i might remake if i can ever get it in hd

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What are you most excited to see with the ff7 remake? for me it'd be hd safer sephiroth, hd vincent transformations, and hd cloud post characater development. I swear if they retcon it from ever happening I WILL BE SO MAD. I also hope instead of just HD-ing everything they included some new gameplay-related stuff like new materia and new limits.

i think that iconic stuff is probably mostly safe. boss fights, limit breaks and character defining moments (like Cloud’s breakdown and subsequent recovery) won’t be too heavily altered, in all likelihood. new materia and skills are probably a safe bet, too, since the game seems to be using an engine roughly similar to Crisis Core’s; the use of a battle system that is active rather than turn based changes the dynamic of most of FFVII’s materia. at best, the system’s probably going to need a complete overhaul, and at worst it may be excised altogether for simplicity’s sake, maybe by assigning each character a set of “signature” materia that grow over the course of the game without need of player oversight (remember, this remake is likely being made to target not just the die-hard FFVII fanatics that know the materia system inside and out, but the widest audience possible, it is very possible that the more technical parts of FFVII might be thrown out)

what i’m really looking forward to, though, is the silly stuff. FFVII is remembered as a very serious, melancholic game, and that’s largely what it was, but it was also very much in line with the Final Fantasy tradition of throwing in a bunch of weird stuff, seemingly for the hell of it

like the time the party needed to discreetly reach the upper part of Junon, and did so on the back of a jumping dolphin, because nothing says “discretion” like a dolphin jumping 20 feet into the air near live power lines (there is a trick to this part, by the way: just use the whistle twice without moving, it’ll place you exactly where you need to be)

or the part where Barret gets self-conscious about the sailor outfit he’s wearing to sneak onto a Shinra ship

or the part where Red XIII shows no such lack of confidence about his own disguise, despite the fact that he does, in fact, have a tail that he has not bothered to hide

or the part shortly after that, where the player encounters Jenova for the first time- in the form of a tentacle dropped by a Sephiroth ghost that flies at the screen in the 1997 equivalent of a jumpscare

or this thing

the funny thing about it is that at the time, none of this seemed especially strange. goofy stuff was part and parcel of the JRPG experience- everyone did it, and Squaresoft was no exception. it’s only in the last decade or so that the landscape seems to have shifted so vastly toward Very Serious Brooding. it’s like they’re ashamed to admit that it is, in fact, a video game, and that by virtue of this, you can have the player party fight a miniature ghost pirate ship in an underwater nuclear reactor with no explanation given other than “it just happened to be there”

this is the stuff i want to see in the FFVII remake- a willingness to embrace not only the Final Fantasy series’ less-than-serious roots, but also the inherent videogame-ness of the whole endeavor. the FFVII remake does not need to be the paradigm shifting pseudo-cinematic experience that Square-Enix wants to make all of its intellectual properties into- it can just be a video game, with all the nonsensical, immersion-breaking tidbits that go with that designation. that would be okay, i’d be alright with it, because if that were the case, it would mean that the Final Fantasy VII Remake was truer to the original vision of Final Fantasy VII than the entire Compilation was, and that’d make one hell of a fitting 20th anniversary gift

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A long time ago I was part of a group that was going to remake Sonic 1 in HD, with an art direction that had cel-shaded animated characters and detailed painted backgrounds. The group eventually fell apart, but it was a learning experience.

This was animated on paper back in 2012 and cleaned up digitally. I’m saving up for a tablet so that hopefully I can get back into 2D animation and lift myself from the hassle of animating on physical paper.

Loltaku's Game Of The Year List And Awards Spectacular 2014

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Here we go. These aren’t in any given order, except for the existence of a winner. Only 5, because 10 always seems like it gets people putting stuff on to ‘represent’ genres and whatever.

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