one understands Katara the way Zuko does. I think this played over very well on the screen. They would still have the Agni Kai, Zuko would still take her to find her mother’s killer, I still think Katara would recognize the click, the chemistry, and I just think that I can see Katara falling in love with Zuko for who he is, over Haru. Haru is great, but he seems like a fallback compared to Zuko. Zuko seems like the love of her life. Their personalities are very different, Zuko and Haru, and I just don’t see Katara choosing him over Zuko based on the factors of their chemistry, friendship, bond, personality, etc. 

But, that’s me. 

Wow, I wrote you a novel, I am sorry. 

I still love Haru though, and would take it over K/ataang in bat of an eye. Hara x Katara is a beautiful ship that I 100% support…


Hitorijime My Hero 1x08 | Jesy's ramblings
  • Suuure, make out right there in the school. It’s not like your relationship is basically illegal or some shit  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • It was at this moment Settie knew, he fucked up
  • He goes to Asaya with his relationship problems?! :O
  • I mean, I guess Asaya is probably the only one who could help because everyone else is just fuckin’ clueless but it’s still surprising
  • Btw, give me some chips too buddy!
  • Wow. If that all it takes to make Kousuke being in a bad mood, Settie really is in for a ride with that guy
  • “I-I’d rather not talk to you about it either! But…You’re the only person I can actually talk to!” Lol, called it. 
  • “Why don’t you just talk to the wall then?” Yeah… I knew he wouldn’t want to help him
  • How to get Asaya Hasekura to do something: Give him noodle coupons
  • Settie’s going on and on while Asaya is just sitting there, eating his god damn chips XD 
  • “Should I just go to the staff room and apologize to him right now?” No, just shouldn’t. It’s not your fault that Kousuke can’t keep his dick in his pants.
  • “He should know I’m just afraid of getting caught but he still won’t stop ‘cause it’s fun for him.” Heh, sadist.
  • Aww, how happy he looks when Asaya tell’s him he was listening to his crap :3
  • “Well, here’s my two cents after hearing everything you’ve said… Why not just suffer forever?” LMFAO. I love that guy. He’s such a jerk :’D
  • “I was stupid for asking you!” Yes, indeed
  • “I don’t want him to know I’ve been worrying like a little girl!” Well, at least you are aware of acting like a Shōjo protagonist…
  • “I’ll consider this cheating!” Kensuke is soo cute ♥_♥
  • He just looked like some kind of baby bird, flapping around like that…
  • “Why’d I run away like that?” I would like to know that as well
  • “You like Mr. Ooshiba?!” Ohh hell no D;
  • “Do you think a wild teacher like him has a girlfriend?” No bitch. He has a boyfriend. HE. IS. GAY. NOT. EUROPEAN.
  • Oh great. Now Settie is feeling bad again ._.
  • His stomach xd
  • Settie is me in a pet store
  • And why the hell do I have Akaashi scolding Bokuto in my head now? I’m watching too much Haikyuu, I swear…
  • Aww. The dog really likes him <3
  • “Sorry, I can’t bring you home with me.” NOOO. Don’t do this to him! Look at how cute he is!
  • “I got to see a new side of you today.” Yeah, Settie loves animals like hell!
  • His blush is still adorable~
  • “He’s our new member and offical cook!” When did you guys became a club and how dare you replace Settie?
  • Heh. I wonder if Asaya prefers Settie’s cooking? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • “He’s crying!” YOU JERKS! I KILL YA ALL!
  • “Hey, quit picking on Setagawa!” Best Friend Award goes to Kensuke!
  • “Setagawa likes the tiny, baby animal type.” And of course Kousuke had to hear that. Great -_-
  • “I mean, you said you were into our classmate Satou before, right?” Huh? When did that happen?
  • “I might have said that but it doesn’t mean I like tiny, cute girls…” You wouldn’t be dating Mr. I’m Sexy and I know it if that were the case
  • “Oh? What’s this I hear? You boys having some girl talk?” I have a feeling that this is not gonna end well…
  • Hah. Knew it.
  • “What should we do, Hasekura? Kousuke’s gonna start to hate Setagawa!” And here we have the vice-captain of this ship!
  • “I’m sure they’re fine!” And I’m sure you’re just too lazy
  • That wink tho. Kensuke sure ships them hard XD
  • “How very considerate of you, Kensuke.” True
  • “I’m obviously not as tiny or adorable as a cute, little puppy.” Nope. Not at all.
  • But I gotta say, his jealousy is pretty cute c:
  • “I’m not necessarily upset.” Yeah. And we have snow in summer
  • “Well, if you took the initiative and kissed me, it might put me in a more pleasant mood.” Devil~
  • Ohh Settie, my sweet innocent child
  • “Y-youre were sulking, Kousuke?” Settie pls…
  • “So you’re my brother’s girlfriend now?” He’s his BOYfriend.
  • “Or boyfriend? It’s girlfriend, isn’t it?” NO, IT’S NOT. 
  • Does he realise that if he calls Settie “girlfriend”, it technically makes him a “girlfriend” too? 
  • “Wh-who told you that?!” Probably Asaya tbh
  • “It was you?!” Called it.
  • There it is again, Asaya’s yandere voice *o*
  • Settie on a mission!
  • Asaya is so fuckin’ jealous :’D
  • “Where do you keep getting buckets from…” I’m wondering the same 
  • This anime is soo full of clichés
  • Her name is Kinoshita? Seriously? HQ! STOP STALKING ME!
  • Ship Captains! Please scold this Seme!
  • I was actually just joking, lol
  • “More cheating!“ Gotta love Kensuke :’D
  • “Ken and the kid brought it to me after school.” We really can trust in our ship captains!
  • “I only eat lunch boxes made with love by my wife.” Aww, we have such a good seme here!
  • YAAAAAS! My son has grown up ಥ_ಥ
  • HE BROUGHT THE DOG!!!!!!!!!
  • “You give the dog twice as many kisses as you give me.” And he’s jealous of an animal again ;)


I was really fangirling and screaming a lot while watching today’s episode ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A Fright Of Nightmare

[Ao3 Version]

Relationships: Eleven/Mike Wheeler, Will Byers & Mike Wheeler, Will Byers & Eleven, Eleven & Will Byers & Mike Wheeler  

Characters: Mike Wheeler, Eleven/Jane Hopper, Will Byers, Joyce Byers 

Words: 2179

Summary: All those memories were just constantly coming back to him. Even though everything was okay and everyone was safe, he couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was off. In addition, he was afraid that the next time something bad happened, not all of them might make it out alive.

