i might scan them later


I got some Balala Little Magic Fairies books!!! They’re aimed at children and supposedly these are all short (and I mean really damn short) stories that’s supposed to teach kids morals or something. There’s only two books out so far, both around 55 pages.

The covers are so lovely! The front covers have glitter on them!!! I might scan these covers later; probably not gonna scan the book pages because I don’t want to destroy the binding. These are kinda flimsy books, plus book 2 (the one with Michelle on it) already looks pretty badly damaged??? I doubt it was from shipping, since book 1 is fine. Book 2 just has some weird scratches on the front cover and binding, somehow. Dang.

I don’t know Chinese so I can’t translate this.


EXTREMELY rare original laser wire press photographs of Wesltley Allan Dodd and the trial. These are the photos that were used in various newspapers, magazines, etc. These just arrived today. There are a few more that will arrive later in the week. I might scan each of them and post larger versions later when I have more time but for now this will have to do.