i might refine this later

“Time for a celebration! CHEESE FOR EVERYONE!” -  Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness, The Elder Scrolls

My favourite prince currently. If you don’t know him or want to listen to his story again, check this out!

So, yeah. I might refine this later. I pulled this off really last minute for our AMC convention this weekend. I feel bad for not having anything new since 2 cons ago. Come check us out!

Part of a larger piece (at a much smaller scale because it’s just a detail) but I really sort of adore it. I might make it into a proper graphic later with a little refinement and see if I can do something with it.


Jack and his sister have always been one of my favorite parts of the movie, so this piece was easy. I borrowed @shesellsseagulls‘s color scheme for this since IT LOOKED SO PRETTY. I also used @the-guardian-of-fun‘s Winter Prince as an inspiration for Jack’s arm-wraps, since the movie had NOTHING good for a merman design he also wears a wp-like hood, it just doesnt match the mood of the drawing sh

Also, I might come back and do this again later, refine some lines and all that. 


Mac, Brekkist’s OC drawn in Panty and Stocking style. Was watching the stream from a while ago and there was a conversation about styles and I wanted to give it a try for the character. Angel version is just a sketch and deciding on a design was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Might refine it later but for now this is done.


Decided to clean it up and polish it.


Today’s brief:

| Fold Away Table |

This one is not as polished as I would have liked but my hour and a half was up and I’m trying to stick to it.

Image 1: The whole unit hangs from the two anchor points at the top of the straps. The top shelf is relatively fixed, the bottom shelf is designed to swing out and up.

That’s a MacBook on the bottom shelf for thanks to Grabcad.

Image 2: The bottom shelf swings out then locks into the top shelf with the dovetails creating a desk.

Not the best angle to render it from but hopeful it gets the message across.

Image 3: ’ve exaggerated the join line to show where it is. This one definitely needs some refinement. Another one I might revisit later on. The metal straps make it rather industrial, if they were a different profile or material they would soften the look.

Tomorrows shelf is already brewing.

TFA Terminus design ideas!!!! been thinking about his and Megatron’s relationship in The Brave Shall Heed the Call again and crying, so I thought I’d try my hand at him (in any case I’ve been meaning to try designing him for a good while).

I designed the buckethead one first, basing it off of both Megatron’s design (as he and Terminus were of similar make) and Alex Milne’s MTMTE design - but then I realized that with the time frame in BSHTC, he would have never had an Earth-style reformat and thus, never had a bucket head. so then I redesigned him with a Cybertronian form helmet based off Megatron again!

this is only a first pass so I may refine this more later - and I might go further with it to try and push the differences between him and Megs, because that’s I worry that they look too similar. @_@ but I like these designs as a start!!!