i might regret this one in the future also

I’ve always loved writing since I was little. I love writing stories, articles, poems, but I never kept a diary because I think it made me feel obligated to write everyday. Every time I started one, the entry would turn out something like “went to the market today. I really wanted to buy a toy but just did yesterday. Anyway, I think Brittany lied to me about her dating Jem”

Then I started high school and, well, let’s just say I needed to get things out somewhere before I become my own version of 2007’s Britney Spears. A journal is actually a really great getaway from all the sickening routines. You get to be entirely you, and nobody will say anything about what you think and what you write. Not to mention it’s very therapeutic and helps keeping your sanity.

I know a lot of people who want to start a journal but are not sure what to write or where to start from. So that is why, ladies and gents, I’m here to give you a lil help on that matter.

1.       Be As Blunt, Angry, or Happy

You’re fighting with your friend and you think they’re stupid? Jot that down. You think your math score doesn’t do you justice? Write about it. You got a new set of Crayolas and are very excited about it? Write it down too. It does feel a little weird at first, I did feel that too, but trust me you would feel a lot better and relieved after you finish an entry. Remember, nobody’s going to read it so if you didn’t have the chance to punch that one friend in the face, do it now. Mentally. Better to stay out of jail, right?

2.       No Schedule Needed

You don’t need to write an entry every single day. I never do mine regularly, but I try to keep it at least once or twice a week to make sure that I don’t leave it way behind. However, DO NOT go through 2 weeks without a single entry, the longer you don’t write, the more you feel like you can go miles without touching it. This would beat the purpose of starting a journal in the first place.

3.       Get Creative

You can be as creative and wild in your journal! Find some inspiration from youtube, tumblr, or pinterest and splatter some paints. It doesn’t have to be neat or have a deep meaning, just do some art when you DO feel inspired. You can also attach some memories like amusement park tickets, postcards, stamps, and many other things.

4.       It’s Not Meant to be “Photogenic”

Or you can make it as photogenic as you want it to be. Just remember that not every single page has to be colorful, has lots of drawings and Shakespeare’s poems on it. You see these journaling accounts all around tumblr and think “how do they make it so artsy?”. I’m pretty sure even those accounts have silly drawings and memes somewhere between those pages. When you start a journal, some pages might only have words upon words on white paper, some pages might have unfinished sketches. Don’t (just) do it for aesthetic. Do it because it takes off your negative vibes and brings positivity toward you.

5. Just Start.

Seriously. The more you procrastinate, the more you’ll think ‘nah I don’t need it anyway’. The ultimate guide is to start somewhere.

Whatever you write down, they don’t have to be interesting or mind-blowing. Some people think their lives are boring and not journal-worthy. Well, I write about Starbucks’ caramel frappe and trips to the nearest market while all these people are writing about their freaking road trip to another planet. No lives are boring. There will always be something to write about. If you’re still having a writer’s block, then I gotcha. Here’s a list of things you can put on your journal:

-Dream you had last night
-Letters to somebody
-A letter to your younger/future self
- Songs you need to download
- Answer your own questions
- 13 reasons why. Ex: Why you should get over that one ex, Why you love your best friend, etc
- Things you’ve learned today ( I do this a lot. It’s a great way to self-exam)
- Favorite things
-Things you regret buying (also a great self-examination)
- New words + definitions
- Morning/midnight ramblings
- Reviews of books/movies
- What would you be doing in 10 years
- Write about your Hogwarts’ house or MBTI personality

This might not be a huge help, but I love sharing things and I find journaling to be very helpful for a lot of things.

Do you guys keep a journal? If so, what do you usually write about?

hello everyone! for reaching 3k i thought i would introduce the studyblr of the month thing on my blog! so join in, i cant wait to see ur beautiful blogs & hope to meet so many more of you lovelies :”)


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i think that’s all, mates! thank you for entering and let’s do this!! :”)

kind of a sequel to this piece I did of emerald 

Tbh this didn’t come out like I wanted too but shrug emoji it’s ok. I might do some more flower couples in the future 

(fun fact! one of my art New Years resolutions for 2017 was to draw more flowers! well better late than never)



Alstroemeria flower is symbolic of wealth, prosperity and fortune. It is also the flower of friendship.