—A short one-shot exploring possible consequences of facing the monstrosities of the Upside Down. But as terrifying as they might be, nothing is that scary with a friend by your side.

 Beware! There might be minor spoilers to Season 2!

So, yeah, another one-shot, because I couldn’t help myself.
This time, though, with Will guest starring (and maybe little hints of Byeler, if you squint really hard; I mean, I ship them a bit too, so…).
More angsty than
A Taste Of Freedom (let’s say it’s a kind of continuation, though it works as a stand-alone too), but with a very fluffy ending (I promise!).

Enjoy! c:

Mike was so relieved, when the summer break had finally come around. Never had he been so excited about not having to go to school before, but the year of 1985 was different from the very beginning. Having El back in his life meant that he could finally fully enjoy many activities, which last year seemed to be only a miserable substitute of real happiness. And on top of that, he could devote all of his time and attention to the very girl that had helped him become himself again.

The beginning of summer marked a few changes for El—changes both she and Mike were very happy about. She still couldn’t go out too often and use her powers outside the cabin, but Hopper agreed on her spending more time at the Byers’ than before. El was even allowed to go with Joyce to the town once in awhile, so she could get more used to being in public. Although it wasn’t clear if she would start school this September (Hopper insisted on having her home-schooled for another year), she was learning pretty fast with the help of Chief, Will’s mom and the party, and Mike was pretty sure she could make it without bigger problems. And he had to admit that he couldn’t wait to have an opportunity to spend more time with her.

For now, though, long summer days seemed to be enough for him, especially since the weather was nicer than he had initially anticipated. Mike and El were spending their time running around the woods, playing games, watching films, talking, and laughing, with all the other members of the party or just by themselves. And Mike was quick to conclude that these were the best summer holidays he had ever had.

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an unlikely bride | | [ barry allen ] pt. 3

a/n: and here’s part 3 of an unlikely bride aka the corpse bride / the flash au I have made up. Parts are always updated every other week until this is completed which is still a little ways to go. Again, if you want to know the character list for this au just ask away but it shouldn’t be too hard if you have seen the movie. After this will be the Archie Andrews imagine with male reader so don’t worry, also I’m very excited about getting my tattoo this saturday which might take all day since I’m leaving around noon (CST time) and might be stopping at my aunt’s to show it off afterwards. Ships are closed for the time being and requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

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          Relationship(s): Barry Allen/Reader (accidently married), Barry Allen & Iris West (arranged to wed), Hunter Zolomon & Reader ( murderer-victim)

[ PART 1 ] & [ PART 2 ]

While in the upper world Hunter had told the Wests and Allen families that Barry had run off supposedly with an unnamed mistress. Nora tried to explain that Barry would never do such a thing and was probably just nervous however Joe and Francine was getting tired of waiting for him.

“I’ll be in my room, but do please tell me if I can be in any, any help at all.” Hunter says as Nora turns to Francine.

She pleaded to give Barry just a little more time to the other women as Francine glanced at Joe before turning to Nora. “We will give him until dawn.”

“Barry!” You shout again before Cisco comes out as you scramble to catch your eye in your hand before catching it while the brown-haired was looking for a way out.

Cisco noticed him before you did as he turns his head over, “There he goes! There he goes!” He says to you, “He’s getting away, after him!” The tan maggot says before you put your eye back in while starting to go look for him in the direction.

You sigh as you kept moving while a couple pair of arms in buckets pointed the way Barry went off too as you headed in that direction, not noticing that he had hid himself in one of the open coffins. While you looked, he was somewhat relieved until a spider came down to see him.

“Married huh? I’m a widow,” She says as before being swatted away, “Oh how rude. He went that way.” Caitlin says to you as you start heading that way while the human male tried to find a way to lose you.

It was after he climbed the wall to gasp at you as you giggle, “You could’ve used the stairs silly.” You say as you hoist the male up while you twirl with a smile, “Isn’t it beautiful? It takes my breath away,” You add as you put your hands close to your heart, “Well if I had any that is, heh.” You mention since you are well, classifed as dead while you sat down and patted a spot beside you for Barry which the brown-haired male did sit.

“Look, I’m sorry for whatever happen to you but I really, really need to go back home and I would love to help you.” He says with a hint of sadness in his voice like he missed up there among the living. “I don’t even know your name.” Barry mentions as you realize that you never said your name to your new husband as you hush Cisco.

“It’s Y/N.” You say as Barr repeats it while you nod before you almost forgot another thing, “Oh! I almost forgot. I have something for you.” You went to pick up a box that was beside you and put it on Barry’s lap. The box seemed rather old as the contents in it rattled as you moved it to Barry before you whisper, “It’s a wedding present.”

The brown-haired male peered at the claimed wedding present that you had given him as he lifted up skeptically while giving it a few shakes. Sure enough there was something rattling in there but what could it be that you had given him? He lifted the lid and gasped as he picks up one bone piece, “T-thank you.” Was all he could really say about it before the box started to move so he put the bone back in and shut the lid in while it shook more as the male tried to keep it close. That was until it sprung out of his grasp and collapse to the floor with bones scattering as his emerald eyes stared in disbelief before they assembled together in the shape of a dog. The skeleton dog started barking as Barr took the red and yellow collar as his eyes widen once again before looking at the dog, “Wally?”

