i might put this on redbubble


it might only be 25th November BUT that doesn’t mean i can’t draw christmas art xD!!! haha so here you go! some happy sterek family christmas fanarts ;U;!

(i still need to figure it out how i’ll put this on a mug and all of that so i can post it on Redbubble as well xD! soon! i promise)

I made this forever ago (it was going to be separated and made into two matching acrylic charms but never got to order them! for reasons.) Though it’s not Diego, since it’s still relevant, I thought I might share it with you guys!


front & back of my blurryface shirt feat. the stencil for the back. stencils were edited, printed, and handcut w/an exacto knife, and then handpainted over. im never doing a stencil that big ever again

text is lyrics from ride by twenty one pilots, symbols are josh & tyler’s logo thingies

It came in the mail yesterday, so I can finally post this!

My friend had been really wanting some posters for his room, and he mains Spy in TF2, so I decided to make him this! doktorpeace really helped me make everything accurate / told me details to put in that tf2 players might notice, such as Spy’s particular watch and the blu team’s team composition from a meta perspective. It was a lot of fun to make!

wip shots: [click]
You can buy the poster on Redbubble here


i put these two on redbubble, for anybody interested!

smol tendou comes in stickers and phone cases, and santa hat tendou comes in stickers, mugs, phone cases, and prints! 

(i’m hoping to add more soon, and hopefully get around to designing stz charms fairly soon as well!)

Bravely Stickers Now Available

Remember these sticker designs I made a month and half ago that I held a giveaway for? Well they’re available for public purchase now! It’s been about a week and a half/two weeks since the winners received their stickers, so I figured now would be a good time to make them public (before I forgot)! I also have plans to sell prints in the near future too!

You can see what they look like printed here and here, and browse here!

lol so many people like “come and join us, Lambo” in relation to Supergirl. Y’all are weirdos. I love you.

I like Sanvers and I like gif sets of Kara and the Luther girl looking at each other so I might MIGHT draw more stuff. But I’m not going to lie to any of you, I probably won’t sit down and watch whole episodes of season 2. I own season 1 and I liked it. But I just really hate the CW.

Also, the few messages I’ve gotten, I’ve read them. I’m either trying to think of how to answer them or if it was a request to put something on redbubble, I just need to find time and I’ll try to do that for you. I’ll make a post when I get it up.

anonymous asked:

the shop has the cutest stickers!! can i make a suggestion? if you put all the stickers in like a sticker pack (or even just like a 3 pack!) you might be able to sell more! i know i am usually more likely to buy stickers if they are in a pack (unless i am super in love with just one of them) even if it only saves me like 50cents. love you blog, give cloud a kiss from me and i hope u have a great weekend!!!

ohh i really wanted to do this but i didn’t know if it was an option on redbubble :0? can you do that?? bc i definitely would 


[Image description: Two nearly identical images of which one has a beige and one a blue background. There’s text on them saying “A blank face is a beautiful face”, and it’s surrounded by doodles of lips and noses. They are not very ‘extreme looking’ expressions.]

I recently made this thing (which took way too long bc of a slow computer) and put it up on my Redbubble! It’s available as shirts, hoodies, etc.

My description on there:

“Some positivity for those who are often called “angry”, told they have a “resting bitch face”, are made fun of for not reacting with the “right” natural expression, etc.

Image is made with autistic experiences in mind, but might just be as relatable to other neurodivergent or disabled people, or simply people who often get remarks based on weird beauty standards / social norms.

If models can be seen as beautiful for having a ‘neutral’ expression, then sure can you.”

I’m not sure if this issue is relatable to many people (I worded it simplistic in the description but was definitely referring to bullying), but it’s something very close to heart for me. I’ll put up more neurodivergent themed items on my store soon, so keep an eye open for that in the future.

Really messy doodles while watching Dan and Phil play Undertale. I might put these up on redbubble idk yet. Let me know, would you be interested in buying a much more cleaned up version of either of these?

EDIT - Danstablook is up on Redbubble now! Link here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/hiddlestoner24/works/20426845-danstablook

I’ve officially put stuff on REDBUBBLE!!! If you’re interested in purchasing any of my artsy-thingamajigglyos, visit—>  Anastasia-C. REDBUBBLE

I really appreciate the support; you’re awesome! :B

Right now there’s just MSA related art, but I intend to add more variety in the future. I’ve included the much favorited “MSA-Rivals” design (which I’ve even considered getting) as well as a few sticker designs I had made back in June. I might add some finishing touches on them later to make them more suitable for other design options, but for now, they’re mostly just to put on faces, windows, car doors and other places parent’s would disprove of.

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Hey boys. I recently opened a Redbubble account to sell art but even though I've spammed all my sns and have taken requests, no one has bought anything so I'm just feeling really down. Think you can try and cheer me up?

Jinyoung: It’s important to know that things like this take time. It woun’t just happen overnight. It might take weeks or a month or even a year! But as long as you’d doing what you love doing and continue to put in your best effort, it will work out in the end.

Jackson: Yea, just be really hard-working and keep an open mind. Things will get better soon!