Borage: Courage, Bluntness, Directness, Rudeness, Speak your mind

Daisy symbolizes innocence and purity. It conveys loyal love

Rue: Grace, Manners, Regret, Repentance, Clear vision, Virtue, Beginning anew

Zephyr: Sincerity, Freedom from two-faced people

I have decided to end the comic. I figured I should probably post this now before it gets closer to April Fool’s Day and people think it’s a joke! I promise you it’s not; I am no longer able to consistently work on a webcomic.

I had plans for a last hurrah of sorts, but after a series of unfortunate events (thanks, tablet), I felt it would be unfair to you all to put out rushed comics not up to the usual standard, especially for something as important as this.

The archive has been fully updated for the last time (yes, I know it took a while!), the Patreon has been taken down, and the main site will remain open, unless something goes wrong with Tumblr itself. If that’s the case, I give you permission to back up any comics you like ahead of time.

The question box is also closed, but my personal blog will remain active, where I’ll continue to post any future art and one-off comics when I have the time! Nowadays it’s mostly insect photography and other artists’ work, but I do post things myself occasionally!

Thank you again to all the wonderful people who enjoyed this comic, and I’m humbly sorry if this makes you sad. I loved being able to work on it, even if my jokes might have been a tad silly at times! It was a very fun experience, and I don’t regret it in the least!

-1MeenGreenie ✿

Intellect over brute force

That’s why I watch Doctor Who. Because it’s a show about finding a better way to handle conflict than physical violence. 

So the trend in my comments lately, encouraging me to have Rose smack Sylvia in FANA for being… well, Sylvia, or to have Nine punch Ten in To Bring Them Home because he lost Rose… Those bother me. 

Neither Rose nor the Doctor are prone to violence–especially not hitting someone. Sometimes things are necessary, like blowing up the Sontaran ship. But it’s always the last resort, and it’s always with regret. 

And I’m also not keen on the notion that Ten is to blame for losing Rose at Canary Wharf. Will Nine comment on it? Maybe, but only in passing. He’s going to be a bit overwhelmed by all the revelations about his future, to be honest. 

There are a few characters who have a canonical tendency to hit. Jackie and Donna come to mind, especially. If I feel it fits the scene and their character at the moment, I might have one of those characters hit someone. But it’s never done because I feel like that is an appropriate way to handle conflict. It absolutely is not, and because of that, it is not ever going to be the “solution” to a scene like people seem to want it to be. 

potatoes-tomatoes  asked:

Heyy lets talk abt shippy stuff since you kinda went over a lil soriel in one of your other sans post: how do you think sans would express his interest in toriel, if he ever would at all? If toriel were to kiss sans (platonically or romantically... doesn't matter) I don't think he'd show any sign of being flustered, but gosh dangit he'd sweat like crazy and maybe look surprised instead?? OR what if he told knock knock jokes that we're subliminally flirty? >:000 I can see him doing that

Oh man, oh brother, oh friend you are going to regret getting me started talking about Soriel. :V 

And I specifically mean to talk about post-pacifist, because I feel like in any other timeline, they would continue as great friends, but nothing more. Despite her anger towards Asgore, the loss of the king might shut Toriel off from future romances entirely. And the ending where they’re they closest- Sans runs away with Toriel- is also the one where her promise led to Papyrus dying, so I think that would also hinder the relationship in a kind of major way. :B

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I’m still baffled by the Allistics and their insensitivity. Redditor on /r/aspergers, i stumbled across a certain thread. The question was “How can i be sure that i prevent my children from having Autism ?”. 

If you don’t know it, /r/aspergers is a community for autistic people, where we can share our questions, our experiences and so on with other autistic people. There’s also a community called /r/autism, massively for “Autism parents”, with threads such as “How can i cope with my son and his autism ?”.

But this person came to us. And she asked us, quite clearly, how can she be sure that her future children won’t never be like us. When i expressed calmly my point of view, i was berated by PM for my answer and i was told that my mother might regret the fact that she had an autistic girl.

I was also berated for my “lack of empathy”, that i was using my Autism as an excuse to be rude. Really ? I’m the one who’s not empathetic ?

I’m still struggling with my self-confidence, like a lot of us. Some people told me the same thing before about my mother and she had to fight strongly against my beliefs to make sure that i know that she loved me, the way i was.