The dog barked happily as Barry pets his now skeleton, he was still the dog he remembers him being as you giggle at the cute pair. It must’ve been nice for the other to reconnect with his childhood god. “Mom didn’t approve of Wally jumping up like this.” Barry says as Wally jumps while you reach out to pet his skull head, “She never really approved of much, you be lucky if you don’t ever have to meet her.” Before the brown-haired male realized something. “But you know since we are married, we should go meet her and my father too.” He adds, then maybe he can go back to the upper world and forget this whole mess.

“Fantastic, where are they buried?” You ask as Barry tries to mention that they are still up there, “Oh, from up there.” You say as you catch on what he says as you turn to Wally, “What’s that Wally?” You ask the barking dog, “Oh we couldn’t possibly do that, but if it put it that way I suppose we could try it.” You say as the human looked at you confused.

“What? What is it?” He asks you in confusion since he had no idea what was going on.


ID #64363

Name: Mitch
Age: 14
Country: Canada

So uh hi. I’m looking for a penpale because I write letters to my friend in a different city, but I already know them and I’d like to meet (well write letters to) people a little farther away. I speak English and I’m trying to learn Romanian right now. Some shows I like are A:tLA, RWBY, Voltron, and some various popular shows on Netflix. BIG STAR WARS FAN TOO. I really like movies, especially thrillers (horror thrillers are the best) and dream to be a film critic. My taste in music is bassically Panic! at The Disco, WALK THE MOON, bit of Green Day, and Hamilton, Dr. Horribles sing along blog. I don’t really identify with a gender and I’m asexual (and aromantic), which I feel is relevant because I’m very rupulsed by romance (If you like ‘Riverdale - and ship 'Bughead’ please don’t contact me, I’ll probably talk about how much I hate it for the queer erasure). I have depression so it might be a little hard for me to get back to people sometimes and I’ll probably go on long existential rambles. Oh yeah I really like philosophy. So yeah that’s me, I want a penpal who likes some similar stuff and who’s chill with getting into deep philosophical discussions. Extra things to add about myself: I play a sport called Ringette, I geocache, make (fan) art on Tumblr, really like science, am very atheist, crafty, wear a little too much flannel, and am VERY obsessed with tea.

Preferences: Be under 18, hopefully near my age (14) but if not that’s fine too. Any gender is alright. Any country is good, but please speak some English. I’m good with snail mail right away, but if you want to message online a bit first that’s fine. And be open minded about LGBTQ+ stuff/people.

won-woops  asked:

sorry for the kind of dumb question (there isn't much about it on the interweb and i'm not sure if you've answered it before) but do you think there's any underrated ships in svt or just members who are still awkward around each other? i mean i would totally buy the fact that they're all very close but idk groups that are genuinely close on screen and off screen are largely what ends up making me stan them. thank you!

Seventeen are really pretty close, which always surprises me, but most people don’t count for the sheer amount of ships. Most people don’t realize that there are a dozen ships that don’t work well. There’s like… Excuse my sad math skills… Something like 78 possible ships of two people in Seventeen. Some match together naturally, such as same age pairs like SoonHoon or Jihan, or friends like Meanie couple. But do you ever hear anything about… I don’t know… Seungkwan and The8? For simplicity sake, I’ll go over a few ships that do interact a fair bit but I still find a little awkward. After that I’ll do one or two unappreciated ships. 

DK + S.Coups (I am told this is SeokCheol) - Seungcheol literally gets along with everyone. He’s a fantastic leader. But DK has the type of personality that can be a little difficult without a balancing piece such as Hoshi. His playfulness can be a little over the top and his jokes can be a little hard to understand, but I think Seungcheol ultimately tries really hard to have a good relationship with him. This couple is best when they’re playing, but Seungcheol is still doing most of the directing, like in One Fine Day when they were playing Real Man. 

Jeonghan + Wonwoo (Wonhan… I think) - This one is actually based less on my opinion and more on what they say. Very often, Jeonghan points out Wonwoo as the member he’s most awkward with and vice versa, however they’re actually a really cute ship if you look at it. They both have the tendency to be clingy and love the concept of both getting and receiving attention, although Jeonghan will go out of his way to try and get it and he’s very open in giving it and Wonwoo mostly only likes attention when it comes from someone he’s close to and only gives it away when he really enjoys the person as well. It’s possible the similarities cause a slight disconnect between the two, making Wonwoo seem closed off to Jeonghan and Jeonghan too open and frivolous to Wonwoo, but at the end of the day they both speak a similar language so it’s easy for them to agree on things if they take the time to listen to the other, making them a cute back and forth ship to follow.

Joshua - Honestly, I couldn’t really find one for Joshua… He’s a little shy, but less in the way that he’s quiet and introverted and more in the way that he has a set group of people he generally interacts with. He’ll interact a lot with Jeonghan and Scoups and Vernon and a little with Jun and Hoshi, but for the most part. he doesn’t interact with people outside his usual circle enough to consider it a really strong ship? Well, there’s one, but i’m saving that for the unappreciated ships section.

Jun + Hoshi (Soon…Hui. Soonhui?) - The other end of the spectrum from Soonhoon, who get along well naturally because they’re a similar age and are able to speak freely, are Jun and Hoshi. They get along well and work together well, however unlike most of Hoshi’s close friendships, Jun doesn’t really play off of Hoshi’s gags. They’re still a ship in their own right and they work well together, but Jun’s quiet but freespirited personality who prefers more personal teasing such as the way he plays with The8 conflicts sometimes with Hoshi’s general playfulness and occasional seriousness about work and responsibility. This ship I think are very much like brothers or coworkers who aren’t best friends but will still up for a drink whenever. 