I love you, guys. I love this community, i love to be a part of it. Being autistic is not always easy, mainly because of inconsiderate allistic people, but i learned to like me and i like everyone of you.

I hope that, one day, we’ll never have to come across a question like this one… We deserved to be on this planet and to be who we are.

destielydia  asked:

Hi, I love your work :) I wanted to ask what do you think of this au where Will finds a smol puppy and it's raining and cold outside and the puppy is hurt so he takes it and hides under his coat and takes it to the nearest hospital/shelter for animals and it's evening and he tries to find somebody to help him with this puppy and then he sees this handsome guy with dark hair and he asks him "excuse me, do you work here? Look... I've found this little buddy. He needs help" and Nico is in love.

*Takes your prompt and runs away with it*

Chance Meetings and Puppy Tales

Usually, Will isn’t the type of person who would bravely walked down the streets whenever it’s heavily pouring down. Most often, he would wait until the rain stops or if he’s in a real hurry, strategically duck and run from building to building to avoid getting too wet cause a small umbrella can only shield as much.

But he wasn’t a heartless individual either and far too many times, the overflowing compassion in his system far overrides his own safety.

So there he was, on a stormy night with his umbrella looking like it was about to give up due to the strong winds and with him already soaking wet. His messenger bag, which he had carelessly slung on his shoulder had starting to weigh more than usual but he cared less for that right now. He clutched his jacket a little closer and took a little peak.

And there, being shielded by the rain is a small, whimpering puppy being clutched protectively with his free hand.

He inwardly cursed, sure it was really late and the off chance that a clinic would still be opened is a close negative but the odds in life often happen in random times right?

He needed to have fate with the odds.

He kept running, avoiding the ocassional puddles on the way and trying search for a particular sign, a name or any other indication that it was the place he was looking for.

And just when he was about to give up, that’s when he saw,

A boy with features so fine all he was missing was a pair of white wings and a halo on top of his head. Ah, what a handsome creature. Will felt like doing a little poetry of praises for having seen such beauty.

Then the puppy whimpered bringing him back to his more rational thoughts.

Okay, Will back at the matter at hand.

That’s when he saw the familiar sign of an open veterinary clinic. Oh wait. He already saw it, he just got a bit distracted.

When Nico agreed to helping Hazel and Frank to wait for a delivery that is bound to come around midnight, the delivery was the only thing he thought would be coming.

He didn’t expect that someone else would be knocking really late

Nico really wanted to be mad, angry, furious and whatever synonymous adjectives people invented that can be associated with those words.

But his supposed reaction all went down the gutter.

Oh man. This guy is hot. Also soaking wet. And with the bluest eyes ever. And hot. Yes hot.

Nico would totally dig and kiss and do rated pg stuff not meant for kids.


“You’re a vet, right?”

“Ah, what?”

“A veterinarian? A animal doctor? Aren’t you one?” The boy’s eyes shifted confusedly before widening his eyes “If you’re not one then what are you doing here? Oh my god! are you a thief!?”

“What? No! I’m waiting for a package delivery as a favor for the owner”

“Good cause it would be a shame if a cute guy like you is doing some illegal deeds” The boy winked at Nico flirtatiously

“Uhm, the puppy” Nico reminded as he did his best to hide the blush from creeping on his face.

“Oh, right! Sorry little one” The boy placed the puppy on the counter “If you’re not a vet then what are we going to do now? This little poor guy here needs help”

“I can ring my brother-in-law, he’s the one who owns this place. I’m sure we can follow his instructions and work things out”

“That would be nice” The boy smiled brightly and Nico simply can’t stop his heart from fluttering. He shook his head soon after and started scrolling down his contacts until Frank’s name showed up.


Nico blinked and look at the blond only somehow remembering now that he was soaking wet too. And also being reminded of what a total hunk the other is “Stay put”


Nico was back soon enough with a clean set of clothes “Ugh. These are my brother in law’s, sorry it’s the only one available I can lend you” Nico was thankful enough Frank had some spare set of clothes in his office.

“…But that would be too much”

“Nonsense” Nico handed him the clothes “There’s a bathroom behind that door”

With Frank’s help, they’ve managed to take care of the puppy. Thankfully, aside from being soaked too much under the rain the small dog doesn’t have any injuries. Frank suggested more observations though, in case the puppy ended up getting ill.

And that’s when the problem occurred.

“Ugh. This is bad..” The boy spoke worriedly as a visible pout had spread on his face.

“Hm?” Nico had to look at the ground if only to stop himself from wiping the pout away with his own hands.

“I got into too much adrenaline with the situation that I forgot a big detail”

“..And that would be?”

“My apartment doesn’t allow pets inside and even if I manage to sneak the little one out, it won’t take long before they find out.”

Nico looked at the puppy then back at the tall, ruggedly handsome boy who found him.

Nico felt like he’ll somewhat regret this in the future.

“I can take him. My apartment allows pets inside, anyway”

The immediate smile that spread on the blond’s face told Nico it might just be worth the risk.

“Can I take your number?” The blond asked not too soon after.

“My number?”

“Yes, I really want to get updates on him” The blond flustered and fidgeted with his fingers “Also, I really want to take you out sometime. If no ones gonna get mad that is?”

“Hand me your phone” Nico held his hand out. The boy rummaged inside his bag, thankful that inside was waterproofed. He handed his phone at Nico.

“I’m mostly free during Fridays and the weekends” Nico teased as he handed the phone back. Will beamed before pressing the call button.

Nico raised a brow as he heard the familiar tune coming from his phone.

“So you’ll have mine too” The blond stated a little timidly as he proceeded to save the contact. “Sorry, this is really awkward and stuff but I didn’t actually get your name”

Nico didn’t bother to hide the amused smile on his face “Nico”

“Nice to meet you, Nico. I’m Will”

Eight months later…

“Will, I’m home!”

“Welcome back, I’m in the kitchen!”

“How was your da- William Solace what are you doing with a turtle?”

Will smiled sheepishly “Haha. Funny story actually, so remember my friend Jake? Well there’s a lake nearby where he lives in the province and he saw this poor guy alone with no signs of his parents or sibling, maybe they’ve accidentally left him behind and he doesn’t have the heart to live him alone but he can’t take care of him either and so he called me and I swear, I tried saying no but then he sent me a photo and I just can’t turn the poor turtle down and I, uhm.. picked him out after you left. Sorry”

Nico sighed exasperatedly.

“This can’t continue on forever, Will. It needs to stop”

“Are you breaking up with me?” Will widened his eyes with worry

“What? No!’ Nico sounded a little offended. Sure, Will’s tendency to rescue every stray animal he can is getting out of hand but that’s a silly way to break up with him.

“Oh cool cause I got a little worried there” Will sighed with relief

“You need to control yourself, is all I wanted to say” Nico explained honestly “I know you’re only trying to do good but we can’t keep on taking in strays”

“But look at them. They’re so vulnerable. How can people just pass by them and not help?”

“Will, I get your point but it’s getting bit bit too much” Nico wasn’t even exaggerating, so far for the last couple months they’ve acquired 2 dogs, including the puppy Will saved that one night, three cats, an iguana, a monkey which thankfully was returned back to the owner who had been looking for it, a tank of those small fishes Nico doesn’t know the name of, for some reason eight hamsters and for a stranger reason, a chicken and now a turtle.

“Fine. I’ll try and control myself”

“You’ve said that before”

“Hey! it was just one time”

“You took a rat as a pet” Nico reminded with a sigh.

“I tried to get rid if it but then I glanced it in the eyes and it was looking at me pitifully and I just can’t do it…”

“It was a house rat, Will. Those are not pets, they’re pests”

“If I can’t keep them here, what would happen to them then?”

Nico had let out a deep breathe “Fine, you can keep your strays here”

Will smiled at that “Hear that little one? You’re staying!”


Will stopped his celebratory grin.

“We’ll find them new owners, make sure they’ll be taken cared for because we really can’t take them all in. We can enlist Frank’s help even,”

Will carefully placed the turtle back in the shoe box before quickly striding over towards Nico and kissing him fully on the lips and proceeding to give him small pecks over and over again.

“Yes, that’s perfect. Thank you”

Two more weeks later…

“Will Solace!”’

“It’s about the Phyton, right?” Will asked sheepishly.