Jeonghan + Woozi (Ji…Jeong… Ah… HoonHan?) - One of the things that makes Jeonghan’s ships interesting is either because he enjoys to give and take attention (as in Jihan) or he’s very caring and treats each member like his little child (Jeonghan and Dino). However, with Woozi, he really doesn’t have much of either. As his unit leader, Woozi is in a position higher than him, but still younger. This can cause a little conflict, but in general Jeonghan is a very laid back personality and doesn’t make it an issue. Some things Jeonghan does can annoy Woozi too, but in general the two have a very amicable and sometimes even close relationship. It can sometimes be awkward though.

Mingyu + Wonwoo (Meanie) - Whaaaat? Meanie couple are still awkward with each other? Well, one of the first things I wrote up a long time ago was why Jicheol was awkward with each other, and that was because of their adjustment to debut and the new roles they played. I think Meanie went through and is still a little in the process of something similar. They’re very close and a very great ship, but instead of offscreen being awkward with each other I think they’re more awkward on screen, adjusting to the amount of attention and interest their friendship garners. Joshua and Jeonghan naturally acclimated very easily to the Jihan craze, but for Mingyu and Wonwoo it’s not so easy. Their friendship is very natural to them, and when it’s strained, Mingyu might put too much pressure on himself and Wonwoo might pull away completely. However, they’re working through the awkwardness well, and starting to become closer because of it.

The8 - Like Joshua, I really can’t find a ship for him that is very awkward? He doesn’t move outside of his friend group much (Mingyu, Jun, Vernon) but when he does most of his interactions (like Seungkwan) are very friendly and nice. Everyone in the group adores him. Yes, he’s a savage. But an adorable, lovable savage. Plus, the language gap makes it a little hard to discern understanding vs awkwardness as well.

Seungkwan + DK (Seokkwan is all I’m finding. Otherwise main vocal line) - This is another ship that’s kind of big but I still find awkward. Seungkwan and Hoshi get along well, and Hoshi and DK of course make Soonseok, but when you remove Hoshi from the equation, you’re left with DK and Seungkwan alone. While they play together well, I think there’s an amount of awkwardness that comes naturally from the positions of both being main vocals, as well as the fact that Seungkwan and DK are both of similar interests and personalities but Seungkwan is appreciated as talented and charismatic while DK is very often awkward and unappreciated. However, I also find that a lot of this awkwardness is relieved by the fact that they’re also similar in their heart - kind and considerate, and Seungkwan worries about wether compliments to himself will hurt DK, but DK still works to say that he’s the one who needs to improve and won’t take it out on Seungkwan. While they can both be awkward and a little dangerous to get along, they work through it by just being there for one another and being considerate.

Vernon + Wonwoo (I’m told Wonsol. I like Wonnon much better, it makes me giggle) - This one is a bit interesting to explore, especially since I love the family dynamic of Hip Hop unit. While I really do find Hip Hop unit to be close, I think Vernon and Wonwoo are probably the most awkward pair in the unit, like an older brother who appreciates and supports his little brother but doesn’t exactly know how to interact with him to become closer. Vernon’s and Wonwoo’s senses of humor are both offbeat, but slightly out of step with one another, so it’s not easy for them to find a situation where they click naturally, and while Wonwoo admires Vernon and finds him an interesting person, I think Wonwoo might have a hard time approaching Vernon so he just mostly supports from the background. It’s very cute though. 

Dino + S.Coups (Chancheol?) - Interestingly enough, this ship isn’t terribly popular. Much like Vernon and Wonwoo, Dino and S. Coups should have this brotherly sort of dynamic, but instead it’s a reverse dynamic that makes it interesting, where Dino ends up being the serious one and Seungcheol ends up playful and wanting attention as if he’s the younger brother. Because of Dino’s manner and respect, he’s always very serious to Seungcheol and respectful, but Seungcheol wants to get on his level and so tries to be fun and playful. The dynamic is adorable, if a little awkward some times.


Jun/Wonwoo (Wonhui) - I wrote a little about it here but I was injured so its a little short and not very deep

Woozi/Joshua (Someone called this JiJi once?) - I LOVE THE DYNAMIC oF THESE TWO. They’re also a little awkward but I think they’re more under-appreciated. I think Joshua looks up to Woozi for his talent and Woozi thinks Joshua is cool and interesting to be with. They’re both very cute and I love the idea of the two of them asking each other’s advice on songs.

Hoshi/Jeonghan (Soonhan, I think?) - I don’t have much to say about this ship except it’s absolutely adorable and lighthearted and fun. 


Mingyu/Seungkwan (Seunggyu? Like the infinite guy?) - Another adorable older brother/baby brother dynamic to me. Actually, I’ve made up my mind. more on that in a moment…

Mingyu/Seungcheol (Seung…gyu… wait) - Also known as the “PLEASE DATE ME” couple for real. Mr capables. There were so many moments on One Fine Day for this couple. Back to the last one, I’ve made up my mind that Seungcheol should be the oldest brother, Mingyu should be the middle kid, and Seungkwan should be the little brother they baby and absolutely adore. Yes. This is a cute little family. Perfect. 

There we go! I hope this was what you were looking for! I tried not to leave anyone out. Props to The8 and Joshua for apparently getting along with everyone? Hey, maybe they should be stuck together for the awkward couple title.

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The staff posts lots of 'shippy' things that aren't nor will be canon. The pic you reblogged had Garnet and Pearl and I truly doubt that's happening. I wouldn't assume anything based on that kind of thing.