“No, it’s not about the- OF COURSE IT’S ABOUT THE PHYTON!” Nico yelled, a bit annoyed. All the other animals Will took home, he can tolerate he did give the go signal after all but taking a Phyton in is a bit too much.

Will gasped “You’re hurting Salazar’s feelings”

“Salazar?” Nico questioned with utter disbelief.

“Yep. I named him Salazar Slytherin, pretty cool right? He used to be named Gaston, which by the way is such an ugly name! You have to agree with me on that! That’s why I re-baptized him”

Nico blinked. 

“Anyway, you can’t keep him here”

“But Nico!’

Thankfully, for some reason their friend Leo had taken a total liking on the snake and begged to take him home. The guy even built a miniature jungle like cage in his apartment for it.

“Hazel, are you sure your brother’s boyfriend isn’t trying to take my job away?” Frank asked a little worried as they took the elevator to Will and Nico’s apartment “Because I’m pretty sure I saw a birdcage from their window and they don’t have birds the last time”

Hazel chuckled “Don’t worry about it Frank. He’s not. He just can’t stand abandoning animals. Maybe he’ll find suitable owners like he does every time”

“I hope so. I mean, Will’s a cool guy but animal care is my territory”

Hazel just laughed. It was true when Percy told her and Nico that they both fall easily after the caring but dorky ones.


Our Choices - Leonard McCoy

Requested by anonymous. I took the vows from ones I found on pinterest.

“I can’t believe my daughter is getting married,” your mother said, enveloping you in a bone crushing hug. 

“Neither can I,” Jim said under his breath. She pulled away and slapped his arm. 

“You just wish you were as happy as Y/N,” she said, pulling you both into the house. You looked over at Jim with a smile and he raised an eyebrow at you.

“Yeah, but her best friend is Scotty. He’s not my type,” he said, flopping down in his favorite chair. 

“Are we still acting like I stole your best friend from you?” you said, sticking out your hip.

“You did steal him from me.”

“Uh huh.” Your mother rolled her eyes and sighed.

“I haven’t seen the two of you in nearly a year and this is how you’re acting? Jim, your sister is getting married, try to be happy for her.” Jim sighed and sat up, throwing an arm around you.

“I am happy for her. I’m glad she and Bones found each other.” You smirked and kissed his cheek.


“Jim’s nickname for Leonard,” you explained. Your mother nodded her head and hugged you both again.

“I’m just so glad you’re home,” she said. “Oh, Y/N, I have something to show you. Come up stairs with me.”

“No surprises for me?” Jim asked. You smacked his stomach and followed your mother up the stairs. 

“I can’t wait for you to meet Leonard.” She smiled at you and gave your hand a squeeze.

“Me too. When is he getting here?”

“He went to Georgia to see his family.”

“They are coming aren’t they?” she asked, opening the door to your old bedroom. You looked around the room, noticing that your mother had redecorated.

“Yes, they are,” you said, touching a chip in the wall from a doll you threw at Jim when you were growing up. “His parents are, and a few others.” 

You turned back to your mother and she smiled at you widely. You laughed awkwardly and looked around the room once more. 

“I really love what you’ve done with the room, Mom. But you didn’t have to show me privately.”

“That’s not why I brought you up here.” 

“Oh,” you said, sitting down on the bed. She walked towards the closet and looked back at you once more before opening it. You let out a gasp as you took in the gorgeous gown hanging in front of you.

“Mom,” you said, standing up and touching the intricate flowers sewn into the dress. “I didn’t know you still had this.”

“I could never get rid of it,” she said, smiling at the gown. “You don’t have to wear it, Y/N. I just thought I should offer it to you. No one else is going to wear it.”

“Mom,” you said, taking her hand. “I would love to wear it.” She smiled and took the dress off of the hanger.

“Try it on.” You took it from her and walked into the bathroom. 

“Mom?” you called a moment later. She walked into the room, already beaming. “Can you help me with the zipper?”

“There you go,” she said, pulling the zipper up and clasping it shut. You turned to face her and saw tears forming in her eyes.

“Mom,” you said before hugging her tightly. 

“You look so gorgeous. Your father would have loved to see you in this,” she said. You wiped away a tear and turned to look at yourself in the mirror. The dress fit perfectly, just like you imagined it would when you were young. 