Nah, it’s like…they REALLY ship Pearlmethyst. It’s not the same as Pearlnet because Amber Rodgers literally did an entire Pearlmethyst comic that was apparently really loyal to canon according to Matt Burnett and it was so heartfelt and I don’t see why it is THAT far-fetched to say it could happen. I think it’s at least gonna be a little hinted because…when u ship that strong and ur a writer for the show it’s kinda hard to not have it trickle down to canon, if it didn’t already…also, other ships might have something stopping them (ex. “three’s a crowd”) but not really this one? look at this shit

i’m just an occassional pearlmethyst shipper too lmao

ouat2011  asked:

Season one or two? Top fav characters? Thoughts on ships? Gimmie.

Yes queen, ask me stuff!

Okay, so I love both seasons way too much, but I’d choose season 2 over season 1. I think it’s so much more intense (though it might seem a little bit rushed) and LET’S TALK ABOUT THE PAIRINGS SUCH AS JANE AND HOPPER OR STEVE AND DUSTIN AND STEVE AND THE KIDS OR MAXINE AND LUCAS OR EVERYTHING ELSE!

Top characters. This is hard because I honestly love them all and they’re my children, except for Billy. However, I’ll always have a sweet spot for Dustin, I love him, also Steve (LET’S TALK ABOUT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AYE), I love Chief Hopper, and all the badass female characters, I liked Maxine a lot, especially in the end. And Bob. We can never forget Bob.

Ships. Oh boy oh boy. Okay, so from my tweets you already know that I’m all for Nancy and Jonathan (that private investigator - my spirit animal), but at the same time I love Steve and Nancy? Like? What the heck? But “how’s the pullout?” had me screaming THAT’S IT, THAT IS IT. Then Mike and Eleven/El/Jane? Don’t even get me started because I’ll cry. The only drawback of season 2 for me is probably the amount of interaction these two had and compared to how much of that we had in season 1 I just wish we were given a lil bit more. But the scenes they did have made me cry, so I’m not complaining. Lucas and Maxine, I’m sold. I love my son Dustin, but he’s meant to be a child™ of Dad slash babysitter Steve for now. And also Joyce and Jim. The way he’s there for her? Sign me tf up.

I can’t think of anything else to add at this moment because I’m all emotional again, but yeah, that seems like pretty much it.

so, posts about how this episode proved that we don’t need dean and cas to kiss to consider them canon are already flooding my dash…

and i just… i always knew it would be fandom’s fault why destiel never became canon…

i feel like i’ve talked about this thousand times, but some people just can’t understand that every time they say ‘they don’t need them to kiss’, they’re taking away the possibility of it from everyone in this fandom.

well, guess what? some people need them to kiss. i need them to kiss. why? no, not because i fetishize homosexuality and get off the image of two hot men kissing.

i need them to kiss because that’s what we deserve, all of us. because it’s supernatural with its tremendous track of unnecessary heterosexual romances that got to be canon, that were allowed first kisses and sex scenes, and love declarations.

if dean and cas never kiss, it won’t be because spn writers care about the love story that’s all about subtlety, but because they’re cowards who are stuck in medieval age.

i need them to kiss because it’s okay to want your favorite couple to kiss, i’m not asking for too much, and i’m not even talking about the full make out session, i’m talking about the little peck on the lips. would it really be that hard to show us this? 

there are other ways to make a couple canon? hm, let’s see, then why is this argument only being used when it’s the same sex couple we’re talking about? do you know the answer? i think you do.

so, i’m not trying to be mean, although i think it might seem like it. i understand that everyone ships destiel for different reasons and wants different things from it. but this is the situation that we’re stuck in. by saying you don’t need the kiss, you establish the situation where there won’t be any kiss.

it’s not fair, but it’s the way it is. 


A short introduction to my sharpening process for western style tool blades :)

On new blades I tend to go for a freehand approach but for old blades I will use a honing guide for the rough grinding :)

The blade I’m using here is from a Kunz No.65 :)
As a student on a budget with mechanical skills I’m rather fond of the bargain that these tools offer :D <=I got this one at an auction for 5€ (+3,90€ for shipping :)
I need it for a future project that involves some curves :)
I wish I could afford buying some nice Japanese blades (^-^;)
Anyway I needed a spokeshave with a tight curved sole (my self-made Japanese spokeshave is too big :D and this one was hard to beat for this price plus the guide option might come in handy at some point :)
As mentioned before the paint job and edges on Kunz tools are quite bad but I deburred it and used a file to even out the paint a little (^-^;)

Anyway, this is how I prepare a new blade :)

First step is breaking the edges that are not supposed to cut :)
I use an old grinding wheel for this task and round over every edge.
I do this at the beginning because I need to handle the blade for the rest of the process and I do like my hands ;)

For the next step I’m using a 220 grit/coarse stone to flatten the back :)
I do not use the ruler trick (mostly because I feel sorry for damaging a good ruler for this task (>_<;) but I get a similar result with the technique I’m using :)
Basically I start right at the cutting edge, do a few strokes and subsequently move the cutting edge closer to the middle of the stone with each stroke :)
this causes the edge to be abraded more quickly and thus cause the blade to get a very shallow angle on the back of the blade :)
I use a similar technique when I prepare old Japanese blades :)
I don’t use this technique on chisels as the back won’t end up straight along its length!!!!!
Next I freehand the bevel on this stone.
I like to give my western style blades slightly rounded bevels :)
This has the advantage of giving you a stronger edge (this is how my grandfather, my father and my teachers during my apprenticeship taught me to do it and after giving some blades perfectly defined bevel angles I have found that the blades will stay sharp for a longer time if it isn’t perfectly 25 or 30° :)
Basically it is like having a secondary bevel angle but one the has yet more metal behind it to support it :)

For the next steps I repeat the same steps on finer stones :)
The next stones I’m using are 400 grit, 1000 grit, 4000 grit and 8000 grit Belgian stone :)

I like to add about a teaspoon of vinegar to the water that I’m using on my synthetic stones :)
Don’t put vinegar into water that you are using with natural waterstones as the vinegar will attack the calcium within some stones which will weaken them!!!!

As a last step I use a 2 step stropping process :)
The leather I’m using is just thin leather from a pair of leather trousers for motorcyclists :)
On one side I use a polishing paste that I found in my metal workshop and the other side is just raw leather :)

Some basics:
-Why do I use so many steps and grits?
It cuts down wear on the individual stones and speeds up the process.

-Why do I round the bevel?
It makes for a stronger longer lasting edge and speeds up resharpening the blade.

-Why do I use such a fine stone and still strop the blade?
I don’t need to but it speeds up the process as I need to spend less time on each step :)
Also stropping your blade takes away sharp protruding pieces on the edge which can prevent premature micro fractures that cause the blade to dull more quickly :)

-Why so many western style tools recently?
I cannot afford to buy the Japanese equivalent or Japanese blades for these tools (^-^;)
Also blades for those specialty tools are kind of rare (^-^;)
So it is more that I want to get things done…

-Will I write an article about preparing Japanese blades?
I don’t know (^-^;) The process is different and I adjust the way I’m working on a Japanese blade according to its condition :)
Almost all of my Japanese blades were used and in a bad condition (I would not have been able to afford buying them if they had been in a good condition :D

Let me know if you have any questions :)

Last week was quite exhausting and on Saturday I was supposed to write an exam but I felt too nervous which upset my stomach…
So now I need to write this exam at the end of March :)
I passed my math exam though (°_°;)..°(How did I do that?)
I’m quite surprised about this as I had a total blackout after an hour and just felt awful… I felt like I failed it…
Last Thursday my math professor wrote me that I made her sad because she knows I can do better but I passed (^-^;)

I hope to finish a few small projects next week :)
Right now I “only” need to focus on my internship :)
Learning for the aforementioned exam is kind of easy as it is a topic I’m quite good at :)
In my case being good at it and well prepared for an exam doesn’t change anything about being super nervous and feeling quite bad when writing exams (^-^;)

Anyway I wish everyone a great Valentines day and sweet dreams (^-^)/

anonymous asked:

For the meme thingymajiggy- Midosaka? :D And if you want to do the character one too then Midousuji? (Sorry I thought I'd just make sure in case you didn't want to do loads of writing :B)

Dear Anon, thank you for prompting me to talk about my favorite ship and character. I also might use a few gifs because I have to many….


Send me a ship and I will tell you:

-when or if I started shipping it.

I didn’t ship them hard until Episode 5 of Grand Road. But damn, Onoda made that lizard into the dork he really is just for a little while and it was my favorite thing ever. One of my favorite moments, which doesn’t get any love, is when they’re about to part ways. They’re both so awkward and cute it made my brain explode.


Also, I honestly believed Onoda saved him on this night. I don’t even want to think about what would have happened if the lizard stopped biking. Ugh…. Onoodle reached out to him and stirred his soul and it was beautiful. 

-my thoughts:

My thoughts basically are Onoda is the key to Midousuji’s happiness. Thank you czerwik​ for saying it so clearly that one time. I felt that way but I didn’t realize til they said it out right haha.

-what makes me happy about them:

They have more in common than anyone else since Mido is a canon closet mech otaku. I mean, they’ve already had a tiny anime argument while riding bikes together *squees*. I love their conversation dynamic. And their contrasting body and personality types. UGGGH fucking slaaaaay me. I love both these huge dork babies and them being together gives me all the feels. So, basically everything. @__@ Yeah.

-what makes me sad about them:

They don’t make me sad. They are pure joy. Wait…the only time I ever feel sad is when Mido is too mean to little Noodle in fic or in canon. But even then I kinda love the drama haha. And it’s usually only momentary. Like when Mido bumped Onoda into Imaizumi to slow him down haha. I was like, “NOOOO!! BAD MIDO!! BAD!! DON’T BE MEAN TO YOUR BOYFRIEND!!! *cries*” It was all strategy and he knew he wouldn’t get hurt. But still…. It scared little noodle…. Mido you so bad….
But 99.99% they don’t make me sad at all.  They give me life.

-things done in fanfic that annoys me:

Any oc stuff is the worst (like Mido having chill, yeah right), but I think that’s universal. Ok, when they make Mido or Onoda too clumsy…. I understand that they’re both awkward babies and don’t know anything (KYAHH! SO CUTEE!!!!) and Mido in particular is all gangly, BUT! *slams fist on table* Mido is instinctively a sexy beast and I have to roll my eyes at him bumbling around for too long. It’s annoying….  He has sex with the air all the time. I think he could figure out how to bone pretty quickly.

-things I look for in fanfic:

Huhuhu! First off I live in the Explicit category. That being said, Ic Mido (FOR FUCKS SAKE PLEASE THANK YOU). Onoda being a huge pervert, because you can’t tell me he’s not *falls over blushing*.  And both of them being overwhelmed and/or embarrassed at some point. *dies* Also, just them hanging out being nerds together is so wonderful. My favorite is Lizard Brain (they haven’t had sex yet but mido has sex with himself YAS). mamebo has writing for Mido down to an art ok. Also, ins91​‘s A Cast Shadow I enjoyed very much (they haven’t had sex yet). Go look under Mamebo’s works tho. Seriously.

-my kinks:

Mido finally using his tongue on little Onoodle (CAN I GET A FUCKING WITNESS). Onoda’s little butt *doki doki*. So I guess that equals ass eating lol. Other than that, I love them being desperate for each other and disappearing before and after races. Idk, honestly I just want them to be ic and to have a good time in a way that feels canon haha.