“Thank you so much, Mom.”

“Hey, darling,” Leonard said, spinning you around in his arms. He set you down and you kissed him.

“I’ve missed you,” you said, taking a bag off of his shoulder. “Where are your parents?” you asked, looking into the cab.

“They stayed a day later in Georgia. They’re trying to convince my grandmother to come.” You grabbed his hand and gave it a squeeze.

“I would love that.”

“Plus, I didn’t want the both of us to meet each other’s parents on the same day.”

“Are you nervous?” you asked, looking up at him. He swallowed and shot you a look.

“I just want to make a good impression.”

“Leonard, my mom is going to love you. Oh, there she is,” you said, pointing up towards your home. You notice Leonard clench up and stopped him. 

“Hey,” you said, putting a hand on his face. “My family will love you, and if they don’t, I don’t care. I love you.” He smiled and leaned down to kiss you softly.

“I love you, too,” he said, continuing his walk towards the house. Your mother met you halfway up the driveway and immediately hugged Leonard. He laughed and looked up at you with a smile.

“It’s so good to finally meet you,” she said, looking up at him. “I’ve heard wonderful things.”

“You too, ma’am. Y/N always talks about you.”

“All good things, I hope,” she said, taking one of his bags.

“We can get it, Mom.”

“I know you can,” she said, holding open the door for the two of you. “But I don’t need to be waiting for the two of you to haul all of his things. We have a wedding to get ready for.”

“Oh really, who’s getting married?” Jim asked, walking into the room. 

“Jim,” Leonard said with a smile.

“Hey, Bones,” he said, giving his best friend a hug. “How’re your folks?”

“Good. They’re excited.”

“We are too,” your mother said. She linked an arm with Leonard’s and dragged him across the room. She stopped at the stairs and turned towards the both of you. “Now, your room is the first door on the left-”

“Mom, we can share a room,” you butted in. She looked back at you and rolled her eyes.

“Maybe for tonight, but you can’t see each other on the wedding day.”

“Which is two days away,” you said, linking your hand with Leonard’s. “I promise, I’ll kick him out the night before.”

“Fine. You two get settled in, but make sure to be down in an hour. We have a lot to go over.”

“Yes, ma’am.” You pulled Leonard up the stairs and brought him into your childhood bedroom.

“Sorry about her,” you said, running your hands through your hair. Leonard chuckled and shook his head. 

“You don’t have anything to be sorry for. She’s great.” You leaned up and kissed Leonard, deeply this time, like you had wanted to do for the past couple of days. 

“I’m so glad you’re here.”

“So am I. Five days apart is too long.”

“I agree. I miss the rest of the crew, too.” Leonard put his hand on his heart and grimaced.

“Wow, that hurts.” You laughed and rolled your eyes.

“In a different way. I saw an abandoned ship on the road a few miles back and wished I could take it back to Scotty.”

“He’ll be here.”

“Yeah, but not to take apart a ship.”

“Oh yeah, what is he coming for?” Leonard asked with a smile. 

“Hmm,” you said, laying back on your bed. “I’m not sure.” Leonard laid on top of you and kissed you softly.

“Huh, I wonder if it has to do with our wedding?”

“Ya know,” you said, sitting up on your elbows. “You might be right.”

“I love you,” Leonard said with a laugh.

“I love you, too.”

“Mom, please stop crying,” you said, fighting back tears of your own. She sniffed as she helped pin the veil in your hair.

“I can’t help it! My baby is getting married.”

“I know,” you said, looking up at her. Her hand brushed your cheek and she kissed your forehead.

“You look absolutely stunning.” 

“Thank you.” You sat down at the mirror and finished touching up your makeup. You heard knocking at the door followed by a ‘wow.’

“Jim,” you said, sitting up. He smiled at you and you could see him fighting off tears.

“Y/N, you look beautiful. Bones is a lucky man.” You hugged your brother. 

“How’s he doing?” you asked, slipping on your shoes.

“He’s good,” Jim said. “Are you ready?”


“Okay, honey,” your mom said, coming over to you. “I’m gonna go out there. I’ll see you in a bit.”

“Okay,” you said, taking a deep breath.

“I love you.”