-who I’d be comfortable with them ending up with, if not each other:

Haha ummmm, I’m cool with shipping Mido with Ishigaki or Komari for fun, and Onoda with Imaizumi, but I really am only truly comfortable with them ending up with each other. I can’t see Mido being happy any other way. They’re my mothership ok.

-my happily ever after for them:

*cries* Ok, ugh….. So Mido has to go pro, because bikes are his life. I feel like Onoda doesn’t have to be professional it stresses him out so much haha…. But I think he would ride daily in a casual kind of way and support Mido 110%. Noodle could do something really simple and be really happy…. Maybe work at or maybe even own his own store in Akiba? And this is just me, but they need to somehow have a son… I’m not into mpreg, but dammit!! They need a baby *cries*!!! Mamasaka and Papasuji gives me life ok.  I’ll say science is the answer and they have a surrogate haha. 

Midousuji Akira

Give me a character & I will tell you

How I feel about this character:

I’ve never experienced anything like my fall for the lizard man. Midousuji Akira is my favorite character of all time. He has become my muse in a very real way and I have run the gamete of emotions with him. Honestly I almost stopped watching the show because he repulsed/freaked me out so much haha. But I had to draw him immediately and it made me soooooo uncomfortable. I fought it for a while, maybe a month or two, begging for help and calling it a problem, but it was already too late. Every time my pen touched paper or I turned on my computer on I was drawing Midousuji and I was so confused and upset at that point. I slowly warmed up because he can be so cheeky and cute haha, but I didn’t fully embrace him until GR Ep3. Now I feel completely sound in my love for the titan biker and relish in it, but it’s been a long weird road…..

All the people I ship romantically with this character:

Well, first it was Braces Kun because Nobu is so damn thirsty.
Then it was Ishigaki for a long time, bless.
Then Komari once I saw that sexy little waif of a boy laying his hands on Mido (manga) MY LAWD TAKE HIM NOW LITTLE BLUE FOX!! 
Then my holiest of motherships Midosaka.
And most recently, surprisingly, Imaizumi. Ok, but at the end when Imaizumi suddenly got super sexy and told Mido he was over him… I’ve never wanted them to be together more than in that moment lol. 

My non-romantic OTP for this character:

*shrugs* This is a thing? 

My unpopular opinion about this character:

That Mido is forever a seme. Everyone draws him bottoming and I just can’t see it. He’s a large thin man who is excessively dominate. I mean all the art is super sexy and I love it, but I just can’t see him letting anyone stick anything in his butt. There’s not enough chill in his body to let that happen. There is this one great Pixiv comic comic tho fufufufufu. It’s so perfect.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:

I WANT HIM TO WIN A FUCKING INTERHIGH PLEASE!!!! I know he’s the main antagonist and he hates friendship and everything Shonen series stand for, but I need him to win more. He is a super badass cyclist and I need more of this happy monkey baby.

my het ship:


my fem/slash ship:

All my ships are slash……

my OTP:

Lizard x Glasses

my OT3:

Hmmmmm, that aged up Mido x Onoda x Imaizumi fic that mamebo did was too fucking amazing… I’ll go with that. But I really don’t have one that I look for in cannon. 

my cross over ship:

wat…. ummmm I’m thinking Haikyuu? Maybe Suga in an au where they were the same age and childhood friends… Maybe…. Mido needs a mommy and Suga is a great mom.

my kink:

do I even have to say anything…..

a head cannon fact:

Midousuji and Onoodle go to University together and Midousuji with long hair. THESE THINGS WILL HAPPEN OK.

my gender bend:

? Ummmmm yeah sure I’m down with fem Mido. I do prefer dicks tho, even on the most fem of characters.

5 Seconds of Summer - Astrology / Horoscope

Who I Ship You With and Why
(PART 2)

See PART 1 on my page.

MICHAEL MICHAEL MICHAEL. I ship you with Michael. You and Michael would be so cute. Marry each other. Kiss. I don’t think I’ve said it enough– GO get Michael. Because you both match so much. But like I’ve said in the previous post, too much PDA is gross. Go be cute in your own room. You’re so damn charming and sly the rest would like you too, but no, stay away from ¾. I WANT YOU with MICHAEL.

Michael. If you two get with each other it would be VERY intense. For this one I advise you to PLEASE get a room because if you get with each other in public it would be even grosser for some people to witness than Cancer and maybe Libra because you’re so sexually attracted to each other. However stay away from arguments, ok. And Luke would also be mad about you. When you get to know them you will probably like Michael more, though.

HELL YEAH I SHIP YOU AND CALUM. He would no doubt pursue you until he gets you. You would make great best friends as well as lovers. The relationship would be full of passion. I also ship you with Ashton because man he would love you a lot; the relationship would be really stimulating. And erm… Also Michael because of your adventurous side. Lmao good luck choosing between ¾.

Calum. At first you might think that you two aren’t alike, but you actually bring the best in each other. I also would like you to be with Michael because you treat relationships in a similar way, even though to be in one it’s gone take time yo. Be patient alright (actually I don’t even have to tell you that because Capricorns are known to be patient people). Also maybe Luke because opposites attract. You da bomb dot com so only the best can be withchu.

Even though Michael might get a little bit too clingy, his outgoing nature would make you love each other a lot. He’s emotionally compatible with your personality. Luke and Ashton would find your weirdness attractive. Maybe you thought I was gonna ship you with Calum… lol sike. You’re both weird. It would be too weird (I’m not saying you don’t match tho). Actually, weird is ok. In fact, embrace your uniqueness. I haven’t actually shipped you with anyone, have I? This is hard (holy shit 4/4 can get it then) (girl I’m jealous af).

This is pretty damn easy. Luke, d'uh. Your relationship would be like one of those soppy love stories – full of makin out, flowers, emotions, etc… You’re both sensitive and would understand how to treat each other vvv well. This might be surprising but you also actually would be great with Calum because you are what he likes in a girl according to his Venus sign. And he likes to cuddle. Wouldn’t you be down for that? Of course you would.