“Love you, too.” When the door closed you went back over to your mirror, fixing the veil once more. “Thank you, Jim.”

“For what?”

“For walking me down the aisle. And for being so supportive of Leo and I.”

“Of course, Y/N,” he said, pulling the veil over your eyes. “Are you ready?”

“I think so,” you said, taking your bouquet from him. He held out his arm and you linked arms with him. You walked down the steps of your back porch and could see everyone standing already.

“I promise you,” Jim whispered. “Bones is much more nervous.” You smiled at him and began walking towards the grassy aisle covered in flower petals. Your eyes met with Leonard’s and you saw him wipe a tear away. You laughed, fighting off tears of your own. 

When you reached the end, Jim shook Leonard’s hand before giving him a hug. Leonard held out a hand for you and you followed him up to the front. 

“Hi,” he said quietly.

“Hi,” you said with a smile. Staring into Leonard’s eyes, you barely registered anything that the minister was saying. The only thing you heard was him mention something about vows. Leo gave your hand a squeeze before taking a deep breath.

“Y/N, I feel like everything in my life has led me to you. My choices, my heartbreaks, my regrets. Everything. And when we’re together, my past seems worth it. Because if I had done one thing differently I might never had met you. 

“My past is all worth it because you’re my future. I can’t wait to experience every choice, regret, heartbreak, happiness, and love with you. I am so grateful that I get to love you for the rest of my days.” You wiped away a few tears of your own and took a breath.

“Leonard, I didn’t fall in love with you. I walked into love with you, with my eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way. I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe that we are only fated to do the things that we’d choose anyway.

“And I’d choose you, in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you. And I’d choose you.” Leo was crying a lot more now and you let more tears slip from your eyes.

When you exchanged rings and the minister finally pronounced you husband and wife, you fell into Leonard’s arms. He dipped you down as he kissed you passionately. When he whipped you back up, you looked out onto the crowd of your friends and family.

Everyone was smiling and clapping and you looked up at Leonard. He took your hand in his and led you back down the aisle, to boldly go where neither of you had gone before. Together.


One thing I do appreciate the Heisei Riders vs Showa Riders movie for is the fact that at heart, the plot is actually quite poignant for a team-up movie. And for me, this was the key scene. I will try to keep the spoilers general, but anyway…


I find it interesting that the Heisei riders that they choose in this scene are the ones that are most intimately familiar with death and regret.

OOO: Eiji does the little guilty look to the side, because not only is his whole character arc based on regretting the death of the little girl, considering the end of OOO, he might very well have been paving the way for Badan with his future as well.

Wizard: Haruto is also formed by the death of his parents, but even more, by his whole character arc with Koyomi. Breaking the rules of death is something he is intimately familiar with.

Faiz: Takumi is most likely the one most familiar with death of the whole bunch, and the movie goes into that quite a bit (which I loved).

Gaim: Kouta has been the most outspoken when it comes to opposing death, having been the cause of both Yuua and Hase’s demise.

Decade: Tsukasa was dead, and supposed to destroy all the alternative rider worlds. Him being brought back by his friends is exactly the kind of crime that the Showa riders are talking about

Double: Not only is Shotaro’s whole personality formed by the death of his mentor, he is here as Joker, not Double, which means that time-wise this is at a time when he really wants to reverse death.

Kiva: Wataru was prepared to risk the entire fabric of time just to make sure that someone he loved didn’t die, and then… well, someone he loved died anyway.

One might argue that the riders not present are also formed by death, but if we have a closer look at the remaining eight, not at all to that an extent:

Kuuga: No reversing death here. Just death, pain and killing.

Agito: Death/resurrection is not a major theme there. People die and are grieved, but that’s it.

Ryuki: Well, let’s just say that Shiro is not a rider.

Blade: Death… might have been the kinder choice.

Den-O: Time and memories… but not death.

Hibiki: Accepting death is something you have to do.

Kabuto: Not much to do with death there, more about identity and family.

Fourze: Gentaro knows about death, but his whole experience with the power cosmic sidesteps the whole underworld thing completely.