——————————————-Whaddaya think? Do you like this analysis? What’s your sign? TELL ME

And guess my sign ;)

Also, you can tell me ideas for the next topic!

This is fun yo.

Made this GIF with MMD ( it might look kinda weird i d k)

eren mmd model: http://bowlroll.net/up/dl34754

mikasa mmd model : http://bowlroll.net/up/dl25300

background/ sakura : http://www.mediafire.com/download/qmml2zm15z4/sakura.rar



boremeignoreme  asked:

I think it's hard to keep billdip 'unproblematic' because, at its core, you're shipping an abusive pedophilic relationship. Even if Dipper is aged up to 18, Bill is still millennia old (or at least hundreds right?) and way too old for Dipper. Also, Bill is absolutely a manipulative character. There's no way around that fact.

Continued: “ I wouldn’t have taken a stance on the whole thing, but I’ve seen quite a few child sexual assault victims on the site explain why it’s damaging to them to ship it because it normalizes pedophilic abusive relationships. I don’t mean to start any hatred, but I wanted to try and show you and others why I think billdip is really unhealthy and bad to ship.”

First off, I just want to thank you for addressing this without being passive aggressive, threatening or just all around rude! Tbh i really appreciate it. Also, I want to properly address your messages so this might get a little long. 

You are 100% correct on it being hard to keep billdip unproblematic as a ship. In fact I have never tried to claim the ship itself is unproblematic. It is my ‘problematic fav’ as its called. I will certainly not defend it that. Its a garbage trash ship that I shamelessly love. 

  • “Even if Dipper is aged up to 18, Bill is still millennia old (or at least hundreds right?) and way too old for Dipper.” 

This is true, though some would argue Bill is ageless. And though thoughts and opinions regarding large age gaps vary and are just as rough a topic to discuss- a relationship between an 18 year old and, say, a 50 year old even, is not illegal. (as gross as that image is.) There are plenty of pairings throughout fandoms with pairings between humans and immortal/ancient inhumans. Its not uncommon, and though the idea of the immortal being much to old for the human is true, it certainly never stops anyone, and personally I don’t deem it especially wrong. 

Though I will touch on the fact that the idea of an 18 year old and a 50 year old in a relationship is… kind of gross to me. And yet, I ship Billdip? Why? Tbh who knows but I will touch on my reasons a little more later.

  • “Bill is absolutely a manipulative character. There’s no way around that fact.”

Once again, 100% true. In canon, Bill is a manipulative demon who is only interested in his own goals. So in the end, most fanart, fanfics and other works have Bill on a wide range of “slightly ooc” to “who the fuck is this and where is my dorito?” The chances you will find billdip works where Bill is considered canonly represented is very very slim, and if one of those slim works are found, they are probably made knowing the content is manipulative and abusive, and well, some people use this as a form of venting I think? I’m not too sure of the specific reasons behind those ones in particular as I am not interested in them. 

  • “I’ve seen quite a few child sexual assault victims on the site explain why it’s damaging to them to ship it because it normalizes pedophilic abusive relationships.”

I have not seen evidence of the ship ‘normalizing pedophilic abusive relationships’ but maybe that is because most of the shippers I know recognize and admit its problematic qualities. In fact if you asked any billdip shipper if they recognized the pairing as problematic and they said “no.” those are the people not even I would want to go near, no way. 

This aside, I (and others I’m sure) in no way want to invalidate the thoughts and feelings of csa survivors, which is why I LOUDLY ENCOURAGE all billdip shippers to furiously tag billdip works they post and reblog (especially nsfw ones) to ensure we are not showing up in places we could cause harm. 

  • “I wanted to try and show you and others why I think billdip is really unhealthy and bad to ship.”

I appreciate you handling his in a mature way, and getting those who ship billdip to understand they need to be careful what/where they post and how they tag is important. But I’m not going to say billdip is a bad ship to ship. Just like how pinecest disgusts me, personally, but I’m not going to say its a bad ship or immediately peg the shippers as incestuous slime. 

Many may disagree with me on this, but I don’t see anything wrong with people shipping certain things as long as they recognize its problematic aspects. If you keep it out of sight of those who could be harmed by it, you aren’t causing any harm.

I will also touch on why exactly I ship billdip. I love both Dipper and Bill as individual characters, and I love their canon dynamic and interactions. Aging up characters to see where they would be down the road is always fun! Everyone does it. So when I would do this with Dipper, I would also throw Bill in there to spice things up. I love this ship for its never ending possibilities and abundance of content. 

In conclusion, Billdip is a problematic ship but it can and has been shipped in many different ways. I have seen it portrayed gruesome and abusive and I have seen it portrayed as dorky and adorable. There are underage folks who ship it with Dipper closer to their age because it makes it relatable for them. (I certainly didn’t understand the laws of underage when I was 14)

Anyways, this got really long and I think I’ve made all my points. 

Once again, thanks for not being a dick. And please NO ONE send this person hateful messages. They’re being really rad and respectful tbh. Much better than half the other people I get in here. 

So yeah! Salt OUT. 

I saw a little headcanon about the fleet go around, and while I think it’s an interesting headcanon, I thought I’d share my own too!

It’s quite different, opposite in a few ways.

This headcanon go in a tiny bit on how I imagine the caste system working on Alternia in general as well… vuv

(Note: I’m not trying to force my ideas on anyone nor am I trying to step on toes or start a fight. I just wanna share my own headcanon!)

For a start! Have a CASTE TRIANGLE WOOO


Here you see the highbloods on the top and the lowbloods in the bottom. Note that I didn’t add any mutants/lime to this. Jades are there, but due to them being rare, they are that slim, tiny line between green and teal! Wow that’s a lot of redbloods, right?

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