I would love to know enough of the showa riders to see whether their inclusion is as thought through as the Heisei ones. I know that Black would be there, because his whole arc is about accepting the inevitable death of his brother Shadow Moon, but alas, I have not seen the other shows yet.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a fic based when regina is mad at emma for bringing back Marian but a future regina who was dating emma ( but emma died which is why future regina came back to try and stop it from happening) and when future Regina sees Emma she hugs her which cause Emma to be very confused

Thanks for the prompt :)

Regina gasps as she sees her again. It’s then that she knows she’s in the past but she doesn’t let it stop her from running up and wrapping Emma in a hug. She can’t help but sob into Emma’s shoulder as she feels arms wrap around her. 

“Uh Regina?” Emma asks, “What the hell is going on? This morning you were super pissed at me for bringing back Marian. Now you’re hugging me.” 

“Oh,” Regina says with a blush as she steps back and realises this is a time before they started dating, “It’s a long story. We better find past me.” 


Emma retreats to the kitchen after the future Regina fills them in on as much as she can. There’s a lot of things to process for starters future her is dead. Emma shivers at the thought as she wonders how far in the future Regina is from. 

Emma frowns deciding it might be better not to know rather than live in fear. Instead she chooses to focus on the other thing - she and Regina are…were…dating in the future. 

She smiles to herself as she lets herself daydream about that possibility. She’s thought about it…a lot if she’s honest. If she’s really honest with herself she’s been falling in love with Regina for a long time but never admitted it because she thought Regina could never love her back. 

Now however maybe the possibilities are endless and Emma smiles at that thought.


“Cherish her,” future Regina advises her. 

Regina frowns in confusion wondering how her future self managed to take the chance to be happy when she herself is so afraid to. From the sounds of it in spite of the love and the joy her worst fears come true in the future - she loses the woman she loves. 

“What do you mean?” she asks anyway. 

Future Regina sighs sadly looking at herself, “I know you’re angry and you’re scared. I remember. I remember wanting to hide away especially from Emma because you didn’t know how to feel. I remember spending days without her and thinking I could live that way but trust me when I tell her you don’t want to. You could live without her but you don’t want to Regina. I lose her in the future…don’t lose her now.” 

“We’re not anything now,” Regina points out. 

Her future self nods, “I know you’re not and I also know that you’re terrified to admit what’s in your heart. Take the chance when it comes Regina and recognise the happy ending before it’s too late. Cherish her because one day you might have to live without her and I don’t want you to regret days spent pushing her away when you could have let her in just that little bit earlier.” 

“Does a few days make much difference?” Regina asks. 

Her future self nods sadly, tears pooling in her vision as she replies, “Yes. Yes it does.” 

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Do you have an ideas for celebrating Yule discreetly? My parents are christians and wouldn't allow me to practice the craft if they knew, I don't even have any kind of altar or anything aside from a small shelf where I keep my incense and crystals.

There really aren’t any rules to this - whatever makes you feel witchy and connected to the season, whatever works for you, is what you can do.

Here are some things that I like to do, that don’t take up space or much time (Note that these can be used for any sabbat or special day, not just Yule):

If you can light candles, that’s a great thing to do, whether you use them while meditating on an intention or spell, or just for gentle calm lighting. And if you’re not able to use them, there are plenty of websites and virtual candle apps. Even electric candles work fine, or you can just skip them altogether.

When you eat, be mindful of what you consume. Smell and taste everything, and consider where it all came from. Think about the Earth that grows vegetables and fruits, and the livestock and other creatures whose lives are taken for the meat we consume. Think of the gardeners and farmers who work long hours, and even the bees and other pollinators who make this all possible. So much effort goes into every aspect of each meal we eat. Be thankful.

If possible, take a walk outside. If not possible, look at pretty nature photos, maybe even listen to nature sounds. (I recommend MyNoise.net)

Listen to music. It can be Christmas or other holiday music, or specifically Pagan music having to do with the holiday - whatever makes you feel in tune with the season. You can even try writing your own songs or poems.

Think about your intentions for the new season, and everything that happened in the last one. Think of the things that you liked, and what your regrets were, and what you want to happen in the future. Try to make peace with all of it.

I’ve also posted several masterposts on my blog that have tutorials and recipes, and some of those might have things that you can do that might be discreet, or okay with your family, depending of course on what your family is like. (My family usually just shrugs at all of the weird stuff I do.)